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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 16, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. it's really it's been fine community like it. still has been great slowly but surely locally. >> san francisco businesses are still awaiting a move to the yellow tier, but as restrictions loosen bars and restaurants say they're glad to have more breathing room. earlier this week, the city of san francisco moved ahead and relaxing some of the rules. good evening. i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan and some of the biggest changes or for restaurants. kron four's dan thorn. he is in north beach tonight and has reaction from some of those businesses. >> san francisco is still in the orange tier. but as of thursday, pandemic restrictions have loosened indoor dining remains at 50%. but outside parties can be larger and people can mingle once again, it's more steps forward to finally reopening for north beach restaurants. i believe it's good for business. it's good for
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everyone. right now. have the freedom like to feel a little bit like that. life is going back kind of normal restaurant about the 11:00pm curfew. lifted as well. the changes are bringing back more life to the area says jr patchy with betty lou's seafood and grill. the more people that come out and visit the better we get to meet different people that tell their friends, it really helps. the whole neighborhood is a whole bars are also now allowed to welcome people out ide with tables up to 8. >> food is no longer being required. and that's been good. i mean, i think generally people are still happy to be out but are still being very cautious think for all the changes have been springing up optimism for the neighborhood that relies so heavily on people going out to eat and as more people get vaccinated more customers can be welcomed back. hopefully we get back to normal i want people also feel that it's getting back to normal. >> that was dan thorn reporting for us tonight. san
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francisco is expected to reach the yellow tier by next week. but it's likely no other changes will be coming to the restaurants or bars. governor says he plans to fully reopen the state's economy by june 15th. >> well, more sports and more entertainment options are back on the south bay today. the san jose sharks announced they expect to welcome fans back. april 26, everybody will have to show proof of vaccinations or proof of a negative test seats will be in pods of 2 to 4 tickets will be digital. no cash. there will be designated seating areas and capacity will be limited to a few 100. and as we get more and more experience. >> we'll grow that capacity over multiple games. >> nans can also get a rapid antigen. the covid test on the day of the game. they can do that without an appointment. it will be $50. meantime, anybody over 2 years old. they've got to be wearing a mask and there except when actively eating or drinking.
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>> what the official start time for the weekend is but for now, most of us, it's here. that pretty much is. and that's a live look at the golden gate bridge where people are out and about and lawrence county. it's apparently going to be beautiful. it's going to be warm, right. yeah. we're going really start to heat things up around the bay area. so let's get this weekend going. should be a nice one, too. >> as high pressure takes over. we are seeing some patchy fog out there and that's something we'll see tomorrow morning. we have some patchy fog along the coast. some of these patches inside the bay. you see right there over the bay right now over the berkeley hills as well. so certainly going to be in place early on tomorrow morning. but i think we clear things out across much of the bay area except right along the coast. temperatures rise today, 55 degrees kind of cool in san francisco oakland a 61 start to warm things up in the san jose sunshine and temperatures in the 60's there. but in livermore above average 75 degrees 76 in concord and 66 degrees in santa rosa. that sea breeze still kicking up outside not too strongly just a win to 40 miles an hour at sfo. 21 though, at fairfield.
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that's a pretty significant breeze that continues. but watch what happens. we've got this on shore flow tonight that onshore breeze. but as that cool ocean air and the fog to cool us down now overnight tonight, things begin to change or notice the winds begin to switch directions. all of a sudden we start to see those winds make it more of a northerly direction coming out of the north. that means, well, we're going to see more of that offshore wind and that's what heats us up now. the only unfortunate thing looks like a breaks down a little bit of the coastline. we may see a little bit of on shore breeze. and if that works out, you'll probably see some lingering patchy fog out toward the beaches and then it looks like some cool fog rolling in there. but you get inside the bay in the valley. certainly nice anrmright. you get away forecast in the monterey bay. you're going to find some sunshine and some fog 55 degrees downtown monterrey about 55 in carmel, southern california patchy fog in the long beach. plenty of sunshine in anaheim at 7374 in pasedena 72 in downtown los angeles the high country. they have to hold looking good. you're
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going to see some sunshine and temperatures kind of cool in the 50's. there, mid 60's. if you're headed over to overnight tonight, low clouds and fog going to march back on shore into the bay they could start out with some patchy fog that sunny warmer by the afternoon, a lot around much of the bay area's these temperatures going to pop just a bit and high pressure looks like it's just going to slide enough. that is going to bring more of a northerly component to the wind. and that is what's going to generate the warming, whether the combined ridge of high pressure and a little more northerly component. the wind except for that fog right along the coast. you see right here. there comes a patchy fog overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. but by the middle of the day is long gone. we've talk about sunshine as some nice weather. some numbers break down like this plan on some 70's, some 80's inland by tomorrow afternoon. yeah, beautiful weather. lot of 70's inside the bay and then some 60's and 70's at the coast. to the. >> the doctor fauci z himself in a stand. he was head of big dog. >> did you understand anything
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i just i got it. i'm good at sound like like we own path. >> this was very entertaining. beastmode went to medical mode today in an effort to reach communities of color were a lot of people are pretty wary of the vaccine today. marshawn lynch at a video chat with doctor anthony fauci fauci. z lynch talked about why some people are concerned about the vaccines and fauci talked about why they need to trust the fact that they actually work. >> any time we've been told that we was going to be in position to have something, you know, gave to worse or put in our and our community to help us. it seemed to turn now you know, very bad for us. >> you're absolutely right. the history of how the federal government going back decades. particularly in the area of medical issues, how they've treated african americans has not been something that to be proud of. we don't want african americans in the
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community to not have the advantage. of the protection of something that really works because of history got on the stand that it wasn't reckless and it's safe because we tested it in 10's of thousands of people including african americans and hispanics. a serious message. but a lot of fun to watch. you can see the entire half hour interview on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> california has delivered more than 38,000 covid vaccine doses to faith based organizations with plans for more 13 pop-up clinics opened a churs thismonth alone as kron four's michelle kingston reports, one of the churches is the acts full gospel church in oakland. that scene is good. >> everybody should do it now through monday. anyone is able to get a pfizer vaccine at the acts full gospel church in oakland. no appointment necessary. we want to make
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sure that everyone gets best backs unaided. and of course, you know, we ask of the young people to come now to because they're able to get vaccinated as well. this is video of the vaccination site at the church on friday morning. it's part of california governor gavin newsom's partnership with nearly 200 faith based organizations providing 38,000 vaccine doses to churches across the state to expand outreach. an equity efforts. the governor's administration says they recognize the important role places of worship have been helping address their members covid vaccine concerns and providing educational resources. covid is not anything to play with. and it's it's very serious. >> bishop. but jackson the pastor of acts full gospel church in oakland and his wife both had coronavirus. he said his wife almost died many members of their church passed away from the virus and he has friends right now who are in the hospital fighting for their lives we don't need anything like covid-19 taken. i lives before. it's time. >> so i urge everybody to get
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that guy said my wife and that we've received our shots. both of them. i had moderna's. she had pfizer and we're both doing well and we're we're feeling pretty good about. >> being safe in the name of jesus after a year of virtual church service in parking lot service acts, full gospel church has reopened its doors to the community and the pastor says he highly recommends getting the vaccine. so everyone be safe. move forward and we've been having service, but it's nothing like we had before corona. >> hit and they had to close down. but now we're hoping that with the herd immunity and everybody getting vaccinated will be able to come back together and worship the lord the way we worship the lord in the east bay. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> in contra, costa county, mobile covid vaccination sites are open in richmond and antioch. the pop-up clinics are considered to be particularly needed since both cities are the top of the list of highest positivity rates in the county. >> they don't have to make a
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phone call. they don't have to go online. they can show up to this clinic and get their shot. >> the clinics are at the antioch community center and the veterans memorial hall in richmond at each spots. they expect to be able to administer 700 shots a day. more walk-in sites will be open in the coming weeks. for now the antioch enrichment clinics will be open through saturday. april 25th from 09:00am to 4 in the afternoon. >> sonoma county, windsor mayor dominic foppoli. he said today that he is stepping back from an active role as mayor. that's after being accused by 6 women of assault. kron four's dan kerman has been following today's developments from windsor and has the latest supporters of assault victims rallied at the gateway to windsor friday afternoon once again calling for mayor domenic poli to resign. >> but the embattled mayor who has been accused of sexually assaulting several women over a period of years has stopped short of resigning choosing instead to step back from his
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duties. in a statement issued friday for police as it has become clear to me that the town council will not function at the level expected by its citizens. if i remain actively involved given the strong reaction to the allegations against me, though. i maintain full innocence under the law. i've decided to step back from an active role as mayor until the formal investigation is complete. i do not want my presence or participation to create a distraction. her cause any additional hurt for our residents who still needs to resign. and i'm hopeful that he will. >> i don't think this is going to the outrage winds or vice mayor sam salmon says resignation is the proper move stepping back, though, will help. >> from the terms of governance. it does give us more of a pass so that we can. >> address some of these issues that have been raised its. he really was for the people and the mayor for the
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people he would resign. sophia williams is one of 4 police accusers. she says she thinks stepping back accomplishes nothing and believes the mayor hopes this will just blow over. she says it won't. we know this isn't like an isolated case. we know this isn't just like one time thing one person has these accusations against them. this is something that, you know, we see in the news all the time. so i hope the message is that. >> you know, you can't get away with it. the situation is ever changing but will likely not change or protests like these until these folks get the resolution. they're looking for. >> in windsor. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> following a spike in hate crimes across the u.s. san francisco police have launched a hotline for chinese language speakers. this will be available in both mandarin and cantonese police and community organizers have been passing out flyers to help spread the word. >> if he has a problem of reporting. language problems.
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they they were scared of retaliation. and so the thing is the tip line. let's man by officers that can are bilingual so that these people come out and report the crime. >> lot going on at t. >> san francisco. police say the hotline has already helped in several investigations. they plan to expand the service to include other languages soon and they're reminding people. if there is an emergency, you should first call 911. the owner of a los gatos bakery has been arrested for sexually assaulting his customers. allie sherman ronnie was taken into custody at mama's bakery on santa crpz avenue. one state police say that he would offer bread making lessons to female customers and would then touched them inappropriately against their will. he is facing charges of battery and false imprisonment. detectives
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say there might be other victims. they're asking anybody with information to come fort. >> tonight. we're learning more about the indianapolis shooting where 8 people died these are the names of the victims. they range in age from 19 to 74. they were all killed when police say this man 19 year-old brandon scott whole started shooting both inside and outside of a fedex facility near the airport last night in indianapolis tonight. we're learning the shooter is a former fed ex worker and that the fbi questioned him last year. reporter adrian robbins has the latest from indianapolis. >> police are so here at the fedex warehouse behind me, almost 24 hours after what's being described a terrifying and chaotic scene. police say the shooting lasting mere minutes but left 4 people dead in the parking lot. and for more dead in the facility. >> by the time police arrived to this fedex ground facility late thursday night. the
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gunshots had ended, but the chaos did not. many employees did not have a cell phone and family members were left with only questions for hours now, the city has begun grieving innocent lives. they now know or last last night was a devastating blow. >> and its impact will be felt by our community. for days and weeks to come. my heart is broken over the lives that were lost. >> the gunman has been identified as 19 year-old brandon scott hole. police say as of now they believe he targeted his victims arbitrarily before killing himself. whole had multiple run-ins with authorities in the past one of which led to a gun being seized. >> that gun was not returned. he got out of his car and pretty quickly started. some random shooting outside the facility. there was no confrontation. with anyone that was there. there was no
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disturbance. there is no argument. he just appeared to randomly start shooting. we mourn the devastating loss of their lives. we're dedicated to honoring their memory through meticulous investigation. the fbi is assisting by interviewing witnesses and searching the suspect's home. >> but so far one key question remains unanswered. >> many of you have already asked what the motive of the shooting was and with less than 12 hours. since the shooting would be premature to speculate on that motivation regardless of the motive. indy's mayor says those facts won't heal the wounds caused by this senseless crime. although we will learn more about this case. >> in the coming days. and in the coming weeks, no piece of information will restore the lives that were taken or the peace. >> that was shattered. >> we're also learning more about the victims of the shooting. the youngest just 19 years old. the oldest 74 reporting in indianapolis. i'm
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adrian robbins. >> president biden was talking about the recent spike in mass shootings today just hours after ordering flags to be lowered to half-staff. it's only been 2 weeks since the last time the president made such an order after previous mass shooting and during a news conference with the japanese prime minister. president said the violence has to stop. >> every single day. every single day. >> there's a mass shooting this young who in the united states. if you count all those who were killed out in the streets of our cities and our rural areas. it's a national embarrassment and must come to an end. >> the president called on the u.s. senate to consider to gun reform bills that already passed in the house. but our stalled in the senate. republicans have vowed to block any bill. they say threatens the second amendment. the mother of dante wright's son spoke at a news conference in minneapolis china whitaker says she is hurting for her son.
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>> wright was shot and killed by a brooklyn center officer kim potter during a traffic stop on sunday. whitaker says she wants justice. >> i just want. just has to be said that's all i really want because my son, he doesn't have his father. you know, that's it. that's a lot. you know, that they took from him. so i just hope that justice is served in the right on the night ends. >> kim potter, the now former officer is accused of killing right and was in court today. she is facing second-degree manslaughter charges. >> going to work businesses downtown oakland boarding up today. this comes in response to demonstrations across the country over the police killings of unarmed black people. some of these protests have led to vandalism demonstration is expected to take place tonight in oakland's grand plaza.
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>> the rotating closures of fire stations in oakland. this is now a thing of the past it was a cost saving measure because of budget cuts. now oakland fire stations will be fully staffed ahead of this year's fire season fire department officials tell kron four's haaziq the timing couldn't be better. >> midway through the month of april and things of that busier than usual for the oakland fire department you're looking at just some at these firefighting videos recorded within the past 2 weeks. oakland, fire battalion chief heather most the we from fire. we want along fires. >> really just started as the 2021 fire season is getting underway. the oakland fire department is now fully resourced and ready to roll. >> it's yeah, we're really
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excited mart a lot of the people equitable. but company have we oakland city officials say the full restoration of fire services is primarily the result of the oakland city council. approving the use of federal funds from the american rescue plan at for the fire department and it was. >> a relief to be able to apply the american rescue act funding to restoring fire services and at a critical time when they're absolutely needed several of the recent fires occurred and council member lord taylor's district in oakland. yes, there have been a number of fires are talking brush fires there been structural fires. >> the the whole range and it's something that we absolutely need to get on top fire season as many know is no longer contained to a specific. time window. but it really is. you are out there for a very long arcade. so we need we
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>> has it lead you kron. 4 news. >> coming up on kron. 4 news at 9. we now know the results of an investigation into the use of force pipe. san leandro police officers. >> and good news for writers. details on what's new after the break.
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>> and independent investigation has found that to san leandro police officers did not follow the department's use of force policies. this was in that 2020 fatal shooting last april officers. jason fletcher and stephan overton responded to a call about a shoplifter at a walmart in san leandro body cam video showed taylor holding a bat inside the store before using to drop it. officer fletcher shot and killed him. the alameda county da later determined fletcher used excessive force charged him with manslaughter and investigators say officer overton who used his taser that night. also used excessive force. the department will now determine by june. what action to take. a discovery bay resident got a fine of more than $26,000 for an illegal fireworks show. this happened on the 4th of july last year. the east contra costa fire did a department did not identify
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that person, but that fine was for a huge show with more than 500 fireworks officials are hoping that news of the big fine will discourage any such violations in the future. >> no more callers. california's top health official says we could soon be done with the governor's blueprint to reopening with that color tier system. san francisco mayor london breed is targeting areas hardest hit by covid. we'll have details on where the newest vaccine site just opened up. plus help is on the way for people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. the action taken by the governor to try
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>> california's top health official doctor mark ali is weighing in on the plan to fully reopen the state june 15th and is sounding optimistic. but some have other health experts have concerns about the plan or ashley zavala explains. >> but we are still targeting june california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli said friday. the state is still poised for a full reopening in less than 2 months regardless of the pause on the johnson and johnson vaccine. galli said the state said the june 15th date aware of the issues with covid-19 mutations in other parts of the nation and in other countries while several variants have been found in california cases state leaders are encouraged by the vaccine's protection against them. so far. the variants that we are concerned about. >> have largely it will almost
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entirely been responsive to the vaccine, which is the best news today. we we don't have very and that skates or vaccine. speaking of the sacramento press club event. california's top health official explained what california could look like beyond the blueprint in october. many of the things that we mask, we will be able to do. what can the big difference, though, is we will not likely have our youngest kids vaccinated. so. we're going to still need to protect young people. but in response panel with other health experts covid action group founder gun says california needs to stop being reactive to the virus instead of proactive has advocated for lockdowns to completely suppress the virus like other countries have. >> with continued vaccination in constant testing. if we wait, we're basically guaranteeing that the disease will become endemic with cycling disease year after year. >> as california moves away from its restrictions. doctor galley says the state will continue to do high level
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disease investigations for the foreseeable future reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news san francisco's continuing to fight the covid virus in some of the hardest hit areas in the city. >> yesterday. mayor london breed city leaders and the latino task force partner to open up the city's 4th vaccination sites in the mission district, targeting people who live in those zip codes. this is the second one to open in the area since the first site launched in february since at opening 10,000 people have received a vaccine. there. 200 doses are available per day at the new site. it is open thursdays through sundays from 11:00am to 06:00pm appointments are required for more on how you can make an appointment at this location. go to our website. kron 4 dot com. and in the south bay san jose has a new mass vaccination sites located at city hall to help the underserved community, including people with disabilities and those who are experiencing homelessness. this event was made possible by the asian americans for community involvement. san
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jose has set aside 5 buses picking up people. so they have a way to get to the site. people who were there getting vaccinated today will be returning in 3 weeks to get their second doses muni's k ingles site. rain will be returning on may 15th more than 6 months ahead of schedule san francisco mayor london breed supervisor, myrna melgar announced that the news today. >> the k engel side and t 3rd will operate as one wrote from balboa park to sunny dale providing subway service to all stations from a buk embarcadero to a west portal. that's along with the previously announced return of the and judah that also may 15th capacity will be increased and riders will have more room. governor newsome signed a new bill today. this is designed to help workers laid off because of the pandemic. it requires employers and the hospitality and business service industries to offer new jobs to former employees who were
9:32 pm
laid off because of covid. that includes hotels, airports, large event centers, businesses that do not comply can be fined up to $500 per employee. and with those layoffs, many people been struggling financially reporter stacey good and share some advice on. >> how to bounce back during these difficult times. >> the covid crisis resulted in the worst economic downturn since the great depression. according to the united nations department of economic and social affairs. the unemployment rate jumped from 3.5% in february 2020 to 14.7% of last year and went down 6% just last month. and experts say now is the time to get your money in order during the pandemic everybody was forced figure out what they really needed by way of money. wendy bahr lynn is an accountant who specializes in advising people on how to better manage their money through careful planning. she says in order to rebuild prepare and plan your
9:33 pm
financial future take it slow to rush out this weekend and spend a $1000 on entertainment. >> we'll be pick one thing you really missed and going do that. some of us have been working from home and the people to say, but some of us have also incurred a lot of debt. how do we pay that off. what focus just on paying down your debt. also focus putting money in your savings account. i think that's what this pandemic has also taught us what tell people if you have an extra $50 a month. have to date. have to savings for those out of work. she suggests looking for a job now. don't wait until unemployment runs out in a few months when everyone will be looking for a job. employers are hiring now remember unemployment doesn't last forever. take the steps to rebuild your credit for this point. would you credit score everybody is entitled to free credit. both. we build your credit by paying down credit cards paying off. >> you are car loans.
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everything you possibly can in small increments also create a 30 minute weekly money day to figure out a cash flow plan and stick with it and with tax season upon us, you might not be able to claim a work from home tax deduction. but there's another way to save you're given the choice. i would say take a look at how much money you can actually safe. >> i'm working from home. it might be some significant savings in there. >> i was on a follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to securing your financial future. >> again. that was stacey goodman reporting for us tonight. >> still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock americans continue to grapple with 2 sad realities. the alarming increase in gun violence and police shootings. we'll take a look at 3 cases in the spotlight. >> certainly going to be gorgeous weekend around the bay area. if you're looking for something to do. we might have some ideas for fun. things is coming up next. and in sports, the san jose sharks could be the next team to
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allow live fans in person at their game. have that story coming up. >> who i let you know about or apps you're looking at the qr code for the kron 4 news there's also one for kron on. it's a way to get those apps and the information they offer and the information they offer quickly and easily. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed... and get to and stay undetectable... can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its ingredients... or if you take dofetilide. hepatitis b can become harder to treat while taking dovato.
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> t g i f because on this friday we've got baseball. we've got soccer and we've got some good news about hockey. but let's go ahead and start on the diamond to the a's hosting the tigers on a chilly night at the coliseum a win would get them to 500 after that an 6 start to the season. >> bottom of the 4th 2 outs runners at the corners mitch more land drives one into right field. a run scores. so the a's are on the board next. batter up going to shot murphy and murphy. hey, he follow suit down the left-field line. one more run scores. and just like that it's a 2 nothing lead for the a's at home. they would hang on to that through a matchup in batting that one. >> the whole yeah. it's gone. a solo home run for choppy his 3rd bomb of the season and that is the final score. 3, nothing a's frankie montas had 7 strikeouts and the a's have now won 6 in a row. look at that. a road trip for the san
9:39 pm
francisco giants today, evan longoria has been swinging it. well, he leads the giants with 4 bombs on the year top of the 4th one on no outs longo hits one up the middle and that would bring in mike yastremski. >> did i mention longo also leads san francisco with 9 rbi. >> so the giants on the board. first in miami. we go to the top of the 5th anthony desclafani pitching to just junior. look out. oh, boy has never had a shot with that one. the solo dinger for chisholm junior a couple of marlins fans in the stands who like that one. it's a tie ballgame and it would stay that way through 8. they would bring in one the peralta pitching in relief in the bottom of the inning runners on first and second starling marte a goes yard. so 3 runs scored from miami and the giants just couldn't make a dent in that deficit. so they dropped the first of 3 to the marlins 6 on the road coming up. they're back in action tomorrow. how about opening day for major league soccer. and the san jose earthquakes playing in the very first game
9:40 pm
of the season in houston against the dynamo. we pick it up in the 55th minute. tyler patrick ross to max you. rudy right on target that once lived past jt martin koski for a 2 nil lead and spoiler alert. the dynamo would get the win. but because it's the first game of the season. we're going to show you this fantastic quick school 75th minute shea salinas de paul murray, the one timer what strike that was so yeah, with that kind of power quick setting a good tone for the season. the home opener for san jose is their next match. april 24th against fc dallas. well, starting monday, april 26 per game against the arizona coyotes. the shark tank will be rocking once again. that's what san jose announced today. it won't be full swing. just yet. they don't have an exact number of stand set the president team president john becker estimated it would be in the hundreds. so here's what's up negative covid test results will be required for all entrants. the sharks will be providing that testing for free at the arena masks must be worn on side and tickets will be sold in pods of to it for to maintain social
9:41 pm
distancing. they're on sale starting the 19th. well, tonight, the sharks were on the road taking on the west. 3rd place, minnesota, wild and even though thomas hertl scored the first goal of the game, san jose just couldn't hang on minnesota wins the first back to that games in the sharks have now been happily last 4 games in a row. yanks may be there saving it for that home crowd. we're
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heartbreak and outrage across the country after the most recent incidents of young men of color being killed at the hands of police. frustration is once again sending protesters into the streets. >> after last summer's unrest. many are wondering what now, craig treadway is taking a look at the 3 cases that are in the spotlight tonight about aggressive policing in the cross airs this week, literally april. first foot chase down a dark alleyway following a shot spotter camera alert. report of gunfire. what appears to be compliant. we're freezing it here because in that moment officer eric stillman fires a single shot into the boy's chest. >> on thursday chicago's civilian office of police accountability releasing the shaky fast-moving but disturbing video of the younger chicago police shooting victim in years. 13 year-old 7th grader adam toledo, the officer's lawyer with a familiar trope that the
9:45 pm
shooting was justified given the nature of the threat, the split-second situation where an officer has to make a decision and a family of a latino boy asking why that decision when the boy appears to have surrendered hands up. he tossed the gun. >> if he had a gun, he tossed it. the officer said show me your hands. he complied. he turned around. there's a still photo going around on the internet with his hands up and he shot in the middle of his chest as protesters were hitting the streets of shy down following toledo's shooting and the video release. >> another gunshot cut through the noise muffled by confusing >> a brooklyn center. minnesota police officer apparently mistaking her gun for her taser firing a fatal bullet into 20 year old dante right. the officer kimberly potter now charged with second-degree manslaughter and tension in that city charged up into a 5th night of protest
9:46 pm
on thursday. my brother, my sister need is woman to become dictate. >> if we can have live, we want life. we got a goal. i put out a >> the shooting leading once again to an arrest in a suburb of minneapolis a city already on edge. i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today. the twin cities bracing as closing arguments and jury deliberations are set to begin next week in the trial of former police officer derek chauvin and the 2020 murder of george floyd snippets of the video seen across the globe. but shown in its entirety in court chauvin's knee on floyd's neck. for more than 9 minutes until he was dead and calls for police reform. this week louder than ever. the president is eager to sign. >> the george floyd act into law to sign a police reform bill into law. thanks. those reforms are long overdue. again, that was craig treadway reporting for us tonight,
9:47 pm
family of tamir rice, the 12 year-old boy who was shot and killed by cleveland police in 2014 is asking the justice department to reopen the investigation into his death after federal prosecutors said last year they would not file charges against the 2 officers involved. prosecutors said video of the shooting was of such poor quality that they couldn't establish exactly what happened. justice department has declined to comment on the family's request. new at 00:00pm tonight. a passenger on a united airlines plane that scattered debris across the colorado neighborhood. >> that person is now a suing the company, the engine failed about 4 minutes after takeoff from denver last month that caused a mid air fire. it forced the plane to turn around. the pilot did land safely. nobody was hurt. the lawsuit claims the airline did not properly inspect the plane beforehand causing distress among passengers. >> that step outside, see how things are shaping up at the
9:48 pm
bay bridge toll plaza which is pretty quiet at this hour. and we want to know more about the weekend to kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow a look ahead. yes, can be that time of year. the weather getting very nice and things started to open up a bit outside. so yeah, we want to kind of give you a couple ideas. some things you might want to do this weekend. if you're headed out and about and. >> want to get out there. enjoying get some fresh air to. so here's the first one for fun things. if you want to go to chinatown. there have a walk away weekends and that's where they closed down. grand avenue. get out there and walk out there and enjoy all the beautiful sights and the sounds of chinatown, of course, all the wonderful food, although many little shops out there. lot of fun to walk around should be a nice day. there tomorrow to temperatures. going to be moving the upper 60's by tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny skies. and that's just a bit of an afternoon breeze about this. if you want to go to the park, maybe for a little hike near woods. this is a free national park day on saturday. you go for a hike there. they're going to see some upper 60's mostly sunny and mild. i believe you do need to make a reservation.
9:49 pm
and by the way, parking, yeah, there's always a fee for that. so prepared. i think it's $8.50. if you are going to park there. you know, a lot of folks getting ready to plant their gardens and they're having a free garden compost workshop that is going to be rpdown at the gamble garden pal alto. they're going to see a lot of sunshine there. grab the sunscreen. if you're headed in that direction, temperatures moving up the mid 70's that starts at 10:00am tomorrow and get ready for this. they're giving away a free compost at the end of the workshop. if you need that for your garden. and this is a cool and this is called a little oasis. this is going to be actually in soma it's in san francisco. this is going to be the comp lot gardens and that's where they're going to enjoy some fine music. a little yoga and a lot of filipino food. all that libya is going to be smelling so good out there tomorrow. that will be starting at 10:00am. it will be a mostly sunny in the afternoon. just a little bit breezy. but those are some fun things that you might want to think of around the bay area right out there right
9:50 pm
now. we've got that patchy fog that is bouncing up against the berkeley hills and well, we'll see some of around the bay area early tomorrow morning as the fall going to kind of just settle in there. so yeah, be prepared for that. otherwise the temperatures are going to be heating up. we've got numbers up in the 80's. in fact, as we get into sunday. i think that will likely be the warmest day of the week since some of those numbers get near 90 degrees and talking 70's 80's inside the bay. it will be interesting. i think we may just get enough of a northerly wind that we may see those temperatures bumping up in the 60's near 70 degrees at the coastline. so there you go. you got for fun things and a bonus 5. if you want to go to the beach. you can enjoy that on sunday to ok. can i just say it's good to have fun things back. it was, you know, it is nice to put it together. it just felt like things getting more normal again. we can actually go out and have fun would that be nice is a good thing. yeah. thanks for. all right. >> larger than life art installation is popping up in oakland. it's all in an effort to try to fight global food and security and injustice.
9:51 pm
>> street art for mankind. joined forces with the world food program and the kellogg company to paint the tallest mural in oakland. there it is on the marriott building downtown most part of a year-old series mean painted across the country to try to help raise awareness and mobilize support to fight hunger, especially after the pandemic. according to the department of agriculture african americans are twice as likely to face hunger as non hispanic caucasian households and to give back to local minority communities. the kellogg company is donating cash to support local food justice programs in each of the 6 cities, including oakland. this mural is the 3rd in the series. >> from the bottom of our hearts. >> thank you to everyone made this used their their love and their absolute that are in the
9:52 pm
world thank you for putting human face on a global problem and the face of a beautiful child. >> if you download the behind the wall app and take a picture of the mural. you'll get instant access to details about the mural and how to take action locally and globally. >> the lakers great kobe bryant will be presented into the hall of fame by arguably one of the greatest players of all time. details on that when all time. details on that when we come back. is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit
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batteries and first aid kit are a good start davis has been named woman of the year. by harvard university's hasty pudding theatricals members say viola has inspired our company with her incredible grit and determination. >> davis has been featured in movies and tv and theater she is the first black actress to win 2 tony awards. she's also won an oscar for the movie fences and emmy for the show. the tv show how to get away with murder. the online ceremony is set for april 22nd. the late lakers great. kobe bryant is going to be presented into the hall of fame. the person doing the presenting arguably the greatest player of all time. michael jordan bryant was originally scheduled to enter the hall of fame. last year. the ceremony was postponed because of the pandemic. the
9:56 pm
ceremony scheduled for may 15th in connecticut. >> got it. thank you so much. so much love to you and your family. go graham up. >> haha. graham was having a good time. sometimes moment just calls for a big happy dance. a grandmother of a college basketball star turned top 10 pick in the wnba was evidence of that during the drag the draft last night ucl a all american mckayla own unwary was selected by the new york liberty with the number 6 pic and grandma couldn't be more thrilled. atlanta braves star ronald is having a great start to the season. he's leading the league in home runs and hits and has the 3rd highest batting average, but it's also got a great arm. they like that of kenya's,
9:57 pm
obviously not someone you want to match up was in a game. a beer pong that was a pinpoint accurate throw by a. yeah. we'll see if we get to see it again. here comes ball going right into the mug. look at that. the guy had moved to cut what maybe 6 to catch the ball. pretty good shot. want to go to the game. high actually make you want to go to the game and wraps up kron 4 news at 9. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. hundreds of protesters are marching through downtown oakland right now demanding justice over the deaths of dante wright and adam toledo at the hands of police will have the latest on demonstrations in the east bay. plus the embattled windsor mayor still refusing to step down, but he is a green to what he says. step back. >> by dominic the polo is handing over his responsibilities to the vice mayor. those stories and more comin
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> the bay area's local news stations. you now with breaking news. >> breaking news at 10 o'clock tonight. hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of oakland as demonstrations unfolded here and across the country over the police killings of unarmed black people. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm catherine heenan


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