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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  April 21, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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for today, though, another dry one ahead of us. a little bit of fog this morning looking outside at your berkeley cam skies a little bit on the gray side overhead. most of us are holding up fine as far as visibility goes. watch for some pockets of fog out into our inland areas, though, concord right now. you do have some areas in the vicinity where visibility has fallen below a mile as we work our way later in the morning, we'll see less and less the fog inland. but some of that remaining near the coastline. now radar shows you dry conditions across the bay area. we're going to stay that way today. so no worries about rainfall just yet. but we're going to be breaking a dry streak of weather that's lasted well over 30 days now on into the upcoming weekend future cast of wind gust shows those calmer conditions today still breezy at times towards the finish of the day. but nothing like the strong, strong winds we saw yesterday 40's and 50's for current numbers with alameda hayward and san jose each at 51 fremont, san francisco dublin and livermore among spots in the upper 40's right now later
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on today, daytime highs push upwards into the upper 70's inland. it will be a warmer day for inland areas. well similar to yesterday near the coast in the day still in the 50's to 60's reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. as you're hitting the road this morning. we are looking at your bridges. >> traveling across the bay area. let's start with the bay bridge heading into the city to get free much. she exit under 11 minutes for your drive time. and we do have a few high wind advisories that are not expected to stick around for too much longer. so as you head into the city. a nice commute for you this morning. also let's head over and look at the san mateo bridge as you head in a cross towards the peninsula. there. i minutes for your drive time a little gusty so drive safely and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge heading out of richmond under 8 minutes for your drive time. we'll continue tracking your drive times and have more on your commute coming up next. but for now, back to the news. the big story this morning, former police officer derek chauvin found guilty of murder and
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manslaughter and last year's death of george floyd in minneapolis, guilty on all charges. shovel was let out of the court in handcuffs yesterday just moments after being convicted of murder. eric runge has more on the historic verdict. >> data. minnesota, plaintive versus derek michael chauvin defendant inside the courtroom, find the defendant guilty outside the courthouse. >> the cheering got louder each time the crowd heard the judge say the word guilty today. >> the life matter. >> not long after the verdict was read the party began and spread to the streets of minneapolis some in disbelief of the verdict. do you really think it was going to >> i had no faith in it. i had no faith. just look at that. i think that's why so many people are excited because we didn't we. the justice system failed us so many times that we have faith. we maybe got
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could have got manslaughter. but all 3. out. >> the state's legal team after today's verdict, not no verdict can bring george perry floyd back to us. but this verdict does give a message to his family. that he wants somebody. the jury found former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. guilty of killing george floyd during the street for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. >> he kept his knee on his neck even after floyd was unconscious and had no polls. president joe biden speaking after the verdict was read. >> nothing can ever bring their brother. their father. this can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in america. >> we frame this moment for all of not just with r. this is a big tree. $4 to champion
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humanity over in humanity. >> civil rights attorney ben crump joint civil rights leaders in floyd's family in celebrating the jury's verdict. i said i have faith. then he will be convicted with this verdict. also comes hope changes to policing in this country. this really happening. >> after all, there's all. everyone's talking about a brighter future and i'm excited about that. >> the verdict was a big win for prosecutors and it's not always the case when a police officer is accused of killing a civilian so what made it possible for prosecutors in this case where so many others have fallen short in the past. according to solve a legal analyst, stephen clark. it came down to a number of factors like the sheer number of witnesses who not only record video but we're also willing to come forward and testify and the prosecution team was very successful and breaking down chauvin's actions step-by-step that day while doing so chipping away at the defense's case.
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>> police officers do encounter people at their worst when they're intoxicated, when they're agitated, when things when they're have just committed a crime. but they're trained to deal with that. and i think the prosecution was smart to say george floyd is not a perfect person, but he did not deserve to die and he did not deserve to die in this way. and so they didn't hide anything from this jury. i think that was really important. >> clark added that the number of officers willing to come forward and testify can show it is really what sets this case apart and likely sealed the verdict. in the south bay. demonstrators gathered in san jose social justice organizations held an event at grace baptist church following the announcement of the guilty verdict. kron four's. dan thorn has their message. >> the groups that came together say they're pleased with the guilty verdicts in the derek chauvin trial. but they say that justice has not been served they're now looking at this as being an opportunity to move forward in
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terms of police accountability and people gather on the steps of san jose's grace baptist church in response to the guilty verdicts in the death of george floyd organizers called this a vigil for those who have also suffered injustice at the hands of police and then they want to just bring it back to you know, honoring the life of george floyd, you know, remember him you know, thinking about the loss to the world painting of george floyd was draped across the exterior of the church as flags for black power waved in the way tuesday's news bringing some elation for social justice advocates who anxiously awaited the verdict. justice. >> it has rained on this day. we thank god that accountability has arrived on this day. demonstrators also held up flyers of those who have been killed by san jose police officers a reminder for activists that there's still more work that needs to be
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done to reform local police departments are residences still being shot down or down in the street that we need to continue to gather the community to continue to be strong as a community and show up just like this time and time again. >> organizers say chauvin's conviction provides more momentum to make progress. it's definitely not a moment of celebration for us, you but i think there is hope. i would say there's a whole. >> grace baptist pastor george oliver, thanks people for letting their voices be heard through protests and rallies over the last year. he says without this kind of action, these guilty verdicts would not have been possible reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> now on to the east bay. the streets walnut creek where much quieter what we saw last summer there was consideration of putting up barricades around city hall but city officials decided against it. some businesses are boarded up. owners say that's because of recent vandalism in the area. and the south bay san
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jose mayor sam liccardo unveils a plan to reform the city's police department. this comes after several demonstrations and protests following george floyd's death last may a draw for aqi has the latest. there. just last month, city council voted to move forward with police reforms and improve the search for a consultant to assist an internal police investigations while the city and police union are still in negotiations right now. >> we're learning that the process may take a little longer than originally expected. we heard very clearly and i think our police department heard clearly demands for change from the community. >> and so we've been working very a set of reforms and with a new chief now place. we're about embark on a whole effort with the community. mayor sam liccardo says the city of san jose is making some progress on police reform plans unveiled last summer. this comes after the death of george floyd and demonstrations that followed a downtown san jose. multiple by standards complained about the police handling of the
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>> november. we want to the voters as we were required today expand the powers of the impact police auditor and purse co a preview over police misconduct. we also approved, for example. because users released body-worn camera footage rapidly when there's a issue of great public interest. but other reforms are going to take the more media issues, for example, moving investigations of police misconduct out of the police department out of internal affairs into a separate agency. he says moving internal police misconduct probes out of the san jose police department. >> it's something that requires negotiations with police officers. according to state law last month, city council voted to move forward in accepting bids from consultants through last councilmember raul perella says it didn't get the expected response we do have a big that has come back.
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>> really. we felt it was not sufficient in. we're going to be going back out to san jose police officers association is still in negotiations with the city and said on tuesday. >> they're unsure what the city is trying to fix. they say they see no compelling evidence that the police department's internal police affairs is a doing a great job with internal investigations, particularly after the murder of george floyd we're well past the moment in this country wall merrit where americans are going to accept the notion. >> that police will be expected to please it doesn't work that way. with nearly any other institution in this country. has mentioned the city only received one bid from consultants to assist in this internal investigation process. it's going to force the city to broaden its search moving forward. mayor sam liccardo says if in fact they are able to bring internal investigations out of the police department. >> he's told that they be the first in the country to do so in san jose taylor sackey kron 4 news. >> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, one bay
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area county could bring back water restrictions after 2 dry winters in a row. have those details up next.
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>> water restrictions could return to marin county after 2
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dry winters in a row. the marine water district is expected to vote to declare an emergency water shortage in the county. some of the restrictions include limiting outdoor watering to one day a week, washing cars reselling swimming pools or power. washing homes. some local say they're prepared to cut back. >> you know, it is what it is. we have to accept the realities that we are in a drought. once again. not necessarily despair. i mean, we live in a beautiful part of the world. >> anyone caught violating the county's new rules could be fined up to 250 dollars. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. let's get another check of weather john shrable. john, i know you've been actively following the drought situation. so where do we stand on that. yeah, exactly. 2 years of dry weather here. rain that we saw very dry conditions last winter season. >> this one lining up just behind it with even drier conditions were well over 30 days with no consecutive
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rainfall across the bay area now. but that is looking to change this weekend. so there is a little bit of good news in the forecast as far as that goes and i think we're all pretty glad to be hearing that after such dry conditions as cfo and other parts of the peninsula this morning are a little bit on the foggy side, you can see san francisco here. definitely a blanket of cloud cover sitting right above the city. we are also seeing some lower visibility spots further inland, such as right around concord this morning. you are seeing some spots of fog having settled in there right along that arc that are keen as as well as in some of those inland valleys now up in the sierra nevada, a return of some light snowfall snowfall is not going to amount to much today. but a little sign of things to come changing just enough that we will be looking at a big switch up into the weekend. high pressure not as dominant a factor in this forecast is what we had been seeing. so we're already looking at temperatures changing getting a little bit cooler as we work our way through this week and
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we've also even cooler weather come the forecast this weekend. future cast of wind gust showing calmer winds today. that is going to be the biggest difference today from yesterday. you remember how windy and brisk yesterday fell. well, today you're removing that very strong winds as a factor still breezy at times this afternoon. but nothing like yesterday you pair those calmer conditions with a good dose of sunshine later today and daytime highs even a little bit warmer than yesterday's you've got a pretty nice set up for the day now, temperatures in san francisco do remain cool in the 50's and 60's for san francisco, other spots right along the coastline, burlingame a little bit more mild than yesterday up to 67 degrees while 70's return from san carlos south and the mountain view as well as into the south bay san jose and campbell each at 74 today. east bay daytime highs upper 60's to mid 70's areas like danville, walnut creek on over into the tri valley oakland. you'll be at 66. well, conquered antioch pittsburgh
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upper 70's, vacaville right at 80 degrees today. santa rosa nevado back out of the 60's up to 74 degrees each. now tomorrow is actually going to be a brief little warm up as compared to today before cooler weather. the rest of this forecast friday a little bit cooler a little bit foggy or saturday cooler yet with cloudier skies, then come sunday. daytime highs only in the low 60's under warmest with the rainfall looking increasing likely personally likely come sunday afternoon reyna john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your commute as you are heading into the city right now. >> under 10 minutes for your drive time. they're not tracking any major hot spots. and although we do have some a high wind advisories in place. those aren't expected to stick around much longer this morning. but there's one for the bay bridge as well as the san mateo bridge. let's also get a look at the golden gate bridge into the city. about 20 minutes still looks like they have a little overnight construction there. no fog advisories. but visibility looks a little low. there to drive safe. 20 minutes and
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let's leave you with a look at the richmond center fell commute out of richmond, about 9 minutes. we'll have more on this coming up for now back to the news. well, local community activists are weighing in on derek chauvin's guilty verdict calling the decision a critical first step in holding police officers accountable. but there's still progress to be made kron four's. haaziq has more. >> derek chauvin verdict is guilty on all 3 counts for some perspective. i as the executive director of the just as teams network cat brooks what this guilty verdict means for police accountability. >> you know, i think the best way that i can really think about. it is a guilty verdict >> i healing balm and open wheel. but it's not the cure. it's still a band-aid on a gunshot wound to the longtime oakland anti police violence activist says the jury delivering guilty verdicts on all counts for the ex police
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officer taking the life of george floyd. >> it be captured on video is a source of their vacation. she says, for what the video recorded. one of the things that happens to black people in this country as we are continuously gaslit, right. so we live a particular type of existence as we walk through this country. and then we are told from the media, from institutions, from our colleagues, from some our partners that what we are experiencing isn't real or is not as bad as think it is. >> and and that's in part why guilty convictions in cases like this are so important. you know, we were all horrified by the murder of george floyd at the hands of minneapolis police. and immediately after the city council took action to strengthen our use of force policies. >> berkeley mayor jesse out of shares. his perspective on the outcome of the show. the trial. it is a profound you know, for far too often. we you know, people die at the hands of law enforcement and
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and justices tonight. and my hope to that today, justice will finally be deliver and that we can. use this moment to build greater trust between communities and law enforcement and change the practices that resulted in so many will stats. >> has it made you kron. 4 news. >> this case was closely watched by those in the civil rights community. kron 4 was with prominent bay area, civil rights attorney john burris as the verdict was reached. now he's seen his fair share of these kinds of cases. he's also been a part of them as well. he says that ever since rodney king in 1991 there's been a clear lack of accountability among police. but he's hopeful that this is a sign of better times ahead. i also hope. >> that represent a sea change and the general population's perception of claims of police brutality on the part of the place to get african americans. these are in fact legitimate claims that have
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been made and for the half of americans to feel like true citizens and respected by the place and the community allies. the office must be held to answer when they engage and outrageous conduct. >> he adds that now it's up to prosecutors in counties where police brutality does happen to pursue those cases. we're also hearing from families of some of the bay area man killed by police officers. this is the last text message on your screen. michelle monterroso received from her brother. sean before he was shot and killed. this happened in toledo last summer. he was asking for her to sign the petition for george floyd michelle and sister ashley say the conviction of derek chauvin is a start in the right direction. much more work needs to be done. >> it's one things where it is. this is long overdue. united states should have just taken the jury. 9 minutes to to come to a though the sister. while i was still more
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anything having to do with my brother. but today is. a step in the right direction. >> the also been oscar grant's family back to the day he was murdered an oakland when a bart officer put his knee on grant's neck. he also cried out. i can't breathe just like george floyd. a police shooting at a traffic stop. took the life of 20 year old dante wright in brooklyn center, minnesota. his death triggered these protests in oakland last friday night windows were smashed cars were set on fire. police chief leronne armstrong visit that downtown area yesterday before chauvin's verdict was announced. he denounced violence saying it's not the right way to address police reform. >> and i'm a police chief that is willing to have that conversation about how we as law enforcement police our communities in a way that's fair and equitable for all people, no matter what you look like. and to be accountable when we make mistakes to be accountable when our officers taking appropriate action.
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>> the oakland police department put out a statement after the guilty verdict saying we must all recognize this moment is about accountability, justice and reform. we must be compassionate empathetic and for giving all sides must unite as one community to effectively communicate together. we will work towards rethinking policing in america. you can stay up to date on the stories by downloading the kron 4 news at we have a qr code on the screen right now. you can scan with your phone. you can see what's happening in your neighborhood across california or around the world. the qr code is going to take you to your phone's app store. 4 live local streaming news 24 7 kron on is the app that can give you up to minute dates as we continue to follow more on this case. we'll be right back.
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>> a lot of color on this play and apple spring loaded annual product launch event. the tech giant revealed its highly anticipated ipad pro yesterday, which is faster now features 5 g capability. the updated i'm at comes in a variety of colors. and for the first time will have touch id allowing users to unlock their computer or make payments with just a fingertip. there's also a new subscription option for
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apple podcast and a gadget caught air tags which takes find my iphone to the next level. coming up in the next hour. an investigation is underway in the east bay after a man died in police custody. the latest details up next. >> some students in the san jose are headed back to the classroom. details coming up in a live report.
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>> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news that far. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. on a wednesday. april 21st. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and i don't if you notice that, i certainly did at my house. wind was blowing like crazy sure was blowing up all that pollen and allergy stuff feeling it this morning. he's going to happen later today. john. that's why i kept mentioning it. yesterday. those winds yesterday brutal all through the afternoon and not just for coastal spots but all the way into our inland areas. the good news is today will come along with calmer winds still breezy at times. but nothing like the windy conditions that we saw yesterday for your tuesday. now to start out things this morning. we are still breezy, but good little bit calmer already noticeably out there and looking at conditions out in the east bay still a little on the foggy the cloudy side looking at berkeley right here. you can see cloud cover hanging out right above the east bay visibility


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