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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 16, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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body on the floor behind a vehicle. luckily. >> i was far enough away to her. he didn't notice me or seeming so thank god for that. >> people talk about how they escaped the gunfire. but a lot of people did not a gunman opened fire at a fedex facility in indianapolis killing 8 people in the parking lot and entrance to the facility before turning the gun on himself. >> and this has been the tragic scene that we've been covering this morning. the question still remains what happened. how did the gunman do it and why most importantly, that's been the big question, especially the minds of family members who have been waiting at a hotel about a mile away forward on their loved ones who they haven't heard from yet since this gun fire was first reported several others are injured and you can see them. they are being taken away by ambulance. this all unfolded around 11 o'clock last night. >> at the fedex facility which is the second-biggest fedex facility in the world right there near the airport in indianapolis that is where the man just took a gun out. got
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out of his car and just started firing away. as you heard that witness say continued firing when it when he got in, didn't go past the metal detectors did need to that just firing right there in the entrance and because the workers go to work and they leave their cell phones at the front when they go down to the floor. you know, the families were left in limbo. >> watching the police roped off the area this morning. they couldn't get in or out. nobody could get information. here's all the people waiting in a nearby hotel and we heard from some of the family members there waiting, some of them got. really finding out that their family members were safe. others, though, still wondering. >> what the fate is of those that they are waiting to hear word on. here's what one family member had to say. >> they came here. they were able to give me that he was in the other >> however, my heart goes out a cold one. people of egypt.
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>> how hard is it to see that this we keep seeing these mass shootings. and to know that your loved one. it was potentially involved. how scary was it not knowing it. >> you know how it's going to be able to go home. it was scary. i want everybody to love each other. there's no need for this. >> no need. and we're seeing more and more of these shootings. james just since march. yeah. one of the thoughts that came into my head. i'm sure came into your head, too. was. >> and it just seems like just keeps happening and happening and happening in. when you look back, it really has. these are just a highlight of a handful of the ones that have happened, as daria mentioned since march. so march into this midpoint in april. now, we've had more than 38 people killed in mass shootings. the panel on your far left. that's atlanta, georgia, march 16th is when a
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gunman killed 8 people at various massage parlors in and around the atlanta area. then next. boulder, colorado, you'll remember that's a story where 10 people were gunned down in that grocery store after a gunman opened fire in the parking lot and then went into the grocery store. then there's office park shooting that we saw in orange, california, down in orange county. that was on march 31st. 4 people killed, including a child that rampage wasn't the end of it because then we have here, virginia beach march 26. 2 people were killed in that shooting. and you can see there it didn't end columbia, south carolina. that's where 6 people were killed. and that was at the hands of a former nfl player, former member of the forty-niners and of the raiders to that was april 7th. phillip adams was his name. he shot a family doctor, his wife, their 2 grandchildren and then one person who was outside before turning the gun on himself. and then lastly, we have the events last night.
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april 15th again, 8 people killed in that. and we know that one person that was shot and wounded taken to hospitals. listed in critical condition this morning. a great outlook. so we're hoping that the death toll doesn't climb, but it is a possibility. so we'll be following that part of the story as well. there s a qr code to zap with your phone and you can download the app really easy that way. just go to the tv, open your camera and this apple come up automatically. if you click download, you got the kron 4 news app. >> we'll give you breaking news. push alerts that way because there is a lot changing and there's a lot to learn about what happened in indianapolis. we're monitoring the press conference that was going on just about a half hour ago. any new information comes out, we'll release it right here on the morning news and on our app and web sites. >> let's bring it back here into the studio. we've got john trouble in reno harvey with checks of weather and traffic and we'll come back for more headlines going into what's going to be a hot weekend. john. yeah, definitely a toasty weekend just around the corner. we're starting it on a mild note but then come saturday and sunday
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and temperatures will waste no time heating up for us now. today's daytime highs only going to be reaching the 70's. so get out there. if you enjoy the cooler field this morning. it's a mix of cloud cover and sunshine all just depends on where you're at. you can see a bit of both and timber on right now. cloud cover there in the distance past the golden gate and then some of the sunshine that you're enjoying right up above in marin county. we do have some lower visibility in pockets. these are very isolated spots where you may be running into some fog for inland, east bay north bay areas as well. so just a little extra time maybe to get on the roads than what you did yesterday when it was so crystal clear already radar. nice and dry. we're staying that way. that's actually the most unfortunate thing about where we're sitting across the state light winds for the most part today after 04:00pm, you'll notice a breeze starting to pick up 40's and 50's for current temps with oakland san jose at 50 degrees fremont alameda berkeley and san francisco among spots that are in the upper 40's reyna. john, thank
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you for most of the bay area. it's friday light. however, we are seen. >> some collisions like southbound one. oh, one and lucas valley road and lucas valley marine wood that accident has been clear. but you still see the residual delays from that accident heading into the city 13 minutes were down from 15 again, the metering lights are not on at the bridge this morning. the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for your drive time. we also have a high wind advisory in place along the benicia bridge, the richmond sandra fell commute heading out of richmond. we're down to 11, although that's starting to pick up and slow down and thinking checking out things along highway 4 hears you head towards 2.42 of concord. 26 minutes. love more on your commute and drive times darya and james, back to you. thanks a lot of >> so now to some developing news out of the east bay. we have an independent investigation now that's found to san leandro police officers failed to follow the department's use of force policy with regard to a fatal shooting back in 2020 for more on the finding. and that shooting. let's go to kron. four's will tran live at the
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san leandro police department will. >> james area where you need to know the important part is it was the conclusion of independent investigators not from the police department. so they went outside, asked other people what they thought they came back in pretty much concurred with what the alameda county district attorney's office said about this particular case that those officers actually went against their own department's policies. this all happened. april 2020. here's the man who they shot and killed his name is steven taylor. he was inside a walmart about 2 miles from the police department. yes, he was inside. he was holding an aluminum bat. he was threatening employees. they were fearful. that's why the police department, the officers recalled. they rushed into the scene and within 40 seconds. both officers deployed their tasers. according to the independent investigators that should not have happened, that they could have and should have used de
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escalation tactics policies by this. and in san leandro police department to de escalate the situation. so they believe tasers were not necessary. then one officer jason fletcher. he actually fired at steven taylor. he shot and killed taylor. he has been charged this is jason fletcher. he has been charged last september by the alameda county district attorney's office with voluntary manslaughter. he's the first bay area officers to be charged voluntary manslaughter since your highness messily and you might remember him as a way because he was the officer who shot and killed oscar grant on that platform as far as stephan over 10 easy other officer at the scene in walmart. he has until june. that's how long the san leandro police department will have until they decide what's going to happen to him. whether or not he will be fired or he will face any disciplinary actiot. but again, the important part was this was fun. independent
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investigators outside of the police department. >> back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. well, 8, '08, is the time and in the south bay, the owner of a los gatos bakery has been arrested now for. sexually assaulting his customers. that's the accusation allie shinn ronnie who was taken into custody at mama's bakery in santa cruz on santa cruz avenue wednesday. police say he would offer female customers lessons on how to make bread. but during those lessons, they say he would inappropriately touch and fondle them against their will. well, he now faces charges of battery and false imprisonment. detectives say there may be more victims out there. so they're asking anyone with information to come forward. >> 8. '09, right now and in the east, bay charges are filed against the driver responsible for deadly crash that happened in pittsburgh and killed 2 people including a 7 year-old girl named sila. and there she is. she died along with the driver of her car. this happened. the crash
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at john henry park in pittsburgh and the driver behind the wheel of the car that caused the crash was christian vargas. you can see him being arrested after the crash. he was unscathed and turns out he had a prior dui conviction. now he faces charges including 2 counts of murder and one count of driving under the influence of alcohol. again, 2 passengers in her his car were also seriously hurt, including a 10 year-old child. the mta oakland. police are cracking down on gang violence with operation wild star so far they've made more than 50 arrests sees lots of cash and weapons. 40 weapons have been taken the suspects are member of emt or the case gang. both based in oakland with the recent arrest. >> these violent gang members are no longer on the streets of antioch and oakland and our
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communities are certainly safer. >> there is again, a look at all the cash and weapons that were seized. those arrested face felony charges and investigators are hoping the arrests will help bring closure to the victims and the families that have been affected. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news there will be a rush of weddings this year. we'll tell you how to celebrate that union while still recognizing covid restrictions. >> and today will definitely be the cooler day of the weekend temperatures at the coast in the 50's after some cloud cover some clearing will happen for the coast this afternoon. same for the rest of us. inland temperatures will be in the low 70's for most areas. this is before a weekend of the 80's and even low 90's. your forecast ahead. and i'm still tracking some residual delays from some early morning traffic collisions. >> we have a high wind advisory along the venetian martinez bridge, the checking those drive times for you across the bay area. we'll have more on that coming up after the break.
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attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. >> 8.14 right now. and it's going to help one. yeah. this weekend, guys are really toasty. so like beach weather
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toasting to get the short sleeves on i would say beach weather for sure. yeah, people are asking me yesterday. they're like, okay. which day is that saturday, sunday. which one do i got to be sometimes your pit bull. sometimes it will be so hot inland. you go, the beach like freezing now, i want that because you think it's going to be really. it's still like upper 60's low 70's. and if it's a little windy that can be a bit brisk. so always just keep that extra layer in your pack if you're heading out to the ocean. but it is going to be really toasty this weekend if you need to escape the inland areas. you know where to head areas like happen. they're going to be probably pretty busy this weekend looks like a pretty calm morning out there so far. i've seen a couple of people walking up and down the coastline. definitely a saturday and sunday to maybe consider getting out there closer to the coast radar shows you we do have dry skies across the bay. there is more cloud cover, though, than what we saw yesterday morning at this time. so he traded in yesterday's beautiful sunrise for bit of a grey start to your friday, not to worry, though. we're going to tap back into sunshine later on
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today. high pressure is in place going to keep us dry going to result in that spike in temperatures that were will be seeing on into tomorrow. wind gusts today will start on the calmer side. but after 04:00pm, i'm anticipating that winds will pick up just a little bit. not going to be a super windy afternoon but enough to know if you're maybe planning a picnic in the park after work. by the time we reach the evening tonight, winds pretty much settled back down and into tomorrow. we will be looking at a pretty similar set up to where we will be this afternoon. futurecast today cloudy to start sunshine to finish well into the afternoon. you've got a good dose of sun to enjoy same into tomorrow and sunday. lots of sunshine bid a coastal marine layer to notice. you do head out to the ocean to escape some of your inland heat temperatures today in the 50's and 60's and san francisco and pretty much everywhere else on the peninsula up cooler, obviously right along the pacific and a bit more mild right along the bay, but no 70's on the peninsula just yet today you will be in the 70's for the south bay today. san jose and
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campbell at 72 and a range of 60's to 70's across the east bay with livermore at 73 conquered 74 oakland and san leandro as well as richmond back up to 64 degrees today. not a lot of movement vacaville. you are warmest spot today at 79. no one hitting 80 today, though, tomorrow will be the day we see some 80's inland. and by sunday it's not just 80's inland but also 80's right along the bay and some upper 60's right along the coastline. so definitely a good beach day come sunday. if you want to get out there for that reyna. john, thank you. so we're pretty much at the limit across the bay area. however, i am keeping a close eye on this early morning traffic collision southbound one. oh, one. >> at lucas valley road in lucas valley marine wood. he can still see conditions haven't really improved from that early morning crash looking at the bay bridge in across head towards the city there. look at that 3 months to exit under 13 minutes. the metering lights have not been turned on this morning. the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for you to make it
8:18 am
there. the richmond, sandra fell commute. we're at the limit much improved from earlier we were up to about 13 or so now we're down to 9 minutes for you to make it there. and looking at the golden gate bridge heading into the city up to 37 minutes. so that's definitely much lower than we normally are. so we'll have more on that coming up. but for now, daryn, back to you. >> we'll start the bus with baseball. the giants on the road playing the marlins. and we just found out how long they will be without johnny he was pitching a great a game against the reds when he tweak something and it turns out it to. >> grade a muscle strain in his shoulder. that's what they call a will be out 10 days. the a's were playing the tigers tonight at the coliseum. that's their plan and oakland beat him yesterday. that's 5 wins in a row for the a's and running with this makes 4 in a row for the warriors. steph curry keeping up with his 30 plus points per game 33 to be exact in this one against the cavs, even though he makes it look
8:19 am
easy. apparently it's still a grind 1st half. >> and we just had to grind it so, you know, our first four-game win streak of the year. we're in a very good place. you know, spiritually guys feel really good about what's happening that 2nd quarter gave us no, not breathing room to back to back >> kind of grind out again you know, get us a win. so. developing winning attitudes winning games, different ways is is a good sign. >> a winning attitude and hard work. that's what got this lady cardinal to the bigs kianna williams became a national college champ week with the stamford women and last night she became the newest member of the seattle storm when a teen in the in the wnba draft. >> i wasn't really necessarily. what about, you know, what number i was getting it to the way around. i honestly just wanted i just pray to god that i got a good situation for me. and i feel
8:20 am
like seattle's is one of the best situation for me and i'm i certainly stanford of that. that's a winning culture and going right. and so professional and culture salt. i'm just like i said, got to go in itself is like information that can it. whatever team needs make i'm doing that to the best my abilities. >> the hard work never missed a game from the time she stepped on the stanford campus in 2017. >> played all 137 games. some inspiration to get you out of bed while we're all driving away. and pinching pennies, though, to fill the gas tank. the rich chains are getting closer to flying to work you can now preorder. you put down $5,000 and you get one of these flying cars from a silicon valley-based startup called n f has that look like that you take off land at the airport and you go on the roads and everything because you could drive to. >> it. you can drive that. now you can write. well, yeah. >> but the wings and it's like the wing cars. you can drive
8:21 am
with the legs out. james everybody knows that. i just want to be able to when i get into gridlocktraffic, then decide, you know now there's a range. 250 mile range. she can't go too far. okay. on that. >> who did i did. i remember to tell you. so yes, it's only 5,000 grand down. how much they are not in $789,000. because you have train them know that includes a training. you can't just suddenly be a pilot james. but still i away for an entrepreneur to buy a few of those in just offer rides around for. yeah. for fare like over paper. yes to parental drop luber. it's the like snicker now. but i'm telling you. >> before too long. that's what you'll see. cross bay area skies yeah. if you're sitting home in sweat pants pension pennies to the tank. that's the bus. >> it's going to be like the jets.
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>> well, you've got no reason get cold feet now because. >> it's really happening. brides and grooms can get married at a big event indoors. if you want in california just started back with these big receptions
8:25 am
scrappers sanaz tahernia talked to an event planner about the protocol. >> it's been a long time coming california's newly released health guidelines as of april 15th indoor private events including weddings are back in action. people are ready to celebrate. they want to get out there. they want to have their weddings. like many industries. the wedding industry took a massive blow in 20 20 here in california about 85% of couples either canceled or postponed their weddings due to the pandemic leaving thousands of vendors without business. but things are expected to pick up last week. so if you think about a wedding there's a long lead time. you need month. stay in a plan to get your vendors. get your guests in line. so for the next month or so. we expected to be a slow ramp up. but after that, the floodgates are open. we expect the someone falling even into 2020 to be incredibly busy. if you're trying to have a somewhat normal wedding. the california association for private events worked with the state to allow but if you look at the rules, if you have
8:26 am
vaccination are testing, they are much less restrictive. they're not requiring the socially distancing. we're not requiring a things in the capacities that are much larger. we were able to negotiate in buffets our service and no restrictions on dancing. if you're looking to save some money here's a suggestion book. the base. you know, you need you can always upgrade your packages with anyone. so if you have a photographer who offers 8 hours plus albums. plus this suspect a hours. you can always add the other things by initially booking the bays. you lower your deposit liability as well. reporting in the newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >> well, it can be hard to get a vaccine with the eligibility opening up in live in san jose where there's a vaccine event going on. i'll tell you all about it coming up.
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go back up! hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix. hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. >> 8.29, let's get back to the breaking news which was the mass shooting that happened in indianapolis. 8 people were killed before the gunman killed himself and a number of others wounded 2, we have reports of at least 4, possibly 5 victims being taken to the hospital. >> one of them reportedly in critical condition. and here's video from last night showing an ambulance taking one of those victims away. and now the parking lot where it all started. you can see the police lights there. the
8:30 am
ambulance crime scene tape. this is where witnesses say the gunman stepped out of his vehicle after parking and just started opening fire opened fire and killing people in the parking lot then went into the entrance of the facility. >> where he ended up shooting and killing more people before he killed himself. and these people are family members of the victims, but they don't even know whether their loved ones are alive among the dead because a lot of the fedex workers. this posting not have their cell phones on the floor when they go to work. so they're waiting here close by about a mile away. the airport and the facility at this holiday inn express where they're waiting for authorities to release the name of all of the victims who have died in this shooting and the more that are in the hospital too. you can see, you know what that ad with a baby. you know, just waiting with his cell >> lives shattered by this families that will never be whole again. we know the fbi is as they continue to collect evidence. they know who the
8:31 am
shooter is. they just don't know why he did what he did. but they haven't said if he's a worker and haven't said if he's a worker yet. so that part of the investigation is still unfolding. and as we've seen in countless shootings in the past. they'll go to the gunman's place of residence will start to pick apart. his past is history trying to figure out what drove that person to do what he did last night that again not only shattered the lives of these 8 families whose had a family member die. but this the many other employees there who didn't die. but who obviously now are traumatized by this and. that's just that's going to be the question for why. why did this have to happen again in this country. and we still have a lot of questions because we monitor the live press conference that we took from indianapolis. they didn't reveal anything else. >> about the gunman or the victims at this point. so stand by. as soon as we get the information, we'll have it here on the show and on kron 4 news or app and our website all you have to do is go to the tv and just open up your
8:32 am
camera. take a peek at this qr code and that will give you route to the app that makes it easy to download its free. and then you won't miss all the official push alert to the breaking news. >> ok, let's second quickly caught up on weather and traffic will get back in the news in a minute. but john, it's friday, we're looking ahead to the weekend. the weather actually looks nice and warm does if not hot. we can officially pull out the hot word now. >> especially with sunday upper 80's to even a couple low 90's for areas like antioch in vacaville come sunday. >> so one to plan around the heat. that's for sure. today will easily be the coolest day of the weekend number starting off this morning. a little cloudier than we did yesterday, too. you can see the clouds of a berkeley this morning. it depends on where you're at. but the east bay still shrouded in some of these low clouds and we are also looking at some cloud cover across the north bay and inland east bay in pockets resulting in lower visibility. we are starting to see some clearing though, and especially after 09:00am, you're going to see skies clearing especially fast
8:33 am
setting us up for the sunshine that will hold on to the rest of the day light winds for the moment. winds do pick up late this afternoon. so do note maybe you've got a picnic planned. once you get off the work 40's and 50's for current temperatures. it's been a slow go as first temperatures rise because of that cloud cover. but once the sun comes back out. you can be guaranteed we'll be seeing plenty of 60's and 70's reyna john, thank you so definitely seeing some delays and slow down due to this. >> early morning traffic collision southbound one. oh, one. lucas valley road in lucas valley randwood and it's causing delays. the golden gate bridge is about 34 minutes for you to make that commute into the city. but we're not seeing any delays along the golden gate bridge. in fact, we're back down to the lowest drive time this morning. 11 minutes to make it to the fremont street exit headed across towards the peninsula there under 40 minutes. we've been at 13 for the morning. the richmond sandra fell bridge pretty light. 7 minutes for you to make it out of richmond and checking backup on highway 4 years been slow all morning now we're down to 17 minutes
8:34 am
as you head towards conquered to 42 still have more on that coming up. darya and james, back to you. thanks a lot. rate. a new vaccine sites are opening up. they are in fact, a new in san francisco is going to be. >> helping just to care for underserved communities and in other parts of the bay as well, especially in san jose to work on 4. sarah stinson is standing by with more on what the effort is there in front of city hall. >> that's right. in the city hall rotunda. they have this vaccine event happening right now. we'll get behind the cameras. you can see what's happening here. not a lot going on yet, but you can see those volunteers in maybe some people starting to show up. they're kind of getting it all together as we speak. this of a vaccine event, rather is for those people who are the most vulnerable. maybe they're homeless. maybe they're in need of a vaccine. and they just don't have the same access and so volunteers are out here helping make sure this vaccine event runs
8:35 am
smoothly across our state. people 16 and older are eligible for the vaccine, as you know. and so this will help some of the younger people also experiencing homelessness or experiencing anything. that they really just don't have access. maybe they don't have internet access, which is huge with going to my turn and all that. hard part about getting the vaccine is the debate net demand for the vaccine. outweighs the supply greatly, especially with the paws of the johnson and johnson vaccine. so a couple vaccines sites like this one really helps those in need. i talked with a volunteer. he is vaccinated so he feels comfortable volunteering at this type pop-up vaccination event. however, he started volunteering before he was vaccine. he told me. >> why it's so important. >> feeling of helping. i mean, we've been through this pandemic for a long time. it just feels like a lot of optimism now and there might be some things you can do to help. get to and faster.
8:36 am
>> he told me he's also feeling a lot of relief since he himself was vaccinated and he's feeling excited to kind of get back to the community. and i think that's so important, especially a lot of people who used to volunteer. they were scared to maybe go to a homeless shelter, go to a pop-up event like this. but now maybe when people get vaccinated, they'll be able to help out more. now this vaccination event is from 8 until 4 o'clock here on the east. santa clara street at city hall. and again, it's for the most vulnerable population. so it's not necessarily for just general public if they want to make sure this is really for those who need it reporting live in san jose. sarah stinson, back to you. >> so the city of san francisco's i mentioned or so earlier is also making vaccine distribution a little easier for some of their underserved communities. let's go. we've got team coverage this morning and kron four's will tran. i mean, sorry. >> camila is there. will the
8:37 am
day off. good morning. could be a >> good morning diet. ok. it's friday understand. so here at the city college health care workers continue to give out vaccines. and if you remember, this was the first vaccination site and it opened up in january. now the city is moving forward with its force. a 4th vaccination site and it's officially operating. it's located in the mission district on 18th street on 3 to one 71 the 3271 18 street. mayor london breed city leaders in the latino task force are partnering to get this up and running. the new mission site is one of 3 neighborhood site opening in the next 3 weeks. the city is focusing on highly impacted areas to ensure they have equitable access to the vaccines. but. this is the second vaccine site in the mission district that opened up in february. it's located on 24th h t.d capp street. it happened to a partnership with ucsf and the latino task force and senate opening health care workers have vaccinated more
8:38 am
than 10,000 pepele. but at the new accination site, here's a rundown of how it will work out. the latino taskorce is focused on vaccinating people 16 and older who live in priity. zip codes. so if you live in these neighborhoods, you are e e agible to get a vaccine that the mission site, some of those zip codes are on your screen. those include 9, 4, 1, 0, 2, 9, 4, 1, 0, 7, 9, 4, 1, 3, 9, 4, 1, 3, 4, and among others. the site will have about 200 doses available per day. >> it is open thursdays through saturdays from 11:00am to 06:00pm appointments are required and you can do so to do that, the email and that will be found on kron 4 dot com and they say that drop ins are limited so appointments are necessary. but besides the mission site that opened up just this week. there will be. >> 2 more opening up later this month. one is on april 19. the city will expand. it's a sunny dale vaccine site and
8:39 am
instead of operating once a week. it will do so 3 times a week. and by the end of the month on april 28th. the city will make available another neighborhood vaccine site on 50th broad street started games. back to you. thanks, camila. >> time has a 38. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a san francisco daycare worker accused of having videos pornographic videos of children. why the center ceo says they had no way of knowing this. and we are looking at conditions today. that will be the coolest of the weekend ahead of us highs only in the 60's and 70's for your friday. >> that compared to the 80's. even a few low 90's that we could be seeing by sunday. your forecast ahead. >> and we've been lying across the bay area. for the most part. but i am tracking some residual delays along one. oh, one southbound. also look at
8:40 am
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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>> 8.42 is the time san francisco daycare center ceo is now speaking out after one of his workers was arrested for having child. federal authorities arrested jace wong tuesday afternoon after he was found to be a member of a message group that was actively sharing child now long an ex employee mission head mission. head start on 18th street is charged now with taking at least 3 videos. a partially naked for a 5 year-old girls at the center
8:43 am
that center oversee several daycares in the city and says that this is the first time in 40 years that organization has had to deal with this type of crime. it's appalling. >> with with people do very grateful to the fbi for moving quickly on this one. our thoughts are always with the families. >> he says their teachers go through strict background checks. but there were no red flags when hiring long. they're now considering changing that vetting process. time. now is a 43. we'll be right back. from the eye.
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>> welcome back. say 46 right now and we're checking out the weather is new or not this weekend. yes. so make sure you wear your sunglasses. we've got and the sunscreen. did you get new ones such ring. know the rake or lose the sunglasses. good was i know i need to that for my eyes to be like this is i blame micro's fee on the fact i never bring my sunglasses was always >> yes, sunglasses sunblock a hat. i just got on the have bandwagon. finally, lots of things you can do out there to help you out. when it gets high and really sunny like for about to be seeing. you can see outside this morning. we've got a lot of sunshine above timber on. but don't
8:47 am
expect that necessarily everywhere across the bay. >> there are spots that are actually still pretty great as we make our way through this 8 o'clock hour. we are starting to see conditions clearing though, and that does set us up for further clearing and really sunshiny conditions this afternoon. so dry skies remain high pressure building in helping to result in that spike in temperatures that we have just around the corner light winds from the coast this morning. winds do pick up after 04:00pm. so maybe you're planning a little picnic or something outside. maybe outdoor dining with the family. once you get off work just anticipate a bit of a breezy finished the day. nothing like the winds on tuesday or even wednesday. we're though. as for our future cast it stays dry. there's no big surprise there. the obvious downside of everything i'm talking about is the fact we're in drought and we're looking at drought only getting worse and worse as we make our way into the end of april here. april's not been good to us. weather wise. it has been comfortable. don't today is a comfortable one ahead of the heat that we really tap into come saturday and sunday temperatures in the
8:48 am
60's and 70's for your daytime highs today antioch one of warmer spots at 77 savor that because antioch in vacaville, your the 2 spots that i think could be rising to the low 90's come sunday just around the corner. one of our hottest days of the year so far. note all the sunshine we've got this weekend. a few clouds next week, but still looking dry into wednesday and thursday. our hottest of days will be saturday, sunday and monday reyna. >> john, thank you. keeping a close eye on the residual delays from this accident that has been removed off the road southbound one. oh, one at lucas valley road in locust valley marine road and what that is doing is causing some slowdown right here as you head across the golden gate bridge up tonight. 35 minutes. now we're down to 31 so looks like conditions are slowly but surely improving here looking at the bay bridge. you head into the city under 14 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge. also looking great at 13 minutes. we still have the high wind advisory along the been nation martinez bridge. and they're also looks to be a disabled vehicle on that bridge as well. so be mindful as you're traveling
8:49 am
there. the richmond, sandra fell commute under 8 minutes as you're heading out of richmond and checking on conditions along northbound 8.80, because we've had some accidents along southbound 80 and this morning at 11 minutes as you're heading towards oakland's. we'll have more on n% that up next. daria, back to you. thanks a lot of tape, 49 and closing arguments are supposed to happen on monday and the derek chauvin murder trial. he's the former. >> minneapolis police officer charged with the death of george floyd and he said that he will not testify yesterday in court. we heard for the first time. >> have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify. >> want him to invoke your 5th amendment privilege. >> i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today. is this your decision not to testify. it is your honor. all right. you have any questions about your right to remain silent or to testify on your own behalf. not at this time. i don't. i had is promise a
8:50 am
thing or threatened you in any way to keep you from testifying. no promises or threats. your honor. do you feel that your decision not to testify is a voluntary one. your behalf so this. >> both sides have rested their cases. once the closing arguments are finished, then the jury will be sequestered as they deliberate. >> the former officer charged in the fatal shooting of dante wright is facing up to 10 years in prison. kim potter is charged with second-degree manslaughter. she resigned from the force on tuesday amid calls for her firing prosecutors allege potter's negligence created an unreasonable risk when she shot right during a traffic stop this past weekend. she says she thought she was holding her taser. potter was arrested on wednesday and released on $100,000 bond. there have been protests all across the u.s. demand for justice for dante wright, including right here in san francisco where you can see this video shows a peaceful protest outside of san francisco's mission high school people lit candles and they hung banners reading say
8:51 am
their names along with the names of others who have died at the hands of police, including roger allen and there are photos of him on the steps there he was killed in daly city following a struggle with police over what turned out to be a fake gun. >> vandals tag 25 buildings including city hall in walnut creek that happened overnight on wednesday. it was mostly anti-police graffiti kron four's maureen kelly takes a look. >> most of the graffiti has here are some examples behind me right now blm obviously standing for black lives matter. the other is an acronym. that is a slur against police using a word i can't say on tv in fact, most of the vandalism targeted police spray painted over the city hall signed the words pigs murder. many of the examples of last night's unrest reference. the simmering anger over officer involved shootings across the nation. >> the name of the young man killed by police in minnesota.
8:52 am
dante right. the scrolled on one building. others say kill cops. police say this is done by a crowd of 20 to 25 people wearing all black. their faces covered the march down the center of the main corridors of the business district starting around 09:00pm. you can see it in action in this surveillance video is sum breakaway to spray paint the cost of the destruction is estimated to run in the thousands, possibly 10's of thousands of dollars. many banks were also hit, but so were several small businesses. an investigation is underway. we here at the police department support. >> people's rights to assemble and protest peacefully. but when it comes to vandalism, it comes to property destruction. we will not tolerate that. well, police say they don't know if the protesters were affiliated with any group. this worker is painting over graffiti. that said. >> and tipo was here. those i talked to downtown say this is the wrong way for protesters to get their message across its thankful because the buildings have nothing to do with it. that's not the way to manage this. >> anger towards demonstrating
8:53 am
its fine. but. destroying buildings is not. police say one person was arrested last night after the fact during a vehicle stop. >> for an outstanding warrant at this time. they cannot confirm that person was involved in this civil unrest. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> it's a 53. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
>> 55 in some good news for commuters. if you use a clipper card around the bay. you can now pay with your iphone apple help you add the a clipper card rate 30 year apple wallet now. and you can add it through. >> apple pay to so as long as you have an iphone, james, you don't have to wait at the news, the kiosk and all that. >> but i know you don't i'm an android user. you. yes, you have to wait for that. i let's take the 56. >> coming up in the next hour, the city of san jose is going to be offering vaccines to the unhoused and marginalized communities today. we'll have the very latest on what you need to know in a live report. plus parents in the east bay threatening to sue the fremont school district if their children are back in the classroom soon. we'll tell you what deadline they placed on teachers and breaking news out of indianapolis. again following the news that 8 people were killed at a mass shooting at a fedex facility will have the very latest details on what we've learned this morning.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> the bay area's local news station. if you now with breaking news. last night. indianapolis was visited. by the scourge of gun violence.
9:00 am
that has killed far too many in our community. and in our country. the assumption that. this is simply how it must be. and that we might as well get used to it. we need the courage. that compels courageous acts. that push past weariness. >> the mayor calling for action in the wake of another mass shooting in america this time as a fedex facility in indianapolis. a gunman killed 8 people and then himself. >> a number of others were hurt as well. anywhere from 45 people rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. one of them, we're told in critical condition this morning and here you see video of some of the activity last night as ambulances were work rushing the wounded away and police immediately began their investigation into what led up to the shooting last night what you're looking at is that fedex ground sorting facy


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