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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 21, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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black man in north carolina was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy today in elizabeth city. it happened as the officer was serving a search warrant at the house shots were fired when officers say the man got into his car and began to drive away the victim. 40 year-old andrew brown junior his family says he did not carry a gun or hurt anyone. he was the father of 10 children, about a 100 people gathered at the scene demanding law enforcement accountability and state investigators are looking into this shooting a day after the derek chauvin verdict. the justice department is opening up a sweeping probe into the. >> minneapolis police department after the announcement of the probe. the minneapolis mayor said the city welcomes investigation. this comes as lawmakers on capitol hill are facing calls to enact police reform. trevor shirley is in washington with more. >> earlier today, attorney general merrick garland announced the justice department would be opening an inquiry into the practices of
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the minneapolis police department. this is something totally separate from whatever congress wants to do on its own, but it still fits with the overall goals of the biden administration as it relates to comprehensive police reform. garland says the justice department will take a deep look into the practices and policies of the minneapolis police department. he says, though, this is separate from the investigation. the department already has opened on george floyd's death. the attorney general also says the focus will be on whether the policies and practices of the minneapolis police department violate the constitution. >> if the justice department concludes that there is reasonable cause to believe there is a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful policing. we will issue a public report of our conclusions. the department of justice will be unwavering in its pursuit of equal justice under law. >> in congress. the house has already passed several police
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reform bills, including the george floyd justice in policing act. but so far none of those have gone anywhere in the senate and last year. legislation authored by republican senator tim scott of south carolina was blocked by democrats. it's a standoff that shows no signs of letting up soon. democrats in congress won an outright ban on the use of choke holds a no knock warrants. well, republicans are wanting things like increased disclosure for use of force incidents. we must remain diligent in our efforts to bring meaningful change to police departments across the country. >> to reform practices in training. and the legal protections that grant too great a shield to police officers. guilty of misconduct. >> and qualified immunity is another issue that continues to be a stumbling block on capitol hill. it's a legal doctrine that essentially protect police officers from facing lawsuits. democrats want to see it go. but most republicans say it's something they want to keep reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley.
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>> here in the bay area and light of the investigation of the minneapolis police department. oakland police chief leronne armstrong held a virtual meeting today we're talking about some changes and he talked about that with kron 4 sanaz tahernia. >> so what we do know that the oakland police department is practice. what we call intelligence led policing really encouraging officers to make sure when they make despite raise. that is actually connected to some type of criminal investigation or some follow-up to crime nexus. the that these ideas random stops these ideas of what we would call and policing fishing expeditions. they need to be in. they are rooted in buys. they often stop people who are involved in crime and they're just not affected the data factional that they're much effective stop that or what we call
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intelligence that stopped that you have information in advance that help you better understand why you need to stop this individual. i think that's important. >> now the chief says that his department has an open record on traffic stops and he's inviting the public to learn more about what they're doing. you says the numbers of really dropped over the last 4 years. and we first brought you that news conference on our 24 7 streaming news app kron on he'll get live local update 7 days a week. all of kron four's streaming live. you can open the camera app on your phone and scanned the qr code that you see there for kron on it will take you to that. your phone's app store. >> alameda police are looking for a person of interest in connection to a string of fires alameda firefighters responded to about 6 fires earlier this week, one fire was set at a city building on pacific pacific avenue around 1120 monday night. another fire was a vehicle fire that was at 600 lincoln avenue
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around one 00:00am in the morning on tuesday, 4 others were outside. police say they're looking for a man in his late 20's to late 30's with air links hair and stubble. he was last seen with a bicycle and a large dark color dog. you have any information on this. you're asked to call alameda police. in the east bay, the city of oakland has a brand new fire chief chief reginald freeman. freeman has previously served as the fire chief for hartford, connecticut. he's been there since 2016, he's married. he has 2 daughters who will take the position. effective may 17th. >> all right. time for another look at the weather. you're looking over the embarcadero is getting all ready to say, oh, look, it's not not it doesn't look nice looks kind of gray and blustery. yes, that it's cooler out there, right, lawrence. yes, certainly a cool, especially as you approach the coastline. still a lot of sunshine in the valleys and temperatures. very nice there. but that fog and low cloud cover moving back on
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shore right now and it is settling in now toward the beach right now. >> yeah. you probably need your jacket out there in half moon bay to school along the coastline. the fog moving here come the seagulls too. and we've got some drizzle developing along the beaches as well. so we'll see more of that. i think overnight tonight kind of see the fog kind of settling in there right now and some of them already making its way inside the bay. now. overnight tonight, low clouds and fog likely to return the began a push into some of the valleys by tomorrow morning. so waking up to a lot of clouds early on and then giving way to sunshine inside the bay in the valleys and then the fog lingers along the coastline before pushing back on shore late in the day. so looking almost like a summer's day as we see that fog kind of locked in right out toward the beaches will be cool out their plan on some low. maybe some mid 50's along the coastline with a little drizzle from time to time inside the bay to see some that the fog making its way through the san bruno gap temperatures there in the mid 50's in the south. san francisco. 63. and while the redwood city, the south bay likely see a lot of 70's. so warm temperatures by the afternoon 74 in campbell, 72 degrees in santa clara and you see some mid 70's some the
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warm spots. well, inland 75 degrees and live more 64 little breeze and hayward in the afternoon, 73 in moraga 75 in concord and 65 degrees in hercules in the north bay. those temperatures are going to be nice. 76. you know, bill, you're looking to maybe 72 degrees in fairfield along the coastline again in the north bay those temperatures staying very cool with that fog hovering along the coast all day long. you'll be in the mid 60's in the bubble next few days, though, some nice weather. not bad. just almost like a summer pattern setting up through friday and then over the weekend the clouds gather by sunday. looks like a pretty good chance of rain. thank you, lawrence. in sports, the a's are going for their 11th straight win. sports director jason dumas has the highlights and reaction coming up. >> also, what the cdc is now saying about the spread of covid on surfaces. and the european union resumes use of johnson and johnson vaccine what to experts say about the risks of blood clots. for your
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health tonight. johnson and johnson is resuming its covid vaccine rollout in europe. this comes just a day after european regulators announced a possible link between the vaccine. >> and poteetially fatal blood clots. scientists say the cots are extremely rare, j and j vaccine will now carry a special label that will warn doctors of the risk here in the u.s. the vaccine remains
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on hold a cdc advisory committee is set to meet on friday to review the data and vote on whether or not to lift a pause and usage that started last week. >> the cdc updating its guidance about the spread of covid on surfaces now saying that the chance of catching the virus from the surfaces a rather than the air is less than one in 10,000. and not only that, they think people who obsess of lee disinfect surfaces, i might be doing more harm than good. you are still advised to regularly clean surfaces that are touched a lot like door knobs and handles. >> we are seeing clouds gathering off the coastline. maybe some rain clouds headed our way
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more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> for celebrating earth week by drawing attention to some of the biggest environmental problems facing the bay area. and today we're taking an in-depth look at air quality. the comparison pre and post-pandemic kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> my story of this earth day is all about the air. we breathe. >> he is just really a great actions we have each hot really positive about facts on the environment, on air quality in on the climb. you know, in a sense california has made cleaner air business
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as usual. >> and what we need is for the rest of the country to adopt this practice is doctor megan schwarzman is an environmental health scientist at u c berkeley she is also the lead researcher of a study. looking at how california policies for raising standards to lower diesel protects vulnerable communities. we looked at how much diesel emissions dropped. >> between 19 92,014 and found that in california they've declined 78%. and that's compared to 51% in the rest of us california's rules hold all diesel engines to a higher standard. and we're really optimistic that the rest of the country will see the benefits of that and follow suit. she says diesel exhaust contribute significantly to particulate air pollution, which is a real concern right now because it increases the danger for those with underlying health conditions during the pandemic and there is real urgency to this issue. emissions were down probably as much as about 45%.
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>> that's a big drop that mid decrease in fuel emissions occurred last year during california's covid-19 stay at home orders. however, christine rose outlets of the bay area, air quality management district. >> says there are growing concerns beginning to develop as states start to get back to normal out of bay area roadways traffic levels are increasing. our air quality is not risk as we move forward. traffic is nearly prepandemic levels. >> but if we follow this year's earth day fee but not going back to business as usual was ellis says there was a chance to move the air we breathe to a healthier level. we have a tremendous opportunity right now. a lot of employers. >> are seeing remote work possible, that it's productive and we're hoping that continues. kron 4 news. all right. time now for another check of the weather. and let's check in with lawrence again. still talking about
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some rain. yeah, i'm excited about this one. this one is certain to hold together here. we've seen >> even since last week and that is a good sign when the models are holding together and actually improving the timing moving up a little bit right now feels almost like a summer day outside with that fog just stretching inside the golden gate bridge moving into the bay right now and of course along the coastline with some drizzle. there. but out in the pacific things are starting to churn. you see that the white cloud mass. they're moving in the gulf of alaska that's going to part of the system that affects the bay area right now. just low clouds and the fog and a couple leftover showers and even some snow showers in the high country off from that low that moved through the bay area yesterday. now got some winds kicking up outside some of the breeze is blowing the 7 miles an hour to san francisco but fairly light, especially compared to yesterday. temperatures. you've got some cool numbers coast side. only 50 degrees in half moon bay 61 in livermore 61 degrees right now in san jose. all right. here it is the long-range forecast next few days. look very nice. but you see that front getting a little bit closer, moving out. the gulf
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of alaska to see the big batch of green on the back side. that's going to be the system, the develops right there. and i think that's perfect. usually when these systems form right along the coastline. that's when you get a nice soaking. in fact, we're probably going to see about a quarter, maybe half an inch of rain, maybe a little bit more than that. if we're lucky in parts of the north bay. so could be a nice little rain event that comes on sunday but not just quite yet. we've got a nice day tomorrow. lots of sunshine away from the coast of temperatures in the mid 70's there. 1670's around the bay and 50's and cool along the coastline dropping those temperatures on saturday. then we prepare for rain on sunday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> final game of the road trip for the warriors looking to go for one away from the bay. they were in our nation's capital tonight taking on the wizards staff getting some pre-game work in. he's been on a tear but came back down to earth a bit tonight, end of the first check out that block. kelly who great looks like a volleyball player on
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that play. he gets the block. but now the lone highlight of the quarter for the dubs wizards down. >> was 18 after one. but in the second you gray. he got the warriors back in. they had 18 points in the 1st half warriors down by 2 at halftime. 3rd quarter warriors up by curry from the wing pedestrian night for curry, though he went 7 for 2518 points on the night. but doug led by 7 at the end of the 3rd, things are looking good. 4th quarter warriors with 8 point lead. jordan. paul hits the 3. there 11. everybody, relax and thinking, though, have a happy flight home for one on that road trip. but they blow the lead in here. they're down to they get the steal. they're going the other way. we give it's a wide open layup and. do you believe time he misses the layup. the warriors ultimately fall when 18 one 14, this one stings we'll hear from steve kerr at
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8. let's go to the diamond, though. the a's going for their 11th straight win final game of a three-game series against the twins. bottom 3 matt olson said before the season he was going to bounce back after a tough year and he was a lion that alton 6 home run of the season. he had to end the game. all right. good extras. top of the byron buxton gets all of this, lou trivino pitch way back in left field. that's a 2 run homer twins lead 12 to 10. but in the bottom of the 10th ending aids down one bases loaded ramon loriano. he get to them play the twins just below. look at that. throw wide right. i don't know what he was throwing to. and guess what, 2 runs come into score a's win on another walk-off error. 3 13 to 12 after the game. bob melvin talked about his team's fight. if you put it in play something good can happen. and that's exactly
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what happened there at the end. there's a lot of pressure on him when he gets up on has to make a good throw across the diamond based on how the game went. just felt like the game is going to somehow and unorthodox like the entire game was in the you know, regardless what happened either and proud of the fact that they just never say die. >> so yeah, i mean there's there's a lot of fight in this team. >> the giants looking for the sweep in philly. there was a 45 minute rain delay in the top of the 3rd. moms. tell me about that rain today back in philly, top of the 7th believes up by 3 runners at the corners for darin ruf. and he crushes one deep to left center right center just like that. guess what refused to play for the philly. so getting the last laugh. bottom of the 9th tied at 5, 2 on for andrew neff. and he lines that to left. here comes bryce harper he will score and that'll do. it is a walk-off in south philly. the giants lose 6 to 5. they come back to
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oracle of they take on the marlins tomorrow. overall it was a good road trip for the giants and the a's 11 in a row. now hottest team in baseball. we're not going to waste our time on the warriors. now just a painful loss to a wizards team that isn't any good and slip streak comes to an end. yes, that streak comes to an end. it was a bad game for him tonight. but i guess you can have one every now and then he's been playing so well this year.
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>> new research suggests working in irregular shifts can negatively affect your health. canadian scientists say constantly changing work schedules mess with body's natural clocks. according to computer simulations when the body clocks is disrupted, it changes are immune responses and anti inflammatory systems. researchers also say men are more affected by these changes. if you have trouble sleeping, there's a new study confirming that listening to soothing music at bedtime. >> might help researchers in taiwan tried this with 300 older adults. people who listen to soothing music did sleep better than people who would listen to uptempo music. really a surprise. it's another vote, though, for the calming effects of music therapy. and the news doesn't stop here. we've got a full hour ahead on kron-on justine waltman live in the newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7 o'clock just e. >> thanks so much. well, tonight at 7, there's emotional vigil that's
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happening for mario gonzalez, the father who died in. >> custody of alameda police. this happened on monday. family members are telling us they have been shut out of the investigation while it's ongoing and they're pleading for something. anything to help bring them closure so that vigil is happening right now. we'll have a live report during our 7 o'clock hour. and you can catch that and many more other local stories coming up at 7 you what you need to do. the first is download the kron on app. it's free to download in the app store and that's how you can watch all of our newscast streaming live and then i'm justine waldman. i'll see you at 7. catherine and ken, back to you. thank you, justin. pretty easy to download that happy just to go into the app store and there it is. in 24, 7 news. >> most of that life that's going to do it for us. thanks for watching. we'll see at 8 o'clock just teens. up next, a 7 on kron on. have a good evening.
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♪ ♪ derek chauvin. his first night behind bars. the new mug shot. his prison cell and the witness comes forward. speak of what were you thinking? >> he cried on the stand. when you heard the verdict, one went through your mind? >> her video shocked the world into the mma fighter. what they're all saying today. plus, does derek chauvin relay for chance getting off on appeal? the four best lawyers


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