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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> we do believe that we have the location where the body was. it >> murder charges have now been filed in the disappearance of kristin smart. and today officials announced that they have a location where her remains can be found. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. we are learning new information about what led to the arrests of father and son paul and ruben flores kron 4 sanaz tahernia has the disturbing details and what the d a is now asking for from the public. >> the district attorney's office. he has now carefully reviewed the case and concluded independent. if we do have enough evidence. to go forward and prosecute both mister paul torres the first step in bringing justice to the family of kristian smarts. >> the cal poly san luis obispo student the vanished in
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1996, the san luis obispo district attorney announced wednesday the charges against the suspects involved paul flores, the man who was last seen with smart before she disappeared is facing a charge of first degree felony murder for or attempting to rape smart when he allegedly killed her special limitations on rape charge has passed while the da's unable to charge him with rape. the felonious act is still factored into the murder charge. his father rubin is charged with accessory to murder after the fact for allegedly helping his son hide the body dow says his office has physical evidence and witness statements sufficient to charge the 2 men. he also said they believe they know where smart was killed last place where. >> christmas eve close to the warm near mr, port's storms. we certainly believe report is more room. the crime scene. >> and while there is some progress in smart's case, the district attorney believes that paul flores may have sexually assaulted more women since the early 2 thousands.
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>> we do have evidence in this case that leads us to conclude there very well additional victories in the southern california area. i don't want to go into the nature of of that. but he was known to in the sand, your area and los angeles county and so we asked anybody that may have experience with him that they have questions about for them to reach out and contact for homicide or assault. this point where we're concerned about assault. >> law enforcement officials are currently executing search warrants on the floor is home when asked that the dia would be open to a plea deal in exchange for information leading officials to smart's remains dow said it's too early to consider. but they are in discussions with paul floor says ut and are open to conversation reporting in the newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news happening in just about an hour from now. the windsor
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town council will be meeting in a special session to address the assault accusations against mayor dominic foppoli and tonight's meeting could end with the town council demanding the mayor stepped down the windsor town leaders are now also admitting they knew of alleged incidents against mayor foppoli including a rape accusation dating back to 2017 earlier today. kron on spoke with windsors vice mayor sam simon. he says mayor foppoli needs to step down. very difficult. like i said, there's a lot of sorrow. and sorrow for everybody that there's a lot just. >> inexplicably i mean, this term is, you know, i. as you're seeing on, i to it in my own mind is a mind, sir. it's in explicable and. we'll have to you know, we'll have to move on the town will move but we have to deal with this. >> tonight's special meeting starts at 6 o'clock and we're.
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the mayor himself may attend that meeting. we will obviously be monitoring the meeting and we'll have the latest updates throughout the evening right here on kron. 4. >> starting tomorrow all californians aged 16 and over will be eligible to get their covid-19 vaccines. there are about 18.7 million people aged 16 to 49 living in california. according to the state, this marks the largest age group to become eligible for the vaccine here in the bay area. several counties already extended the eligibility ahead of time, including san francisco, south santa clara. and in the east bay alameda and contra. costa county. now here's a look at where the state so far. with the vaccine distribution as of today over 23 million shots have been administered out of 29 million that have been delivered in the bay area as of today over 5 and a half million shots have been administered. santa clara remains the bay area
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county with the most doses administered. of course it is the most populated county as well. napa county has administered the fewest you can find more information just like this and how to book your vaccine on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> live indoor events, salsa conferences and receptions can return in san francisco as soon as tomorrow. mayor london breed announcing today. the city will open up more activities allowed in the orange reopening tier where we are san francisco will open indoor ticketed events up to 35% capacity conferences and receptions can have up to 150 people inside with a safety plan in place and masks on when not eating or drinking and groups of up to 50 or more people may now gather together outside with face coverings and distance in place. all of the details on the changes are on our website. kron 4 dot com. within the last hour. so we have learned that health officials say they need more time and more data before they
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can make a decision on what to do about the johnson and johnson covid vaccine, which of course is currently not being used after 6 cases of a rare blood clot were reported in the u.s. surgeon general says the cdc and the fda will decide how to move forward in the next few days. >> but right now they're focused on restoring americans confidence in the vaccine. our washington correspondent anna wiernicki is in washington with the latest. >> us surgeon general doctor vivek murthy says the cdc and fda pas the use of the single dose, johnson and johnson vaccine in order to get health officials enough time to review the data. but it means that the system is working well but in the 90 potential threats, murthy says increasing awareness of the rare potential severe type of blood clot will save lives these clots are different from traditional. lots of people get the response of blood thinners, the fb treated any different and special way. administration officials say the decision was made out of
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an abundance of caution. people continue to get supply out the door. >> as soon as it's available. white house coronavirus response coordinator. jeff zion says the administration is working to make sure anyone scheduled for a change. a vaccine appointment gets rescheduled, free pfizer or moderna vaccine. this week will make 28 million doses of pfizer and moderna available. and doctor anthony fauci says right now the focus is restoring trust and confidence in the vaccines. it should reinforce in those individuals. how we take safety so seriously. we want people to feel confident that the vaccines are getting are both effective and safe. and that means having safety systems in place. it can catch signals and investigate them when they arise in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> in the south bay. one person is dead after an early morning fire in san jose. that fire. well, firefighters responded to it at a strip mall at 2597 center road just
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before 06:00am, the video there. you can see heavy smoke and flames covering the outside of that building. this is the sandwich shop that have been operating for 30 years. firefighters say the fire may have started in a dumpster and then spread to the building. the cause of the fire is under investigation. so far the victim's information is not available. another big story tonight with fire conditions just getting drier by the minute and with the worst of the fire season, seemingly right around the corner. now a new report finds pg and e's fire mitigation plan. >> to be severely lacking. that report is from an independent watchdog group within the california public utilities commission. our kron four's dan kerman live for us from the cpsc headquarters in san francisco with more on this dan. >> what we know pg and pg e's equipment or pg e's equipment or pg and e itself have been held responsible for a variety of fires both here in the bay area as well as throughout the
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state of california. thus this fire mitigation plan. but now the public advocate is saying this one for 2021 doesn't meet the standards it needs to. with california heading into another dry fire and last year's blitz of wildfires still fresh in everyone's mind. >> a new report finds pacific gas and electric's 2021 wildfire mitigation plan severely flawed right now. they're trying to. >> dodge and weave to avoid accountability for the most important part of what they can do to help prevent wildfires. >> nathaniel skinner is with the public advocate's office. that's the independent consumer watchdog within the public utilities commission. he says when it comes to tree trimming and infrastructure upgrades pg and e has failed to properly prioritize the riskiest areas most prone to wild fire. >> out of their 500 riskiest miles. these are the areas where they're most likely to have a devastating wildfire.
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they're only addressing about 200 of those miles this year. even though they're doing 1800 miles worth of work in no way, no how should this plan be approved. >> we'll abrams lost his home during 27 teens north bay fire storm. he says, to be affective pg e's wildfire plan must identify failures from past buyers indicate how they plan to address that going forward. he says it's not in their plan. >> charting a new path forward has to include telling the truth and only your responsibilities and that does not come across in the current wildfire mitigation plan. >> for its part, pacific gas and electric says it has prioritize customer safety in terms of the work that it's done. they also believe that they have identified the gaps from last year and address that they say they look forward to improving performance during this
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wildfire season live at the cpc. dan kerman kron 4 news sure hope so. thank you, dan. meanwhile, governor newsome was back in the bay today pushing to get kids back into classrooms. >> while admitting lots of schools still have no plan in place to get back to in person learning kron four's charles clifford reports. >> well here in sonoma county on wednesday, governor gavin newsome was here pushing for all public schools across the state to resume in person classes. the governor toured shepard accelerated elementary school on wepnesday morning. school actually resumed in person classes here on tuesday. the governor also spoke to the media talked about the 6.6 billion dollars in funding that is being used to reopen schools. that money is going towards 3 months of free ppe for all schools, also for testing and to get teachers and staff vaccinated. he noted there's about 11,000 schools in california, but not all of them have resumed in person classes as of yet. and he's hoping that they will. i want all the schools to reopen. >> i think crystal clear about
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that going back to december. we put out a specific strategy in december. >> to safely reopen our schools for public instruction in person instruction. we put out 6.6 billion dollars. and i was very grateful that the legislature embrace that in order to help advance that cause the 9 thousands from march, as i just noted. hundreds of schools are opening every single day. so mark my word. that number is more it's much closer to 11,000. the 9,000. but there are outliers and we've got to work through those issues. >> the governor also said today that he hopes that all schools and all kids will be back in the classroom coming this fall that includes higher education colleges and universities. but for now in the north bay. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> still to come, president biden announcing the u.s. will be pulling all troops out of afghanistan. the timeline for that and how republican lawmakers are reacting. >> and state leaders are sharing their ideas on how to help california build back boldly after the pandemic. but what does that mean exactly.
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and look out cracking down on oakland sideshows. we have details on the major enforcement said to be happening this weekend. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow lot of sunshine around the bay area. a little breezy out there still. but we have some very nice days ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. chevy is america's fastest-growing full-line brand. and people are taking it everywhere. taking trailblazer outdoors. confidently taking on new places with equinox.
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on this equinox. in the east show appears on the streets of oakland this weekend. police
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say they're going to be ready for them. >> last weekend side shows were a major problem for officers. the opie details kron four's that mid you why that won't be the case this weekend. >> you all see this weekend additional officers on the street. >> this was the scene last weekend in oakland. the citizen app video captured it all. however, oakland police say when it comes to sideshow enforcement this weekend. bigs will be different. the chief has just authorized. >> a full deployment of our side show detail enforcement. and this really goes back to resources. we need the resources to be able to continue. >> to keep the city of oakland santa unanimous vote from the oakland city council has given opd the funding. they say is needed to better handle the sigal problem. not like, you know, the city council. >> approves money and others that more opd officers spot out of the sky got more officers on the street. so it
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is. >> the funds for over time that we can bring additional officers and i will be out there this weekend. >> apd officials say the return of sideshow enforcement the return of citations vehicles be told and participants being arrested. >> and if we don't get you this weekend or eating kitchen last weekend. we have seizure warrants and we will come after you with our seizure warrant such a 30 day impound of your vehicle will cost you thousands of dollars. we don't have limits on how far will travel. well traveled there. we'll take that car. >> kron 4 news. 2 asian women ages 5070 were recently violently attacked and robbed at any ox only asian-american grocery store the country square market. it's on hillcrest avenue right off highway 4 this is according to the city's mayor who says he was notified of the attack last night by the antioch police chief. he also says investigators are looking into whether or not this was a
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possible hate crime and this revelation comes as the mayor of antioch signed a proclamation condemning asian and pacific islander hate nice putting up forward several proposals to try and make amends to the bay area. chinese american community for wrongs suffered in that city city. nearly a 150 years ago. kron four's, maureen kelly reports. our asian american community. >> brothers and sisters. you know that they're not standing alone in fighting something. so hateful as violence. mayor lamar thorpe signed the proclamation condemning the recent wave of anti-asian hate in the same plaza that was once part of the city's chinatown before that community was driven out by a mob. 1876 antioch stein, a town which we're literally standing on was burned down and it later became wall. the plaza people of chinese heritage were banned from walking antioch city streets after sunset. here's a photo of a tunnel that chinese immigrants dog in order to get to and from work at night, the proposals include designating this chinatown historic
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district as well as making an official apology from the city for the terrorizing of chinese immigrants in the past. one of today's to understand that there's a historical pattern here. this isn't the first time that chinese americans are asian americans in our in our country have been terrorized andy lee, the president, the contra costa community college district believes the city apologizing for past wrongs that would not only be stored but healing. if you do something wrong and that you don't apologize you. we continue to do if you do something you apologize no matter many years later you are a part to make the official let people say it's better. i don't do it anymore. >> the mayor is also hoping to fund a mural project downtown commemorating the chinese community as well as making a permanent exhibit here at the antioch museum. all 4 proposals need to be approved by the city council and are expected to be on their agenda by early may. maureen kelly
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kron 4 news all right. weather time. it was windy there where maureen was. this is a live look outside. >> our studios in san francisco flags going palm trees blowing, although it was a pretty nice day in the big picture yeah. hardly a cloud in the sky laurent's, what do we have to look forward to chase was yeah. i know with no rain. unfortunately going to be making his way in our direction anytime too soon. but we're going to see a whole lot of nice weather. beautiful out there right now. a little hazy. this little from a moisture off the ocean here making its way on shore in the san francisco around the rest. the bay area. >> they are seeing some rain in the sierra nevada and some snow up there as well. you see that little swirl in the atmosphere is that low pressure center starts to move a little bit further to the east. so. winds. yes, still blustery and pas and spots but not as windy as it was yesterday. but still generating some of the snowfall across the sierra nevada, maybe another one or
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so inches of snow expected overnight tonight. it's tomorrow as far as we're concerned. yeah, it is quiet out there right now. the clouds have gone away even along the coastline. looking mostly clear temperatures right now. very comfortable little more. you're checking in at 68 degrees right now. 66 in gawker about san jose. nice evening there at 68 degrees inside the bay. beautiful weather. 60 little breezy and oakland the cooler to san francisco 57 degrees and 55 degrees in half moon bay. but there are some much warmer days ahead and we will take a closer look at them. coming up a few minutes. all right, lawrence, coming up, the latest on the former minneapolis police officer who shot dante wright includes the charges she is now facing and mayor london breed is challenging people who. >> live work or visit her city. how she hopes this will help small businesses.
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so things are a little different. maybe normal isn't normal. but at denny's, we're still here day and night
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creating new ways to safely bring you the food you love. because we love to feed people. and that will always be normal to us. >> a california state senators today unveiling their financial priorities to try to help build the state's post-pandemic economy includes expanding access to health care for undocumented immigrants and attempts to cancel student debt among many other big ticket ashley zavala explains what's driving this big budget. >> we have a once in a generation opportunity to make transformative changes for california with higher than forecasted revenues in
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26 bsllion dollars in stimulus money from the federal government. some state democrats have big financial hopes and their budget priorities laid out wednesday among the proposals is a 100 million dollar effort to immediately expand state health insurance to all californians 65 and up regardless of immigration status and eventually extended to all regardless of status with a phased in approach. the priority list also includes funding to expand access to early childhood care and education. >> money for first time homebuyers and a 5 year, 20 billion dollar plan to tackle homelessness with more permanent housing programs goals in more equitable economy. >> it provides pathways out of poverty. expanded access to wealth so that we can restore our middle class and we also want to dramatically reduce homelessness. the lawmakers also want to minimize student debt by expanding middle class access to scholarships. the group is also urging the biden administration to cancel student debt up to $50,000 per
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student. this will eliminate that for 3 million california significantly for almost 1 million democrats say on top of this, they -ant to make a significant investment in improving state systems for agencies like the edd and dmv. >> that have been plagued by persistent technology problems. democratic senators did not provide a total price tag on the long list of priorities. >> republicans as of wednesday. we're still reviewing the plan. there are a lot of different needs a lot of different issues that we need to address what i'm not for is spending money indiscriminately to make a legislator feel good about themselves has to have some effect has tested real meaning in the average californians like that's what i want to see. i, you know, press conferences are but we i think taxpayers we want to see action. >> details of this plan are still being worked out as lawmakers await for california's updated economic forecast in may. that's also when the governor is expected to release his updated priority list as well. reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news as
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san francisco and it's small and neighborhood businesses try to crawl back towards normalcy in the waning months of this pandemic. >> the city's mayor london breed is challenging residents to buy from small businesses only in the month of may. in today's media conference. she noted that the city has given some relief to small businesses through 75 million dollars and grants and loans as well as set fee waivers. but that's not enough. she wants the public to shop more at local businesses. for many people, it could be hard to avoid buying from amazon or target. the mayor says that she's been trying to lead by example since the early days of the pandemic. >> coming up, a new study shows a lot of people are moving out of san francisco and heading to sacramento why they say they're high tailing it out of here. plus the warriors will be welcoming fans back to chase center starting next friday to get in, though. you'll either need a negative covid test or show that you're fully vaccinated. if you haven't had the 2 shots in the 2 weeks after that or the one shot j and j the team.
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we'll send you a covid test to your house will explain how that process works. and president biden says it is time to bring american troops hold from afghanistan. kron four's. washington, dc reporter will join us live.
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>> our top story tonight at 5.30, president joe biden says it is time to bring american troops home


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