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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 26, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news for california. people on the street. >> you can recall pretty much anyone or anything. >> tonight at 10. the efforts to recall governor gavin newsome became official tonight with state officials say the campaign has collected enough signatures. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan organizers needed 1.5 million people. >> to back this recall
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election will not happen until the autumn kron four's. dan thorn is live from san francisco. he joins us with the latest on the effort than. >> well catherine and ken, effort is essentially being propelled by growing frustrations over how governor newsom has handled the covid-19 pandemic. recent polling shows that more than half of the state's voters are not interested in seeing newsome being removed from his position. but that's not keeping another million and a half voters from at least trying. in a blow to governor gavin newsom's future as california's top executive. a recall effort now has enough valid signatures. the secretary of state's office says the republican led effort has more than 1.6 million people signed on to force out newsome in california. the threshold for recall is very about about the da's that. >> with them. quick give a grand jury that indicted him said what role in california. >> he put have people on the
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street. you can recall pretty much anyone or anything. >> kron 4 political analyst michael yaki says the governor's response to the covid-19 pandemic is the driving force behind this recall effort. yockey says barring any gaps such as last fall's french laundry dinner incident. the governor should be able to fight off an ouster and unlike 2003 recall election newsome currently has more support than then governor gray davis. if he can stay the course. chances are much. >> better than even that he's going to win when the recall and service serve their main of his term and ran for reelection in 2 years. some big name republican challengers who have emerged to take on new some include former san diego mayor kevin faulconer and reality tv star caitlyn jenner, san francisco's republican party has so far indoors. no one expected more republican candidates will enter the race. but yaki warns they should take into account how
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radioactive a relationship to former president donald trump might be. i think it's going to be very hard to find. >> republican who would mount a credible campaign that could result in the recall of governor use. >> well, governor newsom has launched an effort to keep himself in office saying that the people that are trying to remove him or extremists republicans and so far no democrats have stepped forward to take newsome on reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you, dan. and this now triggers the next phase of the whole recall process. so he's now grant lotus to tell us what that next phase is grant, ok, catherine, certainly a significant step today. but. >> still so far to go. and the next big process here. this 30 day, 30 business day period. >> in which voters may submit written requests to their county registrars to actually get their names removed from the recall petitions essentially saying, look, i
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change my mind a recall election. it will be held unless more than 130,000 signatures or withdraw, then normally the governor would create a date for the recall election. but when the governor is actually the % elected official who is being recalled that duty then falls to the governor in this lenny lockett's could a lock us will now set the date of the recall election between 6080 days from the date. the secretary of state certifies that everything is qualified. so the recall ballot would have 2 parts to it. the first is really the most important part. voters answer a simple yes or no question whether or not we should remove governor newsome from office in the second part of that question. the voters would then have the opportunity to select a replacement candidate and those votes for a successor candidate would only be counted if more than 50% of voters casting ballots in the
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election chose. yes to recalling newsome. so a lot of moving parts here, catherine and ken, it is something that will have to continue to follow. and again, 30 business days from right now is the time period where people can essentially change their minds spec to you. all right. thank you very much. grant for the first time in a 170 years of statehood, california is losing a congressional seat. >> that brings the state's representation from 53 to 52 members of the house, the number of seats in the house of representatives is fixed at 435 and the census bureau uses a population base formula once a decade to decide how to split up the along with california, illinois, michigan, new york, ohio, pennsylvania and west virginia all lost seats in the house. meanwhile, texas game 2 of them and colorado, north carolina, florida, montana and oregon each gained one.
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>> staff members in the town of windsor. they are in the process of reviewing and notice of intent from the recall foppoli committee. that committee, of course, trying to remove mayor dominic foppoli from his job. this after 6 women have publicly accused him of harassment or assault kron four's. amanda hari is live in windsor after talking with another sonoma county mayor about the seriousness of this situation. >> i spoke to the mayor of the city of sonoma. he thinks the recall effort will be successful. he says recalling is the only recourse citizens have again, somebody that has lost their trust. no one has the right to be a mayor of a city. >> and this is the position public trust city of sonoma. mayor logan harvey believes windsor mayor dominic foppoli will not be able to regain that trust. that trust is lost after it became public knowledge that multiple women for accusing mayor foppoli of assault. >> it's important that
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somebody that has this level of allegations that are so believable. not not hold a position of public trust in public power and the community has reacted even holding a council meeting to ask him to resign. >> after from poli refused to resign. he said he would be stepping back from his position as mayor, but still available if needed. mayor harvey tells me he doesn't understand how that would work. >> i don't know what stepping back looks like as mayor and it's sort of like not i'm not going to do my job and i'm not going to leave my post either because he won't resign. the recall foppoli committee is beginning the process to remove it. >> the co chair tim zahner filed a notice of intent to recall. and he says a lot of people are interested in getting involved. i've had to turn away people who wanted to sign the notice intent to recall even though poli has not been criminally convicted of any crime votes on her and her via greece that the poli can't stay in office. somebody who has lost the ability to lead and lost the trust of the people they govern.
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>> and in this case the disgraced mayor fully has lost our trust. there's no way back from this is no way to regain the public trust. the recall foppoli committee is hoping to have those petitions out. >> by mid-may. they'll need about 3,300 signatures from registered voters here in windsor, in windsor amanda hari kron 4 news. >> california attorney general rob bonta was just sworn into his new role and he already has a challenger sacramento's district attorney anne marie schubert launched a campaign website saying she is running for attorney general next year. the facebook page friends of anne marie schubert that helped her get elected to sacramento also changed its graphics to reflect her new candidacy. governor newsome nominated. as the state's attorney general after javier becerra left to serve as president biden's health and human services secretary bonta is the state's first asian american to hold that position. >> well, drought conditions are having a big impact on
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east bay. much water source in the sierra nevada foothills. and as a result, the spokesperson for that water utilities tells kron four's haaziq madyun a stage one drought could be declared for customers as early as tomorrow. >> the east bay municipal utility district is experiencing a historically persistent dry weather cycle. >> or is fame and water supply average precipitation is just over 50% a 54% of record-breaking territory. it's definitely shaping up to be the driest year in our history. those dry conditions prompted california governor gavin newsom to declare drought emergencies and mendocino and sonoma counties dry weather also led to county being the first county in the bay area this year to impose mandatory water use restrictions. these bay let spokesperson. andrea cook says the utility district's board of directors are considering making a similar call for its 1.4 million customers because
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of the drought. the board may be looking stage one drought they would basically be deciding what actions to take those actions might include voluntary conservation and they may include supplemental water supplies. she says at this point all the terri conservation is it's pretty much standard practice for east bay. but customers from previous years of drought. we appreciate all that our customers are already doing so in the east bay. we have a stick around. however conservation. you know, i mean, we live in a drought prone area. california is, you know, we we know what to expect these payment is ready or customers. we feel are ready tuesday's bay, bloods water supply availability and efficiency report for the 2020 2021 season will be presented to its board of directors. >> followed by a vote whether or not to declare stage would route. has it made you cry on for news.
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>> all right. we've got a little bit of rain this weekend. but let's take another look at the forecast as we look live at the golden gate bridge and lord's has rain totals and they're pretty meager on tape. yeah, certainly not what we want in one a little more substantial storm system. some places got some decent amount of rain, some places hardly any rain at all with the system coming through and tonight skies already beginning to clear out as we get done with that storm system and move it out of the way. so here we go tonight, we're going to see the stay mostly clear is going to be a cold night. you go. the colder. those work its way behind that frontal system and that will make for a chilly night. but with the rainfall totals, not that impressive. we had about a 3rd of an inch of mill valley almost at an temper on berkeley checking in just about a 3rd of an inch then only 1700's in the san francisco 700's in oakland and only 500's in san jose. some the mountain tops around the bay area over half an inch of rain. but we're hoping for maybe about an inch or so that just didn't transpire. so san francisco this where we stand year to date and this is where it gets really bad as we're talking less than 9 inches of rain. if we hold on this
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total, we don't see any more substantial rain for the end of the season. we're going in with a 3rd driest year on record that coupled with last year that his last 2 years combined the 2 driest years. all that we can reimagined over the a 171 season. so certainly very dry out there. san jose. no better. you've got just over 5 inches of rain. that's only 37% of normal oakland at 39% of normal in santa rosa. they had over 12 inches of rain. but that is only 38% of normal so late in season not expecting much more rain on the way. high pressure. fact is now building in. you can still see the swirl of that low that brought us the rain that has moved on by kicking out of town as that ridge builds in. we'll see a whole lot of sunshine and probably above normal temperatures as we head toward the middle of this week. tonight we're seeing a couple patches of fog trying to form along the coastline. you see the gray shades right here that some of that fog trying to develop out there that sea breeze has been blowing and we're going to be dealing with some winds. i think for tomorrow afternoon, too. but. blowing out of 14 in the san francisco 22 deaths
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12. now to the west in oakland. 12 also in the fairfield. so little bit of a sea breeze out there for tonight. clearing skies chilly temperatures on tap all around the bay area, especially in some of the north bay valleys tomorrow, mostly sunny and a bit warmer by the afternoon. in fact, maybe some mid 70's in some spots building high pressure really kind of taken over these temperatures going to be warming up. still looking at 40's 50's all around the bay area. now. i think as we head in toward early tomorrow morning. probably going to talk about those temperatures down in the 30's in the north bay valleys highs by tomorrow afternoon though. how about this mid 70's inland. it's going to feel very, very nice and then looks like we're going to see some much warmer weather continuing to the middle. we promise to mid 80's and some the warm spots wasn't nice, though, to get even a little bit of rain. it was nice to see that rain. i was out there enjoying it, but that may be the last time we see substantial storm until next october. we'll see thank you, lawrence. well, we have been talking tonight about the recall effort against governor newsome. we learned today there are enough validated signatures for a recall election that could happen.
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this autumn. >> to understand more on how all of that might play out. we turn to david mckeown, chair of the political science department at sonoma state. david, thanks for joining us. so you know, it's hard not be there. >> of this one without thinking of the last recall election and how things turned crazy pretty fast. are you are you expecting a similar situation in this case. >> yeah, i think you're right to kind of start that can. and that is that look recall politics can be really wild. arnold schwarzenegger goes out on the tonight show, the last possible night in august 2003 upsets the race galactic in terms of influence. and really, if you're gavin newsome, that's really about the only thing. >> that could upset your momentum. republicans. sure going to come after him. but republicans lack that star power they lack the base and newsome and democrats can keep other democrats off the ballot and they can move forward in their population centers. they'll be fine. what upsets
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all of that is clearly a celebrity. if that celebrity would enter the race. we don't know that what the race looks like until august for the final bout or what is likely to be october. november election that could really throw a wrench or a difficulty or a while. this into this whole david, i've heard you say 4 months of a recall election happens. it will be. >> the political story in california, of course. but also use a nationwide group like why are the stakes that high. >> yeah. i mean, if the place is in the context of everything that's going on right joe biden is going to have his 100 day mark this week yeah. california just lost a congressional seat based upon the senate census. we heard that today. the recall is now on the ballot. there's a there's obviously a an important element to kamala harris bean from california and in the white house as the vice president, the united states. lots of californians working for joe biden and his administration. then there's a former president who's down in florida and that former president wants to be relevant for the 2022 election cycle.
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so 2021 in a recall election in california becomes the warm-up for kevin mccarthy where donald trump for republicans for their message because we know historically that the out party of the president of party, the party opposing the president does very well in midterm elections and because of that, that gives republicans an advantage and then there's anything. kevin mccarthy wants is to be speaker of the house. so the recall becomes the set up for next year and no one is going to be on the sidelines and that of that, i'm getting back to what you're talking about. republican star power that could do. and arnold schwarzenegger this time. yeah. does that person exists? because that was such a unique situation was schwarzenegger. >> he was probably one of the few people that could pull that off an action star, a successful businessman tremendous real name recognition. kind of a no nonsense person personality about politics and now who's out there. i mean, arnold talking run again. is he. >> yeah, yeah. there are a couple of fundamental. he's
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not. there's a couple fundamental things that have changed since 2003. 1 is gavin newsome when he winds in twenty-eighteen wins by the largest margin of a california running for governor in modern history. right here and see winds. 62 1% of the vote. he runs against john. republicans have up there we've been there. we've done that. kevin faulconer potentially from san diego unclear muddy mess message. and then there are other people in waiting in the wings. super say he was in there. maybe rick grinnell comes out from the trump side. the republicans lack that person from hollywood like arnold who could leave into this race and upset that race. if that person is out there and particularly if that person is a woman we more female voters voting the male voters that would be an important component. we don't see that here. and that's something republicans have to look at because they're going to have to raise a lot of money nationalize the race and who can do that person to person against gavin newsome that it really is an open question and the key of the ballot is going to be what happened. so those declined to
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state voters, those purple people in the middle who maybe voted for gavin newsom in 2018 but also signed the recall petition they'll be critical as well. >> so i have a question david. do democrats quietly and courage of safety candidate in case newsom does lose. >> right. so if you're running campaigns, if you're a consultant, it was around gavin newsome or a democratic consultant even a professional any side that matter. you want. just gavin newsome on the ballot. but it's really hard to keep a democrat off the ballot. willie brown, for example, argues that look, you have to have someone on the ballot as as as a democratic back up, maybe that person doesn't campaign, but there has to be a safety valve. i'd argue it's political malpractice not to have someone on there, but gavin newsome really it. and democrats are pushing that they'll have no rivals and no one will be on there. but if there is that celebrity component that's can asked there's that celebrity candidate who's independent who's wealthy. who wants to
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send people to mars and is worth billions of dollars and that person is is also in saturday night live may be, you know, think about it. but the point is they can upset the race. yeah. that. >> you're right. that's one guy who could not open up a can of worms are out of time. but real quick, i'm an open can of worms that tom del beccaro. >> your colleague oftentimes in these political discussions told us tonight that he is considering running. he's a former republican chair in california. what do you think? >> yeah, i saw that interview and actually was texting tom, after that. i think he would be a compelling candidate and here's why you someone is going to talk about issues, about management's, about those issues of decline to state voters and what is happening on water and power kind of conduct of the offices that will be critical. tom can bring that forward. and you can also nationalize the race. maybe he'd be you'd be saying about it. and i think that will be interesting to see him going up against gavin newsome. but others are going to enter the race. you can see hundreds of candidates in the you know, we we know thank you
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very much. we appreciate it. governor all right. thank you very much. >> some fremont parents say they are anxious to move forward in a lawsuit against the school district after it didn't meet their demands to reopen classrooms by today. while the school district says it will continue distance learning for the rest of the school year. it has approved an in person plan for the fall. >> kron four's tale of a psac ii has that story. >> well, the doors remain close its schools here in fremont. the superintendent sent out a letter on monday saying that expanded learning hubs would be an option for some students over the next 6 weeks where students would be supervised while participating in distance learning courses. >> after the fremont unified school district did not meet their demands to reopen schools by monday. parents are preparing to move forward with a lawsuit against the school district not agreed to. >> to to reopen at all this school year. and so. at this point we're. all the options
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are on the table. this comes after attorney lee and dolan who represents the group of frustrated parents. >> send this letter to the school district school board members and superintendent a couple weeks ago demanding that schools reopen by april. 26 and that board members approved a plan for a return to full-time in-person instruction by april 30th for the fall. and dylan says he received a response from the school district that it has approved an in person fall plan on monday, superintendent cj comic sent this message to the community saying the board of education voted unanimously to return to full-time in-person instruction for the fall in addition to in person instruction options this summer. president of the teachers union. victoria burbank herrera explains their agreement with the school district for this summer. the districts. >> is offering math academies. >> and that will allow general education students at the elementary level. >> to choose whether they take part in in person.
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>> or distance, learning model the middle school junior high level they will have 2 hours a day again, choosing either distance learning or in person. >> to the teachers unions disappointment for becker era says the school district will only offer in person instruction for special education programs this summer and no virtual options. despite moving forward with plans for the summer and fall. and lynn says the school board hasn't done enough to answer their demands. we don't think that the school board is meeting its fiduciary duties. >> toward the students that it has stewardship over. there's a lot more of that. the school board. could have done and was legally required to do that. it has. and the attorney representing freeman parents lee and dolan says they expect to have more decisions and updates in the coming weeks. in fremont ellerbee sackey kron 4 news. >> and we'll be right back.
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the biden administration is expected to relax federal guidelines. >> on wearing masks. outdoors could happen as soon as this week ahead of his first address to congress wednesday. the president is expected to talk about the state of the pandemic tomorrow. white chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci says he expects the public to get updated guidelines based on science. so far. 29% of americans are
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fully vaccinated. but there is still concern that some people are not getting their second doses. >> in fact, tonight, health experts say there are millions of americans not getting their second shot. the cdc says 5 million people have not gone back for that second inoculation. the new york times says about 8% to people who received a pfizer or moderna vaccine skipped their second dose. some patients say a second dose of the same brand wasn't available when they came back for their second shot. others say the hassles of booking appointments wasn't worth it or they had negative side effects the first time and didn't want to go through that again. >> people continue to move out of california. this is the fact that having a big effect on state politics. how the most recent census is cost in california, a congressional seat and 2 people from tennessee are being extradited to los angeles county to face criminal charges. how investigators say they racked up close to a million dollars
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in stolen cdd fox and the lengths that some people are going to for a shot at buying new town homes in the south bay. we're talking sidewalks and sleeping bags. >> and we've got clear skies around the bay area. some cold temperatures on the way to. we'll talk more about that here. 1010, coming up next.
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>> the loss of a seat in the house of representatives can be blamed on migration out of the state. high housing costs long commutes in taxes are some of the reasons residents of left california kron four's terisa stasio talk to a family that didn't want to give up on that didn't want to give up on california but say they felt >> council. california and area needed by live there for 38 years. that is chad. campbell. >> and this is chad and his wife amy, from 3 years ago. one kron 4 news spoke with the east by couple as they welcomed their quintuplets home from the hospital. yes. quintuplets, you heard me right. the kids now all smiles and growing with her other siblings. but instead of calling the bay area their backyard these days. the family now lives in idaho the tough so. >> we have been in the same renting, the same house in mound house for 7 years. we've got the notice instead, the plandlords ready to sell the house because it was an investment property from someone in china. they sold the house. or they say they're
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going to sell in 60 days. chan chairs. what became the tipping point for the family. the time i was already. how they're with that commute that was doing said his community and from not in the tracy area out to send the tale. and for a while, i was also going to teach down at san jose state and then driving back up. so as a 150 mile. round so those rough and we said this is our chance like. to just start from scratch and just moving out. you know, far away. and it's pace living with his not much traffic and we can actually buy a house and have a mortgage payment for less than we were paying with their original rent. really. and we just let's do it. chad says he understands why so many are moving out. i mean, almost everybody that i knew we all grew up in the bay area and we love it. i still love it and i miss it. but we're all saying the same things. and i mean,
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my hairs what i'm hoping. i don't know if it's going to go back now that we're here, but it's it was turning white back then. >> chan says he finds even in their small idaho community. there are a lot of californians there is even a name for them because california refugees up outbreaks that >> it's not to to recess stasio kron 4 news. >> well, speaking of expensive housing, some people would go pretty far to get their dream home in the bay area and a local realtor camped out for days for his clients to make sure they got their scrum force. michelle kingston has the story. >> all that my lawn chair put it right in front of this is realtor. jeremy, of all wrapped in a blanket sitting outside waiting to secure a brand new town home for his clients in santa clara. he was first in line. he started camping out 3 days before they went for sale. it sounds crazy. i feel like this is something you probably didn't see tv or some random story help. but it's true. you know,
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at the end of the day, if there's something that especially my clients want. and you know, there's a certain way could get up to it. >> but you know. i would be surprised at the start happening more often the housing market is hot in the bay area with more buyers than there are homes. and jeremy says he didn't even think doing this. was that big of a deal at first. just something he had to do for his clients. and jeremy wasn't the only one camped out dozens of others were also on the sidewalk outside the sales office until my climate, whatever that it get it to end of the day, i said there is there's only so many of these homes that's available. there were 18 townhomes up for grabs starting at 1.2 million dollars. now that really attracted this realtors clients to these condos is that they are said to rate, meaning. >> none of those bidding wars will take place here soon as you walk in yeah, the price is right there. and you write the check for the deposited. you know that. >> in the south bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news. let's go
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outside. see how things are shaping up on this monday night with a live view of san francisco airport to this. a pretty view okay, we're still talking about the rain we got. but we want to know of any more is coming. let's check in with chief meteorologist. >> orange karnal any hope we're kind of running out of real estate. catherine weather wise, so to speak, is we're going to see a change in the pattern. here now looks like much warmer weather is going to begin to move in and looks like the threat of rain really diminishes as we head forward. of course we get late very late in the season to get any real storms coming our way in this last storm kind of fell apart a little bit as it made its way on shore. so here we are tonight we've got the skies clearing out. it's going to be cold 9 around a good part of the bay area, especially in the north and east bay valleys skies clearing out very nicely now couple patches of fog along the coastline. the storm tem kind of winding down. you see that low making its way in nevada still bringing some showers and snow showers over the sierra nevada. but otherwise we're drying things out here around the bay area. that's where we sit now. just a couple of patchy fog trying to form here. you see couple batches along the coastline here trying to form right now.
10:36 pm
we'll see a little more of that into early tomorrow morning. but what we need is a big change in the weather pattern when the breeze, the jet stream dipping well to the south and some storm clouds our way. that doesn't look like it's going to happen right now. in fact, watch what happens as it put this into motion. you can see a big dome of high pressure building in and there it is. you see all the clearing see all that rain making its way. well to the north of all the way up into canada. so we're going to keep things dry above normal temperatures. i think as we head in toward the next few days. the temperatures soaring in the 80's. i think through about the middle of the week behind that. we get a lot of part of the week. things do begin to break down the ridge starts to weaken a little bit. our temperatures. we're going to cool a little bit as a result, but it's still strong enough to bounce most that moisture up in the pacific northwest. we'll be left with just a couple of clouds. but keeping it dry into the weekend next week. not, of course, of the we've got the system that begins to drop down, looks a little bit string and laurie forecast. but sure doesn't look promising as far as getting any significant rainfall here in the bay area. so think he's going to remain dry. so here's your 1010 for you as we head
10:37 pm
in the next couple of days. tomorrow looks like lots of sunshine to mid 70's and some of the valley's a wednesday and thursday. we're up in the 80's. i think inland maybe some mid 80's. you'll see 70's. some get close to 80's around the bay and then on thursday and friday, the clouds begin to roll back in. but it looks like most that rain stay well north of the bay air temperatures will cool down in the weekend this weekend. go to get a little breezy. little blustery outside of thing on saturday and sunday saturday, the first day of may. of course we can't get storms in the me. it's not unusual if we do. but during this time of year during la has been a very good year probably will not being very wet as we head into may as well. you yeah. thank you, lawrence. robi, san francisco district attorney is charging a man in the murder of a 7 month old baby. but this case is raising concern about the. >> same da's track record. we're talking a chase aboudi the suspect in question was already arrested twice this year for suspicion of domestic violence in both cases. the cases were dropped. kron
10:38 pm
four's maureen kelly has the story. >> according to police, a 7 month-old baby was pronounced dead after being brought here to the e r at cp emcees vanasse hospital on responsive with signs of trauma by an adult male caregiver now murder charges have been filed against joseph jerome williams. according to the williams had been arrested twice before on suspicion of felony. domestic violence involving a woman who is not the baby's mother, but those charges were dropped in part because the woman told police she started the fight and did not want to prosecute and evidence could not prove williams was criminally responsible intervention should have happened. >> that baby and not have to die supervisor. catherine stefani says she was already hearing concerns from domestic violence advocates. >> about dha dean not filing charges in felony. domestic violence cases. she got this data from the police chief that shows in the last quarter of 2020 of the 131 felony
10:39 pm
domestic violence cases da's office did not file charges in 113 of those cases. >> which is very shocking to me. it was very surprising she's introducing legislation tuesday that would require law enforcement to provide monthly data on domestic violence cases. we're not going to have criminal justice reform. >> if people continue to commit crimes and they are not held accountable and they are not charged if you let them go over and over again. they're going to reoffend and they're not going to get to direct a door into the services they need to make sure they're not stuck in the criminal justice system. williams is set to enter a plea in the death of the baby on tuesday. >> the da's office says they are not second guessing their decision to drop the earlier cases against williams. in light of this tragedy. they will be reviewing all policies relating to charging domestic violence crimes. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>> other news tonight, 2 people have been arrested in tennessee for allegedly stealing more than half a million dollars in california. unemployment benefits. jessica sanchez and charles hutchinson were taken into custody last week in knoxville. investigators say the pair was responsible for a massive unemployment fraud scam. they would create bogus accounts with the employment development department obtain edd debit cards and get cash from atm withdrawals. investigators say the pair stole approximately $675,000. they will be extradited to los angeles county to face trial. the family of mario gonzalez says they have viewed the body camera video of gonzalez in alameda. police custody. the 26 year-old oakland resident died while in custody last week. police say there was a physical altercation which they have not given any details on when they tried to detain him and they say mario suffered a medical emergency
10:41 pm
which they have not described in detail that led to his death. the family says it wants to know of what they saw. the family says what they saw conflicts with the police department statement on actually what happened? gonzalez's family says it plans to speak out tomorrow in front of the alameda police department. the officers involved are on paid administrative leave during the investigation. the department says bodycam video will not be made public until everyone involved has been interviewed. >> in national news attorneys for the family say that a black man killed by deputies was shot in the back of his head. they say had his hands on the car. steering wheel when officers opened fire these comments came today after body camera video was shown to andrew brown juniors relatives. one of the attorneys watched a 22nd clip of this video with the family and said brown did not appear to be a threat to officers as he backed his out and tried to drive away the town of
10:42 pm
elizabeth city in north carolina has declared a state of emergency amid concerns about how demonstrators might react to that video being released to the public. in kentucky. the department of justice is investigating the louisville police department over the death of breonna taylor, the 26 year-old was shot and killed in her apartment in march of last year. police entered her apartment on a no knock warrant exchanged gunfire with taylor's boyfriend. he says he thought they were intruders. federal investigators will look into whether there's a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful police procedures. a kentucky jury indicted a indicted officer. brett hankison for firing into a neighbor's apartment during that raid. his trial is set to begin next year. the department of justice is also investigating the minneapolis police department following the death of george floyd.
10:43 pm
>> coming up next, ish sports, the sharks. welcome back. fans for the first time in more than a year. sports director jason douglas has the highlights coming up. at worksman cycles, we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models.
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>> the sharks have had a rough go about it this season. it's a long shot that will make the postseason. but they did get to play in front of some fans today for the first time in over a year. the shark tank ready for a little more than 500 fans tonight. the first time in 414 days. san jose have played in front of their own faithful 3rd period alexander. barros far been off. he scored the first goal of his nhl career. that's always got to be special after the game. san jose gives them 15 game. the salute to their fans. they win 6 to 4 fans. obviously thrilled to see them snap, an eight-game losing streak and clean to their playoff hopes. now at the game was kylen mills and she joins us now. kylen first time in the sapd center. you got to see when they snap an eight-game losing skid gives everyone someone to cheer about how was it.
10:47 pm
>> okay, jason? well, i don't think it was quite the same sapd experience that you had watching playoff games here, but still just so cool to see fans back in the building. you could tell just how much it meant to everyone. the fans i talked to before the game staff members who are here. and then the players we heard from van der cain after the game. he said these fans were loud. they were energized. he said for just around 500 people. they sounded much louder than that. he said they did, in fact give this team a boost and help them earn this huge win. 3 points goes a long way in the nhl. and even though it is still a long shot for the sharks to possibly make the playoffs. it is still possible. and that's the big thing and again, these fans were a big reason why they got this one. here's what bob buckner and some of the other players had to say. >> it was very cool. and you know, the fans that we did have a very loud and very into it. you can tell a lot of people are happy to be here and. it was the first time we
10:48 pm
heard national anthem all year. you sock. so it was they were just as excited as we work to be back in the stands. you know, it hasn't been you know, and for you know, so so it's nice to see that. >> as many showed up as possibly could. and you know, they were happy to be here. here to support us. even, you through difficult times you know, it means a lot for everyone and in our locker room. >> absolutely. i think tonight really did mean a lot. now, as for there being just around 500, 600 fans. i'm told the only fans in attendance tonight we're season ticket holders. but the organization hopes to continue upping the number incrementally. they didn't want to go too crazy. the first few games with fans back in s a p center, but they're hoping to open ticket sales to the general public very soon. so hopefully sharks fans can get in here and watch one of the final few home games before the season comes to an end unless, hey, you never know. playoff hockey. one of the best things to
10:49 pm
watch a live sports. maybe the sharks pull off a miracle. jason, what do you think? >> i want to put my money on it. but hey, that's why you play the games. kylen, thank you so much for that live report. get home safely. all right. let's go to oracle park. the giants hosted the rockies bottom of the second giants up 6, nothing bases loaded for murray ceo dubai on he sends one to straight away center day hits off the wall. >> dubuc clears the bases in the giants lead 9 does it. they will go on to win this one. 12 to nothing. anthony pitches. a complete game shutout game 2. >> of the series tomorrow. a couple of a's fans taking in the games at the sun's out guns out. i see it all guys. all right. for charmer think that takes one to deep left feel it is. >> going to clear the wall for the 2 run home run his second of the season. a stake to lead 2 to one inch on night in the
10:50 pm
bullpen only gave up a run on 6 hits after the a's win 2 to one after having there 13 game win streak snapped yesterday. they start one tonight. all righty. i could feel the nervous energy rising as we get closer and closer to thursday's nfl draft forty-niners fans are going crazy on twitter talk radio waiting to see who the niners take at 3. what i do know is that they don't want to see the niners take alabama's mac jones. that's just the pulse of the fan base right now. but there have been indications that he could be kyle shanahan's guy. you know who is not kyle shanahan's guy, at least not at the moment. this guy right here, jimmy garoppolo now kyle didn't come out and say that outright. but i'll let you read between the lines. >> the biggest thing with jim uses injuries has been vrry tough for us when he's been heard you know, this happened to out of these 3 years and and that's where it starts. and jimmy knows that i have been very upfront with them with everything in you know,
10:51 pm
we've been zooming his last 2 weeks. i'm excited to get him in here. coming up, special this drought over, but i feel very fortunate taken a rookie quarterback that we do have a guy like jimmy. >> get your popcorn ready. all right. that's a look at sp
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
inside davies symphony hall audiences for the initial performances will be kept at just 15% or up to 200 people. anybody attending has to have proof of a negative covid test or show it spent at least 2 weeks since they were fully vaccinated disneyland, reopens friday. the park will operate at 25% capacity. some of the rides will not be operating. the won't be any parades. no hugs from mickey and other costumed characters. mask-wearing, of social distancing will be required. the state of california is now allowing vaccinated out of state guests to enter theme parks. but for now, apparently disney land is going to stick with in-state residents may want to go outside. take a look at the moon. the biggest brightest supermoon of the year is now making an appearance. >> the pink moon. it looks bigger since it. it really is closer to earth. it's named pink not because of the color
10:55 pm
but because it companies the blossoming up flowers in spring pink flowers in particular on the east coast. the pink moon is set to peak tonight just after 11, 30. if you've been able to look at it. i have seen it. didn't look pink like that. but it certainly looks nice. i mean, it's a beautiful sight. it's a huge bright moon up there, specially when it's low on the horizon. nice thing is. >> we'll have a lot of clouds out there right now. you can actually see it. so you get a chance check it out. you can see the supermoon out there for tonight. getting pretty looks like that will continue to roll up throughout the night to 90% close normal at 222,000 miles usually right around 240,000 miles away. so appearing as much as 14 times larger and 30% brighter. certainly a super moon out there to be had. are looking at your skies clearing out after some storm clouds moved through over the weekend. the rain now pushing to the east of us now on looks like we're headed to a dry period again as high pressure really going to take over in fact, models
10:56 pm
are picking up on some of the clouds maybe a couple of patches near the coastline, otherwise clear skies as we head in toward tomorrow morning in many spots inland that can lead to some chilly temperatures in spots as well. but staying nice and clear. you see that big dome of high pressure just kind of building as we head into wednesday and that's going the temperatures soaring in many spots. it will be a cold start your morning, especially this late in the season. we've got some 30's up in the north. they may be down to about 35 in santa rosa 39 in napa, 39 in a bottle low 40's in the east bay. lot of 40's in and around the bay. so certainly a chilly start your day. but other than the breeze along the coast like keeping those temperatures a little bit cooler. we'll start to warm up 61 degrees in san francisco. 53 in the sun set. 53 also in pacifica, 58 degrees in half moon bay get inside the bay to find more sunshine as warmer temperatures less wind to 62 degrees. burlingame about 68 in foster city tomorrow. 68 in redwood city and 70 degrees in mount view, south bay going to be filled with 70's by tomorrow afternoon in joins a beautiful sunshine. just the beginning of some much warmer
10:57 pm
weather size 76 in little more tomorrow 68 fremont and 66 degrees in hayward, 70 moraga 76 degrees in walnut creek and 70 in danville. so certainly some nice weather beginning to build into the bay area over the next couple days, maybe some 80's into fairfield by tomorrow afternoon along the coastline there. find the cooler weather, though you're things dry for a while now it looks like we'll cool things down a few more clouds on thursday and friday. a little breezy over the weekend. but right now looks like to keep things dry in the beginning of may. thank you, lawrence and thanks for joining us. attempt. >> a good night enjoying the moon.
10:58 pm
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