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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 15, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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house and senate democrats introduced a bill which would expand the number of seats on the supreme court, not everybody's on board. our washington correspondent basil john joins us live tonight on john joins us live tonight on how othe evening. and yes, some democrats say it is time to bring more justices to the supreme court. but republicans and other democrats are not so sure. i have no plans to bring it to the house speaker nancy pelosi says she's not ready to back new court expansion legislation. >> i support the president's commission to study. such a proposal. president biden has created a bipartisan commission to study expanding the high court judiciary act of 2021 would increase the size of the u.s. supreme court from 9 to 13 justices. new
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york congressman jerry nadler says as the country grows so too should the supreme court have found is understood. as the country in the judicial system involved. the court needs to evolve with it. >> massachusetts senator ed markey says republicans have done damage to the judicial branch making americans lose faith in the high court. and make no mistake about it, the court is broken because leader mitch mcconnell, his senate republican colleagues and donald trump broke it. but republicans like south carolina senator lindsey graham say this is a terrible idea you make the supreme court basically a political football. >> it loses his independence is consistency and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says it is an attempt to threaten current supreme court justices and responsible people across the political spectrum. >> have an absolute duty could announce this. >> during his campaign. president biden said he was
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not a fan of expanding the courts. but he is allowing this commission to look at this idea reporting live in washington. i'm basil john. >> appreciate a basal. other national news now today president biden announced he has signed an executive order aimed at russia, including sanctions and diplomatic expulsions. >> today i read through several steps, including expulsion of several russian officials as a consequence of their actions. i also signed an executive order authorizing new measures, including sanctions to address specific harmful actions. the russia has taken against us interests. >> this is part of a series of dramatic foreign policy steps that president biden has taken this week. the sanctions, same to punish moscow for its interference in the 2020 election, its solar winds cyber attack. and it's ongoing occupation in crimea. president biden says he's spoken with russian president
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vladimir putin by phone to inform him about the sanctions and he proposed a summit to discuss all of the issues related to the sections. some big developments in our continuing coverage of the murder trial against derek chauvin. >> the farm in minneapolis, a police officer accused of killing george floyd will chauvin will not testify in his own defense this morning. he invoked his 5th amendment privilege against self-incrimination and his lawyers rested their case. >> have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify. >> want him to invoke your 5th amendment privilege. >> i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today. is this your decision not to testify. it is your honor. all right. you have any questions about your right to remain silent or to testify your own behalf. not at this time. i don't. i had is promise a thing or threatened you in any way to keep you from testifying. no promises or threats. your honor. you feel that your decision not to testify is a voluntary one. your behalf so this.
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>> closing arguments are expected on monday. and once those are finished, the jury will be sequestered as they deliberate. chauvin is charged with third-degree murder, second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. the former brooklyn center police officer charged in the fatal shooting of 20 year-old dante right. made her first court appearance today. a 48 year-old kim potter appeared briefly on zoom for the procedural hearing. she is charged with second degree manslaughter in the killing of right. the 26 year-old veteran resigned from the police force on tuesday amid calls for her firing. prosecutors allege potter's negligence created an unreasonable risk when she shot right. instead of using her taser. she was arrested yesterday and released on $100,000 bail. also in court today over zoom the father and son charged in connection to the 1996. kristen smart cold
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case. they're raman has been continued until monday. 44 year-old paul flores has been charged in san luis obispo county with first degree murder. he's being held without bail. flores is accused of killing kristen smart in his dorm room at cal poly san luis obispo 25 years ago, his father ruben is charged with being an accessory helping us an hide smarts body. he has been granted $250,000 bail. both of them were arrested tuesday following a major crack in this cold case. kristen smart body has not been found. new tonight at 6 lawmakers in sacramento are considering a bill that would allow people injured by police to get money for a crime victims fund. the measures being proposed by. >> state senator connie leyva, democrat from chino. the bill would also allow families of those killed by police to receive money for burial or other costs from a fund typically used for victims of traditional crime law enforcement agencies are
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opposed to the bill. they say it would take resources away from traditional crime victims and give the resources to perpetrators of crimes. >> right now to our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now with the golden gate bridge. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us for a look at the 4 zone forecast, florida get ready for friday. and here we go. i think thing setting up for a very nice weekend ahead tomorrow. we'll see that sunshine. but we've got to do some patchy fog. i think. >> in the early morning hours tomorrow. maybe a little more than we've seen in a couple of days here. so here we go. as we head through the night tonight that fog will be forming. still looking nice out there right now. beautiful clear skies all the way. the golden gate bridge looking good. but the fog bank is kind of a lurking off the coast. no rain to speak up. it's all settled down. now, remember yesterday with the showers, even some snow showers over the sierra nevada. but that low has kicked far enough to the east. things drying out there. and then there's that fog bank that i was talking about this not too far away. that is going to be moving in kind of fill in and along the
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coastline and even inside the bay overnight tonight. so we start out with some patchy fog by the afternoon. maybe couple lingering patches along the coastline highs there. the beach is going to be the 50's. it will be cool there about 59 downtown in san francisco. 54 degrees and pacific about 54 also in half moon, bay little breezy out toward the coast but not bad. 61 and sunny in the millbrae 62 in burning game should be very nice. as you work your way inside the peninsula. these temperatures warming up all the way in the santa clara valley where you find 60's and some 70's by tomorrow afternoon, 72 in campbell about 71 in cupertino. 71 also in dublin, 63 degrees and breezy in hayward in the afternoon. 17 renda 64 degrees in richmond 69 and blown about 71 degrees. very nice in benicia as you head toward the coast. watch out for that fog will keep things cool, sent a beach only about 54 and about 66 degrees in san anselmo next couple days setting up for great weather ahead tomorrow we warm up a little bit. much warmer on saturday and look at sunday. that will probably the warmest day in the next 7 days. some of those temperatures of the 80's getting near 90 degrees by
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sunday afternoon. thank you, lauren. still ahead, the nfl is cracking down on covid-19 vaccinations. the new rules for employees who refused to get their shots without a valid medical reason or religious exemption. >> and in sports now that the star rookie james wiseman is out for the year. will the warriors look for a new big man or just ride with the small-ball approach sports director jason dumas says steve kerr is reaction. coming up.
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new study shows that the risk of dangerous blood clots actually far higher. >> in coronavirus patients, then in those who get vaccinated, researchers at oxford university say catching covid can cause an 8 to 10 times greater risk of blood clots in the brain than those who get the pfizer or moderna shot scientists found that about 39 out of every 1 million coronavirus patients were likely to experience the dangerous clotting complications. but researchers say the potential side effect is still being studied. so the data should be cautiously interpret. it. and if you can smell your friends garlic breath. the than experts are saying that you're not social distancing. that is according to a virologist in the uk says if you're close enough to smell your friends lunch, then
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you're close enough to catch the coronavirus from them as well. if they are infected. some britons are now using this garlic breath distance. measurement to stay safe. i say 60. the cdc is reporting nearly 6,000 fully vaccinated. people. >> still became infected with covid. well, some became seriously ill and required hospitalization. 74 people did die. this is the cdc's first public account of what they call, quote, breakthrough cases. nonetheless, the agency says these cases represent a very small percentage of the 77 million people who have been vaccinated in the u.s.. coming up next, the secretary of health and human services, california zone. javier becerra is making a big request in congress to help request in congress to help care for migrant ch i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to...
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>> and a house hearing today at the secretary of health and human services javier becerra answered some questions from lawmakers about the proposed for that department. it includes billions of dollars for the program that handles unaccompanied migrant children kron four's, washington correspondent alexandra limon reports. >> the department of health and human services is asking congress for 4.3 billion dollars for the office of refugee resettlement which handles the care of unaccompanied migrant children i will continue to push for a more transparent program
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oversight and monitoring of these facilities, especially with these large numbers of children. congresswoman rosa delauro wants to know what hhs will do to expedite placing the children in the care of safe sponsors. but washington congresswoman jamie herrera. butler is worried sponsors are always vetted. this makes me sick. so to hear that the fbi, betty is not actually always taking place means we could be helping traffic children. there have been cases in the past. >> none that i'm aware in the time that i've been secretary that there have been cases in the past where a child has ended up in the hands of someone either traffic them for. >> or for labor health and human services secretary have you. they said about told lawmakers proper vetting of sponsors takes time. and in the meantime, his department cares for the children while they are with us. >> we are hoping to provide them not only with medical services that you would expect for any child, but also the care. what you would include
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educational recreational services secretary said it's becoming harder to provide all the things required by law because of the high number of migrant children still arriving in the u.s. in washington, alexandra le mon. >> that's what you now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a look outside looking for rain. >> you could a ways away it is clear has been i don't think it's rained it. april chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here boilers. we desperately need something and a bit of encouraging news yeah. the models at least a couple times in a row here trying to bring a little rain to the bay area still way of the forecast period. show you that in a moment. still. >> clear skies clear things out. dort toward move. a beautiful evening there. if you're stepping outside little cool up toward the coast line temperatures there right now in the 50's in the pacific doesn't look very impressive in that area of low pressure that brought some showers over the sierra nevada that is beginning to kick eastward. now we need a more substantial storm system to come our way. it's not coming over the next
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couple days. this weekend should be fantastic. see a little swirl out the atmosphere. there. well, that may eventually slowly work its way toward the bay area. but this weekend should be sunny and bright. these temperatures are going to be very warm throughout the weekend, especially on sunday. that will probably the warmest day of the next 7 days. then as we get to next week that low continues to swirl off the coastline. a few more clouds come our way as we get in the middle of next week and then late next week, the models 2 times in a row now have painted that and that would be a good sign if we get a real cold front holding itself together that we could be looking at some rain moving in, maybe late saturday of next weekend. and maybe even to sunday, too. so keep your fingers crossed that that will happen. that certainly would be very, very nice. right now, though. we're enjoying a nice day for tomorrow. will be dry temperatures up in the mid 70's. the valleys lot of 60's low 70's around the bay cooler 50's along the coastline with that patchy fog your weekend looking very nice. the temperatures warming up about some upper 80's the warmest valley 70's inside the bay.
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nice mid to upper 60's out along the coastline, cooling things down as we head into next week. thank you, lawrence. new tonight at 6, the nfl is taking a stand against team employees. >> who do not get the covid vaccine. according to a memo, any staff member who refuses to be vaccinated without a valid religious or medical excuse will not be allowed to enter football only restricted areas or we're closely with players. last month. the league's chief medical officer did say the nfl does not plan to require vaccines for players coaches or staff. now for more sports. here is sports director jason, do lots. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> all righty. the warriors beginning their road trip right now in cleveland and they are currently up 79 to 75. the cavs just hit a free throw this 3 16 left in the 3rd quarter. we'll have full
6:50 pm
highlights and hear from steve kerr and company wants that game goes final now with the news that james wiseman will miss the rest of the season. it leaves the warriors with only one true center on their roster that one guy is combine looney loon have been playing solid basketball as of late, but it still begs the question will be look to bring in another big man. steve kerr said they will definitely keep an eye out but small ball. maybe the strategy from here on out. >> we made final the big guy out there who can help but job. >> team you saw last night is the team we've kind of been for many, many years. that's not just. small ball personnel and it's awareness and understanding of what's going on and moving the ball. >> kiana williams became a national champ last week. tonight she became a wnba.
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basketball player williams was the 18th overall selection in the wnba draft. she was drafted by the defending champion. seattle storm williams is the 27th stanford cardinal to be drafted into the wnba. she was an all american this season and finished her stanford career as the school's all-time leading 3 point shooter. she went a little later than most expected. but she told me, hey there s no sweat off her back. >> i wasn't really necessarily. what about, you know, what number i was getting a job to dwight brown. i honestly just wanted i just pray to that i got a good situation for me. and i feel like seattle's is one of the best situation for me and i'm i certainly think so. not that they're getting where, you know, you're sitting in all that great. i'm going from stanford of that. that's a winning culture. and going right. and so professional and culture salt. i'm just like i said earlier, it's going it's something like information that can it whatever team needs make i'm doing that to the best my abilities. >> really, really happy for kiyana. she had such a great
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career at stamford. now put a couple weeks to get to play with some of burden. briana stewart is going to be. that's going to be great to see her at the next level. as for the warriors right. basically a must-win. you know, you don't like to throw that word around when they still like 15 regular season games left. but in their spot they can't lose to the cavaliers hey, gotta win looking good. and we did that story right before you about the the football memo the cup. so not all the words have been vaccinated. red even though they've had the chance yet. no, not all of them have been vaccinated and steve kerr said today during his pre-game press or he was like we got in super super late last night from oklahoma and all of the players who have been vaccinated. >> got to sleep in significantly later. i think it's 3 hours later. guys who haven't had a earlier to get their covid testing and whatnot. i jokingly said maybe that will be a little push out of to get motivated yannick the guys didn't get to sleep in tonight haven't gotten vaccinated and who didn't get
6:53 pm
it. i don't know for sure. yeah. i don't know, guys. i just know andrew wiggins in bay's more have come out and say they don't plan on getting it so safe to assume those 2 probably woke up a little early this morning. fair thanks to a 3 coming up, a life-size teddy bear is on the move all for a great cause. >> by this fluffy traveler is walking away from la to san francisco.
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>> if you think you've seen it all. think again. there is a life-size teddy bear on the move. his name is bear son and he's walking from la to san francisco yesterday, a santa clarita sheriff's deputy came across him posted this picture. bear son has not said exactly why he's doing this. but a link on his instagram page ask for donations that he plans to give to charity his goal. it's $10,000 currently he is at 1200. maybe you should say why. the news doesn't stop here that we do have a full hour ahead on kron on kron four's. justine waldman is live in our newsroom with a look at what we're working on for kron 4 news at 7. i'll tell you why you should watching tonight. how about that? all right. tonight at 7 he refuses to leave office after being accused of assault. there's now a recall effort under way. >> for the mayor of windsor. so what are the next steps to
6:57 pm
remove dominic foppoli from office. you can catch the story and many other local stories in just a few minutes on our kron on app. it's free to download right now. they can grant. i'll send it back to use. so he's just walking for fun. charity charity. we don't know what charity, unclear feels like a follow-up is needed. we'll get right on it. more on thank you, jesse. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. it sure does. thank you for being with us. stay safe, everybody. >> have a good night tonight.
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