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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> the bay area's local news station. the key now with breaking news. that breaking news taking place in indianapolis. several people have been shot at a fedex facility near the indianapolis airport police say at least one person is critically injured and 2 others are hurt as well. >> it is developing story we are following. this will bring you more information as it becomes available. not clear yet. exactly. >> why it happened. but again, we know that several people have been shot and police are surrounding that scene. some of the people who work in the fedex facility have been texting relatives at one point saying there was still an active shooter not clear. now whether that is still the case. but again, we will bring you new details as we get them. >> and also there's a massive police presence air. we are
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waiting word from indianapolis police and state troopers there to give us more information on what happened and we'll keep you posted throughout this newscast. >> and thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne, our other top story tonight, a group of fremont parents are they are now suing the threatening to sue the school district. >> if classrooms remain closed for in person. learning in a letter sent to district officials parents are demanding that schools reopen by april 26th can first tell. the sec is shows us how the school district is responding to this. the school district. superintendent says right now they are reviewing that letter, but it doesn't seem to change at this point. the decision that they made just 2 weeks ago to keep schools closed for the rest of the spring semester. >> and instead focus on a full return in the fall. this demand letter sent to the fremont unified school district its board members and superintendent on wednesday. >> threatening to sue the school district of classrooms. don't reopen by april 26th
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baby frustrating that this is not looking every day you hear the news. a fan of the district that is opening and our says not opening padma gopalakrishnan his one of the frustrated parents who are part of the group that calls themselves freeman parents for reopening. they're behind the 7 page demand letter sent by their southern california attorney lee in dylan in the letter. he says the school district, quote, has no rational or legal excuse to keep its students in distance learning where they are lagging behind academically and suffering emotionally. this letter comes 2 weeks after the school district stop negotiations with the teachers union. he announced that schools would remain in distance learning for the rest of the school year has about a 1000 students that have gotten. >> more d's and f's than ever. this is learning. obviously it's not working for them and they deserve to in person option. parents luis cessa and gina son benjamin rogue us are among many who are worried about the impact of distance learning on students and say
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there's no reason children should be back in their classrooms as they've seen in nearby school districts. it is frustrating to see that can be is being done in some places. this. >> here is where we really want to be clear that this is not a conflict or just people teachers. we actually think that we're on the same side as the teachers. >> this is a problem a political decision that you made to ask for the bands are not supported at an inappropriate time teachers union president victoria burbank herrera disagrees with any claims of teachers making political decisions or requests. >> and says she too is disappointed that the school district ended negotiations the spring semester. the district ultimately decided that they needed to look towards the future. instead. >> and we're we're going to have to do the same at this point. >> in addition to demanding that schools reopen by april. 26 parents also demand for the school board to approve a full return in person instruction planned for the fall by april 30th in fremont ellerbee
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sackey kron 4 news. >> the largest public school district in california has reopening all is reopening all of its elementary schools for in person learning kindergarten through 6th graders in the la unified school district are now back on campus but only for a few hours each morning and they are on staggered schedules over the course of a week. >> parents in the south san francisco unified school district. they will soon have the option to bring their students back to campus for in person. learning officials have installed 30 mobile disinfection units across all 6 teams schools in the district to stay safe. they used ultraviolet light to kill covid particles in the air and on surfaces. the district will welcome students in transitional kindergarten through 5th grade starting monday through the last day of school which is may 28. >> big news in california's fight against the pandemic anyone 16 years old or older
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is now eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine. the state is now racing to get as many people vaccinated as possible ahead of the covid variance. >> there are still some popping up capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest. >> in the race against the variants. california leaders are hoping to get ahead after expanding vaccine eligibility to all adults thursday and we're not prepared as a state, as a nation. the world more broadly. now we're trying to build around. to run the 90 yard dash. we have work to do so far more than 9.5 million californians have been fully vaccinated. and another 6.3 million partially officials say 50% of those eligible to get vaccinated have done so already 24 million doses total have been distributed in the state. we lead this nation by some 8.1 million more than any other state in this country. but newsom said thursday manufactured supply still keeping the state from vaccinating at its full
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potential. california will get a shipment of 1.9 million doses this week from the federal government when it had originally expected 2.5 million. the suspension of the johnson and johnson vaccine remains under review indefinitely and state health officials say incoming shipments will fall flat for the next few weeks. the expectation is and this has been reinforced that the manufactured supply by the end of the month. we'll start to significantly increase ball for moderna and pfizer state leaders acknowledge, although the state's positivity rate remains low. the variants are concerned. the governor said 20% of california's cases in march with the uk variant and 53% of them west coast. we're in the 4th quarter. unquestionably. but we're this game's not done california leaders say they're still sticking with the june 15th full reopening plan. meanwhile, the governor says the state is now tracking the number of breakthrough covid-19 cases in people who have been vaccinated. he says that data will be made public soon. >> reporting of state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>> and important to note that the pfizer vaccine is the only one approved for 1617 year olds moderna is doing some trials with younger participants. but so far anyway, it's only approved for adults. also before being paused. the johnson and johnson vaccine have been approved for anybody 18 and up. in the east bay walk-in vaccination clinics are open and contra. costa county. each side administer 5 to 700 vaccines a day. the county is putting the clinics in areas hardest hit by the virus and we have details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> the cdc is reporting this almost 6,000 fully vaccinated. people still became infected with covid less than 400 became seriously ill and required hospitalization. 74 of them died. this is the cdc's first public accounting of what it is calling breakthrough cases. nonetheless, the agency says these cases represent a very small percentage of the 77
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million people so far facts unaided in the u.s. that finding also comes as just 6 people after reportedly developed blood clots after receiving the johnson and johnson vaccine which as we mentioned, lead to those doses being put on pause but ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says that side effect is extremely rare. >> i understand the risk is super low. i mean, getting struck by lightning is one in 500,000. so i think getting a blood clot in the brain as in these cases would less likely than being struck by lightning however, i think the reason for that day's being pause is really a time out so trying to make sure people haven't had these cases have been reported yet. get a better estimate and then what i'm thinking they're going to do is say i everyone can use it on. maybe we're going to restricted people over the age of 50, for
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because we have so many other alternatives in the united states. >> meantime, the ceo of pfizer says people will likely need a 3rd dose of a covid vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated and he didn't rule out the possibility of an annual covid shot. the johnson and johnson ceo recently made rather suggesting that the covid vaccine will be similar to getting a flu shot. both pfizer and moderna vaccines are effective up to 6 months after the second dose. but more data is still needed to determine whether or not protection. last after 6 months. in washington today. the house committee tasked with overseeing the federal response to the pandemic. >> questions. the nation's top health experts. among them. doctor anthony fauci and cdc director rochelle walensky some of the republican committee members appeared to be more interested in talking about the surge of migrants crossing into the u.s.
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although there's been a lot of concern about whether they're being tested one recently traveled to the southern border. they say that they noticed several apparent covid-19 violations were happening. look at these pictures. doctor fauci, does this look like social distancing to you. >> that you require when you talk about 6 feet. >> ohio congressman jim jordan. he asked doctor fauci what percentage of vaccinated americans allow the country to fully reopen fauci says he couldn't say and that led to another tense exchange. >> you don't think americans liberties have been threatened. last year, doctor fauci. they've been assaulted their liberties that. i don't look at. this is a liberty thing. congressman jordan. well, that's obvious as a public health thing. >> phone. she encouraged americans again, not only to get vaccinated but to continue wearing masks to continue avoiding crowds. president biden is taking action against russia for its interference in
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the 2020 election. it's a solar wind cyber attack and it's ongoing occupation and of crimea today he announced a wide range of sanctions. also be expulsion of at least 10 russians from the united states, including intelligence officials and diplomats. biden has says that he has talked to the russian president vladimir putin by phone to tell him about the sanctions and he proposed to some of to talk about all of this at greater length. >> new at 10, a shocking jailhouse confession from a los angeles woman accused of murdering her 3 young children during a bitter custody dispute. liliana creo claims she killed her children to protect them. chris wolfe has the details. and we want to warn you this story may be difficult to watch. >> in handcuffs shackles and what appears to be a cast on her left wrist and hand accused killer lillyhanna sits
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down for a chilling jailhouse interview about the death of her 3 small children, 3 year-old joanna 2 year-old boy, terry and 6 month-old girl sierra. >> ana. what happened to your 3 children in receipt. i to be clear. did you kill your children. >> so i don't want them to be further abuse. and promised them when they reported that i was going to protect them and their a t already saw what was happening already saw i already knew what was going on. and i knew it was going continue to happen. >> to your right or actions. i wish my kids bro livia do i wish that i didn't have through that he has i prefer them not being tortured and abused on a regular basis for the rest of their life.
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>> creo is being held in kern county and will face a number of charges. officials in los angeles are seeking to bring her back to southern california where they say she killed her children. the morning of saturday, april 10th at an apartment in receded. creo had fled the area by the time their grandmother found the bodies police initially said the children had been stabbed to death. but later claimed the cause of death had yet to be determined erik denton is the children's father and had been in a bitter custody battle with his former girlfriend korea. they traded numerous accusations against each other in court documents. but the father claimed their mother was delusional. dangerous, had suffered from postpartum depression had threateneu to kill herself and said, quote, i wish i never had kids. >> but always been a social more equal rights and human rights act. this. spoke with social workers. i did
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everything that i could hopefully children and they were too. >> that that. >> again, that was chris wolfe reporting for us tonight. in minnesota. the former brooklyn center police officer charged in the shooting death of 20 year-old dante wright. she made her first virtual court appearance today. 48 year-old kim potter. she is charged with second-degree manslaughter. the 26 year veteran of the force resigned on tuesday. she was arrested yesterday and released on $100,000 bond. prosecutors say that her negligence created an unreasonable risk when she shot right during a traffic stop body cam video suggests that she thought she was using a taser. but grabbed her gun potter faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted peaceful protesters demanding justice for dante wright and defunding of police gathered in front of san francisco's. >> mission high school this evening. they lit candles and
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put up a banner reading say their names along with the names of others who died at the hands of police. that includes roger allen. there are pictures of allen on the steps there. he was killed in daly city after a struggle with police over what turned out to be a fake gun. all right. time to take a break and step outside and take a at the whole part north part of the bay area richardson bay and san francisco bay. forecast. yeah. and it's a beautiful calm for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lauren. so what can we expect? yeah. looking good as we get ready for the weekend. friday going to be very nice day around the bay area today. >> wasn't bad either. but yeah, i think as we get the weekend, we're really going to enjoy that sunshine. of course, we had less wind today that made it definitely feel warmer. temperatures were up a couple degrees. so i think we've got some good things going our way as we head in toward the weekend right now. here's a live look up toward half moon bay. you can see the patchy fog already developing along the coastline. some that has moved inside the bay tonight. we'll see a little more that i think for tomorrow morning but not going to ruin
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your day. in fact, we're going to see some nice weather ahead. high pressure trying to build in now you've got the area of low pressure that help kick up the winds. well, that's all the into denver. they're enjoying some nice snow from that. while we clear out your skies here. you see that fog developing along the coastline. we'll see more of that in the coming days here. but looks like the weekend should be very, very nice. right now. the winds calm in mill valley. still a bit of a breeze, blowing him to sepsis going 60 miles an hour. got a guest tonight in oakland right now. in augusta, 17 into fairfield tonight. go to stay mostly clear well inland. i think we'll see that patchy fog inside the bay and certainly along the coastline tomorrow. we're going to see plenty of sunshine by the afternoon and warmer temperatures to there will be a bit of an afternoon breeze, but really just a normal sea breeze. nothing very strong outside. and then over the weekend i think we see that ridge of high pressure overhead, less wind, more sunshine and a whole lot warmer around the bay area right track in the fog overnight tonight. you'll see that patchy fog kind of thickening up moving inside the bay and then just kind of settling in for tomorrow
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morning. so the commute you may see that fog early on tomorrow. morning as we head through the middle of the morning breaks up you know, the tradition here get that sunshine in the middle of the day are enjoying a nice sunny afternoon and then all of a sudden that fog begins a shooter right through the gaps here that went right through the san bruno gap as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. the kind of filling in as we head in towards saturday morning. that being said, tomorrow i'm going to be a nice day. i think temperatures warm up by tomorrow afternoon. we're in the mid 70's. the warmer spots in the interior valleys. a nice day to get out there. just go for walks specially noontime. these temperatures looking very comfortable. san jose or check in with 70 degrees. 70 degrees in mount view about 65 in redwood city and about 74 degrees in the napa valley. so very couple weather all around the bay area along the coastline. we've got your numbers generally in the 50's little bit cooler. think that fog kind of dance along the coastline all day long alright, that being said, the weekend is looking very, very good. high pressure taking over and look at these temperatures as we get the weekend. we're in the 80's in
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the inland valleys by saturday. think a lot of 70's inside the bay still 60's along the coastline. we may see enough of a northerly wind as we get into sunday. that's going heat things up a lot of 80's maybe couple low 90's, lots of 70's inside the bay. but even along the coastline, those temperatures soaring in the upper 60's. so certainly looks sunday looks to be the best day of the weekend. but i think. either day the weekend fantastic to me, i'm not going to play on either side. but no weather wise yes, sunday. saturday, sunday will take the body out. we'll take a couple of them. all right. thanks, lauren. thank you, lawrence. to the north bay now and people in the community of windsor in sonoma county are planning their next steps to try to remove mayor dominic foppoli from office. >> over the last week, 6 women have accused the mayor of assault that prompted a growing calls for him to step down. but emergency council meeting last night. he rejected those demands insisting he's innocent. the man behind the effort to recall foppoli tells us that the mayor's denial only made him look worse. >> it boggles the mind that
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would 6 hours of your fellow citizens. stand up. and take the time to do this and tell you to resign and. you don't have the respect. we just decency to to not just. share them but to listen to that. >> signatures calling for foley to be removed from office have almost doubled since last night's meeting. organizers. tell us they're in the process of launching an official recall petition. >> we're learning more tonight about a day care worker arrested by the fbi for having child. he has been identified as 26 year-old jace wong of san francisco. he was arrested tuesday after leaving the daycare center in the mission district tonight. the center's ceo is talking about this kron four's. dan thorn is live in san francisco with more. dan.
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>> well, catherine, federal authorities have charged long with taking videos of partially naked little girls at the day care center where he was working and then sharing those videos on the internet. undercover fbi agents were eventually able to track wong down in the executive of the day care center says that he's thankful wong was caught. disturbing crimes against small children led federal investigators to a day care center in san francisco. >> an employee at mission head start on 18th street is charged with taking at least 3 videos of partially naked 4, 5, year-old girls at the center. it's appalling. >> with with people. do richard ybarra is ceo of mission neighborhood centers inc which among other things oversees several daycares in the city. >> federal authorities arrested 26 year-old jace wong tuesday after he left the head start daycare housed in the historic women's building in the mission district in barra says this was the first time
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their organization has had to deal with this type of crime we're very grateful to the fbi. >> for moving quickly on this one. our thoughts are always with the families in undercover fbi agent began tracking huang this month through the social media app kik they are wong was found to be a member of a group that was sharing child. >> wong is accused of having sent and received several videos in that barra says their teachers go through strict background checks. but there were no red flags when hiring won this case. however, may force the nonprofit to increased scrutiny for future candidates. look >> all other methods for how we go forward. >> federal authorities have identified at least 3 victims and wong has told investigators that he was a day care worker at other facilities across the bay area, including one an unnamed
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daycare in livermore. it's still unclear tonight whether or not any of these types of crimes were committed at any of those other centers that wong was working at. if he is convicted of these crimes he's facing up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you, dan. >> the owner of a los gatos bakery has been arrested for sexually assaulting his customers. ali shimmy, ronnie was taken into custody at mama's bakery on santa cruz avenue in los gatos yesterday. police say he would offer female customers lessons on how to make bread during those lessons. he would inappropriately touch and fondle the victims against their will. he now faces charges of battery and false imprisonment. detectives say there may be more victims out there and they're asking anyone with any information to come forward. >> still ahead, chicago police release bodycam video of another deadly confrontation.
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this time between officers and a 13 year-old boy. >> these violent gang members are no longer on the street from antioch and oakland and our communities are certainly safer. >> dozens of men behind bars. more than 40 guns taken off the streets. the joint operation tackling gang violence in the east bay. >> way in theory anyway. skip bay area traffic. how you can put a down payment on a flying car.
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>> we have breaking news that we've been telling you about several people. we don't know how many have been shot at a huge fedex facility. this is an indianapolis not far from the indianapolis airport. you see the scene here. police say at least one person was critically wounded. 2 others injured. not a lot of details from police at this point. the story is still developing. authorities will be holding a news conference soon. when that happens, we will bring you more information as it becomes available. >> new at 10. some good news. if you think these are going to come to be flying cars. you can now pre-order and put down a $5,000 deposit to get the from silicon valley based startup and ft. the electric
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vertical takeoff and landing craft can travel on roads to and from the landing sites and has folding wings, a top speed of a 150 miles an hour and a 250 mile range. the has a price tag of $789,000. that includes pilot training. plane car car plane is scheduled to officially be released in 2026. >> well, brides and grooms cannot pull out their wedding checklists again because under the state's new guidelines starting today indoor private events including weddings. they were allowed to resume. they are back in business about 85% of couples in california, either canceled or postponed weddings because of the pandemic. and of course that lef thousands of vendors without business. things are expected to pick up pretty fast to the new guideline guidelines help the ceremony feel at least somewhat normal. >> if you look at the rules,
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if you have vaccination are testing they are much less restrictive. they're not requiring the socially distancing. we're not requiring a things in the capacity much larger. we were able to negotiate in buffets our service and no restrictions on dancing. >> the california association for private events is expecting summer and fall to be incredibly busy for weddings. next at 10 changing the course of someone's life avoiding in. >> inevitable path to prison and preventable death out east bay man is fostering a unique approach to gang violence. plus, almost a year after san leandro police shot and killed stephen taylor at a wal-mart. but a new independent investigation is revealing about their use of force and a controversial push to expand the u.s.
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new at 10, an innovative approach to trying to reduce gun violence deployed by the city of richmond for more than a decade is being credited with saving countless lives and kron four's. phillipe djegal says the key here is pairing recovered ex convicts with young man most at risk. >> in 2007, the city of richmond opened the office of neighborhood safety independent of the police department strategically identifying the people in town most likely to shoot someone or die from gun violence, then tasking ex convict's turned
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outreach workers with recruiting those considered at risk to an 18 month fellowship. >> offering an alternative to a life of crime and likely inevitable the person and preventable death. you got 5 outreach workers. >> you can't have 50 folks in a team with program. you feel when yourself right. the good thing is we don't have 50 folks out here that we need to engage like that it's a small number of folks to create chaos. so entire communities richmond has come a long way since the 1990's when 44 year-old sam bond was growing up on the streets and the city was considered among the most dangerous in the united states has a rough time to be a teenager. >> so i definitely didn't make the best decision soon victim of attempted murder. he ended up in prison for a decade, spending. his 20's behind bars. >> less than a year after he got out. he returned to richmond and joined the office of neighborhood safety where he now serves as service
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program manager mentoring building relationships are so many at risk. people in our community. >> but it's because of the risk. you know, and so everybody's at risk of covid, you know, everybody is at risk. that is because of covid. they were at risk. and so you do with covid nobody's at risk of a t and that was just dark. that was just our friend like i'm coming at it from a disease model from the public health. my but if you help heal those who are getting everyone else equating the cygnus ago that sickness being gun violence has not been wiped out. >> but vaughan says it has significantly been reduced starting this fellowship for the last 10 years we've seen the 65 82% reduction in shootings to lead to injury or death for a 10 year span. you noticed a man and alternative public safety model. van says has been adopted by at least 20 other communities throughout the states with success being measured at the end of the fellowship simply. >> by whether or not the fellow is still alive. >> and has not shot or killed
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anyone else. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> an independent investigation has found that to san leandro police officers did not follow the department's use of force policies in the fatal shooting of steven taylor last april officers. jason fletcher and stephan overton responded to a call about a shoplifter. this was at a walmart in san leandro. body cam video showed taylor holding a bat inside the store refusing to drop it. officer fletcher shot and killed taylor. the alameda county da later, determining fletcher used excessive force. he was charged with manslaughter. today's investigation says officer overton who used a taser that night. also used excessive force. the department will now determine what kind of action to take, if any, by june. chicago police have released body cam video of last month's fatal shooting of a 13
10:35 pm
year-old boy. >> this appears to show 13 year-old adam toledo putting his hand in the air as he was shot. >> this happened march 29th officers were responding to reports of shots fired. police say when they arrived, they saw 2 people running away. one of them had a gun which was found at the scene. the shooting is being investigated by 2 independent agencies. and we've been telling you about breaking news in indianapolis at today. a large fedex facility not far from the indianapolis airport. we know that people have been shot. not a lot of details but the update police are now telling us the suspected gunman killed him self tonight at that fedex facility spokesperson said police observed an active shooting scene. there police
10:36 pm
all over that area and some chaos. but again, police are now saying that the public is not in danger and the suspected gunman has killed himself. we know that there will be a news conference later. we'll bring you any new developments. in the east bay. a growing effort to try to crack down on gang violence. the antioch and oakland police department. >> are calling it operation wild star today they demonstrated the results of their investigations. more than 50 arrests have been made thousands of dollars in cash seized more than 40 guns. also seized. the suspects are all said to be members of either the or case gangs. both of which are based in oakland. >> these 2 groups are the primary groups in the city of oakland that are driving grouping, gang violence across the entire city of oakland. >> the suspects are now facing a string of felony charges. investigators say they hope the arrest will help bring closure to the victims and their families. authorities
10:37 pm
want to create or investigating after 25 buildings were vandalized overnight mostly with anti-police graffiti. you can see some of the phrases that were used referencing the anger over recent police shootings, including that of dante wright's, the young man who was killed during a traffic stop. police say this was done by a crowd of about 2 dozen people wearing all black the graffiti. we're talking about banks, small businesses. even city hall were targeted. the cost to fix all of this is estimated to run in the 10's of thousands of dollars officers here. want to quickly take pride in our study. we take pride in the service. we provide our community. >> and to the graffiti through our downtown area. is voter towards us. this is not not a great feeling. >> police say they did make one arrest last night. they say it was during a traffic stop and for an outstanding warrant on that suspect. they have not confirmed if that person was actually part of the vandalism. >> california power
10:38 pm
regulators. they're stepping up oversight of pg and after finding the utility neglected maintenance on an electrical grid and that great ignited a series of deadly wildfires across northern california it force periodic blackouts affecting millions of people pg and e has been accused of not doing enough to reduce the risk posed by both crumbling equipment and the fact that overgrown trees were around its power lines. it marks the first step in a process that could eventually lead to regulators revoking pg and e's utility license. the company says it has made improvements to its tree trimming program and we'll continue wildfire prevention efforts this summer and was asked we turn to the 4 zone forecast as we give you a view of the bay bridge and then barking darryl and the city and lawrence is standing by thursday night looks like a great weekend. yes, should be a fantastic weekend and i do have rain again.
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>> in the 10 to 10. so show you when coming up in just a moment. but right now outside we are seeing some the fog. >> it is slowly working its way on shore for tonight will be in place tomorrow morning when you get up, if you're commuting in life seen a lot of people doing lately. well, guess what? you likely run into some fog early tomorrow morning. you see that making its way over san francisco right now. just some patchy fog as we speak. but that will fill in overnight tonight. you can see the clouds gathered along the coastline. right. they're starting to move in a more of that on the way for tomorrow morning. temperatures out the door right now. we've got some 40's and some 50's. so a little bit cool in some spots right now, but not really cold outside, but boy, they'd love to get a late season storm here and there's the possibility models now for 2 runs in a row have been picking up on a possible storm coming our way all right. let's get you in the next couple days as we head in toward the weekend. there's the beginning of your weekend. saturday looks beautiful see all the clear skies. beautiful weather outside maybe couple patches of fog along the coastline. but as we get to sunday, i think maybe a little northerly wind. if that does happen, we'll see clearing skies all the way. the
10:40 pm
coastline, a very warm temperatures that sunday will be the warmest of the next 7 days. maybe in the next 10 days after that things begin to change into monday. so the atmosphere start to fill in with a few clouds and then you start to see this guy forming off the coastline watching happened right here. it works its way toward the coast and there you go. saturday night into sunday. how about that? there's a possibility we could see some rain not this weekend. the following weekend. so that's a long way on the forecast temperature wise numbers are going to be cool on the coastline in the 50's there you'll see 60's and 70's inland. the next 10 days. here we go. warming up through the weekend. i think cooling down just a little bit on monday, much cooler on tuesday and wednesday and thursday. but how about that, guys? i haven't put anything like that in my forecast. you know, the entire month of april yeah. glad to hear. yeah. thank you. launches. >> well, we turn now to the very controversial democratic plan to increase the number of supreme court to 13 from 9. this has been. >> met with a lot of resistance, a group of house
10:41 pm
and senate democrats introduced this legislation to expand the nation's top court. they say, but a change is needed to rebalance the court after senate republicans blocked president obama's nominee in 2016 and then republicans pushed through 3 of president trump's conservative nominees including justice amy coney barrett just days before joe biden's election last year. >> and make no mistake about it, the court is broken because leader mitch mcconnell, his senate republican colleagues and donald trump. >> broke it. you make the supreme court. basically a political football. it loses independents is consistency. >> the legislation apparently does not have much chance of succeeding president biden, for example, saying he's not a fan of expanding the court house speaker nancy pelosi essentially agreeing saying she has no plans to bring it to the floor and that it we'll have no chance in the senate.
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>> today marks 2 years since that fire devastated large part of the notre dame cathedral in paris today. french president emmanuel macron visited the construction site where the world famous churches being restored. mccrone promise the cathedral would be rebuilt by 2024. but authorities acknowledged work won't be fully completed by then. >> still ahead, a population plummeted by as much as 80% local efforts to save a special species of turtle from extinction plus in sports. the warriors go for their season-high 4th straight win with some help from jta. jason dumas h
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>> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the warriors looking for their first four-game win streak of the season. they were in the state where steph curry was born ohio taking on the cavaliers steph korey, of course, was born in akron, ohio, same hometown as lebron james something's got to be in that water 1st quarter. we've seen this connection for what, 9 years now. staff to drain. usually the opposite. but and drake gets above the rim. i think that's 2 games in a row with a big time dunk. pray 2nd quarter now that second unit along with andrew wiggins really came to play it's been nice floater against love.
10:46 pm
they outscored the cavs by 14 in the 3rd quarter. now the does get the steel taking away steps staff trailing hand down, man down and 34 feet like a layup to hand warriors up 9 quick want escotto anderson turned it on fakes. the handoff. finishes it above the rim that was an offer one. a few minutes later, for 3 on the he had a career-high 20 points to go along with 7 boards dubs up 12 then with about 3 minutes left steph curry with a dagger. how many daggers heavy hit in this building over the past 5, 6, years. quicken loans arena staff just really owns the curry had 33 his 9th straight game of 30 or more and the warriors win one 19 1 o one there now a season-best four-game win streak. let's hear from steve kerr after the game moved. we just had to
10:47 pm
grind it so. >> you know, our first four-game win streak of the year. we're in a very good place. you know, spiritually guys feel really good about what's happening that 2nd quarter gave us no, not breathing room to back to back >> kind of grind out again you know, get us a win. so. developing winning attitudes winning games, different ways is is a good sign. >> conaway of became a national champion last week. tonight she became a wnba. basketball player williams was the 18th overall pick in the wnba draft. he was drafted by the defending champion seattle storm williams is the 27 stanford cardinal to be drafted into the wnba she was an all american this season and finish her stanford career as the school's all-time leading 3 point shooter. she went a little later than most expect. i thought she'd be taken around 10. but she told
10:48 pm
me after the draft, hey, that's no sweat off her back. >> i wasn't really necessarily. what about, you know, what number i was getting it to the way around. honestly, just wanted. i just pray. it's not that i get that. a good situation for me. and i feel like seattle's is one of the best situation for me and i'm i certainly think so. not was i was up there getting where, you know, you're sitting in all that great. i'm going from stanford of that. that's a winning culture. and going right. and so professional and culture salt. i'm just like i said, going to win it. so it was like information that can it whatever team needs make i'm doing that to the life of the beast. >> good for her to the coliseum showman. i donning custom cleats and socks on jackie robinson day bottom of the 6 a's up 2 bases loaded from matt chapman. and that's against the wall in left center. 2 runs come into score chatman into second with a 2 run rbi double. extend their lead to 4 aides go on to win 8 to 4. they've won 5 out of
10:49 pm
their last 6 games to is tomorrow. tomorrow. it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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and bring on savings with the home depot's spring savings event. save on appliances like this samsung laundry pair. the home depot. how doers get more done. >> and animal population dying before our very eyes. the leatherback sea turtle is the largest of any living turtle and they've been around since the air of the dinosaur. but last few decades have not been kind to them researchers estimate the population in the pacific ocean could soon become extinct.
10:52 pm
>> nancy loo shows us what's being done to try and save them. >> the scenic coast of central california is just weeks away from the return of leatherback sea turtles from their epic migration across the pacific animal. it has been. >> on the planet for nearly 80 million years in its present form. >> researchers have been tracking these ancient animals are eager to see how many show up. hopes are not especially population has declined 80% 30 years. scott benson is with the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and he's a leading researcher on pacific leatherbacks for centuries, perhaps 10's of thousands of these massive sea turtles would migrate in. >> to gorge on all the jellyfish, especially near monterey and marin counties. but aerial surveys in recent years put the average number forging off california at just 55. >> we're really running out of
10:53 pm
time before this population could be extra paid an extra patients means essentially extinction. any particular spots in the city extinction in the pacific ocean. >> the pandemic has complicated the conservation. it has the main research vessel out of the water at the moss landing marine lab, which is part of san jose state university with a year lost the transmitters that were placed on leatherbacks back in 2000, 19 are no longer sending data >> societies for ratios appetite for seafood is perhaps the biggest threat every year. there are fewer leatherbacks making their epic migration of about 7,000 miles between the shores of indonesia and the california coast in south asia. there's been poaching and the critical loss of nesting grounds and in the open waters of the pacific. many die getting caught in traps or commercial fishing nets. >> the impact of industrial
10:54 pm
fishing is not just leatherback sea turtles, but it it's sharks and it's all kinds of animals and it's not sustainable activists. touch diner is pushing for more protection for leatherbacks around the world. >> especially since it's an animal that's out survived dinosaurs. it's like looking back into prehistory and to prehistoric times just to see this incredibly gigantic a magnificent animal go by their beautiful. some helpful progress is being made here off the coast of california with the curtailing of gill net fishing. >> and proposed legislation to phase it out. although the american fishing industry points to foreign operations as the bigger problem. activists say more international cooperation around the pacific rim could better protect the leatherback population more consumer awareness about sustainable seafood would also help. >> if we don't move at a more
10:55 pm
rapid pace. these animals will go extinct on our watch. basically we have 10 to 20 years left. we don't have a lot of time to. >> you know, start the recovery. we've got to stop the decline first and then hopefully have a recovery. >> in monterey. nancy loo. >> scientists have documented declines in leatherback populations all over the world. but none as steep or is dire as those in the pacific. and take a look at this. the island of saint vincent in the caribbean. it continues to be just covered in volcanic ash the volcano last erupted tuesday. but it is feared activity. could last more than 6 months. the un is now calling this a potential humanitarian crisis, a top priority. getting clean water to people. >> yeah, that will get your attention. a louisiana woman was recording at the exact moment a lightning bolt struck a tree just a few yards from
10:56 pm
her front porch. this is all part of a sudden violent storm that hit louisiana yesterday. some parts of the state were hit with winds of up to 90 miles an hour. some people, they're calling it a. any hurricane. you're seeing lightning strike. not that close know. i hope i never do now know is that though. if they go dig in the ground. they might be able to find these things called rights. that's actually when the so hot. >> it will melt some of the dirt and debris and you'll find these big long almost like root systems and they're created by lightning weird about that that you were the day full hey, guys, we've got some changes coming to tenant dead as we're going to see a nice weekend ahead as temperatures going to soar. i think around the bay area high pressure building in overhead. little fog out there right now. we'll see some of that fog early on tomorrow morning. temperatures. 59 degrees downtown san francisco, 53 in the sunset out along the coastline. we've got you in your 50's there. a little breezy little cool but not bad. 60's inside the bay in most spots and then as you
10:57 pm
head further south east temperatures warming up very nicely 67 in mount view and 60's and some low 70's in the south bay warm across the santa clara valley 72 in pleasanton, 71 in dublin about 75 in walnut creek. certainly nice in oakland tomorrow. but it will be breezy in the afternoon at 6568 in hercules, 68 also in play on 70 in benicia back toward the coastline. you've got that patchy fog out there and that will keep those temperatures down. mainly in the 50's right again. and we've got a warmer weekend coming our way. we're back in the 80's and looks like those temperatures stay nice and toasty through monday cooling off on tuesday. thanks for joining us. have a good night.
10:58 pm
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