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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 18, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know get up one day. >> and you don't know what's going to keeping a lookout. stay safe. >> now a 9. it is a feeling that folks all across america
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know simply too much of tonight. a string of mass shootings continuing to rock communities from coast to coast. that is where we start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 9. thanks so much for joining us. i'm jonathan mccall. justine is off as america battles. the coronavirus another national health emergency is gripping america. that is gun violence right now. manhunt is underway in austin, texas for the man you see on your screen. he is 41 year-old steven nicholas broaddrick police say this morning this former sheriff's detective in travis county, texas, shot and killed 3 people. broderick currently facing a charge of assault of a child. investigators say the broderick is considered armed and dangerous and detectives believe that this shooting was not random and that he knew the 2 women and the men killed in the shootings in the last few hours. authorities in kenosha, wisconsin have a person of interest in custody, a connection to a shooting at a bar that killed 3 people and injured 3 others overnight. detectives say the man was
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asked to leave that bar, but then came back a short time later and started firing. a 16 year-old and an 18 year-old are in custody tonight in omaha, nebraska after a shooting at a mall there yesterday morning that shooting killed a man and injured a woman police say the shooting an isolated incident tonight, indianapolis police say the guns used in last week's deadly rampage at a fedex warehouse were bought legally investigators say the brandon hole a former worker at the warehouse. but the 2 rifles in the shooting back in july and september of last year after his mother said that she feared her son would attempt suicide by cop the fbi recovered a shotgun from holes home after his mother's revelation last year. tonight it's still not known exactly why he was not banned from buying guns under indiana's red flag law. meantime, officials say they're still trying to figure out a motive behind the shooting that killed 8 people before whole
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killed himself for the victims killed in the shooting in thursday in indianapolis were members of the sikh community here in the bay area their lives on are done remembered during a vigil held tonight in fremont, kron four's amanda hari live tonight in fremont with more of outpouring of support and love shown for them there. amanda. >> a lot of fun. i spoke to an organizer and she says the goal is to bring the community together. i saw people grieving and the hope is that they can all heal together. >> it happened over and over again. it just really frustrating overwhelming and heartbreaking late thursday night. 8 people were killed in a mass shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis, 4 of the 8 victims were sick. more than 2000 miles away. members of the sick community feel the we have been victims of hate crime. >> been violence in the past as well when shooting happened at this point. the indianapolis shooting has not been classified as a hate
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crime. but like the oak creek wisconsin shooting in 2012 the shooter purchased the guns legally and took his own life. these are just innocent lives every single day. for out the issues were 6 from the community. but we are at last. we are hurt each and every killing organizer with the jakarta movement drawing the corps says when these types of shootings happen. >> everywhere feels dangerous. there's no safe space for somebody to go out now work on go about their day. she says she hopes this candlelight vigil can make a small difference. i hope people have found a way to connect with each i feel some people are feeling alone and that they can look forward towards making positive change. she can will pass from this and get the stronger together as a community is that's where it will be. that would you believe that they are leaving with sensible. >> this is just one of 5 candlelight vigils held by this group throughout the
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state of california live in fremont, amanda hari kron 4 news amanda, thank you. and police are looking for 2 people connected to the murder of a 16 year-old boy. >> it happened yesterday night on shannondale drive. we showed you the scene as breaking news last night here on kron 4 news at 10 police say the 2 people walked into the garage of a home. one of them started shooting. both of them took off from the scene. officers say they found that teen shot several times. he later died at the scene. officers say they also had to deal with a large crowd of folks at that home who made it tough for them to get to the 16 year-old victim. 2 people arrested for obstruction for officers, anyone with information on the shootings. no urged to call police. 2 people now facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer in sunnyvale. police say they were investigating a suspicious car overnight at a motel 6 when they came across paul garcia in kylie lawson. police say after the duo gave them a fake names. garcia started running from them. an
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officer says he fired a taser when they saw garcia reaching into his pants for an item that turned out to be a gun during the struggle to arrest him garcia firing 2 rounds. one of those bullets hitting him in the foot. police arrested lawson after they say she tried to leave the scene in an over 2 officers. did suffer minor injuries, but both are expected to be okay. union city police along with the alameda county district attorney's office now working together to address hate crimes within the a p i community today. they got a chance to meet with the public to not only answer some questions but also is concerns as well. kron four's. gayle ong takes us there. >> alameda county has seen an uptick in hate crimes since the pandemic. that's why the union city police department and the alameda county district attorney's office set up shop here at a local supermarket to bring awareness to the community. it's an effort union city resident rj regis appreciates. my mom is site 50 years old and she she
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uses public transportation and sometimes it scares me to go from lee. >> my sister picking up much as she can. regions have been worried about family amid a rise of reported attacks against asians over the course of the pandemic. police officers and members of the district attorney's office answered questions about hate crimes that the island pacific seafood market in union city sunday. one common concern victim assistance if they believe they're a victim of a crime. who could they call or who could they contact to just. >> determine whether or not it's a hate crime community members stumped by the tense to hear what resources are available in union city. we have had an increase in hate speech and some hate and what we've been doing is partnering with the district attorney's office because they've established a vertical prosecution unit. >> for these types of crimes to ensure that they are investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. christopher jin, the deputy district attorney of alameda county wants people to know. >> there is help whether or
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not a crime is charged. we have victims of witness who will help the victims through the entire process, whether that's getting them funds, whether that's helping them to go to court or whether that's even describing them through the criminal procedure process. both agencies are reminding people to be extra vigilant. so we do ask that our community members be aware of their surroundings and take extra just to ensure that they're safe wherever they are. we want to stick up for not only are asians brothers and sisters. but obviously those who are impacted because of the race and it's unfortunate that they're picking on people who are also elderly. they think that they're targets. and so you see something police say something. >> a similar event is planned for next month in union city gayle ong kron 4 news. >> all right. let's talk weather this sunday night at 9 o'clock. a live look along the san francisco embarcadero. was it hot enough for you outside today. i know it definitely was for me. hopefully got a chance to cool off a little
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bit. kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strong in tonight for bree so with a look at what we can expect moving into the workweek. >> you know, jonathan, the good thing is, if you'd like colder weather, it's going to be good for you because we're definitely going to see a cool down as we get into the workweek. right now, though, nice clear skies around much of the bay area except along the coast. but this our tower camera showing us some nice clear shot of downtown san francisco. just beautiful. but yes, today was very hot in some spots. well above seasonal you can see what temperatures are like normally for this time of year versus what we saw today. so a 10 degree difference right here in downtown san francisco that we felt today mid 70's in oakland today and then those 80's for san jose and livermore. normally we're in the upper 60's to low 70's and then we did have a record breaker on the books and that is for santa rosa downtown santa rosa hit 90 degrees and normally we see in the upper 60's for this time of year. so definitely far different. but the good news is that high
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ridge that pressure that we've been seeing over the last couple of days. it's going to start to break down as we get especially into tuesday in fact, things are already cooling off much quicker than they did the last night at this hour. in fact, the temperatures outside 50's 60's, even some 40's along the coast. but then 70's because we still saw 80's and some are inland last night at this time. 53 degrees right now in berkeley, 55 in downtown san francisco. 51 right here in san francisco. and we're looking at 54 in nevado 62 degrees in san anselmo. well, tomorrow is going to be warm again, especially if you're going to be around the bay or inland, but not as hot as what we saw today. i'll break it all down neighborhood by neighborhood. coming up, a little bit later. jonathan, back to you. >> rebecca, thank you today that still impacting the bay area 115 years later, a look back at the impact that 19 '06, earthquake. it's still affecting us how it is affecting us in 2021. then an update on this year's for 20
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celebrations said robin williams meadow. will the increase vaccination numbers all folks back into golden gate park. but first, tomorrow closing arguments set to get under way in the murder trial of former minneapolis officer derek chauvin. a look at what we can expect inside of the courtroom.
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>> all eyes will be focused on
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minneapolis tomorrow as lawyers for the prosecution and defense will present their closing arguments in the murder trial of derek chauvin local leaders in minneapolis and brooklyn center. the suburb just north of the town are preparing for the worst after the verdict is read. while george floyd's family and supporters are hoping for justice tom negovan brings us the latest. >> long after an 11:00pm curfew went into effect about a 100 protesters remained outside the heavily guarded brooklyn center police department. >> this >> they were loud. they were angry, but they were also peaceful. local officials appealing for calm after a violent friday night. we need help. >> we need help from minnesotans to stand up. and say that this can't be tolerated demonstrators have gathered here nightly since sunday's police shooting of 20 year-old dante wright killed
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during a traffic stop by a police officer who says she confused her taser with her gun. but wright's name is not the only one protesters here are chanting. after 45 witnesses and 14 often emotional days of testimony closing arguments in the derek chauvin trial begin in the morning you have any questions about your right to remain silent or to testify your own behalf. >> not at this time. i don't the former minneapolis police officer faces 3 charges in the death of george floyd second-degree murder third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. the jury should have the case and be sequestered for deliberations by monday afternoon cities nationwide are increasing security in preparation for the verdict. we have one prayer. just this would be fined next to police headquarters in brooklyn center. there's a small church whose leaders have also been appealing for calm fearful as
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so many. here are shows an acquittal will reignite the riots that spread from the twin cities across the country after floyd's death last may. >> in the touch we pray and we forgiven. i just pray that everything goes well next week. >> tom negovan ktla 5 news. >> you see ucl a researchers say that the golden state is in the middle of a 22 year drought climate change is the main force behind the issue. according to researchers 2000 to 2018 was the second driest period in california history. the first so-called mega drought happened all the way back in the late 1500's skeptics say that the colorado basin may be facing mega drought conditions. but they say that seasonal droughts are typical and nothing new for the folks here. the golden state and though can take up to 10 years for groundwater supplies to rebound from dry spells. a weather tonight. hopefully we can contribute to
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the ground whether those ground water supplies with rain that is desperately needed around these parts. a live look tonight on a top mount tam kron, 4 meteorologist rebecca strong here to 9 with the potential all of something falling from the sky that is headed our way. rebecca. yes, you're saying there's a chance yes, there it is. there's slight chance that i'm following. >> maybe raindrops as we get into of the weekend. the latter part of the weekend get to that a little bit later. but for now, yes, it was warmer on the bay area, especially if you are around the bay or summer interior valleys today. it got hot for you. there. so hopefully you're able to spend it a little bit outside but also indoors. nice and safe and sound. our live camera network showing us mostly clear skies. and this is our camera on top of the east bay hills there and berkeley can see all the way across the bay. and i shot into san francisco temperatures tomorrow we're going to return to getting back to normal in some areas
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like throughout san francisco. we're going to be in the 60's tomorrow. so a lot cooler than what we saw today downtown. you'll be at a high of 68 67 for the mission district sunsets. you'll be at 62 and then some 50's at the coast of are not a 57 tomorrow. 58 in mont era and then 60's that we're throughout san bruno on into millbrae and then we're going to see those 70's popping up so much cooler in redwood city than it was today. 73 in woodside mid 70's for palo alto and for mountain view, we saw upper 80's across the entire south bay today. so you can see the difference. we're topping out into the upper 70's. so about a 5 to 10 degree difference depending upon where you'll be downtown san jose high of 78 with a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy upper 70's for pleasant 10 in dublin. but low 80's. if you're going to be in livermore tomorrow and then those 80's popping up once again through walnut creek and danville. san ramon, a mild 76 degrees. 75 in moraga 75 also in hercules. and those 80's
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returning once again for vacaville it 86 a high of 84 in fairfield. we're looking at low 80's throughout napa and yon feel tomorrow and then a quick look at the we're going to see a upper air low 80's in santa rosa. and talk santa rosa broke a record today. it hit 90 degrees in the downtown much cooler for you. tomorrow, 75 in petaluma and then we're going to see 60's at the coast like point raised will be the high of 66 and then the good news is john in the once we get through tomorrow, we're going to see a real drop in temperatures tuesday through the rest of the week. and like i was mentioning the possibility of some rain. all right. so it's nice to get a nice little preview of summer. exactly before its return back to normal and rain. that's right. and chilly. yeah. crossing our fingers all right. all right. thanks for >> authorities in san joaquin county say that they are cracking down traffickers and other people committing crimes in the area. >> kristi gross shows us how local, state and federal
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leaders now working together to try to put an end to it. >> behind these keyboards phones and tablets are dozens of undercover officers working to catch potential predators. leave. >> we read some more of this operation we ever have since monday later police services cheap ryan bitterman says more than a 100 officers from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been conducting an undercover operation across san joaquin county coming together to kind of like attack. >> everything related to crimes and kids investigators posted ads. some pretending to be under age on different social media sites out thousands and thousands of conversations that we've had over this week. you know, we're we're catching the really bad ones and the ones that are really eager with those the ones we want to get arrests were made for a range of crimes from pumping in solicitation to human trafficking. officers also recovered 5 guns, the but they're playing the victim and every one of them, he would rather play the victim, then actually had to go take a report of an actual victim
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being victimized biederman and an undercover officers say this operation is proof of the danger lurking online. unfortunately, we don't catch all of them. obviously it's pervasive because we catch we catch more. >> every time we do it. you would think it would be a dead, but it's not investigators say they want people to know will continue to do these types of operations to keep the community safe, to give his mind to know that when they go out or when they let the kids go out they don't have to worry about. i'm kristi gross. fox 40 news. 100, 15 years since the devastating 19. '06, earthquake here in san francisco. >> a look at how it's still impacting us in 2021.
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and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. cape town, south africa battling a massive wildfire that's raging on the slopes of table mountain today. >> more than 200 fire crews along with emergency workers deployed along with 4 helicopters used to help battle the flames cape town university students were forced to evacuate their campus when spreading across the blaze across spread the blaze across dry brush and forced some roads to close down the fire burned parts of at least one business so far, no injuries or fatalities have been reported. 2 lawsuits have now been filed against united airlines over the flight. remember where that engine caught on fire and part of that fell over denver in
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february. well, the civil lawsuits filed friday claimed that the 2 passengers on board that flight suffered significant trauma and distress. the attorney for those 2 passengers asking for at least $50,000 in damages in a press release announcing the lawsuit. the plaintiffs attorneys wrote that the terror his client's experience, quote, last a lifetime united airlines has declined to comment. the united states and china say that they will conperate on fighting climate change in a joint statement delivered during us climate envoy john kerry's visit to shanghai. it says the issue must be addressed globally. kerry says the best way to tackle climate change is to get leaders around the world on board president biden has invited 40 leaders to take part in a 2 day virtual summit on climate change starting friday. the u.s. and china account for nearly half of the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change. climate change also may make it a little
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tough for you to get a good cup of coffee. new study shows that rising temperatures could result in bland to tasting varieties. researchers from the potsdam institute in germany. studied coffee beans from ethiopia, which is a major coffee producer. the study found that changes in temperature along with rainfall and the length of seasons would change the quality and taste of beans, making them more bland coffee beans rely on specific coffee patterns for their unique flavors. but in climber, warmer climates, coffee beans mature slowly making it 4 a lower quality cup. >> and i'm rebecca strong in for rodriguez tonight. 10, we saw some hot spots around the bay area today, things are going to cool down a bit tomorrow, depending upon where you'll be have a complete weather check coming up after the break. stay with us.
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>> another big story we're following tonight. more be areas kiddo's are heading back to the classroom tomorrow, including kids in the san jose evergreen school district monday. they will. welcome back. students from preschool to second grade. they'll be in class 4 days a week with one day. still online. meanwhile, grades 3 through 8 are expected to head back to class by the 26 students still do have the option of continuing distance learning the school district has created a training video for parents and students to help them get ready for the changes with the
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health protocols. meanwhile, across the bay in oakland 6 elementary schools in oakland unified school districts will resume in person learning tomorrow. the students will be on a hybrid learning model where they will spend part of the day. virtual learning and then arrive on campus for in-person learning 2 times a week. we can thank the impressive rate of vaccine distribution for helping more and more students get back to the classroom. so far nearly 26 million covid vaccines have been administered here in california today on twitter, governor gavin newsome says that more than 10 million doses. that's 10 million doses more than the closest 8. and that's actually more than all but 5 countries on the entire globe so far. half of all eligible californians have had at least one dose of the vaccine. 30% of the golden state's population is now fully vaccinated. today. the cdc says that half of all american adults have received at least one dose. the covid
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vaccine so far more than 209 million doses have been administered across america. 25% of the united states population now fully vaccinated the country set to reach another milestone on monday when the vaccine becomes available to every american 16 and older. tomorrow fences were set to go up around robin williams meadow in san francisco's golden gate park in anticipation of 4.20. still to come on tuesday. last week, mayor london breed along with the city's parks department announced that the annual event on hippie hill. we'll have to be canceled again this year because of restrictions with the pandemic kron four's to love the second got a chance to talk with organizers behind the event to learn of other ways that you can celebrate safely. >> for a second year in a row celebrations here are canceled and the city sending a strong no tolerance message to anyone who start about coming here. in addition to this whole area being fenced off sfpd and park rangers will be here to ensure that no gatherings take place.
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>> typically 10's of thousands of people are drawn to robin williams meadow in san francisco for 20. however, the annual celebrations here on the hill are again canceled this year. fences and barricades will go up around robin williams meadow on monday to prevent anyone from gathering for the high holiday on tuesday going to golden gate park for 4.20 is going to be a big waste of your time. >> it's going to be completely fenced and inaccessible in the help hippie hill area or a bear a cap or tune with san francisco recreation park says. >> the events canceled for a second year in a row due to concerns over the coronavirus beereally long year for all of us may know we're all itching to go out and do things with people. we're just not ready for a big celebration like for 20. we've come so far and we don't want to take any steps backwards. police and park rangers will disperse any large gatherings in citations may be issued if people don't comply. instead,
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people are encouraged to celebrate safely from home working with bernard the owner corner of of cookies. >> he's hosting a comedy show. hosted by michael blackson. paul you know, the ball's on there. get an incredible lineup. alex aquino is the organizer and event producer of the annual for 20 celebrations on hippie hill. >> well, the event will happen in person. he says there's plenty of virtual events happening on tuesday. those looking to take part of the celebrations from home can head to the website for be hill dot com over there. you'll find a link to all the live streamed event in virtual entertainment on tuesday in san francisco to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. >> let's talk weather tonight at 9 o'clock. a live look outside at downtown san francisco, courtesy of the sutro tower camera. we had definitely a warm weekend across these parts. but a cooldown is on the way. kron 4
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meteorologist rebecca strong in tonight for debris. so with a look at what's on the way for this week. >> yeah, jonathan, tomorrow still going to be warm if you're going to be inland. cooler, though, across the bay area on average, especially versus what we saw today. it felt more like summer in some spots that it did springtime but out the door. right now. we're looking at some mostly clear skies. our live camera are looking at conditions at san francisco international airport. we're seeing a little bit of coastal fog. but that's about it tonight. temperatures right now. definitely getting cooler than what we saw this same time last night 40's along the coast 50's around the bay 60's and 70's as we get to further inland. so you're definitely get a feel the difference. and that's for sure. the winds are also going to start subsiding. the gusts are going to start to get a little bit weekend during the overnight hours. but then things are going to kick up as we get into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. so just keep that in mind. we could see gusts picking up to 40 miles per hour in some spots,
9:35 pm
especially along the coast for summer north bay areas as well. so just keep that in mind. futurecast for showing us, though, things are going to start cooling down, especially on tuesday. we'll start to see that marine layer come back into the bay area, keeping getting back to normal temperature wise for this time of year and then things should be dry pretty much for the entire week. but this is what we have an eye on. we're tracking a storm system that is developing out of the pacific northwest. it could be bringing us a chance of rain into the weekend. and if it touches down, it looks like a saturday late saturday, maybe sunday we could see some of that much needed rainfall. so we will definitely keep you posted on that tomorrow's highs. here's a quick breakdown. we're seeing the 60's at the coast 70's around the bay and then those returning once again inland. but again, it was a lot hotter today in some spots because we saw some 90's, even some record breakers, especially santa rosa broke a record today of 90 degrees in the
9:36 pm
downtown area versus the upper 60's that we see for this time of year. normally. so i'll break down the temperatures. a neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in just a couple of minutes. for now, back to jonathan. >> rebecca, thank you. it was 115 years ago today thar a massive and deadly earthquake hit san francisco leading to a massive fire. the strong shocks lasting for just a minute. but the tremors destroying some 20,000 buildings here in san francisco each and every year the city host a ceremony to remember that historic day kron four's camila barco has a look at the observance that took place today in the middle of a pandemic. rs since one of the most significant earthquakes of all time now despite being in a pandemic. people in san francisco are still remembering the damage left behind from that event and the lives lost. >> the dress attire was playful slightly puffed
9:37 pm
sleeves that lotus it's in memory of april 18th 19. '06, and before it was over. a few hours. >> the city at falling apart. >> at 05:11am a 7.9 earthquake shook san francisco to its core. a fire also broke out 250,000 people were homeless. 100,000 left town and more than 3,000 died in recognition for those first responders. >> for the people we lost during the 19 '06, 4, earthquake for the people we lost during this pandemic. let's take a moment of silence. >> thank across town. people gathered around the golden fire hydrant. it helps save lives during the event the fire was coming up from the city. >> and they carried in hoses up here put to brought the hoses down and put out the fires before they could burn
9:38 pm
down the church's mayor london breed calls out the heroes who helped rebuild the city from the ashes. she says the situation is similar to the one we're in now when i think about. >> san francisco in our resilience. that's what we've been talking about this entire pandemic. we've come so far. >> one of the organizers tell me the earthquake survivors are no longer alive. the many family and friends of those people still join the community during the annual ceremony to remember them in san francisco camila barco kron 4 news. >> former vice president al gore is out on the road this week in memphis trying to rally support in stop the construction of a new oil pipeline after complaints from the folks there as michael shure shows us the cause, no getting some national attention as some big names on capitol hill start to speak out, including new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez. >> you know, by 25 26 a lot colleagues. >> so sign this letter. >> we'll get maybe better more
9:39 pm
cajun. we did the last time we we're the goal for these members of congress has to do away with the army corps of engineers permit 12, which is they claim is used for, quote, avoiding public input as well as project specific scrutiny of environmental harm cohen saying that the high-profile the representative ocasio-cortez brings can only help but i certainly appreciate your support. us are out. >> re tweeted one by police about the lot. >> i appreciate that. saw her out. she >> a little bit out and others have been willing to help as well. just last month, former vice president al gore attended a memphis rally against the pipeline. this pipeline project is iraq. plus. >> racist rip news nation. was there in march for the rally in the michael shure and i asked about permit 12 permit. 12 has been used all over the
9:40 pm
country as a fast you know, wink and a nod. go ahead and do what you want to do without really protecting local communities. it should be revoked today was reverend william barber co-chair of the poor people's campaign who brought his efforts to the bluff city vision is to know in the community needs to know. >> that one pound of crude oil. it can contaminate. 25 million gallon. ground war. the companies behind the pipeline say the project makes economic sense is environmentally sound and creates jobs. >> justin j pearson who co-founded memphis community against the pipeline believes the company's think they can exploit these residents who it hurts us, who has always been hurting in our society and this black indigenous people of color and low wealth people as cohen is lobbying the administration. he credits pearson with keeping the attention up back home based on a lot to get this going to responsible. vice president
9:41 pm
for. >> and reverend barber of the matter is this is the most significant important thing that i've ever been. >> fortunate to be a part of michael shure news nation. ahead tonight, the latest on the back and forth between bolton and the consumer product safety commission. >> over the dangers potential dangers of their treadmill. then in sports, the a's looking to complete the sweep today against the tigers to capture their 8th straight win column moves has highlights column moves has highlights from the coliseum. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price.
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>> it is the hottest new exercise toy on the market. we're talking about peloton's. but number $1000 workout program now under fire after several kids and even animals were injured on their treadmills tonight. the consumer product safety commission now telling everyone to stop using them. while peloton says that they're completely safe. ashley katz has more. >> the u.s. consumer product safety commission released this 53 2nd clip showing the young girl walking on a pallet on tread. plus treadmill. there are no adult seen in the to put the ball on the machine and in an instant, he is swept under. he gets free then again, he's pulled under the treadmill. finally, he walks away the u.s. consumer product safety commission says they are aware of 39 incidents like
9:45 pm
this of children and pets being injured by the peloton tread plus and one case a child died. jim carrey says a new york times best-selling author and fitness expert for more than 30 years. this has been a problem for many years. he says any electrical fitness equipment could oose a safety risk to children. first of all, the electorate putting the tribunal's disturbance stir the bikes that are plugged in. >> all of them need to be unplugged at all times. but the problem is so many of them have chains and things that especially small children. >> can get their fingers into. so i recommend that people have been in a room that they can actually lock or close the door. the u.s. consumer product safety commission recommends consumers stop using the peloton tread plus, if there are small children or pets at home. >> use the product only in a locked room. and when not in use unplug the tread plus and store the safety key away from the device peloton released
9:46 pm
this statement calling the consumer product safety commission's press release in accurate and misleading saying in part. >> there is no reason to stop using the tread. plus, as long as all warnings and safety instructions are followed children under 16 should never use the tread plus and members to keep children pets and objects away from the trib. plus at all times online fitness, trainer and don't know if in a daze suggest another safety measure is educating yourself and your child of how to safely use gym equipment. i think the children about safety is an extremely valuable resource. >> you know, we teach our coaches to consistently maintain safety measures inside of the facility and then why not extend that to children so they can also understand the importance of. >> safety is as another key tool to safety is where a person stores their equipment on plugging it can be agreed to to keep things safe. >> only go back to, you know, the safest thing is always to
9:47 pm
keep those equipment in a separate room. where, you know, children and pets can get to them. >> ashley ketz reporting for us tonight. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> good evening. giants and south beach looking to avoid the series sweep against the marlins. last night's game with super late. so gabe kepler had to get creative with his bullpen miami, florida. definitely. one of the best road trips in sports. but you gotta win before you can have fun in the sun and the giants haven't been doing that quite yet. alex wood made his first start of the season and he was super solid on the mound. he allowed just 3 hits and struck out 4 in 5 innings. now here, top of the 3rd brandon belt smokes one to first. that's ruled an error. you can see just goes between his legs off bell ends up on first, let's on second and that leads to this place gets son with a single to shallow, right. let's stella comes on
9:48 pm
in to score and the giants on the ford's first, it's one zip now. check out this defensive play from austin slater. he tracks down this well, hit ball to center makes the diving catch props to him. 7th inning. now camillo comey load overall making his major league debut for the giants. he was very impressive in his one inning of work striking out 2, 1, to 3 frames and it was a spectacular day for the giants bullpen all around. they gave up no hits in 4 innings. tyler rogers gets the groundout. his submarine throw is something, isn't it, to end this one final score, one. nothing giants. now let's go out to oakland and check in on one of the hottest teams in baseball a's hosting the tigers bottom of the 4th no score until ramon loriano takes this bad boy on a ride to center field that hits the wall. its course cannon lauriano is in on a triple top of the 6. let's head there to on for harold castro. he lines
9:49 pm
one into right field for base hit 2 runs come into score and just like that, the tigers take the lead to one bottom of the 8th sean murphy castro is the next guy up to bat here he is at the plate. he sends this one to center and that is a one way trip to the cheap seats. a's hyatt on the solo blast. making things go down to the wire. bottom of the 9th still tied. orleans grounders guests, 5 j merck and alario at 3rd. matt olson scores on an error. so quite an unconventional walk off for the aces sweep. the tigers, all 4 games. 3, 2, the final score and they are rightfully celebrating. now the warriors lost a thriller last night to the celtics buzz. it will. but it wasn't because of a lack of hostile and. there is the perfect example. yeah. that guy was jt a diving up and over the scorer's table to try to get a loose ball and he successfully did that play actually lead to a steph
9:50 pm
curry. 3. but came out of it with a couple stitches on his head and a concussion. understandably. i mean, that's. a pretty big tumble. but kudos to him. i mean, job well done. he sacrifices his body for the team and it paid off. he said on instagram he would do it again, too. you love that team environment boxing can be overlooked here in the bay area. but some of the best boxing talent in the world is training right in our own backyard. we saw it with oakland's own andre ward will be inducted into the boxing hall of fame this summer. and we might be seeing it again with another native of the town meet david lopez. you see him here. a lot of buzz surrounding the 17 year-old who could turn into a national boxer. jason dumas us shows us exactly why. bought. ig blow, even shoes o- >> it kind of i went to the gym and my dad. my brother read a saw the operation saying i decided to pick up
9:51 pm
the gloves and a united states would more >> located came with professing his it takes a lot of sacrifice, a lot of dedication and a lot of my time is put into a box and you know, it's hard having to balance school and walks but i find a way to do both paid off. >> on march 20 17 years old. became one of the youngest fighters to ever sign a professional contract with mayweather promotions. i grew up watching floyd mayweather a lot when i was younger. >> so for me to be signed to mayweather promotions was a big deal for me. it's just a first up, a migraine. >> the folks over at mayweather promotions believe david following floyd's footsteps. >> we just really excited about our future of where we go in, you know, floyd's retirement now. so it's about building that next generation of young fighters. david, no cases can be part part of big part of that.
9:52 pm
>> that would be expected. david, to get in the ring for his debut as soon as june in the meantime, david will remain down same thing that got him here. i know a lot of spot on the inside. the motion is a big deal and have to be in the gym every day to hold my spot and i know a lot of people want. what i have is that to me say what i have. and, you know, really take advantage what i'm doing. >> very excited to see what he ends up doing. but have you cannot to a baseball game at jonathan. i have not. not judge. i know the astros were in town when maybe you don't you know what? it's good to see a's of definitely turn things around because yeah, thought the ceiling was caving in oh, no, there's after that series. yeah, on the next series against the dodgers. didn't go much better. so it was like, no, no, but that when they went to houston, though. yeah. then they kind of got off and took, yeah, they took that series. so there you go. you've got to
9:53 pm
get out to the ballpark, though. i will say the pandemic experience is still a lot of fun. there's some restrictions, but it's just good to get out in the fresh air and. >> watch live sports will. i will definitely give it a try. all right. good you give it a try. >> so it's everyone. we'll be right back. let's talk weather
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
this sunday night at 9 o'clock. let's get you ready
9:56 pm
to head out the door for the start of your monday. things will be a little bit warmer. not quite as warm as they weren't today or even yesterday for some folks kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strong here tonight to get you ready for monday. >> yeah, it's going to be a lot cooler in some spots around the bay area versus what we saw today that is for sure. it's still going to be warm and others depending upon where you'll be. we're looking at mostly clear skies outside right now. the star camera on top of the east bay hills in berkeley and a nice clear shot across the bay all the way to the other side of it. sen showing a san francisco. we're going to be seeing those clear conditions are for most of the evening tonight. just some coastal fog sticking around. but yes, today was well above seasonal averages. a quick breakdown here. san francisco. you were 10 degrees higher what we normally see for this time of year. we saw 75 in oakland 83 in san jose. and then look at those 90's for concord and santa rosa, things are not going to get said nearly as hot there. it's definitely going to dip down
9:57 pm
as we get into tomorrow. thanks to future cast for showing us of this high pressure system is going to start to break down over the next couple of days and we are tracking a storm system. this is what we're keeping our eye on coming out of the pacific northwest. hopefully it will bring us some rain drops as we get closer to the weekend. so jonathan, it's been a little bit of a mixed bag. we 90's today in some areas. now we're going to see a slight cool down and the possibility of some rain next weekend. i know it's a good mix for everyone. a little bit of everything so that yeah, to make everyone a little bit happy. that's right. all right, rebecca, does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock don't go anywhere. though. we still have more news on the way for kron 4 news at 10 at the top of the hour.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news again. it's been really frustrating overwhelming and heartbreaking. >> now at 10 o'clock folks right here in the bay area mourning the loss of 8 people killed the shooting facility or during the shooting at an indianapolis fedex facility on thursday. welcome to kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. i'm jonathan mccall, justine is off tonight. the jakarta movement osieck organization holding candlelight vigils across


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