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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 22, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 7. >> morning and thanks for waking up with us on thursday field. finally away. 4 hours since walkout is finally clearing darya folsom james fletcher here with you and that the 07:00am mark. let's find out about any fog out there. we've got john in the weather mother nature. not free. the fog just yet. i like us here in the studio who are wide awake now we're looking out there at some gray skies right over the bay bridge from the embarcadero. >> and gray skies are actually being seen for most of the bay area this morning. you can see from our berkeley view. not a lot of sunlight making its way through just yet. visibility is fine for most areas. but there are pockets, especially in the north bay that have
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offered low visibility of some of that fog has made contact with the ground and thus noting that as you leave the house this morning could be running into a few spots out there. we're not seeing too far for your vehicle radar. it looks dry out there. we're going to remain dry for 2 more days. couple in north bay sprinkle saturday. then the real rain gets here on sunday. futurecast wind gust showing us calm day ahead of us. at least compared to tuesday, which as you remember, was the windiest of ones. so today after a foggy and cool start will be actually a really comfortable afternoon. thursday is going to shape up really nice 40's and 50's for current numbers talking more about what to expect this afternoon. when exactly that rain is going to get here all still ahead, don, thank you for that. we've had a very busy morning. if you're looking at the roadways, several traffic collisions like this one. >> westbound highway 4 at willow pass well out in bay point that's been clear, but still seeing residual delays. it was another traffic collision southbound to 42 at concord avenue conquer and
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another one down here in hayward 8, 80 northbound at wouldn't have a noon. now you're seeing delays from all of those early morning traffic collisions as you head into the city, though traffic is looking to improve here yesterday. we started to back up just a bit. now we're down to about 14 minutes to that very much to exit. there's no high wind advisory across the bay bridge. but there is one along the altamont pass. get a look at the san mateo bridge you had a cross towards the peninsula. you can do that and under 14 minutes, the richmond sandra fell commute. that's starting to pick up. you had about 13 here. we're looking at things along one oh one and 2.80. i'm not tracking any major delays as you're driving towards menlo park at 29 minutes. we'll have more on that. but for now darya and james, back to you. james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. 7 '02, and comes to vaccinations. they did it 200 million covid vaccines administered to americans in the first 100 days of biden's presidency. in fact, they did it ahead of schedule about a week ahead of schedule. we have washington
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correspondent alexandra limon with details. >> over the past week. the number of americans who got vaccinated declined compared to the week before and that's a problem because so far only about half of american adults are at least partially vaccinated. >> we did it. >> president joe biden announced his administration met its goal of administering 200 million covid-19 vaccines before biden's first 100 days in office but work remains to be done. a new report by the kaiser family foundation says it appears we're close to the tipping point or demand for rather than supply of vaccine is the primary challenge. the time is now to open up a new phase of this historic vaccination effort. more than one quarter of americans are fully vaccinated according to the cdc. but us health officials say in order to reach herd immunity, at least 75 to 85% of people need to be vaccinated. the biden
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administration says all americans older than 16 are now eligible for the shot, the many people who have not yet been vaccinated concern that can take a day off of work. the administration says it's offering new tax credits for some businesses that give employees paid time off to get a vaccine or recover. the other problem in getting more americans vaccinated is that some people are just hesitant. president joe biden said if people want life to start returning to normal by his goal of the 4th of july. >> the key is to get vaccinated reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> and california is continuing to make progress in vaccinating people as well. in fact, here are the latest vaccine. distribution numbers across the bay area. santa clara and alameda counties have both administered more than a million doses. contra. costa san francisco and san mateo counties around out the top 5 if you need help registering for a shot. you can find links on our website at kron 4 dot com. and if you are vaccinated. >> you can be the member of a
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very special club that giants key. that's an elite section has been set aside just for you and anybody else who can prove they've been fully vaccinated we have kron four's will tran standing by at the ballpark to explain what this is about. and what's going to be different about this. you can't sit close to a 1000 of your closest friends. i do. i think we also go to tonight's game. james darya and me and him play wayne's world and walk around the show or bad. just remember that scene. >> my dad's. here's my dad's vaccinated. only you can go to those sites because that means you're fully vaccinated and because they are having these sites. james area, they can pack in an extra 1000 people inside the ballpark. so that's a win for the giants as extra income for them in a win for giants fans. let's face it, the giants they're doing so well. everybody was dying for some baseball and the home opener was about 2 weeks ago. it started with about 9,000
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fans. so when they have an extra 1000 with the vaccinated only is up to 10,000. not what it can be at around 41,000 fans. but we're slowly but surely getting back to what we saw in 2019 with extra fans. keep in mind, there are other locations that you don't have to be vaccinated only if you still want to social distance. there are areas throughout the ballpark where you are pods of 2 or 4 people. the vaccinated only locations. they will try to space it out so they don't bump into the other locations where people are still social distancing. you will have to wear your mask. that still mandated. you will have to have a vaccination proof 2 weeks out from your last and second shot so you can't get a shot today and expect to go. if you are going and you have not been fully vaccinated. you still have to prove that you have a negative covid-19 test 3 days from the game and of course, anybody 2 years and younger. you don't have to mask up everybody else. you
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will have to wear your mask. but the bottom line is this is a pilot program. no offense to the marlins who they will take on for the next several days. everything works out. james and area. they will step it up even more, possibly 50% more fans and then they will get ready for next month when the dodgers and the padres come to town. so get ready, everybody who's vaccinated tonight get ready to do your best wayne's world or sedation. >> always thank very much. >> you can get a you still have to wait 2 weeks because of the fully vaccinated. but starting today they're opening a new place in visitation valley for people to get shots. that's an area hardest hit by the pandemic and san francisco in visitation valley. health director says though they still depend a lot on supply. >> we're still making good progress in terms of people up, take a vaccine. so we haven't hit that tipping point network presidency. demand is still outpacing supply. so we
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hope to get more next month. it we're hearing from the state. and that's that. that may time to start to see this in vaccine supply here in the city. >> the new site is both by appointment and walk in its mondays through wednesdays. >> we have some breaking news overnight. the fremont unified school district voted last night to return to full-time in person learning for the 2021 22 school year. and they also voted to develop a virtual learning academy for kindergarten through 6th grades and then increase virtual learning for 7th through 12th grades. they also announced the special education programs will continue in person and the board says that individualized needs for students who can't come back to in person learning. they're going to address that on a case by case basis meanwhile, graduation ceremonies and end of your activities. they say will happen in person. >> a developing story. the family of an alameda man who
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died in police custody wants answers about what really happened. they don't believe the police morrow gonzalez died on tuesday after alameda police say they got a call about a man who appeared to be under the influence and maybe was a nice suspect enough. theft when they got there. they say they attempted to detain gonzalez, but there was a physical altercation between him in the police and the police said that you then had a medical emergency. and later died. the family wants his body released so they can do their own autopsy. >> the initial report about calls again, we were not sure they were in regards to him. we're not sure of madaya was under the influence of anything. we don't think so. but again, because we haven't be his body has not been released as the family. one of our demands is that the body be released so that we can have our own each independent autopsy done so that we can get a little bit more answers. but still today the mom has not seen jerry has not seen his brother.
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>> the 3 officers did have body cameras on and they have been 10 turned over to investigators in the meantime, all 3 officers are on administrative leave. >> investigators in the east. bay are searching for an arsonist in alameda. they're looking for a man who was last seen walking with a large color dog. he's wanted in connection with at least 6 fires that were set this week. in fact, this vehicle fire was one of several that broke out monday night into tuesday morning. the others, as you can see on this map. we're set within a 2 mile radius from grand street to pacific central and buena vista avenues. these crimes have left neighbors. now worried about what's going to happen next. >> scared scared. i jumped out of bed. i saw the fire. i ran through the looking for my brother what fun was it what why? why did anybody do something like that. >> so far the suspect is still at large. if you think you know who this person is. call
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police. >> 7.10 right now still ahead, sideshows taking over east bay neighborhoods and police have a new reason for you to stop them in they're going to catch you. we'll show you how. >> and gray skies across the bay area to start at least later on today. we're going to see skies clearing out really nicely much like yesterday, 60's and 70's back in play for inland in bayside areas. this before a cooler rainier weekend forecast to come. >> and we've got some residual delays along highway 4 due to an early morning crash and it's still
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coming down now, which is nice to see morning, john. yeah, good morning, guys. it is definitely going to be another sunny day ahead of us. a beautiful want to be stepping outside enjoying some 60's and 70's while we've still got them because this weekend is going to be a lot cooler and all a lot rain here, especially come sunday just around the corner. >> this is your look outside at berkeley right here. skies definitely still a little bit cloudy. but there is some brightness piercing through those clouds at this point. we
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are seeing improved visibility gradually across the bay area, which is also good news. as you make your way out of the house on this thursday morning. conditions dry out there. that's the way we remain for a few days that cold front to our west, though. that's what's going to trudge into the bay area come the weekend nudging the high pressure out right now. any sort of line of showers is centered way, way, way off shore out in the pacific. but they'll gradually make their way. our direction. so today and tomorrow. going to be some of our drier days of this forecast still holding on to some nice conditions for a couple more days ahead of us come saturday. a couple in north bay sprinkles possible cooler weather in cloudier conditions. so friday is the nicest of the weekend saturday. a transition day and then come sunday. widespread rainfall, especially come the afternoon on sunday and some heavy snow up in the sierra nevada. all this is very welcome news after. so it's dry weather over the course of the past couple of months. so great to be seeing this. it's a drop in the bucket as far as where we need to be for rainfall but great to see it regardless as for temperatures today will be comfortable
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paired with some lighter winds than what we saw earlier this week that just sets us up for a nice field now, if you are in the city and staying around into the afternoon. you want to keep the jacket with you highs only in the 50's and are pretty blustery wind right along the coastline, you get away from the ocean while temperatures will be much more comfortable highs in the 70's for redwood city and mountain view right at 70 degrees. san jose, a very nice 74 for you today. also in the 70's for much of the tri valley from fremont hayward through oakland up t richmond. expect some 60's comfortable. i'd say keep the long sleeve in the light jacket. in your pack. well, the creek and danville right at 70 degrees while antioch. it's the sunscreen that you'll be needed. most of all at 78 for your high today, santa rosa right at 70 degrees. petaluma nevado close to that at 69 each tomorrow will be another nice one. a little cooler, a little cloudier but still good for your friday. saturday starting to cool down and also looking at even cloudier skies followed by sundays downright. really cool weather highs only in the 50's to low 60's with
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the rainfall looking especially likely later in the day. reyna. john, thank you for that. we've had a lot of slowdowns and delays along highway 4 this morning. >> they point there was an accident beer that's been clear, but you can see residual delays as you're heading towards to 42. it'll take about 34 minutes now driving into the city. we're not tracking any major delays or hot spots to slow you down. no high wind advisories here, although there is one along the altamont pass 12 minutes to make it to that few months. you exit headed across towards the peninsula using the san mateo bridge. you can do that and under 14 minutes, the richmond sandra fell commute starting to pick up just a bit under 13 for you. they're gonna look at the golden gate bridge as you head into the city can do that in 20 minutes, we'll have more on that next. darya. back to you. thanks a lot of 7.17 right now. >> giant bear. >> is walking on monterey road in morgan hill. so watch out i on a journey along when actually it's coming to an end from la to san francisco.
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>> fitting, including head. higher wave joining us live to explain good morning. here's the mike. >> i wasn't going, james. where's my this is amazing. you sound so good. wait. what's your real there. my real name is jessica jessie. yeah. what are you doing here. >> the through walk in san francisco. but what we have been a long, long. why? why there? why? again, a few all haha. >> i i just to earn a i always do what stuff i always been like that. then it was just an idea just came up byron l a
7:19 am
marathon. we're in the same seat last get out and i had a lot of fun. so you know. yeah, so i sat on it for a lot of like, okay, what else can i do. you know. it was pretty my enjoyment. so if i understand is to put a to act if i understand it right, you didn't have any particular like cause or something you are out to, you know, spread the word about. you just started walking. >> and people started seeing you on the street started following. you got this following raising money. but you don't know what for just >> it. no, no number being very truthful. you know, i i always wanted to do something to give back. you know, surely you're the community here. does anybody. so i figure like, you let me just raise some money wong doing this to, you know that at all. if i get the attention like wine on and then i want to obviously images. a non profit once they get to san francisco, but i let the people decide multiple like a survey on instagram and
7:20 am
then people can go in there and be like, ok, you know, that's. >> let's get to this nonprofit or the far donated hears, know, have you checked there. can you can you go with this. can you check a computer. does the phone work with your paws. how much do you have so far. >> haha. i mean, there's a you know, i don't have he's a little no, but still think my. i can i can stick my hands in and out of the cars. and i just like us to use my phone, ok, so how much have you raised. you know, did you check. >> check to not focus on getting there. yeah, ok. well, all check. last time we we glanced it was like more than $7,000 so far on the go fund me site so that you're doing pretty good. yeah.
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>> hey there, what's your day right away that. my day job yeah. and i work for a company called stone taper and they deal with a health care insurance. i do all their data stuff for well, not right now. over there or going live those for people that want to follow your what's the best way for them to track you as you're continuing your your march to san francisco. >> i had so many up. but is it like i've forms but instagram would be like the the best one o k ok. >> guess a lot of people been waving as they drive by as you're walking, his have been kind of fun to see. >> yeah. i mean, they've been waving pulling over like yesterday. john wasn't monterey road. it's like a whole line just waiting there. i'm like, what's happening like
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>> i yield the logistics of yeah. i can't be easy. there like i'm i hate to. i don't want to get to, you know, but how about a rest stop like what we need padi stop this is a whole thing. hope you got a >> i've heard something about the world. and you know, there's sort of like, oh, no. and then the you to take the call there's like no gas station for like and then you got to leave your head outside the port of heads not going to fit >> and no, i i kind of like through this cycle side make it work. very adorable you. i hope people give your body and it goes to great cause. well done. >> also they also thank you guys. all right. we'll definitely put a link to his. we'll be right back.
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>> it's 7.25 right now in bay area are still left on the bear. i love it. haha. baseball. this is entertaining. you got to check out the wild finish to the a's game and they kept the streak alive by the skin of their yeah. 11 games in a row now, but it did come down to that wild throw. >> in the tense. take a look. this is a southfield at the plate. ramon loriano grounds to 3rd. 33rd baseman also going to you know what? no, no, no. and it went out there. and asked.
7:26 am
>> the a's were able not only type of score. the winning run you know, i call that you that's a big, big hole. it was minnesota it would seem to 30 to 12. the final score and will take a new plea that a win this weekend. here's a is manager. bob melvin talking about straight, if you put it in play something good can happen. and that's exactly what happened there at the end. there's a lot of pressure on him when he gets up on has to make a good throw across the diamond based on how the game went just felt like the game is going to somehow and unorthodox like the entire game was in a you know, regardless what happened either and proud of the fact that they just never say die. >> so yeah, i mean there's there's a lot of fight in this team. >> a's have the day off today. some much needed rest and then they'll be on the road facing the baltimore orioles next. so wish him well on for just don't. >> it is earth day high. hundreds of people will come
7:27 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> 7.29 following the weather for you on a thursday morning
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and it's a nice day for walking bears yeah. look nice out live camera there along the creek. >> plenty of sunshine. but can't imagine how hot that suit through the central valley from alan. this is and it's must have taken him months know he's hasn't been that long ways. least a week and you got to stop you gotta see there's there's slow. they like bring up. will be followed wine and knots. the highway 5 yeah. we didn't ask about the roof and it's true. you can't walk on the highway that you can't look at how it ended be so hot out there of the central valley. yeah, i mean, it is actually good bear walking weather close to the coastline today. >> further inland you get. well, we're going to be in the 70's might get a little toasty out there. if you're that bubbled up, at least we are going to be looking at a sunny finish to the day. it's still kind of gray out there. low cloud cover sitting right above the bay. you can see that from berkeley here, but it is starting to clear out for many spots which is welcome news. there is some lower visibility in pockets
7:31 am
across the north bay couple of spots out in the east bay to where you're running into some lower visibility issue do make your way out of the house and back onto the roads for your thursday morning. skies will remain dry yet again today. that will be the same case tomorrow rainfall really going to be a thing on sunday of this weekend. so a couple more dry days ahead of us calmer winds today than where we were to start the week. we will see some breezy conditions at times, especially know where the at the coastline kind of going to make for a blustery feel like we saw yesterday in san francisco 40's 50's for your current temps. don't forget the jackets this morning later on today, especially further inland, you'll be able to make it without them. reyna. >> that no major hot spots. but we are seeing some residual delays like this one along highway 4. and that's because of an accident at bay point early this morning as you head towards 2.42, it will take you 38 minutes to make that drive heading into the city were up to about 90 minutes not tracking any hot spots or accidents for that matter or high wind advisories. just more people started to drive into the city
7:32 am
this morning to get to that fremont street exit will take a little time. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you can do that in under 15 minutes. no major delays there. the richmond sandra fell bridge heading out of richmond. 13 minutes as traffic starts to build just a little bit there. there is a high wind advisory along the ultimate pastor also so early morning issues there said might be slow heading towards menlo park taking one. oh, one. 31 minutes to 80 also looks great as well as 8582. so we'll have more on that coming up next. for now. james, back to you. >> now to a big story this morning. we've got governor newsome declaring a drought emergency in several parts of the state. you knew it was going to happen. but he's colin and this includes sonoma county where they haven't put water restrictions in effect yet, but you know, they're probably down the line. yeah, they're thinking about it with kron four's taylor second now with more. >> also noma county leaders say the emergency drought declaration doesn't come as a surprise as we head into the second year of severe drought
7:33 am
already rain, county's water agency is the first in the bay area to impose water use restrictions and pretty soon sonoma county may follow. we're at a stage right now that for this time of year, the end of april. >> we're the lowest in both reservoirs on history at this time of year. general manager of sonoma water grand davis says. >> this is a critical time for water conservation as lake mendocino and lake sonoma which are both large water sources for the county said at extremely low levels ahead of the drier summer months. davis explains the current state of lake sonoma. it is currently about 60% holding just just around a 150,000 acre feet. >> we have about a target of keeping that reservoir above a 100,000 acre feet by the end of the year and will lead implement pretty aggressive water diversion reduction of the russian river and ultimately. the contractors
7:34 am
that we so water to which includes santa rosa had a all the way down to novato and grant county. they're they're implementing voluntary water conservation about 20%. davis says that they don't see the results needed from voluntary water. conservation efforts will have to move to widespread mandatory water use restrictions in the beginning of july sonoma county supervisor susan gorin explains what this will mean for residents over the next few months. it means to really look at our outdoor irrigation in particular. >> but also to really look at how we are using consuming and saving water inside as well. >> a lot of us have or toilets and other water devices such as the washing machines. so it's harder and harder to achieve the water savings that we may need this year. the drought comes after california's worst fire season
7:35 am
last fall. >> but the lnu lightning complex fire ripped through much of northern california reaching sonoma, napa solano and several other counties. i'm also extremely nervous about what this means for the for the fall. are we going to have fires again. i hope not. state water regulators already issued notices to more than 700 vineyards residential suppliers and farmers to let them know that their water supply may be curtailed or not available. >> local leaders expect to make more moves towards water conservation in the coming weeks in sonoma county, taylor kron 4 news. >> and here we are on earth day talking about the drought and in the south bay, what they're doing to clean up the yeah, focusing on picking up some of the litter that we all seem to be tossing throughout the year. >> and the community really is coming together for a crawford's camila barco live in san jose with more camila. good morning.
7:36 am
>> good morning. and that's right. it's called earth day coyote cleanup. organizers say you can get your hands dirty and at the same time celebrate this planet. it's all to help keep this planet, keep the health of the planet. healthy and clean today's collaboration is a between silver creek sportsplex and the organization keep coyote creek, beautiful and the that the organization is focusing on keeping the creek healthy by doing cleanups like the one today. they also do plantings recreation and culture activities and educating the public about the waterway, the group's website states that the creek is actually a river spanning 64 miles across santa clara county volunteers cleaned up a 106 bags of trash at their last of then they found tires mattresses and metal frames. organizers say it is now 4,660 pounds
7:37 am
lighter. but for today's event, volunteers must complete the city of san jose waiver and register with anti litter. you will be turned away if you do not turn these in. there will be groups of 25 to practice social distancing and masks are mandatory people who feel sick or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19 are asked to stay home. the event starts at 09:00am and people who would like to participate. you can meet up here at the silver creek. sportsplex parking lot. i'm live in san jose dr james, back to you. crmila, thank you very much. >> 7.37. and still ahead, our coverage continues with focus on the california native elk. >> as the species facing one of the biggest environmental challenges here in the bay area. plus, think twice before you dump illegally in san jose because you're in for a huge fine. we'll tell you how much after the break. job and clearing up a little bit at sfo this morning getting a bit
7:38 am
of sunshine piercing through the clouds after a cool start really not really comfortable afternoon ahead of us. >> 60's and 70's for bayside inland highs. a cooler weekend just around the corner. i've got all 3 of your forecast and we have new accident to tell you about it. still that high wind advisory in place along the ultimate pass will give you a look at your drive times coming up after the break.
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7:41 am
>> some 40 illegal dumping huge problem and all around the band. the south bay especially and they have a way they're cracking down in san jose. yeah. there's a new proposal to in essence quadruple the fine for illegal dumping to $10,000. now for the first offense. there's many as a 160 dumping hot spots around the city and. >> a new reporting app. any legal dumping patrols. they were making progress before the pandemic. the problem now, as you can see in some of this video is worse than ever. >> so a $10,000 fine is intended to feel steep because we want you to think twice before coming in our communities and he legally dumping particularly when the city house programs are available to pick up free garbage from from your home. >> did you hear first offense. $10,000 fine yeah, we'll make you think twice hope so. last fall, the city spent $300,000 to clean up.
7:42 am
>> the huge illegal dumpsite on monterey road. we'll be right back.
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> 7.44 right now. and we're looking at another nice day. looks like shaping up nicely all around us. we've got john trouble closer look at us. but track him up like step on a
7:45 am
hot streak. but his streak ended did. but ours is going to just like steps. over 30 days of dry weather that we've had now about to come to an end. and i think that's actually pretty welcome in this case. >> because we really need to start seeing some rainfall again to when we'll see the rain in just a second. this morning. skies are starting to clear up san jose has been pretty clear all morning long and remaining that way right now the rest of us in the bay area starting to catch up because some of us are still a little bit on the cloudy side, especially closer to the coastline. there's cold front sitting way out in the pacific. we've still got high pressure, keeping it out there for a couple more days. so today and tomorrow are going to be the nicest of this forecast that cold front to come along the line of showers which will initially drop into the bay starting on saturday. now saturday. you may see a couple of sprinkles in the north bay. but overall, it's actually going to be a fairly dry one sunday is the day where the snow really starts to come down in the sierra and come the afternoon. some
7:46 am
rainfall across the bay area welcome rain. and as i mentioned breaking that stretch of dry weather that we've had for so long. now, sunday's also going to be a really cool 1, 2, so enjoy today. and tomorrow before this big cool down this weekend. winds will pick up later on today but not all that breezy much like yesterday. really? if you're inland or by the bay itself. really nice weather later today. if you are by the coast, that includes san francisco. expect some blustery conditions and thus keep the jackets on hand in sf half moon bay, other spots right along the coast. concord san jose mountain view in redwood city in the meantime, well into the 70's while hayward fremont oakland holding on to the 60's tomorrow's weather pretty much the same as today is still a little bit more cloud cover for your friday saturday. a bit cooler couple north bay sprinkles and then a lot cooler on sunday as rainfall falls across the bay area. we'll be looking at highs at or warmest on sunday. only in the low 60's. >> reyna. john, thank you for that. we have a few problems.
7:47 am
as you head up north. look at this. an accident here in american canyon highway 12 and north. kelly wrote the air. we also have a traffic hazard slowing some things down out in petaluma southbound one. oh, one and east washington street will keep a close eye on that as you head into the city. things are getting pretty slow up to about 19 minutes for your drive time. they're not tracking any major delays or accidents that have caused this just a lot of people traveling this morning. we do have a high wind advisory that's along the altamonte past. but as you're heading across towards the peninsula. conditions. look great. no major delays now stopping goes just 14 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell commute heading 13 hour. 13 minutes as you head out of richmond heading towards sandra fell conditions great. i'm not tracking any accidents or hazards the air looking at some other highways as you're traveling taken 6, a good heading towards daniel 17 minutes. one brisbane to the split. that's about 10, 13 is your take an 84 to bayfront. we'll have more on that coming up next. but for now, back to the news.
7:48 am
>> earth day today in crown for a continues to celebrate her sweet by drawing attention to some of the biggest environmental bay area. yeah. and today, as you can see in the big monitor >> we want to focus on the california native too-lee elk an annual census count found about a 152. we living on point reyes national seashore. founded they've likely died due to drought conditions. we've got kron four's, gayle ong with the story. >> here at point reyes national seashore animal advocates worry about they are a symbol of this area and an amazing conservation success. yet right behind this fence. 152 animals were allowed to die during drought. >> a wildlife photographer found carcasses of throughout the reserve, the photos taken in the summer of last year. are in counties driest year in 90 years with only receiving 20 inches of rain in 2020. the
7:49 am
national park service says the population declined in 2020 likely due to drought conditions impacting the elks food. >> somalia's point is home to the largest too-lee elk herd on the land. melanie gun is the outreach point. raze national seashore during drought periods. there's less nutritional value in for rich. we don't think it's the quantity of forage because if the quantity of ford's was lacking at point when you would go out into the fields. >> you would see browse lines and we're not seeing that at all. a total of 6 necropsies were conducted from this point and drakes beach turns. >> gunn says necropsy findings show 2 elks a toxic plants, 2 others had heavy internal parasite loads. one had a systemic infection. but gunn says the oaks declining population shows no evidence of dehydration having a staff go in the fields routinely to look at the water sources that we know exist and if they do
7:50 am
dry out. >> we are looking into bringing in water should we need to go in alternative water sources for the elder from seeps in springs throughout the reserve also sharing the park dairy and cattle ranchers. this fence was installed at tamales point decades ago to isolate the elk from cattle. this is a national park area. >> wild supposed to be protected hit, but instead they dying. advocates are calling on the park to remove defense so the animals can roam free and have access to better food. the national park service says removing the fence will only be considered if ranching activities in the area terminate. that means the dairy and cattle ranchers who have been here for generations would have to leave. that won't happen anytime soon. according to the national park services in 1998 to lee elk management plan. part of our jobs. the national park service. >> is to maintain that historic district in that house worldview and historic buildings and the best way to do that is through active and
7:51 am
have a tense of of the buildings, the 99 page management plan calls the elk population decline. a natural process during droughts as of 2021 marin county is in a moderate drought. >> with conditions expected to get worse in the summer. these activists say they will keep a close eye on the oak in marin county. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> well, nasa and space x are getting ready to send its next crew of astronauts to the international space station. the crew rehearse, the launch one last time on sunday, a space x falcon 9 rocket and dragon capsule be taking them high to the space station for astronauts will be on board, including one from right here in the bay area. megan mcarthur will be the pilot liftoff is scheduled for tomorrow morning from kennedy space center. >> well is that we're in very cool. oh, my gosh. you look so young you up and she also married to bob behnken who was one of the 2 test flight astronaut test pilot
7:52 am
astronauts that went up in the very first. >> absolute last spring breaks yeah, it has been a white astronaut team and they learn here. >> they don't live here anymore. but she grew while cruel ucl a and i'm sure it's a better story than that. terrible was a movie awash with the date she and they were both astronauts. >> can see the heat. oh, god. yeah, it was like all the rage. number one in america on netflix. talk about this is a new movie. it just the past year. it's like a little mysterious was horrible watch a party like horror million dollar baby girls a start, but yeah. okay. checking hilary don't watch it. the real story of this astronaut is way better ever or will be tracking. launch will be right tracking. launch will be right back. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,...
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hiv medicine is one part of it. morning. there's a winning ticket out there. >> for 1.8 million dollars. somebody won it by buying their tickets. san francisco's in richmond district once again proving that you can't win if you don't play. did i win now that this person didn't. they got a 180 days to claim their prize. the supermarket where that ticket was sold. >> new may will be getting $9,000 in just sort of be in the lucky store. like a ticket
7:56 am
and they get that money. so and somebody comes forward. a lot of times it can for later because i want to get their ducks in a row and disconnect their cell phone. and, you know, i mean, okay, haha. >> we'll take a quick it is 7.55. >> coming up in the next hour. today is earth day and people are going to be gathering in san jose to help clean up coyote creek. we're going to be live there with more. plus, the biden administration has met its goal of administering 200 million covid-19 vaccine shots before the president's first 100 days in office. a lot more still needs to be done, though. but we'll have a live report from dc and fully vaccinated. fans will be sitting in their own special section at oracle park tonight, the giants game. we'll tell you more about it.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. i'm darya and i'm james. it is 08:00am. we've got john standing by with a check of the forecast to start off the hour. good morning, guys. good morning to you. we are starting the morning with some cloud cover. but we're going to be finishing out the day like yesterday with a lot of sunshine. something to look
8:00 am
forward to as we work our way later on in the day, especially considering that this weekend. it's going to bring some rain and some cooler temperatures. i'd say enjoy today as much as you can looking outside right now. we do have some cloud cover still lingering over berkeley. but the skies are already growing brighter. you are seeing a couple of pockets live lower visibility out into the east bay and then especially the north bay to so watch for some dense fog in pockets. again, especially right along one oh, one from santa rosa down through nevado. now we will remain dry today. winds will remain calm or at least than they were earlier this week. a bit blustery near the coastline, but temperatures will be warming up elsewhere. that's going to be another feel-good kind afternoon 40's and 50's for current temperatures with delay home in berkeley. each right at 50 degrees hayward and oakland right now sitting at 53 reyna. john, thank you for that was that's new accidents that are popping up this morning. this one out in alamo. >> northbound 6.80. it's stone valley road. definitely blocking at least one lane. so we'll keep a close eye


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