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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 14, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your rheumatologist about humira. go to to see proof in action. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news and on. >> good wednesday morning to you. says wednesday so i got it. yeah, we are halfway through the week. >> i hope it's going well for you so far looks like the rest of the week is if i remember the forecast right from yesterday. temperatures slowly climbing. i think as we head, ok because i did get a little warm when i was walking yesterday i move. >> it's going to be more than
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a little yeah. so yesterday pretty pleasant. one for sure. if you're outside, you may broke a little bit of a sweat for sure. >> this weekend. it is going to be hot. it's going to feel like the middle of summer actually for much of the bay area. we've already seen a few warm days this year, but we're already talking the warmest one of the year so far likely sunday. so if you love the heat that one's for you out there. let's get a look outside this morning. maybe you don't like the heat, get a jog out of the way during the morning hours, we're going to remain cool. there's some cloud cover sitting right above the bay area. but that's the key here. it's sitting right above us. so as you're driving into work, you're not running to any fog this morning. you're definitely crystal clear as far as that goes a bit brisk skies dry foo the bay area and temperatures. well, they're back into the 40's 50's a lot like yesterday. again, it's a cool morning ahead of a mild afternoon and that's ahead of a really warm weekend which i'll get to still to come, reyna. tom, thank you so check it out. your commute for you this morning as you're heading into the city.
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>> these are starting to pick up a bit. we have a high wind advisory in place as you are crossing the bay bridge here to that fremont street exit under 9 minutes for your drive time head over to the golden gate bridge as you're driving into the city. all that overnight construction has been removed off of the bridge. no fog to slow you down this morning about a 20 minute commute for easier. looking at the richmond sandra fell commute heading out of richmond as traffic starts to build just a bit. still 9 minutes for you. and we leave you with a look at the san mateo bridge as you travel across towards the peninsula. we also have a high wind advisory here. so be mindful to take about 10 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up. but for now, daryn, back to you. >> thanks a lot of 5. '02. and today the cdc holds an emergency meeting to go over the johnson and johnson vaccine and see if there's a connection between the vaccine and 6 women developing blood clots. we told you about this yesterday on the kron 00:00am morning news using the johnson johnson vaccine has now been stopped here in the u.s. until
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they figure this out today. the cdc will review the cases and we'll see what's going on. the cdc. the fda will then make a recommendation on whether everybody can start using the j and j shot again. >> so far nearly 7 million of those jj shots have given out. and for most bay area counties. there are a and of johnson and johnson's vaccine this week was small in comparison to the pfizer and moderna stockpiles. but in most cases people scheduled to get the j and j vaccine will instead now get the pfizer or the moderna one. however, in marin county, most mobile clinics were using jnj and county health leaders say that if this pause last a long time. well, then it will have an impact. >> it's not a recall. this is a hold. they're still on the fridge, the ready to go. but depending on how long that it could slow down our overall vaccine distribution plan significantly this takes more than a week or 2. >> as cvs and walgreens are canceling the appointments now for johnson and johnson's
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vaccine, though reschedule it with other vaccines as supplies allow. >> and the south bay santa clara county is stocking up on its supply as more people are now eligible to get their vaccination sites are now expected to reach full capacity in the days ahead. we have kron four's, rob fladeboe, the closer look. >> so this is a really big milestone for our community. santa clara county public health on tuesday announcing a significant increase in vaccine supply from the federal government. another 300,000 doses is a game changer, says county vaccine officer doctor marty fenstersheib combined with the increase from our state since we do get additional vaccine from her state normally we now have enough vaccine really to quickly reach our goal, protecting our entire community against covid-19. in addition to allowing the county health system to release 10's of thousands of additional vaccine appointments. the extra vaccine will also allow the county to expand eligibility
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to all individuals. 16 or older who live and work in santa clara county. we do anticipate. >> heavy traffic to our website over the next few days with this expansion of eligibility. >> so please be patient. check back later. if the web is temporarily down or if are fully booked combined with its regular state allotment. the extra vaccine. >> will allow the county to continue its intensive outreach efforts to ensure communities. most impacted by covid-19 have access to vaccine appointments and to fully utilize capacity at each of its vaccine clinics. and again, this is going to it's not going to all happen tomorrow. so people again. be patient. you will get your turn. >> and remember the pfizer and moderna still require 2 doses. so we're hopeful in the next few months that we will absolutely in a safer place in this community in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> it's 5. '05, in san
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francisco is celebrating a major milestone despite facing a shortage in vaccine. the city has the highest percentage. vaccinated residents kron four's terisa stasio has that story. >> really happy that as of today, we being vaccine eligibility up to anybody. 16 and over. so it's a big move. >> doctor grant colfax san francisco's director of health delivering some good news on how the city by the bay is tackling covid-19 currently san francisco celebrating the highest percentage of residents vaccinated and that eligibility opening up to 16 and over time we have done a remarkable job as a community in terms of ensuring that. >> our low barrier access to vaccine system is working right 58% of people 16 and received at least one vaccine in san francisco. and among all residents over half of of san francisco residents have have received at least at one
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shot. >> and also this despite the cdc and fda putting the johnson and johnson vaccine on hold while it examined 6 cases of blood clotting among the millions given the doctor says that they have plenty of pfizer and moderna to keep going without any cancellations. that said, the doctor does offer this dose of reality about the pandemic still surging in some parts of the country. i think it's a time to be hopeful and optimistic and also realistic rates are right now in san francisco. we beaten back 3 we certainly don't want to have a 4 surge. so i'm optimistic about that. 58% number. we still have to get to that for for hopefully herd immunity. and i watch what's happening in other parts of the country like michigan, prince sense where. >> you know the surge they're having a surge federal that is fueled by you know, we have a few more months ago. and then we will be in a much better place to reopen our city theresa kron 4 news.
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>> and california has reached a goal for the first time since march of last year. the california to public public health department says fewer than 10 deaths in a single day happened in our state currently the state is reporting more than 59,000 covid related deaths. >> happening today. a couple facing torture charges after their 11 year-old daughter was found dead inside of their home in rodeo will be in court 30 year-old rene diaz and his 28 year-old wife crystal are charged with 4 counts of child abuse. in addition to those torture charges, the contra costa county dist deputy district attorney says the girl was abused over a 5 month period. the couple is currently now in contra, costa county jail on one points on one 0.4 million dollars bail. human remains found in a forest in oregon have been identified now as a contra costa county man who went missing back in 1979 this is a picture from when those remains were found back in january. kenneth bell was 22 years old when he went
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missing. police believe he was traveling from the bay area to washington state to visit family bell worked in the timber industry in the 1970's and often visited portland. the remains were found by a crew that was planting trees in a remote wilderness area just south of portland. bell was identified by personal items that were found with his remains dna. confirmation is currently underway. >> time now is 5. '09, on the peninsula struggle over what turned out to be a fake gun led to a fatal shooting by police in daly city. this happened a week ago today on ny and dekalb there near who the pair sarah boulevard and westlake avenue. police officers walked up to a car that was parked. sorry. it was a pickup truck that was part and it had a damaged rear tire. the driver was cooperating. but the passenger in that truck, 44 real roger allen had what looked like to the police that while gun in
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his lap. but that gun turned out to be fake there it is. alan reached for it. and an officer tried to disarm him. and during the struggle. another officer fired his gun hitting allen in the chest. he died at a hospital. the names of the officers involved have not been released. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news of an accused of killing a young girl in santa cruz could be released from prison in 4 years despite pleading guilty to all charges. we'll tell you why. plus, a break in the cold case of a missing cal poly, san luis obispo student. details on the prime suspect at that has been arrested. and also this morning after the break, president joe biden will be announcing plans to withdraw all u.s. troops from afghanistan. we're going to tell you exactly when in a live report from washington. >> and we are seeing some cloud cover overhead but not talking fog this morning and winds a little bit lighter today. all this offering improvements for your wednesday ahead of us daytime
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high still comfortable 60's and 70's. your forecast. still to come.
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>> 5.13 right now. and what is surprising so much shedding a hot on the lock. >> i was going up for me. it was it was breezy and yeah. so
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i felt some of those winds that john was showing us yesterday with those coming from the ac on the couch was i did have to drive my son to his you did you roll the window down to the car as feels really all the from the from the right. it's that. what is 20 feet. >> you called winds. i definitely felt that yesterday afternoon. i agree with you, james. arias bubble is keeping her work it was straight uphill it's my girlfriend who just likes to but yeah, it's definitely going to be another mild one today. so if you got that uphill walk going. if you got the job going. >> yeah, you'll definitely break a sweat, especially with the sunshine. we've got this afternoon. winds are going to be a bit calmer today. not to say it won't be breezy, but compared to the winds that we saw yesterday that we all
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noted it is going to be noticeably a little calmer and that's a little more pleasant viewing outside from the east bay this morning. skies are clear enough. that's because cloud cover sitting a bit higher aloft this morning. you're not going to be driving into any fog this morning as cloud cover sitting well above the hillsides bridges. all of us looking good to go as far as the fog goes, low pressure is gradually going to exit the region and a high is going to start to build back in. this is going to result in a big warm up come the weekend. we're still breezy today. not as windy as yesterday. you can see as winds are calming down. we are looking at still gust as high as 30 miles per hour. that's a lot lower than our peak gusts of 50 miles per hour at times yesterday dry for the bay this year is getting a helpful dose of snowfall this morning. we'll continue to see that into the afternoon for the sierra not a heavy dose of snow, but it is helpful to see some of that snow. nonetheless, today. tomorrow, friday, all dry days for the bay. we're going to keep that around into the weekend as this high builds back in and results and temperatures climbing further
5:16 am
and further setting us up for our warmest weekend of the year so far. 50's 60's for your highs. and san francisco and elsewhere right along the coastline. going to be a much more comfortable day along the coast today while temperatures along the bayshore range from the 60's to low 70's and saying carlos down the mountain view south bay temps today. well, low 70's for you san jose at 72 fremont at 70 while hayward union city up through oakland into richmond all in the mid to upper 60's concord walnut creek danville and san ramon all back into the 70's pretty much all of the north bay. at least further inland also reaching into the at least the upper 60's to low 70's today tomorrow's temperatures a little warmer for inland spots. we climb even further all across the bay come friday and then come saturday and sunday, which will be very toasty, right. middle your weekend. let's look at sunday in particular inland areas that your first line there. 88 degrees on average bayside areas in the mid 80's. well, even the coast tapping into the low 70's by sunday right
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john, thank you. so we are tracking your commute for you this morning as you head into the city right now. under 9 minutes for your drive time. we do have a high wind advisory, though. >> for the bay bridge this morning. so be mindful of that. there's also one for the san mateo bridge will show you that bridge is getting across towards the peninsula. so very gusty and windy. take your time as you're driving towards the peninsula under 10 minutes for you. there. let's head over to the gate bridge. and check on things you are heading into the city. no fog advisory. so visibility has not stifled by that. 20 minutes for you to make that commute. leave you with a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge heading out of richmond. 9 minutes still pretty light earlier in this area. we'll have more on that coming up next. but for now, back to the news. >> a 3rd night of unrest in minnesota as protesters threw bottles and bricks at police over the death of dante right.
5:18 am
officers arrested dozens who refused to go home after the curfew. hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets demanding justice and accountability. right. as you may know by now was killed sunday by an officer who says she mistook her service weapon for her taser. well, happening today, prosecutors are considering possible charges against that officer. the washington county attorney's office is planning to charge officer kim potter today. it isn't clear what she'll be charged with. she submitted her resignation letter yesterday with the mayor of brooklyn center says that he has not accepted. some are calling for par to be fired instead because if she's allowed to resign, she be eligible to collect a pension. they also say that she should be charged with murder. >> good god not be that beautiful baby. the list. the bank. >> i that's
5:19 am
>> clearly see his mother was very angry. police chief tim gannon, who you see here also called the shooting accidental. he has also resigned. >> this all happened close to the derek chauvin trial and prosecution just rested its case against him. the defense now calling witnesses to the stand a use of force expert testified for defense and the former officer's actions. he says we're justified. >> in your opinion, was this the use of deadly force. it was not. >> chauvin's defense team has argued that george floyd died last may because of his illegal drug use and underlying health problems not from chauvin's knee pressed against his neck for more than 9 minutes. chauvin is not expected to take the stand in the trial. closing arguments are likely to begin early next week. the judge says he will sequester the jury once the deliberations start. >> happening today. president
5:20 am
joe biden is expected to announce his plans to withdraw all u.s. troops from afghanistan by september 11th that comes the dawn, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11/2000, one terrorist attacks. washington dc correspondent shot hudson joins us live with more on the president's announcement. i was shot. good morning. the president announce minus parking bipartisan bash last here on capitol hill by both democrats and republicans. and now later today he'll have a chance to provide full details of this plan. >> america's longest war could soon be coming to an end. we have been there for far too long. president biden is expected to announce wednesday that he will order the withdrawal of all u.s. troops from afghanistan by september. >> pushing back a may deadline agreed to by the taliban and the trump administration. the president has been consistent. >> in his view that there's not a military to afghanistan.
5:21 am
oklahoma senator james inhofe, the top republican on the senate armed services committee. >> called the president's decision premature. it's ludicrous. first of all, it's not condition base. secondly, when i announced everyone, when you're going to do these iowa senator joni ernst says the decision should be based on conditions on the ground, not targeted dates. >> i think we should not just be setting a date for the sake of the day. the senate majority leader chuck schumer says he needs more time before commenting on the president's decision. but the bottom line is i'm getting a briefing on that and i'm going withhold judgment until i hear from the biden administration had one talk, but i need to have another. >> the pentagon says there are currently 2. they're currently 2500 troops still serving in afghanistan. >> in washington, rashad hudson. back to you. all right. thank you very much for shot. >> democratic lawmakers
5:22 am
introduced new legislation to tied to address the spike in hate crimes against asian americans. i'm alexandra limon in washington with all the details coming up.
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> 5.24 in national news just in a big rise in attacks on people of asian and pacific islander descent. as you know,
5:25 am
the attacks have made with racist remarks and some of them wrongly blaming victims for the pandemic. now lawmakers in dc are trying to make sure that these crimes are treated as hate crimes. washington, dc correspondent alexandra le mon has more. >> united states senator mazie hirono says she's worried for her own safety due to the rise in unprovoked and racist attacks on people of asian and pacific islander descent before. if i was walking around. >> outside, i would have my ear buds on and be listening to books on tape. i would never do that. now. >> congresswoman grace meng says asian americans are fighting to viruses covid-19 and anti asian hate asian americans. >> being shoved to the ground stomped on being spat, on and shot. and according to stop a p, i hate nearly 3800 attacks against asian and pacific
5:26 am
islander americans were reported during the first year of the pandemic in the u.s. and it's likely many more attacks went unreported. that's why senator hirono and representatives may introduce the stop covid-19 hate crimes it would instruct the justice department to assign someone to review covid-19 hate crimes in an expedited way and to work with states on reporting the crimes speaker pelosi said the bill is expected to pass quickly in the house, but it will need the support of all democrats and 10 republicans in the senate republican senator kevin cramer says he doesn't see the need terms of legislation i think it's very clumsy. i don't i'm not one who naturally. >> thinks we need another category of crimes particular. they're already hate crimes. other republicans have also expressed skepticism about the bill in washington. alexandra limon. >> city leaders here in windsor in the north bay are going to demand that the mayor steps down after several
5:27 am
claims of assault and great. i've got a lot of details and revelations from the meeting yesterday. and what's to come today.
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wednesday. we've got john taking a look at field. very middle of the road today. appropriate for the middle of the road of the week. anything inspiring that you can say. >> i it's back to the heat in the sunshine. this weekend. in a big way. way guys, we're going to be talking near 90 if not to 90 degrees by sunday areas like antioch in vacaville. i'm looking at you when i say 90 degrees to close out the weekend is going to be really toasty out there as we make our way to the next few days. so if you like the cool weather, here's your inspiration. you got another one of those days. today where it's a bit on the windy side, although not as windy as yesterday and comfortably cool like we saw yesterday, cloud covers right above us this morning. so areas like half moon bay. you're said, well, you're not looking at any fog. it is going to be an easy drive into work as far as weather goes skies are dry again, less than ideal there. but we are seeing some snowfall in the sierra nevada. good news for skiers and snowboarders. if you want to be getting up there towards the weekend. now temperatures right now are in the 40's and
5:31 am
50's for most of us. there are a few 30's in the north bay to know like in santa rosa nevado. so just bundle up this morning. expect a cool feel the start and a comfortable afternoon. >> don, thank you for that. all right. let's go head over to the bay bridge and check on conditions. there's it really starts to pick up this morning under 10 minutes for your drive. time to make it to the fremont street exit there is a high wind advisory in place to drive safely. another island advisory. we're keeping a close eye on is along the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula under 11 minutes for your drive time. the air, the golden gate bridge, another nice commute for you. just 20 minutes for you to make it into the city. all that overnight construction is off of the bridge this morning leaving you with a look at the richmond sandra fell community head out of richmond there at 9 minutes. no major accidents or delays along any of these bridges. we'll have more on your commute and drive times coming up for now, dorian james, back to you. thanks a lot right. >> so happening today. the town of windsor, the city or the town council. there is going to meet a special session to address the assault
5:32 am
allegations against that city's mayor. the council is expected to call on dominic foppoli to resign. kron 4. sarah stinson is live in windsor with more on what's going to happen today. good morning, sarah. >> yeah, that's right. the town council here in windsor. they're going to be meeting on zoom later tonight and they hope anybody who wants to join because they're going to be considering demanding that the mayor steps down resigns from his elected position as mayor due to these allegations. and this is these are allegations that now the town council has admitted that they have known and these allegations, including rape. the dates back to 2017. so a big, big revelations coming out of the town of windsor as we continue to follow this story about mayor dominic foppoli so far a total of 6 women, including windsor councilman woman claimed poli assaulted them. according to a post from the
5:33 am
town leaders were notified about the incidents in 2017. one foot pole. it was a. >> council member. then again last february when he was mayor in both instances foot poli denied the claims police and the council say there was nothing there. so it was dropped something i'm sure they're looking back reading now take a listen to a previous council member described more. >> now. you would say god would we been nice investigate everything and found out all the truce and everything else but back then there was no other indication of anything but it is clear is 6 people have come forward publicly. >> there are others out there and we expect there are more to come. >> now that meeting today. it's a special meeting starts at 6 o'clock. it is on zoom and they're again asking anybody who wants to talk about this and voice their opinion to join in on zoom. and you know, say whether you
5:34 am
think that the mayor should or should not resign after all of these allegations have come out for now reporting live in windsor. sarah stinson, back to you. thanks a lot, sarah. 5.33 and former sebastopol mayor. >> robert jay cup was in court yesterday. he was arrested over the weekend accused of sexually assaulting a minor the bail of $620,000 was proposed but still has been decided on the judge ruled that jacob can have no contact with the alleged victim. his plea and bail hearing has been moved until delayed until this thursday which is tomorrow. police are continuing to courage any other possible victims to come forward. >> the accused killer in the murder of 8 year-old maddy middleton is going back to the juvenile court system. it could be released in just 4 years. 21 year-old, adrian gonzalez pleaded guilty to the 2015 kidnapping rape and murder of little maddy middleton in santa cruz. he
5:35 am
was 15 years old at the time. and even though he was legally a child prosecutors and advocacy groups argue that he should be charged as an adult based on the weight of the crime. >> it was inevitable. the way the california criminal justice system. it has been moving over the course of the last decade or so. they've done everything they can wrong victim rights. they've got everything they can to undermine criminal criminal accountability. and we're now in a position where repentant killers are able to walk free after serving somewhere like a decade behind prison despite the fact that they murdered and raped a very young girl. it's it's an abomination. >> gonzales is set to be sentenced on april 27th. >> nearly 25 years after cal poly student kristin smart vanished while walking to her dorm room, a san pedro man faces murder charges for her
5:36 am
disappearance. investigation that paul flores has long been considered a person of interest in this case. he was the last person to see kristen smart alive. they left an on-campus party together back in 1996. his father ruben flores was also arrested on suspicion of being ix. an accessory after the fact. authorities say they're going continue to search for christian until her remains are found. >> it's my hope that we're able to take the first step toward justice for the smart family. we are not going to stop until person has been recovered no matter what the cost, no matter what the time we're committed to that. >> investigators say new information. in addition to evidence found at the flores home, help them to get a court order to monitor his cell phone activity. and that's what eventually led to his arrest.
5:37 am
>> in the east bay. 2 people, including a child are dead and 5 others hurt after a crash in pittsburgh 7 year-old sila was in the back seat of this toyota curl on her way home from a night out with her family when a drunk driver hit the back of their car monday night. police say that she was mother's boyfriend romero castro lost control of the car at that point hit several trees after getting hit my that drunk driver and that's when his girlfriend's 3 young children were ejected from the vehicle. castro was killed in that crash. >> my was probably one of the artists spunky most energetic. >> cam passion. it. >> little girls you ever mean your whole entire existence. >> he was a good guy. you know this. this is just unfair. this should not happen at all. like a nightmare, a nightmare that i want to wake out of.
5:38 am
>> the drunk driver has been identified as christian vargas. he was on probation for a prior dui conviction. police found a bottle of alcohol in his car. 2 people in his vehicle were also hurt. artist himself. an injured. he was arrested at the scene. >> time now is 5.37 and and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news bay area leaders unveiling an ambitious plan to how 75% of the homeless population in the next 3 years. we'll tell you how. and the governor signs a new fire prevention bill. where's the money going to go and how is it going to be spent before the devastating to see another devastating fire season. we don't want that and then after the break, you could get a free ride on muni for the next 3 months will tell you how.
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5:40 am
5:41 am
>> 5.41 is the time in san francisco city leaders have introduced a new proposal to fund a 3 month pilot program, providing frse mooney writes it would be a one-time funding legislation that aims to incentivize people to use public transit over vehicles as people get back to work now since the pandemic began more than a year ago. muni like all other bay area transit agency saw dramatic decline in ridership and that resulted in
5:42 am
damaging revenues a loss and that's led to decreased service overall. >> the peninsula. redwood city approves hazard pay for some grocery store and drug store workers. the new ordinance would pay them an extra $5 an hour. it would only be enforced at locations that have more than 750 employees nationwide. other bay area cities have already passed similar rules including oakland san mateo and santa clara. >> it's 5.42. we'll be back with more in just a few with more in just a few minutes. it was when she started forgetting things. i didn't know how much mom was struggling. when i pictured us growing old together. i didn't envision this. i did think of it, but i also thought of her happiness, and i would never put my mom into a facility. i love caring for him. we've been together for so many years,
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> 5.44, let's hope it's not a bad fire season. california is getting prepared going to be spending emergency money to make sure we're protected. yeah. get those wildfire projects under way. the governor signed off on the spending as most of the state experiences we've been talking about abnormally dry conditions. we have capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala to explain. >> the governor and other leaders in his administration came here to oroville to sign off on that spending plan with hopes that this urgent action will help prevent another disastrous wildfire season in california. >> on the step of a fire truck. governor gavin newsome signed a 536 million dollar emergency spending plan for fire prevention projects across the state. >> this is just a down payment. this just gets the ball rolling. this is early action this by no means no stretch of the imagination is the final word. the state of
5:46 am
california's efforts to lean in to this wildfire season. the money is meant for forest management home hardening against fire and workforce training not only will it be released to state agencies but also relevant local community groups like fire safe councils. but i am very concerned. cal fire director tom porter and the rest of the agency is bracing for another potentially brutal fire season i'm very concerned that we are in drought conditions that we are seeing dry fuels in some cases historically or never before seen live fuel moisture tuesday's bill signing was on a dried up boat ramp facing birth land from last year's barron north complex fire. none of the areas lawmakers were at the event paradise area. republican senator jim nielsen said the spending plan falls short. >> releasing a statement tuesday saying in part, this is only a drop in the bucket to fight wildfire simply a band-aid on an open wound as california continues to see abnormally dry conditions. the
5:47 am
governor said tuesday. he's not yet ready to declare a drought-related state of emergency saying the administration has the flexibility to deal with the current conditions without it, we are prepared to move very quickly when we are prepared to move these emergency funds are just a piece of the governor's overall. 1 billion dollar budget proposal for wildfire prevention meanwhile, the state is in the process of hiring about 1400 extra firefighters for the season. >> reporting in oroville. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> so let's talk more about the drought like we keep doing no rain in sight. no, no rain in sight. looks like warm weather on the way. and that's only going to mean the hills get drier and drier as we get closer to summer. john. yeah. i already drying out up in the hills guys not looking as lush anymore. we're on 26 days of dry weather consistently for the bay. now and still no rainfall insight ahead of us. in fact, high pressure is only going build an even further as we work our way into the weekend ahead. that's going to keep us really dry and increasingly warm right now. we are looking at just a few clouds sitting above the bay. it's been a calm morning thus
5:48 am
far. we are not looking at anything here in the bay area. as far as precipitation goes. but look at what we do have up in the sierra nevada can't really see it in this view. i'm actually going to step off camera and zoom your radar out just a minute said they want to show you what we have up in the sea air this morning and that is some snowfall up there. this is the first time in a bit that we've seen snow in the sierra. so it is pretty know where the actually areas like lake tahoe down through the central sierra are seeing some of that snow actively falling. so this is good news. it's not amounting to much, but it is helpful to be seeing that and actually does have to do with this low pressure area. that's skirting just east of us. it's not bringing enough energy our direction to be resulting in the rainfall for the bay. but that is one of the reasons why we were so breezy yesterday. winds will continue today but starting to diminish a bit. so not as windy of a day ahead of us today. but still you will notice a breeze from time to time, especially come the afternoon futurecast shows some of that blew up in the sierra, which is that snowfall that we're seeing this morning
5:49 am
lasting through this afternoon bay area clearing out. nice. sunny skies later today. as for thursday, continuing to see some sunshine. same will be the case on into friday and saturday as high pressure builds back in dries us out and really heat us up. 50's and 60's for your highs in san francisco and down the shoreline a bit more mild than yesterday was millbrae 66 burlingame 68 degrees while foster city. also at 68 saying carlos down through mountain view each right at 70 degrees in the south bay in the low 70's for san jose. campbell santa clara a little bit warmer than your upper 60's yesterday were tri valley back into the low 70's same through danville, walnut creek and conquered oakland europe a little bit from yesterday up to 67 and 70's returning to much of the north bay to with nap at 72 in santa rosa at 71 degrees tomorrow. a bit warmer inland warmer yet come friday and then really warm into the weekend sunday upper 80's inland mid 80's by the bay and low 70's at the coast warm on saturday, too, but sunday is
5:50 am
looking likely to be the warmest of the year so far. reyna. tom, thank you. so we're tracking some accidents that are happening out there on the road. >> like this 1, 5, 80 westbound at bayview avenue in richmond, not causing any delays there. we have another one out here, tracy along 2 o 5 westbound at mountain house. that's long. the altamont pass. we have a high wind advisory there that could be the cause of the accident there. so windy. we also have a high wind advisory here along the bay bridge. also a new accident just popped up westbound right near treasure island. so again, a metering lights on there trying to get that accident off of the bridge are up to about 15 minutes now to make it into the city to that fremont street exit headed across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes for your drive time there. we have a high wind advisory across the san mateo bridge as well. the richmond sandra fell commute that nice. we're at 7 minutes for you and leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge 18 minutes as you drive into the city will have more on that coming up. but for now, darya and james, back to you. >> back here and 5 50's that
5:51 am
i've bay area leaders have unveiled a plan to reduce homelessness by 75% in 3 years. it's an ambitious goal. but according to 2019 data from the u.s. department of housing and urban development more than 35,000 people across the region are living on the street and local and state leaders and drop that number down to 10,000 by the year 2024 the regional action plan is aimed to provide new housing for those who are currently homeless and reduce the number who are becoming homeless extremely low income residents and racial equity is at the forefront of the plan. >> this crisis has persisted way too long. where we believe many believe in our communities that we cannot in this prop centering racial equity and equity in general at the center of this plan was not a choice. it is how the work needs to be done. we need to get comfortable and familiar with folks who are more most impacted by this homelessness crisis. >> to address racial issues.
5:52 am
the coalition is calling on the state to measure equity levels observe progress and tie funding to that progress. the program is also aiming to get more people in interim or permanent housing. the coalition is made up of leaders in all 9 bay area counties along with corporate profit partners. >> 5.51 right now. and coming up. >> fans are going to be back in the chase center and the team can't wait. we'll tell you what there are of planning for next week.
5:53 am
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so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it!
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that means cooking day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking. >> we are back at 5.55 talking baseball. good day for the the giants. let's start there. they were hosting the cincinnati reds and in the first tier bottom of the first brandon crawford gets a pretty good hit drive the ball over the left center wall. >> and that was good for a 2 run homer that tied up the game. then let's fast forward to the bottom of the 7th still a tie game and here's johnson fielder, wilmer flores hitting a ball to center field deep enough to drive a runner home and the giants would hang on to win this one 76 the final score, the river matches today at 1245, and a's fans are enjoying a game in arizona
5:56 am
guess the diamondbacks, the were down a few runs. but a's infielder, jed lowry hit a home run. and here it is. and that helped the a's make a >> because after that is first baseman, seth brown gave the a's the lead with another home run. look at him crash at one another one. that was the second of the season. they were so far back. they came a long way and went more 70. final. so that was a fun one to watch play out after a bad start. yeah. is now won 4 out of their last 5 games. speaking a comeback is coming back. people fans to the chase warriors can't wait. it's all going to happen on april 23rd. >> with changes that you need to be aware of. fans have to wear a mask. and of that's no-brainers social distancing. but you have to have proof a full or a negative test result. just like it or just for the giants. so this is same ticketing process. is
5:57 am
using your phone. use your phone for the ticket, use your phone to order food. the chase center as other safety protocols in place as well. you'll notice new sanitizing machines all over the place in air filters and stuff like that. when the then the arena, when the roads reopening happens, it will have been 400, 7 days. wow. yeah, long time since we've seen vance. >> we have spent every single hour of every single one of those 407 days. redesigning and re imagining the experience at chase center with the number one goal of making sure we emerge from this is the safest arena in the country. >> and this is with 35% capacity still, it's not a full house. tonight. the warriors on the road facing the oklahoma city thunder. think about it. that's that it's still basically brand new. the chase and hardly use hardly you park right. yeah. waiting for a full season where fans can really get in there and enjoyment of this one coming up.
5:58 am
>> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news starting tomorrow. all californians aged 16 and over will be eligible to get their covid-19
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come experience floor and decor's grand opening in pleasant hill! comfortably shop our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. explore floor and decor's newest area location. now open in pleasant hill! >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a wednesday and daria false. and i'm james fletcher. it was a breezy day yesterday


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