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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  April 16, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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your morning commute. we're actually in the midst of some pretty calm winds, too. so that's going to work in favor of your drive into work. think of yesterday and how easy that was weather wise today. we're going to repeat that 40's and 50's for current temperatures san jose. here are mild spot this morning at 50 degrees alameda not far behind along with pittsburgh at 49. well, a few 30's up in the north bay like in saint helena. looking ahead at the afternoon. still another nice mild comfortable day ahead. just a little sunscreen. will do you good today if you're stepping outside saturday sunday or monday, you're going want to watch the rest of the forecast for that because that's when it's heating up reyna. john, thank you for that. as you're hitting the road this morning. we are checking on your morning commute head into the city right now. >> no major delays to minutes to that fremont street exit. let's go ahead and look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. also another at the limit commute for you to take about 10 minutes to make it across. we have a high wind advisory in place for the benicia martinez bridge. so drive
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safely over there. let's look at the richmond. sandra fell commute for you as you head richmond traffic picking up at about 9 minutes out of richmond. we'll have more on that coming up for now, back to the news. we've been following breaking news this morning. 8 people are dead after a shooting at a fedex facility overnight in indianapolis. the shooter is also dead. the victims have not been identified. but fedex has said that people who worked for the company are among the dead. several other people were also injured at the facility near the indianapolis international airport. at least 4 other people are in the hospital this morning, including one person who is in critical condition. police are still trying to figure out exactly how many people were injured because some people drove themselves to the hospital. police have not yet identified the shooter or a possible motive. but investigators say the shooter took his own life. there are still a lot of information. police are hoping to learn this morning. we'll bring you that as soon as it becomes available. and the
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north bay. there are growing efforts to recall the mayor of windsor. at least 1000 people want dominic foppoli remove from office over the last week, 6 women have accused the mayor of assault prompting that recall effort re poli rejected demands to resign and insist he is innocent. the man behind the effort to recall foppoli says the mayor's denial only made him look worse. >> it boggles the mind that would 6 hours of your fellow citizens. stand up. and take the time to do this and tell you to resign and. you don't have the respect. >> maybe just decency to to not just. >> share them but to listen to that. >> organizers are in the process of launching an official recall petition. and a developing story. a san francisco daycare center ceo is speaking out after a worker was arrested for having child
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kron four's. dan thorn has the details. >> disturbing crimes against small children led federal investigators to a day care center in san francisco, an employee at mission head start on 18th street is charged with taking at least 3 videos of partially naked 4, 5, year-old girls at the center. it's appalling. >> with with people. do richard ybarra is ceo of mission neighborhood centers inc which among other things oversees several daycares in the city. >> federal authorities arrested 26 year-old jace wong tuesday after he left the head start daycare housed in the historic women's building in the mission district in barra says this was the first time in 40 years of operation their organization has had to deal with this type of crime we're very grateful to the fbi. >> for moving quickly on this one. our thoughts are always with the families in undercover fbi agent began
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tracking wong this month through the social media app kik they are wong was found to be a member of a group that was sharing child. >> wong is accused of having sent and received several videos in that barra says their teachers go through strict background checks. but there were no red flags when hiring won this case. however, may force the nonprofit to increased scrutiny for future candidates. look >> all other methods for how we go forward reporting in san francisco. >> dan thorn kron 4 news. >> in the south bay. the owner of a la scott was bakery has been arrested for sexually assaulting his customers. shimon ronnie was taken into custody at mama's bakery on santa cruz avenue. wednesday. police say he would offer female customers lessons on how to make bread during those lessons. he would inappropriately touching final. the victims against their will. he now faces charges of battery and false imprisonment. detectives say there may be more victims.
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they're asking anyone with information to come forward. what charges have been filed against the driver responsible for a deadly crash in pittsburgh. officers say christian vargas was driving under the influence monday when he hit another car near john henry part 3 young children were thrown from the other car. the driver and a 7 year-old passenger were killed. vargas was on probation at the time for a prior dui conviction. he's facing several charges including 2 counts of murder. one count of driving under the influence of alcohol. 2 of the passengers in vargas. his car, including a 10 year-old were hospitalized with serious injuries. the antioch in oakland police department to cracking down on gang violence of operation while star so far, more than 50 arrests have been made thousands of dollars in cash season. more than 40 weapons have been seized the suspects are members of either of the emt or case games. both of which are based here in oakland, rather. with the
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recent arrest. >> these violent gang members are no longer on the streets of antioch and oakland and our communities are certainly safer. >> the suspects are facing a string of felony charges. investigators hope that the arrest will help bring closure to the victims and their families. and the east bay an independent investigation has found that to san leandro police officers did not follow the department's use of force policies in the 2020 fatal shooting last april we brought you the story officers, jason fletcher and stefan overton responded to a call about a shoplifter at assailant. a walmart store body camera video shows taylor holding a bat inside the store and refusing to drop it. officer fletcher shot and killed taylor. the alameda county da later determined that fletcher use excessive force and charged him with manslaughter. investigators say officer overton who use his taser that night also used excessive force. the department will now
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determine by june. what action to take. a new proposal could make people injured by california police eligible to receive crime victim funds. the bill would also allow families of those killed by police to receive money for burial or other costs from a fun typically used victims of traditional crime law enforcement agencies are against the idea. they say it would take resources away from traditional family victims are traditional crime victims and give them to perpetrators of those crimes. an innovative approach to reducing gun violence deployed by the city of richmond for more than a decade is being credited with saving countless lives. kron four's, phillipe djegal has that story for us. >> in 2007, the city of richmond opened the office of neighborhood safety, independent of the police department strategically identifying the people in town most likely to shoot someone or die from gun violence, then tasking ex convict's turned outreach workers with
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recruiting those considered at risk to an 18 month fellowship. >> offering an alternative to a life of crime and likely inevitable the person and preventable death. if you've got 5 outreach workers. >> you can't have 50 folks in 8 summit program. you feel when yourself right. the good thing is we don't have 50 folks out here that we need to engage like that it's a small number of folks to create chaos 3 entire communities. richmond has come a long way since the 1990's when 44 year-old sam van was growing up on the streets and the city was considered among the most dangerous in the united states has a rough time to be a teenager. >> so i definitely didn't make the best decision soon victim of attempted murder. he ended up in prison for a decade, spending. his 20's behind bars. >> less than a year after he got out. he returned to richmond and joined the office of neighborhood safety where he now serves as service
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program manager mentoring building relationships so many at risk. people in our community. >> but it's because of the risk. you know, and so everybody's at risk of covid, you know, everybody is at risk. that is because of covid. they were at risk. and so you deal with covid nobody's at risk of a t and that was just just our friend was like i'm coming at it from a disease model from the public health. my like if you helped heal those who are getting everyone else equating the cygnus ago that sickness being gun violence has not been wiped out. but vaughan says it has significantly been reduced starting this fellowship for the last 10 years we've seen the 65. >> 82% reduction in shootings to lead to injury or death for a 10 year span. we've noticed a man and alternative public safety model. van says has been adopted by at least 20 other communities throughout the states with success being measured at the end of the fellowship simply. >> by whether or not the fellow is still alive. >> and has not shot or killed
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anyone else. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> than dulls tech 25 buildings including city hall wannacry could happen overnight wednesday. mostly anti police graffiti. you can see some of the phrases that we use here. reference in the anger over recent police shootings. police say this was done by a crowd of about 2 dozen people wearing all black. >> officers here want to quickly take pride in our study. we take pride in the service. we provide our community and to the graffiti through our downtown area. is booker towards us. this is not it's not a great feeling. >> the cause is estimated to run in the 10's of thousands of dollars there. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a population plummeted by as much as 80% local efforts to save a special species of turtle from extinction.
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>> fans of dine and dish can rejoice the kron 4 favorites coming back with on episodes. a tasty local restaurants beast rose and food trucks from force. vicki liviakis has a look and like a lot of us, she's only too happy to get out of the kitchen. >> eating at home is nice and all. but every day.
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>> things are changing and the good news is that guy. this is back in business. >> so you're in the mood for home cooking just not at home. formerly chow now call lafayette is a favorite of families who like the ambiance and comfort food. it's dog and kid friendly and the hot cakes are a big hit and during covid tutu's offered up food to go groceries and even the highly coveted rolls of really needed toilet paper too. the wait staff here is familiar friendly always had outdoor dining and up when indoors had a close. but now you can eat out and dine in at reduced we did everything.
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>> and guys and after such a tough time during the pandemic because comfort food goes a long way. >> in lafayette vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> we're always looking for great places to dine or get takeout in your neighborhood. so go to kron. 4 dot com click on the dine and dish tab to give us your suggestions. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. lets get another check of weather this morning with john shrable after watching all of that delicious food. john, i'm so hungry right now. where can we go this weekend and now a lot of sunshine his of all just earned one of those giant pancake yet are right this weekend's anywhere you get that sunshine. if you're heading outside of the coast or bayside areas and our inland areas. i would say maybe find some shade, especially come sunday because that's going to be a hot one out there. daytime highs climbing. as i've been talking about. >> well into the 80's. even a couple low 90's possible. now
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this morning, obviously we're not sunny yet. we will get there. we're starting off the morning with partly cloudy skies. visibility is holding up just fine for most of the bay. so you're good to go think of yesterday and how weather was you drove into work for your thursday today. pretty much a repeat of that calm conditions out there overall and certainly dry across not just the bay but also the region in general as this high pressure ridge begins to work its way back into the picture. that low that once brought of snow to the sierra is working its way out of west coast and a little bit further into the central park central part of the country. winds from the coast today will continue to push in keeping us mild and really not all that breezy of a day. think of yesterday yet again in this regard was breezy at times. but nothing like the previous few days before it futurecast shows a little bit of cloud cover this morning, sunshine returns this afternoon. another dose of clouds on into tomorrow morning and then wr really start to see things heating up beyond that point into saturday afternoon and sunday going to be a hot one from start to finish today. 50's
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and 60's for san francisco and rather coastal spots well, elsewhere in the bay area. we're going to be talking daytime highs mostly in the 60's to 70's palo alto and mountain view each at 69 degrees just shy of 70 south bay temps mostly in low 70's with campbell and san jose at 72 each 60's to 70's continue out to the east bay oakland at 64 conquered 10 degrees up from that at 74. well, our warmest spot today vacaville are close to spot to 80 at 79 degrees. we've got one last day without in the 80's on the map because tomorrow most of our inland areas will actually be in the low 80's and by sunday. it's not just our inland areas but are based side areas that will be tapping into daytime highs in the 80's. lots of sunshine and unfortunately more dry weather as we now work our way through mid april into the end of the month. now in sight. reyna john, thank you. by let's get a look at your bridges and your roadways. >> we do have a high wind advisory across the venetian martinez ridge no high wind
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advisory for the bay bridge heading into the city under 11 minutes for your drive times that 3 months exit checking out the golden gate bridge as you are commuting this morning, it will take you about 20 minutes. we're not seeing any fog advisories and they also remove that overnight construction off of the road. we'll leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute heading out of richmond is traffic starts to pick up. you still have to limit under 9 minutes. so we'll have more on drive times coming up throughout the morning. but for now, back to the news. and animal population. that's dying before our very eyes. the leatherback sea turtle is the largest of any living turtle. they've been around since the era of the dinosaurs. but the last few decades have not been kind to them. researchers estimate the population in the pacific ocean could soon become extinct. nancy loo has that story. >> the scenic coast of central california is just weeks away from the return of leatherback sea turtles from their epic
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migration across the pacific is animal. it has been. >> on the planet for nearly 80 million years in its present form. >> researchers have been tracking these ancient animals are eager to see how many show up. hopes are not especially population has declined 80% 30 years. scott benson is with the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and he's a leading researcher on pacific leatherbacks for centuries, perhaps 10's of thousands of these massive sea turtles would migrate in. >> to gorge on all the jellyfish, especially near monterey and marin counties. but aerial surveys in recent years. but the average number forging off california at just 55. >> we're really running out of time before this population could be extra paid an extra patients means essentially extinction. any particular spot. so this of the extinction in the pacific ocean. >> the pandemic has
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complicated. the conservation. it has the main research vessel out of the water at the moss landing marine lab, which is part of san jose state university with a year lost the transmitters that were placed on leatherbacks back in 2000, 19 are no longer sending data back. >> societies for ratios appetite for seafood is perhaps the biggest threat every year. there are fewer leatherbacks making their epic migration of about 7,000 miles between the shores of indonesia and the california coast in south asia. there's been poaching and the critical loss of nesting grounds and in the open waters of the pacific. many die getting caught in traps or commercial fishing nets. >> the impact of industrial fishing is not just leatherback sea turtles, but it it's sharks and it's all kinds of animals and it's not sustainable activists. touch diner is pushing for more protection for leatherbacks around the world.
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>> especially since it's an animal that's out survived dinosaurs. it's like looking back into prehistory and to prehistoric times just to see this incredibly gigantic a magnificent animal go by their beautiful. some helpful progress is being made here off the coast of california with the curtailing of gill net fishing. >> and proposed legislation to phase it out. although the american fishing industry points to foreign operations as the bigger problem. activists say more international cooperation around the pacific rim could better protect the leatherback population more consumer awareness about sustainable seafood would also help. >> if we don't move at a more rapid pace. these animals will go extinct on our watch. basically we have 10 to 20 years left. we don't have a lot of time to, you know, start the recovery. we've got to stop the decline first. >> and then hopefully have a recovery.
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>> in monterey. nancy loo. we'll be right back. after the commercial break.
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the city of san jose will be offering vaccines for the unhoused and marginalized communities today. we're live with more details. >> plus parents in the east. they are threatening to sue the fremont school district if their children don't return to classrooms the teachers union says it isn't their fault. and breaking news out of indianapolis. 8 people are dead after a shooting at a fedex facility. the latest details ahead at the top of the hour.
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use effective birth control... while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. >> the bay area's local news station. if you now with breaking news. but after hearing the shootings, i did see a body on the floor behind a vehicle. luckily i was far enough away to her. he didn't notice me or seeming so thank god for that. >> he got away. but 8 other people were shot and killed before a gunman turned the gun on himself killing himself. there are several people in the hospital still this morning after the shooting that happened last night in indianapolis. another mass shooting. this at a fedex facility. >> and you're looking at some of the latest pictures of that
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facility this morning as it mention 8 people dead. the gunman turning the gun on himself. we've got alexa green at the scene this morning with the very latest. >> 9 people are dead. this morning, including the accused gunman himself. that's what we learned from indianapolis metro police earlier this morning. i want to step of the way and show you this scene because as you can see, police and detectives. they are still here in the parking lot of this fedex facility. you can also see crime scene tape which now has been taken down. still so many questions this morning about why this gunman opened fire and how many other people were hurt during this incident. let's go over what we do know. it was shortly after 11 o'clock police were called out to this fedex ground operation center on indy's south west side first shooting when they arrived, they tell us they found an active shooter situation. police say they then say the shooter turned the gun


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