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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 17, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news it don't come to oakland with this activity. >> o'clock kron 4 getting a firsthand look as oakland police prepare to crack down on side shows this weekend. welcome to kron 4 news at 10 o'clock this saturday night. i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off after
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getting funding restored for sideshow details this week. oakland police say that they are pulling out all the stops to make sure that folks participating in these sideshows are off the streets. the big question is how do they plan to do it. kron four's amanda hari live tonight in the city with the details after riding along with them today. amanda. >> jonathan, they say they want to bring calm in safety back to the streets of oakland. police tell me they want to send a message to outsiders, not to bring this type activity into the city of oakland because law enforcement will be watching. >> that's what oakland police chief grown armstrong hopes will happen as this new sideshow task force hits the streets are completely irresponsible and reckless acts. i drove around with an officer as she showed me some places where they see the most sideshow activity.
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>> including this area near high street is called the ball. >> we have a heavy presence there. we'll leave it should this entire. >> inside the bowl. you can see skid marks from cars doing donuts. deputy chief chris bolton is part of the task force. he says sideshow activity has become a lot more than just reckless and dangerous driving. >> we have the prevalence of firearms shooting negligently into the air shooting at other vehicles site. tricks are tactics that put people at greater risk. he says they plan to stop these acts with best practices mitigates the risk to pursue it against the use of lethal force or other types of course, because we are still concerned with their safety. bolton says they're prepared to detain site and arrest people. they'll also be towing vehicles because you don't in a citation or a tow
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tonight. the prepared to see us knocking on your front door. >> in the near future because we're taking video surveillance. we're working with community partners and we are doing follow-up investigations to do seizure warrants where you may not see your car for a very long time afterwards. >> the new task force is made possible by funding approved by the oakland city council live amanda hari kron 4 news. >> thank you. breaking news into the kron 4 news room this saturday at 10 o'clock right now. police on the scene of a fatal shooting the scene unfolding around 6 o'clock tonight on shannondale drive. police say when they got to that scene, you saw right there. some folks there out in the streets. obviously concerned a little bit of chaos there. so far police have not released any information on the victim or a motive in this case or details on a suspect know of no arrest
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have been made so far. right now we are staying in contact with antioch police to get more details. stay with kron. 4 on air and kron 4 dot com online for updates as soon as we get them business owners in oakland's broadway in telegraph areas cleaning up after last night's protest. hundreds of folks hitting the streets there in this in the town too. protest. the deadly shootings of 20 year old dante wright from last week along with 13 year-old adam toledo. opd says that protesters broke out windows spray painted buildings and even torched cars kron four's camila barco shows us the damage. >> many people took their frustrations to the streets in oakland. wright was shot and killed by brooklyn center. officer kim potter during a traffic stop on sunday potter has since been charged with second-degree manslaughter. but the unrest continues. >> protests turn violent in oakland friday night. vandals
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set fire and shattered windows and a car dealership in this case. you can see smoke coming from the vehicle. several other cars had their windows smashed. and a nearby target store. a group of people trying to break in some grabbing rocks and aiming at the store's windows oakland. police say protesters dragged barriers into the street blocking and telling officers from responding vandals wrecking havoc at a california ranch. the little fire outside the building. the flames quickly spreading one witness says it's devastating to see the destruction which is hurting local community. >> during a store. >> taking jobs the last time protests like these happened.
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we're last year during black lives matter demonstrations when several shots were hit by vandals. some business owners were not taking any chances as they boarded up just in case the protest lasted about 2 and a half hours one officer was hurt when he was hit in the head with a bottle. >> no other injuries were reported. opd made no arrests and issued no citations. i'm camila barco for kron. 4 news into ca go hundreds of folks turning out in the streets after the shooting death of 13 year-old adam toledo. >> but video from 17 officers body cameras of the shooting released fueling the outrage in the windy city. the officer who killed him says the teen had a gun in his hand and was aiming at officers. video shows that adam was shot less than a second after dropping that gun and putting his hands in the air. >> i think what happened is unacceptable and i think police across this country or a too willing to shoot first
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and people too many people >> the teen's family along with city leaders in chicago have asked that the protest remain peaceful. let's talk weather this saturday night at 10 o'clock kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strong here tonight in former resell with a look at what we can expect for sunday. >> yeah, it's going to be a lot warmer tomorrow jonathan, the evening we saw today it's going to even feel more like summer versus spring time that it is right that's for sure. we're seeing a little bit of fun throughout the bay area. but it's really hugging our coastal spots. you can see it here just on the deck of the golden gate bridge. but again, it's not going to get to further inland. and yes, things are going to definitely be toasty as we get into tomorrow afternoon. look at the temperature change shows versus this time last night. 13 degree difference in concord, 12 degree difference livermore couple of in the north bay right now and a 6 degree warmer in downtown san
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jose, the where we're at this time last night. pretty much even though for half moon bay and san francisco. and here some current temperatures 40's 50's and even 60's upper 60's in concord right now. for a 10 o'clock. and secondly, a mild evening in that area. if you're going to be out and about now while we're definitely seeing this warming trend over the next couple of days. it's all thanks to this offshore flow that we're seeing and it's continuing to build that high pressure system. and again, that fog that normally that marine layer that keeps us nice and cool. it's going to stay a there. you might see a little bit of it throughout san francisco like we saw the golden gate bridge shot or even through half moon bay. but everywhere else. lots of sunshine and mostly clear conditions. it was windy today the wind gusts got up to 20 even in the 30's. so miles per hour in some spots. we're going to see that as we get into tomorrow. but things should start to quiet down during the overnight hours and then it's going to start to pick back up as we get into
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tomorrow afternoon and even into tomorrow night. so i just keep that in mind. and then things should settle down late sunday night into monday. temperature wise. so here's a quick look at some of the highs that you can expect. we're going to see a 70's at the coast. the beaches will be really nice. 72 and a half moon bay 75 right here in downtown san francisco, in low 80's around summer bayside communities 83 in fremont tomorrow. 81 in hayward and then upper 80's, as we move further inland. and i'm even tracking some 90's on the board. we'll break it all down. coming up in just a bit. jonathan, back to you. rebecca. thanks. >> the death toll from covid-19 has now topped more than 3 million worldwide. according to johns hopkins university, the united states leading the number of deaths with more than 566,000 brazil and mexico rounding out the top 3 countries with the most deaths from the virus this week. the cdc, the world health organization warned that the pandemic was at a critical point with an average
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of 12,000 deaths per day. according to the agency, those daily new case numbers worldwide. are nearing the same numbers that we saw back in january. here at home. so far more than 24 and a half million covid-19 vaccines have been given here in the golden state. governor gavin newsome says that half of all eligible californians have had at least one dose, 30% of california's population is now fully vaccinated against the pit of against the virus here in the bay area. here is a breakdown. santa clara county has administered the most shots with more than 1.3 million doses so far alameda contra, costa san francisco and san mateo counties round out the top 5. we have the numbers listed county by county on our website. kron 4 dot com. despite those numbers improving the u.s. accounts for more than one in 6 of all the covid-19 deaths across the globe. kron 4 washington correspondent jessi tenure learns more about what the federal government is doing to
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battle the pandemic here at home and internationally. >> the world health organization reports about one in 4 people in wealthy countries have been vaccinated compared to about one in 500 in poor countries, us health officials say they have a responsibility to make those numbers more equal to protect americans now and in the future. >> the increasing trend in cases hospitalizations and deaths are very concerning. more than a year into the pandemic. they threaten the progress and there are warnings rang out from the u.s. to the world health organization this is approaching the highest rate of infection that we have seen so far the the coronavirus has now killed 3 million people across the globe with more than one in 6 deaths happening in the u.s. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky blames the continued spread of highly transmissible variance, which makes the race to stop the transmission even more challenging and threatens to overwhelm our healthcare
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system again on friday, the biden administration announced a new one 0.7 billion dollar investment in the nation's fight against variance to bolster the ability. >> of the cdc and state and local public health departments to monitor track and defeat emerging threats. health officials stress vaccinations are also vital in this effort more than one 5th of the u.s. population is fully vaccinated despite pausing the use of the johnson and johnson shot. the actions taken by ccfd of this. should give americans confidence that our safety system is working for them the biden administration recently announced a partnership with japan india and australia to expand the global vaccine supply a pandemic that is a global pandemic. requires a global response. >> president biden has so far refused to make any commitments to give away vaccines made in the u.s. insisting americans come first. >> in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10
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o'clock, including the latest on the deadly shooting that happened early this morning here in the bay area. what we're learning about the investigation. lawmakers promising aggressive legislation to protect members of the asian american community here in california. we'll take you to a rally in the bay area today in millbrae. but first, the first person has pleaded guilty to charges related to the january 6 capitol riots. what they could gain from their plea along with their testimony.
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>> a member of the far right militia group. the oath keepers has now become the first person to plead guilty to federal charges in connection to the riot at the u.s. capitol. back on january 6th the founding member of the group now agreeing to cooperate with investigators in hopes of getting a lighter sentence. washington correspondent joe khaleel brings us more. >> you can drive. i was going to be out moments after pleading guilty to feel safe. no comment from john shaffer to news nation as he emerged from the federal courthouse in washington schaffer, a founding member of the right-wing militant group, the oath keepers. now the first january 6th defendant to cooperate with federal prosecutors in what's become one of the largest investigations in the history of the department of justice to massive nation.
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>> with so many charges never been no trials. >> so far the fbi has arrested more than 400 people who stormed the capitol more than 4 every day since january 6th nearly a quarter of them charged with felonies. william banks professor emeritus at syracuse university's law school says this is just the beginning. our resources are quite sophisticated. and i know the government is very committed. i would more. >> charges and more arrests in the 100 days since january 6th congress has held multiple hearings to examine the security failures that allowed for thousands to overrun capitol security that americans be and bloodied police. >> they stormed the senate floor. tried to hunt bear and the speaker of the house. they go get shaded about murdering the vice president while congress works to fix the security lapses and damage to
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the building. others deal with the human toll from that day 140 capitol officers were injured one officer and 4 others dead. >> and then the unseen scars the case we would have some tightness in my chest and difficulty catching but breath. i was really irritable michigan congressman dan kildee tells news nation that he's been receiving treatment for ptsd from the trauma of that day when he narrowly escaped the chamber just before the mob broke in in hopes that it encourages others traumatized that day to seek help as well. partly because i was watching a video from. >> the event it cause me to. all right. that were once right back into that gallery. none of us ever united that our politicians who take. there's this kind of the place. >> as part of schaefer's deal with the government. prosecutors have agreed to sponsor him for the witness protection program. let's talk
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weather this saturday night here at 10 o'clock kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strom into 9 bree so with a look at what's to come for sunday. if you have a air conditioner or just something keep you cool. just hang around that all day. yeah, exactly. or if you have a pool or, you know, somebody with definitely make friends with those people because it is going to get the final exactly. right. because it's going to hot in some spots, especially inland. >> and right now we're seeing mostly clear skies across the bay area. a little bit of coastal fog but said not too bad. here's our live camera network over looking at conditions here at san francisco international airport. yes, it is definitely getting it so warm tomorrow and pretty toasty in some spots, in the north bay and inland. i'll break it all down neighborhood by neighborhood on what you can expect for tomorrow. well, the mission district tomorrow is going to be a high of 74 if you're going to be in downtown san francisco. 75 expected tomorrow afternoon 60's to low 70's along the coast. it's
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going to be nice at the beach at 72. if you're going to be heading over to half moon bay. enjoy a lot of sunshine there. low 70's for san bruno, south san francisco, 75 degrees upper 70's in burlingame tomorrow. lots of 80's that you could see along the peninsula to move further south 83 son carlos foster city. you'll be at a high of 80 degrees palawan so 82 there and then mid to upper 80's across the entire south bay tomorrow with a whole lot of sunshine 87 in morgan hill. 83 expected for los gatos saratoga. you'll be at a high of 86. low 80's along the bay hayward in the union city and even into fremont. 80 degrees there. but upper 80's as we get out into the livermore valley area. it is going to be toastie. so and make sure they have your sunscreen concord, 88 degrees. but look at those 90's popping up across the delta brentwood and discovery bay hitting that ninety-degree mark expected tomorrow or in the high of 82 miranda as well. the same and those 90's
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continues to move further north in a vacaville and in some fairfield, many sure, you'll be at a high of 8689 degrees expected in new on phil and then a look across the north bay and those 80's continue through petaluma and nevado down into sandra fell. and then of course, a much cooler at the coast if you want some relief point raise in stinson beach. both coming in at a high of 63 degrees. if you don't have their condition, if you know the pool maybe just to move closer to where the ocean, right. that's true. but if you find someone has a pool. make sure to give you my after the show. i know you can text me to let me know. stay cool tomorrow. nice thanks make summer day in england today as prince philip is laid to rest. >> his funeral, saluting his service in the royal navy as well as his support of queen elizabeth, second. >> his wife for more than 70 years. prince philip died earlier this month at the age
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of 99. his body will be laid to rest in a royal vault at windsor castle, a modified land rover carried his coffin during a procession to windsor castle because of covid concerns. only 30 people weren't allowed inside for the ceremony, including the widowed queen. her 4 children and their 8 grandchildren. the end of an era arriving in cuba. raul castro, the brother of the late fidel castro stepping down as promised as head of the country's communist party castro who is 89 years old, made that announcement yesterday in havana, the changing of the old guard to a new generation of leadership in cuba has been underway since 2018. that's when castro yielded his position as president of the country. at the same time, castro did stay that he would stay on as leader of the communist party until this year. hundreds of bay area residents rallied against anti-asian hate crimes today. we'll let you know what california lawmakers attending that event promised to do to tackle the growing issue.
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>> plus the golden state continues to see more and more jobs added every day. we'll let you know what the experts are now saying about the state's path to recovery. for
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your money tonight. california has recorded its second straight month of job growth after a year of enormous losses. according to the employment development department, the state added more than 100,019 1000 new jobs in the month of march
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leisure and hospitality leading the way with 42,000 of those new jobs experts, though, say it will likely be years before california recovers. all of the nearly 3 million jobs. it lost during the first 2 months of the pandemic last year. experts say the economic outlook is good for the city of oakland during the city's economic summit this week an economist said that developers are currently working on a number of projects, including building the tallest skyscraper in the city. this comes as covid-19 vaccinations are prompting the reopening of the economy. statewide next month. restoration of the henry j kaiser convention center is expected to begin in the summer. state leaders say that they are also working to make sure that oakland's economic future does indeed live up to those predictions much more news to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock, including investigators now looking for the folks responsible for vandalizing a santa rosa home.
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why they believe it could be connected to the ongoing trial of former minneapolis officer derek chauvin officers in oakland investigating a double homicide that left a father and a daughter dead overnight while apd believes this arson could be connected to a string of other crimes recently in the city and the sacramento city council member says that his district is seeing way too many pot shops popping up in the area. what he's now doing to ditch the dispensaries. those stories and more still on the way here tonight on kron 4 news at 10. -> and i'm rebecca strong in 4 members are rodriguez tonight. it is going to be another warm day tomorrow and we're going to have some hot spots. we could see temperatures getting into the low 90's around the bay area. i'll let you know where coming up in just a bit. stay with us.
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>> tonight. alameda county sheriff's investigators are looking into a fatal shooting involving one of their deputies. it ended with one man dead and one of their deputies grazed by a bullet. it happened early this morning on second street near campus drive in the fear view district. that's right along the hayward city line kron four's gayle ong has details. >> it is quiet now, but a different picture earlier in the day where investigators were canvassing that street looking for clues that led up to the fatal shooting alameda county sheriff's deputies responded to multiple 911, calls in the fairview district saturday morning. witnesses told authorities the suspect was knocking on doors
10:31 pm
threatening them. we got called hear about. >> 03:40am this morning for report of an individual that had a gun that individual was going up and down the street and he was pointing that a weapon at residents along this strip of second street when deputies responded, they say the suspect was hiding behind this fence. we know that our deputies. >> saw the individual. >> and that he was armed. big him to drop that weapon. he turned they try to de escalate it, but they didn't have any for him to comply with that. and he turned and he fired that weapon. he had several deputies returned fire. they struck that individual. the man died on the scene at one deputy was grazed in the head by a bullet. >> investigators found this handgun. lori friends woke up to the commotion that sounded like firecrackers right outside my window. and that's all i heard francis bribes this area as quiet and a little an easy that there.
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>> in a i mean, can you imagine what they're going investigators spent hours combing the scene asking neighbors for home. surveillance video that may have captured the incident. it's unclear how the suspect is connected to the neighborhood can tell you this individual is. >> a 26 year-old male. i hear that he is of filipino were mixed. descent he's got a very extensive criminal history for violence. >> authorities are not releasing the name of the suspect who died. they are in the process of notifying family reporting from the fairview district in alameda county. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> oakland. police tonight investigating a double murder that happened early this morning. investigators say that a dad and his one year-old daughter were killed in a suspicious fire. several other family members were also hurt. this is video of that scene from the citizen app. the homicide unit is working with oakland fire arson investigators as well as the atf to look into the cause of the of the fire so far, no
10:33 pm
other information like a suspect or motive has been released. 2 people are recovering tonight after a shooting in valais hole on thursday. police are still investigating the shooting that happened near washington park on napa street. police responded to that shooting. they say when they got there, they found 2 men suffering from gunshots. both men taken to the hospital in serious condition. anyone with information no urge to come forward. in fresno. woman is dead, 2 others hurt when 2 farm workers opened fire at a fresno county vineyard. authorities say the victims and the suspects were proving grapes northwest of here on when an argument broke out. that's when investigators say the man pulled out those guns and started firing. one man died at the scene. the others transported to the hospital. authorities are still searching for the suspects who they say drove away from the scene before police could arrive and the south bay tonight san jose police are investigating as many as 3
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separate shootings from overnight that left 4 people injured, including one located on the area of kabul road and highway 85 after midnight. the victim reportedly transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. in santa rosa. the search is on for a group who vandalized a home and a statue in the city with pig's blood overnight. police say around 3 this morning. a homeowner says that someone threw a pig's head on their front porch and splattered blood on their house. investigators believe the duo or the group responsible may have been trying to targets former santa rosa police officer. very broad broader recently testified as a use of force expert in the derek chauvin murder trial. police say, though, that broad has not lived at that home in years and no longer even lives in california after targeting the house. police say that a large hand statue in front of the santa rosa plaza mall was also vandalized with animal blood closing arguments set to get underway first thing
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monday morning in the murder trial of derek chauvin. he's charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd from last year. felicia bolton brings us the latest on what we can expect. >> from tearful eyewitness accounts to various medical experts perspectives. the death of george floyd. the nation has heard all testimonies from both sides of the state of minnesota. rest. the prosecution took 2 weeks for testimony. they focused on calling witnesses who claimed george floyd's death was caused solely by then officer derek chauvin's knee placed on floyd's neck. the defense, however, took 2 days. they focused on proving floyd's death was caused by his heart condition and illegal drug use. dimitri shaq novick is a criminal defense attorney and professor at john jay college of criminal justice. he is not
10:36 pm
connected to this case. he says despite all testimonies from both sides video evidence will make the biggest impact on the case. they say that in every criminal case there's really 2 pieces of evidence that are virtually impossible to overcome a try. >> one of them is dna and the second is video games right. the video evidence in this case is going to be incredibly for king charles coleman. junior is a civil rights attorney and former brooklyn area prosecutor. >> he believes the personal testimonies will be key for the jury making their decision. i think that do you know the the testimony and evidence that was able to humanize him. >> is critically important in this trial because it goes from being someone who's just want to you understand that this is a person who is a father. this was a person who was a brother. this is a person what joy to a number of people's lives from his perspective. the defense could come out on top. >> if they can get a deadlocked jury. they will receive instructions from the jury from a judge that say you
10:37 pm
can believe some none or all of the testimony that you heard from any particular witness. and so if they can get basically any one juror to basically buy into that. >> they will potentially have an opportunity to secure a hung jury because all it takes is one juror who refuses unanimously convict or unanimously the court for that matter. brian higgins is a former chief of bergen county police and new jersey. >> he says if the officer is found guilty, there could be backlash if he faces a life sentence. the social. >> impact of this to expectation is going to be that he gets. >> sentence that reflects his abuse of power as an officer if that's what he's convicted of and the taking of a life if he found guilty of of doing such regardless of the verdict taken says this case will change policing in america. and one way or another, it's
10:38 pm
going to have a chilling effect on law enforcement for a long time. >> let's talk weather again this saturday night here at 10 o'clock kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strong here tonight in former bruce up with a look at what's on the way for sunday. yeah. it's actually going to be even warmer tomorrow jonathan and hot in some spots because we could see some upper 80's to even low 90's in some areas. >> outside right now. we're seeing clear skies throughout much of san francisco right now. are south of market camera. but we do have some fog just a hugging. some of our coastal areas. we did see an earlier in our golden gate bridge camera and for folks half moon bay area. right now, though, temperatures definitely mild in some spots, especially inland 68 degrees in concord right now. 62 in livermore 50's as we look across much of the south bay 55 in palo alto. 56 in downtown san jose and then 40's as we get closer to the coast. of course, 48 degrees in half moon bay, 50 degrees right here in downtown san francisco. so this warm up
10:39 pm
that we're seeing this a warming trend and it's all thanks to this offshore flow that we're seeing and we're going to be a sticking with us through about monday or so until things start to cool down and this high pressure just continues to build. and that's what's going to be bringing some of those even hotter temperatures as we get into tomorrow afternoon futurecast for those showing us nothing but sunshine. and you can see the marine layer. the fog is going to be a mainly off the coast. there not going to be spreading towards the bay or inland. so definitely not cooling anything down for the next couple of days until we get next week. it was also windy today with some wind gusts up to 20, even 30 miles per hour in some spots overnight. it's going to start to die down a bit and then things are going to start to pick up as we get into tomorrow afternoon. so we'll just keep that in mind. so hopefully that will help cool some of the spots that are going to be so hot and then we're going to see throughout tomorrow night as well. and so let things start to a subside as we get into the overnight hours tomorrow.
10:40 pm
temperatures tomorrow. yeah, you could see on the board here on average, much warmer than what we saw today. so take advantage of it. if you want to go outside, just stay hydrated because look at that. 87 degrees that we're expecting in concord tomorrow 86 for the high in antioch, 70's in san francisco right here in downtown 75 expected tomorrow 78 mill valley and it's going to be nice at the coast. and in the low 70's. if you're going to heading over to the half moon bay area. how long is this warming trend going to last. we'll have all those details coming up in my seven-day around the bay a little bit later. jonathan. >> rebecca, thanks united in action with asians, the theme of a rally and march held in millbrae today that brought out hundreds of folks khan forcefully, learned that at the event. lawmakers now vowing to pass some legislation that aggressively addresses 8. >> the streets of millbrae flooded with the community demoralized by the continued
10:41 pm
rise and by against asian american pacific islander see frustrated activists demanding action at the local and state level to affect change and de escalate unprovoked attacks. you need a strong legislative changes. we need a social changes. we need people to realize the difference between right and wrong lieutenant eleni kounalakis among the elected leaders to address crowd outside millbrae city hall stating that immigrants should be celebrating it. didn't even eyes up in sacramento. we know. >> that this is a challenge and we are not going to stand for lawmakers say like to say is working on a package of for us to do what we're doing at the state level. if you keep doing what you are doing at the local level speak but he beheaded for many reasons for joining the rally are personal. a chance stop the silence. >> that we that i feel like i
10:42 pm
grew up and grain, you know, having green. and i do believe that individuals can make a difference. and it's really up to us community united in action for asians in millbrae leaked it all wrong still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. the navy welcoming its newest ship to the fleet today. >> the special ceremony held in oakland. >> folks in sacramento out and about more on the farmers market that brought out hundreds of folks to. check out some food long with doing some shopping today. chevy is america's fastest-growing full-line brand. and people are taking it everywhere. taking trailblazer outdoors. confidently taking on new places with equinox. and taking on more with silverado. whatever you do, there's a perfect chevy to take you anywhere.
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>> welcome back, everyone. as california looks to return to life before the pandemic. folks in sacramento out and about today, rowena shaddox from our sister station in sacramento has more on the midtown farmers market held there today. >> it's saturday morning. block party. the midtown farmers market bustled with and lots of >> under sunny skies and a nice breeze. it's nice. it's beautiful. weather. everything for the flowers, but it's it's time to be out fighting and
10:46 pm
most customers have their mask on this is kind of the beginning of. >> and with the new normal as i it's nice to see people out though. definitely every people and have the people on this times. this it's a good with everything from varieties of colorful flowers. to every produce imaginable. >> well, today's farmer's market has more than a 130 business of farmers vendors and growers from now through the end of october. now extending along k street and gonnecting to the existing location on 20th and k streets. we're having k street closed down to have a completely new section of map. vendors were just happy to see so many people come out business is good and they think of my he definitely will see more people. people come out with the kids now i know everyone's ready to get back out. but hopefully now, you know, will be will be allowed perhaps the beginning of the
10:47 pm
end of all the restrictive orders coming out of last year's pandemic. i hope so. you know, you can only be optimistic about it. so fingers crossed >> meanwhile, a larger than life installation on display for the folks in the east bay. it's all part of an effort to fight global food insecurity and injustice street art form in khan joining forces with the world food program in the kellogg company to paint the tolls to mural in oakland as part of a 6 mural series being painted across america to help raise awareness and to mobilize support to fight hunger, especially after the pandemic. get this. according to the department of agriculture african americans. are twice as likely to face hunger as opposed to white households and to give back to local minority communities. the kellogg company is donating cash to support local food, justice programs in each of these 6 cities. this mural
10:48 pm
is the 3rd of that series. >> from >> thank you to everyone made possible use their their love and their absolute determination that are in the world thank you for putting a human face on a global problem and the face of a beautiful child. >> if you download the behind the wall app and photographed the mural. you get instant access to details about the artwork and how you can take action locally and globally to fight hunger. story brought a smile to my face. today. the u.s. navy's newest ship ready to hit the waters. the commissioning ceremony held this morning for the uss oakland. this ship is the 3rd navy ship named in honor of the city and will be used to tackle threats and submarines
10:49 pm
minds of small boats along with security and deterrence. 70 sailors are set to call the 3200 ton ship home. the uss oakland will be home based in san diego. a sacramento city council member says that there are too many cannabis businesses in his district. he says he wants to change that by possibly rezoning the businesses je ne win brings us the latest. >> it's this plot of land in north sacramento that might be the start of the successful new cannabis business venture from mikko banks campus will house 6 individuals core or social equity. they'll be able to come in. and with as the new business start their businesses. resin farms is scheduled to open by late 2022. but a new moratorium being introduced by councilmember sean, the lowy might delay that it comes back to, you know, is oh ding. >> issues that we've had and we're hoping that you know, with this moratorium we can focus on that and create and new zoning for district below.
10:50 pm
he says a majority of cannabis businesses are in district 2. >> but his community is not seeing any of that tax revenue. that's what he wants to rezone these areas. i think we need to be, you know, very adamant is what we could consider light industrial to industrial areas and they have to match that. you know, and what businesses can go where i'm sure as to what type of zoning would be appropriate, he wants to make sure cannabis businesses are able to operate in places that are not close to residential homes. >> but for banks. that's a concern for her as a business owner and resident that's going to prevent from working with other individuals that are trying to start their businesses as well. out of this district or. >> you know, so so it's going to impact a lot of that. my shed behind the ceo of crystal nugs says this might get in the way of her business expanding and hopes there's a way to make everyone happy. according to jewels to kind of continue with this for 2 is something that is. >> definitely needed. it's going to give us opportunity to open up it's going to money
10:51 pm
back into that community below. he wants to make clear that he supports bringing equity to the district and does not want to disrupt current an established business owners in sacramento. jeannie nguyen. fox 40 news. >> so to come tonight, mother's day just weeks away. we'll show you how much americans
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
>> is set to return next month that some 6 months ahead of schedule. the side in the tea 3rd street will operate as one round from park to sunny dale. it will also provide subway service at all stations from the embarcadero to westport. all it will be back. may 15th along with the previously announced return of the in judah. a cruise liner is asking permission from the cdc to once again set sail on the high seas. norwegian cruise line's sending a letter to the agency thursday asking to resume operations on july 4th the company ceo says that covid-19 protocols will be put into place including mandatory vaccinations for everyone on board and covid-19 test for all passengers and crew members mother's day just a few weeks away. and a new report found that americans are preparing to shell out more money for mom this year. according to retail me not to. most folks are expected to spend around $120 on mom.
10:55 pm
that's up more than 20 bucks from last year. we were in the middle of the pandemic. so no worries on skipping out a lot of folks say that mom wants more than anything else. a nice dinner this year. so we will see if mom definitely does indeed get fat turning to our mom of our own fault for meteorologist rebecca strong here tonight in for mabrisa. you're going to get plenty of mother's day gifts very soon, rebecca. yeah, we will see an hate going out. the sounds great to for food. that is for sure. a lot of those cravings right. >> well, the weather has been so nice. maybe you can some dinner outside, maybe lunch outside our sutro tower camera showing us just a gorgeous evening tonight around the bay area downtown san francisco, nice clear shot here. but yes, you thought it was warm today. it's going to be even warmer. maybe even hot tomorrow. depending upon where you're going to be a quick breakdown of the highs we're seeing 70's across much of san francisco downtown a high of 75 tomorrow
10:56 pm
expected 60's and 70's along the coast. if you're going to heading towards the beach. 75 millbrae 78 in burlingame and then lots of 80's that we're seeing pop up from palo alto into with side in mountain view mid to upper 80's across much of your south bay's own 87 in morgan hill 86 saratoga and those upper 80's continuing in our inland valley locations like livermore, you'll be at a high of 87 tomorrow. but look at that 90's now hitting the board, especially you're going to be out in brentwood discovery bay 86 in walnut creek, 85 ford and them and then those 90's continue as we get into vacaville fairfield, it's going to be a scorcher tomorrow afternoon. 82 in napa wine country. it's going to be nice and warm at 84 degrees and then north his own. here's a quick peek, low 80's from petaluma into nevado. but you want to get some relief. 63 at point raise send us tons of beach for tomorrow. afternoon
10:57 pm
and lots of sunshine as we get into the next couple of days. the warming trend continues through monday and then we'll start to see things cool down tuesday and through the rest of the week. so jonathan, we'll finally get some relief. but if you like the hot weather enjoy tomorrow and monday for sure. but stay hydrated. that's true of the big. >> big worry. there are a lot of folks. it is going to be hot. a lot of folks going to be out and about make sure you do stay hydrated. it's right. i'm still waiting for a pool invitations. beach yeah. or the beach. if you got let us know you're looking thank you guys for spending time with this been sure you join marty and no. well, first thing in the morning. we'll see you tomorrow. time.
10:58 pm
oh man... let's get you to this moment.
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breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings. from vice president kamala harris wicking capitol hill history to the first female super bowl referee calling the shots. today women are making remarkable strides in leveling the playing field of life. >> high of of hooo


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