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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  April 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> stepping aside but not resigning. the mayor of windsor makes a decision on his job following multiple accusations of assault. and no more colors. california's top health official says we could soon be done with the governor's blueprint to reopening. and pleasant temperatures out there for the end of your workweek friday in the bay area. but we're going to get a sneak peak of summer this weekend. find out how hot it's expected to get in line in just a few minutes. stick around. kron. 4 news at 3 starts right now. >> now from the local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> we start today at 3 with the scandals, sonoma county and today windsor mayor dominic, the police said that he is stepping back but not resigning from the job. the poli is currently under investigation by the california attorney general's
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office after 6 women have accused him of assault. the poli maintains his innocence. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 this friday. i'm justine waltman. let's get the latest now on today's developments out of windsor. we're joined live by kron four's dan kerman was following this story for us with the latest decision from the mayor. good afternoon, dan. >> good afternoon. you know, since these allegations of assault of come out. many have called for the mayor to step aside and step down. that means resign. he is not done that use only stepping aside. let me show you the statement that he issued early. if i remain actively involved given the strong reaction to the allegations against me, though. i maintain full innocence under the law. i've decided to step back from an active role as mayor until the formal investigation is
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complete. i do not want my presence or participation to create a distraction or cause any additional hurt for our residents. we spoke with a member of the council. they are not pleased with this decision. >> at least 6 movement. it it is not the resignation that not only did we as a council get the the town is the mandate. so. it is definitely not an indoor. and it's not something that i think many people who accept. but from a. from the terms of governance. it does give more of a pass so that we can. address some of these issues that have been raised. >> now in terms of what happens next. well, the mayor says that if needed to break a tie or something. you can always come back in. but he's
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going to step aside while these allegations are looked into again, many people saying this is not enough. they want him to resign. and this point he's not willing to take that step. in the meantime, another rally in terms of survivors of assault taking place here in windsor. that coming up at 4 o'clock. we'll have that for you and have details on that for you coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 5 for now, though, live in windsor, dan kerman kron 4 news. >> there's no question that this violence must end. >> vice president kamala harris reacting to the shooting at an indianapolis fedex facility that killed 8 people. this is video from the scene last night. investigators have now identified the gunman as 19 year-old brandon whole of indiana. police say that hole was a former fedex employee at this point they're not releasing a motive. but we do know that they searched his home and seized computers and other electronics police are reporting the gunman started
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randomly shooting people in the parking lot before entering the facility where he shot himself as well. we will be going live to indianapolis very shortly our reporters are on the scene learning a lot this afternoon, including more information about the suspect and the victims will be going there live coming up at 3.15. california's top health official doctor mark galli is weighing in on the plan to fully reopen the state by june 15th and then what california could look like beyond that blueprint for reopening. but there are some health experts that are concerned about the plan. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joining us now live with the latest. so ashley, would this mean throwing out that. >> the tiered system, the red orange yellow. plan. is that what they're talking about. yeah, justin, that's exactly the plan are talking about is going beyond the blueprint. this was a discussion with doctor mark galli and other health experts hosted by the sacramento press club here. >> california leaders are confident in the state's ability to get past this virus
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even regardless of what's happening in europe and in other parts of our country. >> we are still targeting june california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli said friday. the state is still poised for a full reopening in less than 2 months regardless of the pause on the johnson and johnson vaccine. galli said the state said the june 15th date aware of the issues with covid-19 mutations in other parts of the nation and in other countries while several variants have been found in california cases state leaders are encouraged by the vaccine's protection against them. so far. the variants that we are concerned about. >> have largely it will almost entirely been responsive to the vaccine, which is the best news today. we we don't have very and that skates or vaccine. speaking of the sacramento press club event. california's top health official explained that california could look like beyond the blueprint in october. many of the things
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that we mask, we will be able to do. it the big difference, though, is we will not likely have our youngest kids vaccinated. so. we're going to still need to protect young people. but in response panel with other health experts covid action group founder gun says california needs to stop being reactive to the virus instead of proactive has advocated for lockdowns to completely suppress the virus like other countries have. >> with continued vaccination in constant testing. if we wait, we're basically guaranteeing that the disease will become endemic with cycling disease year after year. >> and doctor galley says it's california moves away from its restrictions. the state will continue to do high level disease investigations for the foreseeable future reporting live state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. thank you so much. ashley. >> hundreds of covid-19 vaccines have already been administered at 2 pop-up clinics in contra, costa county. the public health
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department just opened up the sites yesterday kron 4 reports the sites alone are expected to vaccinate at least 1000 people 16 years in age up every day. >> no need to go online and book an appointment phone calls are not necessary drop in covid-19. vaccinations are being administered at the lineout community center. i came here as soon as i could. i heard contra costa health services teamed up with the state's office of emergency services to open this clinic. and another at veterans memorial hall in richard the day public health department says each has the capacity to administer up to 700 vaccines a day. i was a little scared at first. but you know. >> is becoming the new norm now. so i think the walk-up is perfect because kaiser has a. >> appointment-only the county chose these first 2 locations because both communities have been hit hardest by the virus more sites will open in the coming weeks and east contra
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costa specifically. >> we have seen a and higher rate of virus. and we've seen a lower rate vaccinations. so it's so important that we have brought a clinic out to people and we have removed a lot of the barriers up clinics are open from 00:00am in the morning until 4 o'clock in on friday. people received a dose of the pfizer vaccine covid such a big thing affecting many people, not just one person. it's affecting the whole world. >> i think it's important its person to get back sunday to say safe and help others to richmond and any other clinics will remain open at least through saturday. april 25th in antioch, fully today, all too many >> let's switch gears now and talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside of the san mateo bridge. lot of people. hopefully heading home on this friday ready to start the weekend. and it's going to be a warm one our meteorologist rodriguez. joining us now with a look at though, weather for saturday and sunday. yeah,
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we're tracking warming trend that will impact coastal cities and inland valleys as well. in the bay area. live look outside. >> for those of you in the east bay over berkeley less and less of that marine layer. it was pretty widespread this morning. very difficult to warm up along the coast on account of that cool sea breeze and also low fog deck but temperatures this weekend even for beaches warming up into the 60's and 70's peaking on sunday. so that's going to be the hottest day were some of our warmest inland valleys could actually warm up into the low 90's with widespread 70's and 80's throughout the east bay shoreline. and don't forget we're still under drought conditions with moderate to severe drought. even extreme conditions for parts of the bay area, specifically that northeast portion of the north bay. no rain yet for this month of april. so april showers nonexistent. bad timing. this
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weekend. with a sneak peak of summer with these above average temperatures because it's just going to warm us up and dry us out even more. also going to see some hazy skies overhead all weekend long from the north bay to the south bay, moderate air particles with when tracker for right now tracking a cool sea breeze. fortunately wind speeds this weekend going to be 20 miles per hour or less. so that's what we don't have any fire weather watches in store for this weekend. even with the hot temperatures that were expected to have inland, but along the coast thanks to that cool sea breeze widespread low to mid 50 throughout the san francisco peninsula coastline as you start to make your way inland. little change for the east bay shoreline. also seeing that cool sea breeze, extending their but nonexistent for livermore and conquered right now in the mid 70's with mid 60's for the south bay in san jose and santa rosa currently at 65 degrees. but then we're going to notice the warming trend starting saturday peaking sunday with little change on monday by know when
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we cool down and if any rain is heading our way in our extended forecast in a few minutes. just seen. back to you. thank you so much for bruce. a. but the rise in hate crimes across the country. the san francisco police department has now launched an. >> asian language anonymous tip line. so that victims and witnesses to any crime can now feel more comfortable calling police kron four's kelly joins us now live from chinatown in san francisco with the latest. good afternoon. murray. >> good afternoon. justine. yes, this is the one of the that a local community group is hanging up here in chinatown and other parts of san francisco to get the word out about this new anonymous tip it's actually been in effect for about state police and community groups have been out. the wire around. just getting the word out. they started run new year to make hard say that they've given out about 20,000 of these
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flyers so far they've plan on giving out another 20,000 very soon. all this to make sure that people understand that if they call this number will be somebody on the other line. we're ready to speak cantonese mandarin with that. >> tv. >> that's what it sounds like when you call that line now with the rise of some very disturbing crimes against asian americans and pacific islanders, which many say is in part because of the rhetoric rhetoric used by our former president blaming china for the pandemic. the asian pacific islander public affairs association wants to make sure that those in the community know. >> they have a number to calt if they need it. >> the asian community has a problem of reporting. language problems. they they were scared of retaliation. and so the thing is the tip line.
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let's man by officers that can are bilingual so that these people come out a report. the crime and that's the sfpd has been going on 2 different was nice. this is cards and fliers. so that they have them in their wallets or they in the store window. so if something is happening outside the i think see the phone number in the store window. they could call and thus make the report. and yes, apd are catching them. and the more that they the information and they report big faster. they're able to solve a lot of the crimes, a lot quicker. >> talked with the commander of the community liaison unit, which is part of this effort to launch this. this gosh, that line. he could not confirm any arrests have been made because of the tips that have come and but he did say that they have been able to provide some important evidence. >> that investigators have been able to use it. a home
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invasion. also a robbery. they say they've got about. >> 30 to the tip line it's not always you know, i hate crimes or it's just at any crime to make sure the people are comfortable. >> to make those phone calls. they're launching it with the other languages hoping to target the monolingual communities. the spanish russian korean the that something that's that should be happening very soon. reporting in which i tell my morning kelly kron 4 news. >> thank you so much. and coming up next here on kron, 4 news at 3. we will go live to indianapolis to get the latest on the shooting that happened at a fedex facility. 8
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>> back now to indianapolis where 8 people were killed in a mass shooting at a fedex facility last night. a lot of developments happened today as well. we're joined live by adrian robin. she's an indianapolis in adrian, what are you learning there at the scene. >> police say the chaotic scene only lasted a few short minutes leaving 4 people dead in the parking lot while 4 others were killed inside the facility. >> by the time police arrived to this fedex ground facility late thursday night. the gunshots had ended, but the grief of losing a innocent lives had really just begun. >> last night was a impact will be felt by our -
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community. for days and weeks to come. my heart is broken over the lives that were lost. >> for now police believe the gunman identified as 19 year-old brandon scott whole targeted his victims. arbitrarily before killing himself. >> he got out of his car and pretty quickly started. some random shooting outside the facility. there was no confrontation with anyone that was there. there was no disturbance. there is no argument. he just appeared to randomly start shooting. we mourn the devastating loss of their lives. we're dedicated to honoring their memory through meticulous investigation. >> the fbi is assisting by interviewing witnesses and searching the suspect's home. but so far one key question remains unanswered. many of you have already asked what the motive of the shooting was. >> and with less than 12 hours. since the shooting would be premature to speculate on that motivation. >> regardless of the motive.
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indy's mayor says those facts won't heal the wounds caused by this senseless crime. >> although we will learn more about this case. in the coming days. and in the coming weeks, no piece of information will restore the lives that were taken or the peace. that was shattered. >> and we are learning more about the shooter today. hole former fedex employee. he had several run-ins with authorities, one of which led to a gun being seized and not to return to a whole as for the victims, we have not learned their identities yet. the coroner's office says that will happen over the next 24 hours, reporting in indianapolis. i'm adrian robbins. >> adrian, thank you. we go to the east bay now we're an independent investigation has found san leandro police officers did not follow the department's use of force
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policies and a twenty-twenty deadly shooting last april officers jason fletcher and stuff on overton responded to a call about a shoplifter at a san leandro walmart body camera video showed taylor holding a bat inside of the store and refusing to drop it. officer fletcher shot and killed taylor. the alameda county district attorney. later determined that fletcher used excessive force and charged him with manslaughter. investigators say overton who used his taser that night also used excessive force. the department will now determine by june. what action to take. 38 people. 38 people have now died in mass shootings in march and april alone. here are some of the more hype rile profile shootings from this year. that first one was in atlanta. it happened on march 16th when a georgia man is now accused of killing 8 people and injuring one at a massage
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2 different ones in the atlanta area are several in the atlanta area. next in boulder, colorado. this one took place on march 22nd where a man opened fire at a grocery store killing 10 people, including a police officer. then there was a mass shooting in the city of orange on march 31st. one man went on a shooting rampage at an office building killing 4 people including a 9 year-old boy. we also have the virginia beach shooting from march 26 2 people there died. 9 others were injured and then on april 7th former nfl player phillip adams shot 5 people in south carolina and then killed himself. a doctor was killed along with his wife. 2 of their grandchildren and 2 air conditioning technicians who are working at their home at the time of the shooting. and now we have last night shooting 8 people are now dead after the shooting at this fedex facility in indianapolis. and we know that several others were injured there. investigators say that the shooter took his own life. again, that's just for the past 2 months. coming up here
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on kron, 4 news at 3 students in south san francisco are preparing to return to school on monday. we'll let you know about the high tech way. the district is keeping classrooms. >> clean. and coming up, why are at home project, maybe putting a bigger dent in your wallet. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back. bay area homeowners,
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to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better shining. a lot of people in the bay area are taking advantage of the nice weather to do some home improvement
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projects. >> kron four's charles clifford visited a lumber yard in the east bay today where they say all these do it yourself projects are actually driving up the cost of lumber and other needed supplies. >> well, since the start of the pandemic. places like lumber yards and home improvement stores have been very busy. but the prices of goods has gone up as well. that trend is probably going to continue at ashby lumber in concord. business is booming because of the pandemic. people are spending more time at home and many are remodeling their houses are starting new projects. but the price of raw construction materials like lumber is way up in court materials, framing material. she goods. >> it's tripled over the last year is the outside sales manager here at ashby lumber. he says prices are up because there have been supply chain issues across the country that started a year ago when the pandemic hit a lot of our suppliers. >> and it helping to prepare for what we thought was going to be a downturn. the opposite actually ended up happening.
3:26 pm
and so it was hard for them to catch back up. >> then with the second wave of covid happening. it shut down a lot of production therefore chain was in fact even further therefore causing again, high demand low supply increase prices. >> even as the pandemic eases ashby lumber expects things to stay busy and for prices to stay high for the foreseeable future. people are pretty optimistic about the housing market and building. and so we are busy right now and we anticipate staying busy. we also anticipate lower prices stay relatively high as well. >> we're cranking full force we're anticipating that carried on throughout the summer. >> and it's not just lumber. there's also a high demand and low supply for things like dishwashers and appliances. i personally been trying to get a garage door installed in my home. i've been told there is a 14 week wait for that door to be delivered. but for now in concord, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> so what does he have no garage door then. what's up with that? i feel a follow-up story. coming up next here on kron, 4 news at 3. the federal
3:27 pm
government is spending more than 1 billion dollars to fight covid variants will have a live report from washington where that money is going. and a look at where new covid vaccine sites just opened up in the bay area. and enjoy the marine layer because we're going to see was a bit in the coming days. that summertime i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years.
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urging americans to maintain physical distancing and continue safety precautions after nearly half of the states in the u.s. on increase in covid cases. this is covid variants are becoming a bigger threat. our washington correspondent basil john joins us now live with the latest. he is a telling us what the white house is now planning to do good afternoon, basil. >> good afternoon. and yes, with covid variants posing a threat to the u.s. the white house covid response team is advising americans to stay vigilant. a new funding efforts are coming forward in order to help combat this changing virus. white house covid response senior adviser andy slavitt announced a new 1.0. 7 billion dollar investment in the fight against covid variance to bolster the ability. >> of the cdc and state and local public health departments to monitor track in defeat merging threats. the white house covid response team says vaccinations around
3:31 pm
the country are on the right track 125 mislion americans have been vaccinated. millions more each day. but cdc director doctor rochelle walensky says there are more new cases as some states loosen restrictions another reason for the increase is is the continued spread of highly transmissible. lynskey says these variants put the progress made so far at risk, which makes the race to stop the transmission even more challenging and threatens to overwhelm our healthcare system again in parts of this country. >> white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci says a global pandemic requires a global response to beat it as long as there's active dynamics of infections somewhere in the world. there always is somewhat of a threat. fauci says the country must be vigilant from the standpoint of vaccines as well. as maintaining a certain degree of public health guidelines control from a public health standpoint.
3:32 pm
>> now slavitt says this funding will not only help to deal with covid, but with threats in the future reporting live in washington. i'm basil john. >> so there's a quick question for you. where is this one 0.7 billion dollars coming from. >> well, the 1.7 billion dollars is actually going to come from the american rescue plan. the president biden signed into law just a few weeks ago. so anything involving fighting off these new variants with expanding vaccinations and expanding testing that's going to come from that piece of legislation. >> basil john reporting for us live in washington. thank you so much. now san francisco is offering new locations to get your covid vaccine as kron four's camila barco reports, the city is now focusing on the areas hardest hit by the virus city college. here was the first. >> mass vaccination site in the city that launched in january now city leaders are moving forward with a 4th location.
3:33 pm
>> a guy have the free time. and finally i was able to set it up online broke. a herrera is fully vaccinated after receiving his second covid shot friday morning. but the process wasn't easy. at first in the beginning, it was a little rough, i guess because everybody was doing it one, but eventually they ended up getting back to me. mayor london breed city leaders in the latino task force partnered to open up the city's 4th next, a nation site on thursday. it's in mission district. targeting people who live in the zip codes. >> the second one in the area. the first site launched in february since that opening 10,000 people have received a vaccine in mission district. 200 doses are available per day at the new site. it's open thursdays through sundays from 11:00am to 06:00pm appointments are required and drop and are limited the next vaccination site will expand on april 19 in sunny dale. it will operate 3 times a week and the following location will be at 58 broad street that opens up on april 28th.
3:34 pm
>> in san francisco. camila barco kron 4 news. >> parents in the south san francisco unified school district will soon have the option to bring their students back to campus for in person learning officials have now installed 30 of these mobile disinfection units across all 16 schools in the district uses ultraviolet light to kill covid-19 particles in the air and on surfaces. the district will welcome students in. transitional kindergarten through 5th grade starting monday with increased cleaning measures. >> will be masks that are required and we have stockpiled several just in case anyone forgets to bring their mask on to campus. they absolutely need to maintain a social distance of at least 3 feet with our students and then 6 feet for all of the adults on our campuses. we are implementing regular routines for washing our hands. we have provided hand sanitizer and as well as shield for all of our staff. and we've given each of
3:35 pm
we it we enter an by did plexiglass barriers put up some of our campuses are some of sons. excuse me as well. that will give just an extra and extra just for our staff to feel safe. the superintendent says approximately. >> 54% of their families have said they want their kids to return for in person instruction low. some families will be remaining in distance learning. now the full interview with the superintendent first ran on our streaming service kronon which you can download the app for free in your app store right now. and i'll tell you how you can do that in a second. but we now have some very easy ways for you to download our mobile apps. we have to queue or codes. so get your phones ready and then open up the camera and try to take a picture of that qr code. this will get you. the kron 4 news app. and kron 4 news that app is updated with
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timely events. big stories. breaking news so you can see what's happening in your neighborhood across california and around the world now for a live local streaming news 24 7 kron on. that's the app you're going to want. we'll get up to the minute live events that are happening every day. plus all of kron four's newscast that stream live. and this qr code or we're looking at here, we'll take you to kron on. and you can download the app from your app store. so just hold the camera up to that square box with all that black and white things in it. waiting for. all right. let's talk about our forecast right now as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. happy friday. everyone. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details on the warm weekend ahead. i know there's no rain coming this weekend and it's going to get pretty hot. very hot. but the good thing is wind speeds going to stay on the calm to breezy side. so that's great news right there. >> great way. also to end your
3:37 pm
work week friday forecast live look outside out at half moon bay and we're noticing the marine. they're finally starting to retreat away from the coast. but it's going to return once again tonight, even bring us some patchy coastal drizzle the only type of precipitation that i won. fortunately tracking right now. wish i could conjure up some rain. but so far we are tracking a dry outlook for the next 7 days. but there's a slight chance of us getting the return of april showers arriving by next weekend. so fingers crossed on that temperatures out there right now. quite the spread low 50's right now for half moon, bay mid 70's for those of you in and talk so easily a 25 degree difference out there right now from our coast compared to our inland valleys overnight lows tonight mid to upper 40's and daytime highs tomorrow warming up 10 to 20 degrees above average, low 70's for downtown san francisco mid 70's throughout the east bay shoreline boarding the 80's for those of you in san jose and delay hole in the low 80's. let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook
3:38 pm
warmer and drier weather expected by sunday. that's when his mini heat wave is going to peak little change on monday. but we really finally on tuesday. but no rain in sight for the next 7 days justine, back to you. thank you so much. and here's what's coming up at 3 bay area celebrities gathered to unveil a new mural in oakland. >> why it means so much to the community. and next, we'll tell you why the ships are stalled in southern california. there are more
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3:40 pm
3:41 pm
than a dozen ships waiting off the coast of southern california to dock. >> at ports in l a and in long beach. the delays which experts say could last of the summer could cause the supply chain crisis for the state. the marine exchange says some of the ships have been waiting for several weeks in order to dock. they say this issue began in the fall due to labor and equipment shortages. let's check in now with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. marni hughes. joining us live from chicago with a preview. hi marni. happy friday. >> happy friday to you as well. thank you. coming up tonight on prime our top stories. >> the u.s. reporting at least 45 mass shootings in the last ls month alone. the latest leaving 8 people dead in indianapolis. we have a closer look at the challenge right now with gun direform and reall why little progress has fobeen made. the biden administration announcing more than a debillio dollars will be invested in fighting against new acovid
3:42 pm
variance. how that money will be spent from state to state and russia retaliates after president biden announced those new sanctions, the country is expelling us diplomats. what this means for the relationship between our countries. all that and much more coming up tonight and following news nation prime ashleigh banfield, it's talking to dionne warwick and steve madden. guys. >> good lineup tonight. thank you so much. morning. well, as news nation airs at 8 o'clock our time. you can find on the channels listed here. more details are on our website. kron 4 dot com. and coming up next here on kron, 4 news at 3. we will tell you the story behind this mural that's going up in oakland. stay with us.
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>> a larger than life. mural is now going up in oakland and several bay area celebrities celebrated this today kron for us not to her joins us now live with the meaning behind this massive mural. good afternoon. that's right. justine it's not only larger than life. it's the tallest mural in oakland. >> you can see it on the 25th one 24 story wall of the marriott city center. and as you mentioned, it's all for a good cause. the world food program has teamed up with the street art for mankind organization and the kellogg company to create a series of 6 murals around the u.s. dedicated to raising awareness and mobilizing support to fight hunger, especially since the pandemic. according to department of agriculture
3:46 pm
african americans are twice as likely to face hunger is non hispanic caucasian household and to give back to local minority communities. the kellogg company is donating cash to support local food, justice programs in each of the 6 cities that these murals are going up in this particular mural is the 3rd of the series. >> from the bottom of our hearts. >> thank you to everyone made possible use their talent, their love and their absolute that are in the world thank you for putting a human face on a global problem and the face of a beautiful child. >> now it's cool. is that you can download the behind the wall ap scanner for to photograph the neural and then it will give you instant access. details about the mural and how to take action locally and globally just saying.
3:47 pm
>> thank you so much. and now let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside across downtown san francisco. the weekend is right around the corner and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details on the forecast. yeah. we're in the 50's right now for downtown san francisco warming up into the low 70's for your microclimate saturday outlook. plenty of sunshine by early saturday morning. lasting all day and all weekend long for that matter. temperatures throughout the san francisco peninsula widespread 60's and even some 70's. >> 65 degrees for those of you in half moon bay wind speeds 20 miles per hour less out of the west-southwest for most of the peninsula coastline. we are going to see temperatures in the mid 60's from brisbane to san bruno. but a little bit warmer. for those of you in burlingame warming up to 68 degrees. low 70's for san mateo, mid 70's for san carlos and upper 70's at 78 degrees for those of you in redwood city with widespread mid to
3:48 pm
upper 70's for the south bay san jose 79 degrees. morgan hill warming up into the low 80's and temperatures warming up as well for inland valleys livermore 83 degrees. now remember we're an early spring where we should be in the mid to upper 60's this time of year, not tracking 70's and 80's like we are for most of the east bay walnut creek and conquered warming up to 83 degrees with mid 70's for oakland richmond, 79 degrees and widespread low to mid 80's for those of you in the north bay, you're going to see more of those offshore winds warming temperatures up for you. those of you a nap at 81 degrees 85 for sonoma and santa rosa 83 degrees in the daytime highs this weekend peaking on sunday 10 to 20 degrees above average. and it looks like we will see cooler weather by this upcoming week, especially on friday. with that increase in clouds and hopefully rain returning to the bay area next weekend. back to you. just steam. thank you so much for coming up
3:49 pm
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for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> fans of dine and dish can rejoice a crime for a favorite is now coming back with all-new episodes of local tasty treats restaurants beast rose and food trucks. kron four's vicki liviakis has a look. can like a lot she's
3:52 pm
pretty happy to be out of the kitchen going inside a restaurant. >> home is nice and all. but every day. >> things are changing and the good news is that guy. this is back in business. >> so you're in the mood for home cooking just not at home. formerly chow now called to lafayette is a favorite of families who like the ambiance and comfort food. it's dog and kid friendly and the hot cakes are a big hit and during covid tutu's offered up food to go groceries and even the highly coveted rolls of really needed it. well, a great show. the wait staff here is familiar friendly always had outdoor
3:53 pm
dining in up when indoors had closed. but now you can eat out and dine in at reduced capacity course, that indoor dining we did everything. >> and guys and after such a tough time during the pandemic because comfort food goes a long way. >> in lafayette vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> we are always looking for great places to dine and dish in your neighborhood to go to kron 4 dot com. click on the dine and dish tab to give us your suggestions restaurants are back and they're ready to roll. so let's do it. now. if you're in the market for a flying car. the wait is almost over. you can now pre-order and put down a $5,000 deposit to get the from silicon valley based art of n f t the electric vertical takeoff and landing craft can travel on roads to and from takeoff and
3:54 pm
landing sites. it has folding wings. a top speed of 150 miles per hour and a 250 mile range. it costs almost $800,000. but that does also include your pilot training, which you will need in order to drive this or fly this or dry fly. it. it is scheduled to be officially released in 2026. abry. so you have a little time to save up that almost $800,000 that you need. and also probably redo your garage because you're going to need somewhere to put that thing, ok. that's not a car helicopters lash plane. what would you cough the of colic an airplane that's not out of line car that play. >> not even the jetsons have that out of this world. but for your you know, it's time change to you, right. just almost a million dollars. just get out your back pocket. you're good. you can afford
3:55 pm
that buy me one too. while you're at it. all right. let's take a look at our radar for. we're tracking clear skies out there. bug big starting to retreat and no rain in sight. but we're just tracking drizzle out there this weekend. less than that fog bank, though, by this weekend with these above average temperatures. >> we're going to warm up 10 to 15 degrees from today's daytime highs. well above average. so wouldn't be surprised if we actually break some records this weekend. certainly not going to look or feel like spring, but rather some are in the bay area temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's throughout the san francisco peninsula coastline, even oakland still in the 50's at 59 degrees with a low 60's for those of you in hayward right now in san jose 66 degrees. but check out the 70's mid 70's actually for anti out conquered and livermore widespread 60's for the north bay. but nevado getting a nice bump in temperatures today currently in the low 70's and overnight lows tonight,
3:56 pm
widespread mid to upper 40's. but 2 outliers tonight, santa rosa, little bit cooler at 41 degrees. but out of the 30's. so that's great news right there. and antioch 51 degrees for your overnight. temperatures with daytime highs. tomorrow. warming up in a big way to start your weekend forecast. low 70's for downtown san francisco mid 70's throughout the east bay shoreline and even san jose flirting with 8079 degrees. so it is going to be a great day make sure to stay hydrated. stay cool. kuz very warm temperatures will begin for those of you in the valley, specifically conquered livermore and antioch. pretty uniform numbers at 83 degrees. there with delay and napa in the low 80's and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast only going to get warmer from there by sunday 10 to 20 degrees above average. that's going to be the peak of our many heat wave. little change on monday. but then we will slightly feel some relief on tuesday. little change,
3:57 pm
though, for the rest of the week for rain arriving next weekend. justine, are you excited? >> some rain? yes, but i ai looking forward to that. 87 on sunday. >> and we'll see you back here this weekend. don't forget our news. 06:00pm broadcast is going on and off a cnn prime time. i'm justine waldman. i'd love to connect with you on social media. >> facebook, twitter and instagram and then we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news starting at 5. have a great weekend.
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