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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 19, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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kron 4 news at 6. >> this is something the muslim era money has been facing. ever since they began to do business in the inner city. >> now it's 6 o'clock in the east. oakland, a man and his one year-old daughter killed in a house fire this weekend. police are investigating this as an act of arson. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. this incident is now the subject of a double homicide investigation. >> as it appears the fire was intentionally set. we're also learning it may be connected to a deadly shooting at an east bay liquor store and kron four's. haaziq madyun has the story. >> 37 year-old isa moose led his one year-old daughter aliya were killed over the weekend trying to escape a fire inside their home. avenue in oakland. you're looking at video from the citizen app.
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the incident is now the subject of a double homicide investigation as it appears the fire was intentionally set camp and so frequent. >> then becomes, you know, no big deal story to the media until something as tragic as this happens. where now the families, our paying a price for something that happened. one of these inner city source. >> dearborn, michigan, attorney budget is a longtime advocate for the arab muslim community. he says the father who died in the fire has connections to dearborn and is a member of muslim american family who owns booker's liquor store. these, oakland police investigators say booker's liquor stores. also the location of the deadly shooting back on april 10th followed by suspicious fire a few days later, we believe that the first homicide that >> be the next us little be says muslim shop targets across the country for violent acts. but this is different.
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this is a new level. this is a this is beyond. >> acceptable where we're not only are you killing these clinics inside their place of business. but now you're taking it to the home taken to the family. this is this is outrageous. >> the oakland police department and crime stoppers are offering up to $40,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. has it made you kron 4 news. there has been a fund set up for the father and the daughter of the goal is to reach $50,000 for the family right now. >> there's a little more than $22,000 has been raised if you'd like to donate. we have a link at our website kron 4 dot com homicides are currently on the rise across oakland. there have been 43 so far this year, 2021, this is the month by month, break down 15 people killed in january, 15 more in february and march and 13 people have been killed so far in april. anyone with information about the deadly fire. any other homicide is asked to contact oakland police.
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>> the murder case against former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin in the death of george floyd went to the jury today in the bay area businesses and residents are braced for the possibility of more violence. once a verdict is reached in oakland. a workers again, were boarding up doors and windows in the downtown area. there's also a barrier as there was friday along the outside perimeter of the oakland police station. people also boarding up businesses in downtown san francisco in union square. there's a lot of concern about more violence, especially if offieer chauvin work to be acquitted. san francisco police officers are walking the area. local merchants say they are worried. >> if he's acquitted. >> that's going to be a lot of angry people and the people to come down here like they did last time. that's a 70 boarded up by the sword. the boarded up. we're not boarded up yet, we had talked about it at work. you know that a concern,
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the safety living got to work to unite baby people. crazy downtown. >> coming up at 6.30. we will have a live report from minneapolis including highlights of today's closing arguments. another big story we're following tonight. britain county colld become the first bay area county to hit the yellow tier. one state officials announced latest numbers tomorrow. the yellow tier is the state's least restrictive. but some worry a slight rise in covid cases could leave the county stuck in the current orange tier kron four's dan kerman live for us in larkspur with the details. dan. well, and that's the problem here is that they've seen a steady decline in cases since mid-january since the peak of those problems that we had. >> over the christmas period in the new year's period. but that steady decline has kind of stalled and we've seen a slight uptick here in marin county, which also could stall the move to the yellow tier. it's counties across the state continue to reopen what people
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are comfortable doing indoors varies from person to person. i'm comfortable doing anything in sight at this point. i haven't yet found comfort going to my gym. >> but i do go to stores and i go into my office. restaurants are iffy. it just depends what wednesday more indoor options could soon become available in marin county. >> if the county moves to the less restrictive yellow reopening tear on wednesday. but health officials say the state may be forced to hold marine in the orange tier because of a slight uptick in cases over the last week we've seen several clusters of cases among. >> high school team, especially not not school-related school age. club teams, water belong. almost every every almost every sport where we're was turned fall. we've question cases marin county health officer doctor matt willis says the move from orange to yellow could go either way. but if it does happen residents must remain vigilant
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about mask-wearing and distancing because herd immunity is still a ways off for still that window where the majority of us remain vulnerable. so well. there's no there's plenty of room a for surge if the state moves marin county to the yellow tier. it means increased capacity in numerous indoor venues like fitness facilities such as the mount tam racquet club in larkspur momentum was the most important factor show from us 8 point yellows to. >> but mount tam racquet club. president leahy says increasing capacity from 25% to 50%. >> won't mean much inieially because people still aren't comfortable exercising inside. such a way and people being possible coming back to a center like that. >> we have. >> 20% of the people so it doesn't change the dynamics of law. >> state of california should
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announce currin's fate by noon tomorrow. if marine norms instead of moving to yellow health officials say they will remain in orange for at least 2 more weeks live in larkspur dan kerman kron 4 news dan, thank you. here is a further breakdown of what changes moving from the orange to the yellow tier means. >> indoor capacity for gyms, wineries breweries and distilleries can double in size in the orange tier they have 25% capacity. but that's up to 50% in the yellow tier and bars can open indoors with modifications. >> vaccine shortages canceled appointments a thing of the past in santa clara county, a big boost in the vaccine supply means that vaccination sites like the one at levi stadium. we'll be running at full capacity kron four's. rob fladeboe has that story. >> this was the busy scene this afternoon as people flock to levi stadium to get their vaccine shots. officials on monday announced the release of thousands of new appointments in contrast to
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recent weeks vaccine shortages forced the cancellation of new appointments first dose appointments are now be scheduled up to a week in advance says the county's doctor jennifer tong. so we've already receiving significantly more supply than we had been receiving. >> and next so that we can keep up with our each of our sites. maximum capacities. >> which allows us to most in a day just over 20,000. >> the arrival of the first shipments of a promised 300,000 vaccine doses from the federal government. in addition to its allotment from the state. santa clara county is open vaccinations to anyone age 16 and older who live or work in the county. among the first to take advantage of 16 year-old jazz invokes of milpitas. >> well, usually we like to go out a lot and spend time with each other. but we haven't been able to do that so it's been a i play soccer my family
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base occurred. so we would like to go back to the and be normal again to boost in vaccine supply will also help the county tontinue outreach efforts to make sure. >> there is ready access to the vaccine in communities hardest hit by covid-19 including door to door and mobile vaccination appointments. this many as 5,000 people were expected to get their first dose today here at levi stadium while another 10,000 appointments are available here for this coming weekend. and i think we all feel very relieved that the population has been willing to get vaccinated our operations can now operate at. >> full capacity. our staff were frustrated for several weeks to be sitting and waiting and just not having the vaccine to get the job done. and now. >> i think everyone feels very, very in the work that they're doing every day and vaccinating as many people as we are. >> in santa clara. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. this just in, former vice president
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walter mondale has died. he's likely best known for losing the most lopsided presidential election in u.s. history. >> when he lost to ronald reagan in 1984 areas with former president jimmy carter his family says mondale passed away earlier today in minneapolis used to be us senator from minnesota. but no word yet on a cause of death. he was 93 years old and catherine, you may recall 1984 democratic convention when he was nominated to run against reagan was held up, must go. any center in san francisco and his running mate was geraldine ferraro. the female vice presidential candidate of a major party here we are almost 40 years later. we finally you have our first female vice president. yeah. from the bay area. >> they say yesterday as recently as yesterday. he was able to take calls president biden. he accepted calls from former presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton and i was able to talk with am a little bit. he's being remembered as just transforming the role of vice president. he was in there the first one to have an office in the white house.
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very involved and not domestic and foreign policy. >> he was generally well liked and well regarded. but he really took a licking and that 84 elections. he all right. time now for our 4 zone forecast as we step outside with our mount tam candidates jiggling a little bit the in the breeze we held. the breeze is causing trouble not an earthquake there you that's right. and cooler, i guess it's getting yeah. you really felt the seabreeze kick in today. so that's going to be the big changes winds going to ramp up. >> and that's really going to drop the temperatures temperatures coming down in many spots around the bay after what was a gorgeous weekend outside. certainly lot of sunshine. those temperatures, the 80's even a couple 90's. now things changed a bit today that sea breeze kicking in a little hazy out there over the bay right now is that the marine air start to move in. but look at the temperatures. did they really taken a drop over these past 24 hours. 15 degrees. cooler san jose today, 14 degrees, cooler in hayward. 11 degrees cooler in oakland, 12 degrees. cooler in fairfield nap and also santa rosa. so,
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yeah, the temperatures really dropping with that on shore flow in these numbers. yeah. well, here we go. san francisco 58 degrees little bit below the average quite a change oakland at 62 san jose checking into 68 still some 70's in the livermore. we had 80 in concord. that was one of the warmer spots and 75 in santa rosa. but a big change in the weather pattern. now we're scanning your skies. there's a weak system that's going to roll over the top of this ridge of high pressure right across parts of northern california overnight tonight and tomorrow that system is going to be responsible for not bring us any rain, but it will kick up the winds. it's been breezy outside today, but more of a general sea breeze in most spots right now. but i think by tomorrow some very blustery winds come in. we'll talk more about that and the rescue, whether in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. coming up, does the recall effort against governor newsome have enough signatures on the petition to land on the ballot. >> we'll have details on some of the hurdles. he is expected to face this week. plus, students in oakland will be heading back to the classroom
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full-time next, we'll have details on the tentative agreement reached today for full in person instruction. >> also a local doctor says we could be close to skipping the home mask mandate in california. but with exceptions. details on that on kron 4 news at 6.
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this week and the next steps in the recall effort against him. also a lawsuit over his use of power. kron four's, ashley zavala explains. >> oral arguments begin tuesday in the california court of appeal in sacramento over a lawsuit questioning governor gavin newsom's use of power amid the pandemic. this next step comes after the governor appealed a lower court's ruling last year that he abused his executive power and use of the emergency services act to change state law within the law. >> there's absolutely on our side that the california constitution does not countenance autocratic form of government under any circumstances assemblyman kevin kiley is one of 2 republican lawmakers taking the governor to court over the issue oral arguments come 2 weeks after the governor anntunced the state would drop pandemic-related restrictions and allow for a full reopening of the state june 15th that he's planning to continue. >> to exercise sweeping emergency powers for over 2 more months. regardless of
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there is any justification for it. and so i think it just all the more clearly demonstrates the need for a ruling by the court. but it's also going to be the first binding precedent. by a california court of appeal. relating to the limits of the governor's emergency powers. we have to remember the people that are fine suit, a republican legislators who want the governor recalled. i mean, there's your political motivation, steven, the was press secretary for recalled governor gray davis and is now a democratic strategist. i think the governor got a lot of criticism from that and the public court. >> as opposed to the court system. so i think he's learned his lesson on that. but i think we're also not in that kind of crisis mode. now, as we were back then in the coming days. elections officials are set to determine whether a recall petition has enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. >> how much this lawsuit could impact the recall effort is to be seen. i think everything that the governor doesn't this day in age has to be viewed through the prism of the recall newsom's office has said the governor looks
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forward to defending the state's emergency response to covid-19 in the court of appeal. >> oral arguments begin at 09:30am, in the morning tuesday reporting of state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> that's what local students return the classroom this morning. the teachers union at the claire, they also reached an agreement to return to the classroom full-time this upcoming fall. kron four's noelle bellow has more. >> today's a big day old having students come in. it's been a long time really just have a nice to be able to socialize with each other a little more than 100 students descended upon montara middle school in oakland monday morning. >> as hybrid in person instruction began. for many, it was their first time they'd ever been on campus it's their first time months air. so they say it's a really good and the teachers already great back on march 30th. several campuses throughout oakland unified reopened for partial in person learning and monday, the district expanded that instruction welcoming back thousands more elementary and
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middle school students to campus grandparents like sylvia wilson dropped off their young ones with excitement and they are so looking forward to this. it's crazy the process of getting students back on track and into the classroom has taken months of negotiation between the oakland education association and oakland unified school district on monday. the 2 groups released a joint statement announcing their tentative agreement to return to the classroom. full-time. august 9th. they said in part, quote, while we do not always agree on the details. usd are passionate about serving oakland students and families, end quote. they went on to thank families for their patience and support as they navigated uncharted territory. hopefully they can get back on track. >> and everything goes well, i know i will. a tentative academic calendar for the fall was also released monday. but there are still some steps to take before it's all set in
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stone there in oakland. the teachers union will need to ratify the agreement and the school board has to approve it in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> some medical experts are coming out in favor of dropping the mask mandate for people when they're outside kron four's. maureen kelly talked to ucsf doctor. he's actually written to state health officials arguing that californians should be allowed to go outside mask free. >> why? because there's a lot of data now showing us that outdoor transmission is very low and especially of course, in the setting of our low key says that we have here in the bay area in california. but even without that, there was an hour's time study from ireland that showed about one in a 1000 times missions are likely to occur outside. and then there an analysis done by some of us. some people at ucsf that showed the rate of getting a covid-19 outside as much lower. why? because you have all that ventilation ucsf infectious disease expert doctor monica gandhi says the world health organization only advocates wearing a mask
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outside. >> if you cannot keep. but this is a 3 feet from other people that it's not in crowded rallies where people are yelling and they're around each other's pass the time to wear masks right now. >> but outdoors more when you're like outdoor exercising your pass each other on the street. you're hanging out at a park near. can you know, with your friends, there's no reason to wear a mask at point given the biology put another ucsf infectious disease expert doctor george rutherford doesn't believe the mask mandate should be lifted just yet. i think we're probably going to end of the summer some time, but we'll have to see it spends on variance. >> depends on how many people get vaccinated it depends on what the case rates are in the hospitalization rates are if those start to go back up as they are doing in many states in the country. by the way. you know, then i think we're going to have to you know, we might be in this for the longer term. if we're you know, we're talking about. you know, this really almost vanishing beginning it down to a 100 cases a day kind of
6:22 pm
cases a day. right now. by the way, to get down into the few hundreds of cases. okay. okay, then that's a different that's kind of a different proposition right now. i think we need to remain careful. >> doctor rutherford says he doesn't expect us to be wearing masks outside forever. but he does think the mask mandate to stay in place for now and be reassessed in the summer. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> all right. time for another look at 4 zone forecast, a lovely shot of the golden gate bridge. it's nice out there. but hang on to your stuff, lawrence, because it's kind of windy in some spots. yeah. we're just talking about that, right. you see the winds blow around behind us right now on our camera. so get windy in spots out there right now, but more wind to come. i think is low low pressure center just going to kick to our east and that will bring with its more of those gusty winds. so, yeah, things get blustery around the bay area. i think as we head through the night tonight and tomorrow, especially the afternoon. you can watch those winds picking
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up. so yeah, be prepared to going to be a with an outside nice clear skies across most the bay area. little cea's out there that fog still lurking off the coastline. you can see right there begin to make its way closer to the coast. we'll see more of that. i think overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. still, the winds outside not too bad. although gusting to 22 to sfo right now. 17 the stinson beach 21 in fairfield 14 in downtown san francisco. those winds will be stronger by the afternoon. certainly some 3040, mile an hour gusts real possibility near the coastline. temperature wise. we're kind of all over the map. or 54 degrees. and cool in half moon bay, 20 degrees. warmer as you make your way in any a at 74 74 also in concord and 64 degrees in san jose 59 degrees right now in oakland lowered its forecast for you. here we go. we roll this to time. you'll notice the clouds staying away for the most part, one system kind of just kicks to the east of us. that's going to be the system that generates all the wind for tomorrow. then that moves out of town, things calm down, wind wise. we get some very nice weather the middle week.
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but then we get this guy coming in possibly on sunday afternoon bringing a real cold front. the bay area could bring some rain may be the first rain of the month in april in the bay area. if we get lucky behind that model started paint. maybe another quick mover, maybe bring another little rain. our way. the following tuesday. so something to look forward to. there's a chance of rain on the way tomorrow to stay dry. got some partly cloudy skies early on sunny and a bit on the windy side by the afternoon temperatures noticeably cooler highs in the 50's and 60's couple 70's in the valleys. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, the latest on peloton after the government issued an urgent video warning to owners. how a time is
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responding after a warning urged people with young children and pets to immediately stop using the popular treadmill. the warning from the consumer product safety commission came after one child died and nearly 40 others were injured. the commission said that it's had reports of children and even a pet being polled are pinned trapped under the treadmills rear roller palatine is calling the warning inaccurate and misleading. the company says there's no reason to stop using it as long as children and pets are kept away and the machine is turned off when not in use and a safety key is
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still ahead on kron 4 news at 6 children's fate is now in the hands of the jury as the liberation is beginning. the former minneapolis police officer's murder trial. >> we have the details in a live report from minnesota coming up. >> also, the medical examiner's giving us an update on the u.s. capitol police officer who died just hours after the january 6 riot and spring scorcher sweeps southern california leaving firefighters on high alert. we're going hear from la county on how they're getting ready for th
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