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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 21, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> large scale sideshows block traffic can slow down emergency vehicles in 3 separate east bay cities over the weekend from forcefully call reports that 2 of those sideshows, they broke out in antioch and neighbors were alarmed by their size. >> they literally created a a circle of about 200 people many mayor lamar thorpe surveys, the tire marks left behind from sunday's site
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shows the police department estimates. 150 cars were involved. blocking traffic at 2 separate intersections in town. i've never seen one of that size. i'd probably seen those sizes on now. >> television that that, you know, there's something of a disturbance and oakland san francisco or in the inner core of the area. so we rarely have anything like that. >> a large group made its way from its 4 through any off eventually ending up in brentwood. as you can see here. >> police department could not move in on the side shows because at the time they were outnumbered. >> resources were stretched thin because officers were responding to another incident that required mutual aid response, meaning multiple law enforcement agencies were tied up. we did have a drone that captured a lot of footage and a lot of license we're currently investigating this and those who were responsible for this will be held accountable. >> a smaller scale sideshows
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are bigger city mostly young people spinning donuts on city streets. the next city council. he says he intends to propose adding roundabouts at some residential intersections to slow drivers down. >> or potentially add raised pavement markers to deter sideshows neighbors who witnessed sunday's ivity say anything will help all of the great for. >> somebody else. you know, like somebody to fly out of their or a car just losing control. it was bad. it was bad. you couldn't even see with all the smoke some people just want to do their own thing. they don't care about. >> annoyance to other people and everything like that. you're just doing their own thing. everyone survived sideshows potential to be deadly. >> in antioch djegal all kron 4 >> one of the suspects in the christian smart disappearance appeared in court this afternoon. a judge reduced bail to $50,000 for 80 year-old ruben flores. prosecutors say that he helped his son, paul hide smart's
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body after the cal poly student vanished back in 1996. all floors is charged with killing smart during an attempted rape. her body has never been found. according to court documents, detectives have biological evidence that indicates a smart was once buried beneath the deck at the elder floors is home and was recently moved both the father and son have pleaded not guilty. a landmark day in the fight against covid president biden's goal of administering 200 million vaccine doses in the u.s.. >> has been reached ahead of schedule. >> on tomorrow's vaccine vaccination numbers come out. we will show that today. today we hit 200 million shots. and no 92nd day in office. >> it was the president's goal to reach 200 million shots within his first 100 days in office. his initial goal heading into the white house was 100 million shots. but
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weeks in he up to the expectation the goal president biden also announced a new program providing incentives to employers to allow their employees to take time off with pay to go get vaccinated every americans 16 and older is now eligible to be vaccinated. if you're headed to the giants game tomorrow night. there will be a new special section for people who are fully vaccinated. yeah. oracle park officials tell us this will increase capacity at the ballpark by about a 1000 fans. the sections will be spread out the vaccinated sections throughout the park as for facemasks, everyone will still be required to wear them except if you are eating or drinking. >> if you're thinking about attending burning man, you may need to get your covid vaccine first. this is video from the previous festival burning man was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic if they decide to move forward with the festival this year. organizers say they are considering requiring attendees to prove they have been vaccinated organizers
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said have yet to decide whether or not there will be. a festival this year following last year's cancellation. that decision is supposed to come by the end of the month. >> almost always hot and dry and burning man. unfortunately, we've had way too much dry here in california really much of the western part of the u.s. for the past several years. this is a a live look outside of the golden gate bridge where there is plenty of moisture in the air. but that is not really level. none of it hitting the ground that chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> here to tell us about you know, there there is some hope for some rain might still this weekend. i think we've got a chance of a pretty decent storm special for this time of year to roll into the bay area. so that's certainly some good news. something look forward to as likely going to see that rain return along the coastline today was wet out. there is damp time to time. you have the drizzle out there along the coast. you see all the fog in half moon bay right now. couple people out there wandering along the beach, bundle up. if you're headed out toward the coastline. those cool temperatures likely to continue up toward the
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beaches so going to be the case numbers today. well below the average and san francisco 54 degrees 61 below the average in oakland 69 degrees in san jose that some 70's today in livermore. also in the concord and then santa rosa checking in the 69 degrees. just slightly below the average for this time of year. but here we go on the coast. you see all the patchy fog gathering right now. we'll see more that overnight tonight. in fact, it's just beginning to make its way right through the golden gate to the san bruno get begin to fill inside the bay so long to see more that overnight tonight and tomorrow morning and again, some drizzle out toward the beaches. so it could be a little bit damp out there. that being said, no real rain in the forecast the next couple days. lot of sunshine away from the coast dealing with some fog along the beaches than saturday. we start to cloud up. and then by sunday. there you go. it's a nice shot. a nice little storm rolling into the bay area. all right. let's hope so. thank you, lauren. still to come, many people are anxiously waiting disneyland reopening at the end of the month. but there are. >> some attractions they will have to do without. >> and the 93rd academy awards
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are on sunday. when we come back, we're going to tell you how some of the stars will be preparing for the big night. >> well, that guy is adorable and you will hear what he has say. coming up after the break is a bunch of south bay students were very excited to be back in the classroom for the first time in more than a year. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> in the south bay students are happy to be back in the classroom. zed books in elementary in san jose teachers welcoming students with signs posters and balloons this morning. it was kind like a party as of early april 85% of san jose employees. we're vaccinated one little guy. we spoke with this morning was very excited to be back at school. >> happy that i'm just he a back on very hard. lots of hard things overcome that this something high things being on the screen. but now we're back. i'm very happy. >> it's door. nearly 2 thirds of teachers. their will be teaching from home distance. learning will remain an option for students. >> and after the break and summer travel is heating up what flights are going to look like well, an
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increase in vaccination efforts across the u.s. is starting thaw the frozen airline people are moving around and today a senate committee examined. >> the health and safety precautions americans should be expected to follow as flights. philip to prepandemic levels. >> kron four's, washington correspondent jessi tenure reports. >> as vaccinations accelerate
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in covid-19 restrictions ease every day. more americans are preparing for takeoff. but airport leaders say traffic is still well below pre-pandemic levels we remain consistently around 50% of travel according to tsa. more than 1 million people passed through us airports, tuesday compared to more than 2 million in 2019 with highly transmissible. variance still leading to new deadly outbreaks airline industry officials and public health experts told a senate committee air travel will still look different for some time for example, arizona's largest airport does not expect a full return to normalcy until 2024. we're very that passengers will return health experts say the federal mask mandate that expires next month should be extended to september and airline food and beverage services should remain limited. a doctor with the harvard school of public service says the current science does not support testing checkpoints at airports. but the airlines for
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america. president and ceo says travelers should be able to prove vaccination with a digital health certificate. we're doing such a good job on faction nations. we should be leading in creating the fallen carried about this to travel for people. the cdc says vaccinated americans can fly safely. >> but still does not recommend nonessential travel in washington. i'm jessi turnure. >> well as vaccination rates go up. >> along with are temperatures of more americans are planning vacations. a new survey from trip advisor found 2 thirds of americans are planning a vacation for the summer of those traveling 74% will stay within the u.s. and 13% plan to travel internationally. the survey found that beach getaways are the top choices. no surprise there with florida and mexico actually being the most popular destinations. >> disneyland and disney's california adventure will reopen april 30th without 3 dozen rides attractions and
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shows at 36 of the anaheim parks. attractions will be closed for covid related reasons like high touch environments, difficult, social distancing large crowds time constraints and a state ban on live shows. disney says other closures are related to regular season maintenance or ride renovations closures include the finding nemo submarine voyage disneyland monorail and play areas like goofy playhouse and the pirates lair on tom sawyer island disney says spur eights will also be suspended when the parks reopen to avoid crowding. >> i take a live look at the bay area now from our mount tam can lot of clouds out there a beautiful day, but a bit overcast. yeah. just a really low fog bank to start the day. kron four's morning show had a beautiful shot from. >> mount time pious and really was sunny up above the fog. but down below boy socked in really has the feeling of a
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mid summer pattern which is disconcerting considering we are what late april makes you think mark twain and maybe, know, maybe no rain, maybe a little rain this weekend. but it's not really going to move the needle know that's the air force. i mean, we're so far behind and i was just talking to guys about. >> we're son the period the last 2 years have been so extremely dry. if you look back historically they've been since 1849 10 of these two-year periods of very dry periods. and this could be the second worst dry period on record. now the ray of hope we're talking about the ray of hope. 9 out of 10 of the years after those to your dry periods. we have above normal rainfall. so we're hopefully going to see something like that happen. but outside right now. this is probably what we can hope for most. i'm hoping for a really foggy some rhino that sounds bad. but i want to see the fog here. i want to try and keep the fire conditions. all down around the bay area and get back into october. we start talking about more rain again. the temperatures running below the average around much of the bay area. now that fog this kind
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of already settling in now getting ready to move back on shore. you see right there, up 4 point reyes right. make its way to san francisco and them moving into the bay as we speak. so certainly will be plenty of fog when you wake up tomorrow morning, likely some drizzle along the coastline to get to half moon bay, you to many of the beaches are going to see pretty cool temperatures out along the coastline 50's and then the models start to pick up on some of that drizzle. little more sunshine inside the bay and that breeze will kick up in the afternoon, but more of a general sea breeze and the south bay tomorrow. you look at the 70's there by the afternoon and the interior valleys. very nice weather mid 70's by tomorrow afternoon. so certainly some nice spots in many of the inland areas. but back along the coastline expect to be soft and with low clouds and fog and then we hope we get that rain coming in. the best chance that will happen on sunday night. maybe a lingering shower in the monday morning too. all right. let's hope so. thank you lord. still to come, the oscars are almost here and. >> we have a preview when we come back.
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>> the 93rd annual academy awards are live this sunday kind of exciting and entertainment. tonight's nischelle turner gives us a preview. >> hi there, vicki and grant brad pitt, halle berry reese ends among the presenters will see, but who will win. well, eat. he's breaking down 2 of the night's biggest categories. best actor and best actress. >> have you gotten used to hearing what can be more nominee have.
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>> it come along and are already won a globe for the united states versus billie holiday is her oscar next. she'll have to beat the knesset kirby 2 time oscar winner frances mcdormand and previous best actress nominee carey mulligan is it just as exciting every time to get recognized its own icing beneath because it was so, you know, this isn't. >> smooth film to this to be recognized, you know, in these ways is really that. >> viola davis rounds out the category for ma rainey's black bottom. coast are the late chadwick boseman the best actor nominees. he already won the globe a sag award and critics choice award chadwick was absolutely someone who felt like he was walking to the world with just a halo around him. it one in million gazillion.
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>> ilene out the best actor category is sound of metals. riz ahmed gary oldman. steven young and anthony hopkins who at 83 shows no signs of slowing down as one of the thoughts of retiring. >> the seats the script. haha. >> and tune in to e t all week for our in the 90's tonight. i go to atlanta to catch up with melrose place star grant show he revealed the one costar he did not want to work with its good. don't miss it for entertainment tonight. i'm michelle turner. >> all right. the shell can start popping popcorn so much fun to watch. the oscars at sunday night. that wraps it up for us at 5. thanks for being with us this hour. but keep it here because ken and catherine are here now with what we're working on for the news at 6. all right. grant vicki, thank you very much. tonight at 6 governor newsome declares a drought. >> in 2 bay area counties. what we can expect in the future of water use. also a bay area. police officers charged in the shooting death of a suspect, an incident that
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happened in 2018. now the same officer andrew hall is being investigated for another deadly shooting from last month. >> the news at 6 coming up next.
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn.
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santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope. >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. focus this state. >> has a one size fits all solution. >> meaning we have to target our solutions. regionally. parts of the state or in extreme conditions like this. other parts of our state are not fixed. they're in sync, the kind of extreme conditions that we're experiencing here. >> now at 6 with fire season approaching governor newsome is declaring a drought emergency into northern california counties, but he's still not ready to declare one statewide. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne. governor newsome was in mendocino county today to declare a drought emergency there. and in sonoma county.
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>> and as our ashley zavala explains, he's directing state agencies to prepare in case conditions become extreme. >> this particular lake standing in what should be 40 feet under water. governor gavin newsom declared drought emergencies in mendocino and sonoma counties. wednesday you can't focus this state. >> has a one size fits all solution. meaning we have to target our solutions. regionally. parts of the state or in extreme conditions like this. other parts of our state are not fixed very in sync, the kind of extreme conditions that we're experiencing here. the governor noted both county lake capacities are extremely low prompting the declaration. if you're in a different part of the state. you probably need to know that this will one day happened to you. >> so that's to the point of where all californians here we all need to be doing our part when we have such widespread conditions. but wednesday marked the 3rd time in about 2 weeks. the governor said he's not ready to declare a statewide drought emergency.


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