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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 15, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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us who used to be tax day, but it's not the shared know that got extended as well. because pandemic. all right. talk more about that in the latest on the. >> j vaccine. all that stuff to all to. but first, let's get a look at the head out of the clouds and a into the guys. it's not tax day but it is our producer jones birthday. >> but we are looking at a nice day to get out there today. enjoy some sunshine, maybe a meal outside. we are going to be looking at skies today. that will be dry all day long. >> much as we've been all month long up to this point as we make our way into the afternoon. you also notice calmer winds all that's just the cherry on top of a pretty pleasant one looking out there at the east bay right here. skies clear enough. we are talking a foggy morning nor a windy one. so going to be working in your favor as you do make your way out of your house and back onto the roads radar showing very quiet conditions and winds looking nice and calm, especially compared to the past few days. our current temperatures are mostly in the 40's and 50's,
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although a couple of 30's up in the north bay. so just put that jacket on as you venture out. right now, rain. thank you. so we're going to start here in the south bay in san jose where police are actually. >> we're not gonna start in the south bay. we're going to start along the san mateo bridge here looking at conditions as you're heading across towards the peninsula. 12 minutes for your drive time. but we do have some activity going on. they're in the south bay. well, this is an area of north 4th street where there is actually a shooting suspect. so they actually evacuated some homes down there. we know that roads are closed in both directions from east heading to east younger streets. we'll have more information on that as well as you continue to commute and drive the air, but also getting a look at the bay bridge will have that coming up next, we'll start with the richmond. sandra fell commute as you're heading out of richmond under 8 minutes. there. and right now in the senate. over to you darya and james. for more on that situation happening in the south bay. >> all right. yeah. thank you very much. reynolds. get to that breaking news this morning, san jose police involved in a standoff situation with a man who is
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apparently barricaded himself. it may be connected to a shooting that happened last night. let's go live to kron four's, yulia 7. as for the details. good morning, ali. >> good morning. well, this scene is still very much active. i just got here about a few minutes ago. you can see i'm here on 13 younger. we have a police car here as well as some blockage down the road over there. >> and you can see the crime unit up ahead. they're not. this all started late yesterday. >> when they responded to a when they did arrive that there was a victim. >> that person was taken and is suffering from life threatening injuries. then very soon after that, they were able to say find the suspect. and is this or what they think is the suspect, a person who has barricaded themselves in their home in the area. they did back. you ate some of the homes around that barricade home. and they've been here sense trying to convince that person to come out to give
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themselves up in the meantime, they still have this whole area blocked off reyna had mentioned some of the streets that are being occupied at this point. so they're just telling people to stay away from the area until this is resolved and they're really hoping for a peaceful resolution that that person will eventually come out peacefully. in the meantime, we really don't know exactly their connection to the previous shooting that happened late last night. they they definitely seem to be there some kind of connection between them. so they're really hoping that this person comes out peacefully. back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot. we'll check in with you later. you only. >> 5. '03, is the time and where are the top stories this morning. all californians age 16 and older are now eligible to set up a covid-19 vaccine appointment. but just because you're eligible doesn't necessarily mean you'll get that appointment right away as we've been reporting, it's all supply dependent with kron. four's will tran live in berkeley with more on the
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story. good morning. well. >> good morning, james and area like i tell my kids wanting is not getting i know a lot of people would like to get their shots. but demand was already all over the place. and now with the largest age group added to it 16 to 49 with about 18 to 90 million people in that particular age group. well, the supply was already stretched thin. you can imagine is even thinner now. but the bottom line is it is available to you and it was available starting at midnight. so about 5 hours into maybe you're watching us. and then on your computer trying to book appointments. if you go to my turn, they say that they can handle about 300,000 appointments every hour you can imagine with that new age group. that number should go up as well. they're stressing that you be patient. this being open season. but the bottom line is it is now available to that particular age group. they knocked out
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some of the older age groups. and then now with 16 to 49 that is available to you. keep in mind the key word that you need to know. patients. >> reply continues to be limited and of course with vaccine buzz. it's it's even more limited. and with more demand. we're expecting the demand will be there. certainly encourage people to try but recognize that that may have to try number of times. >> so try try, try again at my but there is hope chains and area because we have your health care provider. you have pharmacies like the one rsght behind me at walgreens. they already supposedly updated their website as well. so you can go to those other locations. i know a couple of our fellow co-workers while they were at work. they kept the separate screen open at walgreens for appointments that they did a little bit earlier. so keep that screen open. keep trying. the bottom
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line is it is open season. they hope to get everybody vaccinated over the next several months or so. but that particular age group is available and has been of a available in certain counties like contra, costa county and that is good news because they started knocking out that age group a little bit earlier. so there's not that one mad rush couple of hours ago. so it's kind of staggered. bottom line is it is the largest a group. be patient with it walgreens might be your best choice be so many people will go to my turn back to you. all right. thank you very much. we'll yeah. and as a side note in the south bay. >> levi stadium has also done a great job of getting vaccines out. in fact, the number of covid-19 vaccines that they've now distributed is over a 105,000. that's fantastic. that number also expected to continue growing has now eligibility has expanded everyone 16 or older. so if you can't get a walgreens, perhaps one of these mass vaccination sites like at levi's or the see him.
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my work for you. check it out. >> some children have started to take the pfizer vaccine as part of a trial being done by stanford medicine. >> kids ages 2 to 5 years old, got their first shots yesterday. pediatrics infectious disease expert doctor yvonne maldonado is one of the people who are studying this and she says about 5,000 kids under 12 are involved in the study nationwide doctor maldonado is optimistic about the outcome. >> but we're really looking forward to making sure that children can have access to vaccines as well. >> knowing that will have such excellent care. >> she's going through this the staff at stanford medical have been fantastic. something that's maybe a moment of discomfort be a little uncomfortable for a short period of time. but. >> again, really important not getting but also other community members.
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>> the kids are going go back for their second doses in a few weeks and the entire trial will last several months. >> governor gavin newsome made a visit to the bay area pushing for all schools to resume in person learning he visited shepherd elementary in santa rosa. the governor also talked about the 6 billion dollars that will be used to reopen those schools that money. we'll pay for things like protective gear, vaccines for teachers and for staff as well. >> i want all the schools to reopen. i think crystal clear about that going back to december. we put out a specific strategy in december to safely reopen our schools for public instruction in person instruction. we put out 6.6 billion dollars. and i was very grateful that the legislature embrace that in order to help advance cause. >> the governor says that he is confident all students will be back in the classroom by this fall. >> today. indoor live events conferences and receptions can
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return to san francisco an all obviously good news for tourism. they need it back. kron four's camila barco standing by live at the moscone center. >> with more on the story. good morning. camila. >> good morning again, starry. and that's right. this is going to be an economic boost for the city of san francisco. it's going to bring back visitors guest in. of course, tourism dollars. but even though indoor live events can resume its going to be on a case by case basis depending on the venue. so here's a breakdown of how this is all going to work out. san francisco will open indoor ticketed and seeded events up to 35% capacity. private events like meetings and conventions may resume indoors with up to a 150 participants. people will still need to follow safety protocols like wearing face mask and social distancing. now the venue could still require you to show that you are covid free so that means participants can be asked to present proof of a negative covid test or that you're fully vaccinated. again, that will depend on the
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venue itself. places with 15% capacity are not required to do this. so as long as these businesses comply with require capacity limits and safety protocols they can reopen reopen starting today at 08:00am now here back out live at the muskogee center conventions have been on hold for the last year. building has been transformed into a vaccine site. but darya james, there is a convention already scheduled for later this fall. we have much more information about indoor live events resuming at kron 4 news dot com. all right, james, back to you. very good. thank you. camila. >> all right. also in san francisco, mayor london breed is challenging people to buy from small businesses during the month of may all to help out small neighborhood businesses that are recovering from the pandemic. so the city has given some relief to the small businesses through 75 million dollars in grant money and loans and fee waivers. but that's not enough. and mayor breed wants the public wants. you to step
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up and help if you can. the mayor says that she's been trying to lead by example since the early days of the pandemic. >> it's 5.10. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news illegal dumping is legally leaving a lot of trash on oakland streets will tell you how you can take part in a new clean up using your smartphone. and a widow is suing the redwood city police now over the 2018 shooting death of her husband. how that encounter sparked a major change in the department. and after the break, president biden is defending his decision to adopt tubes from afghanistan. but some lawmakers still have concerns. we'll tell you what they are live from. d c. 5.14, right
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now. checking out the weather i was 7. i could use the jacket. i could not. i think it. >> i'm on the fence about that. it it's one of john where you could go either way. yeah. the temperature almost didn't factor in. yeah, because it was right there in that suite. yeah, i guess so. i guess outside inside all the same. yeah. this today is going to be even more like that because we don't have any sort of wind for most areas today. so you really going to step outside. just feel might as well just be inside or outside today really gorgeous. one. >> and we're actually get a
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hold on to that tomorrow to before the weekend. he just around the corner. i say take advantage of it as much as you can. you outside of berkeley, right here. skies are pretty clear. we're not looking at much fog to start the morning. if you missed the spots near the golden gate. but even there visibility is actually holding up. ok, as we make our way on into the afternoon today. we are going to be looking at conditions that are going to be nice and sunny, yet again. so it looks let's go back over if we could not click the clicker for one sec. we are going to be looking at conditions today. that will be nice and dry. so there's your sunshine all across the bay area high pressure is built up across the region and conditions will be good to go for getting out there. much like yesterday was future cast of wind gusts nice and calm and noted that already and future cast ahead of us shows those clear skies dry conditions working our way through your thursday and eventually on into the upcoming weekend. no changes in that regard. we stay nice and dry out their conditions going to looking pretty
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pleasant today, tomorrow before that weekend warm-up, 50's and 60's for your highs in san francisco and then right along the coastline to as for temperatures on the bayshore 50's to 60's daytime highs will be in the for like the south bay where areas like santa clara san jose and campbell at 70 or 71 degrees for your daytime highs. temperatures across the east upper 60's and son nolan fremont. well, pleasanton and livermore each in the low 70's oakland. 63 conquered walnut creek danville in the low 70's each while vallejo pittsburgh at 6773 degrees. santa rosa down through sandra fell in the upper 60's. let's get a look ahead at your next 7 days, temperatures will remain pretty mild today and tomorrow. after that, though, we will be looking at daytime highs that are really warm saturday and sunday. we are going to be looking at temperatures that will be well into the upper 80's for some of our inland areas. low 80's right along the bay shore and even getting close to 70 right
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along the coastline. >> all right, john, thanks for that. and the south bay, there's some activity going on. a police standoff down there where some homes are evacuated in the area of north 4th street. their roads are closed from east heading to east younger street. so we'll keep a close eye on that as the roads continue to stay close and the morning goes on heading into the city. we only have a high wind advisory long. the altamont pass. it's going to be under 9 minutes, though, to make it to that fremont street exit. i'm also not tracking any major hot spots on the roads this morning. the san mateo bridge under 13 minutes for your drive time there looking at the richmond, sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond. 7 minutes for your drive times. we'll have more on that. we're going to closely follow that situation out of san jose will have more up next. for now. james, backa to you. >> all right. thank you very much. rain 5.17 at the time. national news a former police officer who shot dante wright during a traffic stop in minnesota has now been charged with second degree manslaughter officer kim potter was arrested yesterday hours before her arrest. she
5:18 am
resigned from the book and center police department saying that the shooting on sunday was an accident. potter told investigators that she thought she had grabbed her taser, not her actual sidearm wright was shot once and died a short time later. >> meantime, the derek chauvin trial continues and the judge has rejected a defense request to acquit the former officer, the defense is presenting is own witnesses in the case of retired forensic pathologist took the stand yesterday and testified floyd's death was primarily brought on by his preexisting heart conditions and drug use that contradicts testimony by prosecution experts who say that floyd died due to a lack of oxygen because of chauvin's knee on his neck. >> do you feel that mister floyd should have been given. immediate emergency attention to try to reverse the cardiac arrest. >> as a physician. i would agree if a person dies as a result of low oxygen.
5:19 am
>> that person is also going to that ultimately of a fatal right. >> correct. every one of us in this room will have a fatal arrhythmia some point. >> the prosecution was able to get the defense expert to admit that floyd should have received emergency attention as soon as he went into cardiac arrest. but he didn't. in other national news this morning, president biden is defending his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan by september 11th of this year to move. >> that will bring an end to america's longest war. >> let's go live to washington dc correspondent shot hudson for more reaction to this news. good morning. was shot. for safe exit. >> speaking from the treaty room at the white house. president joe biden announced an end to america's longest
5:20 am
war in his plan to bring troops back home by september 11th. well, not conduct a hasty rush to the action. we'll do it. we'll do it responsibly deliberately and safely. the president said the u.s. achieved its objectives a decade ago with the killing of osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> to ensure afghanistan would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland again. >> following his speech. the president visited section 60 at arlington national cemetery where service members who died in america's most recent wars are buried. senate majority leader chuck schumer supports the move to bring us forces home from afghanistan. i've been assured by the white house that the september 11th they will stick. >> and that president biden will not kick the can down the road. south carolina senator lindsey graham says withdrawing from afghanistan could put the u.s. at risk for another attack. >> that a few 1000 americans watching over there, make it
5:21 am
hard for al qaida or isis to reorganize the over here. those eyes and ears will be gone. >> and new this morning we're learning that u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken has made an unannounced trip to afghanistan to sell president biden's withdrawal plan in washington, rashad hudson back to you. thanks a lot, john. time now is 5.21 coming up after the break, the proposal of that state lawmakers introduced to help rebuild the golden state after the pandemic is over. >> we'll talk more about what they have in store. stay with us. we'll be right back. we're
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back at 5.24 state senators have unveiled their budget plan to help build the state's economy and it includes about a 100 million dollars worth. >> effort to immediately expand state health insurance for all californians 65 and up regardless of their immigration status. the budget priority list also includes money to expand access to early child. care and education and also money for first time homebuyers and a 5 year 20 billion dollar plan to tackle homelessness with more permanent housing programs. >> our goals in more equitable
5:25 am
economy. it provides pathways out of poverty. expanded access to wealth so that we can restore our middle class and we also want to dramatically reduce homelessness. >> lawmakers also want to minimize student debt by expanding middle class access to scholarships. the group is also urging the biden administration to cancel student debt up to $50,000 per student. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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>> 5.28. right now. just thinking about the song that i'm getting ready to saying for steph curry. has he went crazy again yes, i can say is on fire. you could it. james, that. all right. john trouble in the weather center. we will see good morning we're done. definitely a morning to get out there before the weekend sets us on fire because we're going to be so warm out there. temperatures climbing well into the upper 80's and even low 90's for some of her for this inland spots come the weekend feel like the mild field today and tomorrow savor every bit because it's going to be another beautiful day even nicer than yesterday for a lot of the bay area looking outside right now at our
5:29 am
berkeley cam right here. skies are overall pretty clear. we are looking at dry conditions across the region. and as we make our way into the afternoon. you'll especially notice the difference with our wind speed. a much calmer afternoon ahead of us. still a touch of a breeze here and there. but the nice and enjoyable kind of breeze. not the one that's going to blow the head off your head 40's and 50's for your current temperatures with sand and are lone spot in the 30's this morning overall a pretty mild start to the day. that's your forecast. let's get a look at traffic with rain. >> john, thank you for that. all right. so we're starting here in the south bay where they have a police standoff still going on and some homes evacuated. that's in the area north of 4 street. there. so we'll to closure heading to east younger continue to follow that as the morning goes on, no high wind advisories for the bay bridge this morning. there is one for the altamonte past just 8 minutes to make it to the fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge also at the limit for you. 12 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. look at the richmond. sandra fell commute out of richmond under 8 minutes checking on the golden gate bridge church and to the
5:30 am
city 18 minutes for you have more on that coming up next. for now, dorian james, back to >> 5.29, the time. let's get to one of our big stories this morning out of the north bay. the windsor town council has voted to remove mayor dominic foppoli, the mayor's accused of sexually assaulting at least 5 women, one of them a current councilwoman kron 4, sarah stinson is live in windsor with. >> what this means does it mean that he's stepping down. >> no. and that's the thing that last meeting last night's meeting was intense but it doesn't mean that the town council can vote and remove mayor foppoli. he has to asked recall election or he has to resign. and guess what, the vote was 2 to one to ask him to resign in the opposing vote was mayor for pole. he does not plan on resigning. take a look at your screen we'll show you a picture of mayor dominic
5:31 am
foppoli. the mayor that the town council voted to asked to step down. now the absent member is a council woman accusing foppoli of drugging and sexually assaulting her despite the majority vote. there's nothing council can do is i said to get him out because there has to be a recall election or he has convicted of a crime. right now. the allegations of assault from 6 different women are being investigated by the attorney general. one of those alleged victims is with windsor, councilwoman esterly miss she recused herself from the meeting rightfully so because she says i'm a part of this ongoing criminal investigation. she claims foppoli drugged and assaulted her on 2 occasions during the meeting. members of the council and many people who live in windsor called for full poli to step down for the sake of the town. >> say that you love windsor. >> then resign, resign, resign you absolutely discussed me. but again, as a resident of
5:32 am
this i beg you to please not drag us through this recall process also had dozens and dozens of people reach out to me thi past week offering their support. >> i've been telling them what i'm going to tell you. i have my head held high because i know deep in my heart that have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared. i'm not without fault, but i'm not a criminal. >> many in windsor say they not only want the poli gone, but they want the entire council to step down, too, because of what we told you yesterday about the council knowing about allegations against the poli all the way back in 2017 and then again in 20 20. but in last night's meeting, they did clarify from the town manager. they said in alleged incident against the boy didn't come out, but it was never given to the police was given to mayor fudge and the town manager said the person who wrote it never wanted for pulley to face charges then or now so that person's claim kind of just got dropped because police had without the victim. there wasn't much they could do at
5:33 am
the time foppoli again, as you heard maintains his innocence and he's not going to resign during the time of this investigation as it is ongoing. so it will be interesting to see if charges are put against him or not. and what happens on the day things that the council needs to go through. i mean, how awkward is that? he's staying on the council. the council doesn't want him to be there and they have to get things done for the towns. so a lot to still learn as this develops. for now live in windsor. sarah stinson, back to you. thanks a lot, sarah. >> on the peninsula. the family of a man shot and killed by redwood city police in 2018 is now suing the police department. the lawsuit says that officers killed kyle hart why he was suffering from a mental health crisis. police say they acted in self-defense because he was armed conflicts. dan thorn takes a closer look. >> there's no police body cam video to show the moments before redwood city police officers killed kyle hart
5:34 am
hart's wife, kristen called police on december 10th 2018 saying her husband used a knife to cut his arm neck and chest. the lawsuit alleges within seconds of police arriving in their backyard. kyle was shot and killed. >> it's not just like did not intend to didactic. i called 911, com as we're trying to do. instead of giving us how the police arrived this time and checking our backyard announcing the lawsuit wednesday hart says her husband, then a teacher at screen middle school in palo alto had been diagnosed with anxiety and was taking medication but had no history of violent behavior. >> she says the officers did not try to help heart before killing him. i don't know who they shot. they were there to serve and protect it was not my family. the officers involved were cleared of any criminal charges after the district attorney said the killing was justified redwood city police say the officers were acting in self-defense
5:35 am
because the use of a taser failed to keep heart from charging at them with the knife hearts lawyer says this case is another example of how police poorly handle mental health crises time. >> it's going to space. we have set. >> all could have been done and none of the instead directions hart says over the last 2 years, the city has failed to make changes on policing policies related to mental health calls one ever has been the use of police body cameras which city officials say are in the process of being deployed when i would love to see come out of it is a comprehensive approach city police respond to a person crisis. >> proper equipment and training are part of the next that has been based in a culture really values all people. >> reporting in redwood city. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> 5.35 the time. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. a new report calls pg wildfire planned this year.
5:36 am
severely flawed. we're going to explain its biggest problems according to one watchdog group and the oakland police department saying no more to sideshows. we'll tell you how they're getting ready to crack down on that illegal activity. this coming weekend. >> and skies today will be dry yet again no surprise there and another really comfortable one ahead of us, too highs in the 50's and 60's near the coast 60's and 70's elsewhere. your forecast ahead. >> and we have some police activity in the south bay we've been tracking that as streets are closed there and also get a look at your drive into the city right now under 10 minutes. we'll have more on your commute this morning. that's coming up after the break.
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>> if sideshows appear on the streets of oakland this weekend. police say they will be ready and waiting. this is what happened. last weekend. the citizen app video shows you that a unanimous vote from the city council gives the oakland police the funding that they wanted to better handle the sideshow problem and that means officers will be out given out citations ordering cars to be towed and arresting participants. if we don't get you this weekend or eating get you last weekend. >> we have seizure warrants and we will come after you
5:40 am
with our seizure warrant such a 30 day impound of your vehicle will cost you thousands of dollars. we don't have limits on how far will travel. well traveled there. we'll take that car. >> have seizure. will travel wow. that's a warning from the police. you want to be without your car after do these donuts and lose all that money too. their enforcement unit had been cut last year because the financial impact of covid. but no more. now the city has a 192 million dollars in federal funds under its belt and they are ready to get you. >> also an open city leaders are taking more action to tackle illegal dumping like what you see on the screen here. they're adding extra crews to tackle the problem and then app has been launched to called oak 3, 1, one for anybody to use to report illegal dumping oakland mayor libby shaft is calling on the public to be part of the cleanup effort. >> if you have camera footage that shows who is doing the
5:41 am
dumb thing. we can use it and you can even earn reward money. so we need you to provide that information to 3, 1, 1, >> wow. oakland on all fronts. lots of action, lots of warnings. yeah. illegal dumping, as we know, has been a big problem in open for years we've reported on it for years and years have been roughly 30,000 special trash pickups year. and that's nearly triple what it was just 10 years ago. they're really trying to clean up the streets of dumping of sideshows that watch out by 41 the time. we'll be right back. it was when she started forgetting things. i didn't know how much mom was struggling. when i pictured us growing old together. i didn't envision this. i did think of it, but i also thought of her happiness,
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>> 5.44 right now. and we keep talking about fire season approaching. i would say looming, as you know, we've got drought conditions and now a new report finds of pg e's. >> fire a mitigation plan that they had set up to try and make sure it wasn't as bad. this year's in your path. >> apparently the results of its badly flawed. >> and then it wouldn't work. the report from an independent watchdog group with the california public utilities commission and they claim that pg and e has failed to prioritize tree trimming and infrastructure upgrades in the riskiest areas that are most prone to wildfires. the utility says they plan to improve their performance because of risk that we face.
5:45 am
the watchdog group, though, says they should be doing more. >> doing this kind of work prevents things like the kincade fire the north bay fires for them to be doing it in areas that don't have the same risk of causing a catastrophic wildfire is irresponsible. >> well, the cpu sees wildfire safety commission is going to review peach and planned next month following that the full commission. we'll review the plan. we'll see what they feel about it. >> feel like every time we talk about the drought jaws music like the wildfire and lose. and i don't know about you, but it seems that the wildfire seem to pop up earlier and earlier each year. it's not like you wait august before you finally starts now and what scares me most is with the wind. when i hear you predict a new one. you always college on ahead of time saying what the conditions are going to be like. and that's what scares me most. yeah. the
5:46 am
winds super scary were already heating up to potentially 90 degrees. this weekend and we haven't seen rain and well over 20 days, those 3 factors right there are your keys for wildfire. >> and we're already talking all 3 of those. and we're just in april. and that is definitely not good news. drought. conditions continue to grip the north bay, especially extreme drought continues for portions of solano and napa counties. we are looking at ever expanding drought. now further south in the bay area too. earlier this season. you're actually pretty healthy down into the santa cruz mountains thanks to some early-season rainfall in those areas. but as we've all dried out now all of us are looking at least moderate drought across the bay now skies will remain dry for yet another day to day. here's some good news for today and tomorrow we're holding on to relatively cool conditions really comfortable weather for the next couple of days. high pressure builds in this weekend, though. and after a couple more mild days. we really are going to be looking at a very hot weekend ahead of a saturday, sunday and monday, notably the
5:47 am
hottest in some of the driest of this forecast. winds today. not as much of a problem as they had been. that is also good news. seeing those winds calming down, just means a better chance to step outside. enjoy the day today of dry skies remain through your thursday. need your friday too. we'll continue to be looking at these dry conditions. high temperatures today will range from the 50's right along the coastline to the 60's and 70's further inland livermore concord and san jose each at 71 degrees. a look ahead in our next 7 days shows the weekend warm-up followed by what will be a much more moderate next week ahead of us. after that point today and tomorrow highs in the low 70's after this saturday, sunday and monday will be well into the 80's for the weekend inland areas on sunday. well into the upper 80's nearing 90 degrees will be side areas even tapping into the 80's come the finish of the weekend. reyna john, thank you. so they'll have a lot on this morning. we're starting in the south bay. >> well, there is some police activity that a standoff going on. so they have homes
5:48 am
evacuated in the area of north 4th street down the air. also from east heading to east younger those streets are closed as they continue with that they're heading into the city under 11 minutes traffic starts to pick that no high wind advisories for the bay bridge this morning. but there is one along the altamonte past year. the san mateo bridge. you just had a solid 12 minutes for your commute time richmond sandra fell as you head to richmond under 8 minutes for you. there checking out the golden gate bridge. we're at 8 minutes as you drive into the cities will keep a close eye on that activity happening out in san jose will have more for now. daryn, back to you. thanks. rain is 5.48 a big announcement in the disappearance of college n smart, the san luis obispo county district attorney's office says there are now charges against 2 men arrested for her death and disappearance. as we told you yesterday here on the kron 00:00am morning news kron 4 sanaz tahernia has more. >> the district office. he has now carefully reviewed the
5:49 am
case and concluded independent. if we do have enough evidence. to go forward and prosecute both mister paul or is improving for us. the first step in bringing justice to the family of kristian smarts. >> the cal poly san luis obispo student the vanished in 1996, the san luis obispo district attorney announced wednesday the charges against the suspects involved paul flores, the man who was last seen with smart before she disappeared is facing a charge of first degree felony murder for or attempting to rape smart when he allegedly killed her special limitations on rape charge has passed while the da's unable to charge him with rape. the felonious act is still factored into the murder charge. his father ruben is charged with accessory to murder after the fact for allegedly helping his son hide the body dow says his office has physical evidence and witness statements sufficient to charge the 2 men. he also said they believe they know where smart was killed last place where. >> christmas eve close to the
5:50 am
warm near mr, port's storms. we certainly believe mister ford's more room. the crime scene. >> and while there is some progress in smart's case, the district attorney believes that paul flores may have sexually assaulted more women since the early 2 thousands. >> we do have evidence in this case that leads us to conclude there very well be additional victims in the southern california area. i don't want to go into the nature of of that. but he was known to in the sand, your area and los angeles county and so we asked anybody that may have it experience with him that they have questions about for them to reach out and contact for homicide or assault. this point where we're concerned about assault. >> law enforcement officials are currently executing search warrants on the floor is home when asked that the dia would be open to a plea deal in
5:51 am
exchange for information leading officials to smart's remains dow said it's too early to consider. but they are in discussions with paul flores's ut and are open to conversation reporting in the newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >> we'll take a quick break at five-fifty. we'll be right back.
5:52 am
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>> and just the pace and no more >> oh, my god. i love this pretty catchy. doing. and i don't know how to do but do this get your shot. and that's what the whole song was about. get the vaccine. when you can this music video actually. on this after department of emergency management youtube page and it features. i like this. if can do what is the last thing so good and what that it and what is this? i love the whole man on the beat is this as temperatures go airport workers. name. oregon. >> he has been working at the moscone center mass vaccination site and actually, you know what covid hits home. yeah, because he has lost 3 people to this virus. and so
5:55 am
that is the motivation behind this song to get you motivated to get a shot. >> i've lost 3 people to covid. >> and really hit me affected me. >> i had a friend was 39 a grandmother and uncle in it. i know that it's us. it almost seems that impact what people really take it seriously and really you know, comes to truth. the reality that we need to live with me to really protect ourselves plant. >> which is why i wanted to do something more positive uplifting like the song to really kind of scenes the narrative teens, the message and. >> bring in a more positive, more welcoming inviting no type of feel. >> wow. i like why so fantastic? yeah. what an achievement to we told you all about it first on kron on you can scan the kron on app. did you know what illness? thank james. download it. yeah, like
5:56 am
to see it on your screen right now. you ucas explained to me a restaurant. right. and i do the menu like that walk up to your tv right now. yes, and and click it skynet get low. >> this is use the kron on app, right. so well scan it and the qr code basically will launch the kron on app or a download if you haven't already and then we also have one for the kron news app wow. try make it easier for you because sometimes you say, you know, download the app and so on. the news, a little well, right. ok, so if i take my foot, can i do right now? can i do this on on the screen or joy. >> can i do this. we'll do it. i will do during the break. can i do we'll check during the break. i don't break. yeah. everybody go to the tv. me try guys. you're saying you go. i'm on and i'm going to see if it works. ok, we'll tell everybody what's coming up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news starting today. everyone in california. >> aged 16 and over can sign up to get covid-19 vaccine. we're going to have.
5:57 am
>> more on what you can expect. coming up in a live report on my okay. and indoor events. look at that. what that nice to have back well, start to come back to san francisco today. we're going break down. how many people be allowed to 10 these events. and then also in the east bay the mourning, the loss now the local legend in the bicycling community will tell you how close friends and family are honoring this man's family. we'll be right back.
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>> the bay area's local news station. if you now with breaking news. good morning. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. the breaking news this morning comes to us from san jose where we're told police right now are in a standoff situation. >> with a man has barricaded himself may be connected to a shooting that happened last night. we've got kron four's. you only a 7 live at the scene. what do we know what's going on right now. you only. >> all right. now it seems that we're at a standstill. but it was just about 20 minutes ago that they did some flash bang grenades into a house just passed this


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