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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay, area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. really build, you know. >> if we're going need a booster shot every year. >> we don't know if we're going to need a booster shot every or 4 years. >> now. ticks will a 3rd covid-19 shot be necessary as more and more people get their second pfizer and moderna vaccines. there are new questions about how long those vaccines might last. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm vicki liviakis. and i'm grant lotus. in fact, pfizer ceo saying it is likely people will need a booster or 3rd shot eventually. but. >> what is the site's telling us covers dan kerman has been speaking with medical experts ease live at the mass vaccination site at san francisco's. let's go. nice entered. and i guess with all these variance swirling around this is a situation where you hope for the best that you don't need boosters, but you prepare for that scenario.
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absolutely. and that's what medical experts say. you've got to prepare for it now either for the variance or because the regular vaccine will just run its course. but remember. >> some vaccines work forever. other vaccines work for less than a year. some work somewhere in between and they say because this vaccine is so new, they really don't have the answers to it yet. so yes, prepare now, but really we don't have the answers yet. >> should a 3rd dose of the covid-19 vaccine be needed both pfizer and moderna are working on booster shots. well, planning ahead is necessary. infectious disease specialists say there hasn't been enough scientific study or time to know if that 3rd dose will actually be needed. >> we don't know how the vaccine lasts. if it only lasts a year or 6 months then yes, we will need a booster u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says so far studies have shown pfizer and moderna
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are extremely effective after 6 months. but more time and study is needed to see if it will last indefinitely like measles or less than a year like the flu vaccine or somewhere in between. >> variance could also fuel the need for a 3rd dose. if there are circulating in the fall. >> that or. run. there are vaccines ineffective will need a new vaccine. there's some hopeful signs actually immunity will be and we think may not require these multiple peace trust. >> ucsf, infectious disease. specialist doctor monica gandhi agrees scientists don't have the answers yet, but she says there are reasons to be encouraged. among them, vaccines are not only increasing antibodies to fight the virus. but t cells as well. why is a longer-lasting of new system that fight viruses. and i'm hopeful because what how vaccine trials is. the beginning that central space wanted to
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measure t cells show way to some responses to the back seats. >> now all we all want the answer right now. medical experts say this really isn't something that can be rushed because this vaccine is so new they are studying it. they're going back to the trials, not just to the actual vaccinations to study. but they need more time to figure it out. still, they say it is good that they are preparing the booster now. so should it be needed in the fall or in the winter. it will be ready to go. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan. another big story we're following tonight is california expand eligibility to everyone 16 and older for vaccine. state leaders say they're now in a race to get vaccines in arms ahead of the covid variant swirling around. but there are hurdles new ones emerging kron four's. ashley zavala explains the update to the state's progress. >> in the race against the variants. california leaders are hoping to get ahead after expanding vaccine eligibility to all adults thursday and
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we're not prepared as a state, as a nation. the world more broadly. now we're trying to build around. to run the 90 yard dash. we have work to do so far more than 9.5 million californians have been fully vaccinated and another 6.3 million partially officials say 50% of those eligible to get vaccinated have done so already 24 million doses total have been distributed in the state. we lead this nation by some 8.1 million more than any other state in this country. but newsom said thursday manufactured supply still keeping the state from vaccinating at its full potential. california will get a shipment of 1.9 million doses this week from the federal government when it had originally expected 2.5 million. the suspension of the johnson and johnson vaccine remains under review indefinitely and state health officials say incoming shipments will fall flat for the next few weeks. the expectation is and this has been reinforced that the manufactured supply by the end of the month. we'll start to
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significantly increase both for moderna and pfizer state leaders acknowledge, although the state's positivity rate remains low. the variants are a concern. the governor said 20% of california's cases in march where the uk variant and 53% of them west coast. we're in the 4th quarter. unquestionably. but we're this game's not done yet. >> california leaders say they're still sticking with the june 15th full reopening plan. meanwhile, the governor says the state is now tracking the number of breakthrough covid-19 cases in people who have been vaccinated. he says that data will be made public soon. reporting of state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> thanks, ashley. and walk-in vaccination clinics are now open in contra, costa county each site can administer 5 to 700 shot. today. the counties placing the walk-in clinics in areas hardest hit by covid. we have a complete list of the clinic's if you'd like to check them kron. 4 dot com by the way, if you don't want to go walk-in clinic and just wait in line for however long
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appointments are still available through the contra costa health services website. >> in the east several law enforcement agencies announced a recent effort to curb gang violence is being called operation winstar antioch police and oakland police with the help of dozens of other law enforcement agencaes have made more than 50 arrests so far related to recent gang violence all across the bay area and the state. those suspects. they're now facing multiple felony charges with the recent arrest. >> these violent gang members are no longer on the streets of antioch and oakland and our communities are certainly safer. >> investigators also recovered thousands of dollars in cash and more than 40 weapons that cash up more than a dozen ghost guns which are guns with no serial number. all of those taken into custody are members of either the emt or case gangs both of which are based in oakland and
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while the investigation is still ongoing the law enforcement agencies in operation winstar believe these arrests will help bring closure to the victims and their families. also in the east bay 25 buildings were vandalized with mostly anti-police graffiti in the city of walnut creek last night including city hall, kron four's maureen kelly shows us the damage and has reaction from police. >> spray painted over the city hall signed the words pigs murder. many of the examples of last night's unrest target. police and referenced the simmering anger over officer involved shootings across the nation. the name of the young man killed by police in minnesota. dante right. the scrolled on one building. others say killed as officers here want to quickly take pride in our city. we take pride in the service we provide or community. >> and to the graffiti through our downtown area. is vulgar towards us. this is not not a
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great feeling. police say this is done by a crowd of 20 to 25 people wearing all black. their faces covered. >> the march down the center of the main corridors of the business district starting around 09:00pm. >> you can see it in action in this surveillance video is sum breakaway to spray paint the cost of the destruction is estimated to run in the thousands, possibly 10's of thousands of dollars. many banks were also hit, but so were several small businesses. an investigation is underway. but police say they don't know if the protesters were affiliated with any group. this worker is painting over graffiti. that said and tipo was here. >> those i talked to downtown say this is the wrong way for protesters to get their message across. i consider myself minority a mexican. but i wouldn't. you know, go around spray painting things to get have my opinion heard. >> go up and but a politician in, hey, what's going on, man to talk to face to face, but i would not penalize police say one person was arrested last night after the fact during a vehicle stop.
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>> for an outstanding warrant at this time. they cannot confirm that person was involved in this civil unrest. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> a big story in the north bay. the windsor town council has voted to remove mayor dominic foppoli. the mayor's accused of sexually assaulting 6 women. one of whom is a current councilwoman kron 4, sarah stinson reports for poli is maintaining his innocence. >> i have my head held high because i know deep in my heart that have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared. i'm not without fault. >> but i'm not a criminal. but there's already a recall effort in the works. there's a website. you can see it on your screen now we've reached out to the person spearheading this haven't heard back yet because right now there's nothing the town council can do to get him out of office unless he's recalled or convicted of a crime it became intense at the windsor town council special meeting. the council voted 2 to one in this meeting calling on the mayor
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to step down police say that you love windsor. >> then resign, resign, resign. you absolutely discussed me right now the allegations of assault from 6 different women are being investigated by the attorney general. >> one of those alleged victims as winter councilwoman esterly she recused herself from the meeting because, of course he's involved in the investigation. she claims, though, that the poli drugged and assaulted her on 2 different occasions in the meeting. some people in windsor said not only they want the poli gone. they want the entire council to step down, too, because of what we told you yesterday about the council knowing about allegations against poli. a lot of people in the downtown windsor area aren't comfortable giving us their opinion on camera. but they told me that they are in favor of this recall effort against bully and we'll have to keep monitoring that see how that process moves forward as well as the investigation with the attorney general's office. stay tuned for the latest on
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kron 4 dot com reporting windsor sarah stinson back to you. talk about the weather right now. a check of our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look for you. >> outside from our mount tam cam. wow. >> bob ross painting said a couple a few clouds. sure would be looking ahead to tonight tomorrow. the weekend. yeah. just lawrence karnow is here. we're in for a real tree. yeah. we are. we saw last weekend was a good weekend this weekend. i mean, it's going to be spectacular out there. a lot of sunshine. these temperatures going sore today. we have nice little taste. a lot of sun out there now still a little bit of a breeze. not as strong as yesterday. >> and we have some patchy fog along the coastline that we're going to see a little more fog tonight up toward the coast. but i think it's thing set up. yeah. it looks like most of the area's going enjoy some beautiful sunshine over the weekend. low pressure now kicking to the east and that was the one that was causing all the winds around the bay area's. the winds have calmed down still seeing some patchy fog along the coastline. most that fog bank still well off the coast and and the skies
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are mostly clear elsewhere around the bay area. but the winds still breezy in spots around the bay area. to 90 miles an hour in the san francisco 10 in the poll and 10 miles an hour. also in the napa valley temperature wise. we've got numbers. not bad. you're still looking at 69 degrees in concord. 70 and very pleasant and warm in antioch right now inside the baby got a mixed bag of 50's and a few 60's 67 in the napa valley cool up toward the beaches in half moon bay at 52. but this weekend everything changes high pressure really going to start to build that to bridge start to build in some of these temperatures could get near 90 degrees in parts of the bay area. we'll show you where coming up in a few minutes. that's what's still to come tonight is about that time for seasonal allergies. how the pandemic. >> may actually be helping east people symptoms. >> plus ready to ride travel. experts are seeing a spike in reservations with at least one state saying it might surpass prepandemic levels of tourism. and for the first time in nearly 3 weeks we hear from
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>> new tonight at 6, nearly 20 million americans suffer from allergies. that's according to the cdc, something that we're already doing to protect ourselves against the coronavirus may actually help people who hate
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allergies. all right. but reportedly said he'd glenn explains. all right, allan, just we spoke with says it really makes sense when you think about it, if you're upwearing a mask over your nose and mouth. >> you're less likely to breathe in those particles that make your eyes water and your nose run i have allergies to tree nuts, but >> animal for and skin. >> pollin. seasonal allergies are no fun and make enjoying a picnic in the park. a little harder experience saying like sneezing watery eyes, and like. >> he's a drip. but sarah chung says she's noticed something different lately but definitely helps take >> so i didn't really experience like my typical spring time past spring. allergist doctor robert says it's no coincidence. >> wearing a mask may be helping and there's some studies that show that it does, in fact reduce the amount of all of that. you're
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getting into here and your nose and your mouth and wearing a mask to protect against allergies isn't actually a new concept we may have an image in your mind of people in japan wearing masks all the time. and it's usually not for infectious rees. they tend to wear those in the spring because of cedar pollen. so is the answer to all your allergy problems. a mask. >> unfortunately doctor. so says now i think it will make a difference. i don't think it's sufficient to really get rid of those symptoms altogether. but at least for now, it's making days like these a little less stuffy. >> of course, allergists say that wearing a mask is going to help protect you against food allergies or even under. probably help with those seasonal allergies at liberty park city gun. >> moving that, you if you're planning to use that clipper card to travel around the bay area. you can now pay through your iphone, apple will allow you to add your clipper card here, apple wallet which makes it available on your phone or apple watch through apple pay.
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this means you can also add money to your clipper through apple pace and we're standing in line at the kiosks inside the station's well, with restrictions being lifted and people getting vaccinated. it will be a busy. >> summer travel season. officials with hawaiian airlines say if the current trends continue, they expect to reach prepandemic travel levels this summer. we spoke with a representative for aaa who says they are seeing similar trends in hotel bookings. >> none triple a dot com compared to april of 2020 bookings are continuing to grow. they look strong for april of this year as well. if i look at march there was over a 100% better compared to march of 2020. so we're looking at people who are beginning to. make that decision to travel you know, reopenings and things like that. aaa also recommends checking the travel restrictions for your destination.
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>> before booking the vacation to make sure you're prepared. when you arrive there. by the way, that interview with sergio first aired on our streaming service kronon, which is free to download in the app store to help passengers stay socially distant. the oakland international airport is introducing clear to touchless security screening technology uses a. >> passengers eyes or fingerprints to move them quickly through the checkpoint. clear is already being used at other airports here in california. sen in membership service. that is available for an annual fee. because you you know, if you're thinking of traveling we're we've got the shot here of the sfo. as we may talk about the forecast to actually go there, though book a flight. you can't just look at it. >> and that will that will do lawrence. i got to know and actually a little bit you know, this is all kind of knew everything start open up a little bit. right. so yeah, we're starting to talk about
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getting away and doing some fun things in this should be a fun one into the monterey bay. here's a getaway forecast. there will be a little bit cool. >> if you had a carmel, maybe do a little shopping there. temperature of about 53 degrees. 53 also in monterey, carmel valley looking beautiful. 62 degrees and sunny southern california should be very nice 64 degrees along the 72 in pasedena 71 in anaheim if you had to disneyland, you can enjoy some nice weather there. plenty of sunshine coming that way. a little cool, the high country. but no snow. the snow moved by the last couple of days. but now we're talking 50's there. and of course, a lot of folks many outdoor things in around the tahoe area. beautiful time of year to go for a hike out there right now. we've got mostly clear skies. it is a little bit hazy. you can see that right now most that just some of that marine coming in off the ocean to bring some of that moisture atmosphere is staying dry, though. no rain right now. but there's little rain in the forecast at least in the long range right now. mostly clear overnight tonight. we'll see some patchy fog out there tonight as well. so that's going to surge into the bay and maybe some of the
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valleys to tomorrow, mostly sunny and a little bit warmer in the afternoon. just a little bit of a breeze. but nothing too strong and the weekend looks like it's going to be fantastic overnight tonight. you see the models start to pick up some some of that fog filtering in. yes, the atmosphere actually start to warm up starts to stabilize. we get what's called an inversion. that's a point where there's actually a going up with height and certainly it looks like that will be just enough to cap the atmosphere kind of develop some of that fog. we'll see more and more of that in the coming days. that said, it should be a nice friday outside cool on the of 50's there. but you head to the bay got 60 some low 70's, even some mid 70's in the valleys. all right. thank you, lawrence. still to come, the do's and don'ts of saying i do wedding season is right around the corner. >> how the planned to celebrating the whole ceremony, the hope it's going to work with the new covid restrictions. now in place.
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>> brides and grooms can pull out their wedding check click the once again starting today indoor private events like weddings can resume in california. kron four's to hernia spoke to a private event expert today about the do's and don'ts under california's latest reopening plan. >> it's been a long time coming california's newly released health guidelines as of april 15th indoor private events including weddings are back in action. people are ready to celebrate. they want to get out there. they want to have their weddings. like many industries. the wedding
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industry took a massive blow in 20 20 here in california about 85% of couples either canceled or postponed their weddings due to the pandemic leaving thousands of vendors without business. but things are expected to pick up last week. so if you think about a wedding there's a long lead time. you need month. stay in a plan to get your vendors. get your guests in line. so for the next month or so. we expected to be a slow ramp up. but after that, the floodgates are open. we expect the someone falling even into 2020 to be incredibly busy. if you're trying to have a somewhat normal wedding. the california association for private events worked with the state to allow but if you look at the rules, if you have vaccination are testing they are much less restrictive. they're not requiring the socially distancing. we're not requiring things in the capacity much larger. we were able to negotiate in buffets our service and no restrictions on dancing. if you're looking to save some money here's a suggestion book. the base. you know, you need you can always upgrade your packages with anyone. so if you have a photographer who
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offers 8 hours plus albums. plus this suspect, both hours you can always add the other things by initially booking the bays. you lower your deposit liability as well. reporting in the newsroom. tahernia kron 4 news still ahead on the news, at 6, a group of congressional democrats is proposing an expansion to the supreme court from 9 justices. >> to 13 why there is court packing pushback from the gop. plus speaking for the first time in court. but not taking the stand. the decision from derek chauvin today as the defense rest its case in the george floyd murder child and the prime suspect in the disappearance of kristin smart. his first court appearance today. what happened during the arraignment and caught 4 as an easy way to download our mobile apps. we have to qr code. so get your phone ready. open. the camera function put it up next to that bancroft forced news app is updated with timely events. big stories and breaking news. you can see what's happening in your neighborhood across
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california or around the world. this is the qr code for the kron 4 app. it will take you to your phone's app store. rest is easy now for life. local streaming news. 24 7 kron on is the app you need. >> you'll get up to the minute live update 7 days a week. plus a live crowd force newscast streaming live. both apps are free. the qr code for crown on. we'll take you to your phone's app store so you can download that. keep it here. kron 4 news at 6. we'll be right back.
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house and senate democrats introduced a bill which would expand the number of seats on the supreme court, not everybody's on board. our washington correspondent basil john joins us live tonight on john joins us live tonight on how othe evening. and yes, some democrats say it is time to bring more justices to the supreme court. but republicans and other democrats are not so sure. i have no plans to bring it to the house speaker nancy pelosi says she's not ready to back new court expansion legislation. >> i support the president's commission to study. such a proposal. president biden has created a bipartisan commission to study expanding the high court judiciary act of 2021 would increase the size of the u.s. supreme court from 9 to 13 ju


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