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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  April 16, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a vehicle. luckily i was far enough away to her. he didn't notice me or seeming so thank god for that. >> witnesses talking about escaping injury when a gunman pulled a gun out of his car started firing in the parking lot of a fedex facility in indianapolis and then went inside and killed even more 8 people are dead. he killed himself. that makes 9 and there are many more in the hospital right now. we have more video of the scene we can share with you as we try and bring you up to speed on what happened in these late hours. we know. >> that family members have been taken to a nearby facility, a family reunification center as police continue to process the scene itself. >> you can see in this video, a lot of flashing lights. police are on scene. we know the state police there are there. we know that the homicide division is they're they're interviewing witnesses right now about what happened, trying to piece together the sequence of events from what we know, the gunman arrived in the parking lot late last night and immediately upon
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exiting his vehicle began opening fire. yeah, he started shooting people in the parking lot and then got into the entrance where there is a metal detector. >> but he didn't have to go that far before he started firing more shots. the police say that he had some type of an automatic rifle. and that's how he was able to kill all of those people with one within one or 2 minutes. this all unfolded it was before the police even arrived at the scene that they were dealing with all of these people who had died, at least 4 people were transported to hospital by ambulance. we no one is in critical condition. and then there were other walking wounded that ended up in emergency rooms with things bullet wounds or shrapnel wounds. so we're still waiting to find out more about not only the victims but the shooter in this case, we don't know if he worked at the facility, this still facility employees. thousands of people about 4,500 people work at. it's the second largest fedex hub in the world and his family members wait for word on relatives that they haven't heard from yet.
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>> you can see here in nearby hotels been set up as a family reunification center when other personnel from victims assistance and officers have arrived to help offer some comfort and some aid while they wait for final word. we did hear from some of the family members waiting there. and here's what some of them had to say. >> they came here. they were able to give me that he was in the other >> however, my heart goes out a cold one. people of egypt. >> how hard is it to see that this we keep seeing these mass shootings. and to know that your loved one. it was potentially involved. how scary was it not knowing it. >> you know how it's going to be able to go home. it was scary. i want everybody to love each other. there's no need for this.
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>> and that's a man who knows that his loved ones who works at the fedex facility okay. think of the dozens of people that are right now waiting at that holiday inn and they don't know it's about a mile away from the airport, but they can't get near it and the they have to give up their i- cell phones when they go on to the floor to work. so was no way for many of them to let their loved ones knows if they were ok, we're not. and and we're just waiting for word. we're waiting for a press conference to happen. you know, these families, we answers. absolutely. what you're looking at here is and. >> aerial view looking down on the fedex facility in question. this is the fedex ground facility. it plainfield are playing field operations center. is that parking lot to the north of the main apparently where the gunman arrived parked his vehicle got out started shooting and from there moved into the building itself where as you heard ari mentioned a moment going to get very far. there's a metal detector said station there.
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but that's where he opened fire. that's where police confronted him about a minute a half to 2 minutes into this of actually, they returned the gun on yet and they say that that by the time the police got there, all the people had been already shot and killed in that he had killed himself as well and that no shots were fired by the police. >> they say so. again, this is the scene at night. it's just unfolding. now we're just getting more details because this is about 11 o'clock. their time in the annapolis and fedex has released a statement this morning saying we are saddened by the loss of our team members. >> but as for the names of the people who died in this. that's not going to happen. the coroner's office will not do that until next of kin are properly notified. and again, those are the people we saw standing by at the hotel waiting for word president biden has been briefed. we do expect that at some point today, he will make a statement. the fbi has joined the investigation. as daryn mentioned, police will be conducting a press briefing. we have heard from one of our reporters at our sister station there in minneapolis.
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they've been told this press conference is expected to happen about 7.30. our time. so in about an hour and a half. we hope to bring that to you live. and you know, you heard the family member to saying that it is just shooting after shooting after shooting and president biden has been taking action to try to stop mass shootings. >> while in the midst of mass shootings. we've seen so many shootings just in the last last month or more. i think it was something like a 147 mass shootings in the u.s. just this year. and that's considered the shootings that injured more than 4 for 4 more people. and we're only in april. yeah. this we had 8 about a week ago. the mass shootings continue and we'll continue to follow the latest. we we have the kron on app and the kron 4 app. and this is a a link to one of them. all you have to do is take your phone and hold it up to the tv. open up your camera and you'll be able to download that app immediately because you don't want to miss anything. we send push alerts when new things happened. so you'll know to turn on the tv or get your
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phone fired up and really impress upon you the importance of the kron on app that's are 27. >> 24 7 new streaming service were costly streaming from our newsroom, from our studio here throughout the day. and if anything with the story develops between our traditional broadcast. you always bill to watch it there on kron on will be streaming that out as it happens again, that free as well. so downright 6. '06. it's a heavy friday morning. that's for but got to get to work or school or whatever it is you're doing. so let's check the weather. yeah, at least weather is not causing any interruptions for us as we do get our day started. we are going to be looking at another clear start to the day. >> as well as another pretty calm. one setting us up for what will eventually be some really nice weather this afternoon. pretty much a repeat of where we were yesterday. for your thursday. a look outside right now at timber on skies are starting to brighten up out there. you can see some cloud cover in the distance overall visibility is fine for most areas. there is some inland fog and then some fog in the north bay too. but most of us are looking at pretty solid
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conditions. as you make your way out of your home and back on the roads this morning skies are clear and dry. we are going to see some winds picking up a late this afternoon. but a calm morning ahead of us in current temperatures are mostly in the 40's with san jose. only spot right now at 50 degrees, although alameda and hayward are pretty close each at 49 right now. reyna john, thank you for that. when we have a pretty light morning, but we do have some traffic accidents to tell you about. 80 southbound at auto mall parkway. >> in fremont. closely be following that heading into the city. only 11 minutes. the meter like to the bay bridge not been turned on yet. so traffic is flowing at the limit for you this morning. we have a high wind advisory along to the nation martinez bridge. so be mindful of that. looking at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula under 40 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell commute continues to pick up as the morning moves along under 8 minutes for you there checking out the golden gate bridge as you head into the city at 18 minutes. we'll have more on your commute times. coming up. darya and james, back to you.
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thanks ray. at 6. '07, and the latest in the east bay an independent investigation finds that to san leandro police officers. >> did not follow the use of force policies in the 2020 fatal shooting that that shooting took place. >> last april kron four's will tran is on the story for us. joining us now live with the latest on what this new information reveals will. >> it reveals according to the independent investigators. and that's the important party was not done by the police department but by a different agency. they looked into it. they said that deadly force might probably did not need to be used and could have been avoided had they even follow their own department's policies. let me show you the man who was killed his name is steven taylor. this happened in april of 2020. he was in a walmart about a mile and a half or 2 from the police department. he was inside. he was holding a bag. he was threatening employees. that's when to san leandro police officers that they rushed in
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according to the independent investigators that they could have used other tactics to de escalate the situation perhaps. and this nonviolently. but what happened was within 40 seconds of arriving. both officers deployed their tasers and then one officer actually fired the fatal shot that killed stephen taylor now that officer his name is jason fletcher he has been charged with voluntary manslaughter by the alameda county district attorney's office and he is the first police officer in the bay area since yo-han-is messily to be charged with voluntary manslaughter. you might remember him as a levy. he was the officer who shot and killed oscar grant on that bart platform as far as the other officer stepped in over 10. he'll he also deployed the taser, but he did not fire a shot. he still with the sandy andrew police department and they will make a recommendation on what's going to happen to him. whether he will be fired, whether he will be disciplined. they have
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until june to make the decisions. so basically james and darya according to the independent investigators. they seem to follow a la along with what the alameda county district attorney's office believed which is why they charged jason fletcher with voluntary manslaughter. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> in the east bay a group of fremont parents are threatening to sue the school district. if classrooms don't open up for in person learning the parents are demanding that schools reopen by may 26 that demand comes 2 weeks or april, 26 and that demand comes 2 weeks after the school district announced that schools would remain in distance learning for the rest of the school year. well, this is video of those parents protesting the school's closures earlier this month. they're worried the distance learning is having a negative impact on their children. >> that's about a 1000 students that have gotten more d's and f's than ever. this is learning obviously is not working for them and they deserve to in person option
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brady frustrating that this is not working. every day you hear the news. a fan of the district that is opening. >> and our says not opening. >> parents are also demanding that the school district approved a plan by april 30th for a return to full in person instruction. parents in the south san francisco unified school district will soon have the option to bring their students back to in person learning officials have installed 30 of these mobile disinfection units across all 16 school districts. now uses ultraviolet light to kill covid-19 particles in the air and on surfaces. the district will be welcoming students in transitional kindergarten through 5th grade starting on monday. >> still ahead, a controversial push to expand the supreme court. why republicans are against it and how close it is to reality. a live report from dc.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. the time right now. checking out the weather heading into the weekend. absolutely. on this friday. we'll say good morning to john morning on hey, guys, good morning to ou. it is a little bit gray out there this morning. it's going to take a bit longer to tap into our sunshine today. >> than what we saw yesterday when it was really clear and getting really pretty at this point. you can see in berkeley
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right here. the low gray that's hanging out right above us across the east bay conditions out there today as i mentioned, will be a little bit cloudier than we were yesterday at this time we're going to stay that way through the 10:00am hour. so a bit of a grey start. but visibility for most areas is all right. some patches of fog in our inland valleys to the north and across the inland. east bay zooming out across the region. high pressure in the process of building back in now that low that brought snow to the sierra nevada is exiting. and as this high really takes hold daytime highs this weekend are really going to start to climb back into the 80's as soon as tomorrow. today. still a mild one, a breezy one from the coast. winds will start on the calm side. but after 04:00pm do expect an occasional wind picking up right from the coastline, helping to moderate our daytime highs. keeping us only in the 60's and 70's for only one more day before that weekend warm-up cloud cover pretty apparent on futurecast. it will burn off. as i mentioned, really later this morning. so a grey start to what will be sunny afternoon ahead as for temperatures,
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50's and 60's for your daytime highs in san francisco as well as right along the coastline, daly city 58 half moon bay, 56 degrees temperatures along the bay shore from millbrae burlingame down through mountain view. all in the 60's. south bay. you're back to the 70's this afternoon after yesterday's upper 60's san jose and campbell at 72 same for pleasanton. well, fremont hayward through oakland up to richmond all of the 60's right along the east bay shoreline north attempts some of our warmest vacaville are closest spot to 80 right on the cusp of it at 79 tomorrow. many of our inland areas will rise well into the 80's and even further into that range of numbers come sunday and it won't just be inland areas tapping into the heat. but are bayshore cities also come sunday could be in the low 80's after continued heat on monday. temperatures really cool down on into tuesday and stay pretty cool for the rest of the week. next week. all this and are continually dry skies reyna john, thank you. so we don't have any major hot spots.
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however, we do have an accident here in fremont. >> southbound at auto mall parkway. so we're keeping a close eye on. that's not causing many delays, but it is causing just a little slow down heading into the city under 13 minutes for your drive time. the meteor lights are not on yet. so no major delays for you to make that trip. the san mateo bridge had across towards the peninsula under 40 minutes for your drive time there checking on the richmond, sandra fell commute out of richmond under 8 minutes, no major delays here. looking at the golden gate bridge. as you head into the city, 19 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up darya, back to you. thanks a lot at 6.17 closing arguments are supposed to start monday in the derek chauvin murder trial. >> the former minneapolis police officer charged with the death. george floyd said that he is not going to testify. we heard him speak for the first time in court yesterday. >> have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify. want him to invoke your 5th amendment privilege.
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>> i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today. is this your decision not to testify. it is your honor. all right. you have any questions about your right to remain silent or to testify on your own behalf. not at this time. i don't. i had is promise a thing or threatened you in any way to keep you from testifying. no promises or threats. your honor. you feel that your decision not to testify as a volunteer one on your behalf. so this. >> both sides have rested in trial and now once the closing arguments are done, then the jury will be sequestered and they will be deliberating. but again, we're just waiting for those closing our guts to come probably on monday. >> the former officer charged in the fatal shooting of dante wright is facing up to 10 years in prison. kim potter is charged with second-degree manslaughter. she resigned from the force on tuesday and the calls for her firing prosecutors allege that she was negligent and created an
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unreasrnable risk when she shot right during that traffic stop. she says she thought she was holding a taser. potter was arrested on wednesday and released on $100,000 bail. and there have been protests all across the u.s. demanding justice for dante wright, including this one here in san francisco. this is video of a peaceful demonstration outside the city's mission high school people lit candles and they hung up a banner reading say their names along with the names of others who have died at the hands of police, including roger allen and there are photos of him on the steps he was killed in daly city following a struggle with police over what turned out to be a fake gun. >> vandals tagged 25 buildings including city hall and walnut creek. that happened wednesday. mostly anti-police graffiti. >> talking about anger over recent shootings. as you can see here says dante right. police say that this was done by a crowd of about 2 dozen people who were wearing all black.
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>> officers here want to quickly take pride in our study. we take pride in the service. we provide our community and to the graffiti through our downtown area. is voter towards us. this is not not a great feeling. >> they have a lot to clean up there. you can see it says blm and kill cops. so we're going to have more on the cleanup could range into the 10's of thousands of dollars. >> to national news now a group of congressional democrats introduced legislation to expand the supreme court from 9 justices to 13. not all democrats are on board with the idea and other republicans, washington, dc correspondent reshad hudson reports live from the scene this morning. how sean. >> good morning. this idea to expand the quarter's receiving fierce criticism from republicans and even some skepticism from house speaker nancy pelosi. the judicial act of 2021 would increase the size of the u.s. supreme court
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from 9 to 13 justices. new york congressman jerry nadler says the court should reflect the country. our founders understood. as the country in the judicial system involved. the court needs to evolve with it. >> massachusetts democratic senator ed markey says the court is broken. >> mitch mcconnell, his senate republican colleagues and donald trump broke it. >> but house speaker nancy pelosi said thursday she is not ready to support the bill. >> i don't know that that's a good idea or bad idea. i think an idea that should be considered. >> pelosi does support president biden's plan creating a bipartisan commission to study expanding the high court republicans like south carolina senator lindsey graham and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell called the idea a power grab by democrats. -> if they tried to expand the court to dilute a conservative majority. the next time republicans in power we change
6:22 am
the number. >> and responsible people across the political spectrum. have an absolute duty could announce this. >> now the bill is unlikely to become law given the slim majorities democrats hold and congress in washington rashad hudson back to you. all right. thanks a lot, chad. we'll take a break. it's 6.22 coming up in just a moment, though there will be a rush of weddings this year. we'll tell you how to celebrate a union with covid restrictions. >> in place. more on that to come.
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>> brides and grooms can pull out their wedding chest check lists again because indoor private events wedding receptions and the like can resume in california kron 4 sanaz tahernia talk to a private event planner about the latest protocol. >> it's been a long time coming under california's newly released health guidelines as of april 15th indoor private events including weddings are back in action. people are ready to celebrate. they want to get out there. they want to have their wedding. like many industries. the wedding industry took a massive blow in 20 20 here in california about 85% of couples either canceled or postponed their
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weddings due to the pandemic leaving thousands of vendors without business. but things are expected to pick up past week. so if you think about a wedding there's a long lead time. you need month. stay in a plan to get your vendors. get your guests in line. so for the next month or so. we expected to be a slow ramp up. but after that, the floodgates are open. we expect the someone falling even into 2022 to be incredibly busy. if you're trying to have a somewhat normal wedding. the california association for private events worked with the state to allow it. but if you look at the rules, if you have vaccination are testing, they are much less restrictive. they're not requiring the socially distancing. we're not requiring a things in the capacities that are much larger. we were able to negotiate in buffets our service and no restrictions on dancing. if you're looking to save some money here's a suggestion book. the base. you know, you need you can always u'grade your packages with anyone. so if you have a photographer who offers 8 hours plus albums. plus this suspect a hours. you can always add the other things by initially booking the bays.
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you lower your deposit liability as well. reporting in the newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >> with eligibility expanding for the vaccine in california. it's hard to get a shot coming up in a live report. tell you about a vaccination event
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♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. with visible, you get unlimited data for as little as $25 a month. but when you bring a friend, you get a month for $5. so i'm bringing everyone within 12 degrees of me. bam, 12 months of $5 wireless. visible. wireless that gets better with friends. 6.29, let's get back to the breaking news this morning, which is in indianapolis, a fedex facility is closed off
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right now. >> as police are investigating a deadly shooting, a mass shooting where 8 people were killed and then the duck the gunman killed himself from the gun on himself victims at this point have not been identified yet. fedex saying that. >> they are people who worked at that company's facility. this was at the fedex ground plane feel operation center not too far away actually from the airport there at indianapolis second-biggest facility phoenix in the whole world. thousands of people employed and apparently see the parking lot here. the gunman arrived at the parking lot. and according to witnesses, just indiscriminately just opened fire. just started firing at people as he walked towards the building is a big honor matic rifle house all they say right now then entered the building and continued to shoot injuring and killing more people inside. didn't get very far into the building, though, when apparently he was confronted by security personnel at that point turned the gun on himself. indianapolis. police say when they arrived on scene he had apparently already taken his opown life only lasted a minute a half, maybe 2 minutes at
6:31 am
most according to witness, got off all those shots with 8 dead. >> and we know that at least 4 are still in the hospital right now. there are more than half a dozen people injured. critically. yeah. one is in critical and grave condition. so we don't know if the death toll is going to rise. but we don't know. there are a lot of families right now about a mile away from the video you're seeing here the facility. there's a holiday inn. express or a garden that has been turned into a site for the families because when fedex workers go to work there on the floor. they turn in their cellphones. so they can't reach their families. and many of those families are still in limbo this morning. let's listen. >> we hear 2 gunshot. >> and then so we ignore we hear 3 shots after that, we start thinking it's an engine problem. then we start hearing 6 to around 10 shots. this. made me stand up and actually look at the entrance door and i saw a man with a submachine gun of some sort in automatic
6:32 am
rifle and he was firing and the open and i immediately ducked down and got scared. >> 10 shots in the parking lot before the guy even got into the facility. >> and just to give you a little perspective on how this is all laid out. we have an overhead map showing you that parking lot and showing you the fedex facility. i think we can bring that up now the parking lot is located on the top edge of your screen and then there's the large building there. this is the ground. a fedex ground facility where they sort all the packages and put them on the big rigs. it take them out and it's that parking lot where the shooting began and it's the building there where it ended and we do have a statement this morning from fedex. and there you see it on your screen. it reads. we are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of our team members following the tragic shooting at our fedex ground facility in indianapolis are most heartfelt sympathies with all those affected by this senseless act of violence. the safety of our team members is our top priority and we're
6:33 am
fully cooperating with investigating authorities and just to know that we've got to hear now. >> you know more about the victims. how many families were ruined by this with 8 people, at least 8 people dead. this morning and more in the hospital. the gunman killing himself and this just another mass shooting on the heels of, you know, so many mass shootings just within weeks change in this country. we're waiting for president biden to talk about it. we're waiting for. the officials this morning to talk about what happened in this one yeah, that'll be to 7.30 press conference. we know. >> the president's been briefed. we were told that by the white house this morning. and of course, this comes on the heels of a number of mass shootings. these are just a sample. some of the most high-profile ones that we've covered here since the beginning of the year. you'll remember there was the atlanta shooting back on march 16th the gunman killed 8 people at various massage parlors. then on march 16th march 22nd. we
6:34 am
had that shooting out there in boulder, colorado. 10 people killed at a grocery store. there and then on march 31st. 4 people were killed in a shooting in orange county and southern california. we know the president has held in a national address in the wake of some of these were expecting that he'll also speak in the wake of this most recent shooting at that fedex facility in indianapolis. and when we get word on when that might be. we'll bring that to you. >> 6.34. if you don't know if you don't have the kron 4 app where we give the push alerts. you'll definitely want to go to the tv real quick and just open up your camera take a look at that qr code and the apple come right up. so you can download a real quick and get the very latest. if you're away from the tv kron 4 news is a great way to go on the go 6.34 right now. we want to take a peek at the forecast because we're coming into a weekend and it could be toastie and will has handed over to john in the weather center. good morning, john.
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yeah. things really warming up this weekend, guys. today. one more mild day before saturday, sunday and monday temperatures really start to build. that's going to take us into the 80's and. >> in some cases even a couple low 90's by sunday. so get ready for the heat just around the corner. but also get ready for a pleasant and cool one today looking outside right now. skies are clear for some than for others in timber on. you can see a little bit of both clear conditions, right overhead. but some of that dense or fog in the distance. visibility is low for some of our inland east bay valleys through the carquinez on up north into the north bay. so be mindful of some that lower visibility this morning. it's going to take longer for us to clear out today. but right around 10:00am, i'm expecting a whole lot of sunshine to make its way back out across all of the bay area. lots of sunshine into the afternoon and winds should remain calm at least until late afternoon when winds will start to pick back up as for temperatures right now. most of us are in the 40's san jose. you're at 50 degrees. the only spot at that number. well, a few 30's across the north bay reyna.
6:36 am
john, thank you. so we had an early morning accident in fremont along 8.80. >> we've i'm watching out in newark right now. we're just checking the drive times as you head from oakland to highway 2.38 about 10 minutes or not seen any residual delays 80 heading into the city, though the commute still looks nice. we're at the limit under 40 minutes for your drive time to that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula traffic starting to pick up their 13 minutes. we have a high wind advisory along the benicia martinez ridge. so be mindful of that. as you leave your house this morning. the richmond sandra fell commute heading out of richmond under 8 minutes and checking on things along one oh, one and 2.80 here still at the limit. 28 minutes as you're traveling in the park. so we'll continue covering that. we'll have more. up next. our ian james, back to you. thanks right. >> so happening today. a new vaccine site is going to be opening up in the south bay. hopefully making access a lot easier for some. yeah. it's an underserved community. that's the really the place they want to reach the most, make it easy for you to get a shot.
6:37 am
proper sense in is sarah stinson is live in san jose with the latest. good morning, sarah. >> yeah. this is going to be a great way to give some of the most vulnerable populations access to the vaccine here at san jose city hall and it starts at 8 o'clock. this is a vaccination event specifically for the homeless population. those who are in need of the vaccine is a walk-up event. so this makes it very easy for people who possibly live on the street to come in and get protected from the coronavirus get that vaccine and to people who don't have access to internet who maybe don't have a computer who are struggling to figure out how to get this done. volunteers are helping run this vaccine vaccination event across our state. people 16 and older are eligible for the vaccine. so this will help some of the younger people experiencing homelessness to the only hard part is getting everyone vaccinated right now because the debate demand in the bay area in california,
6:38 am
outweighs the supply by a lot. so especially with the pause on the johnson and johnson vaccine. this pop-up vaccination site is definitely going to help people in need. the most get the vaccine here at city hall will be in the root end up from 8 o'clock until 4 and again, volunteers will be out here soon. i imagine setting up the event, making sure it's already for people to walk up and get that shot in the arm reporting live in san jose. sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you, sarah. >> well, the city of san francisco's also doing its best to mama the vaccine is available as possible to its underserved and wide with a new vaccination eite and more plans to open up more sites conference. camilla barco is live in san francisco with the details. hi camila. >> good morning, james. that's right. another vaccination site is opening and i'm currently at the city college where it was the first mass vaccination site open and now the city is moving forward with its a 4th one. this one is happening in the mission
6:39 am
district area located at the to 62 union building at 3, 2, 7, 1, 18 street just yesterday, maryland and city leaders in the latino task force partner to get this up and running. the new mission site is one of the 3 neighborhood site opening in the next 3 weeks. the city is focusing on highly impacted areas to ensure they have equitable access to the vaccines. now, as i said, this is just one of many others to open. and if you look at your screen, this is the second vaccine site in the mission district on 24th and capp street that opened up in february through a partnership with ucsf and the latino task courts cents. that's open. health care workers have vaccinated more than 10,000 people. but for this new site, here's a rundown of how it will work out. the latino task forces focus on vaccinating people 16 and older who live in priority. zip codes. so if you live in these neighborhoods are eligible to get scene at the mission site.
6:40 am
>> some of the zip codes include 9, 4, 1, 2, 4, 9, 4, 1, 1, 0, 9, 4, one. '07, and many others. the site will have about 200 doses available per day. it is open thursday through saturday from 11:00am to 06:00pm but appointments are required because drop ins are limited now as we talked about earlier, there will be more sites open on april 19th. the city will expand its us any deal vaccine operating from. >> one operating now 3 times a week instead of once and then on april 28th, the city will open another vaccine site on 50 but broad street to darren james, back to you. thanks a lot. camilla. >> in the east bay a walking vaccination clinics are now open in contra, costa county. yet you say there can administer 5 to 700 vaccines today. the county is putting the clinics and the hardest hit areas and we have details. >> on kron. 4 dot com.
6:41 am
>> well, if you've got your covid-19 vaccine, you may be wondering how long will the vaccines last. and this as a 3rd pfizer and moderna shot. is it necessary. we're starting to see some headlines that say maybe it will be kron four's. dan kerman takes a closer look. >> both pfizer and moderna are working on a booster shot. should a 3rd dose of their covid-19 vaccines be necessary. well, infectious disease specialists say planning ahead is necessary. they say scientific study isn't far enough along to know if a 3rd dose will be needed. >> we really don't know if we're going to need a booster shot every year. we don't know if we're going to need a booster shot every for years. u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says. >> studies have shown both pfizer and moderna are extremely effective after 6 months. >> but it's too early to say how long the current vaccines will last indefinitely like measles or less than a year like the flu vaccine variance could also fuel the need for a 3rd dose. >> variance in a few murders.
6:42 am
it makes the immunity get the vaccine ineffective. answer there is yes, we need a new vaccine. that is no. >> we want a really don't think it's a case a new major league you see san francisco, infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi agrees. the jury is still out. but she says there are hopeful signs repeated boosters will not be needed. >> among them. vaccines are not only increasing antibodies to fight the virus but t cells as well. >> it t cell immunity that we developed for the vaccines are working. it gets the big hit. so that's a great thing in terms of the fire's been able you take catholics that he sells its breaking to add a body sometimes, but not he medical experts agree. determining how long a vaccine will last in determining whether a booster is needed. >> it's not something that can be rushed. they all agree pharmaceutical companies
6:43 am
preparing the booster now is a good idea. so if it is needed, it will be ready to go. at the moscone center in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> 6.43 now on this friday morning. and as you're waking, you're noticing a bit more cloud cover than yesterday. it's foggy at the coast this morning. but we do have some afternoon sun on the way. as for our inland areas. daytime highs today will rise into the 70's. for many areas. this is before a big warm-up starting tomorrow into sunday. your forecast ahead. >> and i'm not tracking any major hot spots at this hour. however, i am following an accident out in newark along southbound and your drive times as you head into the
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> 6.45, is the time in the east bay. new touchless security screening is being unveiled at oakland airport. they're adopting the clear system which is his eyes or fingerprints to move passengers quickly through checkpoints. it's already being used at other airports across the state, including down in san jose out of sfo. it's an opt in it's available for an annual fee. so does come at a cost. but if moving through security without having to touch anything is important to you. maybe it's worth the cost. >> and cheap i don't fly enough yet to have signed up for it. but yeah, i don't know cumber now number mad they still church. you play mat
6:47 am
yeah, you are for chiefs. and then you say i love. that was so fun. so at all frugal. thrifty through a smart morning jog. you grocery outlet to old rosie. i love a good night get a penny, to have a so i love it. we are looking cloudy skies this morning but it's not severe. we do have some sunshine returning later on today. >> going to set us up for another really pleasant one before a big weekend. warm up just around the corner. >> right now, your east bay camera situated over berkeley is still looking pretty great at this point. we're going to stay that way for much of the to sleep before we do. eventually tapped into sunshine later on today. watch for lower visibility in our inland valleys as well as across the north bay couple of pockets of fog out there. high pressure is about to take hold across the region and that results of this big spike in temperatures over the weekend winds out there will remain
6:48 am
pretty calm until about 04:00pm today. you'll start to notice a breeze here and there. not or windy a stay of the week, that's for sure. still calmer compared to where we were earlier on, especially on tuesday. now futurecast shows are cloudy skies this morning. i'm expecting a lot of clearing to occur after 09:00am especially after 10:00am this morning at which point you're pretty guaranteed. some good sunshine. well, to the rest of your friday daytime highs today. are most mild of the weekend 60's and 70's. a very similar feel to what yesterday brought us concord at 74 for the high. san jose. tonight, 72 well, 60's remain in redwood city fremont oakland and san francisco to name a few spots. tomorrow's temperatures, noticeably warmer with sunday being the warmest of this forecast. that's when daytime highs inland will rise well into the upper 80's and even a few low 90's and some 80's even expected right along the bayshore to close out the weekend. rain. tom, thank you. so we have had a few problems this morning. no major hot spots. >> like this traffic collision. a southbound at
6:49 am
stevenson boulevard out in newark. we had another one in fremont. that one is recovered lanes for this accident just opened up. so that's some good news. so hopefully we're going continue to be able looking at the drive time. so 8, 8, as you head towards 2.38 about 20 minutes for your drive time because of those delays there heading into the city. they haven't heard those metering lights on just yet. so under 14 minutes for your drive time. we do have a high wind advisory along the venetian martinez bridge will be mindful of that as you're driving the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes. no major delays or accidents there. the richmond sandra fell commute out of richmond. you're still at the limit at under 9 minutes. checking on things along one. oh, one as you head in the park 30 minutes to 80 also looks great. we'll have more on that next. darya and james, back to you. >> thanks a lot of 6.49 and there is an innovative approach. now to reducing gun violence deployed by the city of richmond. for more than a decade. yeah, it's being credited actually was saving countless lives. we have kron
6:50 am
four's, phillipe djegal taking a closer look. >> in 2007, the city of richmond opened the office of neighborhood safety, independent of the police department strategically identifying the people in town most likely to shoot someone or die from gun violence, then tasking ex convict's turned outreach workers with recruiting those considered at risk. >> to an 18 month fellowship offering an alternative to a life of crime and likely inevitable the person and preventable death. you got 5 outreach workers. >> you can't have 50 folks in 8 summit program. you feel when yourself right. the good thing is we don't have 50 folks out here that we need to engage like that. it it's a small number of folks to create chaos. so entire communities richmond has come a long way since the 1990's when 44 year-old sam bond was growing up on the streets and the city was considered among the most dangerous in the united states has a rough time to be a teenager.
6:51 am
>> so i definitely didn't make the best decisions in victim of attempted murder. he ended up in prison for a decade, spending. his 20's behind bars. >> less than a year after he got out. he returned to richmond and joined the office of neighborhood safety where he now serves as service program manager mentoring building relationships so many at risk. people in our community. >> but it's because of the risk. you know, and so everybody's at risk of covid, you know, everybody is at risk. that is because of covid. they were at risk. and so you do with covid nobody's at risk of a t and that was just dark. that was just our friend was like i'm coming at it from a disease model from the public health. my if you help heal those who are getting everyone else equating the cygnus ago that sickness being gun violence has not been wiped out. but vaughan says it has significantly been reduced starting this fellowship for the last 10 years we've seen the 65.
6:52 am
>> 82% reduction in shootings to lead to injury or death for a 10 year span. we've noticed a man and alternative public safety model. van says has been adopted by at least 20 other communities throughout the states with success being measured at the end of the fellowship simply. >> by whether or not the fellow is still alive and has not shot or killed anyone else. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> 6.52. is the time. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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>> 6.54 this makes for winds in a row for the warriors and the latest victory on the road against the cleveland cavaliers. steph curry keeping up the pace with another 30 plus point game. this time it was 33 for staff on top of 42 on top of 53 is on fire and it helps when the supporting cast is also doing well andrew wiggins chipped in 23 points. >> and the warriors beat the cats one 19 to one. oh, one. >> we just had to grindso, you know, our first four-game win streak of the year. we're in a very good place. you know, spiritually the guys feel really good about what's happening that 2nd quarter gave us no, not breathing room to back to back
6:56 am
>> kind of grind out again you know, get us a win. so. developing winning attitudes winning games, different ways is is a >> yeah. all say he so nonchalant about it, but it is spectacular to watch staff and they are playing on the road tonight sorry. they're playing tomorrow night against the the got to get the boston. ad. - >> we'll take a quick break. coming up in the next hour, san jose and san francisco now opening up new vaccine sites focused on the unhoused and marginalized communities going to be live with more on that coming up in a minute. plus, parents in the east bay are threatening to sue. now the fremont, the school district, if their students are let back into the classroom. by. we'll tell you what that certain date is. meanwhile, breaking news out of indianapolis. we've been following the latest with 8 people killed now in this mass shooting at a fedex facility. we'll have live details coming up. the live details coming up. the top of the hour.
6:57 am
so things are a little different. maybe normal isn't normal. but at denny's, we're still here day and night creating new ways to safely bring you the food you love. because we love to feed people. and that will always be normal to us. because we love to feed people. with visible, you get unlimited data for as little as $25 a month. but when you bring a friend, you get a month for $5. so i'm bringing everyone within 12 degrees of me. bam, 12 months of $5 wireless. visible. wireless that gets better with friends.
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>> the bay area's local news stations. you now with breaking news. but after hearing the shootings, i did see a body on the floor behind
7:00 am
a vehicle. luckily i was far enough away to her. he didn't notice me or seeming so thank god for that. >> witnesses talking about the fact that they escape the gunfire but 8 people couldn't a gunman mowed them down in the parking lot and the entrance to a fedex facility in indianapolis. but for turning the gun on himself. the tragic another very scary scene for all those involved. as daryn mentioned, 8. >> people dead, not including the gunman. many others hurt that have taken themselves to the hospital. got more video the scene right now. you see an ambulance rushing one of the injured to the hospital. we know that among aside from the 8 that were killed. we know that at least 4, perhaps 5 also suffered gunshot wounds were taken to the hospital be treated this morning. one of them in critical we're still waiting for an update on that victims and the families are still waiting for word on their loved ones were the ones who were killed. >> their bodies not being moved nobody's getting or out of that fedex facility. you can see


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