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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 13, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, a guilty plea in the horrific death of an 8 year-old girl. while why the accused killer is now going back to the juvenile court system where he could be released in just 4 years. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. today 21 year-old adrian gonzalez pleaded guilty to the 2015 kidnapping rape and murder of 8 year-old maddy middleton and santa cruz gonzales was 15 years old at that time. and even though he was legally a child prosecutors, an advocacy groups have long argued that based on the severity of this crime. gonzalez should be
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charged as an adult kron. 4 aqi has more on our top story. >> right after his case was moved back to the juvenile court system 21 year-old adrian gonzalez pled guilty on tuesday to the 2015 murder of an 8 year-old madyson middleton gonzalez could now go free in 4 years when he's 25 due to a series of state juvenile justice system reforms in february of this year. the california supreme court ruled that minors under the age of 16 cannot be tried in adult criminal court. gonzales was 15 years old when he kidnapped raped and murdered middleton and then disposed of her body in a garbage bin at her apartment complex. this is video from the day of his arrest in 2015, they might have some evidence of a car. some it was inevitable. the way the california criminal justice system. >> it has been moving over the course of the last decade or so. beginning with governor brown. they've got everything they can roll victim rights. they've got everything they
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can to undermine criminal criminal accountability. and we're now in a position where repentant killers are able to walk free after serving somewhere like a decade behind prison despite the fact that they murdered and raped a very young girl. it's it's an abomination mark. last is the founder of klaas kids foundation which works to prevent crimes against children for class. >> this case hits too close to his petaluma home where his 12 year-old daughter polly klaas was kidnapped from the 1994 and then murdered her killer is currently on death row at san quentin. unlike prosecutors class believes gonzalez should be charged as an adult for the of her family. >> they know that this guy has not being held accountable for the heinous crime that he committed and they also know that there will be other victims in the future. in a statement to kron 4 news gonzalez. his defense attorneys said this isn't a case of whodunit, but a case
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of whether adrian will receive treatment in an age appropriate facility. >> he goes on to write, quote, the supreme court recently resolved that issue when in a 7 to 0 decision. the upheld sp 1, 3, 9, 1, which bans the transfer of 1415 year-old kids to adult courts. it is in my view, good public policy and promotes public safety kids tried and punished in adult courts, re offend sooner. more often and for more serious crimes and those kept in the juvenile justice system. a meaningful opportunity for reform requires a correctional setting which treats in doesn't further traumatize its occupants, although no correctional institution is perfect. adrian. we'll have a better growth change and maturing at the department of juvenile justice compared to san quentin are i'd like somebody to tell me or program exist within the juvenile system. that is going to take an unrepentant killer slash rapist. >> and then turn him back into a productive citizen. and as little as 4 years in solace is
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set to be sentenced on april 27th until her key reporting kron 4 news. >> nearly 25 years after cal poly student kristin smart vanished while walking to her dorm room, a san pedro man is facing murder charges in connection with her disappearance. investigators say that paul flores has long been considered a person of interest in this case and was the last person to see kristen smart alive. they left an off campus party together and 1996 his father. you saw him there. 80 year-old ruben flores. he was also arrested on suspicion of being an accessory after the fact. authorities say they will continue to look for christian until her remains are found. >> it's my hope that we're able to take the first step toward justice for the smart family. we are not going to stop until person has been recovered no matter what the cost, the matter, what the time we're committed to that.
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>> investigators say new information and addition to evidence found at flores home, help them to get a court order to monitor floors, a cell phone and eventually that led to his arrest. >> protesters facing off against police for a 3rd straight night following the deadly shooting of a young black man by a police officer. the officer who fired the shot that killed 20 year old dante wright has resigned as did the chief of police in brooklyn center outside of minneapolis but has jonathan tells us that has done little to stop the demonstrations there. >> tensions escalated before a 10 o'clock curfew ever took effect in brooklyn center, minnesota tuesday. a city on edge and a community in pain following the fatal police shooting of 20 year-old dante
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wright was for the 3rd night in a row. police fired flash-bang grenades and chemical agents to disperse hundreds of demonstrators as some in the crowd threw rocks and bottles at officers in riot gear. kim potter is the veteran officer who shot right. she quit her job this morning saying in a resignation letter that it was in the best interest of the community, the department and her fellow officers. police chief tim gannon also resigned one day after describing the shooting as an accident officers stopped right for a traffic violation sunday. then learned he had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. police body cam video shows officers struggling to arrest the unarmed man as he tries to get back into his car. potter screams that she's going to tase him. but instead pulled gun and fires a single shot.
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wright's family met with george floyd's family outside the minneapolis courthouse. both men were killed by police 10 miles apart. both families are represented by benjamin crump. >> dante was trying to get away. he was not. threat to them. it wasn't the best but young people don't always make the best decisions. earlier rights. parents appeared on good morning america they were asked if they could accept that their son's killing was an accident. i cannot accept that. i lost my son. >> he's never coming back. i can't accept a state that's not hour. i would like to see justice served in her held accountable for everything that she's taken from us. >> that was john fenoglio reporting for us tonight. the prosecutor in washington county, minnesota, where that shooting took place, says that he hopes to have a charging decision against the officer who pulled the trigger by tomorrow. the prosecution has
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rested its case in the derek chauvin murder trial. the defense now calling. >> witnesses to the stand today. a use of force expert testified and said the former officers actions were justified. >> your opinion. was this the use of deadly force. it was not. >> chauvin's. defense team has argued that george floyd died last may because of his illegal drug use and underlying health problems not from having chauvin's knee pressed against his neck for more than 9 minutes show pun is not expected to take the stand in the trial. closing arguments will likely begin early next week. the judge says that he will sequester the jury watched deliberations begin. another big story tonight is the distribution of johnson and johnson's single dose vaccine. >> has come to a sudden halt to the u.s. after reports of incredibly rare but potentially dangerous blood clots, 6 women develop those
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cots. one died. another is in critical condition for perspective. more than 6.8 million doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine have been given here in the u.s. white house insists this will not dramatically effect vaccination efforts. most bay area counties that were scheduled to receive a federal shipment of johnson and johnson will instead get pfizer or moderna doses. today both san francisco and santa clara counties expanded their vaccine eligibility to include everybody. >> 16 and older, san francisco had done that earlier but only for certain zip codes. they join alameda contra costa counties as the only 4 in the bay area were any adult. can i get a shot. the rest of the bay area will not have to wait long remember because starting thursday, everybody in california. ages 16 and up will be eligible for the vaccine. santa clara county getting a big boost in vaccine
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supply from the federal government health officials said today they're expecting an additional 300,000 doses and they say that will mean, of course, a lot more appointments and will help the county continue to reach communities hit hardest by covid. >> combined with the increase from our state since we do get additional vaccine from her state normally we now have enough vaccine really to quickly reach our goal, protecting our entire community against covid-19. >> health officials say the won't happen overnight. they are asking people who sign up to the county's website to expect possible delays. san francisco's also making strides in its vaccination campaign data from the county health department show of the 768,000 residents who are eligible to get the shot. >> 58% have received at least one dose, which is the highest percentage of any major city in the u.s. 36% are fully
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vaccinated. people hoping to gather next week for a 4 to 20 marijuana celebration will have to wait at least another year. mayor london breed says the usual celebration of golden gate park has been canceled for the second year in a row due to the pandemic. this time the concern is over. variance and a potential 4th surge of the virus. this is video of what the event look like prior to covid fencing will go up around robin williams meadow in golden gate park next monday. and that fencing will remain in place through wednesday. anyone who tries to gather there will be cited. >> time to take a live looking live at san francisco's embarcadero as we talk about the forecast and trump for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to tell us how the rest of the work week is shaping up. yeah. guys commission. we have some smoke in our skies today, not for marijuana, but from an actual fire that was actually a controlled burn up in ukiah and certainly to some of that smoke working its way back in
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the north bay valleys. but even filtering into our skies as we head through the evening hours. you can see the sunset kind of change color or reddish color. some of smoke up articles working their way into the atmosphere tonight. we've got some patchy fog trying to form outside. not a whole lot. i want to show you this fire, though, with one of our computer models picks up on some of the smoke developing new uk there it is the controlled burn about 6 miles outside of and then all the winds that north northwesterly winds bringing back down to places like santa rosa into the napa area. parts of north and then elsewhere. but the models now. yeah. well, the wind switched directions and now the models are kicking that right out of town, almost a westerly component due west around the bay area that is going to send that smoke well, far away. but controlled burns real possibility they're going to continue on and off through friday in the ukiah area. so watch out for that. so the winds certainly been a concern today. we've had some gusts over 30 miles an hour. in fact, gust of that of 35 miles per hour. still, it's a bit breezy and blustery around the bay area in spots downtown you're looking 12 mile an hour
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winds at the pier there appear one, you've got 20 mile an hour winds at near beach currently 19 mile an hour winds continuing to blow. there. and we're seeing that in many spots around the bay area now pretty breezy in spots would curb 24 mile an hour winds 16 as you make your way into believe this also jamaica when this year's 0.8 mile an hour winds shell villa 13. and that's a pretty decent winds right through the delta benicia lamont our winds 20 to a port chicago. so getting a little gusty in spots from time to time. but these will calm down as we head through the night tonight into early tomorrow morning but then likely pick up again by the afternoon but not be quite as strong. alright. that being we had a system kicking to the east of us causing all these wind you see right here said little swirl in the atmosphere. now, that was just enough. this high pressure off the coastline. the defeat these 2 systems generating those winds outside and also producing some snow out there for tonight. how about that late season. snow making its way across the tahoe area right now. most of that snow falling above 7,000 feet or so. but we could see maybe
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one, maybe 3 inches the peaks that will continue on and off throughout the day tomorrow as well. before things begin to move out of town. all right. in the meantime, though, here we go. the winds overnight tonight will begin to calm down a little bit. then as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. you see all the colors change again as those winds start to pick up late in the day. so kind of a blustery afternoon around the bay area in spots. but looks like those winds will begin to calm down as we get toward the weekend looks impressive. we're going to see a change coming our way. maybe some 80's this weekend. we'll talk more about that in your 1010 in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. speaking of whether governor newsom's taking action in response to california is critically dry conditions. >> today he signed a 536 million dollar emergency spending plan for fire prevention. it will go towards a force management making home safer workforce training. the director of cal fire says that he's bracing for another potentially brutal fire season.
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>> i'm very concerned that we are in drought conditions that we are seeing dry fuels in some cases historically this is early action this by no means no stretch of the imagination is the final word. the state of california's efforts to lean in to this wildfire season. >> today's emergency funds are part of the governor's overall 1 billion dollar budget proposal dedicated to fire prevention. the state is also planning to hire 1400 extra firefighters. bay area leaders of unveiled a plan to reduce homelessness by 75% in just 3 years. in bush's plan was put forward today by officials from all bay area counties, kron four's, dan thorn live for us in the city and. >> has details on how this is going to supposedly workout. dan, a lot of interest in something like this. >> and that's right. ken and catherine. well be bay area
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leaders here are calling this a regional action plan and there looking to provide new housing for people that are currently experiencing homeless homelessness here in the bay area as well as trying to reduce the number of people who may be at risk of becoming homeless. their main focus is going to be an extremely low income residents with racial equity being the major driver. it's no secret the bay area has been dealing with the homeless this crisis 2019 data from the u.s. department of housing and urban development shows more than 35,000 people across the region are living on the street. >> local and state leaders aim to drop that number down to 10,000 by 2024. >> this crisis has persisted way too long. where we believe many believe in our communities that we cannot in this problem. >> equal moss is the founder and ceo of all home, a nonprofit working to end homelessness in the bay area. the organization convened the regional action plan also known as rap. the strategy
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focuses on 2 main parts creating more housing and stopping people from becoming homeless extremely low income residents and racial equity is at the forefront. >> centering racial equity and equity in general at the center of this plan was not a choice. it is how the work needs to be done. we need to get comfortable and familiar with folks who are more most impacted by this homelessness crisis. much of this involves more money in the form of sped up cash payments and rental assistance for people affected by covid-19 to address racial issues. the coalition is calling on the state to measure equity levels observe progress and tie funding to that progress. >> rap is also aiming to get more people in interim or permanent housing using a one to 4 framework, meaning for every one unit of interim housing built. it should be followed by 2 units. of permanent housing and 4 units of homeless prevention interventions to keep people
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housed that ratio. according to all home is what's necessary in the bay area. >> it's important to note the racial is not a one size fits all and it will vary from county to county, for example, the homeless as population app is different from san francisco, which is different from san mateo. >> leaders acknowledged these ideas to tackle homelessness are not new but organizing together is new and it can help to address how funding is used. what we're really talking about is is rethinking the way we live together. >> one of the looming issues right now is the state's eviction moratorium which is set to expire on june 30th. and this coalition is hoping that the eviction moratorium can be extended for at least another 60 days. this group is made up of bay area leaders in all 9 counties. and there's also corporate partners that are involved such as major companies as in facebook and also sales force reporting live in san francisco. dan
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thorn kron 4 news lot of people hoping this plan work. stand. thank you. >> still ahead tonight, a memorial for the capitol police officer killed earlier this month. his body is now lying in state in the building. he swore to protect san mateo police. they've make a string of arrests in connection to a crime spree over the weekend. they say the job is not done and bad news for bobo by the bay area could be about to run out of this i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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>> turns out all that panic buying at the beginning of the pandemic has consequences. americans now have too much toilet paper and sales are down according to the wall street journal bath tissue sales as they call it in january were down 4% from the year before experts call that a sign that last year stockpiling is affecting demand. americans spent more than 11 billion dollars on toilet paper last year. that's up from 9 billion in a typical year. >> well, depending on where they shot bobo lovers might have to quench their thirst with a different drink. that's because the ingredients mostly tapioca that are shipped from asia are getting here a lot later than usual and this is just one example of the many products who are stalled stuck outside of california ports. kron four's ella sogomonian is here to tell us about the bobo backlog.
10:23 pm
>> that's a good one. can, catherine. we're discussing bobo but people might be wondering at home. why we're seeing a picture of these ships behind me. so let me connect the dots for you all watching right now, these are ships with shipping containers that are floating off the california coast because they're waiting for the green light to dock along our ports and deliver the much needed goods to us, including battle of boba. >> probably like 5 times a week. like all the time. we love this place. >> boba is a popular tapioca. topping for flavored iced drinks. the first gained popularity in asian-american communities and has since expanded. so the bay area is home to many shops that sell it but suppliers like lead way international in hayward are worried they might not have enough shipments of the sweet treat to meet the demand for nearly 100 shops. they alone work with definitely be >> i think that's very sad for asian american community and the basic girls like me happen
10:24 pm
inch. but the ball is just a tiny tapioca example of a massive problem. >> senior sales manager tommy wong explains covid related worker shortages at the oakland and los angeles sports. >> created a backup that is delaying shipments of many products. these containers seen floating off the california coast a few weeks ago. we're waiting to be allowed to dock in la. some of them are being redirected to oakland to help unload all the goods in march. the oakland port processed about 30,000 more full containers compared to march of 2019 before the pandemic. says that they would normally get 2 to 3 containers per week and now only received one container in the last 3 weeks, which means placing orders for months in advance compared with 2, but owner of urban ritual. david chao is confident they're stocked up through july. the product is a fairly long shelf life and they caught wind of a shortage early on through their distributor. i bet who's helped place big orders in advance. we have seen or and user customers trying to
10:25 pm
order. >> mass amounts of the tapioca because they're fearing about the shortages and getting concerns that are trying to. >> get as much as they can so that they're not going out. lynn says their companies trying to combat hoarding by logging shipments for each store based on how much they were selling. pretty similar to the toilet paper. >> kind that we first saw at the start of the pandemic. so as business picks up again and people continue to shop abroad. the demand for shipments has shot up. catherine, can the worrisome part is that there is no end in sight at this time there's nobody who can really predict when there will be an end to this and things return to normal and suddenly there's a much deeper craving for boba out there right now. even thinking now i want we want more. >> thank you well, you should probably brace for some higher grocery bills. the latest consumer price index shows they are. >> not only getting more expensive. the price hikes could continue for months.
10:26 pm
prices really shot up during last year's pandemic. stockpiling. we're back to stockpiling but really never went back down. they've increased more than 2 and a half percent over the past year. among the things getting more expensive fruits vegetables meat, poultry fish and acts. >> still ahead tonight, some disturbing new developments in the accusations against the mayor of windsor. what some city officials may have known was happening for years. also a car crash on the east bay. it's left one family devastated how they are mourning the loss of their loved ones tonight. >> and the winds whip around the bay area. some fog moving into. but what about some sunshine we're g
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are new developments in the claims of assault against winter. mayor dominic foppoli. >> today town leaders admitted they knew of alleged incidents including rape. >> as far back as 2017 so far a total of 6 women, including a windsor councilwoman claim the foot poli assaulted them kron 4 sanaz mccall talked with the former city council member about why more wasn't done at that time. and jonathan joran joins us now. >> like johnson. yeah, ken and kathryn, according to the city, they said at the time there was not enough details to move forward with an investigation on to claims one in 2017, another one. just
10:30 pm
last february for poli has denied those claims. but one former city council member who was in office at the time of that first claim in 2017 says that city leaders couldn't do more because there wasn't enough evidence, but he now wishes they could have done more at the time. >> he's adamant about not resign, but he needs to step down. bruce okrepkie is among the many in windsor now calling for mayor dominic foppoli to step down us claims of assault continue to swirl around him in the last week alone. 6 women have come forward claiming they were attacked by 4 poli on tuesday. the city of windsor admitted that they knew about alleged incidents as early as november 2017 with a pulley was a council member okrepkie also on the council at the time after time. >> you end up he said she said situation. and. was unsettling to us that were on the council in a message posted on its web site. the city said in 2017.
10:31 pm
>> a woman sent an email to then mayor debra who is currently a councilwoman accusing foppoli of inappropriatn behavior at his winery in 2013 in february of 2020. the council received another email about the police alleged actions. this one accused him of rape in both instances. letters were shared with both council members, city leaders and police for poli denied the allegations and no action was ever taken. >> now. you would say god would we been nice investigate everything and found out all the truce and everything else but back then there was no other indication of anything among the alleged victims, current windsor city councilwoman esterly months who claims that she was victimized by foppoli on 2 occasions in which she claims she was drugged and assaulted. >> for pulling also claiming that limits forced him into a situation threatening to
10:32 pm
expose him. >> very obviously traumatized. she is she's been receiving a lot of support a trustee creo represents lemus and says that the 6 are just the beginning. what is clear is 6 people have come forward publicly. there are others out there and we expect there are more to come. >> kron 4 reaching out to dominic foppoli attorney for comment about the city's statement today. so far we have yet to hear back. but in previous statements for police says he's innocent of the claims against him and that he never violated any of the women tomorrow. the city council or the town council there in windsor will need for a special session. they will be calling for to step down while this investigation is ongoing. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. jonathan, thank you for that. meantime, former sebastopol mayor robert jacob was in court today after being arrested over the weekend. >> he is accused of sexually assaulting a minor a bill of $620,000 was proposed but is still not decided. the judge
10:33 pm
did rule that jacob can have no contact with the alleged victim. his plea and bail hearing was pushed back until thursday. police say they're continuing to encourage any other potential victims to come forward. >> san mateo police they have these 2 man you see here in connection to a a weekend crime spree that spanned several cities across the bay area. the first crime was saturday night in san mateo. police say an elderly woman had her credit card stolen. those cards were and several stores and that led police to find the suspects who were caught on surveillance cameras and they narrowed the vehicle description to a gold minivan. the same van was then connected to several robberies across the peninsula sunday morning. >> with somebody pumping gas and the purse was taken from their car while they wrap in another case, there was a person sitting in their car
10:34 pm
and these guys punched the window and ripped a purse out through the window. >> then 9.30 sunday morning a police officer spotted that gold minivan chasing a to 2 homes on north idaho street. police served a search warrant. they found a ghost guns. several stolen purses robbery tools, 18 cosentino and 20 year-old richard fares are now facing several searching for a 3rd suspect. new at 10 police and mountain view are asking for help from any potential witnesses to a shooting that wounded 2 teenagers. this was friday night about 8.30, on el camino real castro street officials say the 2 boys have been sitting in their car. the suspect drove up next to them in a black four-door suv and opened fire and sped away the victims managed to get to a local hospital. they've since been released. police say if
10:35 pm
you have any information you are asked to call mountain view police a family in pittsburgh is mourning the loss of 2 loved ones, including a 7 year-old girl after police say a drunk driver caused the crash. >> 5 others were hurt, including a 2 year-old, a 4 year-old and a 10 year-old kron four's. michelle kingston shows us how they're coping with this devastating loss. >> i got to hug and kiss or. knows the my and 7 year-old sello was in the back seat of this toyota curl up on the way home from a night out with her family when a drunk driver hit the back of their car on monday night my was. >> probably one of the ideas spunky us the most energetic. >> cam passion. it. >> the little you'll ever meet in your whole entire existence. sell his mother's boyfriend romero castro also died in the crash. pittsburgh. police say he lost control of the car and collided with
10:36 pm
several trees after being hit by the drunk driver. that's when his girlfriend's 3 young children were ejected from the vehicle just devastate the dolores to is still his grandmother, her daughter and her other 2 young grandchildren are recovering in the hospital from serious injuries nico is for in. julian is just 2 years old. the family says romero was a good man who loved his family. >> he was a good guy. you know this. this is just unfair. this should not happen. >> at all. the drunk driver identified by pittsburgh police as 25 year-old christian vargas was on probation for a prior dui conviction. his 2 passengers, one of them just 10 years old or in the hospital with serious injuries vargas himself was uninjured in arrested at the scene. this bottle of alcohol found in his vehicle. kron 4 was with the family when they went to the scene of the accident for the first time. and i feel. >> actually i feel like i want to throw up to be ox. i feel
10:37 pm
nauseated. i want to throw up. i don't feel good. may get a says she knows her granddaughter. stella is now at peace and in heaven and she's grateful she was able to see are just 2 days ago. it's just you know, this is just like a nightmare, a nightmare that i want to wake out of. >> the family members who i spoke to say everyone who is in the hospital has a very long road to recovery. they plan to be with them every step of the way. and they say they will need all the help and support they can get from the community right now in pittsburgh, michelle kingston, kron 4 news. >> in national news capitol police officer william evans lies in honor at the u.s. capitol rotunda. the 18 year veteran was killed on april second when a man rammed his car into barricades at a security checkpoint near the capital. today's events were for invited guests only due to the pandemic. his 7 year-old daughter was seen wiping away tears from her mother's eyes. this is the picture here.
10:38 pm
president biden was also on hand and spoke at the tribute for officer evans this morning. recalling his own personal tragedies. >> i buried to my children. have come up to you and you're going to come up to for some time saying how you feel. >> the truth that. >> time's going to come fruition. not believe it will now. >> a memory. a fragrance. the sea. the ways son tilts his head the way he did when he was at age. it's going to bring back memories. >> evans is the second capitol police officer to receive the honor this year. officer brian sicknick who was killed in the
10:39 pm
january 16th insurrection was the first. president biden will withdraw all american troops from afghanistan by september 11th 20 years to the day after terrorists slammed airliners into the twin towers and the pentagon leading to america's longest war. right now there are about 3500 u.s. troops still in afghanistan. the new date is 4 months longer than the may first deadline that the trump administration had negotiated with the taliban. >> the u.s. is sending hundreds of troops to germany. the defense secretary made that announcement today after talks with the german defense minister. this was defense secretary lloyd austin's first tour of europe since coming to the pentagon. the decision is a stark contrast to the trump administration plan to withdraw roughly 12,000 troops from that region. the u.s. currently has about 35,000 troops in germany.
10:40 pm
>> let's set aside give you a live view of the bay bridge toll plaza pretty quiet out there on this tuesday night. lauren side giving us kind of a long-range look what's the yeah. unfortunately, very quiet. we're going to see some nice weather outside. but we'd certainly like to get some late season storms rolling on through right now. they are long off in the forecast. in fact, in the forecast right now to bring us any rain out there. so we're dry. that's the way it is. we've got some patchy fog out there around the bay area. not much. just a couple of patches out there right now over the bay and well, we've got an area of low pressure that's been spinning just to our east, bring some snow up in the sierra nevada. couple lightning strikes across the sierras. well, and then for us the winds kicking up around the bay area to the temperatures right now. 48 degrees in half moon bay is 53 in fremont, 52 degrees in kaka to 50 in the napa valley. 47 right now in santa rosa. lori forecast model. here it is. you see that low spinning off the coastline still has been doing that for over a week. so
10:41 pm
they say the atmosphere just kind of stalled out right now. and so nothing really generating anything to come our way. we do have this front that wants to merge with the system off the coastline and watch what happens just wrapped back up again. it continues to spin off the coastline. so as we get the weekend, we're dry river above normal through the weekend to some of the temperatures soaring may be in the upper 80's by sunday afternoon weak system sliding toward the coastline. the possibility next tuesday. just a couple passing clouds and no rain. so here's where we tomorrow i'm going to be a nice day. you'll see some warmer weather inland 70's in the valleys. lot of 60's inside the bay. a couple 70's. the santa clara valley and 50's along the coastline. a breezy there next couple days yet drive will continue. that will be the case warming up as we get the weekend. there you go. he 80's and monday, probably some more 80's to but cooling down a little bit and then more coolly expected a few more clouds coming our way next week. but right now still well into april. now, no rain in sight. too bad. yeah. thanks. once. still ahead we'll say
10:42 pm
it's it's an and believe abul discovery. a woman is so. >> finds a shocking swarm inside her home. >> also in sports. the giants hosting the reds. brought the bats out tonight. sports director jason dumas says highlights coming up. >> and some lawmakers say it's time for congress to take a tougher stance on hate crimes. why the idea is already getting pushed back.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> over the past year we've seen a sharp rise in attacks on people of asian and pacific islander descent. both across the united states and here in the bay area. the attackers in many of these incidents made racist remarks and wrongly blamed the victims for the pandemic and now lawmakers are working to make sure these crimes are treated as hate crimes. washington correspondent alexandra limon has that story. >> united states senator mazie hirono says she's worried for her own safety due to the rise in unprovoked and racist attacks on people of asian and pacific islander descent before if i was walking around. >> outside, i would have my ear buds on and be listening to books on tape. i would never do that. now. >> congresswoman grace meng says asian americans are fighting to viruses covid-19 and anti asian hate asian americans. >> being shoved to the ground stomped on being spat, on and
10:46 pm
shot. and according to stop a p, i hate nearly 3800 attacks against asian and pacific islander americans were reported during the first year of the pandemic in the u.s. and it's likely many more attacks went unreported. that's why senator hirono and representative mang introduced the stop covid-19 hate crimes it would instruct the justice department to assign someone to review covid-19 hate crimes in an expedited way and to work with states on reporting the crimes speaker pelosi said the bill is expected to pass quickly in the house, but it will need the support of all democrats and 10 republicans in the senate republican senator kevin cramer says he doesn't see the need terms of legislation. i think it's very clumsy. i don't i'm not one who naturally. >> thinks we need another category of crimes particular. they're already hate crimes. other republicans have also expressed skepticism about the bill in washington. alexandra limon.
10:47 pm
>> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants looking to keep pace in an ultra competitive nl west game 2 against the reds tonight at oracle couple of young fans, chowing down on here we go. i'm down on some pizza obscene so much pizza shots that oracle. i need some peace over there. i need to try it out. big pizza guy. bottom of the first one on for brandon crawford. that's in the seats right there. nice shot. that's a 2 run shot. that ties the game at 4 top of the 7th. now, alex len. ladee know. he chopped one the shallow. look at that. they run into each other. crawford. enlist l a that led to the drop. the runner comes in from ce 3rd. late in the game tied at 6 runners on the corner for wilmer flores sends one, the senate has deep enough to score donovan solano. that
10:48 pm
would be the winning run. giants beat the red 76 the rubber match is tomorrow. a's fans. having a good time in the desert oakland's taking on arizona street. those fans to a game they're down 5 to nothing in. jed lowrie's homerun ties. the game that got out of the park in a hurry for us now, later sup brown gives though, led to right field. the fans love it. you'll see them in the stands. oakland fans representing in arizona aides win 7, 5, they have won 4 out of their last 5 games warriors fans can return to chase center for game starting april 23rd and they'll be greeted by a whole new set of covid-19 protocols. kron four's. kate rooney was at chase today to learn what's new? by the time april 23rd comes, it will be 407 days.
10:49 pm
>> 407 days since we've had fans. and again here chase center. it's been a long 400, 7 days now fans can finally return to warriors games in less than 2 weeks. >> but in person gameday will be a far cry from what it was like the last time crowds were in the stands. we have spent every single hour of every single one of those 407 days. redesigning and re imagining the experience at chase center with the number one goal of making sure we emerge from this is the safest arena in the country. >> when the arena reopens that up to 35% capacity. some of the safety measures will be simple and familiar copious amounts of hand sanitizer and mandatory mask-wearing. others are the result of targeted scientific research. high-tech sanitizing machines and air filters that mimic the effect of masks. that's been a real divide are here. >> with a brand new center like this. it's able to get the kinds of air exchanges that it that we need. >> one of the biggest pieces of the game day puzzle is of
10:50 pm
course, testing any fans who wish to come to a game at chase center in person will need proof of full vaccination or a negative test result. so anyone who purchases tickets 7 days or more in advance we receive one of these. it's a loose era at home test kit. it comes with a nasal swab, a vial for your sample and a battery operated testing unit that delivers your results right at home in about 30 minutes. the verified results will be synched with an app called clear which fans must then show at the door to be granted entry. the ticketing process will also be virtual using your phone as ordering food at the arena, you're going to show them your phone. that has your name. >> one of the will look up the order and fulfill your items. you'll be able to take it and then walked to a designated area your food and beverage. >> there won't be any eating allowed in the bowl seating and once in their seats, fans will be well space to allow for social distancing. additionally, the dub hub golden state's virtual fan experience will still be available. so the new game day
10:51 pm
is a true blend of the latest in covid safe technology and good old fashion hoops at chase center. kate rooney kron 4 sports, thanks for that report. kate.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> religious leaders and attorneys. they were at the state capitol today showing support for a bill that would declarer religious services as essential senate bill. 3.97 had its first hearing before
10:54 pm
before the senate judiciary committee today. demonstrators say they've opposed governor newsom's regulations on religious gatherings during the pandemic and they argue that 5 recent supreme court rulings blocking state restrictions on religious services prove local government has gone too far. >> it's terrible to see that local and state governments have been so heavy handed when it comes to us exercising our first amendment rights. one thing that the government can never do is treat religion treat churches. >> and synagogues and people of faith. as somehow less costco or best buy or walmart. >> if passed, this bill would require the governor and local government to treat religious services as essential allowing them to continue during emergencies. >> the the it.
10:55 pm
>> there were a lot of bees an arkansas woman. she finally got to the bottom of a big problem. she says it had lasted more than a decade and she finally called a beekeeper who took some bricks from the side of her home revealing a high of about 60,000 bees and they've been sure her home for years. the bees are now being moved. the woman says she's happy they're finding a new place to live. >> i guess there's no honey left behind with travel coming back air bnb is putting restrictions on one. and tonight reservations for entire home listings over the 4th of july. the company calls it the summer of responsible travel is hoping to discourage reservations that may pose a heightened risk for big parties. guests without a history of positive reviews on % air bnb won't be allowed to make those reservations superhosts also get discounts and noise detection services which can flag noise that a certain decibels take a look at this. a bride in baltimore
10:56 pm
had her wedding plans scaled back because of the pandemic last year. so she dusted off her wedding dress and war to get her covid shot. sarah got married in a small ceremony. but pope postpone the big party. she was planning after the wedding. when it's time to get a vaccine. she decided to celebrate the day by wearing the special dress. it was a big hit with the people at the vaccination site, but she says she doesn't plan to wear the dress when she goes back to get her second that's a great ideas. might as well and get a little more use my goodness. yeah. everything changes now. >> covid. yeah. everything for everybody. right. one last check of the weather tonight. we've got a look at some clouds moving in along the coast. and those winds have still been whipping around parts of bay area tonight. certainly i tomorrow we'll see him picking up again by the afternoon. not as strong as they were today. but and it's blown strong enough 24 miles an hour right now into san francisco. 18 in the cochrane 18 into fairfield. so certainly an onshore breeze to keep things going overnight tonight and bring some of that
10:57 pm
patchy fog back on shore temperatures in san francisco, 50's and 60's for tomorrow. cool on the coastline numbers. they're generally in the 50's inside the bay of find a lot of 60's. then you head south. you'll find 60's. >> and then a whole lot of 70's by the time make when the santa clara valley east bay is going to see those temperatures warm up nicely in the 70's. if the idea should be a nice day. it will be a little bit warmer than today. and then as we get the weekend, that's where everything really warms up. we may get an offshore wind going if that happens. 80's, maybe some 60's and 70's up toward the right now. the good weekend. thank you. >> have a good night.
10:58 pm
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