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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 16, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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facility this morning as it mention 8 people dead. the gunman turning the gun on himself. we've got alexa green at the scene this morning with the very latest. >> 9 people are dead. this morning, including the accused gunman himself. that's what we learned from indianapolis metro police earlier this morning. i want to step of the way and show you this scene because as you can see, police and detectives. they are still here in the parking lot of this fedex facility. you can also see crime scene tape which now has been taken down. still so many questions this morning about why this gunman opened fire and how many other people were hurt during this incident. let's go over what we do know. it was shortly after 11 o'clock police were called out to this fedex ground operation center on indy's south west side first shooting when they arrived, they tell us they found an active shooter situation. police say they then say the shooter turned the gun on
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himself after a preliminary search. police say they located 8 people at the scene dead from gunshot wounds. at least 8 other people were transported to the hospital's. others drove themselves. we're told there also have been multiple other hospital walk-in. so right now police are trying to figure out exactly how many people were injured during all of this. but police telling us this morning this is never seen. they want to encounter you know, in minneapolis promptly stuff. partment the officers responded. >> they came in, they went in and they did their job. a lot of them are trying to face us because this is a sight that no one should ever have to see indianapolis police do tell us no officers were injured during any of this this morning. we're also trying to find out more about this accused gunman. >> it's unclear at this point if he worked at this fedex facility or what his connection to fedex eat. >> police say that is something they will be
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investigating over the next few days and back to the studio. >> thanks a lot. while we have gotten word on the name of the gunman. we don't know the names of the victims either. and you can see all of their families waiting nearby at a holiday inn near the facility indianapolis. that's turned into an emergency coordination center. >> where officials are contacting family members to. give them provide them more information again, as we mentioned, 8. presumed all employees of that fedex facility were killed in this mass shooting and a score. >> scores more were injured and hurt and so all these people, lot of yeah. one family members in the community. what's the condition of my loved one. and that's some of the answers are hoping to get later on this morning. we do understand that there is expected to be a press conference. and later on today we'll hopefully find out more on that if that happens during a broadcast this morning. obviously we'll bring that you live. but but right
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now she look at all these people and they're not moving the bodies. >> so they're not you know, they don't want to disturb the scene. they're investigating it. and when you said james, that we're we're assuming that many of these people who were killed work at fedex is because if you take a look at the map. we can show you where the facility is. it's located next to the airport. this is the second largest hub in fedex's global network. >> so this is a huge place that employs about 4,500 people. and all we know is that the gunman jumped out of his car and in a period of police say one or 2 minutes managed to kill this. many people between the parking lot and the entrance to the facility. and as you heard in the story, we don't yet know what weapon or weapons. >> the gunman was armed with. but obviously they were of the sort where that many people could be killed in that short amount of time, right. police confirmed that it was a rifle. they're not saying of what caliber anything like that or if there was a second gun, that's they've got kind of mixed witnesses accounts of
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that. but definitely a rifle and obviously something that could kill so many people so quickly and remember, there are many more people there are many injured in the hospital right now. one that we have heard at least is in grave condition. so we're going to continue to bring you the latest at kron. we have a qr code. this makes it the easiest and quickest way he did go to the tv, open your camera get a picture of this code and immediately are able to download both of our apps. the kron on app and a kron 4 app because they're going to be developments in this this morning and we're going to keep you posted throughout the show. all right. it is 5 let's get you quickly caught up on weather traffic. before we get back to the headlines this morning. we'll start with john trouble. >> in the weather center. good morning. john. hey, guys, good morning. we are going to be seeing a mild day today before our weekend warm up just around the corner daytime highs by saturday, sunday and monday. >> climbing well into the 80's for inland and even bayside areas today. no 80's which is
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hit in the 70's which will be actually pretty nice and comfortable to start the weekend with looking outside right now. san francisco looks good. there is definitely some cloud cover in the distance behind the city. but most of that is just right up and down the coastline. we're actually off to a pretty clear start this morning as for future cast of wind gusts. a light breeze from the coast will help to moderate temperatures into the afternoon, keeping us mild yet again much as we've been seeing yesterday and the day before that current temperatures are in the 40's with oakland hayward, fremont, berkeley, egypt, 48. well nevado sitting in the low 40's at 41 reyna. >> tom, thank you for that. so not tracking any major hot spots at this hour as you head into the city to that free. much exit under 8 minutes for your drive time. we do have a high wind advisory along the venetian martinez courage. so be mindful of that as you drive there, the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for your drive time. there were at the limit heading out of richmond va. the richmond sandra fell bridge at 7 minutes and checking on things down south here. 26 minutes as
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you travel towards menlo park to 80 also looks great as well. we'll have more on that coming up. daria james, back to you. thanks a lot. 5. '05, and let's go to the east bay an independent investigation finds that to san leandro police officers. >> did not follow the department's use of force policies in a 2020 fatal shooting shooting took place last april. we have kron four's will tran on the story for us this morning. >> with what we know right now will. >> here's the important part. daria touched on it. it was an independent investigation. so they came back with their results and they said had the 2 officers from the san leandro police department did de escalation tactics perhaps deadly force would not to be deployed back in april of 2020. let's show you the man who they shot. one of the officers shot. >> it was at a walmart. it's about a mile and a half from the police department. his name is steven taylor. he was inside the walmart at the time
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holding an aluminum bat threatening police officers me threatening employees that's when 2 police officers they rushed into the location within 40 seconds. they deployed their tasers on him and then according to investigators, jason fletcher, one of the police officers. then fires the shot to steven taylor, the an independent investigation. they came back saying that tasers i should not have been used in the first place and that they could have done other tactics the san leandro police department that they actually teach have. they follow those procedures, perhaps they did not need to use tasers much last for jason fletcher to fire that deadly shot the stand, the andhra police department. they will decide what's going to happen with stephon over 10 and they have until june to decide any disciplinary. >> action as far as that police officer is concerned as far as jason fletcher. well, according to the alameda county police departments use alameda county prosecutors. they already charged him back
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in september with voluntary manslaughter. >> that case continues has not gone to court at this time. fletcher is the first bay area. police officer to be charged with manslaughter since yo-han-is messily, the man who shot and killed oscar grant on that bart platform. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. you know, thank you. 5. '08, the time. let's go to the south bay now where the owner of a los gatos bakery has been arrested for sexually assaulting his customers allie sure. on e is or was taken into custody at mama's bakery on santa cruz after yesterday. police say he would offer female customers lessons on how to make bread and during those lessons, that's when he allegedly would inappropriately touch and fondle the victims against their will. he now faces charges of battery and false imprisonment. detectives say there may be more victims and they're asking anyone with information now to come forward. >> time now is 5. '08. the east bay charges are filed against the driver who was in
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a deadly crash in pittsburgh that killed a 7 year-old girl and another driver. here are the pictures of the little girl who was killed her name is sila and several others were injured in this crash that happened on the john henry a park area and pittsburgh the accused drunk driver is christian vargas. he was on probation at the time for a prior dui conviction here. you seeing be arrested at the scene and now he faces several charges including 2 counts of murder for the little girl and the driver of the other driver were killed and one count of dui driving under the influence of alcohol. 2 of the passengers in his own car, including a 10 year-old child were hospitalized with serious injuries. and there you see they found a tequila bottle right there at the scene. the ante on oakland. police departments are cracking down on gang violence with operation wild star. so far more than 50 arrests have been made thousands of dollars in
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cash seized in more than 40 weapons taken as well. the suspects are members of either the emt or case gangs both based in oakland with the recent arrest. >> these violent gang members are no longer on the streets of antioch and oakland and our communities are certainly safer. >> those arrested face a string of felony charges. investigators are hoping the arrest will help bring closure to victims and their families. in the east bay. a group of fremont parents now are threatening to sue the school district to classrooms remain closed from in person learning. >> the parents are demanding the schools reopen by april 26. now the demand comes 2 weeks after the school district announced schools would remain in distance learning for the rest of the school year. this is video of those parents protesting the school closures earlier this month. they're worried that distance learning is having a negative impact on their children. >> that's about a 1000 students that have gotten more d's and f's than ever. this is
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learning. obviously it's not working for them and they deserve to in person option brady frustrating that this is not looking every day you hear the news. a fan of the district that is opening. >> and our says not opening. >> parents are also demanding that the school district approved a plan by april 30th for return to full-time in-person instruction. meanwhile, parents south san francisco unified school district will soon have the option to bring their students back to campus for in person learning officials have installed 30 of these mobile. this infection units across all 16 schools in the district and it uses ultraviolet light to kill covid-19 particles in the air and on surfaces. the district will welcome students in transitional kindergarten through 5th grade starting on monday. >> 5.11. is a time. and coming up after they break a controversial push to expand the supreme court. why republicans are against it.
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and how far this could really go to happening in a live report from dc. >> and we are starting to weekend mild, but we're going to be ending it with some much warmer conditions to just get ready for that temperatures right now in the 40's for most spots 50's 60's and 70's come the afternoon. your forecast ahead. and this friday morning as your commute starts to pick up. we're tracking your drive times right now. no major hot spots on your roadways. we'll have more on that coming up after the break.
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>> 5.14 right now. and i forgot it was friday when i woke up, which means i got a bonus when i remember that's right all. like finding money in your pocket. you didn't realize was there but yeah, that's how we're kind of feeling this friday and the weather and it's paid a 2. it's nice friday. john and apparently james turns into a minnesotan when he finds a $20, a little war of yeah. it's a beautiful day ahead of us today. we're going to be looking at some nice weather to be getting outside and looking at some 70's come the afternoon for most areas. we are going to starting the day with partly cloudy skies and skies are going to clear a little bit slower than they did yesterday. >> yesterday. you remember it was nice and sunny right off the bat today. you'll notice a few clouds before we really tap into abundant sunshine
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like yesterday. visibility is just fine, though, really not talking any fog out there. high pressure is built up across the region. this is going to continue to keep us dry pushing that low that brought snow to the sierra further to the east where it is resulting in some snowfall out into the rockies and the great basin. now futurecast wind gust shows similar winds to yesterday mostly from the oceans that's going to keep things nice and moderated temperature wise. there's your low cloud cover this morning hanging out across the bay by 10 a-m. we should be looking at some good clearing already. that's not as quick as yesterday but quick enough that we're still going to get a good dose of sunshine late morning on through the afternoon. 50's and 60's for your daytime highs. closer to the coastline. daly city in half moon bay at 5856 degrees. san bruno at 57 and looking at temperatures further south of the peninsula right below 70 degrees. palo alto and mountain view at 69 tomorrow or the south bass temperatures this afternoon rise into the low 70's. campbell in san jose at 72 pleasanton. also right
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there. well, oakland holding on to the mid 60's. you haven't seen a lot of temperature change this week in oakland remaining very steady each and every day. vacaville up to 79 our closest spots. 80 today. tomorrow there's going to be a lot of spots in the 80's on the map and sunday won't just be our inland areas that rise into the 80's, but also our bayside area sunday likely to be the warmest of the year so far. monday will keep the heat going for just one more day after that things really start to cool down and we'll be back into the 70's by tuesday. reyna tom, thank you. so we had a busy morning yesterday. today. >> not so busy hopefully we stay friday light all day. 7 minutes to the fremont street exit no high wind advisories along the bay bridge. but there is one along the benicia martinez bridge also heading across towards the peninsula. this is picking up for you. 13 minutes for your drive time there. the richmond sandra fell commute out of richmond under 8 minutes of traffic flowing at the limit, not tracking any accidents down south yearlong to 80 or one. oh, one. 27 minutes. we'll have more coming up. daria, back to you.
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>> 5.17 and closing arguments expected on monday and the derek chauvin murder trial chauvin the former minneapolis police officer who's charged in the death of george floyd. he's not going to testify. we heard from him, though. for the first time in court. >> have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify. want him to invoke your 5th amendment privilege. >> i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today. is this your decision not to testify. it is your honor. all right. you have any questions about your right to remain silent or to testify on your own behalf. not at this time. i don't. i had is promise a thing or threatened you in any way to keep you from testifying. no promises or threats. your honor. you feel that your decision not to testify as a volunteer one on your behalf. so this. >> and with both cases have rested the defense and the prosecution wants the closing arguments are finished. then the jury will be sequestered
5:19 am
as they deliberate. the former officer charged in the fatal shooting of dante wright is facing now up to 10 years in prison. >> kim potter is charged with second-degree manslaughter. she resigned from the police force tuesday and that calls for her firing prosecutors allege potter's negligence created an unreasonable risk when she shot right during that traffic stop on sunday. she says she thought she was holding her taser. potter was arrested on wednesday and released on $100,000 bond pending her trial. now there have been protests all across the u.s. demanding justice for dante wright, including here in san francisco in this video shows the peaceful protest outside of san francisco's mission high school people lit candles and hung up a banner reading say their names along with the names of others who have died at the hands of police, including roger allen. those are photos of allen on the steps there he was killed in daly city following a struggle with police over what turned out to be a fake gun.
5:20 am
>> 5.19 is the time and in national news, a group of congressional democrats introduced legislation to expand as the supreme court from 9 to 13 justices. not all democrats are on board with the idea. however, we have our washington, dc correspondent rashad hudson now joining us with more on this story was shot. >> good morning. this idea to expand the supreme court is being met with fierce opposition from republicans and even some skepticism from house speaker nancy pelosi. >> the judicial act of 2021 would increase the size of the u.s. supreme court from 9 to 13 justices. new york congressman jerry nadler says the court should reflect the country. our founders understood. as the country in the judicial system involved. the court needs to evolve with it. >> massachusetts democratic senator ed markey says the court is broken.
5:21 am
>> mitch mcconnell, his senate republican colleagues and donald trump broke it. >> but house speaker nancy pelosi said thursday she is not ready to support the bill. >> i don't know that that's a good idea or bad idea. i think it said an idea that should be considered. >> pelosi does support president biden's plan creating a bipartisan commission to study expanding the high court republicans like south carolina senator lindsey graham and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell called the idea a power grab by democrats. >> if they tried to expand the court to dilute a conservative majority. the next time republicans in power we change the number. >> and responsible people across the political spectrum. have an absolute duty could announce this. >> now it's unlikely the bill become law given the slim majority democrats hold and congress in washington, rashad hudson back to you. thanks for shot. time now 5.21.
5:22 am
>> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, a san francisco daycare workers accused of taking disturbing videos of small children tell you why the center ceo says they had no way of knowing this would happen, how it could change the hiring process to keep kids safe. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm
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when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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>> 5.24 a developing story. san francisco daycare center ceo is speaking out after a worker was arrested for having child kron four's. dan thorn has the details. >> disturbing crimes against small children led federal investigators to a day care center in san francisco. an employee at mission head start on 18th street is charged with taking at least 3 videos of partially naked 4, 5, year-old girls at the center. it's appalling. >> with with people. do richard ybarra is ceo of mission neighborhood centers inc which among other things oversees several daycares in the city. >> federal authorities arrested 26 year-old jace wong tuesday after he left the head start daycare housed in the historic women's building in the mission district in barra says this was the first time in 40 years of operation their organization has had to deal with this type of crime we're very grateful to the fbi. >> for moving quickly on this
5:26 am
one. our thoughts are always with the families in undercover fbi agent began tracking wong this month through the social media app kik they are wong was found to be a member of a group that was sharing child. >> wong is accused of having sent and received several videos in that barra says their teachers go through strict background checks. but there were no red flags when hiring won this case. however, may force the nonprofit to increased scrutiny for future candidates. look >> all other methods for how we go forward reporting in san francisco. >> dan thorn kron 4 news. >> there's a vaccination event in san jose at city hall for the homeless community. i'll tell you more about that coming up. and a live report.
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>> 5.29 and the breaking news this morning is out of indianapolis where a gunman when into a fedex facility by the airport shot and killed 8 people and then killed himself. yeah. this happened late last night. >> in indianapolis. that facility right near the airport. one of the major fedex facilities. a lot of people working there thousands. as a matter of fact. and this morning it is a scene of chaos as police are sifting through evidence
5:30 am
trying to figure out the motive. meanwhile, family members have been basically taken to a home and hotel nearby as they're waiting for answers to the fate of their loved ones who they haven't heard from yet. the identity of the shooter still unknown right now. the motive behind it still a mystery. investigators still trying to piece that together. but we are hearing from witnesses who describe what they saw in those moments and which those bullets were flying. >> we hear 2 gunshot. >> of color. >> and then so we ignore we hear 3 shots after that, we start thinking it's an engine problem. then we start hearing 6 to around 10 shots. this. made me stand up and actually look at the entrance door and i saw a man with a submachine gun of some sort in automatic rifle and he was firing at and the open and i immediately ducked down and got scared. >> so by all accounts, the guy pulled into the parking lot
5:31 am
jumped out just started firing away the parking lot and you get very far inside the facility. because there's metal detectors. but inside the facility once he was in, was continuing to fire so many so that not only did 8 people die immediately, but there were another half a dozen wounded by shrapnel or gunshots. we know that at least for right now are hospitalized. one is in grave condition, critical condition so we could see the death toll rise. and if you're wondering about those loved ones at the holiday inn wondering what's going on. they have not released anybody from the scene show. they don't want to move any of bodies. they're investigating and up when people report to fedex. they're supposed to turn in their phones before they go to the floor. so a lot of these people did not have cell phones on them to say whether or not they're ok. so slow the this morning, some of them, you know, wandered off were able to get word out to the family. they're okay. but others are still waiting and we did get a statement from fedex earlier this morning
5:32 am
saying in. >> you know, in short, quote, we are saddened by the loss of our team members. we'll look for more comment from fedex throughout the morning. we know the president biden has been briefed on the situation. we know that in the past he has addressed the nation in the wake of a mass shooting haven't heard word yet from the white house. if he plans on doing that today. but we do know that there is a press conference planned by the investigators there in indianapolis. at some point this morning and we will make sure to try to bring that to you live as it happened. and if you're on the go and you want news. breaking news or 24 7 news. we've got our kron on app. our kron 4 app. >> and if you just point your cell phone right now open the camera and hit this qr code. it will take you right to the way to download those. they are free. okay. let's get updates on weather and to start the half hour. john trouble standing by with a look at the forecast. good morning, john. and good morning to you guys to we are going to be seeing our mildest day of the weekend today before we really warm up. >> into saturday, sunday and then monday of next week skies
5:33 am
will be nice and dry the whole time, which is both a nice thing for stepping outside. but also not so good. considering how long we've been dry for now looking outside at san francisco. some clouds in the distance. but overall, not a huge issue. in fact, it's going to be a pretty easy commute like it was yesterday as far as weather goes, not a whole lot of wind to be talking about winds from the coast will push inland through the day and we'll pick up some until late afternoon. so do watch out for a breezy finish to your afternoon just around the corner as for temperatures right now, most of us are sitting in the 40's oakland at 48 degrees. san jose are most mild spot right now at 50 degrees reyna. >> and before that, no major hot spots tracking at this hour. again, heading into the city under 9 minutes for your drive time there. we do have a high wind advisory along the benicia martinez bridge to be mindful of that on your morning commute heading across towards the peninsula under 40 minutes for you. there looking at a richmond sandra fell bridge at a richmond still in a solid 7 at the limit and
5:34 am
checking out the golden gate bridge as you head into the city, you still see a little overnight construction there. 18 minutes for your drive times. we'll have more on that coming up. daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot of rain. >> well happening today, a new vaccine site is going to be opening up in the south bay. >> yea. maybe he'll be able to get an appointment at this site is primarily focused on the underserved community trying to reach everybody that they can kron 4. sarah stinson is live in san jose with the details. where is this exactly. sarah. >> well, it's going to be today starting at 8 o'clock here at san jose city hall. and as we know, it's hard for anyone to get a vaccine appointment now that the state is open it up to 16 and older. so you can imagine the homeless population them even trying to get in a vaccine appointment, let alone have a smart phone, a computer to sign up on my turn. it's a nightmare. so this is a great way to serve underserved populations in the area. also
5:35 am
a very good location because there's a ton of homeless in this area. and so they'll be able to stop by here and get the vaccine protecting themselves from the coronavirus volunteers are helping run this vaccination site. and as i said, it's it's hard enough to get a vaccination point for just anyone harder for underserved communities. so. >> right now the hard part in california is that there's more people who want the vaccine men don't. so the demand outweighs the supply, especially with the paws of the johnson and johnson vaccine pop-up vaccination sites such as this one at city hall will definitely help the most vulnerable get the vaccine. so the event starts at 8 o'clock this morning and goes until 4 o'clock in the city hall. >> the rotunda. so it will be a great opportunity to get more and more people, those who are as in the community that vaccine reporting live in san jose. sarah stinson, back to you, ok, thanks, sarah. >> well, the city of san
5:36 am
francisco's also making the vaccine more available to underserved communities where they have a new site that opened and there are plans to open more on top of that conference. camila barco is live in san francisco and tell us where you are this morning. coming >> well, good morning, daryn. james, i'm currently at the city college of san francisco. and if you remember this was the first mass vaccination site that opened in now the city is moving forward with a foresight and it is currently operating that started as of yesterday. it is located at the mission district at the local to 62 union building at 3, 2, 7, one 18 street. if you look here, mayor london breed city leaders in the latino task force are partnering to get this up and running. the new mission site is one of 3 neighborhood sites opening in the next 3 eks. the city is focusing on highly impacted areas to ensure that there is equitable access to the vaccines. now, if you look here, this is the second vaccine site and the mission district on 24th and capp
5:37 am
street that opened up in february through a partnership with ucsf and the latino task force sent its opening health care workers have vaccinated more than 10,000 people. but here's a rundown of who the new vaccine site is for the latino task force is focused on vaccinating people 16 and older who live in priority zip codes. so if you live in these neighborhoods, you are eligible to get a vaccine at the mission site, the zip code include 9, 4, 1, to 4, 9, 4, 1, 1, 0, 9, 4, 1, 3, 0, and a few others. the site will have about 200 doses available per game and it is open thursdays through saturdays from 11:00am to 06:00pm, but they are asking people to book an appointment before because drop ins are limited. and as i said earlier, there will be more vaccine site opening in the next few weeks and are james. i'll have more information on that coming up in the next hour. >> very good. thanks a lot. >> well, still ahead here on the kron 00:00am morning news amid fallout of assault
5:38 am
claims. there's now a new effort to recall the mayor of windsor. we'll have that update coming up. and we are looking at skies pretty similar to where they were yesterday. partly cloudy to start before a beautiful sunny afternoon. >> daytime highs back into the 60's and 70's for most of your forecast to come. >> and as you hit the road this friday. we're keeping a close eye on your drive times. there's also a high wind advisory along the venetian
5:39 am
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>> in the north bay. there's a growing effort to recall the mayor of winds are at least 1000 people want dominic foppoli removed from office in the last week, 6 women have come forward accusing the mayor of assault and that's what prompted the recall effort. the poli rejected the demands to resign. he says he's innocent. the man behind the recall effort says the mayor's denial only makes him look worse. >> it boggles the mind that would 6 hours of your fellow citizens. stand up. and take the time to do this and tell you to resign and. you don't have the respect. >> we just decency to to not just. >> share them but to listen to that. >> organizers of the recall are right now in the process of launching their official petition. >> we'll take a break at 5.41. we'll be right back.
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if you can't afford your medicine, back at 5.44 new touchless security screening has been unveiled at the oakland airport clear which is his eyes or fingerprints to move passengers quickly through the checkpoint theirs. now the preferred method and it's already being used at other airports to across the state, including at san jose and sfo. it's an opt in membership service that's available for an annual fee. you got to pay
5:45 am
for its. i do it. but, you know, i hope a lot of people do so make it quicker for me in the long line with trick shuns being lifted. >> people starting to move around now get vaccinated travel. >> is starting to happen. and this summer, they're thinking, you know, a lot more people might be flying places to so airlines, in fact, saying that the current if the current trend continues. they do expect to reach prepandemic travel levels in the next few months. as a matter of let's go to what we have on kron on. they talk to a triple a representative seeing the similar trends and hotels are full sun. >> triple a dot com compared to april of 2020 bookings are continuing to grow. they look strong for april of this year as well. if i look at march there was over a 100% better compared to march of 2020. so we're looking at people who
5:46 am
are beginning to. make that decision to travel you know, reopenings and things like that. >> aaa also recommends check, check the travel restrictions. you still have to do that before you book your vacation, you go and that interview first ran on our streaming news app kron on if you haven't downloaded it yet. it's free. and now it's super simple come to the the second you just open up your camera app on your phone, scanned that code and that will instantly open up your app store right to the kron on app. you can download it for free. makes it a little easier, though. i like to be spoon-fed when it comes to the weather. i don't like that on my phone. i like the details of that, right. john walking us through it. led the way job. yeah. no. qr codes here? yeah. wear a suit with one of we are going to be looking at some conditions today that will be pretty nice for getting outside. we are going to be looking at conditions
5:47 am
that will really nice and comfortable 60's and 70's for your daytime highs across the bay area looking outside at our berkeley cam right here. we do have some low clouds sitting right above the bay area. >> conditions will be comfortable today before we work our way into such a warm next couple of days, saturday and sunday notably climbing well into the 80's and even low 90's for a couple of spots come sunday radar shows you those clear skies across the region. we're on to another dry one high pressure building back in that low that brought snow to the sierra nevada gradually tracking further to the east still bringing some snowfall the rockies. but we drive back out across the sierra. if you're heading up there this weekend. now winds relatively calm yet again, although i am expecting wind speeds to pick up, especially after 04:00pm today. bit of a breezy finished year friday. not as windy as tuesday or wednesday of this week where though cloud cover pretty evident at the coastline for your friday morning. by the afternoon friday looks clear and dry. we're going to keep those clear and dry conditions around through the weekend,
5:48 am
too. temperatures later today. rise into the 60's and 70's with san jose santa rosa beach at 72 concord at 74 antioch, one of our warmer spots at 77 tomorrow. we enter the 80's and that's where we'll stay for 3 days after that point, sunday will be the warmest of this forecast with highs in the upper 80's and even low 90's. as i mentioned and we're going to keep this dry trend of weather going as we grow ever drier. wildfire and drought needs are definitely going to be more to the forefront of our minds as we near may just around the corner. reyna john, thank you for that. we have a very light commute for you this morning. >> 10 minutes on there as you head to the fremont street exit. no major high wind advisories along the bay bridge. but there is one along the venetian martinez bridge also get a look at the san mateo virgin across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes for your drive time there. traffic is%certainly picking up along the richmond sandra fell bridge. but we're still at the limit here at 7 minutes getting a look at the golden gate bridge as you head into the city. so it's like they
5:49 am
remove that construction that was here just a few minutes ago, 18 minutes. well, more on that coming up. a dorian james, back to you. thanks a lot of 5.48 and for your money with more businesses letting employees work from home. indefinitely, local realtors say. >> that people are increasingly moving out of san francisco and silicon valley and they're going to the east bay yet. get a little more for your money there for now anyway in oakland. there's a 900 square foot log cabin that you see on your screen here going for $575,000. >> wait a minute. it would use a 500 year 5 million dollars for a log cabin. it was built in the 1890's and it looks like a fixer-upper. james was a little bit. yeah. uninhabitable also, you're going to have to pay for basic squirrel. wrote bill whole thing. but somebody has to live in their lot animals from four's. michelle kingston reports that homes are going for well above asking so be prepared for a bidding war. >> it just haven't and it's still going going strong
5:50 am
houses hitting the market in the bay area and selling in days if not hours and many of them getting multiple offers and being sold for well over asking price is definitely the busiest year i've ever had an all-state. take a look at this one. a home in pleasanton selling for $240,000 over the list price. another one in pleasanton selling well over asking at 1.2 million, both listings by east bay area realtor tracy nelson it is definitely increase over the last 9 months in the brentwood i mean. >> intense own even those price points are much higher. it's the same thing. you know, in houses over there and they're going for 200,000 over asking sometimes this home in brentwood just sold after getting multiple offers over asking price. same story in discovery bay. this house getting multiple offers above its list price. so what do you do if you're a first time, homebuyer and don't have a large deposit to put down in the home or can't afford to play in this competitive
5:51 am
market. you know, really the way that i handled that is i. >> i really try put this deal before house hits the market. the seller willing you know, it's just that those puzzle pieces fit. >> and we can put together before putting it on the mls. and it works out for all parties and that's kind of how we've been having to help a lot of buyers. and in the market. >> in the east bay. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> well, if you use a clipper card to travel around the bay area. you can now pay for it with your iphone. apple is allowing users to add their clipper card to their apple wallet. you can also add money to your car through apple pay. so making it pretty seamless. you no longer have to stand in line of kiosks inside the station's. you can do it all now from your phone. we'll take a break at 5.51. coming up, the warriors are on a winning streak getting their latest victory on the road. we'll have highlights just ahead.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> here's have now won 4 games in a row for the first time. this season. the latest victory on the road against the cavaliers steph curry, excellent again. this time finishing with 33 points on the way that's just his normal life in over 30 teammates stepped up to help on offense and defense and chipped in 23
5:55 am
points. dream. always great in the warriors beat the cavs one 19 to one o one inside. >> we just had to grind it so, you know, our first four-game win streak of the year. we're in a very good place. you know, spiritually the guys feel really good about what's happening that 2nd quarter gave us no, not breathing room to back to back >> kind of grind out again you know, get us a win. so. developing winning attitudes winning games, different ways is is a good sign. >> really is that it doesn't look like steph has been grinding it out like fly and make it look so easy. the warriors are still on the road and they're busy playing the celtics tomorrow night in fast and boston. >> all right. now to bury a baseball. the oakland a's also on a roll. they started a homestand against the detroit tigers and it was a win bases
5:56 am
were loaded. let's take it to the 6th inning for the a's. matt chapman hitting this one to left center and that allowed 2 runs to come in extending the lead there for open tigers. really couldn't muster up any kind of offense after that. >> a's would go on to clinch this 1, 8, to 4 the final score. they've now won 5 games in a row. the rubber match against tigers is tonight at the coliseum first pitch at 6.40. meantime, the giants are on the road, taking on the miami marlins this afternoon. >> don't forget without johnny correct. yeah, 10 days off for him. 5.56 right now. and still ahead, the city of san jose offering vaccines. >> in a new community. a hard-hit community where tell you where you get a shot. we'll have more details on that. >> also parents the east they're threatening to sue the fremont school district if their kids are not in classes soon. >> the teacher's union says not their fault. and breaking news out of indianapolis. we're waiting for a press conference to get more
5:57 am
information about what was the motive and who is the shooter who went in and killed 8 people at a fedex facility before taking his own life.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> the bay area's local news station. if you now with breaking news. but after hearing the shootings, i did
6:00 am
see a body on the floor behind a vehicle. luckily i was far enough away to her. he didn't notice me or seeming so thank god for that. >> witnesses talking about escaping injury when a gunman pulled a gun out of his car started firing in the parking lot of a fedex facility in indianapolis and then went inside and killed even more 8 people are dead. he killed himself. that makes 9 and there are many more in the hospital right now. we have more video of the scene we can share with you as we try and bring you up to speed on what happened in these late hours. we know. >> that family members have been taken to a nearby facility, a family reunification center as police continue to process the scene itself. >> you can see in this video, a lot of flashing lights. police are on scene. we know the state police there are there. we know that the homicide division is they're they're interviewing witnesses right now about what happened, trying to piece together the sequence of events from what we know, the gunman arrived in the parking lot late last night and immediy


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