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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 16, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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[applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. just start. >> tonight at 5 protests are under way after the mayor of windsor says he is stepping back from his duties but not stepping down that mayor accused by 6 women of assault. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 5. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus for the latest on today's developments. we are joined live by kron force. >> dan kerman, who is following this story in
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windsor. dan is significant development. but not really what a lot of people are wanting. >> right. stepping back is not stepping down and the folks here, as you see behind me are not happy about it at all about 50 protesters have been rallying since about 4 o'clock. some carrying signs that say from calling on him to be fired. others calling for him to resign. >> as you mentioned, he did make a statement today, but he is stopping short of resigning in the wake of assault allegations. instead, he has decided just to step back. supporters of assault victims rallied at the gateway to windsor friday afternoon once again calling for mayor domenic poli to resign. >> but the embattled mayor who has been accused of sexually assaulting several women over a period of years has stopped short of resigning choosing instead to step back from his duties. in a statement issued friday for police as it has become clear to me that the
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town council will not function at the level expected by its citizens. if i remain actively involved given the strong reaction to the allegations against me, though. i maintain full innocence under the law. i've decided to step back from an active role as mayor until the formal investigation is complete. i do not want my presence or participation to create a distraction. her cause any additional hurt for our residents who still needs to resign. and i'm hopeful that he will. >> i don't think this is going to >> the outrage winds or vice mayor sam salmon says resignation is the proper move stepping back, though, will help from the terms of governance. it does give us more of a pass so that we can. >> address some of these issues that have been raised its. he really was for the people and the mayor for the people he would resign. sophia williams is one of 4 police accusers. she says she thinks stepping back accomplishes
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nothing and believes the mayor hopes this will just blow over. she says it won't. we know this isn't like an isolated case. we know this isn't just like one time thing one person has these accusations against them. this is something that, you know, we see in the news all the time. so i hope the message is that. >> you know, you can't get away with it. >> back live in windsor. as we mentioned, some 50 people are out here protesting the mayor again, his decision not to resign. but just a step back for the moment investigations into those allegations under way very likely protests like these will continue live in wenzhou. dan kerman kron 4 news. keep us posted. thank you, dan. another big story we're following tonight is in indianapolis where 8 people are dead following. >> a mass shooting at a fedex facility. and tonight we're learning the shooter. he took his own life is a former fedex employee who was questioned by
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the fbi last year. adrian robbins has the latest now on the investigation. >> police believe the chaotic scene lasted just a few minutes leaving 4 people dead in the parking lot while 4 others were killed inside the building by the time police arrived to this fedex ground facility late thursday night. the gunshots had ended, but the grief of losing a innocent lives had really just begun. >> last night was a devastating blow. and its impact will be felt by our community. for days and weeks to come my heart is broken over the lives that were lost. >> for now police believe the gunman identified as 19 year-old brandon scott whole targeted his victims. arbitrarily before killing himself. >> he got out of his car and pretty quickly started. some random shooting outside the facility. there was no confrontation with anyone that was there. there was no disturbance. there is no argument. he just appeared to
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randomly start shooting. we mourn the devastating loss of their lives. we're dedicated to honoring their memory through meticulous investigation. >> the fbi is assisting by interviewing witnesses and searching the suspect's home. but so far one key question remains unanswered. many of you have already asked what the motive of the shooting was. >> and with less than 12 hours. since the shooting would be premature to speculate on that motivation. >> regardless of the motive. indy's mayor says those facts won't heal the wounds caused by this senseless crime. >> although we will learn more about this case. in the coming days. and in the coming weeks, no piece of information will restore the lives that were taken or the peace. that was shattered. >> so far the names of those people killed have not been released. the coroner's office expects that to happen over the next 24 hours reporting in indianapolis. i'm adrian robbins.
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>> as the u.s. struggles with yet another mass shooting. president biden is calling for action. little earlier this month he signed an executive order that crackdown on ghost guns and made it easier for people to flag family members who should be owning firearms at the same time, the house approved a pair of bills aimed at expanding and strengthening background checks for gun buyers which stalled after being met by intense pushback by gun activist. so biden. he is now pleading with lawmakers to help in the fight against mass shootings. >> this has to end. it's a national embarrassment. it is national embarrassment. what's going on? and it's not only these mass shootings that are current every single day. every single day. >> there's a mass shooting. this young in the united states. if you count all those who were killed out in the streets of our cities and our rural areas. it's a national embarrassment and must come to an end.
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>> the president went on to say that he is urging republican lawmakers to bring a house passed bill to the senate to help and these mass shootings 38 people have died in mass shootings, inches, march and april in this country. and here's some of the most high profile shootings this year of course you have the atlanta area massage parlor shootings. that was on march 16th the georgia man accused of killing 8 people and injuring one person and then you have the boulder, colorado shooting that was march 22nd you remember the supermarket a man opened fire at a grocery store killing 10 people, including a police officer and then there was the mass shooting here in orange county. that was march 31st. you have one man who just went on a shooting rampage in an office building there killing 4 people including a 9 year-old boy. we also have the virginia beach shooting which resulted in 2 deaths and multiple injuries, including to an officer who was hit by a vehicle and taken to a local
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hospital. one of the people killed was a woman who just happened to be there bystander and the other was a man who was shot by police. then on april 7th. you have former san francisco 49 er phillip adams. he shot 5 people in south carolina and then killed himself. robert lesslie, a prominent doctor was killed along with his wife, 2 of their grandchildren and to air conditioning technicians who are just on the property working. last night shooting indianapolis, indiana, 8 people now dead after the fedex shooting. several other people were injured at that facility. and as we mentioned, investigators say, the shooter at that fedex facility. the former employee there took his own life. switching gears here for a talking about the weather. this is a live shot right now at downtown. >> san beautiful day on the cusp of the weekend. if you like, warm weather, if you
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like today. >> you can love tomorrow and sunday. we're going to be rolling up some nice temperatures into this weekend. today, a beautiful day out there. lots of sunshine in most spots. and yet here we go. we're getting ready for the weekend looks like it's going to be nice. one, too. we are seeing some of that patchy fog right along the coastline. you see coming or san bruno mountain there near sfo and you'll still see some fog out toward the beaches. that will be the one cool spot temperatures around the bay area. right now we're looking at 53 degrees and cool in the san francisco 59 and sunny in oakland, 66 very pleasant and san jose still in the 70's in livermore, 74 o'clock or warm and santa rosa little bit of a sea breeze there. now 62 degrees. well, things are changing now for the weekend. high pressure going just nudge its way in the year and start to build in you still have the fog bank to deal with. we're not seeing an offshore wind just yet. but i think we get a little more of an offshore component to the wind and that will be enough to warm things up, especially in the valleys and the bay. it's going to be very warm. all right. along the coastline, probably enough of the sea breeze to keep you a little bit cooler there.
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still, it will be good with the fog out there right now. you see it all the way along the coastline toward half moon bay. we'll see more of that filling in overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. the sea breeze is kicking up once again as it generally does in the afternoon. 28 mile an hour gust in the san francisco right now. 23 the sfo 11 miles an hour in the panola 23 miles per hour gusts in fairfield. this past hour. so little breeze out there that will carry with it. some low clouds and some fog. but it looks like it's going to be a nice evening if you're stepping out the door a little cool coast side. otherwise some very pleasant temperatures that fog will be on the way in kind of marching on shore as we head through the night tonight. but this weekend is going to be spectacular. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. all right. lauren said california's top health official doctor mark ali. >> is weighing in on the plan to fully reopen the state june 15th and what california could look like beyond that blueprint. but some other health experts they have concerns about the plan. ashley zavala explains.
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>> we are still targeting june california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli said friday. the state is still poised for a full reopening in less than 2 months regardless of the pause on the johnson and johnson vaccine. galli said the state said the june 15th date aware of the issues with covid-19 mutations in other parts of the nation and in other countries while several variants have been found in california cases state leaders are encouraged by the vaccine's protection against them. so far. the variants that we are concerned about. >> have largely it will almost entirely been responsive to the vaccine, which is the best news today. we we don't have very and that skates or vaccine. speaking of the sacramento press club event. california's top health official explained what california could look like beyond the blueprint in october. many of the things that we mask, we will be able to do what can the big difference, though, is we will not likely have our youngest kids vaccinated. so. we're
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going to still need to protect young people. but in response panel with other health experts covid action group founder gun says california needs to stop being reactive to the virus instead of proactive has advocated for lockdowns to completely suppress the virus like other countries have. >> with continued vaccination in constant testing. if we wait, we're basically guaranteeing that the disease will become endemic was cycling disease year after year. >> as california moves away from its restrictions. doctor galley says the state will continue to do high level disease investigations for the foreseeable future reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> still to come, good news ahead of what is forecasted to be another vicious fire season with the city of oakland is doing to restore vital community services for the fire department. and we have the result of an investigation into the use of force by san leandro police officers. >> and with the rise in hate crimes across the country. the san francisco police department has launched a new
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tip line to help keep the a p i community safe. keep it here. kron 4 news at 5. we'll be right back. with the rise
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in hate crimes all across the country. the san francisco police department. >> is launching a hotline for chinese language four's maureen kelly reports the goal is so victims and witnesses
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can feel more comfortable reporting crimes to police. >> just my last chance and then say your. >> country. derick tan says this happened at the ferry building in late march after his attacker tried to steal his phone while tim was working at a pop-up version of these chinatown. candy store. i was say i'm the lucky ones because i'm didn't get we. >> on injury and they tack. really set to what's happening in our temps talking about the rise of hate crimes against asian americans that have escalated in this country and that increase in violence born at a prejudice is behind the san francisco police department's launch of an anonymous tip line for monolingual cantonese and mandarin speakers. the police and an asian and pacific islander american community group that advocated for the hotline have been passing out these flyers in order to spread the word about this new resource to the asian community has a problem of reporting. language problems.
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they they were scared of retaliation. and so the thing is the tip line. let's tear man by officers that can are bilingual so that these people will come out a report. the crime. >> on lot going while the commander of the community liaison unit behind the tip line couldn't speak to whether or not arrests have been made directly because of calls in to the hotline. he did say they've gotten tips that have helped investigations, including a recent robbery and home invasion. sfpd is planning to expand the tip line to include other languages such as spanish. japanese korean to go look and russian. but it's important to point out that the tip line is not a replacement for 911. it's a supplement 911. is still the best number to call in an emergency. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> in the east bay an independent investigation has found to san leandro police officers did not follow the department's use of force
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policies in a 2020 fatal shooting last april officers. jason fletcher and stuff and overton responded to a call about a shoplifter at a wal-mart body cam video showed taylor holding a bat inside the store refusing to drop it. officer fletcher shot and killed taylor. the alameda county d a later determined fletcher used excessive force in charge him with manslaughter investigators say officer overton who used his taser that night. also use excessive force. the department will now determine by june. what actions to take rotating closures of fire stations in oakland. they are now a thing of the past. it was a cost saving measure due to budget cuts. but now. >> oakland fire stations will be fully staffed ahead of this year's fire season fire department officials tell our kron four's haaziq the timing couldn't be better. >> midway through the month of april and things of that busier than usual for the oakland fire department fall.
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you're looking at just some at these firefighting videos recorded within the past 2 weeks. oakland, fire battalion chief heather most the we from fire. we want to a lot of fires. >> really just party as the 2021 fire season is getting underway. the oakland fire department is now fully resourced and ready to roll. >> it's yeah, we're really excited mart a lot of the people equitable. but company have where we oakland city officials say the full restoration of fire services is primarily the result of the oakland city council approving the use of federal funds from the american rescue plan that for the fire department and it was. >> a relief to be able to apply the american rescue act funding to restoring fire
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services and at a critical time when they're absolutely needed several of the recent fires occurred and council member lord taylor's district in oakland. yes, there have been a number of fires are talking brush fires there been structural fires. >> the the whole range and it's something that we absolutely need to get on top fire season as many know is no longer contained to a specific time window. but it really is. you are out there for very long arcade. so we need we all wait for >> has it lead kron 4 news. >> all right. taking a live look outside right now. san francisco's embarcadero just light winds still clouds. pretty nice day today. yeah. plane. >> no complaints. well, as the complain, obviously. but we're not going to do that tonight. we're going to we're going to join this weekend because its going to be great weekend. a stern a straight face. it's looking like a good one. it's
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going to be a nice warm. one outside certainly along the coastline still going to be dealing with a couple batches of fog. you see that in half moon bay right now. so. >> if you're headed out to the coast. i would just grab a sweater if you're heading that direction, temperatures going to be relatively mild. but you see right here model starting to pick up a low cloud and fog increasing along the coastline tonight you'll see the even inside the bay early tomorrow morning. but then it's going to go away the middle of the day. you got a lot of sunshine inside the bay warm temperatures, but a couple of patches of fog is kind of hugging the coastline. so that being said, you'll see a variety of temperatures downtown san francisco maybe the mid 70's in the sunset in the mid 60's. so get the idea some nice numbers, even coast side. 6, 6, over now to maybe 70 in half moon bay inside the bay. 70 millbrae 72 in burlingame. >> and then we start to warm those temperatures up all along the peninsula and the south bay up in the 70's when the breaking out the 80's in the east bay looking like some sunny and bright warm temperatures into the afternoon. all around the bay area looks like a nice day ahead. but guess what sunday is going to be warmer. >> we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes.
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all right. lauren, still ahead, doctor anthony fauci is encouraging skeptics of the covid vaccine to get their shots. >> and he's getting little help from a bay area sleet as well. >> a report from the east bay on why your home improvement project might be putting a bigger dent than normal in your wallet.
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>> well launched in talking about the it is lovely outside. there's a lot of people have also been a whole so much and they want to maybe improve their home do it yourself projects the lower right. it was just been sitting there but there's a decorate day. lot of people now trying to make it happen. they need would to do so. and these home improvement projects keep happening. yeah, we'll cross for his charles clifford visited a lumber yard in the east bay where they say all of do it yourself projects are actually driving up the cost of lumber and supplies. >> well, since the start of the pandemic. places like lumber yards and home improvement stores have been very busy. but the prices of goods has gone up as well. that trend is probably going to continue at ashby lumber in concord business is booming because of the pandemic. people are spending more time at home and many are remodeling their houses are starting new projects. but the price of raw construction materials like lumber is way up in court materials from material. she goods.
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>> it's tripled over the last year toe is the outside sales manager here at ashby lumber. he says prices are up because there have been supply chain issues across the country that started a year ago when the pandemic hit a lot of our suppliers. >> and it helping to prepare for what we thought was going to be a downturn. the opposite actually ended up happening. and so it was hard for them to catch back up. >> then with the second wave of covid happening. it shut down a lot of production therefore the chain was in fact even further therefore causing again, high demand low supply increase prices. >> even as the pandemic eases ashby lumber expects things to stay busy and for prices to stay high for the foreseeable future. people are pretty optimistic about the housing market and building. and so we are busy right now and we anticipate staying busy. we also anticipate lower prices stay relatively high as well. >> we're cranking full force we're anticipating that carried on throughout the summer. >> and it's not just lumber.
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there's also a high demand and low supply for things like dishwashers and appliances. i personally been trying to get a garage door installed in my home. i've been told there is a 14 week wait for that door to be delivered. but for now in concord, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> 14 weeks. all right. thank you, chuck. still to come at 5.30. the federal government is spending more than 1 billion dollars to fight these covid variance. we have a live report from washington with the latest on the fight against the deadly virus and where that money is going to be coming from also, she admitted to drowning her 3 children. one southern california mother is saying she was trying to keep them safe. with more people eligible for the vaccine or walk in sites are popping up across the bay area will tell you wh
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top story tonight at 5.30, taking us to the east bay where hundreds of covid vaccines. >> have already been administered. fortunately at 2 pop-up clinics in contra, costa county public health department opened those sites just yesterday. >> our kron four's phillipe djegal reports that the sites alone are expected to vaccinate at least a 1000 people 16 years of age and older per day equity is the driving force behind contra, costa county health services making drop in covid-19, vaccinations available first in richmond in antioch. >> both cities are at the top of


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