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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 18, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at 8 o'clock. members of the bay area's sick community coming together to honor the lives lost of those from their community killed in a violent shooting rampage in indiana this week. this is kron 4 news at 8 o'clock this sunday night. i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off. candlelight vigils like the one held in fremont are being held all across california tonight to remember at least 4 victims of the sick community killed in the shooting at the fedex warehouse in indianapolis last week. kron four's amanda hari
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live tonight in fremont with the story unfolding there. amanda. >> jonathan, i spoke to the organizer says the goal of this event is to bring the community together. if i take a step away, you can see they're actually coming together right now. you can see some of those lights book candle lights flickering on the camera right now. i'm told the goal is that they can heal together. >> happen over and over again. it just really frustrating overwhelming and heartbreaking late thursday night. 8 people were killed in a mass shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis. 4 of the 8 victims were seek more than 2000 miles away. members of the sikh community feel the loss. we have been victims of hate crime. >> been violence in the past as well when shooting happened like the oak creek. wisconsin shooting in 2012 the shooter purchased the guns legally and took his own life. >> these are just innocent lives. every single day for out the issues were 6 from the
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community. but. >> we are at last. we are hurt from each and every killing organizer with the truck are a movement rockin. the corps says she hopes this candlelight vigil can make a small difference. i hope people have found a way to connect with each i feel some people are feeling. >> alone and that they can look towards making positive change. >> we pass from this and get be stronger together as a community is. that's where we'll be that when people leave. they are leaving with sensible. >> this is one of 5 candlelight vigils being held throughout the state by this group this evening live in fremont. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> amanda, thank you. indianapolis. police say that branded hold the former fed ex worker behind that violent rampage bought the guns used in the shooting legally. the rifles were bought last july and september apparently after his mother said that she feared that her son would attempt a suicide by cop the
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fbi says it seized a shotgun from holes home after his mother's revelation last year. it's still unknown tonight why he was not barred from buying more weapons under indiana's red flag law. meantime, officials say they're still trying to figure out what motivated whole a former worker there to shooting kill 8 people before killing himself just a few days after people were gunned down at that fedex facility in indianapolis. america's grappling with another wave of deadly gun violence this weekend as 7 people are shot and killed across the country. united states has now seen nearly a dozen mass shootings. just more than a dozen mass shooting since 2021. we begin in austin tonight where a manhunt is underway for this man. you see on your screen. he's 41 year-old steven nicholas brought it redick, i should say, a former detective with the travis county sheriff's office who investigators say killed at least 3 people. this morning. broaddrick was fired last year after he was charged with assault of a child right now.
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investigators believe the shooting is a domestic incident and isolated and that the victims were known to him, but they have not released any other details. a shelter-in-place order issued earlier today has now since been lifted. it happened just before noon central time at an apartment complex in austin. 2 women. one man found dead at the scene overnight in wisconsin. one person now in custody after a shooting at a bar this morning in kenosha. that incident left 3 people dead and 3 others injured. officials there say the suspect was asked to leave a bar earlier this morning but came back a short time later and then opened fire. meanwhile, in nebraska, 2 men have been arrested in connection to a deadly shooting at a mall, a 16 year-old and an 18 year-old now in custody in connection to the incident that happened at a mall in omaha yesterday morning. once again one man was killed and a woman injured. investigators say right now they have no idea on
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a motive behind this incident. they say the 18 year-old is an accessory to that shooting. police have not released any information on a motive or relationship that the 2 men may have had with the victim coming up tonight at 8.30. i will talk live with our political expert about the president's gun reform plan and the challenge is on getting a deal done in congress. now to coronavirus coverage tonight. so far more than 26 million covid vaccines have been administered here in california in a tweet this afternoon. governor gavin newsome said that half of all eligible californians have been received at least one dose, 30% of the state's population now fully vaccinated santa clara county leading the way with the most shots given here in the bay area so far more than 1.3 million have been administered. there alameda contra, san francisco and san mateo counties rounding out the top 5 here in the bay area. you can see a list of those numbers county by county right now kron 4 dot com today. the cdc says that half
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of all american adults have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine so far more than 209 million doses of the vaccine have been administered across the country. 25% of the american population. now fully vaccinated against the virus. the country set to reach yet another milestone on monday when the vaccine will become available to all americans 16 and older. meanwhile tonight. america's top infectious disease expert believes that the pause on the troubled johnson and johnson covid vaccine could be lifted by the end of the week. doctor anthony fauci says that new warnings, though, could be attached to it kron four's jessi tenure has more. >> the cdc's vaccine advisory committee will examine data related to those concerns on friday. fauci says there are still questions that need to be answered before then. >> i doubt very seriously. if they just cancel it. i don't think that's going to happen. doctor anthony fauci, the white house's chief medical
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adviser expects the return of the johnson and johnson vaccine. i don't think it's just going to go back and say, ok, everything's fine, go right back. i think it unlikely say, ok, we're going to use it, but be careful and to the certain circumstances, those types of warnings could include exclusions based on a person's age or following the shots possible link to a small number of rare blood clots. >> but fauci says he doesn't want to get ahead of the fda and cdc assessments. when you talk to our colleagues in europe, particularly in the uk. it isn't only women. there are men involved and it isn't always associated with very controlled by any means. >> so i think we have to be careful. but marc short, the chief of staff to former vice president mike pence argues the paws of the vaccine is much more dangerous than shot itself. >> it's a 1000 times more likely to suffer blood clots month, birth control pill yet. we're pausing it. >> it's time we can need to continue to deliver the vaccination short worries the temporary delay will only increase skepticism among americans. you're going to create hesitancy from people
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who should be getting the vaccination who now have doubts. but fauci says the pause is vital not only to further examine the vaccine. but to raise awareness among providers of the proper treatment. the pfizer and moderna ceo's have said it's likely people will eventually need a 3rd shot. but fauci says that's ultimately a decision to be made by public health officials, not pharmaceutical companies in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> tomorrow morning, students in the san jose evergreen school district will head back to campus for the first time in more than a year. preschool to second grade along with 7th and 8th grade. students will start a 4 day a week in person learning session starting tomorrow. 3rd through 6th grade student set to return next week. students also have the option to continue distance learning. and despite concerns from the teachers union oakland unified students at 6 elementary schools will resume in person learning tomorrow. the district will move to a hybrid model. let's
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talk weather this sunday night at 8 o'clock. a live look outside at san francisco courtesy from the mount tamalpais a scammer. their kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strom who tonight to get you ready for the start of workweek. it was a warm day needless to say hopefully things will cool off a little bit during the week. yeah. they definitely will, jonathan that today was warm to even hot in some areas because we're tracking some record. >> breaking temperatures, especially in the north bay. some of the spots got into the early 90's. so definitely different. and that's feels more like summer today than it did spring time. but nonetheless. >> it's going to be a beautiful evening around the bay area mostly clear skies our sutro tower cam right now showing us a nice clear picture of downtown san francisco. but look at how we're cooling down versus what we saw this time last night. a couple of degrees cooler and almost all spots except for further inland areas where we did see those temperatures into the 80's and even low 90's. so 6 degrees warmer right now in concord. but you're a couple of degrees cooler off now in oakland and
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a 5 degree difference in nevado than where we were at this time last night. you're going to feel it. so we're in the 40's up the coast 50's around the bay, but still we're seeing 70's at the 8 o'clock hour further inland now tomorrow is expected to still be warm but not as warm as what we saw today. i have all those details coming up a little bit later on in the back to you. rebecca, thank you. 2 days until 4.20 celebrations are set to take place. >> the popular spots once again, off-limits. a look at how you can celebrate. working together to end asian hate crimes. the new effort now underway in the east bay.
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>> union city police along with the alameda county district attorney's office spent part of the sunday working together to address concerns surrounding hate crimes in the asian american and pacific islander communities. they got a chance to meet with the public to answer some questions along with some concerns kron four's. gayle ong takes us there. >> alameda county has seen an uptick in hate crimes since the pandemic. that's why the union city police department and the alameda county district attorney's office set up shop here at a local supermarket to bring awareness to the community. it's an effort union city resident rj regis appreciates. my mom is site 50 years old and she she uses public transportation and
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sometimes it scares me to go from lee my sister picking up much as she can. regions have been worried about family amid a rise of reported attacks against asians over the course of the pandemic. police officers and members of the district attorney's office answered questions about hate crimes that the island pacific seafood market in union city sunday. one common concern victim assistance if they believe they're a victim of a crime who could they call or who could they contact to just. >> determine whether or not it's a hate crime community members stumped by the tense to hear would resources are available in union city. we have had an increase in hate speech and some hate and what we've been doing is partnering with the district attorney's office because they've established a vertical prosecution unit. >> for these types of crimes to ensure that they are investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. christopher jin, the deputy district attorney, the alameda county wants people to know. >> there is help whether or not a crime is charged. we
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have victims of witness who will help the victims through the entire process, whether that's getting them funds, whether that's helping them to go to court or whether that's even describing them through the criminal procedure process. both agencies are reminding people to be extra vigilant. and we do ask that our community members be aware of their surroundings and take extra just to ensure that they're safe wherever they are. we want to stick up for not only are asians brothers and sisters. but obviously those who are impacted because of the race and it's unfortunate that they're picking on people who are also elderly. they think that they're targets. and so you see something police say something. >> a similar event is planned for next month in union city gayle ong kron 4 news. >> tonight. police are looking for 2 people connected to the murder of a 16 year-old boy. it happened yesterday night on shannondale drive. we showed you the scene as breaking news last night here on kron 4 news at 10 police say the 2 people
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walked into the garage of a home when one person started shooting both of them fled the scene. officers say they found the teen on the floor with several she gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. officers say they also had to do with a large crowd of folks at that home that made it tough for them to get to the victim. 2 people were arrested for obstruction. anyone with information on the shooting are urged to call police in the south bay tonight. 2 people now facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer. listen to this sunnyvale police say they were investigating a suspicious car at a motel 6 when they came across paul garcia and kylie lawson. police say after the duo gave them fake names. garcia started running away from officers. an officer fired a taser when they say they saw garcia reaching into his pants for something that item turned out to be a gun during a struggle to arrest him garcia fired 2 rounds. one of the bullets hitting him in the foot. police arrested lawson after they say she tried to get away in an uber.
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2 officers. did suffer minor injuries. but are expected to be okay. starting tomorrow. fences will begin going up around robin williams meadow at golden gate park in anticipation of for 20 on tuesday last week. mayor london breed said that the annual event on hippie hill. we'll have to be canceled again this year because the pandemic kron forced him to sack you learned from organizers other ways for you to celebrate safely. >> for a second year in a row celebrations here are canceled and the city sending a strong no tolerance message to anyone who start about coming here. in addition to this whole area being fenced off sfpd and park rangers will be here to ensure that no gatherings take place. >> typically 10's of thousands of people are drawn to robin williams meadow in san francisco for 20. however, the annual celebrations here on the hill are again canceled this year. fences and barricades will go up around robin williams meadow on monday to prevent anyone from gathering for the high holiday
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on tuesday going to golden gate park for 4.20 is going to be a big waste of your time. >> it's going to be completely fenced and inaccessible in the help hippie hill area or a bear a cap or tune with san francisco recreation park says. >> the events canceled for a second year in a row due to concerns over the coronavirus been a really long year for all of us may know we're all itching to go out and do things with people. we're just not ready for a big celebration like for 20. >> we've come so far and we don't want to take any steps backwards. police and park rangers will disperse any large gatherings in citations may be issued. >> if people don't comply. instead, people are encouraged to celebrate safely from home working with bernard the owner corner of of cookies. >> he's hosting a comedy show. hosted by michael blackson. paul you know, the ball's on there. get an incredible lineup. alex aquino is the
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o ganizer and event producer of the annual for 20 celebrations on hippie hill. >> well, the event will happen in person. he says there's plenty of virtual events happening on tuesday. those looking to take part of the celebrations from home can head to the website for be hill dot com over there. you'll find a link to all the live streamed event in virtual entertainment on tuesday in san francisco to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. >> all right. a live look at downtown san francisco from the sutro tower camera. this sunday night. a picture perfect way to wrap up the weekend. a warm weekend. it definitely was kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strong here tonight. look at what we can expect as we move into the workweek. yeah, jonathan, it was definitely warmer on the bay area hot in some spots, though, especially further inland. >> but pretty nice and mild for summer. coastal areas. so it really depends on where you were today. you felt the heat. if you are some of into our interior valley locations because we saw some low 90's and some of those spots right now though, this what we're seeing here at san francisco
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international airport. >> little bit of cloud cover some that coastal fog creeping through. but it's going to be sticking to the coastal spots. we're going to have a mostly clear skies during the overnight hours and the things are definitely going to start to cool down as we get into tomorrow. but look at this today versus what we normally see for this time of year versus what pia saw today normally 60's 70's for the most part throughout san francisco oakland and san jose. but look at this today we saw 80's and even those low 90's. in fact, downtown santa rosa broke a record today at 90 degrees. normally this time of year. they are in the upper 60's. so definitely a a hot day if you're in those spots. but nice and cool, though, at the coast, san francisco, a pretty nice mild day at 72 degrees. but normally a 10 degree difference. normally it's low 60's for this time of year. so definitely a big change in the weather and we're going to continue to see that over the next couple of days. jonathan, the good news is is we're going to finally get a little bit of a break, if you like, the cooler
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weather, we're going to start to see it probably more on tuesday. we're still going to be a little bit warm tomorrow, but not as hot as what we saw today in some areas. know. i was i for one love the heat but yesterday it's nice to brink. everyone right. all right, rebecca, thanks. >> as mass shootings pile up across america will president biden making stronger push. >> gun reform laws will be joined live by our political expert and get the answers. plus a day that still impacting san francisco, 115 years later, a look at the look back at the impact of the 19. '06, earthquake is happening in 2021.
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>> 115 years ago today, a massive and deadly earthquake hit here in san francisco leading to a massive fire. the strong shocks only lasting a minute. but the tremors leveling more than 20,000 buildings kron four's camila barco takes us to the ceremonies held today to mark the event. >> sunday marks a 115 years since one of the most significant earthquakes of all time. now despite being in a pandemic. people in san francisco are still remembering the damage left behind from that event and the lives lost. >> the dress attire was playful slightly puffed sleeves that lotus it's in memory of april 18th 19. '06. and before it was over. a few
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hours. >> the city at falling apart. >> at 05:11am a 7.9 earthquake shook san francisco to its core. a fire also broke out 250,000 people were homeless. 100,000 left town and more than 3,000 died in recognition for those first responders. >> for the people we lost in the 19. '06, 4, earthquake for the people we lost during this pandemic. let's take a moment of silence. >> thank you. >> across town. people gathered around the golden fire hydrant. it helps save lives during the event the fire was coming up from the city. >> and they carried in hoses up here, put it brought the hoses down and put out the fires before they could burn down the church's mayor london breed calls out the heroes who helped rebuild the city from the ashes. she says the
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situation is similar to the one we're in now when i think about. >> san francisco in our resilience. that's what we've been talking about. this entire pandemic. we've come so far. >> one of the organizers tell me the earthquake survivors are no longer alive. the many family and friends of those people still join the community during the annual ceremony to remember them in san francisco camila barco kron 4 news. >> if you need a cup of joe to start your day. it soon may become more difficult will explain the details of a new study. plus closing arguments set to get underway first thing monday morning in the derek chauvin murder trial. a preview of what we can expect. and as gun violence takes place more frequently america will president biden's gun reform plan actually change the situation. we'll talk live with our political expert to discuss the issue.
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emergency planning for kids.
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we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >> a live look outside tonight at sfo as we get ready for the start of a new work week. things have definitely warm over the weekend to say the least, blood. some good news. a bit of a cool down is on the way. kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strong here tonight to get you ready for the start of your monday. >> yeah. we're definitely going to see a change in the weather as we get into tomorrow. it's still going to be warm in some areas but not as hot as what we saw today, especially if you're around
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the bay or summer inland valley locations. a live look outside right now. the golden gate bridge forcing a little bit of the fog. creeping through a lot of coastal spots that we're going to be seeing that during the overnight hours and then getting a little bit across the bay. but to interior valley should be a mostly clear skies during the overnight hours tonight, winds are going to pick up as well. right now we're seeing gusts of up to 25 miles per hour in some spots like right here in san francisco. now it's going to start to subside a bit during the evening hours tonight into the early morning hours and then things are going to pick up as we get into tomorrow afternoon and then tomorrow evening should be quite windy. primarily. along the coast, especially in our north zone. but gusts are going to be getting into the 20's even if you're going to be around the bay or further inland. so just keep that in mind for tomorrow. temperatures, though, like i was mentioning not going to be as toasty as what we saw today. in fact, a drop in temperature. so like in half moon bay we saw in the 70's there today. going to top out into the low 60's low 70's
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around the bay. that's where we saw 80's today. so definitely a feel there tomorrow. and then the low 80's for summer inland areas like antioch. you'll be at a high of 8183 in concord and then things are going to cool down even more getting into tuesday. i'll have that. my seven-day around the bay forecast coming up a little bit later. jonathan. >> rebecca, thanks. when 8 people died in a mass shooting at an indianapolis fedex facility thursday night. the news was compounded by a string of similar incidents that preceded it on march 16th. 8 people were killed at 3 atlanta-area spas. united states has had at least 45 mass shootings in just a matter of months. president joe biden has proposed a gun reform plan that could prevent potential mass shooters from buying guns. but how would move forward. san jose state political science lecturer donna crane joining us live tonight to discuss the details on what could potentially come next. donna, thanks so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 8. all right. so we
8:32 pm
know that this is on the table. the president talked about this last week when the prime minister of japan was visiting. he says obviously something needs to be done. his focus right now is trying to get an infrastructure plan. past. does this now kind of supersede what he believes needs to get done. >> i think the biden administration considers its number one assuming that recovery continues to go as well as it has for the last 3 months to be infrastructure. so i the gun safety issue remains very near and dear to president biden's heart something he's worked on for a number of decades when he was a senator. but i think he understands the politics of this is is going to do. everything he can by executive order and leave congress to do what congress does or, you know, fuss over this for a while. lunch pass or don't pass something. >> what we know that right now. something is not getting done at least in one chamber
8:33 pm
of congress. we know that the house has passed at least 2 gun bills in recent months. they have now been forwarded over to the senate where they are pretty much doormen at this point. and i know there has been talk about trying to eliminate the filibuster to allow these bills to move forward. does that happen? and just kind of what happens moving forward with at least these 2 bills. do they come up in the senate at all or are they pretty much just going to be dormant. >> i do think it's likely that schumer will probably bring something up for a vote because if you can't pass it, i think he would at least like to be able to use the votes going into the midterm elections. but have to remember that the senate's inaction on issues like this. is actually built into the constitution. it's sort of a feature of our democracy here in america because every state it's the same number of senators to no matter how many people they have. and so that
8:34 pm
builds in favor tilts, if you will, toward the more rural states and those were all states tend to be whiter, more conservative, more in favor of gun rights. so this is one of the reasons that these types of bills time to stall in the senate. it's it's it's built into a feature, not a bug. >> we know that the president has taken at least some steps to try do whatever he can. you mention the fact that he's taken some executive action. one of them was to unveil new rules on ghost guns which are those firearms assembled at home which lack serial numbers making making it difficult and harder for of folks to track. he also made some other moves to make it harder for an qualified people to dangerous weapons. >> he's made his moves. do you see do see these potential ideas are executive actions. you see these steps as being. key or do you see them actually having some type of teeth or impact moving forward.
8:35 pm
>> well, this is a great question. i would i would say yes. yes, i think they are solid steps forward. they are serious policy proposals. he does have some because of his executive i think that the moves he's making are also politically popular. the reason i might sting know, however, is that the courts have recently been stopped in a very conservative way for really the last 3, 4, decades. they've been moving up directions. conservatives have made a very strategy of of making the court more conservative and then once again, really took that to a new level. so almost a sure thing that any executive from president biden on gun safety is going to be challenged in the courts and the courts are quite conservative leaning on the ship while so a lot of folks hoping. >> that something can get done to try stem the tide of all the shootings that we have seen. so it will be very interesting to see what does happen in congress and what
8:36 pm
may come out of the white as a result of everything that's been happening. donna crane with san jose state. as always, we appreciate the knowledge and the time. >> thanks so much. thanks. still to come next in sports, the a's looking to break out the brooms today against the >> it was director jason dumas us with the highlights from that policy.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants in south beach looking to avoid the series sweep against the marlins last night's game when super late so game had to get creative with his bullpen. there it is. miami, florida beautiful city. one of the best road trips in sports. a couple days in the sun. never heard anybody. alex wood made his first start of the season and he was super solid on the bumpy allowed just 3 hits and struck out 4 in 5 innings. top of the 3rd brandon belt's. most want to first. that is going to be ruled an error and baseball. so tough sell first list ella to second. guess what, that leads to this dickerson with the single to shallow right. ship on drop in there. let's tell it comes on in to score in the giants, get on the
8:40 pm
board. it is one nothing now. check out this defensive play from offense later here and 98 feet to track down that ball to center. he robs pablo lopez of the hit. great defense there. let's go to the 7th inning. camille dove all making his major league debut for the giants who was very% impressing in his one ending of work. he struck out 2 and a one to 3 frames. it was a spectacular day for the giants bullpen. they gave up no hits in 4 innings trevor rogers gets the groundout right there to end the game. giants get a win in miami. final score one to nothing like this. let's go out to oakland in. check in on the hottest team in baseball a's hosting the tigers bottom of the 4th no score until ramon loriano take this bad boy on a ride to center field. the law is scores. and lauriano is in on a triple. top of the 6 now 2 on for
8:41 pm
harold castro and he smokes one into right field for a base hit 2 runs. come on in to score in just like that, the tigers take the lead back. but get this bottom of the 8th day. sean seconds. that's a one way trip to the cheap seats high on the solo blast. they have life bottom of the 9th matt olson. it comes on in on an error. it's a walk-off for the a's. they sweep the tigers. 3 to 2. your final. they have now won 8 straight games hottest team in baseball. people. the warriors lost a thriller last night to the celtics. but it wasn't because of a lack of hustle. case in point right there. want to know anderson, diving up and over the table to get a loose ball that play actually lead to a steph curry 3. but one came out of it with a couple stitches on his head tend to be exact and a
8:42 pm
concussion. he will be out for a couple games, but kudos to him. he said on instagram that he would do it again. that's the east. oakland him. all right. yes, speaking of oakland boxing can be overlooked here in the bay area. but every now and then a local boxer comes along with the talent to demand people's attention. we saw it with oakland's own andre ward who will be inducted into the boxing hall of fame this summer. and i think we might be seeing it happen again with another oakland native me, david lopez, the 17 year-old has been the talk of the town with in boxing circles for some time now and for good reason. now david is on his way to turning that local bus into a national spotlight. even choose bob. >> it kind of i went to the gym and my dad. my brother every day. >> i saw them praying and saying i decided to pick up the gloves and a united states would more
8:43 pm
>> lopez came with professing his rap it takes a lot of sacrifice, a lot of dedication and a lot of my time is put into box and you know, it's hard having to balance school and boxing. but i find a way to do both paid off. >> on march 21st just 17 years old. became one of the youngest fighters to ever sign a professional contract with mayweather promotions. i grew up watching floyd mayweather a lot when i was younger. >> so for me to be signed to mayweather promotions was a big deal for me. it's just a first step in my dream. >> the folks over at mayweather promotions believe david following floyd's footsteps. >> we just really excited about our future of where we're going. you know, floyd's retired now. so it's about building that next generation of young fighters. david, no cases can be part part of big part of that. >> that would be expected. david, to get in the ring for his debut as soon as june in
8:44 pm
the meantime, david will remain down. same thing that got him here. i know a lot of spot on the inside. the motion is a big deal and have to be in the gym every day to hold my spot and i know a lot of people want. what i have is set to meet to what i had. and, you know, really take advantage what i'm doing. >> jonathan, i know you know this because you're huge sports fan but not a lot of people know just. >> how. >> big of a time commitment boxing is no is one of the most physically and mentally grinding demanding sports out there in the 17 year-old. he's been doing it for a while. you know, 17 is an age where you want to be out us it with your friends. but he sacrificing a lot to chase's dreams and is really admirable. have a good team around him. you know, we and wish him the best of luck here. but very talented kid out there in oakland. yeah. often some words of wisdom. he says his bride in so make sure that, you know, no one comes up from behind him in catches. and yet exact got to stay on
8:45 pm
your toes literally, literally. all right. jason, thanks so much. >> all right. still to come tonight. >> closing arguments set for tomorrow morning in the a murder trial of derek chauvin, a preview of what to expect inside of the courtroom.
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8:47 pm
>> the outcome that we pray for. and derek chauvin is for him to be held criminally liable for killing george floor.
8:48 pm
>> america is on edge tonight as it braces for the verdict in the former officer in the trial of former officer derek chauvin in his murder trial in the death of george floyd civil rights attorney ben crump says that a guilty verdict could set a precedent for policing here in the united states. closing arguments in that trial are set to get underway first thing tomorrow morning in minneapolis, which has been the scene of days of protest and unrest after the deadly shooting of dante wright who was shot and killed a week ago today just 10 miles from where george floyd was killed. tom negovan has more on what we can expect on monday. >> long after an 11:00pm curfew went into effect about a 100 protesters remained outside the heavily guarded brooklyn center police department. >> this >> they were loud. they were angry, but they were also
8:49 pm
peaceful. local officials appealing for calm after a violent friday night. we need help. >> we need help from minnesotans to stand up. and say that this can't be tolerated demonstrators have gathered here nightly since sunday's police shooting of 20 year-old dante wright killed during a traffic stop by a police officer who says she confused her taser with her gun. but wright's name is not the only one protesters here are chanting. after 45 witnesses and 14 often emotional days of testimony closing arguments in the derek chauvin trial begin in the morning you have any questions about your right to remain silent or to testify your own behalf. >> not at this time. i don't the former minneapolis police officer faces 3 charges in the death of george floyd second-degree murder third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. the jury should have the case and be sequestered for deliberations by monday
8:50 pm
afternoon cities nationwide are increasing security in preparation for the verdict. we have one prayer. just this would be fined next to police headquarters in brooklyn center. there's a small church whose leaders have also been appealing for calm fearful as so many. here are shows an acquittal will reignite the riots that spread from the twin cities across the country after floyd's death last may. >> in the touch we pray and we forgiven. i just pray that everything goes well next week. >> tom negovan reporting for us tonight. shifting gears to one of the major us airlines 2 lawsuits have now been filed against united airlines over the flight that lost an engine over denver back in february. the lawsuits filed friday allege that 2 of the passengers on board suffered significant trauma and distress during that incident. the attorney for the 2 passengers asking for at least a $50,000 in damages in a
8:51 pm
press release after those lawsuits. the plaintiffs attorneys wrote that the terror his client's experience last a lifetime united airlines has declined to comment the u.s. and china say they will cooperate on trying to fight climate change in a joint statement delivered during us climate envoys john kerry's visit to shanghai. it says the issue must be addressed globally. kerry says the best way to tackle climate change is to get leaders around the world on board president biden has invited 40 leaders to take part in a 2 day virtual summit on climate change. that would start on friday the u.s. and china account for nearly half of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for climate change. back here at home. let's talk weather of our own. a live look outside tonight along the san francisco embarcadero hopefully you got a chance to cool off and stay in the house. maybe some some do whatever you needed to do to stay cool today. but don't worry. got to change as we
8:52 pm
move into the workweek, rebecca's in tonight from a recent with a look at what's to come. >> yeah, that's right, john, of the definitely hot in some ots today because we saw some low 90's. if you are inland, you felt it in yellow. jonathan was saying hopefully you're able to spend it indoors. >> right now outside. we're seeing a mostly clear skies around the bay area except for some or coastal areas. some that fog creeping on through. but a nice clear shot overlooking a downtown san francisco. thanks to our sutro tower cam things are definitely going to cool off a bit tomorrow. things are not going to be as hot as what we saw today. so here's a breakdown of your highs that we're expecting tomorrow afternoon. so find your neighborhood 68 degrees for downtown san francisco tomorrow. golden gate park. you'll be at a high of 64 and then we're going to some upper 50's to low 60's along the entire coast on terra 58 tomorrow. al granada, you'll be at a high of 57 and we're going to see 60's from south san francisco and san bruno millbrae. you'll be at a high of 6569 expected in burlingame and then here we go. the 70's
8:53 pm
popping up. we saw 80's here today so you can see a definite to temperature change. we're going to be seeing tomorrow 72 for the high in san carlos redwood city. you'll be the high of 74 mid 70's for palo alto and mountain view. here's south his own upper 70's across the entire board. downtown san jose nice and warm there. it's 78 degrees and then those upper 70's continue for pleasanton and dublin. but those low 80's popping up once again for our livermore valley spots. and we're going to be seeing those 80's continue through walnut creek. danville, san ramon know you'll be at a high of 76 mid 70's, former agha and hercules. tomorrow and we are going to see some 80's in vacaville and fairfield 80 degrees for benicia. if you're going to heading over to wine country 82 degrees. we're expecting in napa and some 70's through nevado and cnn's salma both at 76 degrees. and then of course, cooler at the coast in some beach, 62 point raise you'll be at a high of
8:54 pm
66. so lots of sunshine to enjoy. and yes, a little bit of a dip in temperatures as we get into tomorrow. but things are really going to change and we're going to see a much cooler temperatures starting on tuesday through the rest of the looks like. inland is going to be 70's and we could have a chance of some rain. yes, i said it. jonathan, did you hear that rain possibly as we get into and next weekend. so there's a chance you may be the most popular woman in town. if that does indeed happen. if i'm right count as that's the most important part d right. right thanks. still to come tonight, the study shows that with climate change could be harder to get a good cup of coffee. >> we'll explain why.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
>> if you're one of those folks who needs a good cup of joe to start your day may not like the story. climate change could make it tougher for you to get a good cup of coffee. that's because a new study found that rising temperatures could result in bland. tasting varieties. researchers from the potsdam in institute in germany, studied coffee beans from ethiopia as it is a major coffee producer. the study found that changes in temperature along with rainfall and the length of seasons would change the quality and taste of beings, making them more bland coffee beans, rely on specific coffee patterns for the unique flavors. but in warmer climates coffee beans, much are slowly making for a lower quality cup. that does it for
8:58 pm
us here tonight on kron 4 news at 8. don't go anywhere, though. there's more news in just moments on kron
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9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know get up one day. >> and you don't know what's going to keeping a lookout. stay safe. >> now a 9. it is a feeling that folks all across amer


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