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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> our top story tonight at 5.30, president joe biden says it is time to bring american troops home from afghanistan.
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>> live for us tonight. our washington correspondent basil john, that with more on the president's announcement. basil. >> good evening, guys. and yes, earlier today by president biden made that announcement. he said that the u.s. accomplish its mission in afghanistan and is now set on getting those soldiers back home in 5 months. >> time to end america's longest war wednesday. president joe biden announced he will withdraw all u.s. troops from afghanistan presence in afghanistan should be focused. and the reason we went the first place to ensure afghanistan would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland again. we did that. the president says troops will be removed by the 20th anniversary of 9.11 defense secretary lloyd austin says troops stand ready for any attack during the draw down. we will respond forcefully. >> should the taliban attack
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any forces or senate majority leader chuck schumer is optimistic about the plan. >> i've been assured by the white house that the september 11th they will stick. and that president biden will not kick the can. >> down the road. however, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell calls the withdrawal a big mistake a democratic administration is going to script the negotiations. and just to render an entire country back to the taliban on the very same day in wyoming. republican congresswoman liz cheney says it sends the wrong message to our enemies. the notion that on the day that they attacked >> we are going to mark that anniversary by withdrawing our forces. >> now following the president's announcement. republicans continued their strong opposition against the president's decision to pull those troops out of afghanistan. we even heard from south carolina republican senator lindsey graham who said in a press conference this decision is a disaster reporting live in washington.
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and these will john, a visit. before you go, the president visited arlington national cemetery today right after his remarks about that troop withdrawal. >> what was the significance of that trip. well, for the president. this was an opportunity for him to say thank you to those men and women who lost their lives while serving the country. a fighting in that war. it was also an opportunity for the president to speak to the press and talk to them about why he made this decision. he said it was a clear as day decision for him. >> because of the fact that osama bin laden was no longer a factor that was affecting the united states. and lastly, give moment where he could pay his respects to his son beau biden who did serve in iraq. facing john live for us tonight. thank you. base. the family of a palo alto middle school teacher is suing the redwood city police department over a deadly police shooting. >> kyle hart was killed back in 2018, his wife kristen said that she called police to help
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hart who was then having a mental health crisis and had used a knife to cut his arm, his neck and chest. kristen said that about 16 seconds after officers arrived at her backyard. they fired multiple gunshots and killed her husband. the wrongful death lawsuit filed yesterday sites inadequate police training in the death of kyle hart. the 33 year-old was father of 2 young children, including a daughter born just 3 days before he was killed. today. the former minnesota police officer who shot and killed 20 year old dante wright was arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter. >> this is the mug shot of 26 year veteran and training officer kim potter. i was with the brooklyn center police force that just outside minneapolis. she claims she intended to use her taser on right. but instead fired her handgun. however, wright's family members say there is no excuse for the shooting. and it just shows how the justice system is tilted against black
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people. noting right was stopped for an expired car registration and ended up dead. the arrest comes 3 days after wright's killing and potter now faces a maximum of 10 yearin prison. and following the killing of dante wright today president biden and vice president harris alongside with the congressional black caucus renewed their calls for systematic change. >> in the business. all of us be member. some real change. we know that folks will keep dying if we don't fully address. injustice and inequities in our country on forsman must be held to the highest standards of accountability. last year. the federal push for police reform led by the congressional black caucus fell flat on capitol hill. >> democrats and republicans remain split on how to effectively move forward. president biden has called for peace and calm during the dante wright investigation. >> the judge in the derek
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chauvin murder trial has refused a defense request to acquit the former officer in george floyd's death. this comes on the second day of the defense presenting witnesses in the case this morning, a retired forensic pathologist took the stand and he testified that floyd's death was primarily brought on by his preexisting heart conditions and drug use that contradicts testimony given by a doctor for the prosecution last week who said floyd's death was the result of low levels of oxygen. chauvin is not expected to take the stand in virginia. windsor police chief rodney riddle says lieutenant. >> carne in does not deserve an apology is was captured on this police body camera from december getting pepper sprayed in the face by officer joe gutierrez during a traffic stop today. riddle said there were certain actions leading to the traffic stop that raise red flags for the officers based on their training chief randall also revealed an
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internal investigation into the traffic stop was launched on december 8th 3 days after the incident occurred and concluded on january 28th. they concluded that officer gutierrez would be disciplined. he was fired earlier this week after that video became public. hey, it was announced there will be no charges filed against a capitol police officer who shot and killed a woman during the riot on january 6, the victim. >> 35 year-old ashli babbitt. i was trying to climb through a broken window in a door when the officer opened fire. federal prosecutors who reviewed video and statement said that there were there was insufficient evidence to support criminal prosecution in the case. babbitt was one of 5 people, including a police officer who were killed in the unrest that day. all right. switching gears here for a moment. going to take a live look outside and believe it or not, there is a golden gate bridge somewhere in there. >> yeah. boy hazy wednesday. our chief meteorologist
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lawrence karnow is here. you won't really know it based on that picture. but been at normally windy. april is like yes, it's been very windy, especially even through the latter part of march. we're looking at the winds already, but kind of cyber kind of switching gears. now getting ready for summer season. unfortunately, that means. >> coming to an end of the rain season out there now looking toward the golden gate bridge to the winds blow the flag around a little bit outside right now. some gusting winds in parts of the bay area. 30 mile an hour winds in the san francisco 22 in pacifica, 32 mill valley 30 in play on 20 in fairfield. so pretty breezy afternoon outside looks like those winds going to subside over the next few days. we've got some much warmer weather on the way tomorrow kind of a transitional. they've got 50's right along the immediate coastline 60 downtown san francisco about granada 55 at half moon bay after some patchy fog. you look a lot of sunshine inside the bay. those temperatures warming up very nicely into the 60's 60's and some 70's in the south bay east bay going to be look at
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the numbers up in the low 70's by tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sunshine. there all day long. little breezy again by the afternoon. that's how it's going to kind of play out over the next couple of days. but as we settle into the weekend. what a weekend it is going to be temperatures warming up in the 80's inland on saturday. maybe upper 80's wouldn't be surprised if we pop 90 degrees in some warmer spots inland by sunday afternoon. all right. coming up, more and more people moving on to san francisco. when we come back, we're going to tell you where they're headed. >> and let the games begin. we're now just 100 days away from the 2020 summer olympics which are going to be in 2021. we'll see what health and safety protocols are being implemented to try to keep everybody safe. >> and tackling all that trash. the new initiative oakland is offering residents to help clean up the blight around that city.
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>> in the east bay oakland leaders are taking more actions to try to tackle the illegal dumping problem, which is significant. they've added more crews to clean up the hot spots in the city and they've launched an app called oak. okay. 3, 1, 1, for residents to report illegal dumping activities in this way. the cleaning crews skin respond to the communities today oakland's mayor libby shaft called on the public to be part of the process.
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>> if you have camera footage that shows who is doing the dumb thing. we can use it and you can even earn reward money. so we need you to provide that information to 3, 1, 1, >> reward money illegal dumping has been a problem in oakland for many years. they do cleanup crews who have performed more than 30,000 trash pickups on average every year. >> coming up, the 2020 summer olympics. are opening live release the opening ceremony. it's less than 100 days away. when we come back, we're going to show you what the athletes will be wearing.
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>> moves from san francisco to sacramento have increased by 70 percent since 2020. that's according to a local real estate company, home prices. they're just through the roof in sac, realtors and appraisers are scrambling now to keep up. >> melanie townsen reports. >> navigating major booms in the housing market is not an unfamiliar task for el dorado hills realtor most equate experienced it while working in seattle 10 years ago i saw prices rise exponentially when i was in that market seeing it here, too. but covid-19 has created a unique situation for
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quade in other realtors in the sacramento in bay area's a recent cbre research study showed the migration from densely populated in pricey areas rose tremendously case in point moves from san francisco to sacramento county went up 70% buyers out there in full force. they are moving a lot money from the bay area. they don't have to live there anymore because they work remotely. >> so they're coming here where you can get a lot more for your money. the issue right now, however, is sellers are in short supply in eldorado county. here i am. we have 75%. you are with things. last year creating frustrations for prospective buyers, not just because they don't have the cash to the bay area. buyers do. but just because things are being done very, very differently now. and the fires are having to take on a lot more risk. there's also the gap between appraised value an actual market value for houses which is what appraiser in market analyst ryan quest is finding difficult as median price in
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january was 485,000. >> it's about 500, 30,000 just a few months later. now and so we've really seen very, very quick growth out of the 30 largest metro areas in the u.s. sacramento ranked number one in terms of net move ins mostly from san francisco. and while it may seem daunting sacramento's housing market presents a lot of opportunity. we've actually had higher sales volume happening for 10 months in a row. buyers are pulling the trigger on what's out there. they're basically buying everything. so we've actually been able to achieve numbers that are higher than 2019 in 2020. it was a sellers market here for a long time. but. >> not like that. wild out there. that was melanie townsen reporting realtors say this is the best time to sell. >> only thing is your best bet would be to find a new home out of state because what you going to buy. we're just 100 days away from the opening ceremonies of the tokyo olympics and this year's summer games will look.
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>> a little different. the games were postponed a year, of course, to the pandemic overseas spectators. they will not be allowed to attend this year's games, whether they're vaccinated or not temperature checks mask-wearing sanitizing stations and frequent covid-19 testing will be common throughout that international event. there's also a new slate of sports making their debut, including surfing and skateboarding. the opening ceremony is scheduled for july 23rd. and here's what team usa athletes are going to be wearing during the closing ceremony in tokyo. the uniforms designed by rough loran were on bail today. featuring more sustainable plant based materials and synthetic free plastics opening ceremony uniforms are going to be unveiled in july. the olympic retail collection is available for purchase online about the written right now. select retail stores will start sales in june with all revenue supporting team usa.
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>> now that we did a commercial for you holiday gifts around here. don't be surprise those astronaut outfits it in kind of looked kind of cool. hey, can't believe the olympics coming almost kind of head into summer pattern we're trying to find some rain, right. we're trying to find a couple raindrops before we get into that pattern right now. right now a lot of sunshine around the bay area. you can see thatp they're hazy as we speak. they've got snow for the sierra nevada. that's some good news. you said low spinning there unfortunately, too far away to bring us any rain. but the temperatures cool on the coastline. 50's. you got some 60's inside the bay and all 7 degrees inland. lauren forecast. here we go. let's put this into motion. the way to get a little rain coming our way as we roll on through see this area of low pressure or this been a feature that we've seen over the last couple of weeks kind of just roll down the middle. upsetting not affected as much at all. finally as we get the weekend sunday. looks like a beautiful day. probably the
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warmest of the next couple of days. next week. watch as the model tries to bring a couple raindrops in the bay area about the middle. the week will feel too confident about that with that with sweet call an inside slider. not much moisture with it. but late next week, this looks a little more impressive. this all holds together. maybe we get a cold front coming in right around the 23rd or 24th of the month. that would be nice to see. of course it to rain now is bonus temperatures for going to nice 70's inland. lot of 60's inside the bay cooler 50's along the coast. thanks. alerts. bernie madoff, the man responsible for the largest ponzi scheme in the history. the u.s. has died in federal prison. the disgraced financier pleaded guilty in 2009 to orchestrating the largest investment fraud in history. he died in a north carolina prison this morning. authorities say died of natural causes made off with serving a 150 year sentence for his scheme which investigators said defrauded as many as 37,000 people in
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136 countries in the scheme involved as much as 65 billion dollars over the course of 4 decades. madoff was 82 years old. and still to come tonight on the news at 5. but we get to see here how the warriors home covid tests work. >> all before fans go back in the
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>> the wait is almost the wires are going to be bringing back fans into the chase center. >> next friday. that's big news. this is a big logo. >> some of the requirements to get in a negative covid test or prove you're fully vaccinated. kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney shows us how the at home covid tests work. when the golden state warriors. welcome fans back to chase center on april 23rd, though require proof of full vaccination or a negative covid-19 test for entry. >> the team has partnered with lou sarah to send free at home test kits to fans who buy advance tickets. the accuracy of the test is equivalent with some of the very best pcr tests that are running high complexity labs. so when i got to sample test kit from the team. i decided to give it a whirl. here's what comes in the test. you've got your.
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>> sample vial and that looks right into this little battery operated test unit. you can see that green ready like there. that means it's ready to go. and then you've got your nasal swab now, this is all i'm already sealed and and ready to go ever ready. just pull them out for the sake of this video place this guy the battery operated test unit. as you can see. and then i'm just going to do my swag here. 5 swirls in each nostril. to 3 for then you dip your your freshly collected sample. >> in purple sample vial and around 4.15 seconds all right. i think that's about 15 people want to be more scientific when you do it at home. then you snap the lid of this guy closed. that's the hardest part so far. and. the has begun as you can see, the
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light is blinking and then when it's ready to go, when i'm ready. my get a little meisage down here. get a positive or negative fingers crossed for the best. i'm going to set a timer now we'll see how long it takes it to work exactly. 29 minutes later, the result lights switched on negative. just like i was hoping for an extremely easy process from start to finish. if you're not going to a game but just want to test. you can buy one from the sarah's website. >> $4.55 a pop in san francisco. kate rooney kron 4 kate gives a pretty good how to. >> yeah. and the team pays for that to 50 picks up the tab on that. 55 a pop. so i guess the team hopes people get vaccinated fast. we we. all right. everybody. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. but tonight at 6 in just a few minutes. highly anticipated meeting is set to begin. >> the windsor town council could be asking mayor dominic
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foppoli to step down after being accused of assault by several women. we're live with the latest. details and the streets of oakland could be quieter and safer. this weekend the new plan in place to try to prevent dangerous and illegal sideshows. >> keep it here. kron 4 news at 6 is next.
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