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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 13, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the 00:00am morning news. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. on a tuesday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we want to start off the hour with a check of weather and traffic. we've got john and rain is standing by. hi, john. hey there, guys. we are looking at still some cloud cover across the bay. >> but seeing a little bit less of it, especially further north in the bay area. and the cloud cover that had been resulting in foggy spots for the south bay is also beginning to lift. now system improvements as we work our way a little bit later in the morning. still pretty gray over the east bay here. berkeley view here looking at some clouds hanging out overhead. visibility hasn't been an issue for much of the east bay, though, this morning, mountain view still holding on to some foggy spots. so if you're traveling up and down one o one or 2.80.
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do watch out for a few spots that could offer some low visibility from time to time skies yet again dry. no big surprise there. that's the way we're going to stay this week too, with 40's 50's for most of our current temps, hayward and oakland some of our more mild spots that 52 right now. reyna john, thank you. so like you mentioned fog. we certainly had that along the golden gate bridge. >> and right here at the bay bridge starting to recover from an early morning accident. finally down to under 12 minutes to that fremont street exit the richmond sandra fell bridge. that's the bridge is busy. now, we were breezy yesterday about 30 minutes as you head out of richmond. now here at 14. it's just because more people are traveling. so commuters are hitting that bridge more often. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. no major delays. we've been at 13 to 14 minutes all morning long. also looking at things down south lawn. 1, one look this year look good there as well. the checking on things along highway 4. we have residual accidents. some hazards. you still see things are pretty slow as you travel
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towards concord at 37 minutes. we'll have more on that. we'll show you the south bay up next. but for now, daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot. >> that breaking news is the fda pausing the use of johnson and johnson's vaccine in the u.s.. yes, 6 developed blood clots words was it caused by the j j vaccine. that's the big question right now. joining us to help discuss this is doctor peter chin-hong who is an infectious disease expert at ucsf. >> good morning, doctor high and we're here talking about this again after we know that we've we saw this earlier with another vaccine turned out it wasn't connected then, right. 6 cases out of 7 million people got the shot. how worried should we be. >> well, i thanks have me on james and darya. and i think what the fda did by pausing. it is really wanted to health care professionals to look hard for this potential facts. i think in the sense it was an
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exclamation point rather than, you know, pulling it out of the market. so one in a million at, you know, not terrible can get to the odds of getting sick and dying from covid. so i think, you know, hopefully we'll get more information and put things into perspective. >> it is concerning, though, because these 6 women were ages like they say 18 to and according to the new york times, one person died and one is in the hospital. so especially when it seems to be rare and come out of nowhere. that's when people say, wow, it one in a million but still want to find that one. >> exactly. ends really hard to see link this with the vaccine. sure, they were younger woman. but if you think about that big britain of clots in the country. you know, we get about up to 600,000 cases of clots for year. some of them occur in the brain. that's in these you
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know, more typically in their legs and in the long. so i think we need to get more i'm hoping this is not going to be a permanent we are relying on millions of doses of j j vaccine. so i hear you saying and as just a layperson listening that. >> it could have been like this is what a rare blood clot is all about. it's rare and hit somebody out of the blue naturally. >> and it could have been coincidental that they happen to have gotten the chance a shot. >> exactly. i think one of the reasons for causing it was given but seeing another similar vaccine, which is astrazeneca in europe. but you know, that has resume to a large extent around the world. so i'm hoping that this also be another resumption eventually. but with some guidance around looking out for these kinds of around guidance with treating these kinds of complications
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as well. >> and obviously there are concerns about supply. will this cause a crimp in supply. the white house issued a statement earlier this morning saying that they don't believe it will the j j vaccine only represented maybe about 5% of the vaccine supply. they believe they have enough of the pfizer and moderna to continue vaccine as many people as they are hoping to. that 200 million adults vaccinator shots given out in the first 100 days of the biden administration. are you confident that the supplies will stay on affected. >> i'm confident that we'll have more than enough they will be a double play in the next 2 to 3 so speed will really be the su and politically opening up eligibility a vaccine so large a group the population. so i think that's really the the initial bump rather than the overall picture. so you know, constantly be bought more than a billion doses of vaccine in operation warp speed. so
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they'll be plenty for everyone is just a matter of how fast we can get it. >> to folks. so i want to ask you more generally about. what's the line between? feeling one of the symptoms that they say should watch out for and what you should report. and i ask that because like, for example, me and my daughter. we both got moderna. okay. p shortness of breath fatigue muscle of fever, chills. trouble breathing, ok, so we watch out for that. but like my daughter, for example, just last night said, oh, my god, i woke up and i couldn't breathe at all. and i had to reach my puffer and i was scared. gm report that and who the reported just oh, honey, it says you're supposed to get these. so that's just one of the things and just forget about it. don't tell anybody. and we're at allergy season. i don't what are you supposed to do. >> i know it's really difficult. so i would look at a few features. one is that time since a vaccination. it's within 2 weeks. that's when it's you. number 2, it's you is how severe it is regardless
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of what it is said it's not going we worried i i don't think it's ever wrong to to call someone to call the health care professional, although if you worry my number 3 is if it doesn't go away, if you know, particularly if it's mild. so it is going on and on and progressing over a cost course of days. again, that's number 2 wrong as a vaccination adverse effect reporting system. hopefully people can take in my of it. but you're right. i mean, many people have trends in thing. temporary things to go away and those don't. and that's certainly need to be reported well, and like you said, james is allergy season and i'm looking at the counter going, okay. had the shot like maybe 3 weeks ago or a little more. >> doctor. hong i thought we're supposed to watch for maybe 2 weeks like so she's outside the window. >> that kind of thing. it's all it can be >> it is coming in and gets
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people really keyed to anything they feel right up to the shy. i guess that just 2 types of folks, like myself who kind of just want to not think about it's kind of or folks who really can't everything. i may be wondering if it's associated with the vaccine are 99% chance. it's not so hopefully going to feel s reassured. >> now we haven't we haven't had a chance to talk to you you know, the uk variant has really started to. come up strong in younger adults and a lot more contagious. can you talk to us a bit about this uk parent. we're talking about it this morning. younger adults really need to pay attention. they're not as invincible as maybe they thought with the original strain. >> exactly, jane. so that's why i think with some these reports of side effects. i think scaring folks. the chances of getting something bad from covid. it's far worse
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than getting of these side effects that, you know, it would be were and your case in point is the fact that the uk variant is stick here. so it's going down that age groups and younger adults. there've been several 100% increase in cases in michigan and people in their 20's and 30's and hospitalizations, not just getting sick. so i think that's something to be worried as it as we face is new face of the pandemic. right. and we're just opening up to 16 and above. and so that's an age group that we want to get covered. >> and you did you you didn't actually get covid right. you got to shop, but you didn't get covid correct. >> yeah, luckily. i didn't get covid. get covid. so it's same with james and i and we both experienced that one or 2 days of. >> wow. this is terrible. >> and then you get through it and go, you know, what can you imagine now. >> having a month or 2 or having covid for all that time. we just had bad experiences for a day or 2.
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and like you said, it's far outweighs actually getting covid and the risks of getting covid. >> exactly. politically as we learn more and more about long syndrome and the fact that 10 to 50% of folks. even if they don't get hospitalized, get symptoms. we get brain fog alteoations in taste and smell that linger. you know, 50, i think those other things that are worrisome to me much more than the side effects of the vaccines. >> okay. all right. so as we're just about out of time. any final words to people listening who may still be on the fence about whether or not that that they're there eligible for a vaccine, but they're still has it. and what can you say. >> i would say i definitely understand why people are coming if you're worried about these given what i know so far. i feel very confidence where a vaccine program is going. i think safety is the number one priority of the administration's cdc. so when
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something is pause, it just means that there they just want people to be alerted and to investigate it some more. but i don't think it will be a long-term was totally okay. >> thanks a lot. we appreciate your perspective this morning. thanks to machines and they okay. we'll be right back.
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>> 8.13 right now. checking out the weather on a tuesday. you can see much mother nature must have just got her vaccine
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will cloudy today but that will clear by the afternoon and then kind of see behind doors had who windy as well. this to doctors and oh, yeah. windy cloudy to start still breezy this afternoon. so that's going to be one of the changes from yesterday. it's a little cooler little windier, too. and that means that as you venture out there. >> i would keep the extra layer on hand today. you can get away without yesterday. today is the day that with 10 degrees cooler daytime highs this afternoon and that wind is going to be ready for it. a mount tam camp definite cloudiness cloud cover sitting above the bay. so you're not driving through that. i most of our bridges. that's good news. couple of foggy spots in the south bay around mountain view and san jose to watch out for now. we actually do have a low pressure system that is not its way in helping to push that high out just a little bit. this is one of the reasons today, tomorrow and thursday are going to be some of our cooler days of this forecast still an onshore breeze. but we're not looking at that ridge of high pressure keeping a successively warm.
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so even our inland valleys are going to notice a big cool down today. winds from the coast making first fashion lee blustery conditions right along the shoreline as well as along the east bay shoreline too. so keep the jackets on hand in oakland up to richmond as well as on the peninsula. up into brain and sonoma counties. today. another dry one. we're going to stay that way in the bay. but look at the sierra tomorrow. finally a bit of snowfall. it's not going to be super widespread, nor is it going to stay for long. but for the first time in a bit. there is some helpful snow up in the sierra courtesy of that low pressure. that's just skirting across the region. sierra dries back out into thursday. we stay dry into the latter part of the week. today's daytime highs, 50's and 60's for san francisco and elsewhere on the peninsula. a cool one at the coastline. you factor in the winds with those 50's and yet you need the jacket. burlingame 62 south san francisco at 60 today while foster city san carlos in redwood city, egypt 64 for your daytime highs. south bay
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temperatures. campbell in san jose, your 10 degrees cooler than yesterday for your high today down from 78 degrees to 68 degrees today. also a big cool down for the tri valley oakland berkeley enrichment, not noticing temperatures much different at all. you're still in the midst of a sea breeze still in the midst of some jacket where the conditions, no 80's left in the north bay. lot of us were there yesterday that really talking that on the map today. now tomorrow and thursday i mentioned we're staying relatively cool seasonable weather in the 60's and 70's after that are high pressure ridge builds back in and you see what that does to temperatures this weekend by sunday we're nearing 90 for some inland areas which will likely be some of the warmest weather we fell so far this year. reyna john, thank you so fog advisory along the golden gate bridge. wind advisory along the bay bridge. in addition to that, also, wind advisory along the altamonte past. >> so just keep that in mind as you're still driving out there today. 10 minutes to the fremont street exit. this is the best. you then along the bay bridge for the morning.
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also the richmond, sandra fell. we're seeing a lot of slow down here. 40 minutes as you head at a richmond sandra fell. and that's because we're seeing more traffic and more commuters on the bridge today. the san mateo bridge finally starting to see a little uptick in a little slow down 14 is yet across towards the peninsula. but there are no accidents that are slowing people down there checking out things along 1 one to 80 as well. conditions are great little slowing but not by much. 32 minutes as you head in the parks will have more on that. up next. for now. daria, back to you. >> in the buzz with another unarmed black man being killed by police. just 10 miles away from where a former officer is on trial for the death of george floyd athletes can. all the press is but they can stop playing bay area teams played, but all of minnesota's pros cancel their games. yesterday. the timberwolves the while the twins, everybody feeling the weight of what is going on. former yankees outfielder well, former twins now with the yankees aaron hicks took
8:18 am
himself out of the yankees game and his coach stood by him. the spurs and the badge iq. they locked arms before they did play their games. first coach popovich said he's outraged and exhausted a sentiment echoed by warriors coach steve kerr. >> mainly by reaction is just, you know, another another sad day in america and others at school shooting in tennessee as it's it's, you know, things seem to happen on on a daily basis it is i you know, i'm thinking about the victims and their families. you know, hoping. they can find some peace. it's just such such a terrible thing. >> kerr clearly upset and frustrated. but the warriors decided to play on and staff played his heart out. >> it's going to be breaking arrest records. the rest of
8:19 am
his career. so curry driving curry flipping it up >> it was when he hit 19, but he score more than enough to beat wilt chamberlain's franchise record 53 points in last night's win over the nuggets to punctuate the point, the warriors put chefs head right in front of the comma in the 70,818 points. just going skew days when i would see before we go on the road. >> you know that accomplishment. it's really awkward sitting here with his number about me. you know, this is pretty cool. in holiday. may have better as you know, it just grew fans fans in the state stands. we'll get that energy. hopefully we get back in. and into next year. but a pretty special night all is cool. no big deal. look, coach kerr throws the ball staff like
8:20 am
yeah, there you go. >> now the record moving on. moving on. >> so much for redwood city bay area. native julian edelman left boston. no regrets at all. he's in boston. just retired now from the patriots and it sounds like he does miss us a bit. >> i can't forget. you patriot nation. you guys have woken me and my family to a region. we do not know. we didn't know. i want to you. leave you guys with 2 words. foxborough. >> you like to drive over again some day. he's a seat yes, not that i want to you now live move it on. yeah. he says yes to move on. isis bodies get out he heard it never been the same. but you since tommy. >> who also grew up in the bay
8:21 am
area. and he was tommy's favorite target.s >> so the question becomes will he right. so course the media track down groch yet last night. gronk says because he followed tommy, there's a 69% chance he believes that julian will also follow and go to tampa. >> you agree that better than was a chance. >> and you know, you know what, i think there's more of a chance that he'll come here and host the bus brown. i think that come here julian, come back thecbuzz every day. i with the slow walk i with the slow walk >> haha. ♪ ♪ ♪ i with the slow walk >> haha. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> 24 big story this morning is a fatal accident in pittsburgh child and another person were killed. police think was a drunk driver. we've video of the accident scene. you can see by the cars just how. just how horrific yeah. this was around 6 o'clock on west leeland road east of john henry johnson parkway. that's the camaro. they say that ended the other car that caused the >> the karolyi ended up careening into a tree. the driver of that died. the person in the passenger seat in the front was injured. 3 kids in the back. we rejected
8:25 am
one of them died. so, yeah, it was it was pretty her up. now when it comes to the driver of the camaro that they say caused the crash he's not hurt, but he is arrested. you can see police arresting him there. >> they think it was drunk driving and passengers in his car were also seriously hurt 8.24. is the time right now. and we want to give you the latest breaking news overnight from more clashes between police and protesters there a second night now after officer shot and killed an unarmed black man. >> the officer says that she meant to use her taser, not organ when she shot 20 year old dante right. this is video from overnight. you can see police there in their riot gear. protesters were in the street. some looting did take place was in brooklyn center, a suburb of minnesota minneapolis police used flash-bang grenades were told to try to break up the crowds were their past curfew. this all taking place just miles away from the place where former minneapolis officer derek chauvin is on trial right now for the killing of george floyd last year. police
8:26 am
have released new body camera footage from the moments just before dante wright was killed. take a look. >> you can hear the officer the female 26 year veteran of the force and she acted like she was surprised she shot him. she said taser, taser taser, but she was clearly holding a gun shot him. and that's why the police department did their investigation. they're calling it. and but there are a lot people, including the family that are saying how do you make that kind of accident, right. and that's just an initial assessment. the full investigation still underway. >> we you know, we'll keep you updated on this story. but this is what was causing so many protests, not just in minneapolis but in other parts of the country as well as we just saw in the buzz a lot of sports teams to reacting. >> moraine county now
8:27 am
partnering with kaiser at its vaccination site at the fairgrounds. how will this impact distribution as jay and jay has been paused have all the details you need to know coming up in a live report.
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>> all right. we are back. time now is 8.30 live pictures from inside the u.s. capitol this morning. we're fallen capitol police officer william billy evans is lying in honor
8:30 am
there under the rotunda inside the capitol where he served for 18 years. he died in the line of duty. 2 weeks ago when a car rammed the north gate where he was standing guard gentleman. the sounds like oneis biden junior getting under way. i don't know if we want this president was coming in right now is expected to say a few words. let's just take a brief moment to just watch this play out for for a minute. >> so they the president and he was paying respects to the family. now it's going to the podium. there we go. let's take a listen to his comments. >> and speaker. issue from a minority mcconnell. members of congress. >> chairman of the joint chiefs, general milley. a
8:31 am
general grown men are bouncing. all the captain who police. >> all that too. we're here to. pay tribute to this. a policeman who fell in the line of duty. acting chief pittman men and women. the capital. police force. i'm sorry. the second time in 2 months. they have such ceremony. you know. mom. i didn't know billy, but i knew i grew up with climb on it. scranton, pennsylvania. billy was always the kid. you know, if you got in a fight, you're outnumbered 3 to one. jump in. no one they both could he was the one always kept his word. should he be.
8:32 am
they be there. >> he was the one just like. folks. i grew up with. i wasn't capable. >> they're saying no, we needed to. you know. just officer kenny. sharers injured. attack of billy. never has there been more strain. i've been here a long time. >> i've been here since 1972 as u.s. senator. 73. so much strain responsibility been placed on the soldiers capitol police. >> you you see to watch them.
8:33 am
you watch him do their duty with. >> if your not complain. >> you >> sergeant kyle i'm sorry you had to make the call. that telephone call. and every family dreads. have a son or daughter husband wife from the sister. a new form. every morning that can that bad job go to work. they expect to come home the back of your minds. we'll never get that call. >> you knew billy grade school. i think there's a 4th grade. i got to do it all the guys i grew up 4th grade. one passes away. the other one has to give up. has too much
8:34 am
information about you. too much in the behind. but you know, i'm sure all those memories in north adams and clarksburg. never who really was. he was defined by his dignity, his decency his loyalty and his courage. miss because you and his dad. i what happened not by action. >> miss evans. you have to have some idea. which you're feeling like. i'm very to my children. have come up to you and you're going to come up to you for some time saying how you feel. we see that. >> to sis. you say that to your kids, you say that to.
8:35 am
his wife. >> and after a while, you know, everybody means well. if you like you have no idea. >> but the truth is that. >> time's going to come fruition. not believable. now. >> a memory. fragrance c. ways son took his head the way he did when he was at age. it's going to bring back memories. for the longest time. it's going to feel like that moment that memory. if you like, got the phone call since that moment ago.
8:36 am
>> and they're going to be people celebrating go. it's life. it is much and as you appreciate all of you. and also it's hard. you relive again. you know. i got a phone call. when i first got here in los my family part of my family. from a person i never never met. former governor of new jersey who was 4045 years. my senior. he told me he knew how i feel. i didn't say that. he said i know what you're thinking. he said that i didn't know. so nice to 1ome home. i was general new jersey for governor. thank for lunch
8:37 am
because it would just across the green from my office. one day a woman who helped down there can run across greens and she's she's gone. do i fit andrews. he said, you know what i did. he said i can't. i i got drafted. 4 months out with the month on >> line. and put the day the month. the vertical line that put the numbers one to 10. can be the happiest day of my life. and one be like moment i got a phone call. and he and every night before going to bed. gretchen put a dot on that day where i you said don't look at it for 3 or 4 months. you send you a look at it. you see put in grab the
8:38 am
downs are just as for now. they get further and further and further apart. as you already know. that you're already know. that you're making. i hold the job to ge her most importantly. lower ever. here. this time. you can. here's a long as you have them. you've got delayed. and as long as you have them. you my prayer for all of you. is the day will come. when you have and i said to smile before you to your eyes. it's a promise. just going to come. just takes a while. takes a while. but when it comes. you know, because. he's 2 with
8:39 am
you. to your heart. losing a son, daughter. brother. sister, mom dad is like. lose the peace or so. very deep. but this comes back. there's a great call. it was read. my son. who is the chief law enforcement officer in the state delaware. the attorney general. came back from iraq after year. any died. they read this. from hard when will defies fear. when duty throws the gauntlet down to fate. one honor scores compromise with that. this is her was. their
8:40 am
was big. partner. in your blood. my prayer for you is that moment of the smile comes. before that. here quicker. longer. >> a solemn speech from the president on this solemn occasion. >> time now is 8.40. we'll take a brief break. we'll be right back.
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>> well, now to the latest on the drought with summer right around the corner. california could see yet another severe fire season. that's the worry we've got researchers at san jose state university studying plants in the santa cruz mountains trying to learn more about how dangerously dry conditions really are. the plant's me looking green. but what else do they tell us. well, the samples taken show no new growth which means these plants couldn't be more fuel for wildfires. >> so compared to the last few years. this is the driest. that's a surprise. these plants are stressed. they haven't received the right amount of rain that they require. and there not growing
8:44 am
the way they should. so we can hope that they'll recover some in possibly may. and then that could help us throughout the season. but right now it's looking pretty dire. yeah. the cal fire battalion chief says that they rely on data from. >> the university's fire weather lab and he says the information can let them know when the be ready to go, which it seems to be earlier and earlier each year the fire season begins. we'll be back with more in a minute. time now at 40. we'll be right back.
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when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. >> if 46 and just as we are hearing that the fda has hit pause on the johnson and johnson vaccine. there's a big super site for vaccines open at kaiser in run county. and so it has a lot of people, you know, concerned about couple things. will there be enough vaccine? why right without change. and then also what do you think about, you know, is this make you for sarah stinson actually on the story for us up in sandra fell out at that new vaccination mass vaccination site. >> sarah, you've been talking to folks there. what are you hearing? >> you know, some people are saying doubters are always going to be doubters of the vaccine. but then others worry that this going to place more doubt in people's minds and they're not going to sign up for the vaccine. i can tell
8:48 am
you here at the fairgrounds marin county has been running this vaccination site and they're now planning to be able to serve 1000 more vaccinations now that they have partnered with kaiser here at the fairgrounds. the hopes to hope is to hand out a total of 3600 doses a day depending on supply. and speaking of supply, marin county health officials say the paws of the j and j vaccine won't affect the distribution here because marine county mainly gets allotted pfizer and moderna shots. the county will pause all use of the j j vaccine until federal agencies say otherwise. so let's hear now from a man who says covid personal to him. he's lost several people to it and he's getting vaccinated today to save lives and he hopes others get it done, too. >> it won't help with the doubt there you have. yeah. you know, a lot of people already has it in for whatever reasons. so that would certainly add to the fire service. if you want to place
8:49 am
that i think is just the says a small number for the total people given. i'm not concerned about it. i haven't done it shot so. >> so far marine has distributed 70,000 doses. kaiser was previously handing out doses at a high volume side of terra linda high. but in person learning is about to begin their so kaiser join forces here and the goal is to get this operation flowing very quickly and more efficiently. it's by appointment only. let's take a look at now who is eligible to get the shot in the arm. its people ages 50 and older or people 16 to 64 years old with severe or high-risk medical conditions or disabilities. people who work in the food and agricultural industries. teachers and childcare workers as well as emergency services, public transit and health care workers again appointment is mandatory and you can get that through kaiser as well as through the marine county
8:50 am
public health website. we have a link on our website. kron 4 dot com for now reporting live in marin county. sarah stinson kron 4 news, thank you, sarah. >> time now is 8. coming up on 8.50. let's get over to the weather center, john. but keeping an eye on this tuesday forecast. it was pretty warm out there yesterday. john day going to be the warmest one of the week. we're a little bit cooler out there already this morning. we're actually going to be a little bit cooler noticeably into the afternoon, too. right now we are clearing out over marine county. but there's definitely still some cloud cover elsewhere across the day like from the golden gate southward into san francisco. you can actually see some of that cloud cover out there in the distance starting to clear up across the south bay in the east bay after what was a cloudy start low pressure working its way. and now you would think that's going jump that high pressure result in a pattern change for us. well, the highs going build right back in this weekend. so after a touch of a cool down these next 3 days. we're going to warm right back up into the weekend. windy conditions today blustery one
8:51 am
at the coast as well as along the east bay shoreline. so packed the jackets with you. as you venture outside, especially closer to the coast itself dry conditions today for the bay area tomorrow the sierra receives a light but much needed dose of snowfall for your wednesday. you see that up there on the right side of your screen, otherwise we stay dry in the bay area and we'll continue that dry trend all the way into the weekend. i mention today being a bit cooler. most of us are in the 60's for your highs. san jose at 68 o4kland 65 well 70's from concord, antioch on up into the north bay temperatures tomorrow and thursday remain relatively cool compared to where we have been before a weekend warm-up. it starts on friday, but really kicks into gear saturday and sunday with sunday likely to be one of our warmest of the year so far. reyna, thank you. so we still have that high wind advisory along the bay bridge. >> and the altamonte pass. and this is the best of ridges. look, all this morning. just 10 minutes to get to that fremont street exit last time we were there was about 04:00am also looking at the richmond sandra fell bridge. you can see looks like we're
8:52 am
definitely almost at a standstill traffic slowly moving still says just 12 minutes to get across the san rafale. but again, keeping a close eye on that slow commute. also traffic building along the san mateo bridge 17 minutes now for you to make your trip across towards the peninsula looking at things along one oh, one as we head in the park. 31 minutes. so have more on that. more headlines coming up
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> let's talk barry baseball.
8:55 am
we've got the oakland a's taken on former giant mad bomb and the arizona diamondbacks jed lowry, though, and matt chapman, they lead the way for the a's chapman had 3 hits including a second home run of the season. lowry drove in 3 runs and that helped the a's win by final 9 to 5 have now won 3 in a row. the 2 teams play again this afternoon with first pitch at 1240, out there in arizona and as for the sepsis, good giants. well, they face the cincinnati reds and the reds put an end to the four-game winning streak. one they hit 2 home runs the giants only got 2 hits field. so cincinnati walked away with this one was a shut out 3 to the 2 teams will face off again tonight, though, first pitch set for 6.45 out of oracle park. >> they 55. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news we're following the breaking news that the fda has just hit the pause button on the j and j vaccine. >> we'll tell you what the concern is at the top of the hour. and overnight a deadly
8:56 am
what police think was a drunk driving accident. a child and another person killed in the east bay. we'll have all the details. plus protesters clash another night in minnesota following a day of deadly police shooting there just 10 miles away from where the trial is happening for the death of george floyd.
8:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at known. >> and thanks for joining us on tuesday of variables. and i'm james fletcher. we've got somewhat cloudy day in a bit windy out there to to start this tuesday. we'll cooler than yesterday, john. yeah, a little brisk out there for sure. and still pretty great for a lot of the bay area to those palms behind us here in the studio or at least they look like they're behind the swaying back and forth. and that breeze in the embarcadero. we are going to be seeing skies remaining cloudy for a few more hours. but sunshine makes its return later on looking outside right now at your berkeley cam, the east bay pretty great as well. hasn't quite cleared out over berkeley just yet. some of our cloudiest of skies have actually been in the south bay, but some of that fog that you saw earlier has lifted with improved visibility around san jose and morgan hill. now radar shows clear
9:00 am
and dry conditions overall for the rest of the day and really the rest of the week to no chances of rainfall ahead of us 40's 50's for your current get the jacket on it feels cooler than that because of that steady wind moving in from the coast reyna harvey standing by with your look at traffic and we have seen some slowdowns richmond center fell, right. not looking so great. yeah. and there's no accident. the air along the bridge is just more people are driving more people get on the road. so as a result of that. >> we're seeing these type of delays 18 minutes as you leave richmond heading towards san rafale. so waiting time. but we're not seeing any accidents as a result of that. the bay bridge there's still a high wind advisory in place for you. commuting but conditihns look way better than they were earlier today. 111 minutes for your drive time to the fremont street exit the san mateo bridge. nice and light a cross in towards the peninsula under 15 minutes for your drive time there and checking on things in the south bay along 1, 1, and to 80 29 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up. for now, daryn. james, back to you.


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