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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 23, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when foreign time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> 10. we're confident that the manson covid-19 vaccine needs a robust standards for safety effectiveness and quality for medical product that is used widely, including in healthy individuals. >> now at 10 o'clock. the
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johnson and johnson one-dose vaccine is cleared for use again, although with a warning and those shots could resume as early as tomorrow. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne, the johnson and johnson vaccine will be offered to patients once again here in the u.s.. >> after it was cleared by the fda and the cdc this comes after the shots were paused on april 13th due to the potential for extremely rare, but serious blood clots. kron four's. dan thorn live for us in the city tonight with more on whether local health experts say this is a good idea to bring back dan. >> well, ken and catherine. yes, they say today's decision was a smart one, but it's also important to let people know about the risks that are associated with getting the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine, but also those risks are very small. but they say restarting the distribution of these vaccines. these single dose injections are critical
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in this fight against the pandemic. >> the pause in the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine is over federal scientific advisors say injections of the single dose shot should resume following concerns over extremely rare blood clots. i think this was the prudent way to go. and i like what they did today and really happy ucsf professor in infectious disease. specialist doctor monica gandhi says it was also thoughtful to pause the vaccine because it allowed time to gather more information. the government found out of nearly 8 million people who were given the j and j shot 15 recipients developed rare blood clotting. >> 3 died and 7 remain in the hospital. all were women mostly under the age of 50 health officials decided a restart with a warning label could help ease any concerns with to anything that you do is the right >> by the there was by put by
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the cdc to say we're just going to have this so that, you know, as a consumer that there's this very where risk. and we know it's doctors to watch out for. >> medical experts across the country. agree the one dose vaccine is needed to help increase vaccinations and fight the pandemic. it's also easy to store and allows for homebound and underserved groups, including the homeless to quickly get shots. one concern is if this recent stop and go on the j and j vaccine. we'll increase hesitancy. >> i'm hoping i'm hoping people distrust of vaccines but instead trust the vaccines that everyone's been really careful when we will allow this important session. >> well, the cdc says that they will continue to monitor blood clots for people that end up getting the johnson and johnson vaccine. and as we mentioned at the top of the broadcast, these injections could begin again as early as tomorrow reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4
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news dan, thank johnson and johnson is thanking us regulators for their. evaluation of the company's vaccine tonight saying in a statement, quote, as the global pandemic continues. devastate communities around the world. we believe a single shot easily transportable covid-19 vaccine with demonstrated protection against multiple variants can help protect the health and safety of people everywhere. we will continue to collaborate with the cdc fda and health authorities around the world to ensure this very rare events can be identified early and treated effectively. we remain committed to the health and safety of people worldwide. >> resuming johnson and johnson shots. of course. good news for the vaccine supply. but some communities are facing a very different problem. appointment simply i not getting filled and napa county health officials at the meritage resort vaccine clinic say just over a 3rd of the 3,000 available appointments are being used, one that the
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county supervisor says it might be because those who want a vaccine already have shots. but with only 40% of eligible residents fully vaccinated. now they're making a bigger effort to increase those numbers. >> we still need to make sure that we're actively reach out. you know, we're doing. it's like peace we're working with the local school districts will work with communities organizations to workers around the visibility. >> marin county is also seeing some unused appointments all the more than 80% of county residents there. eligible for shot have already had at least one county leaders are hoping extending hours adding more clinics will help the last 20% get the shots. >> the moderna vaccine could soon have a booster shot available later this year. moderna's ceo says the company is working to develop a booster to help protect against covid variants and hopes to have the shot approved by late summer or early autumn moderna's current vaccine is already more than
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90% effective against the virus up to 6 months after the second dose. it still remains unclear how long immunity from the virus last earlier this month. pfizer's ceo also said a booster shot was likely necessary. new guidance from the cdc is recommending pregnant women get the covid shot. it comes following a new study that found no safety concerns among among a large group of pregnant people who got the pfizer or moderna shot in their 3rd trimester. there were also no safety concerns found for their babies. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky encourage people to talk with their doctors to determine what is best for them and their child. >> there are new details tonight in the disturbing incident involving a vacaville police officer and a teenage boy with autism. we first told you about this story last night on kron 4 news at 10 kron. 4 grant lodes joins us now in the studio with what we're learning happened before this incident and who knew
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what. >> who knew what and when. and we still don't know exactly the communication that happened or didn't happen. but we do have a warning for viewers tonight. this video is disturbing. it's hard to watch. this is security camera footage here and you see the action right there capturing a vacaville police officer slamming a teenager to the ground. and at one point. punching him in the head or face this happened wednesday. the department is now saying at least one officer was aware that the teen has autism. but the acting police chief tonight says the officer who responded who we see did not know that information. this whole thing started when according to the teenager's father, another boy tried to pick a fight with preston who has autism and adhd. police responded, they say to a report of a possible stabbing. but preston was unaware seemingly and went to play with a neighbor and that is
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when an officer arrives, things quickly escalated. you see the teen immediately sits dowrt backing away and the officer looks to throw his scooter. and then the team tries to run off. and that is when the officer grabs the kid and throws him to the ground. police say he used, quote, distraction strikes to overcome resistance, end quote. tonight. we have tamed audio between a vacaville officer and a dispatcher talking about the teen moments before this occurred. >> david preston, i think goal. >> there have been the that have brought from out of a special meeting contract. >> them. >> the acting police chief is now going public pending a big facebook post hoping trying to clarify something saying in a statement, quote, multiple people have asked if the arresting officer knew the suspect had special needs in
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the dispatch audio there is a conversation between the dispatcher and a different officer who was not on the scene who asked whether the suspect was preston. our preliminary review of the available video and radio traffic indicates the arresting officer did not have prior knowledge that the suspect was an individual with special needs and quote, so. police say officers have since returned to the teenager's home. the family's home. men things essentially they know that video looks horrible. and the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave. but still, as you alluded to when we started this story, there still a lot to try to understand about the officer who knew preston who was talking to dispatch and if. if you know, if they didn't communicate that could be something that is a sticking point here. but with
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everything going on in this country with police and you know, this doesn't appear to be a racial incident per se. but, you know, its use of force. and it's i guess communication compassion humanity. you look at a bunch of different things here. so they say they're investigating and he's on paid leave. catherine can. but this is certainly a story that that is not ending tonight. here with that statement from the acting she no satisfactory answers so far not yet. all right. thank you, grant. thank you. grant. >> well, there could be more legal trouble for convicted murderer derek chauvin. abc news is reporting the justice department is considering charging the former minnesota police officer for the violent arrest of a black teenager in 2017, a video so that incident reportedly show chauvin hitting the 14 year-old so hard he needed stitches then holding the boy down with his knee for 17 minutes. the boy reportedly could be heard saying he couldn't breathe
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state. prosecutors declined to charge him at that time. earlier this week, chauvin was found guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd and chauvin will be sentenced june. 16th he is facing up to 40 years in prison. >> a new audit suggests the city of oakland is not at all prepared to deal with the homeless crisis. according to the results almost 79% of homeless people were unsheltered because of a lack of permanent affordable housing options. this audit also revealed certain housing options for the homeless kron four's, gayle ong talk with the city auditor and a city council member. >> we're living it and seeing it every day on and off the freeways of oakland route. the district throughout our city. they see how begin bass. the problem has become. they how we have not at a quickly addressed city council member lauren taylor says he is not surprised. an audit found. the city was not prepared to deal
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with the problem and left in a fission strategy for dealing with the growth of the camps homeless to kevin management is how we support people who are. >> on the street and an house. >> but we have to really make sure that we're keeping folks from getting on have to get becoming and held. and also we have to help those who are in house transition into long term, permanent housing, the 102 page audit counts that nearly 79% of homeless people were unsheltered because of a lack of permanent affordable housing options. >> and limited temporary housing option. the residents have clearly stated that this is a huge issue for them. they want to make sure that are on health care properly cared for as well as our house. >> or use public parks and streets are safe it's a collected city auditor of oakland. courtney ruby a year to complete the report we identify 12.6 million dollars. that was not with an budget, right. so that means the city didn't have a formal budget to put these in hammond activities all. the council
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has this information and the mayor have the information and we're right in the middle of the budget cycle. the council also found that 70% of oakland's homeless population are african-american compared to 24% in the general population structural racism. >> that first day in cities across our country. the same. just proportional representation exist. and so it's just further emphasize or need to bring a true equity lines where we are focused on solving these challenging that also looked at police and fire response times to ensure response times to an encampment are appropriate. >> and equitable the city auditor will present the homeless services performance in a virtual meeting on monday in oakland, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> in san francisco. one man has taken it upon himself to help people living on the street to at least have a a cleaner space. his name is quincy. he fears originally from georgia. he says he noticed a homeless camp along oak grove street in oakland
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after moving there. and after talking to people, he learned that they had a lot of trash to get rid of but really no place to put it at his own expense. quincy then rented to dumpsters is spending the weekend helping them cleanup. well, it is a big day in san francisco. >> and we're about to show you and tell you about a dozen nation back inside chase center to cheer on the worriers. it is the first time since march of last year. the team has been able to play in front of a home crowd kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us now live from chase center with war on how ever thing went. >> there. you well, the lights are off here at the chase center. can you see me now? yeah. the lights are off here. the chase center see wouldn't quite recognize it. that's because i'm hanging out way past my bed. bedtime. but first of all, to good night when the dubs when second of all to be even better night when fans are back in the stands for the first time in
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more than a year. i have to give the fans credit, too, for getting especially loud, there were just a couple 1000 people here, but it felt really loud just because we're used to everything being so quiet with just the media here and staff members here watching the game. so was a lot of fun. really exciting atmosphere. however, everyone was cheering the dubs on through their masks. that was a requirement to come into the game another requirement everyone had to show proof a vaccination or get tested for covid before coming to the game. another precaution concessions were open, but people couldn't eat or drink at their seats. i saw a couple people not happy about that. they got booted from their seats actually. but it did seem like fans gave this dubs team a boost. the warriors came out on top despite missing several players in including some due to covid protocols will tell you about that in just a bit. but fans tell me when tickets went on sale, there was no question they want to be here to watch the dubs in person. >> we've got to come back like they're coming home. we've got to be here. we've got to come
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back in the good kind of like get back to electricity. i mean, it's been a while oracle of time. but now i feel the chase center and totally excited. >> so as for capacity rules, chase center could be filled up to 35% capacity right now. that be right around 6200 or 6 to 300 people. although i'm told not quite that many were in attendance tonight. now, as for the game, the warriors came out on top. steph curry back to his usual self dropping 32, but we'll break all that down for you coming up in just a little bit. in sports for now. live to chase center kylen mills kron 4 sports island. thank you for that underneath all those masks, lots of smiles at chase center it's great to see lots of smiles all right. >> all right. now to the 4 zone forecast. we're looking live over the golden gate bridge. and it's it's just been a while. kim, some to talk about rain. and it's good that we can talk about it at
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least one more time, lawrence, the wet season is pretty much over. yeah. you know what, guys, i've always thought. stephon crude probably one of the best weather man out there because he knows how to make it rain. certainly we're going to see that happen in the bay area. this weekend. is the rain going to be coming down outside as high pressure kind of getting out of the way now setting up. we've actually got some showers showing up in far northern california. that ridge. >> getting all the way just in time to allow the storm to come in clouds rolling into the bay area. now, most low clouds and fog. but above that we've got some mid to high level clouds now is kind of scooting on through temperatures today. they bounce back a little bit, but still below the average in san francisco 5964 in oakland. then we get the average 70's in those san jose live more also to conquer and 68 degrees. very pleasant in santa rosa. all right. here we go. the big set up. we've got the rain. the cold front moving through parts of northern california, right now. this is really going to open the door. this allowing the jet stream to dip further. and finally making its way into the bay area. and that means that storm system right behind it going to be headed
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our way to the clouds coming in now and the rain to falling in far northern california. the showers got some spots. are you picking up some moderate amounts of rain and then even parts of the north bay starting to see a few scattered light showers near santa rosa petaluma healdsburg some light stuff out there right now. but we more on the way, especially lot of part of the weekend. the winds more of an onshore breeze. still 12 miles an hour in oakland 9 in the san francisco 14 in the but as we take you through the night tonight. we'll see those clouds rolling on in getting pretty thick in spots plan on some patchy drizzle along the coastline and then tomorrow mostly cloudy skies cool to mild temperatures in the sunday. so he went stormy kind of on and off all day long. cool right now up toward the beaches were in the 40's there and cloudy 52, as you make when oakland 50 degrees in the napa valley. 50 degrees. also in petaluma. and here it is. the storm system on track. now, the first one coming in most falling apart. by the time it gets here just a lot of leftover clouds behind that. maybe a little drizzle light sprinkle and then as we get to sunday, then the storm clouds roll in and there it is
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as we head in towards sunday morning. the winds are going to pick up out ahead of this front. the rain is going to be falling starting in the north bay. and then that is going to spread to the south throughout the day by noon. most of us getting some pretty good rain outside a lot of snow showing up in the sierra nevada behind that looks like it will break up as we head in towards sunday evening, but certainly looking like a nice soaker outside. yes, some much needed rain here and a whole lot of snow on the high country of fact in the high country above 7,000 feet. you're looking at maybe a half a foot, maybe a foot and half of snow across the higher peaks snow all the way down to about 4,000 feet. so if you're headed there, what a change is going to be down saturday. you're driving up there. no problem. if you come back on sunday, you may be changing up. thanks. lauren said. governor gavin newsome made a trip down the coast a trip to big sur today for the official reopening. >> of highway one the road has been closed at rat creek ever since a late january storm that triggered a landslide that took out a good chunk of the road to 86 days for crews to fix that he's a highway
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cost about 11 and a half million dollars. this was originally projected to reopen in june but favorable weather allowed workers to finish the job months ahead of schedule. >> so we have crews were at that have worked 7 days a week for the last 86 days because we know how important this lifeline is. it's important to the community. it's important to tourism the economy, the economy of this state to be able to say and governors love saying this. anyone does anyone. the private sector low saying. >> that we've got some done ahead of schedule and on budget. >> people living and working in big sur also praising the quick work by caltrans say were already suffering the economic effects, particularly from the pandemic because they lost nearly all of their vehicular traffic. there. a ban on new fracking permits in california starting in 2020 for governor newsome to the action today after the state legislature failed to pass a proposal to out law hydraulic fracturing cobbling know it
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known as fracking newsome also called on regulators to look into phasing out all oil production in california by 2045 advocates have consistently fought to end fracking due to the damage it can cause to the environment. critics say the ban on new permits will hurt the state's economy and lead to job losses. >> another republican throwing their hat into the ring in the event of a recall election of a gavin newsome, caitlyn jenner says yes, she is running for governor. the reality star and former olympian made that announcement and an online post today saying i'm a proven winner and the only outsider you can put an end to gavin newsom's disastrous time as governor recall organizers. they're already calling her a contender but not everybody is convinced. >> we didn't think that the front-runners have emerged yet in this campaign. and i think today is you know, cruiser point. i don't think she's on the same level as arnold at
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all fortunate came into that recall in 2000, we with some policy chops. he'd let about an issue of the year before we aren't seeing this at all here. >> jenner does not yet have any policy proposals on her website. she does have merchandise for sale. she's working, by the way, with donald trump's former presidential campaign manager brad parscale. and fellow gubernatorial candidate kevin faulkner teaming up with a celebrity chef to help california restaurants. they held news conference today. this was in huntington beach, unveiling what they call safe, california restaurants plan would help restaurants affected by the pandemic by fully reopening all of them providing tax deductions and helping with safety measures. you know, the ripple effect when you shut down the restaurant industry is so far and that it's not just those people. >> boots on the ground lost their jobs. hundreds thousands. millions of people beyond that. >> when restaurant or on the road to recovery. californians
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will be too. >> he also wants to protect restaurants from covid related lawsuits and added tax credit for paid sick leave for employees who have covid related illnesses. >> the attorney general of attorney general state of california, state of california graduation is terms. >> rob bonta was sworn in today as california's new attorney general. he's the first filipino to serve as the top law enforcement official in the state. the former east bay assemblyman has a record of pushing for criminal justice reform including proposals to end cash bail in many cases voluntary places. javier becerra who was appointed by president biden to become us health and human services secretary. >> still ahead, a bay area nonprofit giving out new safety tips to members of the asian american community will have details on that ahead. >> plus, a family shaken after
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the daughter claims her parents were assaulted by thieves during a home invasion. the normally quiet neighborhood. that is now a crime scene. >> and the wrong crowd. wrong audience for a man who was bragging about storming the capitol january 6, how his attempt at flirted went very wrong. well, take a look at
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this. another scary sight and
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la a man the hanging from this crane. police say he was arrested after an hours long ordeal on top of this construction crane looks like they're finally get on to him there. but they have been trying to talk him down for more than 3 hours. a man walk from one end of the crane to the other. he was waving at people not clear why he was doing this. he finally surrendered peacefully climbing down in a harness before being handcuffed. another man has been arrested in connection with the violence at the capitol after he bragged about it on the dating app. bumble robert chapman. he texted a woman on that app saying, quote, i did storm the capitol and made it all the way into statuary hall. she replied. we are not a match and then turned him in to the fbi. he is now charged with 4 misdemeanors chapman has not yet entered a plea. >> next at 10 after serving the east bay for decades. it's
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time to say goodbye to the hill all enrichment. what's next for that property? plus, you may remember this, san jose teacher caught on camera coughing in a baby's face. why she allegedly did it in what's happened to her sense and this woman grew up here in the bay area and now she's on her way to the international space station. i'm megan mcarthur's journey is helping launch careers in
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>> new at 10, the effort to recall windsor mayor dominic foppoli will officially enter the next phase monday. according to the press democrat the chair of the recall foppoli campaign is planning to file a notice of intent to remove him through a recall election to windsor town clerk for poli facing assault accusations from 6 different women and he's been facing a lot of pressure to resign. the mayor denies the accusations refusing to step down. instead he has stepped back as he put it, from his duties. it is the end of an era and the east bay. the old hilltop mall which has been neglected for years richmond. it has changed temps. the mostly vacant shopping center actually sold this week and the new owner plans to revitalize the property by transforming the area into a mixed use development with retail and housing. >> kron four's. phillipe djegal talked with the city's mayor about the site's future. >> i'm we'll go home. finally
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be able to turn go top 117 million dollars. that's how much richmond mayor tom says the shops at hilltop formerly known as the hilltop mall sold for this week for or will. >> brutalized, knocking news for the city and jobs. the dilapidated site is mostly vacant. the occupancy worsened by the pandemic. >> the mall has been going downhill for more than a decade. generating just a small amount in real estate taxes for the city over that time. mayor but says richmond will see an immediate financial benefit from this sale. he says the city will receive about 3 and a half million dollars in real estate transfer taxes. also downside to will shell bg real estate companies llc and of evil investors sold the property to
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pro law just incorporated. the san francisco based group is considered the largest industrial and real estate company in the world but plan to to resolve. it was a ball. >> and we'll maybe russian another you. she sure around it. you know, a lot of people are because malls were dying. all mayor, but says unlike the previous owners revitalizing the mall is not in the plans. in a statement pro largest says, quote. >> the acquisition of the hilltop mall marks the beginning of our efforts to pursue a mixed use development. >> that includes residential retail and modern logistics facilities which will spur further reinvestment job growth and economic opportunity. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> on the peninsula. redwood city family says they're still very shaken up after their home was broken into in the middle of the night happened about 11:00pm nerve a lot of road and oak avenue. the
10:34 pm
victim's daughter says 3 masked man broke into the home tased. her father hit her mother in the head and mouth with a gun. the thieves took a safe that contained cash and documents and then drove off in a light colored bmw suv with the back windows broken. the family has filed a report with the redwood city police pacifica police are again asking the public for help to try to find the man accused of. >> shooting his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the head 5 years ago. this month. the then 25 year-old woman survive and her child survived the shooting. this was on april 27th 2016 police say they believe ricardo colin dress is responsible, but they haven't been able to find him. he's now 30 years old. he's described as about 5 feet and 5 and a half feet tall weighing about a 125 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. 30's think he could be in the central valley or in
10:35 pm
las vegas, anyone with information is asked to call pacifica police a bay area nonprofit is working to try to keep asian americans safe in their communities. the vibes and smiles organization located in south san francisco is building safety kits to distribute to those residents. the kits include whistles, small flashlights self-defense personal sirens and pepper jail spray members with the nonprofit say elderly asian americans need these kits the most. and i saw people posting in the awareness was great. but i was like, what are we doing to really help protect the elderly when they want to go out and go buy groceries or just for a walk and went without waiting for someone to help them. >> so i was thinking we need a creepy safety kids and put these in the hands of the elderly. so they feel a bit more safe. >> this comes after a wave of assaults against the asian american community across the bay area and nationwide. a former centers elementary
10:36 pm
school teacher has been charged with assault after investigators say she intentionally. >> cough into the face of a one year-old baby. nancy nordland was caught on this video. this was june of last year. investigators say she had been waiting in line at a yogurtland. she got into an argument with the child's mother over social distancing nordland took off her mask bent over the baby stroller and coughed 3 times and the baby's face startle and taught at alex anderson elementary she is no longer with the school district. all right. time now for the 4 zone forecast. it's a good one. as we give you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> it's a good one because it's friday night lights, which is good anyway. but we've got rain in the picture. yeah. maybe the last storm of the season rolling in toward the bay area. now the clouds kind of gathering outside most that some low clouds and fog will, though doppler radar start to pick up maybe a couple raindrops in parts of the north bay for the first
10:37 pm
cold front. that is entering the bay area. now that system that's coming through. not going to be much with it. it's going to be kind of setting things up for more important system off the coast line up there toward the golden gate bridge, little drizzle out along the coastline tonight, mostly cloudy skies here comes storm front rolling on in now. bring some rain up towards parts of northern california. but even parts of the north bay now seeing some scattered light showers popping up all stretching all the way toward the napa valley. most of that very light out there now. but i think as we head towards sunday that all changes front gonna put itself together. and here comes right there as we head toward the middle of the day on sunday. i think that's when the storm system really pounds. the bay area with some decent amounts of rain. you see all the snow up in the sierra nevadas. well, they're going to chain up up there as well as some heavy snow across the higher peaks and some gusty winds that will winds down. i think as we head toward the evening hours on sunday and then we get on the backside of that. we take you and guess what? and there's just not a left out there. first to get so right now this could be it. so let's enjoy it. while we have it rainfall
10:38 pm
totals. you can see maybe about a quarter of an inch, maybe a half an inch of rain around the urban areas of the bay area and then maybe as much as an inch or so across some of the higher peaks that would be a nice shot in the arm. and of course, all that snow up in the sierra nevada would be bad either. temperatures going to take a big change, though cooling off big time this weekend. a chance of showers, maybe some thunderstorms. then as we get into next week, we're back to sunshine temperatures in the 80's and yes. so this is one of those storms. it's nice to get a late in the season not do anything to help the drought, but certainly we'll take anything we can get home safe. yeah. thanks, lawrence. >> a picture perfect launch this morning for space x and nasa, the endeavor capsule lifted off from kennedy space center in florida just before 03:00am our time. astronauts got a pandemic style send-off and gave air hugs to their family before boarding the capsule. this crew will be aboard the space station for a 6 month mission. it's an
10:39 pm
historic launch because it's the first time space. x has reuse both the rocket and capsule for a manned flight. >> yeah, that was incredible. the ride was really loser. we couldn't have asked for anything better. >> the crew gave viewers a tour of the dragon endeavor capsule on a live stream. they'll now orbit. the earth until it catches up to the international space station is scheduled to dock with the space station early tomorrow morning. the mission has 4 astronauts from 3 different space agencies to from nasa one from japan and one from france and one of those astronauts. the woman you just heard from there and you saw her. she grew up. >> here in the bay area. megan mcarthur. she graduated from saint francis high and mountain view. this is her second trip to space and 2009. she flew on the shuttle mission to repair the hubble telescope. now she will be spending the next 6 months on the space station. today we talked to her former high school principal who says
10:40 pm
makens great adventure is helping to launch the dreams of girls around the world. >> she always knew she wanted to do this. she's done it but there's still that sense of a lack of reality that it was actually happening and indeed she was flying into space 6 months. you know, breaking all but boundaries and barriers. >> as a as a woman and as a mother and is just as human being. >> yeah. macarthur has visited to the grocery store. the warning from farmers. >> as they try to adapt to the dry conditions and in sports, the warriors playing in front of fans at the chase center for the first time in more than a year and they got them a win. kylen mills joins kate rooney live coming up.
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>> up next, the oakland a's have a plan to play ball by the water. but it's going to cost several billion dollars. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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>> the oakland a's dream of a baseball field on the edge of the oakland. estuary is moving forward today. the team released its plans spelling out the privately funded
10:44 pm
billion dollar project could be in for the team for the city and for east bay residents and kron four's terisa stasio talk to the a's president about the team's vision and what they're asking for to make this happen. >> we really need to haul. it's got a tool. it's at the end of its useful like lights went out the other night was kind of embarrassing. that's oakland athletics. president dave campbell. >> on the team's quest to move out of the coliseum into a brand new waterfront ballpark on friday. the latest inning in this very long game. the team is trying to win. they released their financial offer to the city batting out promises such as the team will privately finance a state of the art ballpark at howard terminal. the team will commit to using unionized labor. the team will air. mark 450 million to be used for community benefits such as affordable housing and the ballpark will be the most environmentally sustainable project of its kind in
10:45 pm
california history. now campbell says all eyes are on the city council that he is the city council vote. you know, we had everyone though, donna. we've got that for. >> the state legislature. the governor's weekend. they've all been positive. so and this is really the last meeting item that we need to get approval on. >> and that's what we want to as soon as possible. hopefully you know, in a june, probably. and we can have it. you know, the something to move the project come mayor libby shaft giving kron 4 this statement. quote, we need a deal. that's good not just for the a's but for the city. >> one that provides specific tangible and equitable benefits to our residents and doesn't leave oakland's taxpayers on the hook. campbell says he understands how some might question the plan on the plate but swings with this reply history of bad deals in oakland, israel. >> with the raiders and the warriors and they said that those teams left. but that's
10:46 pm
why out program is very different. you know, we're giving money to the city. we're not asking for much we're saying, hey, we want to get a privately financed ballpark. we want to get 40 or 50 million dollars in community benefits and the project actually generates a billion dollars in general fund to recess. stasio kron 4 news. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> it's a big night for dub nation. the first night since march 10th of last year. the fans been allowed to watch their beloved warriors in person and a few 1000 folks in attendance tonight really got something to enjoy starting with this. welcome from steph curry. >> and mister passion. thank you for your patience. take a to some precedent situation. great to see you all back. >> all right, steph, there's
10:47 pm
the first fan in the building to see the warriors take on the nuggets tonight we go to the 2nd half. that's when the dubs really started to pull away some nice ball movement there as step hits the corner 3. oh, boy, you've got to be quicker than that. denver. but in this one, it was carrying the dubs who are pretty much always one step ahead. 3rd quarter. steph falls back and hits another 3 and he is loving it. why not? he finished with 32 points dream. had a double double 19 assists and 12 boards and the final score. one 19, 2.97, you know, was there to see it in person or kylen mills feeling pretty lucky tonight. kylen well as the by like in chase center, having fans back. finally. >> hey kate and 5 here at chase center. a lot of excitement in the air. you could definitely tell fans were pumped up to get back in the stands about 1900 people in attendance. but it sounded like a lot more just based on how loud it was. also, we're all used to it being like dead silent in here. so it was a nice change of pace. that's
10:48 pm
for sure. and you know, the players really appreciate it. we just heard from draymond green a couple moments ago during the postgame about this. he said the fans really did provide the team a boost and he want to thank them again, just so appreciative of being able to have dubnation back in chase center. it was a lot of fun to watch this game. a great team win for the dobbs. and again, just having fans back made it really special real boost of energy, as you said, his dream on said, but the nuggets are good kylen there. the 4th best team in the western conference right now. so how did the does get it done. >> yeah. this was a great team win. like i mentioned a couple things stood out to me for steph curry back to being steph curry after an off night just 18 points against the wizards ending his 11 game. 30 point streak tonight. >> 32 points for steph. so he was looking much more like his usual self another big thing that i notice kelly who brain junior major contributions off the bench since he switched over to that new role coming in off the bench. he seems to really be excelling in that
10:49 pm
role and he told us during a media session earlier this week. he's embracing it and that does seem to be true. also jordan poole continuing to come through off the bench. he finished with 15 points. i believe so. he looked really good. we just saw contributions all the way around. draymond green. 19 assists, typical dray setting up other guys. you love to see him in steph curry when things start to click. so it was just a lot of fun to watch this game. the team definitely got it done and played some great basketball. all right. let's hope they can keep this momentum going. thank highland. good to see you out there tonight. >> how about some baseball a's on the road in baltimore. they were looking for win number 12 in a row out. top of the 5th inning. mon loriano at the plate for oakland and he. >> goes yard. it's 2 nothing game. so that gave oakland a 3. nothing lead and they would end up winning 3 to one. so they have now won 12 in a row. hard to believe when they started the and 6 years. but
10:50 pm
put it in perspective, it was a 12 in a row is one more than 11 in a row. and it's it's we're just playing each day with some momentum and just trying to win. that's what this team's been good. >> for a long time is just trying to win the day. i don't think we're going out there are thinking previous games. i certainly don't think the guys were. thinking about. you know, too much about losing the first few in a row was early in the season and you know, we're capable obviously putting together around like this. and i hope continues. >> keep it going and will the giants also found themselves in the win column tonight. they took the lead in this game against the marlins courtesy of a mike yastremski 2 run homer and now san francisco has won 5 of their last 6 games. they've got 2 more against the marlins coming up. but hey, a good friday night. clean sweep for bay area sports across the board tonight doesn't get
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> well, we all know it's been a very dry years. several bay area counties. in fact, we're already seeing the effects of so little rain farmers in solano county already worrying about how the weather is going to affect their crops. melanie townsend shows us how farmers in vacaville are changing the way they can serve waters. they prepare for the worst. >> california's 58 counties 85% are now under a severe drought forecast. according to the national drought mitigation center in for
10:54 pm
extreme drought counties like sacramento and solano lindsay li. big says the effects are already being seen with the drought affected. that was during our winter crop. so things like, hey. >> irrigated, pasture those types areas. so we're really seeing. >> the most parking areas right now on our animal industry. lots of probably be moving some cattle either out of the state or 4 different areas in the state. >> we're not alarmed, but we're being careful honor. 55 acre soul food farm and solano county owner alexa's is doing what she can to prepare her. all of trees in flower beds, head of a dry fire season. there are times now that farmers also have to realize that there's no power. so you're pumps won't work and you can't water things. it. it's a particularly hot day over a 100 degrees. that's why covid and other farmers have been using a method called dry farming or regenerative agriculture in drought conditions. if you were taking care of the soil and managing
10:55 pm
the soil to have a more water holding capacity and keeping the soil covered. so it wasn't getting cracked and dried and evaporating moisture. that was even a much higher level of sort of managing the farm and dealing with droughts which not only saves water within the county. but according to kofi, it produces a better tasting product. there's also good news for the fruit and vegetable crop outlook for sec county farmers. >> we are well conditions to dealing with reduced water report. does that and really being more effective irrigators. so all of our technology is in place. all of those things that we've done here to here have really managed water most. additionally, those already fully in place. >> things are changing. and so farming has to to move along and change with it and some of the old methods just don't make sense anymore for going to conserve our resources. >> that was melanie townsend reporting for us tonight. farmers say many crops will likely be in short or 0 supply of water during the inevitable
10:56 pm
trout. so they're asking people to have some patients. so obviously any rain we can get is a good thing and we're going to get it certainly looks like we have a nice little storm but not before we squeeze in the couple fun thing. about that. yeah, it looks like it's going to be a good time to get out there to joy about this. you want to head out the west a craft, a festival that's going to be a taking place there for funston. >> get out 60 of the best arts and some players around the bay area going to be out there and all kinds of craft enjoy will be cloudy. it will be cool. temperatures could be running only in the mid 50's as a lot of clouds flowing on shore. how about this? the super special, not just a regular festival. this is the super special sucker a festival. this berkeley. they're gonna have some music out there. lots of food and song and arts and craft. a enjoyed mostly cloudy skies. it starts 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. partly cloudy by the afternoon. but again, some very cool temperatures. take something for earth day. how about this? if you want to go help clean up a coyote creek.
10:57 pm
they are starting at 9 o'clock in the morning. they're going to send people out every 15 minutes to go out in groups to help together to go clean up the creek. if you'd like to go there, you'll find partly cloudy skies temperatures in the mid 60's and some mild temperatures into the afternoon might want to wear some sunscreen. if you're heading that direction, it is kind of a twofer. this also at fort funston. yeah, you know, like to go to a drive-in movie. how about that? you can do that. they're going to play the mighty ducks there at the drive-in that will be at 6 in san francisco. it will be cool. mostly cloudy skies plan on that. we're going to see a lot people headed out there who that is. >> good night. good night.
10:58 pm
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