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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 16, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> and now a day today that spent 2 years in the making for one santa clara county business people are on their very happy to tee off under the state's newly implemented health guidelines high pressure building in just in time for the weekend. temperatures are going to soar. we'll show you where it could get near 90 next. >> plus, places of worship getting into the vaccine game. how churches are playing an important role in addressing concerns distributing shots to vulnerable communities. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> more sports, more entertainment options are back on the south bay. >> today. the san jose sharks announced they will soon allow fans back into the sa peace center and top golf opened its
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stores kron four's amanda harry is live at top golf. a very exciting thing in the south bay with how they're keeping everyone safe while still having a good time. >> and they're taking a lot of precautions. everything outdoors as you can see, i'm outside right now. there's also dividers up their spacing out these bays hears of people too close and they're sanitizing everything when everyone's done now was requested that i swing a golf i've never done that before. so i'm gonna put this little golf ball just over this ledge here. i well, there are much better golfers here. much better opportunities for the being able and make sure that we're doing the right thing. people are teeing off. >> for the first time at top golf, san jose director of operations travis miller says this location has been in the making for 2 years. initially was supposed to open about a year ago but things changed
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because of covid-19 making sure that we can open at the right time with them to guide everything less than 10 miles away. staff at the sep center are getting ready to welcome back. fans on april 26. we're really, really excited san jose sharks president jonathan backers says going to a game will be a different experience designed around. keeping everyone safe, everyone this coming. >> we'll need to show either proof of vaccination or be tested seats will be in pods of 2 to 4. no food will be a lot of the bowl. there will be designated seating area. it's or digital ticketing only for the remainder of this year. there will be no physical to this. we'll go to cashless transactions with reverse atm. in addition, capacity will be limited to just a few 100. and as we get more and more experience. we'll grow that capacity over multiple games. although top golf and the sep center aren't operating under
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ideal circumstances they're excited about the energy being brought back to san amazing residents tourism is going to be we look for a look this. venue can i put the camera around. you can see just how many people are down here and how the all spaced out. i'm told that top golf brought about 600 jobs to san jose and some of those jobs still need to be and harry live for us in san jose. looks like a great night to be outside. this will be the first weekend that. >> california has expanded outdoor gatherings guidance is in effect. and as we mentioned a couple great days to be outside. here's a live look at sfo. lawrence has been telling us it's going to be warm tomorrow. it's going to be warm and some day a couple of beautiful days and the lawrence, what's the latest? yes, certainly looks like it is going to be a very nice weekend ahead. i think the
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warmest day of the weekend will come on sunday. but even tomorrow we'll see those temperatures warming up outside. nice. look out toward the golden gate bridge combats the fog trying to float on through otherwise clear skies. >> and it's still a bit of a sea breeze and that's going to be something we have to contend with some fact the fog bank is moving in along the coastline right now. and so i think we'll see that fog overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. the sea breeze has been picking up just a little bit to carry some of that patchy fog moving in. so yes, some of the gusts now over 20 miles an hour at stinson beach, 20 even into san francisco and they got 20 mile ln hour wind in sonoma right now. but that's just a general sea breeze outside temperatures right now in the 40's and the 50's, although still 62 in conquer right now. 65 in very pleasant. but overnight tonight. here we go. you can see some of the patchy fog gathering along the coastline moving inside the bay early tomorrow morning. but as we head to the middle the day by lunchtime. most of that is gone just a couple of patches of fog remain into the coastline. so, yeah, it is certainly going to be a nice warm day warmer than today. that's for sure. 80's inland.
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you see a lot of 70's just gorgeous inside the bay tomorrow and plan on some cooler numbers along the coastline with some patchy fog kind of dancing in the beaches in the 60's and low 70's. the dancing and the lawrence. that sounds good. >> in contra, costa county mobile covid vaccination sites are open in richmond and in antioch. these pop-up clinics are considered to be particularly needed because both cities are at the top of the list of high positivity rates in the county. >> they don't have to make a phone they don't have to go online. they can show up to this clinic and get their shot. >> the clinics are at the antioch community center. also the veterans memorial hall in richmond at each spot there expect they'll be able to administer about 700 shots a day. more walk-in sites will be opening in the coming weeks. for now. the antioch enrichment clinics will be open through saturday. april 25th from 09:00am to 4 o'clock in the afternoon. the state of
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california has delivered more than 38,000 covid vaccine doses to faith based organizations and. >> plans to continue providing more. the governor's office, the governor's office says 13 pop-up clinics open at churches this month alone as kron. 4 michelle kingston tells us one of those churches as the acts full gospel church in oakland. that scene is good. >> and they and everybody should do it. now through monday. anyone is able to get a pfizer vaccine at the acts full gospel church in oakland. no appointment necessary. we want to make sure that. >> everyone gets best backs unaided. and of course, you know, we ask of the young people to come now to because they're able to get vaccinated as well. this is video of the vaccination site at the church on friday morning. >> it's part of california governor gavin newsom's partnership with nearly 200 faith based organizations providing 38,000 vaccine doses to churches across the state to expand outreach in equity
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efforts. the governor's administration says they recognize the important role place of worship have been helping address their members covid vaccine concerns and providing educational resources covid is not anything to play with it. it's it's very serious, bishop. but jackson the pastor of acts full gospel church in oakland and his wife both had coronavirus. he said his wife almost died many members of their church passed away from the virus and he has friends right now who are in the hospital fighting for their lives we don't need anything like covid-19 taken. i lives before. it's time. >> so i urge everybody to get that guy said my wife and that we've received shots. both of them. i had moderna. she had pfizer and we're both doing well and we're we're feeling pretty good about. >> being safe in the name of jesus. after a year of virtual church service in parking lot service acts, full gospel church has reopened its doors to the community and the pastor says he highly recommends getting the vaccine. so everyone be safe.
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move forward and we've been having service, but it's nothing like we had before corona. >> hit and they had to close down. but now we're hoping that with the herd immunity and everybody getting vaccinated will be able to come back together and worship the lord the way we worship the lord in the east bay. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> statewide vaccine expansion is making california leaders confident in the plan to fully reopen the state in 2 months during an event. this was hosted by the sacramento press club california's health and human services secretary said we will be ready despite the pause on the johnson and johnson vaccine. and while several variants have been filed in california state leaders are encouraged by the vaccines protection against them. >> so far. the variants that we are concerned about have largely it will almost entirely been responsive to the vaccine, which is the best news today. we we don't have
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very and that skates or vaccine. >> california is planning to fully reopen june 15th the biggest remaining challenge at that time that figure will be the fact that. children under 16 will not be vaccinated. new details tonight in the fatal shooting at a fedex plant in indianapolis. the fbi said last year question, the man. >> who shot and killed 8 people yesterday before taking his own life last night agents questions that man 19 year-old brandon hall after his mother called police to say her son might commit suicide by cop. a police report shows that officers seized a pump action shotgun from holes home after responding to the mother's call. we've also learned that hole was a former employee at that fedex facility. we also know the names of the 8 people who were killed. they range in age from 19 to 74 a motive behind the attack has yet to be released. but police say they believe the victims were targeted arbitrarily. 38
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people have died in mass shootings over the past 2 months in this country. these are some of the people and the high profile shootings that took place. the first one was in the atlanta area that was the partner shooting some massage parlor shootings on march 16th the georgia man opened fire at 3 different salons killing 8 people. injuring one other next in boulder, colorado. the shooting that happened there. it happened a week later, a gunman opened fire at a grocery store killing 10 people, including a police officer on march 31st. there was a mass shooting in the city of orange in southern california. one man went on a shooting rampage at an office building killing 4 people including a 9 year-old child, a shooting in virginia beach, virginia ended with 2 people dead, 10 others hurt, including a police officer. one of the victims was shot by police on april 7th former nfl player phil. i'm phillip adams shot 5 people including 2 children. this happened in south carolina before he
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killed himself and then last night shooting in indianapolis left 8 people dead. there. coming up, the north by mayor accused of assault by 6 women. he says he will step back now but not step down. >> we'll have the latest from windsor. as the bay area. the rest of the state moved closer to wildfire season. >> oakland's fire department is saying goodbye to rolling closures. now the city is now able to fully fund the department. >> to to the the doctor fauci z himself a stand. he was head of big dog. >> also a vocal native and former nfl star of marshawn lynch going one on one there with doctor anthony fauci about why communities of color should trust the vaccine. in so
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mayor dominic foppoli. he said today he's going to step back from an active role as mayor. that's after being accused by 6 women of assault. kron four's dan kerman has been following today's developments from windsor and he has the latest. supporters of assault victims rallied at the gateway to windsor friday afternoon once again calling for mayor domenic poli to resign. >> but the embattled mayor who has been accused of sexually assaulting several women over a period of years has stopped
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short of resigning choosing instead to step back from his duties. in a statement issued friday for police as it has become clear to me that the town council will not function at the level expected by its citizens. if i remain actively involved given the strong reaction to the allegations against me, though. i maintain full innocence under the law. i've decided to step back from an active role as mayor until the formal investigation is complete. i do not want my presence or participation to create a distraction. her cause any additional hurt for our residents who still needs to resign and i'm hopefully he will. >> i don't think this is going to the outrage winds or vice mayor sam salmon says resignation is the proper move stepping back, though, will help. >> from the terms of governance. it does give us more of a pass so that we can. >> address some of these issues that have been raised its. he really was for the
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people and the mayor for the people he would resign. sophia williams is one of 4 police accusers. she says she thinks stepping back accomplishes nothing and believes the mayor hopes this will just blow over. she says it won't. we know this isn't like an isolated case. we know this isn't just like one time thing one person has these accusations against them. this is something that, you know, we see in the news all the time. so i hope the message is that. >> you know, you can't get away with it. the situation is ever changing but will likely not change or protests like these until these folks get the resolution. they're looking for. >> in windsor. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> the cost saving measures that cause rolling closures of oakland fire departments. these are a thing of the past fortunately fire officials say their departments will be fully staffed in time for wildfire season. this is thanks to the fact the city council approved the use of
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federal money from the latest stimulus bill oakland fire officials say the timing couldn't be better. >> we're really excited mart a lot of the people equitable company have heard. we >> when the 2021 fire season does all of oakland's fire department engines were hearing will be ready to roll. >> another bay area news parents in the south san francisco unified school district will soon have the option to send their students back to campus for in-person learning officials have installed 30 mobile disinfection units across all schools in the district. they used ultraviolet light to kill covid particles in the air and on surfaces. the district says it will welcome students in t through k through 5th grade tk through 5th grade starting monday. the superintendent
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says more than half of the families want their children to return for in person instruction. >> to the the doctor fauci z himself in a stand. he was head of big dog. did you want to anything. i just i got it. i'm good at sound like like we own path. >> ok, so just based on that. i want to hear this beastmode went medical mode today. this isn't part of an effort to reach communities of color. we are. a lot of people are wary of the vaccine. so today marshawn lynch had that video chat with doctor anthony fauci talked about why some people are concerned about the vaccines fauci talked about why they need to trust the fact they work. >> any time we've been told that we was going to be in position to have something, you know, gave to worse or put in our and our community to help us. it seemed to turn out. you know, very bad for us. >> you're absolutely right.
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the history of how the federal government going back decades. particularly in the area of medical issues, how they've treated african americans has not been something that to be proud of. we don't want african americans in the community to not have the advantage. of the protection of something that really works because of history got on the stand that it wasn't reckless and it's safe because we tested it in 10's of thousands of people including african americans and hispanics. >> and you can see the entire half hour interview with doctor for website. kron 4 dot com. you know, a lot of people look up to marshawn and for him to come out and basically give us seal of very fun. and doctor fauci seem to be having a good time with it. all right. time for the 4 zone
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forecast. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow and lawrence, again, the gorgeous weekend. yeah. should be a very, very nice weekend. now we're seeing that fog moving along the coastline right now. certainly going to see that develop and push into the bay overnight tonight. so be prepared for that not to start out completely sunny side up tomorrow morning. >> we see a little more sunshine along the coastline as we get to sunday. but not bad out there toward half moon bay right now. kind of a nice evening out there. the fog begin to roll in the see that cloud bank developing along the coastline right now. more that on the way as we head into early tomorrow morning. both picking up onto you see right here starting to move back on shore pushing into the bay. maybe some places inland. but that's about it. then as we roll through the day. here comes that sunshine. i think by noon we're mostly sunny even along the coastline. you can see periods of some sunshine out there just don't expect to be wave right out the beach temperature wise is how the numbers break down your looking at 70's in the san francisco. get over the sunset. a little more fog temperatures. there in the 60's. you can see a little cool along the coastline. 64
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maybe they get a little downslope wind and that happens sometimes maybe up to 70 in half moon bay. you get inside. see a lot more 70's beginning to develop and some places getting your 80 degrees as you move further south in the santa clara valley should be a beautiful afternoon 79 in campbell 79 degrees. saratoga 76 very comfortable in santa clara 73 degrees in the is be temperatures popping up in the 80's by tomorrow afternoon. 83 lemore 82 in dublin, 83 in walnut creek about a 3, a brentwood. and yeah, you get the idea. it should be a nice start your weekend. i think as we get to sunday, even look at warmer. so sunday. looks like maybe a little hint of a northerly wind. the may be just enough to clear things out more along the coastline. so if you're picking a beach day, think sunday is the day to do it. temperatures heating up in the upper 80's would be surprised some 90's showed up around the bay area on sunday. all right. thank you very much. or and still ahead at 8 o'clock in response to some demonstrations cross country that wrecked buildings businesses in oakland are now taking precautionary measures.
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>> also how a larger than life piece of art is helping to fight hunger problems.
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>> don't forget to look up the next time we're in downtown oakland and larger than life art installation has been set up in the east bay. it's an effort to fight global food insecurity and injustice street art form and kite joined forces with the world food program and the kellogg
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company to paint the tallest mural in oakland. it's part of a 6 year-old series being painted across the country to try to help raise awareness and mobilize support to fight hunger, especially after the pandemic. according to the department of agriculture african americans are twice as likely to face hunger as non hispanic caucasian households and to give back to local minority kellogg company is donating cash to support local food justice programs in each of the 6 cities. this mural is the 3rd of the series. >> from the bottom of our hearts. >> thank you to everyone who made this used their their love and their absolute that in the world thank you for putting a human face on a global problem and the face of a beautiful child.
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>> this is on the downtown marriott in oakland. if you want to check it out. if you download the behind the wall app and photographed the mural. you'll get instant access to details about the artwork and how to take action locally and globally. >> coming up next on kron, 4 news in 8 o'clock a night of protests is expected in the east bay tonight over police shootings, including those of dante wright and adam toledo. how businesses are bracing for unrest. and now the christian smart's accused killer is behind bars we'll explain how a podcast or helped police track him down. also, woman was told that she could not board a plane because of her mask the airline told her did not meet their standards and how the mask company is trying to make sure that doesn't
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>> businesses in downtown oakland boarded up this afternoon and this comes in response to demonstrations across the country over police killings of unarmed black americans. some of those protests led to battle is among other places. demonstration is expected to take place tonight in oakland's city hall plaza elected leaders in the minneapolis suburb where a police officer fatally shot dante wright's want officers to scale back their tactics amid the nightly protests.
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there. >> hundreds of demonstrators have gathered outside the heavily guarded brooklyn center police station that every not. not every night the last few nights that is since former officer kim potter shot the 20 year-old black man. that was during a traffic stop on sunday. protesters have shouted profanities that launched fireworks shaken a security fence surrounding the building. that lobbed water bottles at officers. there have been instances of looting. some officers have suffered minor injuries. police have used tear gas grenades, rubber bullets and flash bang grenades. people in the area say a lot of their neighbors are staying in hotels to avoid the noise. also the tear gas that sometimes seeps into their homes. brooklyn city center officials did pass a resolution monday. banning police from using tear gas and other chemicals from using choke holds and police lines to arrest demonstrators. meantime, very close by the city of minneapolis is on edge
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tonight as businesses and residents brace themselves for. >> yet another night of protests in response to sunday's deadly police shooting of daunte a right and ahead of a potential verdict in the trial against former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, who of course is accused of killing george floyd last year. closing arguments in that trial. expected to start next week. in the meantime, correspondent tom negovan has more on how business owners are planning to protect their properties this weekend. >> this is the serious hardware. a 10 foot tall chain-link fence imbedded in concrete going up today around the main post office in downtown minneapolis, an area that looks a bit like an armed camp these days watched over by police and the national guard. we're all on edge. we're tired. we're all small business owners and we just. >> are all trying to make a living. but for now they're boarding up. we can either. >> cover the windows over or replace them all.
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>> locals thought they'd seen it all a pandemic months of looting and rioting that followed the death of george floyd and ben, just as they started to breathe a bit more easily, a young black man named dante wright shot and killed by police. just 10 miles from the courtroom where former officer derek chauvin is on trial for floyd's death. it started all over again. everybody was waiting until the shopping trial was over. >> and hopefully it was an outcome that everybody wanted and now that there's so much looting and damage to people's property. they're just on edge that it's going to happen sooner than later. >> this is what they remember all too well minneapolis burning not one year ago. the state's governor hasn't forgotten promising he won't allow it to happen again. >> we have to change this. this cannot be allowed to happen. but. we also witness last may that there are those who will exploit tragedy and
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we didn't have the luxury of being able to plan ahead and simply making sure that that doesn't happen. we to lower city to burn. >> and that was tom negovan reporting the defense did rested its case yesterday and did not put derek chauvin on the stand. >> i was only 8 years old when she went missing. so i didn't really take in the fall story until much later on. but it's something that if you are from this area, you grew up hearing about the kristen smart case. >> chris lambert made a detour from his career as a singer songwriter and recording engineer 3 years ago to create a podcast about the 1996 disappearance of cal poly freshman. kristen smart. police say this shy podcast or was influential in helping to arrest a longtime suspect police credit lambert for helping to bring forward witnesses that led this week to the rest of paul for us and his father, those arrests propelled his podcast, your
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own backyard to number 2 on the pod casting charts. all right. now to our 4 zone forecast. we're looking live over the bay bridge toll plaza and we're checking in our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow because it's friday night and people are starting to think about what they're doing tomorrow. yeah. what to wear yeah. moving about. and the nice to see more traffic out there certainly takes a little longer to get in. but i see things getting back a little toward normal anyway. and so he's going with forecast. you head to the monterey bay, you'll find some patchy fog in the morning. little sunshine in carmel valley by the afternoon temperatures there in the mid 60's. >> plan on some patchy fog continue along the coastline about 55 in downtown monterrey. southern california looking nice. 72 sunny los angeles couple patches of fog in the long beach at 6474 in pasedena in the high country. certainly a beautiful time of year to get up there and enjoy. still some snow on the mountains up above but starting to feel some spring-like conditions as well. and you've got 55 degrees in south lake tahoe little cool 57 in truckee still temperatures the mid
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60's in a real if you're headed in that direction, low clouds and fog along the coastline now beginning to move inside the bay. you can see it above the din across some of the berkeley hills there. well, the winds that's going to be the key really the forecast this weekend. want you to watch your right now. we've got more of a westerly component to win that set on shore breeze bring low clouds and fog in that cool ocean air on shore tonight. things begin to switch gears a little bit as high pressure builds in all of a sudden you start seeing northerly component to the wind. you see that. well, that's what's going to bring you those nice warm temperatures in many spots is you head inland and inside the bay tomorrow right along the coastline just enough of a sea breeze to probably keep some cooler temperatures and patchy fog the coast. so that's not going to break down. you get to the coastline. you may need a light jacket maybe a sweatshirt, but you get inside the bay. you're taking that switch off your joints. nice warm, sunshine temperatures could be running up in the 70's and 80's inland. i think by tomorrow afternoon and looks like we could get closer to 90 degrees in the warmer spots by sunday. thank you,
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laura. still ahead at 8 o'clock, a high honor for a ship. >> named after the city of oakland. we're told port will be and what type of missions it will help carry out. with the spike in hate crimes hate crimes nationwide san francisco police have launched a new way. >> to try to keep the asian-american community safe. plus, why a woman wearing a face mask was not allowed on to a flight because of one detail about that mask. >> and kron 4 has a new easy way to download our mobile apps. you've got to qr codes. kron four's news app is updated with big stories and breaking news. >> and you can see what's happening in your neighborhood and across the world and you're looking at the qr code for kron 4, 4 live local streaming news 24 7 kron on is the app you need. you'll get up to the minute live updates 7 days a week. plus all of the newscast streaming live this is the qr code for crown on. i
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call it flight fight. a woman was not allowed on her flight because she was wearing a certain kind of massive puerto hocker vanguard has details on why american airlines one letter board. >> you can't wear that. you have to wear different masks at all like, well, i can out a short flight up to virginia has caused a massive
8:40 pm
misunderstanding 4 american airlines passenger tara sabal, a psych you just take a minute on pull up their web site said this a mask by professional athletes. it has 97 instead of a 95. >> it's more effective. then what you want me to wear looks as a gate agent didn't allow her to board a flight bound for richmond because of her mask despite trying to show and explain to the gate agent at this mask was a loud and effective. wilt was given the option to either wear a mask provided by the airline will not travel. >> why do not like this not like it because creator of the mask and helmet fitting dot com owner dana marquez knows his face covering has caused some commotion at the airport. >> that's why after some feedback his company has made another more travel friendly version we actually came out with surge past that looks very similar to that the airlines really like major
8:41 pm
airlines in the united states all have the same basic standards requiring face coverings to cover your nose and mouth secure under the chin and not contain any exhaust valves regulations won't thought she was following it just caused a huge mess. and i'm wearing a mask and be in compliance. again, that was hawker vanguard reporting for us tonight. >> next time a concern over of container ships that are basically parked off the coast of southern california. more waiting for space to dock. still ahead, the sharks get the green light for fans to return to sa peace center in san jose.
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>> with the nationwide spike in hate crimes across the country. the san francisco police have launched a hotline now for chinese language speakers from four's ray kelly tells us the goal is to have victims and witnesses to crimes feel more comfortable reporting them to police. >> just my my left cheese and then say your. >> and dirt and says this happened at the ferry building in late march after his attacker tried to steal his phone while tim was working at a pop-up version of these chinatown. candy store. i was say i'm the lucky ones because i'm didn't get we. >> on injury and the they tack. really set to what's happening in our temps talking
8:45 pm
about the rise of hate crimes against asian americans that have escalated in this country and that increase in violence born at a prejudice is behind the san francisco police department's launch of an anonymous tip line for monolingual cantonese and mandarin speakers. the police and an asian and pacific islander american community group that advocated for the hotline have been passing out these flyers in order to spread the word about this new resource to the asian community has a problem of reporting. language problems. they they were scared of retaliation. and so the thing is the tip line. let's tear man by officers that can are bilingual so that these people will come out a report. the crime. >> on lot going on t. >> i talked to the commander of the community liaison unit, which is behind the tip line. he could not say specifically whether or not calls that have come into this line have directly resulted in arrests. but he did say they have
8:46 pm
gotten some tips that have helped investigations, including a recent robbery and home invasion. sfpd is planning to expand the tip line to include other languages such as spanish. japanese korean to go look and russian. but it's important to point out that the tip line is not a replacement for 911. it's a supplement 911. is still the best number to call in an emergency. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. more than a dozen ships are waiting off the coast of southern california for docking space at ports in la and in long beach. >> the delays which experts say could last through the summer. could cause a supply chain crisis for the state. some of the ships have been waiting for weeks to dock the problem began in october with the labor and equipment shortages. >> the u.s. navy is welcoming an east bay shipped to its pacific fleet. this weekend, the u.s. as oakland will be commissioned in a private ceremony at the port of oakland tomorrow. the ceremony starts at 10:00am. we'll be
8:47 pm
live streamed for public viewing. this is the 3rd ship to be named after the city of oakland. the first u.s. open was commission back in 1918 for cargo transport. the second was commission in 1942 and served in world war 2. this newest version is designed for combat missions near shore. like many other navy vessels on the west coast. the u.s. has opens home port will be san diego. >> some good news from unity writers. the side train is coming back next month to san francisco mayor london breed making the announcement today. this is about 6 months ahead of schedule. the cayenne go side and to 3rd street will operate as one right now from balboa park to sunny dale it will provide subway service and all stations from embarcadero to west portal. it will be back may 15th and that will be along with the previously announced return of the and judah capacity will be increased. riders will have more room.
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>> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> first it was the a's that the giants soon. the warriors and finally the sharks, the list of major bay area pro teams that are allowing fans to games is almost complete. starting monday. april 26th for a game against the arizona coyotes. the tape will be rockin once again. that's what san jose announced today. it won't be full swing just yet. they don't have an exact number of fans set and team president jonathan becker estimated it would be in the hundreds negative covid test results will be required for all and trends in the sharks will provide that testing for free at the arena masks. of course, must be worn while inside and tickets will be sold in pods of 2, 4, to maintain social distancing. here's more of what actor had to say. >> i think it's going to be. a burst of energy. people are going to be extraordinarily excited. i know. several
8:49 pm
people have already texted be invested me saying i can't wait to see the player's skate out the stark ad literally one of those iconic moments in all i don't know that we all realize how much we miss that until we see it again live. so i think. the 500 people is. but that number going to sound like many thousands. >> let's hope tonight. that starts on the road they took on the west. 3rd place minnesota, wild even though hertl scored the first goal of the game. san jose couldn't hang on minnesota wins the first of back to back games and the sharks have now hnppily lost 4 in a row. hey, saving it for the home crowd. perhaps we'll see. well, a road trip for the san francisco giants as well today after a fantastic homestand in which they won 5 of 6 games and evan longoria. he's been swinging it well leads the giants with 4 bombs on the year top of the 4th one out here long, though hits one up the middle and that would bring in mike yastremski did i mention longo also led san francisco with 9 rbi. well, either way the giants are on the board first in miami. all
8:50 pm
right. we go to the top of the 5th anthony desclafani putting the jazz chisholm junior. look out. yeah has never had a shot with that one solo. bob, that junior. the couple of marlins fans in the stands who like that one that made it a tie ballgame. it would stay that way through 8. we're going to get there in a minute for you. wandy peralta pitching in relief in the bottom of the 8th inning got runners on first and second here as starling marte a. goes yard. 3 runs scored a giants just couldn't make a dent. and that deficit so they dropped the first of 3 in miami and 6 on the road. they will be back in action tomorrow. all right. how about opening day for major league soccer. and the san jose earthquakes playing in the very first game of the season in houston against the dynamo picking up the 55th minute. tyler pastor crosses next year. rudy right on target sleds on past 18 months and koski. >> for a 2 nil lead and spoiler alert. the dynamo would get the win. okay. it's opening day. so we've got to
8:51 pm
show you this fantastic quick school 75th minute shea salinas de paul murray off the one timer. what a strike that was so, hey, with that kind of power setting a good tone for the season may be home opener for san jose is their next match. april 24th against fc dallas. so no one is for the local team so far today. but spent they've got the lead against detroit right now we're hoping they can hang on to that and we'll have highlights of that one later tonight. so maybe one good thing will happen is going on to all right. >> thank you. want to win one thank coming up, why a team of researchers decided to. >> rename one of the most ferocious creatures of the sea from an air almost 300 million 1 1 million years ago.
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
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named the shark that lived about 300 million years ago based on a skeleton that was found in new mexico. you know, this is a pretty dramatic looking for start the shark had big spiny funds. >> and 12 rows of teeth reporter rachel knapp has the story. >> back in time. almost 300 million years ago haley intelligence say new mexico's landscape was completely different than what we see today. mexico city, almost smack dab on the equator. so this was a very tropical place and.
8:55 pm
nd the sea level was higher so that most of the state was under sea water. >> way back then. it was home to one of the most ferocious creatures of the sea that went by the nickname. the godzilla shark. it was the biggest shock of its time. it was a terribly ferocious predatory. in 2013, a team of scientists learning about rocks in the men's ana mountains, stumbled upon a rare godzilla shark fossil. oh, there it is. that's the part before. >> this is a pretty advanced primitive shark. not it says the monitor. and since then they've learned a lot about it. all we know is the sharpest almost 7 feet tall. >> now full of very sharp teeth and had a couple huge fines on its back and 7. she doesn't coming in terms of modern sharks. that's not their big 300 million years ago was probably the biggest shark and one of the big sharks in the world. and today researchers finally came up with a less scary, more scientific name for it.
8:56 pm
>> drake up receives hof the norm. it's a mouthful of a name for shark that had 12 rows of teeth it was probably the top rated toward the apex predator in the seaways covered new mexico. the scientific name stems from its godzilla like traits with its giant jaws and large spines as well as honoring the hoffman family who owns the land where the fossil was found near the >> we've scientists believe the shark lived in shallow lagoons preying on crustaceans and other sharks and its large dorsal fin spines acting as a deterrent against larger predators. therefore, it. you could think of it as cut show a 300 million years ago. terror. >> the seaways that covered much of new mexico. >> ok, what was the official name again. god for until i figure that one out. yeah. that was rachel knapp reporting and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. oakland native marshawn lynch sitting down with doctor anthony fauci
8:57 pm
or he calls him, fauci z. they talked about the covid vaccine, how the doctor answered beastmode questions about why minority should trust the vaccine. also another step towards normalcy in san francisco restrictions have been eased for restaurants. 4 bars. >> how businesses and customers are adjusting to those changes. those
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
>> when foreign time from the
9:00 pm
bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. it's really it's been fine community like it. still has been great slowly but surely locally. >> san francisco businesses are still awaiting a move to the yellow tier, but as restrictions loosen bars and restaurants say they're glad to have more breathing room. earlier this week, the city of san francisco moved ahead and relaxing some of the rules. good evening. i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan and some of the biggest changes or for restaurants. kron four's dan thorn. he is in north beach tonight and has reaction from some of those businesses. >> san francisco is still in the orange tier. but as of thursday, pandemic restrictions have loosened indoor dining remains at 50%. but outside parties can be larger and people can mingle once again, it's more steps forward to finally reopening for north beach restaurants. i believe it's good for business. it's good


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