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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 27, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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darya. good job, james. e look at us. we're matching it just with the blue luck of the draw. and then let up the mess. yeah. text this morning on apologize. it's okay. mean rain. they got a purple okay. you. that's right. they match over there okayed like same side of the color spectrum. >> blue and purple today and lots of blue to the skies today as he has a matching mother nature. we're going to be looking at another gorgeous one with lots of sunshine out there. well, through the course of the afternoon and a little bit warmer than yesterday. was to now, unfortunately, things are dry. a word we've used a lot, not just this winter season but last winter season to win all that does add up to some low water levels on a reservoir. see going to start to hear a lot of talk about water conservation and many parts of the bay area. let's get you a look outside right now. you can see that we have crystal clear skies across the north
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temper on view right here. no cloud cover. no fog out there whatsoever. we do have some spots of fog for inland valleys, which is right around livermore in the tri valley itself. so do watch for a few spots of lower visibility out that way. obviously radar is quiet as we're talking dry weather 40's for current temperatures with oakland and concord at 45 pittsburgh at 50 while napa and santa rosa our cooler spots in the 30's talking more about what to expect as we wrap up, they pearl kickoff may just around the corner and your forecast. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look as we are hitting the bay bridge heading into the city to the fremont street exit conditions under 8 minutes for your drive time this morning. >> also no major delays as you head in a cross towards the peninsula, the of the san mateo bridge. just 12 minutes for you to make that track. there. get a look at the richmond sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond this morning under 8 minutes and leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes for you to make it into the city. we'll have more information on that. we also are going to be only 7 is
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who's out in the field in san jose is going bring us more information about an incident there daryn. james, we'll send it over to you. thanks a lot, let's talk more about that. that is the big breaking news out of the south bay, 2 people dead in that overnight car crash. let's go to conference. yulia sevens, who's in san jose with the details. yoli. >> yeah. james lawrence expressway continues to be closed off. because they're still investigating that two-car fatality crash that happened around 10 o'clock last night. you can see my picture right officers are still on the scene. they're still trying to investigate. i do see. >> tow truck over here on the side. so they're thinking that this is going to be closed off or maybe at least another 2 hours. unfortunately, we still aren't clear on why or what caused this accident. they do know that it was a 2 cars here that were basically met in the intersection and hit each other at full force. but. it
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is still unclear what you know, whose fault it was what was happening at the time. so that's why this investigation continues. the out here. so a big section of lawrence expressway just coming off of the 2.80 is is basically blocked off so it could just see here goes to 80. >> and just over here to my you'll see an basically blocking this this will towards lawrence expressway and it's blocked off off to any way. so if you have to, you saint lawrence expressway, you might want to find another way of getting around it to get on the other side because this is completely shut down on both sides of the street and like i mentioned before, it will probably be closed down for at least the next 2 hours. back to you guys. all right. thanks. we'll check back with you later. that and see how it's going. >> thanks to lee. >> 5. '03, is the time and happening today we have santa clara county now beginning to allow drop ins at their
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vaccine sites. no appointments will be required for anyone who 16 and over kron 4, sarah stinson standing by live in mount view with more details now on this change. good morning, sarah. >> james, this is good news on this morning because there are over a dozen different vaccination sites that you can just walk into as we know vaccine appointments are hard to come by. so this is definitely welcoming news to all who live in santa clara county live in mountain view at the community center. and this is just one of those sites that you can now drop into. the many more are in san jose. same day appointments not needed. but they also have them available at santa clara county places like levi stadium and asked ridge mall at this point anyone age 16 and older who lives works or attend school in santa clara counties eligible to get the vaccine at these sites. of course, the supply may run out
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quickly. so. expect some lines at these drop in locations more than 65% of people aged 6.16 and up in this county have received at least the first dose and 36% are completely vaccinated in santa clara county. so that is really good news. now. the county's drop-in sites are open starting today through sunday. this will be available for just walk up. we'll see how long the lines get. but a truly good news to hear that you don't have to have that appointment and i'm sure as i've seen in other spots in san jose. that didn't require appointments. people do line up. so you don't want to get here 30 minutes before closed at least one hour before locations on our website. kron 4 dot com reporting live in mountain view. sarah stinson, back to you. >> thank you very much. sharon will also have a list of all of those available vaccine sites too. not only on our website but also on our mobile app. kron 4 dot com or kron 4 news app and there's a qr code
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that you need just point your camera there at the phone scanned the code and we'll take you right to your app store. bring up the app. it's free to download so make sure you do that now. and if you haven't gotten your vaccine already. get that appointment set or as you saw at the sarah shot just show up accept you. >> now that got that you lazy and i was downloading the app so that the qr code we've made easy for you to do. all right. the biden administration expected to relax federal guidelines on mask wearing. >> when you're outside and that could happen as soon as today. this is all ahead of his address to congress tomorrow. the president is expected to talk today abo t the state of the pandemic. white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci says that he expects the public to get updated guidelines based on the science. and as of today, 29% of americans are fully vaccinated. but there's growing concern now that some americans are missing their second dose. some are on that to come. even if the biden administration does change the they are still subject to
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local authorities and health county may still in force continued mask-wearing for everyone. even if the federal government doesn't require. so just keep that in mind. and while covid-19 risks are dramatically lower outdoors. doctors say that there are still risks and that people should still consider masking, especially in crowded areas where you can't socially distance, whatever the cdc recommends individual states and counties which still have to sign off on it. local leaders say that mask mandates go hand in hand with the number of people vaccinated. >> we reach that herd immunity that 7080, 85%. really 85% immunize the sooner we can go back to normal the sooner we can reopen our city and the sooner we continue summer and science shows that it is. but it is safer to to remove pass perhaps in certain we will support that. >> right now. two-thirds of eligible san franciscans have already received at least one dose of the vaccine.
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>> 5. '07, right now. governor newsome is officially facing a recall election organizers of the recall of collected enough signatures. now for it to get on the ballot. the california secular state office announced yesterday more than 1.6 million signatures have been verified. that's about a 100,000 more then they needed to force a vote kron 4 political analyst michael yaki says the governor's response to the pandemic is the driving force behind this recall effort. but unlike 2000 threes recall election. governor newsome has more support than then governor gray davis. >> if he can stay the course. chances are much better than even that he's going to win when the recall and service serve their main of this term and ran for reelection in 2 years. in california. the threshold for recall is very low about about the da's that with them. quick give a grand jury that indicted him said what roy california, he put have people on the street. you
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can recall pretty much anyone or anything. >> republican challengers who have emerged to take on new some include former san diego mayor kevin faulconer reality tv star caitlyn jenner and a ham sandwich. i'm kidding. >> well, the process to remove windsor mayor dominic foppoli from office is moving forward. foppoli is being pressured right now to resign as mayor. after 6 women publicly accused him a assault. organizers of a recall effort filed their paperwork yesterhay and the mayor of nearby sonoma expects the recall effort to be successful. >> no one has the right to be a mayor of a city. this is the position public trust it's important that somebody that has this level of allegations that are so believable. not not hold a position of public trust in public power. >> foppoli has refused to resign thus far. the recall committee will need over 3,000 people to sign the petition for it to be successful now is
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5. '09. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a family files, a civil lawsuit against fairfield police. >> because of this. a woman thrown to the ground body-slammed. we'll have a look at the new body cam video. >> and a man charged with murder for the death of a 7 month-old baby. >> and now there are concerns over how the district attorney handles domestic violence cases. >> and we are going to be looking at more sunshine today. warmer temperatures than yesterday brought us highs will be back in the 70's for inland areas. lots of sunshine. your forecast ahead. >> and we're tracking an overnight teaffic collision out in the south bay also getting a look at your drive times you're hitting your bridges this morning. we'll have more on that coming up after the break.
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>> 5.13. and today the east bay municipal utility board could declare a stage one drought and that would mean we have to conserve. yeah, that have could potentially be the inevitable outcome. this comes as drought conditions worsen in the east bay, particularly we have kron four's will tran live for us out in lafayette out of the reservoir this morning will. >> james area. they looked at their water supply at places like the reservoir and they've notice that their supply is just dangerously low. and looking ahead. they might have to tell people to start to conserve. they will have a meeting tonight in if it is approved, people who are east bay customers. they will be asked to save 10% water moving
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forward because they looked at the snowfall over the past couple of months and let's face it, john shrable has been all over it. it's been abysmal to the point where east bay mud can not probably rely on its own supply and will probably be forced to tap into other places like the federal government to get water also from the sacramento county water agency to help supply water to the east bay mud customers. obviously in lafayette, walnut creek pleasant hill in places in the east bay. for now they're asking people to conserve and once they meet tonight, if that happens, they will give you at 10% recommendation to conserve and also give out tips on how to do that. east bay mud seems to be pretty confident that their customers will comply. listen, it. >> we appreciate all that. our customers are already doing so in the east bay. we have a stick around. however conservation. you know, i
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mean, we live in a drought prone area. california is, you know, we we know what to expect these payment is ready or customers. we feel are ready. >> so the supply level right now. james and yuri after east bay. but as far as reservoirs and storage tanks. it's about 70% of where it should be. and we know that the dry months are still ahead. so looking forward. they will ask people to save. and i've done this story. this is almost yesterday all over again. i remember doing a story about 12 years ago. if you're wondering what happens if you don't conserve well possible penalties including this is down the road. they could look at your previous water level and then judge it to your current water level and if it doesn't go down, you probably could face a fine moving forward. but everything is on the table because let's face it, it has been abysmal back to you. >> trial, right. okay. thanks a lot. we'll okay. so let's find out from john in the
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weather center just how well not nothing do wish not do really. >> we there's nothing you can i don't know what this play. i mean, just one there's been a lot of positive. i see out there for you. mother nature didn't come through for us this year for sure. we've seen drought ever expanding in our latest drought monitor is actually showing a pretty significant update to it. let's take a look at it over in the big wall. and you can see that conditions out there now, just not extreme drought for the north bay but also across portions of the east bay. formerly as of last week, the red that you're seeing as far as extreme drought goes, that was only in northern solano and napa counties. now extended out into sonoma county and portions of contra. costa and even northern alameda county's 2. so drought is starting to expand across the bay area, especially noteworthy since las week that rain on sunday. not going make much of an impact really just a drop in the bucket. the rest of the bay area now
5:17 am
impacted by severe drought earlier this season. areas like the santa cruz mountains we're actually just abnormally dry a little bit below normal that has since changed as we dry out so significantly from where we were earlier this season and now much more of the southern part of the state who is actually affected by both extreme drought and that deepest a maroon exceptional drought. so those are updates from where we were even last week as conditions just continue to remain dry as we begin to work our way out of what is one of our wetter times of year. obviously wasn't this time around. looking outside at this morning. very quiet on radar because we don't have any chance of rain out there high pressure builds back in. that's going make sure that we do stay dry and actually increasingly warm these next few days. we will have a cool sea breeze helping to keep temperatures cool at the coast and right along the bay shore today further daytime highs today will be as much as 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. highs will rise well into the 70's for areas like antioch, livermore concord as well as san jose napa nevado in vallejo. well
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60's for hayward, oakland san francisco in mill valley 6 low 60's as well to coast for half moon bay tomorrow's temperatures rise into the 80's for inland areas. that's where we're going to hang out for the rest of the month, which is really only wednesday thursday and friday daytime highs by the bay in khost won't be quite as warm as those inland spots as that sea breeze will help to keep things relatively cool near the ocean into the weekend ahead of us. we still stay dry and we still stay warm with not a whole lot of changes occurring in the rest of this forecast john, thank you for that. so we've been closely following this fatal crash. >> out here in san jose. and this is at the intersection anyway. and lawrence expressway. so that's not on to 80. but right near that expressway area as you're heading to get on to 80 right here. so what's closed is lawrence expressway anyway and that on an off ramp to get on so if you do need to get on to one of the highways here. you can take miller avenue or de anza boulevard which are just
5:19 am
adjacent to that. also looking at one oh, one to not really impacted by that accident. that's on the streets there. keep a close eye on that heading into the city right now. no major delays for you to the fremont street exit under 9 minutes for your drive time there. get a look at the san mateo bridge things start to pick up this morning. a little under 13 minutes for you to make it across towards the peninsula. the richmond sandra fell commute. 8 minutes at the limit there as you head out of richmond. a look at the golden gate bridge here is a driving 19 minutes for you heading into the city. so we'll have more on that darya. and james, i'll send it over to you. thanks a lot of 5.19 and national news. president biden is eyeing a tax hike on the wealthy. >> toughen childcare and education. but it's going to be a battle, of course, to get it passed through congress. we have our washington correspondent jessi tenure standing by live in d c. >> with the story. good morning, jesse. >> yeah, good morning, james trying to fulfill another s campaign promise, but it could still be a tough sell to lawmakers.
5:20 am
>> provide critical support for children and family. it's the head of the national economic council, brian deese outlined the american families plan ahead of the president's joint address to congress tomorrow making reforms to our tax code that reward work, not just wealth to fund new measures focused on child care, paid family leave and education. president biden wants to increase capital gains taxes for those who make more than 1 million dollars a year when they sell stocks and other investments that's about 500,000 in the country that we're talking about the biden administration would not comment on how much the current 20% level would change. we've been quite careful about not getting ahead of the president, but the white house argues these top earners have been able to avoid higher tax rates because only about 30% of their income comes from wages compared to 70% for most americans. this is the dynamic that led warren to famously explained that he paid a lower tax rate, then
5:21 am
secretary, but the proposal will likely face resistance from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. president biden has already rolled out a 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan that would be paid for with a corporate tax increase, louisiana senator john kennedy is among those who believes the package is too expensive. he is gone poll. >> local reached a heat. it's impossible for us to spend too much money. >> and then tomorrow night's speech. the president also plans to lay out some of his other priorities for the coming months, including police reform and expanding access to affordable health care live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> all right, jesse, thank you. 5.21 the time. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news parents in the fremont area. want schools open and now they're preparing to sue the school district will have the latest from the east bay.
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>> the fremont unified school district is facing a potential lawsuit. parents say they did not meet their demand to reopen the school know, yeah, the parents settler sent a letter to the district. a manic schools be reopened by monday and the board members approved a plan for in person learning for the fall and while a plan for fall has been approved. an attorney for the parents say the school board.
5:25 am
>> hasn't done enough to answer their demands right now. >> think that the school board is meeting its fiduciary duties toward the students that it has to ship over. there's a lot more of that. the school board. could have done and was legally required to do that. it hasn't. >> the attorney representing the parents say they expect to make a decision about the lawsuit in the next few days. >> time now is 5.25. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news convicted killer scott peterson is due in court. a judge will decide if you will get a retrial for his sentence for killing his wife lacy and their unborn child.
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and a time for a fresh trim. it's where new projects begin. and curb appeal takes on new meaning. stop by lowe's first annual springfest before the fun and savings for your garden and total home are gone. home to any budget. home to any possibility. >> 5.28. right now. we want to check out the weather and wow. i looked up this morning and saw that moon yet you guys are talking and bright. yeah, supermoon. john, good morning. i actually stayed up late enough last night it already
5:29 am
too, to look out my window to catch of the right backto. but it was really nice. and it was actually really bright shining through my window. i know you notice the same thing. what we're going to be seeing today already this morning is a pretty bright start considering that it's not sunny yet. look at this view outside right now from berkeley. the moon shining right over the bay right there. just absolutely gorgeous. we don't have any cloud cover. so what a perfect night for superman. i'd say get out there right now and take it in because you can obviously see that glow that it still has even though it's not quite as bright as it was last night around 08:39pm. now we are going to be looking at our fog cast today not necessarily all of us are is crystal clear. is that you just saw in fact, the tri valley is a little bit foggy this morning. so do watch for some fog out along 5 80's. she traversed in livermore on over to pleasanton dublin. radar is looking nice and quiet going to stay that way. no chances of rainfall ahead of us 40's for current temps with oakland in conquered egypt. 45 alameda
5:30 am
49 while petaluma and santa rosa in the 30's at 3938 reyna. we've been following this double fatality down here in san jose. >> actually our photographer julius evans is on scene. she's going to talk about that in more detail. but this is at the intersection anyway. and lawrence expressway not on to 80. but what's closed is that expressway. boris, anyway. on the on and off ramps up to 80. so if you still need to get on to 80. you can go ahead and miller avenue or southee anza boulevard, which is just adjacent to that. but we're not seeing any major delays on long any of our highways to 81. oh, one so that is what we're watching all morning long as you head into the city, though. no accidents or major delays under 10 minutes free to make it to that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge starting to pick up a bit under 13 for you to travel. there. a look at the richmond sandra fell coming out of richmond just at 7 minutes. we'll have more on that daryn. james and you have to get out to you. only in the film will send it over to you. yeah, let's continue to take a look at what's going on in san
5:31 am
jose, where 2 people died in a car crash that happened overnight on scene for us is crawford. julius evans. is there any mention let us what's the situation look like now from your vantage point. >> well, it looks like they're still investigating this area. in fact, you're looking at the intersection of lawrence anyway. it's very hard. this is close. i could get in. this is as close as i can zoom in the camera. but if you look over to the left side of the you can see that it resembles right behind that cars right there you have the fire department there and has some of the investigators that this all came down yesterday around 10 o'clock. actually the original call came in from the sheriff's department santa clara county sheriff's department asking for san jose. police assistance. that's when san jose came in to an end there at san jose police department is in charge of this investigation. >> both sides of saint
5:32 am
lawrence expressway is blocked off and you can see all the other cars there. now, this was a 2 car collision with 2 people still unclear what caused the collision there is possibly being talked about that. there was maybe a chase, but we're still trying to confirm that right now. but you can see here on your map. how close this intersection is to to 80 and this is where it gets a may be difficult for anybody who's trying to get this intersection because even though it's not much of a saint laurent said his 6th. that's blocked blocked off, but it is blocked off in a way since is an expressway trying to get around it into the other side might be a little bit but it is blocked off between the on and off ramp of the 2.80 in fact, if you want to come back alive. tamika, i kind of tell you or show exactly what i mean by that.
5:33 am
>> to ad is just right. o p. it's just right over here just to 80. and you can see that there is the on ramp to get on to heading south. so i am on saint lawrence expressway say this way you can go pass. if you got off to a t. you couldn't make up a i mean, you can't make a right on to saint lawrence expressway because it is completely blocked off. and so if you're trying to get on the other side. it's just going to be through the neighborhoods, a little kind of difficult to get around there. it is blocked off. so you might want to take a little bit more time if you have to be on the upside there. they did say this will be closed off for maybe the next 2 but first they said around 7 o'clock. it might reopen. but that now they're thinking it might be a little later than that. just keep it here with me and i'll give you the latest updates of when they'll reopen saint lawrence expressway. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very
5:34 am
lee 5.33 right now. and today convicted wife killer scott peterson could learn whether he's going to get a new trial for his sentence. yeah. this comes after the state supreme court overturned his death sentence, peterson and his lawyer have petition for a penalty retrial on account of alleged juror misconduct back in 2000, 5, a jury sentenced peterson to death for the murder of his wife lacy and their unborn son. >> but due to this jury misconduct. the california supreme court reversed his death sentence last year. peterson will appear in the san mateo county superior court via zoom from san quentin at 10 o'clock this morning. >> time now is 5.34 developing in the story in the north bay. we're getting a look at new body cam video of the moments that a fairfield police officer body-slammed a woman knocking her unconscious conference. jonathan mccall has a look.
5:35 am
>> new bodycam video released monday shows the moment of fairfield police officer body slams a mom to the ground knocking her unconscious. >> this type of ah, but ah, leong citizens. you need to stop stop. >> thank you for years ago, sunday night kron 4 1st showed you cell phone video of this incident. in a statement on monday fairfield police said the moment happened when diana santos resisted attempts to be placed into handcuffs. that's when an officer took her to the ground in that statement goes on to say that in the process, her head hit the pavement and she lost >> the family says it called police after a fight between santos his daughter and her boyfriend. according to 911 calls a neighbor reported a man having a knife than food list. there was shelling. >> so pull a knife. and in the new poll done by funny in the video, you can see the boyfriend of sentences, daughter detained of the curb.
5:36 am
>> her daughter placed into the back of a patrol car when another daughter tries to talk to her sister. that's when the scene quickly intensifies. >> i don't see how any, you know 32nd of all women for 5 minutes before and even after sos. i have not level of force was justified. in fact, the police officer during that video as my client has been waiting or had even make sense. i john ambrosio is representing santos in her criminal case. >> and says there was no need for the officers actions santos was treated and released at the hospital but says she still feeling the impact months later, ambrosio is now working with the county district attorney's office to get to charges filed against santos in this incident dismissed. he hopes that this can be a lesson for law enforcement officers everywhere. moving forward. you in the community is more of us versus them would gopa long way in the interactions
5:37 am
were. >> a simple interaction turns into a very violent or god forbid on a police involved shooting jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> we'll take a break at 5.36. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. how far are you willing to go the home of your dreams while. we'll tell you what one local realtor did for his clients will have that coming up. plus more californians are picking up and moving out of the states will explore more detail. why that's happening. and also after the break, new construction shuts down a runway at sfo will tell you how that's going to affect travelers this summer. we'll be right back.
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>> 5.40 right now and as covid vaccines increase air travel is also picking up heading into the summer travel season. taking a look here at some of the planes at sfo and the runway that's under construction runway. 28 is going to be closed all summer long. are you kidding me? wait a minute. they could done this last year or in the last year and a half. and yes, a couple years ago a runway was shut down for some upgrades and that causes a disruption. if you recall. well, now as a foe says this just down. >> should not disturb flight schedule simply because airport traffic was light. so
5:41 am
luckily, it's like i guess they couldn't to move this to last. last year. they got to do it now. all right. let's listen. >> we would call routine runways that gets used as much as ours do need to be repaid about every 8 to 10 years. and so we were coming due for to 8. right. and as you said, we were slated to do this project next year. but because of the reduced flight activity. we decided to accelerate the project, although we might see some flight schedule increases over the course of the next 4 months. it's probably not going to be significant enough to cause any type of impact. that is different than what we might experience today during this project when he said we were scheduled to do this now, last >> did he say that? can damage and people were sheltering in place and the right really now get it to get you so forgiving. you know how i hate delays at the airport anyway. they say the risk we don't by labor day and where you have to go this summer. i mean,
5:42 am
even though we you know, we are kind of starting to see people travel. there's not that many places. the volume. i think that going to be easily handled by the other runway solo. yeah, 5.41 back with more from minutes. if you have... ...moderate to severe psoriasis, ... ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea,... ...nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and...
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pollute time. flowers are making a rare super bloom appearance up at folsom lake. how gorgeous is at. like it. i lose just want to people from all over the went to see it in person. lonnie wong has more. >> the low water level at folsom lake. normally draws its share of curiosity seekers as we enter what could be a summer of drought. the parts of the dry lake bed and shoreline dominated by rocks and sand are now a sea of purple blanketed by acres of loop and that to a different kind of curiosity seekers. we've done. >> nature hikes, but i've never seen anything like this. here or anywhere. >> super blooms happen when the timing of temperature rainfall and dry spells or line. just right. >> i suspect is rain at the right time. and that's why the flowers are spectacular different wild flowers have their own weather sweet spots. the generally come around to
5:46 am
different areas once every 10 years or so. death valley just had one a few years ago that was. beyond amazing. but this is this is spectacular, especially with the rocks who doesn't love flowers the super bloom entice families, young people and retirees in droves. most everyone had a cell phone or camera. many of the people out here today are no strangers to hiking trails here at the state park. >> but not many of them have actually witnessed the fight like this. >> kaylee reid has been to this part of granite bay countless times and made a special trip with their kids today. yeah, i've lived here my entire life so yeah, saying, know, never this group cycles by the lake once a week and hasn't seen anything like it. the flowers or the people there see this many cars usually 2 or 3 cars. >> the parking lot at the big spite area were closed early and rangers had to remind visitors not to park on the side of the narrow roads. it's amazing. this trio wore dresses instead of hiking the tire after seeing instagram
5:47 am
photos of the super wanted to dress off lauralee to match the flowers. we love taking pictures. so we wanted to dress up for this rare occasion. people are making the most of the moment super blooms usually lasts. just 2 to 4 weeks. >> so beautiful or does. and so sneezy haha. i love all mask will help move. >> with. that would be. yeah, although we just found out today, maybe when you're outside, you don't need a mask if you're vaccinated so if you just maybe one. that's going to keep that going go. good morning, john. keeping an mask for allergy felt look stupid. remember, we're talking a few months ago about putting like scented masks and yeah can smell the flowers with artificial scent. very >> or you can just take it off. and we are going to be looking at some good weather today. maybe if you want to head up to folsom lake. it's a few hours away. check out that super bloom or just check out a bloom here in our own backyard. temperatures are going to be on the rise under some sunshine looking out
5:48 am
there this morning. skies are clear for san francisco. now we are seeing some fog and it's really pretty isolated to our inland valleys in particular the tri valley right around pleasanton livermore and dublin. >> we are seeing some spots of fog this morning. elsewhere conditions are actually pretty good and clear high pressure building back into this forecast. that's going to keep us dry and increasingly warm we're in for another breezy day at times today, winds will initially pick up along the coastline. this cool sea breeze pushing inland tonight is actually going to be much like yesterday, which as you remember, was pretty nice for the vast majority of the day. but at times did come with the wind that if you are outside, you certainly noticed temperatures in the 50's 60's for san francisco and elsewhere right along the coastline noticeable warm up along the coast. but really our biggest warm-up today will be in areas for this from the coast palo alto and mountain view each up 10 degrees from yesterday. back in the low 70's, very similar warm-up for the south bay. san jose, you're back up to 72 today. same numbers for the tri valley after a bit of a cloudy and gray start union city
5:49 am
hayward on up through oakland and berkeley in the upper 60's. you're already clear. got a whole lot of those clear skies later on today. and get 78 for your high while pittsburgh fairfield and vacaville also comfortably warm at 77 degrees tomorrow gets even warmer for inland areas bayside in coastal spots won't see a whole lot of change in temperatures. but our inland areas, certainly well wednesday, thursday and friday. last 3 days of the month and we're ending things on a dry note. that means only one day this month brought any rainfall and we all know what day that was that was that rain we saw on sunday as we move into the new month. temperatures stay just as warm and conditions just as dry reyna. tom, thank you for that. we're closely following this overnight fatal collision. >> out here in san jose intersection anyway. and lawrence expressway again. what's closes, lawrence expressway anyway and then on an off ramp to get on to 2.80, a good alternate would be miller app or south to anza boulevard to get around that. we have another traffic collision. this is actually
5:50 am
out gilroy one. oh, one southbound just south of mask and avenue. several lanes are closed down here heading into the city this morning under 30 minutes to make it to the fremont street exit. no major delays across the bay bridge for you. looks like they jrst tunnels. metering lights on for you this morning. the san mateo bridge under 13. >> as you're heading across towards the peninsula. the richmond sandra fell commute starting to pick up just a bit under 8 minutes there and look at the golden gate bridge about 18 minutes as you drive into the city. so we'll stay on top of that accident out in san jose will have more on that in gilroy for now darya and james, back to you. thanks a lot. it's five-fifty and how far would you go to get the house of your dreams in the bay area. >> a local realtor went the extra mile for his client to get in on a bargain million-dollar plays from forces shelled kingston takes a look. >> all that online chair. put it right in front of this is realtor. jeremy, of all wrapped in a blanket sitting outside waiting to secure a brand new town home for his clients in santa clara. he was
5:51 am
first in line. he started camping out 3 days before they went for sale. it sounds crazy. i feel like this is something you probably didn't see she tv or some random story help. but it's true. you know, at the end of the day, if there's something that especially my clients want. and you know, there's a certain way could get up to it. >> but you know. i would be surprised at the start happening more often the housing market is hot in the bay area with more buyers than there are homes. and jeremy says he didn't even think doing this. was that big of a deal at first. just something he had to do for his clients. and jeremy wasn't the only one camped out dozens of others were also on the sidewalk outside the sales office to my client. what that do get it to end of the day, i said there is there's only so many of these homes that's available. there were 18 townhomes up for grabs starting at 1.2 million dollars. now what really attracted this realtors clients to these condos is that they are said to rate, meaning. >> none of those bidding wars will take place here soon as
5:52 am
you walk in yeah, the price is right there. and you write the check for the deposited. you know that. >> in the south bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news but how sad is that? get while the getting is good. james, one 0.2 milk for a condo. wow. you'll never see those low prices we'll be right back.
5:53 am
5:54 am
i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. 54 right now. let's talk baseball giants and the a's
5:55 am
off to a pretty good start now tied for the most wins. the major. yeah. let's start the giant oracle park hosting the colorado rockies. >> giants offense exploded early on. they scored 9 runs in the first 2 innings and never really looked back after that they would add 3 more runs and win by final 12 to nothing starting pitcher anthony desclafani threw a complete game shutout giants. now 15 an 8 on the season. >> game. 2 of the series is tonight. first pitch at 6.45. >> and the a's in tampa bay taken on the rays. 4th inning. sean murphy, a. >> come on. youve watched to run. i don't want back it up. back it up to run home are okay. and that was all the offense needed for oakland. they win by 2 to one. sparse crowd. >> a's are 15 8 on the season game 2 in that is today with the first pitch at fort road. >> coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:00am morning news we've got santa clara county now beginning to allow drop ins and vaccine sites.
5:56 am
>> they'll be doing that for about a week. and we'll tell you where you can go, what you need to coming up in a live report. stay tuned for that. plus the east bay municipal utility board. >> is declaring a stage one drought today. more on that coming up. a live report as well. and then at the top of the hour, we'll be joined by political science professor david mckeown to to talk about the latest in the effort to recall governor gavin newsome. stay tuned. all that and more coming up in just a minute.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> the bay area's local news stations. you now with breaking news. good morning. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. the breaking news this morning. comes to us from san jose where we understand 2 people now died in a car crash overnight. we've been live at the scene all morning long to follow the investigation of what happened in yulee a 7 is has the latest. only. >> yeah. well saint lawrence expressway is blocked off and in both direction. and let's take him at take a look at the map and show you exactly where i'm talking about. it's right. when you kind of get off and on to the 2.80 so between there and minton way are many ways to use anyway. it is shut down in both directions
6:00 am
because the investigation continues on two-car collision fatality. now, if you come back to me live. you can see there is. tow truck here. and i believe they're trying to get the car that got smashed up against basically against this wall right here anyway. now it happened around 9 o'clock. sorry, 10 o'clock last night. when the sheriff's department, the santa clara county sheriff's department called for a system because 2 cars collided, one getting pushed up against the side of the wall. the other one kind. it's been down and turned over into the middle of the intersection. it's still a little unclear. what happened there. there talk about the possibly that there was a chase, but i'm still trying to come from that part. of the investigation and the meantime, were able to take 2 people to the hospital. we do know 2 people died in that they tell i don't know if that's the same people that went


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