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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 20, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> welcome we are once again taking a live look at our top story tonight. this is minneapolis in front of cup foods. a vigil, a makeshift vigil there with people standing in respect of this is the location where george floyd. died after 9 minutes and 29 seconds of derek chauvin's knee on his neck. >> and earlier today we spoke with oakland mayor libby schaaf for her reaction to the verdict. take a listen. >> absolutely. the verdict of guilty on all charges gave me an overwhelming sense of relief. but followed by an overwhelming sense of sorrow. but the fact that we had to even question. weather. the verdict could be what it was.
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the fact that someone who acting under state authority could commit such a heinous crime. it is something that we all need to contemplate and work to ensure it never happens again. >> coming up, we will continue to look at reaction here in the bay area with the announcement of derek chauvin teen convicted on all counts in the deat
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>> welcome back. we e taking a live look at minneapolis. this is just hours after the guilty verdict came down in the derek chauvin murder trial. there's been celebration there since the great guilty verdict came down and there is a makeshift vigil set up in front of cup foods that is where george floyd was killed. last year may 25th which prompted you know, all of this now oakland has been the center of violence and unrest linked to to police shootings in recent years. today. the city's police chief was out in the downtown area. urging demonstrators who want to gather to do so peacefully or prefers wearing kelly talked with the chief as he tried to reassure merchan said they will be out in force tonight marine. >> that's right, vicki, that she was in the downtown area reaching out to merchants
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whose businesses were vandalized on friday. there. officers will be out in force tonight, making sure that big things are all peaceful after the verdict. let's take some video here that shows chief more on armstrong walking clan dish one of several businesses that was vandalized. he also visited the target and volkswagen dealership and of as well as a few others. he says he knows tensions have been running high, but he's pleading with those who gather after the verdict to respect the merchants and business owners that did not happen last friday night when a few 100 people came out to protest the failed police killings. dante wright in minnesota and 13 year-old adam toledo in chicago. fires were set windows were shattered today. the chief says his department fully supports people's first amendment rights but please respect the city of oakland. >> destroying our city is not
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going to change it is an opportunity for us to come together and come up with solutions. we can all talk about criminal justice reform. we can all talk about how we want better policing in america. i will sit down and have that conversation with anyone. but i don't want to see is to destroy the city of oakland or business owners don't deserve it all our community members don't deserve it takes away from the message. and so i think, you know, we welcome anybody to come the oakland. this is what oakland has always been about. social justice standing up. for injustice. let's make sure that we don't distort our own homes, but we can't come up with solutions together. >> those are the chief's words before the verdict was read just about an hour and a half ago opd issued a statement reading in part, quote, we all must recognize that this moment is about accountability, justice and reform together we will work towards rethinking policing in
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america driving around the downtown. you can see many businesses and government buildings have plywood up over their windows and barricades around their perimeter. the chief says the national guard is on standby tonight, not just for oakland but for the entire region because he says you never know when these protests can turn violent. that's the latest from here. reporting maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> morning. thank you for that. has now he joins us live from zeke, what are you hearing from the community. >> so now today, a perspective on the meeting of the sheldon guilty burn. it verdict. i spoke to the mayor of an east bay city that last summer pass some sweeping police reforms and also get perspective from arguably the most consistent voice, the gates police violence here in the bay area. here is what they both had to say. derek chauvin verdict is in guilty on all 3 counts for
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some perspective. i as the executive director of the just as teams network cat brooks. >> what this guilty verdict means for police accountability. >> you know, i think the best way that i can really think about. it is a guilty verdict >> i healing balm and open will, but it's not the cure. it's still a band-aid on a gunshot wound to the longtime oakland anti police violence activist says the jury delivery guilty verdicts on all counts for the ex police officer taking the life of george floyd. >> it be captured on video is a source of their vacation. she says, for what the video recorded. one of the things that happens to black people in this country as we are continuously gaslit, right. so we lioe a particular type of existence as we walk through this country. and then we are told from the media, from institutions, from our colleagues, from some our partners that what we are experiencing isn't real or is not as bad as think it is.
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>> and and that's in part why guilty convictions in cases like this are so important. you know, we were all horrified by the murder of george floyd at the hands of minneapolis police. and immediately after the city council took action to strengthen our use of force policies. >> berkeley mayor jesse out of shares. his perspective on the outcome of the show. the trial. it is a profound you know, for far too often. we you know, people die at the hands of law enforcement and and justices tonight. and my hope to that today, justice will finally be deliver and that we can. use this moment to build greater trust between communities and law enforcement and change the practices that resulted in some meaningful steps. has it made you kron 4 news. we have full coverage of the trial from beginning to wind it's on our website. kron 4 dot com there you can find reaction
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from our state and federal leaders as well. >> switching gears now to take a check outside it's a live look at the san mateo bridge. looks like there's a little some water droplets on the camera. it's not our pension nations. meteorologist lawrence karnow here to. >> tell us about that rain. we lose that legit. that's probably the drizzle down there, they are seeing some rain. >> and some lightning strikes in parts of the north bay right now. we're talking about those low that will be swirling in the kick up the winds move a little closer now and bring some rain out there right now let's take you for a closer look and you can see look at the lightning rolling right down across the mountains. they're moving into northern parts of napa and certainly coming down heavy in spots right up there. of course, there's not a lot up there. got the pope valley getting went up there as well as taking for closer. look, same lena probably picking up a couple raindrops now too. so it's a pretty intense cell that is moving on through some of the rain rates in the middle of that run right at the core. yeah. they're coming down pretty heavily. so 2 inches an hour that's going to be a pretty good soaker. this is going to continue to sag to
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the south as it does could bring some more shower down toward now, though, i think it's going to start to fall apart as it heads toward an app. it's probably not to be around very long as the sun begins to set slow the rise and probably lose a lot of that energy needless to not only rain out there, but we've got some very gusty winds around the bay area. we had a gust downtown san francisco 48 miles per hour continue to look at some blustery conditions all around. 37 right now at sfo, you got 33 at near beach, you've got 34 mill valley 29 in fairfax 35 would occur. you get the idea. these winds not mess around today is the core of that low kind of spins on by. we're going to see more of that throughout the evening hours. we'll continue to track that storm system to as a rolls on in more weather. coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence. >> ahead, we continue to look at reaction here in the bay area over a derek chauvin's conviction in the death of george floyd. welcome back. we
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are going back to minneapolis where we're taking a live look right now at a group that has gathered. >> jubilant there all day long. this is in the vicinity of cup the location where there is a a makeshift memorial in honor of george floyd. it the place really where floyd took his his final breath and. after that launched a of a global, a reaction, a call for justice.
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the warriors released a statement saying that we are encouraged that the jury in minneapolis earlier today moved quickly to impose accountability. where does so often missing. however, we realize this is only the beginning .n our communities and our country will need to continue to move forward with purposeful. meaning and action in an effort to achieve racial justice in america. as we noted last summer as an organization that we pledge to do our part as community leaders to make an impactful difference in this space. overall today was a step in the right direction. but the long journey must continue. >> and the forty-niners praised the verdict as well. in a statement reading in part, quote, while the verdict a minnesota is a step towards justice. we still have a long way to go and equitable treatment of communities of color. we'll continue to use our platform to drive awareness spark conversation and inspire action. we'll also continue to support organizations creating racial equality in policing and mass
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incarceration and promoting educational and economic advancements for the black community and the a's who are, by the way, played the minnesota twins tonight released this statement reading before we take the field tonight versus the twins are thoughts continue to be with george floyd's family. the minneapolis community and others impacted by violence. we remain committed to doing our part in oakland to advance equity and inclusion and to support black communities. coming up, we have more reaction from local lawmakers on the conviction of direct
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>> welcome back. this is a live and in minnesota, a few hours after the guilty verdict came down on derek essentially claiming his guilt in the death of george floyd when he put his knee on george point floyd's neck for nearly 10 minutes last year in front of cup foods in minnesota, in minneapolis. back on may 25th now in response to the conviction. governor newsom released a statement saying, quote, the hard truth is that of george floyd look like me could still be alive today. no conviction can repair the harm done to george floyd and his family. but today's verdict provides some accountability as we work to root out the racial injustice that hans our society. we must continue the work of fighting systemic racism and excessive use of force. it's why signs of the nation's most progressive police reform legislation into
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law. i'll continue working with community leaders across the state to hear concerns and support peaceful expression. san francisco mayor london breed releasing a statement that reads this verdict does not bring back to life of george floyd can't replace the years of his life that were robbed from him nor. >> the life experiences and memories that would have been made with his friends and family. what this verdict does reflect is that the tide is turning in this country, although still too slowly toward accountability and justice. >> getting we come back. it is for 20 in many businesses were shattered over the last year because of the pandemic. why the marijuana industry actually saw some growth.
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>> everyone has had their challenges this past year. but san francisco saw some resilience in one industry in particular, although some of their businesses closed the cannabis industry actually did see growth during the pandemic. offers ella sogomonian reports 11 new pot shops open and hired employees when they needed a job. most. >> from one street to the next closed signs are hanging up into many san francisco store fronts to count the cost of staying open during a shelter-in-place proved too much to bear. well, the hospitality industry was decimated. there was one hybrid industry that actually saw some growth in 2020
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cannabis used for both medicinal and recreational purposes pop was deemed essential by the mayor, not all of them made it through. but more than 70 existing marijuana related businesses stayed open and nearly a dozen new owners took a shot at opening up pot shops second be said that. but business is booming despite not having received ppp loans because the federal government still classifies marijuana as a schedule. one drug local government support permits were fast tracked for new opportunities. >> so the owners of cities in union square are actually one of 11 equity applicants were approved during the pandemic. let's head inside and say hello. >> steve. the ceo cindy de la vega grew up in san francisco's sunnydale neighborhood where she went through tough times. so despite the pandemic, she didn't shy away from an opportunity that came her way to become the city's first latina to open a dispensary but i kept going and look at, you know, i opened. and so my thing just continue to educate yourself. and, you know, i feel like where i come from. we put ourselves short flat.
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>> and being a minority. you know, we were at privilege that daughters. so the the thing here is that we need to educate ourselves and use it, use that for you know, don't think that all a little fat bag. but in think it could be a major comeback. city leaders have prioritize pioneers like her through the equity program to help them get into the business and in turn steese e and other. but businesses across san francisco. >> they've hired 31 employees through the first source hiring program in the last year as of february, the unemployment rate hovered around 5.7%, but but tender fabian heard recently got hired at moe greens on market street. he says it was a long job much, but he finally got his new gig through the partnership with the city and a nonprofit. >> and there's more need for workers like him across town. when you look at the back that there was 719. >> openings last year. happening in opportunities for the program. i do think there is a success here and back
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when we look at our economic recovery were even better position to grow the industry and to do so. at one. >> and all despite a challenging year marijuana sales tax for the 3rd quarter of 2020 did slightly from 66 to 65 million dollars compared to the same time prepandemic meantime, but businesses are banking on less restrictions in the near future. and have their lounge is ready to go for when tourists and locals are allowed back in san francisco. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 but don't go anywhere. we have a lot more coverage coming up. that's right. let's get a check on what's coming up on kron 4 news at 6 can catherine. all right. so vicki, thanks very much. so we have a lot more team coverage coming up on the reaction. >> to derek chauvin being found guilty on all counts in the death of george floyd. and we'll go live to minneapolis for celebrations are continuing more than 4 hours after that verdict was read and then we're going to talk with oakland congresswoman barbara lee. we're going to have her reaction to the
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verdict and what she thinks needs to happen next. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. the news of coming up next.
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>> the bay area's local news stations. you now with breaking news. >> we the jury in the above
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entitled matter as to count one unintentional second-degree murder while committing a felony, find the defendant guilty. 3rd degree murder. perpetrating an eminently dangerous act. find the defendant guilty. second degree manslaughter, culpable negligence creating an unreasonable risk. find the defendant guilty. >> we are following the breaking news out of minneapolis. 4 former police officer derek chauvin has been convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne chauvin was found guilty on 3 charges. this afternoon. second-degree murder, third-degree murder. >> and guilty of manslaughter. he could face up to 40 years in prison just for second-degree murder, 25 years in prison for third-degree and 10 years for manslaughter. here's a breakdown of the trial jury that panel includes 6 white jurors, 6 black or multiracial jurors. 7 are women in. they include a chemist, a nurse, an auditor and a grot


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