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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 22, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news.
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>> now at 10, a devastating collision setting a father and son to the hospital. the driver suspected of driving under the influence. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. >> i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. this happened last night in novato and a cross walk on alameda del porto. the suspected drunk driver is accused of a collision that left a child and his father, both critically injured. that's where we find kron four's. gayle ong. she joins us live with details. gayle. >> captain can both the father and son hospitalized. the child suffering life threatening injuries. >> i mean, i heard somebody rna or but it was that much about him least. bill, just live nearby the crosswalk where a 4 year-old boy and his father were hit by a car around 8.30, wednesday night. >> i was coming home from work at about a 9 one s about through for a police walking off the road. nevada police blocked off the area of alameda, del prado near posada del sol for several hours after finding the young boy and his 27 year-old father.
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>> had been hit by a sedan traveling south on alameda del prado investigators identified the driver as 75 year-old edward of novato was arrested for suspicion of felony driving while under the influence bill just described neighborhood as quiet and says there are not many crashes around here in his thinking of the father and son were badly hurt. just so that the they able to recover. hopefully they're doing all right now. police did go door to door looking for video from home surveillance cameras. >> police are looking for any witnesses to the crash live in nevado. gayle ong kron 4 news, thank you, gayle. >> new at 10, some sad news for the bay area music scene tonight. rapper shock, gee, who was part of the oakland based group digital underground has passed away best known for the hit song. the humpty dance whose real name was gregory jacobs also worked with legendary rappers including doctor dray iii, 40
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and to pok even helped write to pox. first single i get around shocked. he was found dead in a hotel room in tampa, florida. so far. there's no word on a cause of death. he was 57 years old. >> the danville police officer charged with manslaughter has turned himself in andrew hall. he's facing charges of manslaughter over the 2018 shooting death. lot or or later hot shot at his car 9 times when he tried to slowly driving through police cars following a chase recently hall also shot and killed terrell wilson. the dia is reviewing that incident hall has been booked at the martinez detention center. another big story tonight, united states senate has overwhelmingly passed a bill denouncing discrimination against asian communities in the u.s.. >> republican senator josh hawley of missouri was the only lawmaker to vote against it. the bill requires the department of justice to review the spike in anti-asian hate crimes since the pandemic began. of course, we've seen
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several of these incidents happened right here in the bay area kron four's dan thorn joins us now live with how bay area leaders are reacting to all of this stand. >> well, can local asian american pacific islander groups say this is a step in the right direction and the bipartisan support from the senate shows a strong message, but they are just a little disappointed that it took this long to get to this point and for this action to be taken. in a 94 to one vote. the u.s. senate passes a bill aimed at making it easier to track anti-asian hate crimes. the measure comes as attacks have soared across the country. several happening here in the bay area. it's been a horrific air for asian the you know, we've seen the last shooting some of the police shootings the killings russell jiang is a professor at san francisco state and the co-founder of stop a p. i hate over the last year. the organization has tracked more than 3800
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anti-asian hate crimes nationwide. john believes this bill is needed. but falls short of addressing some of the bigger issues while we celebrate the passage senate of this >> we need much more. government intervention would be much part government accountability because this is a national issue of racism or violence. this bill more formally known as the covid-19 hate crimes act with direct the justice department to expedite review of violence and harassment against asian americans. it would also set up a voluntary database of hate crimes while helping local law enforcement make it easier for people to report those crimes. >> its legislative action. some a p i advocate see groups would have liked to have seen sooner. this is a wake-up call to america. >> and the senate is saying that. >> hawaii senator mazie hirono introduced the legislation saying anti asian hate was fueled by former president donald trump's racist rhetoric throughout the pandemic. wayne
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led president of the a p i caucus of san mateo county says the last year has taught us that racism as a whole needs to be addressed. we need to as the country. >> look into ourselves and say who are we. say that we are stronger together. >> bill is now heading to the house of representatives. and if it's approved there without any changes, it will then head to president biden's desk for signature reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. all right, dan, thank you for that. >> for the first time a member of the asian american and pacific islander community is leading california's department of justice today. the state legislature officially confirmed rob bonta as attorney general. he spent the last 9 years has a progressive east bay assemblyman. he led the charge to end cash bail to strengthen laws on hate crime in his new role. he is promising to push
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for more police accountability. he says by the way, he does not want to be known as the state's top cop. >> i see them all this as the people's i know people call the top cop, but i think the people's attorney has i think the role of this of this position in this office. it's time to fight for everyday folks who are being hurt mistreat abuse by those who are abusing their power. >> bonta fills the vacancy left by now us health and human services secretary javier becerra. he'll have about a year to prove himself to voters. he's planning to run for the office in 2022 a new audit of the berkeley police department suggests that officers are more likely to stop search people of color than whites. the report looked at data over a five-year period. >> going back to 2015 and found the police pulled over black people in 34% of traffic stops even though they only make up 8% of the city's population. this comes as berkeley is now making
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national headlines for its sweeping police reforms that were approved earlier this year, including preventing officers from stopping vehicles for low level offenses. berkeley mayor jesse again says the goal is to reduce opportunities for potential uses of force by police. >> and required greater and. minutes around the types of of force that police can use on a variety of different incident. >> as part of the reforms. officers can no longer pull someone over for not wearing a seat belt or having expired tags. they also must obtain written consent before searching a person or their vehicle there again says the changes have resulted in less use of force by police and he says he's hopeful that reform will soon occur at the state level as well. and a developing story and the east bay several police departments are investigating after at least 4 businesses were damaged overnight by vandals and looters from 4 grant lodes
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joins us now. the students more on where it all happened and why police say this could have been much worse and it was the power of social media. can do so much. and who knows what would have happened if social media wasn't in play. >> but it was this whole thing started in san leandro police say investigators discovered through social media posts, the dozens of people plan to loot the bay fair center in san leandro. the online chatter suggested it was their way of demonstrating against police brutality given the several recent police killings of unarmed black men across the country. so once police got word of this planned looting, san leandro pd say they prepared residents for a possible curfew before closing down the ball and establishing a massive presence there which officials say scared the group off the curfew ultimately never happened. then the looters ultimately went north to oakland where police say 3
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businesses were targeted up in oakland. you have. >> walgreens in east oakland. that was hit. also the hill to hear on 98th avenue and then further north, the best buy on mandela parkway. and while. >> they did the looters do their best to get into the best buy store. >> they were only able you see there to break the glass could actually get inside the nearby gamestop store, though, in emeryville was not so lucky. looters. there were able to smash the glass windows pry open the door and get inside. a lot of merchandise was stolen at the gamestop. and today we spoke to the mayor of san leandro where this whole saga began. she says she still remembers the large scale looting. her city suffered last year. right after the death of george floyd and she says she wants to try to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> property is less expensive and human life. but you also want to protect your property for the business owners and so forth. so we really did try to make sure that now we are
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paying attention and we're going to err on the caution because we want to make sure we're protected. >> at least one arrest was made last night. police say an 18 year-old oakland man was arrested on burglary charges. however, ken and catherine, police say that there were dozens of people who are involved here. they say they're still investigating and they say look out for future potential arrests. they're working on whole new technique that we haven't seen before. the posting on social media. so you know it, it makes people it should make people think twice before, you know, they're going to commit crimes and it's hard to imagine putting it out there, but certainly police are monitoring social media ahead of things like this and it is a tool they have in their tool box to try to keep these businesses, you know, from having to spend all this money to repair the damage. good thing they did not think they did it. thank you. grant that. >> also in the east bay and
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arrest ending with a high powered rifle off the street. oakland police. confiscated this assault style rifle and 10 high-powered rifle rounds tuesday. they were called in to the area of 54th avenue and east 8 street to investigative reports of a man with a rifle pointing the gun at people and threatening to kill them. the victim say some of them that they heard gunfire that investigation is ongoing. oakland mayor libby shaft. she is encouraging residents to apply for the cities police commission. she's calling it the most powerful and independent commission and the country. it oversees the agency which conducts investigations into allegations of officer misconduct and the office of the inspector general which conducts independent audit, something department members are also responsible for any changes to department policies to qualify. you've got to be a resident of oakland. you have to be at least 18 by the first
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commission meeting applications will be accepted until june. 15th. another big story tonight stanford university. the california state university system and the university of california. >> will all require students to be vaccinated before returning to campus this fall. school officials say the vaccine is a key step that people can take to protect themselves, their friends and family while helping bring the pandemic to an end. infectious disease. experts say making sure the student populations are vaccinated will also help in the fight against covid-19 variants. >> if we can control the number of people producing the viral particles that is and students are much the biggest group we're going to able to control much better, not only the pandemic control the variance that this virus produces. >> you see and cal state systems are also requiring faculty and staff to get the shot stafford hasn't ruled that group out. but is only asking students right now to
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get vaccinated. the requirement would allow for students or employees to seek an exemption based on medical or religious grounds. health officials in santa clara county say they're worried about a potential rise in vaccine hesitancy. the county has administered more than one 0.4 million shots. that's the most of any bay area county yet. there are still more than 20,000 open appointments in the week ahead. at least 61% of all county residents, age 16 ot over have gotten at least one vaccine dose and 34% are fully vaccinated against covid. that's nearly the same percentage of california is fully vaccinated population with nearly 27 million doses administered across the state. >> happening now, californi 's drought conditions there, forcing some bay area water districts to in force water restrictions. others, though, are calling for voluntary reductions in water use kron four's tale of a second. she
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joins us live with more on how a santa clara county is handing handling all of this taylor. >> while county leaders believe that they have enough water supply to last the rest of the year. they say now is the time to prepare the addition to calling on residents to reduce their water use supervisors in each of us recently announced a county grant program that would provide better air quality for both small businesses and nonprofits. santa clara county leaders say we're now facing a triple threat ahead, a wildfire season. second is caused by the drought. and is 10 times texas air since the last historic drought. santa clara county's water district valley. water.
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>> has been calling for a 20% voluntary reduction in water use compared to 2013. >> and says that policy remains in place today. they're now encouraging others to participate before it's too late. >> we're going out there thinking there's more that i can do as we're heading into drop in the possibility research is coming down. you don't looking the i would say actually saying is are reading. this our is in washington, throughout belly. water says. >> they have several programs to get your home drought ready. but the preparation doesn't stop there. supervisors and each of us in the bay area. air quality management district are working together to form a county wide grant program using federal and state dollars to equitably provide indoor air filtration systems for small businesses and nonprofits impacted most by the pandemic again, we have to be able >> into their businesses so that you're better able not
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only covid-19, they also to be able to get grants fight with smoke and goodies in the air. >> now, this trial comes after california's worst wildfire season last fall and we saw almost and much of northern california hit by at least one of those lightning complex fires. and as we head into the second year in a row of severe drought. this, of course, just reinforces the fact that it's very important for all of us to prepare and get homes ready. that's the latest here live in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. you know, we are talking about the weather outside and how little rain we have had and we do want to be alarmist about drought conditions. but. >> the reality is we only have 3040%, of our typical rainfall so far this year. that's not good. lawrence, i i know you're just talking about this is a little what weather in the forecast we've got a long way to go. yeah. we've got a long way to go and we certainly don't know where we're at in the stroud either.
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you know, we've. >> look back at some of the historical record. you go back to the medieval warm period. the period of 800 to about 1200. a d that's what they had similar warm conditions and droughts extending 10200 years if you can believe that, can you imagine a drought like that in california. that would be devastating so outside tonight, though we are seeing some clouds rolling on shore. we're seeing some mist out there. the fog continues. the drizzle along the coastline as well. we'll see a little bit more that that maybe start talking about some real rain this weekend. not today. but the temperatures well below the average in many spots. it was only 52 degrees. if you can believe that in san francisco today 59 for high in oakland, 68 in san jose pleasant at 68 in livermore, 67 in concord and 60 degrees in santa rosa. but here we the big picture and you got some clouds gather along the coastline here and more that on the way for tonight. some that making its way into the bay right now and filling in overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. the sea breeze not real strong but strong enough. that nice westerly component to win is bringing that onshore flow in the fog and low clouds on
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shore around the bay area right now. so i think by tomorrow afternoon, winds going to be more significant. the winds will really start to kick up late in the day. kind of a blustery afternoon around the bay area with some of those winds gusting high as 20, maybe 40 miles an hour. some of the north bay area. so certainly watch out for that. but tonight you'll see a lot of clouds. some patchy drizzle, especially near the coastline tomorrow. a mixture of some sunshine and some clouds, some low clouds and fog continuing as we head in toward the beginning the weekend and then the chance of rain on sunday. all right. we are looking at the rain here in the high country. see a whole lot of snow be prepared if you're traveling up there this weekend. specially late saturday night and sunday. you might want to bring the change with you. going to see a lot of snow specially upwards of about 7,000 feet. maybe a good foot, maybe a foot and a half of snow lake level at tahoe, maybe 2, maybe 4 inches of snow. so be prepared. you're going to see some wintry conditions return to the sierra nevada. so as we head through the weekend. everything changes go from 60's on friday. then you watch
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those temperatures drop and there you go. you got all that snow moving in on sunday. all right. here's live forecast. you'll see low clouds and the fog moving along the coastline as we head in toward tomorrow morning. plenty of clouds early on by the afternoon. you know, some high clouds beginning to move in and then a cold front starts to make its way toward the bay area. this front kind of fall apart as it makes its way in on saturday. but the good news is that kind of sets the stage for that next front come in on sunday and that's going to be the one that looks like o bring us a nice shot of rain. in fact, we're talking maybe. half an inch in some parts of the bay area. if we get lucky, maybe an inch or so over some of the that certainly would be nice to get that rain going sunday. and thus the snow will help a lot to oh, my gosh. and you get that extra snow melt. you know, there's more stuff that goes in or as an example of that great thank you, lawrence. >> still ahead, the use of force investigation underway in southern california after an officer seen punching a woman in handcuffs plus a covid conscious section at oracle park for giants fans. but there's concern it may actually do more harm than
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so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. when a truck hit my car, but it will help you and your family stay safe the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. reportedly preparing to declare last century's massacre of one 0.5 million armenians an act of genocide. >> from 1915 to 1916 ottoman
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turks killed large numbers of people in mass shootings to remove armenians from the country. many others died while being deported because of starvation and disease according to the new york times and wall street journal, president biden will formally acknowledge that it was genocide possibly as soon as saturday, which is armenian genocide, remembrance day. >> the effort to reshape america is moving forward. the house has approved a bill to make washington, dc the 51st state. the vote fell along party lines has almost no chance of succeeding in the senate. this is the second time the house has consider just trying to turn dc into a state in less than a year. there is the possibility of a filibuster. >> congress has a it can continue to exclude dc residents from the democratic process. forcing them to watch. from the sidelines as congress votes. someone federal in dc laws.
10:26 pm
>> the bill would transition most of dc into a state. it would be called washington douglass commonwealth name for abolitionist frederick douglass. it would be represented by one house member to senators republicans call it a power grab by the left to vote grab democrats argue it would give dc's more than 700,000 residents. a voice. >> next. a tenant vacaville family is outraged after a violent encounter involving police and their teenage son who is autistic. plus cal fire says it's going to be a long wildfire season. what the agency is doing to try to ensure they won't be caught off guard when those fire start and this life-size teddy bear thing just made a trek from la to san francisco on foot in his own words. why he made that 400 mile journey we'll have those stories and more coming up next.
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10, some disturbing video out of vacaville tonight showing a police officer slamming a teenage boy with autism to the ground. >> and then punching him in the face. this incident happened yesterday was caught on a neighbor's home security camera and reporter melanie townsend. talk to the teenager's father. also a neighbor they say they're shocked by the officer's actions and we want to warn you that some might find the video disturbing. >> i just want my son to be able to play. and interact with people and not be bullied. i was angry.
10:30 pm
>> devastated is how adam wolf is feeling after spending the last 24 hours watching a video of his 17 year-old son preston being yelled at and punched by a vacaville police officer is he's many as hd. he just loves being. >> outside. he loves playing with people with meeting new people. but we feel like now. he can't do that. according to wolfe trouble started with preston. when another boy tried to pick a fight with them while he was playing at a nearby creek. >> my son picked piece of metal or metal pole off of the ground to defend himself. i was told he tells me that a gentleman intervenes preston then went to play with a close neighbor unaware that police have been called and were searching for the police responded to what they were told. >> this is what they tell me. >> the report of a stabbing as the officer arrived in
10:31 pm
confronted preston things quickly got out of control. >> he confronted preston. as president sit down. you can see in the video the president sits down. the police officer came over and through his scooter and got in his face pressed got scared. and that's when he got up and the officer felt the need to throw him to the ground and then straddle him and punching directly in the face. yes, the most horrendous thing i think i've ever a witness from the police officer in my city. >> the scuffle was recorded on josh hart saw the news ring security system and was witnessed by his 5 year-old son who watched in 4 deaths are at that time had a opportunity to de escalate the situation and he chose to escalate the situation and a manner that resulted preston in my opinion, being assaulted after being detained for an hour officers brought preston back home bruised and terrified. >> on top of that they try to get him to sign a citation. wealth has not been told that
10:32 pm
the officer who hit his son will face any repercussions but is using this traumatic experience to show other officers how not to handle children on the spectrum. i'm very pro police. >> but i'm not pro abuse. >> that was i'm melanie townsend reporting the vacaville police department has since responded saying in a statement when we receive a 911, call involving an assault with a deadly weapon, a potential stabbing we respond immediately to ensure we keep those in the vicinity safe. our officer had a clear description of the suspect, the miner who was arrested a 5th that this description following the arrest. the family explained their son has a special needs individual. this was not known to our officer, his responsibility was to find and apprehend the suspect to prevent further injury. this is not the first controversy surrounding the vacaville police department in recent months. you may remember some video from last december. >> of an officer appearing to
10:33 pm
beat a police dog at the time. officials said the officer was a 5 year veteran of the department who was training to become a canine handler. the video quickly went viral. the dog has since been placed in the care of a 3rd party outside of the vacaville police department and at last check, police say this incident is still being investigated. new at 10. there's this arrest now under investigation in orange county tonight, a police officer seen punching a woman in the face at least twice during a take down yesterday afternoon. but the other 2 officers quickly intervened and can be heard telling that officer to stop hitting the woman that officer has been placed on paid administrative leave at least for now. police were called to the scene to check out a scuffle over a dog. and when they found out the 34 year-old woman had an outstanding warrant, a struggle broke out during her arrest. the westminster police department and the orange county district attorney will determine if criminal charges against that officer are warranted.
10:34 pm
>> in national news protests continue in ohio following the deadly police shooting of 16 year-old. but kyra bryant today police released more body camera video showing the teenager was holding a knife threatening another young woman moments before being shot. officers had been responding to reports of a woman threatening to stab people. the officer who fired is identified as nicholas we're done. he has been removed from street duty. a pending, an investigation today bryant's mother talked about losing her daughter. >> i had a beautiful she was taken from thank you for being. >> officials say they do not usually release evidence like that body camera video. this early into an investigation. but because of current racial tensions across the country. they say they wanted to be
10:35 pm
more transparent. authorities are now urging people to remain calm while they examined all the facts in this case. funeral services were held in minneapolis today for 20 year old dante wright minnesota's governor presenting rights, parents with the flag and a proclamation. wright was shot and killed by officer kim potter during a traffic stop. this was april 11th. when police and tried to arrest him for an outstanding warrant. he jumped back in his car. officials say potter grabbed her gun instead of her taser. she resigned from office. she has since been charged with second-degree manslaughter. the man accused of helping his son hide the body of kristin smart is out of jail tonight. ruben flores had his bail reduced from 250,000 to $50,000 yesterday. >> his attorney argued the 80 year-old man is not a threat to the public. flores is under electronic monitoring. he had to surrender his passport and he can't leave san luis obispo county. his son paul is
10:36 pm
currently being held without bail. the san pedro man is accused of killing smart in a rape attempt. 25 years ago. >> all right. let's take another look at the forecast looking life over the embarcadero tonight and we usually get really picking our weekend weather. we won my sunshine and all that. but lawrence, we could use some rain and. >> we don't mind if it rains on the weekend. thank you for that. can the pressure is off certainly looks like that rain is on the way. in fact, we'll take a closer look at that in a moment here. but the fog low clouds. so really kind of socked in today along the coastline. not much clearing there. and that drizzle kind of on and off the here we go again. we're seeing that move back on shore. >> tonight will be in place early on tomorrow morning when you wake up, then i think by the afternoon we'll start to see the fog break up a little bit than the mid to high level clouds begin to move in clouds moving in right across the golden gate bridge right now. probably a little drizzle out there as well. and certainly can see that effect as the clouds begin to push on shore in the bay tonight and now the temperatures a little cooler spots. 40's and 50's all
10:37 pm
around the bay area with the fog and low clouds and the drizzle feel pretty damp out there. lowering forecast. you've got one front off the coastline right here. this is not going to be rainmaker for us. this is actually come through on saturday, but that's going to kind of help open the door. this one right here that is just developing. and that's what you like likes of these storms develop right on the coastline. usually that's when the most potent and that looking like that's what's going to happen here. look at that moves on shore as we head in late saturday night early on friday. a sunday morning. you're going to see that cold front moving in and that looks like a substantial cold front not only here for a good part of california going to see a lot of rain and a lot of snow in the sierra nevada that will continue on and off throughout the day. finally breaking up. it looks like by sunday evening then after that, the whole rain line ship for the north, the jet stream dragged to the north as well. and we dry out again. so this looks like it will be kind of one and does. we've got to enjoy it while we should see some significant rain amounts with it. maybe as much as a half an inch of rain in some parts of the north bay as that system comes through maybe as much as an inch of rain over
10:38 pm
the mountain top. so certainly that be some great news. if that does happen, then of that. but we dry things out again. so let's enjoy this nice little love this race spot. then we get back to some sunshine warm temperatures probably some 80's about the middle of next week. we will enjoy it might be the last one right. would be it. you never know. all right. thank you. bank starts all right. given the dry conditions across california. lot of us are worried about the potential for that long and severe fire season. and that is one reason that the hiring of the training of seasonal fire crews. this is already started. >> lonnie wong gives us a look at what they're seeing. >> this is bread and butter work for a calfire hand crew cutting a four-foot control like like timber and brush on the tough terrain. chain saws and followed up by hand tools. the line has to move fast to be the 5. >> but safety and communication is important to speak this school of new recruits go through them and oil. the little cal fire academy. >> we don't want the first time they do this to be on a
10:39 pm
real fire. we want them to be able to say they had good training. we want to be able to train in a setting where it's a controlled environment like this. >> seasonal fire economies don't usually start until may. the cal fire is gearing up faster this year. >> we see fire season this year is coming. it's got kind of a here, a lot faster than it was last year. >> these firefighters want to train in as close to real world conditions as possible. but make no mistake fighting a wheel while fire will be a different. >> it's always a shell shock coming in. they can mean especially for new people. but jamie bardwell is a veteran seasonal firefighter who is using that planning to build stamina. you can acquire in the gym. she says today's training doesn't compare to working long hours on short rest in fire and smoke. this is a very low key mild a no win. >> it's not her degrees is not dry. >> for rookies thoughts on the dangers of the job for these for the work they're doing now. i think that a little bit. but you definitely. fall back on your training in just to trust the people there,
10:40 pm
then you're into it and fall back on the train and no one can precisely predict what kind of fire season lies ahead. the cal fire doesn't want to be caught off guard. we're preparing for for the worst. you know, my door county. >> well, the wall. >> at one time seasonal firefighters. they were hired for a minimum of 4 months. but cal fire says they now routinely work a nine-month schedule, at least because fire season has gotten much tough job. >> still ahead tonight, a biker barely escapes in montana is a black bear is caught on camera chasing down a mountain biker. >> and next in sports, a bunny out at oracle park for the giants game sports director jason dumas school. explain. jason dumas school. explain. that's coming up. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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>> covid conscious baseball fans might feel a little more comfortable catching a giants game. the started tonight oracle park offering a new feature, a special seating section for fans who are fully-vaccinated kron four's. amanda. harry shows us what it looks like and why health experts say there's still some risks involved in this. >> i spoke with the doctor that says. >> there's still risk even for vaccinated, people, although it isn't as high. >> oracle park is starting to welcome back. even more fans. but is happy to be a toss-up because of in the and there's
10:44 pm
a special perk for those who are fully vaccinated, their own seating section. >> the excited that we're able to sign these events again. but don't have full security, at least not yet doctor peter chin-hong is a professor of medicine and infectious disease at ucsf. >> he says even though all the people in the section will be vaccinated. there's still a ritz people may feel a little bit more invincible, which is not the the more noses and mouths you bring together even though they are vaccinated. he says it's not the same as being in a small group of vaccinated, people. there will be hundreds of people in a close space that leads to a higher likelihood that there are multiple people who didn't build up immunity to the vaccine. >> and the chances of tune on responders having a transmission events. it's much higher there. the large, a number of people bring together, particularly if those people coming out of time of you are particular risk area, giants fan anthony
10:45 pm
allen says he does feel safe but doesn't think the vaccinated section will be that much safer. i don't really good. be much difference. doctor chin-hong says even in the vaccinated sections precautions are essential. >> being vaccinated on knots really doesn't make a huge difference when you bring a large number of people together. and of course, those precautions, the doctors talking about are wearing a mask. >> watching your distance and washing your hands. the park requires you to wear this mask. if you're not eating or drinking at oracle park amanda hari kron 4 news. >> and the businesses that surround chase center getting ready for the return of warriors fans on top of the pandemic. restaurants and bars have been surviving for a year without those customers that usually turn out for warriors games. we talked to the manager. it mission rock about how this feels. >> but it seems to sort a celebratory. you know, we sought out a couple weeks ago. the giants coming back to town. the sure you were out
10:46 pm
trying to have a good time and it was great to see some fans and you know, a lot of that same buzz is building for tomorrow night workers coming to town. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants won 2 of 3 in philly and went 3 in 3 overall on their six-game road trip. now they are back at oracle for a bit tonight. they had the marlins in town and check this out. a rabbit having a good time at the ballpark is a big grab. 2 years. let's go to the bottom of the first. we'll have more on the rabbit later on bottom of the first times that one, nothing curt casali line into left field for a base hit corey dickerson. bob loves it that 2 runs come on in the score that capped off a three-run first for the giants. aaron sanchez pitched 5 shutout innings and gave up only 2 hits. but the bullpen took over from there. gregory
10:47 pm
santos gets jazz chisholm down on strikes. the bullpen gave up no runs, no hits and combined for 6 strikeouts top of the 9th jake mcgee in for the save. he finishes it off with a strikeout. forecast salley the giants catcher. it's his 5th straight game that he's caught a shutout. now back to the rabbit actually, it's a therapy bunny a really big therapies money. the woman hi, lost her restaurant during covid and alex has been a comfort animal for her and you've got to find comfort any way it can during tough times like the so god bless them both. high and the big giant money giants to win 3 to nothing. the warriors ended a somewhat successful road trip last night. 3 into in the grand scheme of things that part isn't that bad per se, but 2 losses probably should have been when so it
10:48 pm
did leave a bitter taste in a lot of people's mouse. good thing for them. they're coming back home to some home cooking. look at that dubnation. that's what is going to look like on friday. it will have been 400 in 9 days since the warriors got to play in front of their fans and it's something the players have been looking forward to obviously. >> or enjoy the atmosphere they have talked about fords. there's definite as well. if you have. >> even just a 1000 fans in the seats and makes a huge difference. in atmosphere would such a sweet had 3 quarters of the season opening up a new building good shutdown. we've had a whole season now we haven't had any fan. so you kind of second, looking at the blue tartan want to see some bodies in there. we've got a lot to look forward to. you know, we've got fans coming into building for the first time. >> in a couple of nights and that's going to give us a lot of lot of energy, lot of juice. i like the position we're in. we've a lot of home
10:49 pm
games to to try to take advantage of continue to to build on our momentum from last couple weeks. >> now, you know, with this warriors team, the always be some bad news with the good news that's just been the trend this year. unfortunately, this time it's for damion lee. he then that covid health and safety protocols. he will miss all team activities over the next 10 to 14 days. it's definitely a blow to a second unit that had some reports have been performing well over the last week or so damian tweeted that, hey, i've got my covid vaccine. i have been reckless of them following protocols. i don't know what happened. and you know what, over the last year in change. we've come to realize that. >> that's just the case. sometimes sometimes stuff is out of our control. >> but what most matters the most is his health and safety going forward. so we wish him the best of luck over the next couple weeks. all right. that's a look at sports. we'll
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
on this earth day. the earth island institute in berkeley is trying to hold 10 major food beverage and consumer goods companies, including crystal geyser, clorox, coca-cola nestle. >> accountable for their contribution to an ongoing plastic pollution problem. the lawsuit claims they know their packaging cannot be recycled and they mislead their customers into thinking otherwise. >> what we've learned is that
10:53 pm
less than 10% of this plastic packaging is actually being recycled and the bulk of it is going to landfills being incinerated or ending up as that and the public and nonprofits like island institute have to then clean up, says it's important while we await an outcome in the lawsuit that people take matters into their own hands to try to reduce plastic pollution. >> by urging local governments and businesses to limit production and reliance on plastic and instead moved back to reusable options in the south bay community members organized a cleanup at coyote creek to celebrate earth day it's a stream that's pretty much turned into a dump site volunteers worked on getting tires. mattresses metal frames and other garbage out of that area. if you'd like to take part in keeping coyote creek beautiful and that cleanup project. there's another event coming up this saturday at 09:00am, we have all the details on that on our website. kron 4 dot com. and we have an update on a
10:54 pm
interesting story. a man dressed for some reason in a bear suit has been walking from los angeles to the bay area for a good cause. yeah. we're talking about 33 year-old jessie alario sees the guy in that big bear had. there is going by the name bearsun. >> he's been walking since april 12. he's hoping to raise money for a nonprofit by the time he makes it to san francisco. he does have a go fund me account. it was up to more than $7,000. as of yesterday. any plans to end his 400 mile walk by holding an online vote to determine where to donate the money. jesse says he's surprised by how much attention he's getting. and in housing for people to. >> like feel inspired by i think in a lot of those messages and comments. when i go to st going on like walking on the street and people come up to me. they you know that they start on you know why this may be one. get up and do stuff again or this inspired me so i wasn't expecting that at all.
10:55 pm
>> yes, he says this was all an impost decision but says he has done quirky things before, including running the los angeles marathon last year in that same and you can watch the entire interview with jesse on our kron 4 app to scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to your at page. and here is a less friendly bear. look at this. video of a black bear chasing a mountain biker. this was taken from a nearby chair lift last year. this is montana. a local knife company % recently shared the video on social media. the caption, a quick reminder montana is not disneyland. according to the post, the bear eventually gave up the chase. the biker was not heart. you know, the old joke. there's a really fast. the old joke is you can't outrun a bear. you have to outrun the person who's with when a bear is chasing mountain bike apparently did the trick and that guy was by himself. also that would be
10:56 pm
scary. i go on a pill that would maybe different story for the fact that that's for sure. >> hey, guys, we've got some fog rolling in right now. we're getting ready for friday, which is exciting. and hey, the weekend to looks like it is going to be a nice weekend, at least the first part nice even on sunday because we get the rain. we certainly need that fog making its way over san francisco right now. tomorrow morning we're waking up to plenty of low clouds and the fog and then some mid to high level clouds start to move into the bay area's. well, we're going to see more of that, especially toward the afternoon and that's going to side of the whole change. we get ready for as we look toward the weekend as we're going to see some much needed rainfall make a return. it is going to be cool in the san francisco. some drizzle along the coastline with that patchy fog only about 53 in the sunset. 58 for lucky in downtown san francisco, on tear about 53 am 56 in half moon bay, maybe some glimmers of sunshine as you get inside the bay 59 in millbrae about 60 in burlingame tomorrow. 62 in foster city, 60 in san mateo about 63 degrees in palo
10:57 pm
alto. the south bay looking nice to see a mixture 60's and 70's warm by the afternoon. the more 70's in the east bay and of course you're away from the influence of the ocean's waters. but these temperatures down from where they've been. but as we get through the weekend, always numbers going to come way down running way below the average as we see that chance of rain on the way. it's a much colder air moving. in fact, a lot of snow in the sierra nevada maybe a foot foot and a half across some of the higher peaks, the bay area some rain on sunday. back to dry weather on monday and then much warmer weather. we're back in the 80's. my next wednesday and thursday big turnaround. yeah. thank you, lawrence. and thanks for watching. we appreciate it. had to do it.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: lebron james under fire over what he said about the teenager shot by a cop as she was about to stab another girl. >> no investigation necessary, no facts, no context needed. ego and way before the trial, what this man says ex-cop derek chauvin said at this location. >> and, where is everybody. >> the alarming news that thousands of vaccine appointments are going unfilled. >> announcer: plus, house of shame.


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