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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 12, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> no. 10 o'clock protests tonight near minneapolis after police shoot and kill 20 year old dante right. the officer says that she thought she wls using a taser but instead had a gun. that's where we start this monday night here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock, thanks so much for spending time with us. i'm jonathan mccall in tonight for ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> police have released video of the shooting from the police officer's body camera. they say that it appears the officer did make a fatal mistake. that hasn't really done anything to quell the anger of protesters tonight,
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wright's death has been ruled a homicide. the officer who fired that shot has now been identified as kim potter, a 26 year veteran of the brooklyn center. many up brooklyn center. >> minnesota police department who is now on administrative leave. police in the city of brooklyn center just north of minneapolis city pulled over right yesterday afternoon after a traffic stop before learning that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. >> in officer potter's a body camera video and you're looking at part of that right here. you can see did it. but one point appeared to resist arrest prompting the officer to pull out her weapon. >> as i watch the video and listen to the officer's commands is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser. but instead shot mister right with a single bullet. >> drove off after being shot.
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once his car crashed a few blocks away. he was pronounced dead at the scene. court records show that right was side after failing to appear in court on charges that he had fled from officers and possessed a gun without a permit back in june. they want today president biden calling the shooting a tragedy on twitter. he said that he was thinking about dante wright and his family along with the pain anger in trauma that black america experiences every day while we await a full investigation. we know what we need to do to move forward. >> that is to rebuild trust and ensure accountability. so no one is above the law. the president called for peace and calm. >> but in the meantime, i want to make it clear again. there is absolutely no justification. for looting. no justification for violence. a peaceful protest understand. >> as we mentioned, there were protests taking place tonight. but this is a look at the scene from last night. there
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of crowds marching toward the city's police department. authorities say that rocks and other objects were thrown at the building and even 20 businesses were broken into. >> the killing of dante wright has reinvigorated the debate over police and traffic enforcement duties locally. the city of berkeley has been working to limit police involvement in low level traffic stops as supporters have pointed to these kinds of killings by police as a reason why they say it's necessary. kron four's dan thorn talked with city leaders about the reform. he joins us live in berkeley with more. dan. >> well, catherine berkeley city council voted unanimously to have police focus primarily on investigative stops and dangerous drivers back in february. and this idea was on all to help rebuild mistrust of the police by people of color and some of the berkeley city leaders that we spoke with today say that yesterday's killing in minnesota is just another
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example as to why traffic enforcement needs to be re. imagine it. >> in the moments before dante wright was killed by a brooklyn center police officer. he was being stopped for expired. registration tags. the violation is considered a low level traffic offense and leaders in the city of berkeley say this killing could have been >> my heart is broken kerry added. but this moment is a reminder to all of us just how important the work that we're doing in berkeley to re imagine traffic enforcement its south side councilmember rigel robinson and others have been pushing for police to focus on safety instead of minor infractions when it comes to traffic stops. robinson says getting pulled over is the most common interaction between police and residents in the community. and because of that traffic enforcement needs to be re imagined. nonviolent crimes. >> deserve non violent responses and we want to see a future where black americans can drive and bike and walk
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and feel safe in america without fear being pulled over by the cops for crimes of their imagined to have them. >> berkeley city council has put forth burke dot as a way to d police traffic stops in the city burke dot short for berkeley department of transportation would use train civilians to handle most traffic enforcement berkeley police chief andrew greenwood has said his officers have began focusing on dangerous drivers as opposed to random observations of minor equipment violations. the police union, however, has warned this reform will make berkeley last safe calling the process a one-way street and mothers against drunk driving has also opposed the idea saying police are trained to identify impaired drivers robinson agrees this vision is bold but can help prevent outcomes like the one we saw in minnesota. this is uncharted territory are asking questions that i think too few cities have been asking themselves about the role of police in our society. one of
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the obstacles that burden has struggling to overcome actually falls within california state law, which essentially says that. >> if you are not properly licensed somebody such as a police officer, a peace officer. you can't stop anybody for a traffic stop. so right now these advocates right now trying to get some state legislators on their side to hopefully or eventually change this law. catherine. >> thank you, dan. dan thorn reporting live for us in berkeley tonight. thanks, dan. >> the shooting death of dante wright hits, especially close to home here in the bay area and for the family of oscar grant in 2000, 9 former bart officer johannes mehserle. he says that he also fought he had grabbed his taser when he shot and killed grant at the fruitvale bart station on new year's day. was charged with murder but a jury convicted him on the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced him to 2 years in prison. but he was released after just 11 months earlier
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today, kron 4 talked with the uncle of oscar grant about the similarities in both of these cases. it's not like they didn't know who he >> and so even if he did attempt to run or jump in a vehicle to take off. there was no need to shoot weapon or pull out taser because i have to to his home. are you had those go to his mothers house. you know, his family, you know, his friends. >> since oscars death. we've learned that bart has beefed up its taser training as well as training related to crisis intervention and de-escalation. there have also been changes to bart's use of force policy protests for dante wright is taking place just 10 miles from the courthouse. we're testimony now entering a 3rd week in the derek chauvin murder trial. the former minneapolis officer is on trial for the death of george floyd last year. still to come tonight at 1030. we'll show you how today's news raising new concerns for chauvin's defense and the
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response from the judge. >> another traffic stop in virginia has come under fire tonight. the police officer involved in a violent encounter with the u.s. army lieutenant has been fired. that's after that video went viral. and we warn you video is disturbing. >> just get out the car. the folks in this incident happened. december 5th second low tended to karen was pulled over. >> his new suv had tinted windows. that was missing a rare plate real did not pull over immediately. but later said he wanted to find a well-lit area officers admitted that was common. the video shows the army medic who was in uniform. remaining calm asking several times why he was being pulled over. police drew their guns. they pepper sprayed him. they threw him to
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the ground. virginia's attorney general is calling the incident unacceptable. >> he was the calmest person there doing his best. and it should not happen to him. it shouldn't happen to anyone in virginia. >> i >> was released. he was not charged. he is now suing the police department for 1 million dollars. the naacp also calling for an end to qualified immunity in virginia. a measure which protects government officials from civil lawsuits. here in the bay area. we have seen a rise, a dangerous rise in crime in oakland. it. >> on saturday alone. the city saw 3 murders. on top of that oakland is also dealing with a rash of robberies, carjackings and other crimes today the city's top cop issuing a public plea to city leaders to get more resources kron four's, michelle kingston brings us the latest.
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>> a violent weekend in oakland 3 people shot and killed on saturday. this is video of police investigating one of those shootings outside booker's grocery liquor store on the corner of 90th avenue in all its street a few hours later, another shooting in front of the fairfax community church that is completely unacceptable and it's tragic for community have to deal with this level of trauma in pay. >> my heart goes out to all of the families and have lost loved ones as a result of this violence in the city of oakland this year alone. oakland has seen a 159 shootings compared to 79 at this time last year. so far in 2021 41 homicides. >> 13 of those happening in just the last month carjacking said nearly tripled compared to this time last year and robberies are also up in oakland. chief armstrong says the police department has lost 25 million dollars due to budget cuts in the impact of the community is tremendous this city has to understand 41
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homicides that is 4141 families that are impacted by this fire 41 families that are heard. i hear the pay. i understand it. i'm trying to do my best to address this by reallocating our resources to focus on violence in a press conference on monday afternoon. chief armstrong called on city council to allocate funds to help protect this city. he says his department should not have to choose which crimes to respond to. we shouldn't have to do that. we should be given the resources that we need to be able to address both. that's what i'm asking for on monday night's city council approved funding for the police department, including money to restore cease-fire operations sideshow detail in foot patrols in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news today council members in oakland voted to restore funding to the sideshow unit. >> this means that officers could be back on the streets as early as this weekend. the newly approved funding comes after a weekend of illegal sideshows in oakland. you're
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looking at video of one of those events from the citizen app. police broke up the stun drive events in a number of locations but say they weren't able to get to all of them because of a lack of resources tonight, oakland police chief leronne armstrong says he's appreciative of the council's vote to restore some of those resources. >> and we have breaking news to tell you about tonight. this is a protest that began in san jose are looking a fire at a fire apparently left by protesters demonstrators apparently are out in solidarity with the protesters near minneapolis protesting the death of dante right. we've been talking about that tonight. video taken a new the san jose police department headquarters this is on mission street. again. you're looking at a small fire, people with signs. we're not hearing about any violence and we're not clear yet as to whether police are responding or what they're doing. it is a developing situation we will provide updates as they become
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available. all right. let's talk weather this monday night. a live look at sfo. >> the fog is still hanging around lauren to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow saying it's going to get pretty blustery. is that started launch. yeah. we're starting to see some of those winds kick up. in fact, you want to see a little feels like summer time in the bay area. this is kind of a pretty good idea. that fog just kind of racing across the golden gate bridge right now on certainly can feel very, very chilly in a good part of the bay area during the summer months that fog moves on shore. look at that picture right now. i see the fog just blowing right across the golden gate bridge. >> get some of that moisture norm that woodlawn. it's pretty chilly in san francisco in the summertime. but we are looking at some nice weather in other parts of the bay area we're back in the 80's in livermore concord today. well above the average in both spots. 74 degrees in santa rosa san francisco. you have that breeze that kept those temperatures down 58 degrees. little bit below the average 65 degrees in oakland and a very nice 74 in san jose.
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things changing now on the horizon. we've got a storm system off the fortune. not going to get here. it's actually would be this one. doesn't look like much. this little swirl of clouds that section area low pressure that's going to drop just to the east of us and it's going to really affect our weather. the next couple of days helping to kick up the winds that wind out there right now, 7 miles an hour in the san francisco 12 in pacifica. 21 byron. call now in concord in san ramon, 16 miles per hour to the southwest in fairfield. so can watch these winds wrapping up tonight. but i think especially by tomorrow afternoon along the coastline. you can get a little blustery in spots. you see some of those winds start to go 2030, plus miles per hour. that's going to the gusts that provided the wind outside there for tomorrow. and then even blustery conditions, some of the interior valleys and all those that have onshore breeze so that will help keep you cool around a good part of the bay area tonight, mostly clear in the valleys. little breezy in spots and certainly some patchy fog already moving along the coastline to also become mostly sunny cooler and breezy. we'll see some
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sunshine out toward the coast tomorrow. but the winds will be picking up. so it's going to feel cool out there already 48 degrees in half moon bay 48 now in pacifica, 53 in san mateo. 51 in oakland then or drop in the mid 40's and the bot on also in the petaluma right now. so little chilly out there. okay. here comes that low that i was talking about. it's going to drop just to the east of us. and as high pressure tries to build in behind. and guess what, we get those winds kicking up around the bay area. again, going to make for some blustery conditions. lot of part of the day. all right. the sierra nevada, they're not going to the nice conditions like us. they're going change in the weather. some much needed snow likely to move in by late tomorrow and then into wednesday got a couple flakes going to fall over the top of mount not going to be much for that low. just kind of spinning down just east of the sierra nevada that will bring some more snowflakes for that. maybe one, maybe 3 inches of snow above 7,000 feet. so you mount passes, they're going to be open. you would have to worry about that. but certainly and it's no that we can get this bonus right now. even a little bit. yeah. welcome you. thank you, well,
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today some of san francisco's youngest students they were in class. this was at nearly 2 dozen elementary schools. >> preschool through second graders were back in the classroom. it has been a long road to get here after a lawsuit between the city attorney and the school board. there were long talks between the school district and the teachers union next week. 3rd through 5th graders will begin in person learning and by april 26, it is hoped that 107 schools will be open for in person learning. meanwhile, some kiddo's in san leandro also returning back to campus today for in person. learning. >> the district moving to hybrid learning, but families do havoption of keeping their kids in full time distance learning. health officials say that the uk variant of covid-19. now the dominant strain here in the u.s. that mutation is hitting young people, particularly hard. the cdc says that cases and emergency room visits are rising in younger adults.
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mostly because they have not been vaccinated and the uk variant has proven to become more contagious as a result. one 3rd of hospitalizations tracked in 14 states where folks ages 18 to 49 experts say their advice to avoid infection remains the same. make sure you wear a mask. stay physically distant and get the vaccine. when it becomes available to you. some good news california's covid-19 positivity rate has reached an all-time low. governor newsome tweeting today that the state's positivity rate now at one 0.5%, that's the lowest in america and the lowest positivity rate in the state since the beginning of the pandemic. meantime, the golden state has now administered nearly 23 million doses of the vaccine and more than 8 million people are now fully vaccinated against covid-19. that's about 27% of the state's population. >> well, people 16 and over now eligible for the vaccine in 3 bay area counties, san francisco alameda contra costa
10:18 pm
counties. they've all extended and expanded eligibility santa clara county will join them on thursday and that is also the day when every california and 16 and older does become eligible for the vaccine regardless of where you the mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum. we know this will be open for at least another month. it was scheduled to close this week. but then there was a deal to keep it open alameda county contra, costa county and state officials. they'll form a joint command to operate the site. the equipment and the temps and all the workers. they will stay in place until at least may 9th the state says it will provide half the weekly vaccine supply counties will provide the other half. the goal is to administer 6,000 doses. a day and happening tomorrow. the marin county fairgrounds will be officially transformed into a vaccination site. this will be operated by both kaiser
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permanente and the marin county public health department earlier, kushner had been giving doses at terra linda high school. but they're getting ready to reopen. so they had to find a new spot. >> tonight, the california attorney general's office is now leading the investigation into assault claims against the windsor mayor dominic foppoli, a total of 6 women now claim they were assaulted by him for polio has denied those. but there have been calls for him to step down from office, including from his own brother, a website to recall foppoli now up and running. >> we outraged and they >> they're really really lost the moral believed to be the time so he needs to resign and the times for him to step down and what the justices figure this out. if the time comes if by some miracle this is all huge misunderstanding which i don't think it is. >> that >> we're told that an actual
10:20 pm
petition will be circulating soon. a special council meeting will be held on wednesday calling for for poli to resign. so far he has denied all of the charges against him. >> a plan to change some rules for future recall petitions that cleared a hurdle today in the california legislature that bill would give the targets of future recalls access to the names and the information of people who signed the petition and it would extend the amount of time people would have to try to remove signatures to 45 days. the bill would not affect the current recall effort against governor newsome. some people are angry about it, though opponents leading the recall against newsome called the bill an intimidation tactic. i think it's really important that we maintain this process. >> even though this won't affect the newsome recall. it will affect ll future recalls. and this is why it's so important to stop this bill from going forward.
10:21 pm
>> democratic state senator josh newman created the bill after his experience. he says of being recalled in 2018 and winning his seat back in 2020. he says targets of a recall should have the chance to maae sure that people who signed a recall petition were not misled. the bill is heading to the senate judiciary committee for another here. still ahead, disturbing new details on a shooting at a high school in tennessee. why police say. >> they were forced to shoot and kill a student from the bay area to the u.s. mexico border. the new nominee for customs and border patrol chief with bay area times.
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>> new at 10 o'clock. the ntsb has published a preliminary report in connection with a crash near the u.s. mexico border that killed 13 people. this was last month. an suv packed with migrants either slowed or stopped before being hit by a semi this was in imperial county. looking at the scene. the report is suggesting the driver tried to avoid the crash. but the overloaded vehicle just could not stop in time. there are 25 people packed into a 1997 ford expedition. that driver was arrested on human smuggling charges president biden has tapped former richmond police
10:25 pm
chief chris magnus to lead the u.s. customs and border protection. >> magna serving as richmond's top cop from 2000, 6 until 2015 and was known for reducing the number of shootings and killings while helping to rebuild community trust in law enforcement. he currently serves as chief of police in tucson, arizona. magnus will have to be confirmed by the senate before heading up the agency. meantime, president joe biden meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers today to discuss his american jobs plan the more than 2 trillion dollar infrastructure package would improve america's roads and bridges, airports, broadband, and more. but the president says that while he is open to negotiating with republicans. he expects them to do more than just voiced their opposition. >> he's proposed a way pay for it, which is what he thinks the responsible thing is to do and helps to come to the table with ideas. i think everyone acknowledges we begin. >> creason infrastructure. it's good to get down to what we call infrastructure. >> the president insist on
10:26 pm
keeping the price tag the same saying that he's confident that republicans will see the importance of getting the bill passed. >> next at 10 o'clock. the deadly shooting in minnesota. this is raising new concerns in the murder trial against the officer accused in the killing of george floyd what the defense is now asking the judge to do also researchers say one bay area county is at even more risk of wildfires than anybody realized what's being done about that and health insurance in california getting cheaper when a new offer from covered california will kick in and how much you could say.
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hiv medicine is one part of it. top of breaking news for you this monday night of a protest that is unfolding in san jose. >> it appears the demonstrators are standing in solidarity with protesters in minneapolis after the shooting death of dante right. this is video at the san jose police headquarters on mission street. you can see some of those protesters lying, some fires in the street. they're holding their signs. no word, no reports of anything getting out of hand. no violence at this point. there's also no word on if police have responded to try and break that up as you see that sign right there. the picture dante right, which is now infamous of him holding his one year-old son and those protesters now marching in the
10:30 pm
streets. we're going continue to stay on top of the story. bring you new updates as soon as they become available. >> this time. i am requesting again. sequestration of the jury you of the incidents of last night. >> the shooting effected the ongoing trial of derek chauvin, the former minneapolis police officer accused in of the murder in the death of george floyd. but the judge denied a request to sequester. the jury at least for now. today, george floyd's brother took the stand as the prosecution near the end of its case. we should bolton brings us the very latest from the courtroom in minneapolis. >> if you need a moment. and taking through tears and family photos. george floyd's brother testified the. >> the lotus floyd spoke of the close connection. his brother had with their mother. when we went to the funeral. >> joe has just said casket,
10:31 pm
he would just say mom. >> little would he says floyd was a leader and athlete who played football and basketball at sensibly in high school, then received a scholarship for college. you always. >> make sure we had a close the school he may. should they. we all we're going to to school on time as the trial entered its 3rd week doctor jonathan bridge, a cardiologist expert from northwestern took the stand monday morning. rich said that floyd was restrained in a life threatening manner. on cross examination. defense attorney eric nelson. >> shifted the blame on to floyd for struggling with police when they tried to put him in the car >> mister floyd and simply gotten in the back seat of a squad car. had he not been restrained in the way in which
10:32 pm
he was. i think he would have survived that day. i think he would have gone home or wherever he was going to go. >> that was felicia bolden reporting for us tonight. the prosecution could wrap up its case as early as tomorrow. derek chauvin, though, is not expected to take the stand in his defense. the judge says the jury will be sequestered during deliberations. >> there is new video and some new information about today's deadly shooting at a high school in tennessee. police are now saying that they shot and killed a student who opened fire on them. they say he opened fire first officers responding to reports of a possible gunman found that student in a bathroom and austin east magnet school lets in a knoxville. they ordered him to surrender. they say instead he fired at them. officers fired back and killed him. one officer was wounded in the leg. it was not clear why the student brought a gun
10:33 pm
to school in the first place or what led to that encounter. there was also a scare in the los angeles neighborhood of us omar today. high scho l evacuated because of a report of a man with the rifle near campus. investigators say the suspect was initially spotted in an apartment complex near the school. a swat team was called in. the man was taken into custody without incident. investigators in southern california still trying to figure out what caused this massive explosion that leveled a house. >> on sunday. 2 men were hurt and nearby homes had to be evacuated. the new by president is now being credited with saving 3 kids at this point. fire officials say there was no gas leak in while there was evidence of a marijuana grow in the garage. so far. that's not considered a likely cause either turning to wildfire coverage tonight. california's falling deeper into a drought and with summer right around the corner. we could see yet another severe
10:34 pm
fire season. researchers at san jose state say they are studying plants in the santa cruz mountains to learn more about how dangerously dry the conditions are there. the samples taken show that no new growth which could mean more fuel for the wildfires. >> so compared to the last few years. this is the driest coast. that's a surprise. these plants are stressed. they haven't received the right amount of rain that they require. and there not growing the way they should. so we can hope that they'll recover some. >> in possibly may. and then that could help us throughout the season. but right now it's looking pretty dire. >> the cal fire battalion chief says they do rely on data from the university's fire weather lab. he says the information to let them know when to be ready to go. >> and with that, let's take another look at the 4 zone forecast as we look out live over the market share.
10:35 pm
>> kron. 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at how warm things will get for the start of your tuesday. yeah, guys, for the professors, correct. fire season. very dangerous things drying out now, but really over the last 20 years we've been talking about a major drought across the western half the united states not just california but the entire western half the united and certainly we are primed and ready to go for fire season as we get closer. there we go. outside right now. high pressure in control, there's an area of low pressure just these begin to drop down a little bit cloter right now. the temperatures, yes. getting cool spots 50 degrees in san francisco. little breezy to 51 in oakland 57 in san jose 55 in livermore right now 58 in concord and check out santa rosa. you're cool off now in the mid 40's right. more rain forecast, of course, this would help a lot to get some substantial rain that just gets hard at this time of the season to get significant storms to move into the bay area right now doesn't look too promising. we still have that area of low pressure
10:36 pm
spinning off the coastline. it looks like it will merge with another low that dropping out of the gulf of alaska. watch. here we go. they put themselves together. only rotating out in the middle of the pacific not doing us any help keeping us dry as we head into the weekend. in fact, this weekend looks much warmer around the bay area. one branch or one little front makes its way off that area of low pressure bringing some rain up in the city northwest and nothing locally here and then behind that. yeah, you got another week system kind of role on the back side will see more winds likely kicking up behind that system as well. so we're keeping it dry for now tomorrow the temperatures going to cool down is going to be breezy 50's and some 60's around the bay and along the coastline. some 70's in the valleys next couple days looking nice. warm things up a little bit on thursday and friday. but look at your weekend. we're back in the 80's. maybe an offshore wind as we get into sunday and monday that could warm those temperatures up even along the coastline. but yeah, we're getting so close to the season. now the fire season certainly looking a little bit dangerous out there right now. but year after year of drought-like conditions and you see all that's the building up in the force and
10:37 pm
boy didn't take much to get things burn once again as we know all too well. yeah. thanks. lauren says lawrence. well employees at a souls force were fully vaccinated can soon return to the office. >> san francisco's biggest private employer says it's going to begin repopulating as they put it, san francisco's sales force tower and the palo alto location. and next month there will be safety protocols that will be testing available. but the return is optional infect cells forces also extending the work from home option through the end of the year. still a lot of people are calling this a step in the right direction. >> companies are planning for a future. and when we had talked to companies, even just a few weeks or months ago, they were all pointing to the summertime. some are pointing to the fall. i do think the pace of vaccinations has allowed for companies to accelerate those time lines at least a little bit. >> so far. so will soon allow non vaccinated employees back in the office. not quite yet.
10:38 pm
and eventually will return to full capacity. last month. facebook announced that it will begin bringing workers back in june. but for now, only at 10% capacity. san francisco's recreation and parks department says that all of the city's public pools will be back open by june. >> under the orange tier guidelines per the state's reopening plan outdoor pools currently operate at 50% capacity indoors at 25%. so far the mission districts mission community pulled the city's only outdoor public pool has reopened the remaining pools will gradually reopen over the next 2 months. the locker rooms will remain closed. however. >> still ahead as more people are getting vaccinated, just fewer people are getting covid testing. why local health officials say that ir a problem. >> a series we get out i have minutes to like he's guys.
10:39 pm
>> plus one baby will have quite a story to tell as his mom goes into labor. but she gives birth before she makes it to the hospital. how one nurse and the right place at the right time comes to her rescue. >> and next from sports, steph curry does it. he passes wilt chamberlain to become the warriors all-time leading scorer. we'll have a live scorer. we'll have a live report about thi is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit
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>> welcome back, everyone. even in the middle of a pandemic health insurance in california is getting cheaper all because of president biden's american rescue plan. >> attention california new federal funding of 3 billion dollars is available to help more people pay for health insurance no matter what changed? >> covered, california, the state's private health insurer says that the influx of federal dollars will save the state 500 million dollars a year while expanding access to more californians today. the organization launching a new enrollment period along with a new advertising campaign try and get more folks signed up and insured. >> another one 0.1 million california eligible to come on in. we can take a law. you pick the brand-name plan that you want to be in. you just get a financial lake up to picks up plan and save money while doing it. >> we're told that the cost of premiums will soon drop an average of around $200 a month
10:43 pm
and some people will still be able to lock in a plan for as little as one dollar a month for a high deductible plan. the savings will kick in starting may first and will mostly go toward communities hardest hit during the pandemic and the economic recession. >> as more people are getting vaccinated for covid-19 health officials say that fewer people getting tested for the virus. kron four's rob fladeboe says fewer tests are making it a lot harder to track the spread of the infection and an emerging variants. >> reflecting a national trend rates of covid-19 testing are down across california since january test said this and other sites across santa clara county of fallen 30%. much of the decline is thought to be the result of less fear of exposure as more people are vaccinated. public health, though, is troubled by the trend. it is here at test sites like this one where new and potentially more
10:44 pm
contagious stranger variant of the virus are first detected fewer tests narrows the view of where the infection is circulating and makes it easier for the virus to spread and mutate into one of those troublesome variants says the county's testing officer doctor marty fenstersheib thing and testing is so important because. >> it allows us to quickly understand whether where infected or not and if we are, then we can basically do what we need to do to keep from infecting anyone else. it also allows us to actually see if there are any of those variants and our county because that's the only way we can find a variance is by testing somebody and if they're positively fended off for special testing to see if they have a very. >> testing is crucial because it can also help to identify the rare instance where vaccine does not guard against infection. chris, who has one dose of vaccine is getting tested on a regular basis just to be on the safe side. he says not just. >> it just me being. like what you mentioned is this really like safe and county just
10:45 pm
remind people that this thing through. >> testing can help gather information for the development of vaccines that might be more effective against emerging variants. get tested, even if you've been fully vaccinated says doctor fence or shot. >> so we want people to continue getting vaccinated but also get tested on a routine basis even afterwards just to make sure again that you didn't get exposed to something that the vaccine is not working against very rare that still could happen. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> history was made tonight at chase steph curry never sees this to embrace a moment and there he is on the verge of breaking wilt chamberlain scoring record for the franchise. 1st quarter tied game. here's a record breaker. right there. it comes on a layup over his former teammate
10:46 pm
jamelle with mcgee. he had 21 points in the first dogs led by one at the end of the 1st quarter. 2nd quarter nuggets up 6 stepback 3 this routine at this point. he had 30 points at the half 3rd quarter curry sinks, the 31 worries of 6 midway through the 3rd. later on with tears. his temp 3 of the game warriors up by 11, his splash brother klay thompson loving it. all right. end of the 3rd want us cano air scene gets the steal gets the dunk a little extra curricular activity. will monte morris just letting him know where he's from. 95th street warriors up 16 after 3 4th quarter. steph, right here. simple enough to make a free throw. but that gives him his 50th point of the game. his 9th 50 point game of his career. 3rd of the season step
10:47 pm
finished with 52 points tonight. warriors win one 16, one 17 and sports reporter kylen mills was at chase center to watch it all go down. kylen. >> hey, jason, what an electric night here in the chase center and what a special night for warriors star steph curry was absolute treat to witness his greatness on full display tonight. he brought this insane energy right from the opening tip off. he scored 11 points less than halfway through the 1st quarter and it was like, oh, my gosh, is he about to put up 20 in the first and officially become the warriors all time leading score that's exactly what he did. his teammates are going wild. they were loving it and reaching that milestone of becoming the leading score, of course, staff didn't really have a huge reaction. he so even keel between the first and second quarters in the break. he was sitting on the bench to shaking his head, looking up and smiling and
10:48 pm
that's that typical staff that you love to see it. something steve kerr talked about the post-game. he is loved by his teammates. he always is so humble and puts the team. first, here's what steve kerr had to say about what staff means to this organization. >> he was extra special tonight. obviously i mean, he's he's had this run the last few weeks where he's. you know, he sort of night in and night out. having these great games. you can feel it too. when when he's really got a gone we could feel it pretty early tonight. he's just an mentor for these young guys and they they love him. so he and they they love him. so he got a great receptio locker room there yeah, it was fun. >> some of the videos have emerged on twitter and on social media of the guy celebrating in the locker room. it looks like he was well received because once again he is loved by his teammates to some of the postroadcast want a scandal, anderson running over and dumping water on steps
10:49 pm
head. so even if he's not going to go ahead and go crazy. celebrating. of course, the guys are going to make sure that he does enjoy this moment because it is really a special special night for staff and for this warriors organization. for now. we're live at the chase center. kylen mills. back to you. jason. >> thank you. kyle and get home safe. all right. to the diamond, the a's in the desert taking the diamondbacks top of the 5th is up to matt chapman. remember this guy madison bumgarner, former giant first pitch matt chapman don't care who he is gets a hold of all of that. it ain't coming back extend that lead to 4 on the solo shot. they would go on to defeat the d'backs 9 to 5 game 2 tomorrow. it switches over to oracle park. the giants hosted the reds top of the 3rd. no score. one offer. jesse winker. and he sends that one to left center murray ceo dubai on going back runs out of real estate read strike first on the 2 run blast and
10:50 pm
the giants could only muster up 2 hits tonight. read go on to win 3 to nothing. all righty. that's your look at sports. one more congratulations to steph curry, the all-time leading score and golden state
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
>> interesting. so that sound you're hearing there is the sound of a spider web being translated into music. >> researchers over at mit used laser scanning technology and image processing tools to assign different frequencies to the strands of the web. they then combined the notes and patterns based on the web's 3, 3 d structure. they say that spider webs could provide a new source for musical inspiration and provide a form of cross pcs communication more. it is meantime, yosemite will be open again this summer, although you'll have to book an online. >> reservation to visit. visitors plan and arrived between may 21st of september 30th. they will have to register ahead of time their passes will be valid for 3 days only be good for one car. the goal, of course, to maintain social distancing guidelines. well, a delivery that workers at u c davis will never forget a woman in labor was rushed to the hospital and
10:54 pm
ended up giving birth in the parking garage just by that much as melanie townsend found out, the new mom says despite the an expected circumstance. the hospital staff went above and beyond to help her and the baby. >> people might think crazy, but it was it was amazing. madison fritter was ready to welcome her second baby into the world. just not 2 weeks early and not any place other than a hospital bed. but it's what happened on the luckiest day of the year. saint patrick's day has little like what the series and then at that i called mom and sister a few hours in a few intense contractions later freed her and her family were on their way to meet their bundle of joy. only this bundle had bigger plans of his own didn't steal every emergency getting there until he parked up the hospital. think, >> we get out and i have minutes to touch like he's
10:55 pm
guys started cloudy as the commotion was are acting in the u c davis parking garage adventist, health labor and delivery nurse generates was facing a dilemma of her own. i gave birth. i see a bus a week and my i miles is may 5 and we came home and then he got really sick at home. so i'm back to the emergency around things started making a change and better rakes was headed back home when she noticed several other nurses run to a woman on the ground covered in blankets and then i realized they are right behind my car and and then i i'm going to be an >> and my instinct. am i ok, there's only one reason issue ways and then i hear the right to liberty and i immediately think okay, i have to get it shortly after maverick freighter was born. healthy. happy and 8 pounds. 2 ounces a moment for it or didn't think her family would get to see
10:56 pm
during covid-19 i was going to you know, i hope that likely whole surprise when husband, of course. but it was on historical. and so it looked like you guys you for 8 years. so it was also a heartwarming moment for the nurse who came to the rescue. she really needed me in that moment to be states and she was put there for me to give you that last last extra strength to get what i needed to with my in sacramento. melanie townsend. >> well, little baby map does have a story to doesn't matter how you get here. just get and certainly they did. they guess they very happy family. they will last look at weather tonight. we are seeing some changes coming up here is we're going to see what looks like some more fog and low clouds and that wind going to kick up around the bay area tomorrow. little breezy outside temperatures now in the 40's and the 50's outside. i think tomorrow afternoon. >> and the winds little blustery aloeg the coastline plan of some cool weather right out toward the beaches in the 50's. there. that wind will the picking up throughout
10:57 pm
the day. some gusts over 30 miles an hour along the coastline to the san bruno gap to 64 degrees mountain. not bad. there wind sheltered in the south bay. the santa clara valley mild temperatures in the mid 60's still think we speak and some 70's in the valleys by tomorrow afternoon. so no 80's be found like we had, but still comfortable weather inland that breeze blowing right through the delta. that will continue there as well. and then back toward the getting a bit windy at times tomorrow afternoon. your 10 to 10 run. fortunately looks very dry right through the weekend. in fact, this weekend look at the temperatures again in the that all right. hold on to your hats. thanks for joining us. >> have a goodie.
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: boiling point. just miles from the scene of george floyd's death, and that shocking investigation. >> this appears to me that this was an accidental discharge rates may go and what went wro wrong. >> get out of the car now! >> uproar over the army lieutenant serving his country pepper spray. then, prince harry's secret flight home as pregnant meghan stays behind. >> to stand shoulder to shoulder with his brother at the funeral. >>


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