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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 16, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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enough away to her. he didn't notice me or seeming so thank god for that. >> witnesses talking about the fact that they escape the gunfire but 8 people couldn't a gunman mowed them down in the parking lot and the entrance to a fedex facility in indianapolis. but for turning the gun on himself. the tragic another very scary scene for all those involved. as daryn mentioned, 8. >> people dead, not including the gunman. many others hurt that have taken themselves to the hospital. got more video the scene right now. you see an ambulance rushing one of the injured to the hospital. we know that among aside from the 8 that were killed. we know that at least 4, perhaps 5 also suffered gunshot wounds were taken to the hospital be treated this morning. one of them in critical we're still waiting for an update on that victims and the families are still waiting for word on their loved ones were the ones who were killed. >> their bodies not being moved nobody's getting or out of that fedex facility. you can see this is our first
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daylight pictures of the perimeter set up by the police. they're not letting anybody or in or out. they are keeping all of the relatives. at a nearby holiday inn. and you can just see that they've been waiting all night there. they have word of whether their loved ones are ok and this is the process and why we haven't learned the identities of those who have been killed in this because the coroner's office says that they need to first notify next of kin. >> and that is the process that is playing out at that hotel. that's about a mile away from this fedex facility in what's been really frustrating for a lot of families that have shown up there is that in some cases perhaps their family members, ok, but they haven't heard yet because a lot as part of the policy there fedex. they have to turn in their phones when they show up for their shift. and in the mad dash to escape the gunfire. a lot of these employees scattered unable to get their phones back and unable to notify family right away that they were were ok in some of the family was lucky enough to get the although they waited hours. let's listen.
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>> it came here. they were able to give me that he was in the other so thankful. >> however, my heart goes out a cold one. people of egypt. >> how hard is it to see that this we keep seeing these mass shootings. and to know that your loved one. it was potentially involved. how scary was it not knowing it. >> you know how it's going to be able to go home. it was scary. i want everybody to love each other. there's no need for this. >> and that man just talking about how difficult this is for so many families that are waiting for word. and you know, you can see the injured were rushed in ambulances. so a lot of them don't know about their conditions of their loved ones and as that man was talking about, james this is
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dozens of people now in less than 4 weeks that have been killed mass shootings in us. yeah, we did the math and you clued the victims from last night. we're looking at about 30 people having died from mass shooting events. >> in just a four-week span. and this is just to highlight the 3 most high-profile ones that we've seen so far this year. you'll remember back on march 16th just one month ago we had that shooting in atlanta, georgia, where a gunman killed 8 people injuring one at various massage parlors in in and around the atlanta area. and then in boulder, colorado, you can see here on march 22nd there was a man who opened fire at a grocery store killing 10 people, including a police officer. we brought you that story and then in orange county down in southern california. we had a gunman as you can see there are 4 people killing a small child. and this is part of what that man was talking about that you heard in that sound bite just a moment ago. can we just love each other. this is the
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frustration and we're seeing mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting. again, this is just the last 2 weeks of march. from march 16th to march 31st. we've had these mass shootings and then the one last night. >> we're going to continue following the latest because we know the president has been briefed and we're waiting for a briefing from officials in indianapolis and we'll take that live as soon as it happens. if you're somewhere else and you need to get your news on the go. come to the tv right now and just open the camera on your phone and immediately you'll be able to download the kron 4 news app. that's the best way to get news wherever you are. and we also the kron on app. 24 7 news coverage. >> okay, let's get a quick update on weather and traffic and we'll get back to some more news. john. all right. let's talk about friday. the weekend. the weather looks pretty good. yeah, we can really good guys. we are cool today but warm the rest of the weekend saturday, sunday and monday daytime highs climb well into the 80's.
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>> on sunday. i'm expecting a couple in 90's mixed in for areas like antioch in vacaville. so just a heads up. that's where we're headed after today. if you like the cooler feel savor every moment of today looking outside right now. it's a kind of a mixed bag. we are seeing some foggy spots such as out in the distance from timber on. but sunshine right over the north bay right now we work our way into the afternoon less and less of that low cloud cover. some of our inland areas under north bay inland areas are in the midst of some low visibility spots due to that fogs. you may want to give yourselves just a few extra moments. if you are in the north bay for the inland east bay otherwise skies are dry and conditions actually pretty calm. winds will pick up after 04:00pm today, not excessively windy but a breezy finished your friday around the corner. current temperatures are mostly in the 40's right now san jose, your one spot still sitting right at 50 degrees with a few 30's up in the north bay reyna. john, thank, you know, major hot spots, but we do have some slowdowns. >> we have an accident on following in the city right
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now. northbound one. oh, one at grand avenue in south san francisco looking at the bay bridge and across india to the city right now under 12 minutes for your drive. time to that fremont street exit. now we do have a high wind advisory along the venetian martinez bridge. the san mateo bridge here under 40 minutes as you make your way across towards the peninsula. looking at the richmond, sandra fell community at a richmond under 9 minutes, we had some early morning crashes along 8.80 in fremont in newark. those are all clear and looking at things along one o one in 2.80, here. 29 minutes as you head towards middle part. so we'll have more on that up next. but for now darya and james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. rain a 7 '06, in the east bay. we have an independent investigation now that's found to san leandro police officers failed to follow the department's use of force policies in the 2020 fatal shooting. the shooting happened last april in kron. four's will tran is live now with more on what we know now. will. >> here's what you need to
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know. the important part is the an independent investigator they looked at their policy by the san leandro police department. so they use their own policy, compared it to what the officers did back in april of 2020 and they came back with the conclusion that they did not follow their own department's policy on how to de escalate possibly violent situation ended up killing steven taylor at a walmart about 2 miles from this location. now steven taylor. he was inside the walmart. he was holding an aluminum baseball bat. he was threatening employees when the officers rushed in. according to the independent investigators, those officers should have used other tactics to de escalate the situation and perhaps steven taylor might still be alive. but instead within 40 seconds of arriving to the store. both officers deployed their tasers and then one officer actually fired on steven taylor that officer's name is jason
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fletcher. he has been charged with voluntary manslaughter for the death of steven taylor he's the first bay area. officer to be charged with voluntary manslaughter since yo-han-is messily. he was the bart police officer who shot and killed oscar grant on the bart platform. so that's the second officer in the bay area within 10 years to be charged with voluntary manslaughter as far as the other officer, his name is stephanie over 10. he did not fire a shot. he used the taser and san leandro police department. they have until june to decide what to do with him, whether or not he will be released from the police department or if he faces disciplinary action. the independent investigator pretty much concurred with that district attorney of alameda county, believing that jason fletcher did not have to fire that shot back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> 7. '08, is the time and charges have been filed against the driver responsible for a deadly crash in
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pittsburgh that killed a 7 year-old girl and the driver of the car that she was in her name is cla. she died. the driver died and there were several other people injured in this crash that happened. and john henry park in pittsburgh. and it's a drunk driver is accused of being drunk or a junk again behind the wheel is is christian vargas. he was on probation at the time for a prior dui conviction and urias being led away in handcuffs from the scene of this crash and now he faces 2 counts of murder and one count of driving under the influence of alcohol and 2 passengers in his car. they were also hospitalized in serious condition, including a 10 year-old child. >> in the east bay. a group of fremont parents are threatening right now to sue the school district. if classrooms are reopened for in person learning the parents are demanding that schools reopen by april. 26 that
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demand comes 2 weeks after the school district announced that classes will remain closed and distance. learning will be what they do to finish out the year. this is video of those parents protesting the school's closures earlier this month. they're worried that distance learning is having a negative impact on their young students. >> that's about a 1000 students that have gotten more d's and f's than ever. this is learning. obviously it's not working for them and they deserve to in person option brady frustrating that this is not working. every day you hear the news. a fan of the district that is opening. >> and our says not opening. >> parents are also demanding that the school district approved a plan by april 30th for the return to full time in person instruction. meanwhile, parents in the south san francisco unified school district will actually have the option to bring their students back to campus for in person learning soon. officials installed 30 of these mobile disinfection
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units across all 16 school districts. it uses ultraviolet light as you can see here, demonstrated in the video to kill covid-19 particles that are floating in the air or have settled on surfaces. the district will welcome students from t k through 5th grade starting on monday. >> it's 7.10. and still ahead, more bang for your buck. the employee exodus from san francisco and silicon valley leading a lot of people to move elsewhere to get more house for their money. we'll tell you where they're going. and a mix of cloud cover and sunshine across the bay this morning. sfo is getting both of those this morning. a little bit of sunshine reaching down. >> cloud cover there across san bruno mountain from the 40's to start to some 60's 70's later on today. i've got your forecast. >> and we have a high wind advisory along the venetian martinez bridge a few accidents at the roadways are recovering from especially along 8.80 southbound. we'll have more information on your drive. times across the bridges. that's coming up
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after the break.
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>> some 14 right now. taking a look at the weather. finally into the weekend. it is yes, john, with the good news for us and the warm-up. hey, john. hey, yes, that warm up guys. only a day away. now we've been enjoying a pretty mild week so far and conditions out there will remain mild for
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only one more day, though. so if you like the 70's saver today. as much as you can. sure. it's a bit of a gray or start to the morning than what we saw yesterday. but sunshine is about to make its way back out in full force just got to wait for it a little bit longer today, especially towards 09:00am to 10:00am this morning as for current conditions in berkeley, you've got a good look at there. a second ago. you can see that gray that's hovering right overhead this morning. yesterday. at the same point we were getting a solid dose of sunshine streaming its way down into the bay. but this morning it obviously isn't offering up that much sunshine just yet. radar. currently we are looking at some areas of low visibility, including some fog across the north bay as well as across the inland east bay, too. so you may want to give yourselves a little extra time. if you've got some travels on routes such as right on through the tri valley. even through solano county and then especially along one o one. we are seeing some spots where visibility isn't necessarily the best in all areas this morning. high
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pressure is about to be building its way back into this forecast and what that's going to do for us. as a result in that warm up that we have these next couple of days. today. we're still in the midst of mild weather. but tomorrow is when the heat really starts to kick into gear today. also going to be on the calmer side as far as winds go winds do gradually pick up towards the finish of the day today really after 04:00pm is when we'll start to see some of those winds really kicking back into gear. futurecast shows more dry weather. that's the least surprising thing about this forecast as we make our way into the heat and then eventually a cool down next week. they area still not tapping into really any chances of rainfall. let's get you a look ahead at what we can expect into the afternoon. it's a range of 50's to 60's for san francisco and elsewhere on the peninsula. some of our cooler spots and you may want to keep the jacket on hand in these areas. a return to the 70's for the south bay, though with san jose as well as campbell each at 72 degrees for your highs. temperatures across the east bay similar 60's to 70's pleasanton. 72 oakland 64 our
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north bay temperatures. some of the warmest with vacaville are closest spot to 80 degrees. but we're really waiting until tomorrow until we hit those 80's at which point we will be in the 80's inland only come sunday. it's not just our inland areas tapping into the 80's, but also some of her bayshore cities with a few of our inland cities like vacaville inning. come expecting closing out the weekend with low 90's reyna. >> john, thank you for that. so no major hot spots. but there are some problem areas checking out conditions along because we have multiple accidents fremont into newark as you head towards to 38 20 minutes for your drive time. also another traffic collision that's been clear. this is in south san francisco northbound one oh, one at grand avenue not causing any major residual delays from that early morning crash heading into the city. the meter like are not on today under 12 minutes for you to make it to that fremont street exit. also, the san mateo bridge looks great. we're at the limit here under 15 for your drive time. a look at the richmond sandra fell commute under 10 minutes as you're heading richmond. no major delays for us here and
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down south along one. oh, one and 2 80 were in the green. 29 minutes as you head in the parts will have more on that for now. daria, back to you. thanks, lynn. 7.17 for your money this morning. the irs says the monthly stimulus checks for families will start in july. >> and weekly jobless claims plummeted in california. jane king is live in new york with those stories and more. hi, jane. >> heidari a good morning us weekly unemployment claims plunged in california to about 70,000. so that was for the week that ended april 10. that was a drop of 75,000 as the state continues starts to reopen nationwide. jobless claims also fell to the lowest since march. 2020. so endemic low. was that number that we got yesterday. american families can expect to start receiving half of the child tax payments in just a few months and then the other half when they file returns for the 2021 tax season. the irs commissioner charles rettig
7:19 am
confirm the payments will be monthly starting in july under this law, families under certain incomes will receive a $3,000 annual benefit per child ages 6 to 17 and then 3600 per child under the age of 6 for the 2021 tax year and travelers will have to use more points to redeem flights and other rewards on southwest airlines. carrier lowered the value of the rapid rewards points. requiring travelers use around 6% more points per flight tickets so that update comes, of course, just as people starting to put comfortable traveling again and spotify launches. new car thing. seriously. that's what it's called new car thing. it is a spotify controller. it's mounted in your car with a big an easy to use dial and car thing responds to voice commands can be connected to your smartphone. it only spotify premium. what actually goes on sale. it will cost 8 bucks. live from new york. i'm jane king. back to area, be it looks so simple and i'm so confused.
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>> as to how that you like to see it right. you work for a totally understand it. have a good weekend. >> 7.19 on the clock with more businesses allowing their employees to work from home indefinitely, local realtors say that people are moving out of san francisco and silicon valley and actually heading to the east bay to get more house for their dollar in oakland, for example, this 900 square foot log cabin is currently on the market for $575,000 in all likelihood. it will probably sell. but lipten to this. it was built back in the 1890's. it's currently considered uninhabitable. so yeah, it's a complete tear down. you're going to have to fix this one up. kron four's michelle kingston reports, though, that homes across the border going in many cases for well above asking. >> it just haven't and it's still going going strong houses hitting the market in the bay area and selling in days if not hours and many of them getting multiple offers and being sold for well over
7:21 am
asking price is definitely the busiest year i've ever had in state. take a look at this one a home in pleasanton selling for $240,000 over the list price. another one in pleasanton selling well over asking at 1.2 million, both listings by east bay area realtor tracy nelson. it is definitely increase over the last 9 months in the brentwood i mean. >> intense own even those price points are much higher. it's the same thing. you know, in houses over there and they're going for 200,000 over asking sometimes this home in brentwood just sold after getting multiple offers over asking price. same story in discovery bay. this house getting multiple offers above its list price. so what do you do if you're a first time, homebuyer and don't have a large deposit to put down in the home or can't afford to play in this competitive market. you know, really the way that i handled that is i. >> i really try and put this
7:22 am
deal before house hits the market. the seller willing you know, it's just that those puzzle pieces fit. >> and we can put together before putting it on the mls. and it works out for all parties and that's kind of how we've been having to help a lot of fires. and in the market. >> in the east bay. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> the 7.22 now and coming up, a controversial push to expand the supreme court why republicans and some democrats or against it. 7.24 in
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7:24 am
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national news, democratic lawmakers are introducing legislation to increase the number of supreme court justices from 9 to 13. but it's meeting a lot of resistance, a group of house and senate democrats say a change is needed to rebalance the court after senate republicans blocked president obama's nominee in 2016. then republicans pushed through 3 of president trump's conservative nominees after that, including justice amy coney barrett just days before joe biden's election last year. >> and make no mistake about it, the court is broken because leader mitch mcconnell, his senate republican colleagues and donald trump. >> broke it. you make the supreme court. basically a
7:26 am
political football. it loses independents is consistency. >> the legislation does not have much of chance of succeeding, though president biden says he's not a fan of expanding the court house speaker nancy pelosi says she has no plans to bring it to the floor. >> it is 7.26 still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news 8 people killed in a shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis. indiana. we are moments away from an expected press conference with the very latest on what investigators know this morning. we'll have that update coming up.
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and enhance nerve communication. and, alpha-lipoic acid, which relieves occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. live your life with less nerve discomfort with nervive nerve relief. >> here to gunshot. >> and then so we ignore we hear 3 shots after that, we start thinking it's an engine problem. then we start hearing 6 to around 10 shots. this. made me stand up and actually look at the entrance door and i saw a man with a submachine gun of some sort in automatic rifle and he was firing and the open and i immediately ducked down and got scared. >> this morning. indianapolis police are trying to piece together why a gunman opened fire in the parking lot of a fedex facility killing 8 people outside and inside before then turning the gun on himself. and we know that
7:30 am
police are on scene. the entire parking lot is cordoned off right now as are still going through the evidence trying to piece together the sequence of events. >> and the motive behind why the gunman did what he did. we know it lasted no more than a minute and a half to 2 minutes. witnesses report seeing the gunman with something that looked to them an automatic rifle. and then he started opening fire the minute he got out of his car in the parking lot and continued opening fire as he entered the building when he was done 8 people were dead and there were more than a half a dozen injured. at least 4 were taken by ambulance. and we know one is in grave. >> critical condition. you can see one of the ambulances rushing from the scene there. this all unfolded around 11 o'clock their time last night and we are waiting for a press conference because we want to know was he a fedex worker? was this somehow work related being time. you know, all the families are waiting for word on who the victims are as well as at the shooter. we don't know. we don't even have the names of the victims in these poor families. they had no cell phone communication
7:31 am
because most fedex workers have to give up their phones when they go on to the floor to work their shift. so there's no way to notify these people and nothing's moving at the scene right now because the investigation know what you're looking at is video the holiday inn express hotel about a mile away. and that's what they've set up as a family reunification center. >> but in many cases family members are finding out this morning. that their loved ones did not survive this attack. we've been hearing from reporters on the scene that multiple chaplains have arrived. there to help console the family members that are certainly grieving at this hour. and again, as daryn mentioned, we're waiting for more from investigators as to why. what exactly happened there is a press conference that's scheduled to happen at this moment. we know they're preparing for that. now and we'll bring that to you. in fact, here's a live picture of you can see the the lectern there with the microphone, the flags so the shots are still being set up and at any moment now, officials will come out there and tell us what they know. we'll bring that to you live when it happens.
7:32 am
>> 7.31. is a time right now to 0 ing in on the area. again, if you know this area, it is near the airport in indianapolis and this facility is the. >> second biggest fedex facility in the world about 4,500 employees work there. we don't know how many were on the job at the time or what the jobs they were doing. but we do know that there were people killed in the parking lot as well as in the entrance to the facility. >> and if you add the just the dead in this 8 dead on top of 30. so that's 38 people who have died. >> in less than a month in the u.s. from mass shootings. yeah. 30 in all he added that with the others that have happened. a total of 30 now in just a four-week span. >> and we put together just a brief glimpse at what we're talking about. look at the dates march 16th to march 31st. we had 3 major mass shootings just in the last 2 weeks of march in atlanta. the panel there on the far left. that's where a gunman killed 8
7:33 am
people in various mask. a massage parlors that was march 16, then less than 2 weeks later on. march 22nd 10 people died in a shooting at a grocery store there in boulder, colorado. and then you can see here on the last panel. this was march 31st. 4 people were killed by a shooter in orange county. and again, when you add those totals up with what we saw last night. that's 30 people killed in mass shootings in the last 4 weeks alone, an average of one person dying every single day from a mass shooter. >> we'll follow the latest on our air and on our website at kron 4 dot com. if you don't have that app just open up your phone right now pointed to your tv and the select give you the easy way to download it. it's free. and at the time now at 7.33. we want to take a look at the weather as well heading into the weekend because it's going to be extra. how is john? good morning. yeah. good morning, to have fun. utley is getting hotter tomorrow sunday and monday will be. >> the warmest days of this forecast with sunday being an especially warm one now today we're still hanging out in the
7:34 am
70's before that big warm up this weekend. moderated temperatures by cool coastal breeze and even a little bit of low cloud cover this morning that you're venturing out into looking outside from timber on. we're going to back to some breaking news actually right now. yeah. the press conference getting away, getting underway in indianapolis. let's join it live. visited. >> by the scourge of gun violence. that has killed far too many in our community. and in our country. >> although we will learn more about this case. people in orange county. thank you, 20. yeah. it's. >> in the coming days. and in the coming weeks, no piece of information will restore the lives that were taken. >> 2 escaped. >> with their lives. but who will now bear the scars. and
7:35 am
you're the memories of this horrific crime. what we are left with this morning. is grief. grief for the families of those killed. grief for the employees who have lost their co-workers. and grief for the many americans. struggling to understand how tragedies like this continue to occur. >> we're having a little trouble with the audio. but we're going to continue to monitor will try to work it out. we don't want to miss what they're saying. it will definitely the monitoring this in the newsroom to see if they come up with any answers about who was the gunman. did he
7:36 am
work for fedex. what was the motive behind this shooting and most importantly, who are the victims. who are the faces behind the people who were killed in mass shooting. let's let's go back. we think we've established a microphone connection. >> that push past wearing this. i want to thank the first responders who arrived. >> so we're just going to monitor it in the newsroom. you know what, it will be a an easier way to follow along. if we if we to clean the information and we'll give it to you right now. all we know is 8 dead plus the shooter makes 9 and that we do know that somebody is in the hospital right now fighting for their life and who you saw there was mayor joe hogsett of indianapolis. we did hear from indiana's governor. >> earlier this morning, governor holcomb and he this morning this is another heartbreaking day and i'm
7:37 am
saddened by the mass shooting at the fedex ground facility in indianapolis. he went on to say the state police are working to discern what exactly happened. but later on in his comment. he said in times like this words like justice and sorrow fall short in response for those senselessly taken. our thoughts are with the families. friends, co-workers and all those affected by this terrible situation. the fbi is on scene right now. assisting we know the president biden's been briefed. we expect comments from him as well. some point today and we'll bring those to you when we find them. we'll take a brief
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> it's 7.39 in the north bay. there are growing efforts to recall the mayor of winds are at least a 1000 people want dominic foppoli removed from office and they've signed a petition so far over the last week, 6 women came forward accusing the mayor of assault. that's what prompted the recall. but the poli has been rejecting the demands for him to resign and maintaining his innocence. the man behind the recall effort says that the mayor's denials just make him look worse. >> it boggles the mind that would 6 hours of your fellow citizens. stand up. and take the time to do this and tell you to resign and. you don't have the respect. >> or be just decency to to not just.
7:41 am
>> share them but to listen to that. >> organizers have been focusing on getting this petition made official john. >> well, even though it is a little cloudy and cool to start the morning. we're in the 40's right now with some low cloud cover for much of the bay area actually set up for him. really comfortable afternoon later on today after starting the morning. so cool daytime highs do eventually rise into the 70's. for many of our inland spots 60's by the bay and then even warmer into the weekend. your forecast ahead. >> the traffic has been light for the most part on this friday morning. there are some trouble spots, some slowdowns. we're tracking your drive times across the bay area. we'll have that coming up after the break.
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>> 7.44 and with restrictions being lifted, people getting vaccinated lot more people are going to be going on holiday wouldn't that nice to wake up to that. >> after we've gone through all that we can through out there with the pandemic hawaiian airlines actually saying if the trends continue with they're going to actually look to be reaching prepandemic levels by the end of next month. i can't believe the be that many teachers. but kronon talk to a triple a representative and they're seeing the trends. none triple a dot com compared to april of 2020 bookings are continuing to grow. they look strong for
7:45 am
april of this year as well. if i look at march there was over a 100% better compared to march of 2020. so we're looking at people who are beginning to make that decision to travel you know, reopenings and things like that. a aaa also recommends checking the travel restrictions at your destination before booking. just so you know what, you can expect once you get there. yeah. if you got to take tests and all that stuff weird things. you got to do these days. >> and stay up with it all you can watch news. 24 7 on kron on, you know, when we're not on, they're always on james. that's right. and we've got a new deal where all you have to do to download the app is just take your phone out right now. go to your tv and open the camera. and just point if you these qr you open the camera don't take a picture open. the camera just pointed. >> at the screen, a boat to come on up, comes right up. just click. >> that you want down. it's free and it is free. absolute
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lee. so check it out. i love your idea. john. you should not have mentioned about, hey, i should wear a suit with a big qr and they want to walk around. people could just. >> because you know what, if they're making it right now to be the that's the future right there going to have a to let's hope we like that fashion we are going to be looking outside today at some weather that might make you want to travel maybe to hawaii because we're not tapping into any sunshine just yet about berkeley. >> although you are seeing some sunshine elsewhere across the bay area just as berkeley is not seeing in this scam. we actually do have some good sunshine reaching its way down into portions of marine county. but some spotty low cloud cover for sure this morning and that is resulting in some visibility issues for some of our north bay neighbors as well as our inland east bay areas right up and down the coastline. so just watch for a few spots of lower visibility out there. definitely not as clear as it was yesterday. high pressure
7:47 am
is building back in, though. so we're in the process of a big warm up come the weekend. now. we will see sunshine this afternoon. it's just going to take a little bit longer to get there. we are pretty calm with winds this morning. winds. stay calm into early afternoon before picking up in late afternoon and evening tonight setting us up for tomorrow's heat. that's just around the corner so blanket of cloud cover this morning sunshine this afternoon. beautiful afternoon. if you like the 70's more than the hotter weather that we do have coming up. today's a good one to take advantage of now, if you love that he will tomorrow and sunday are going to be bringing plenty of it. specially know where they will be sunday which will be the warmest of this mini heatwave. we have ahead of us 50's and 60's for your highs in san francisco and elsewhere on the peninsula today 50's on the coast while 50's and 60's mixed in right along the bay shore, redwood city in woodside at 68 foster city at 66 today. south bay temps back into the low 70's and a mix of 60's to 70's for the east bay pleasanton livermore at 7273
7:48 am
oakland. you haven't moved much this week. you're still mid 60's at 64 degrees. well, vacaville, you've been pretty up and down and today you're getting close to 80 degrees at 79. we're saving the 80's for tomorrow. and we'll see even more of them come sunday. not just for inland areas on sunday but also for some of our bayshore cities. so get ready for that. warm up noting that we also have dry weather, each of your next 7 days with little chance of rainfall all the way into that tail end of april here reyna. john, thank you. conditions of look great. for the most part this morning. but we've seen some problems spots. >> like 6 80 southbound at gold hill road in fairfield. another accident i'm tracking here and lukas valley marine wood southbound one. oh, one and lucas valley road. so again, you're seeing some delays from that accident as we head into the city under 16 minutes. so our drive times are starting to pick up. i'm not seen in accidents. we don't have a high wind advisory along the bay bridge. but we do have one along the benicia bridge out there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for your
7:49 am
drive time there. the richmond sandra fell commute also picking up. but we're still at the limit. 12 minutes as cars had out of richmond. checking on my way forward that slow down all morning along this commute time, 29 minutes for you as you head towards to 42. we'll have more on that up next. but for now, james, back to you. >> thank you, ray. to 7.49 is the time developing story this morning, a san francisco daycare center ceo now speaking out after a worker was arrested for having child. kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> disturbing crimes against small children led federal investigators to a day care center in san francisco and employee at mission head start on 18th street is charged with taking at least 3 videos of partially naked 4, 5, year-old girls at the center. it's appalling. >> with with people. do richard ybarra is ceo of mission neighborhood centers inc which among other things oversees several daycares in the city. >> federal authorities arrested 26 year-old jace wong
7:50 am
tuesday after he left the head start daycare housed in the historic women's building in the mission district in barra says this was the first time in 40 years of operation their organization has had to deal with this type of crime we're very grateful to the fbi. >> for moving quickly on this one. our thoughts are always with the families in undercover fbi agent began tracking wong this month through the social media app kik they are wong was found to be a member of a group that was sharing child. >> wong is accused of having sent and received several videos in that barra says their teachers go through strict background checks. but there were no red flags when hiring won this case. however, may force the nonprofit to increased scrutiny for future candidates. look >> all other methods for how we go forward reporting in san francisco. >> dan thorn kron 4 news.
7:51 am
>> 7.50, right now. closing arguments are expected now on monday in the derek chauvin murder trial. he's the former minneapolis police officer on trial for the death of george floyd. and yesterday in court. he said he will not testify. >> have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify. >> want him to invoke your 5th amendment privilege. >> i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today. is this your decision not to testify. it is your honor. all right. you have any questions about your right to remain silent or to testify on your own behalf. not at this time. i don't. i had is promise a thing or threatened you in any way to keep you from testifying. no promises or threats. your honor. you feel that your decision not to testify as a volunteer one on your behalf. so this. >> both sides have now rested their cases. and once the closing arguments are finished and the jury will be sequestered for deliberations.
7:52 am
it is 71. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news coming up, the oakland airport has a touchless screening option that's really taking off. we'll show you how it works.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> if you have gotten your covid vaccine, you might be wondering how long is this going to protect me for currently both pfizer and moderna are working on booster shots. >> if they're necessary. they're waiting for that infectious disease specialists say planning ahead is necessary. but at this point scientific study is not far enough along to know if we're going to need a booster. >> there's some hopeful signs actually immunity will be than we think and may not require these multiple the hopeful because what how vaccine trials is the beginning that seen trump's base wanted to measure t cells. and 80 some responses to these. betsy. >> well, we don't have an answer about a booster at this intellect. spurts agree that it is a good idea that pharmaceutical companies are working on this now. so they'll be ready to go in case we do need an extra shock. >> well, new touchless security screening. that's what's being unveiled at
7:56 am
oakland airport. they're adopting the clear system that uses your. retina scan or your fingerprints to identify you and move you through a checkpoint a little bit quicker without having to touch anything you may have seen it already. it's already in use in san jose sfo in a number of other airports across the state. it's an opt in membership service. so it's not free. there is an annual fee associated with it. but if not touching anything support, know may between james makes it. we're talking about cheap. it makes it more worth it. if it's at more airports. >> rose, then you got to go. well, i can only do it at sfo. now you can do to oakland, but it's being adopted by more and more so hopefully it'll it'll be something worthwhile for you to. >> spend that annual fee on 7.56 is the time. coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:00am morning news the city of san jose is going to be offering vaccines for the unhoused and marginalized communities. >> we're talking more about that in a live report and parents in the east. bay are threatening to sue the fremont school district. if their children can't be allowed to come back to the classroom. but the teachers union says it's not their fault will explain. and breaking news out
7:57 am
of indianapolis 8 people killed in a shooting at a fedex facility will have the latest details coming up in just a minute.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news.
8:00 am
after hearing the i did see a body on the floor behind a vehicle. luckily. >> i was far enough away to her. he didn't notice me or seeming so thank god for that. >> people talk about how they escaped the gunfire. but a lot of people did not a gunman opened fire at a fedex facility in indianapolis killing 8 people in the parking lot and entrance to the facility before turning the gun on himself. >> and this has been the tragic scene that we've been covering this morning. the question still remains what happened. how did the gunman do it and why most importantly, that's been the big question, especially the minds of family members who have been waiting at a hotel about a mile away forward on their loved ones who they haven't heard from yet since this gun fire was first reported several others are injured and you can see them. they are being taken away by ambulance. this all unfolded around 11 o'clock last night. >> at the fedex facility which is the second-biggest fedex facility in the world right there near the airport in indianapolis that is where the mant


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