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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 12, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at >> good morning. if you're a kid, san francisco, you're not up yet. you're probably late. i'm daria of also and i will trend in food area. i i'm live right here in id. more costly. >> i'm looking right at, you know. all my all right. james, how's the weather rain. uh it's not even april fool's day. >> we are in for a bit of a cloudy start. maybe you're in for a cloudy start to as you wake up this monday morning. but you can catch up, get some coffee and get out there. hopefully a little bit early because as you are driving to work this morning. there are some spots, a low visibility that you should definitely know. let's get you a look outside right now from our mount tam cam. this looking at above that blanket of cloud cover. that is shrouding much of the day. now, although most of our bridges is just fine.
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some hillsides, some inland valleys and even right along the coastline, we are experiencing visibility in patches below a mile and that does mean some spots out there that could slow you down as you're making your way on to our roadways radar. looking dry. definitely no rainfall in the forecast today and it's going to stay that way for the week ahead of us. 40's and 50's for most of our current temperatures at this point with conquered oakland and alameda each sitting at 51 degrees talking. the rest of the week's forecast all still to come, of course. first, though, that look at traffic with reyna harvey who is standing by right next to me, we have had a few issues this morning the latest around conquered right. pleasant. he'll there's an accident there. they just cleared off the road. however, we're still seeing residual delays. >> from that crash. all the way back to highway for you're saying that this is southbound 6.80 at tree blvd in pleasant hill. we're looking at the richmond sandra fell commute as you're heading out of richmond just got on the phone with chp. they tell me no accidents here. it's just that more people are hitting the roads going back to work. 23
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minutes. also looking at the bay bridge and into the city right now to that fremont street exit under 16 minutes for your drive time there. no high wind advisories in place. we had some earlier this morning and across towards the peninsula. you can do that under 40 minutes and checking on things along one o one heading towards menlo park a little slow down some hazards. 33 minutes to get to menlo park will have more on that coming up. daria, back to you. thanks a lot of 2 and breaking news from overnight there's a curfew in place in a minnesota town, just 10 miles away. >> from where the derek chauvin trial is going on because a black man was fatally shot by police during a traffic stop. the curfew after protests broke out in the city of brooklyn center 10 miles north of minneapolis officers. they're pulled over dante wright for a traffic violation. they say they realized he had an outstanding warrant and that officers tried to arrest him. but he got back into his car. that's
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when an officer opened fire. he did get in the car and started to drive away. but then died at the scene. his girlfriend was a passenger and she had minor injuries and about 20 businesses ended up being looted in this town so the national guard was called out to break up the crowds. and now the mayor has issued a curfew. there is no school schools have been shut down today so that they don't have any more trouble. and this all as tensions are so high because we're now entering the 3rd week of the trial of former police officer derek chauvin for the death of george floyd. that's another story that we're following this morning and daria that just crossed the wire. so the defense that for chauvin, he asked the judge if they could sequester the jury because of what happened. >> over the weekend. the judge denied that so they were aware that it will infiltrate the jury, make them prejudice and that the judge said no, we're not going to sequester the jury, right. they are not supposed to be watching news or media of any kind. the jurors in the trial. so we'll
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see what happens today and we'll have that story in a few minutes. meantime, there's big news right here in the bay area in the north bay. too calls for resignations against actions against mayors. the mayor of windsor is being called upon to resign because of allegations poli for poli is accused by 5 women of rape and the story even his own brother is calling him forced to step down. kron four's. gayle ong has the very latest. >> outside christopher creek winery sunday >> supporters of the women who have come forward accusing windsor mayor dominic foppoli of assault are outraged as a community to >> this horrible monster in a position of power and he's still denying the accusations and we want him to know that we're putting pressure on him
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as a community and we're not going to stop until he resigns. this comes after the san francisco chronicle published an article last week with claims of 4 separate accounts of alleged abuse from incidents dating from 2000, 3 to 2019 as of sunday. there are at least 5 accusations. one of the women speaking out. sophia williams who says the police sexually assaulted her in 2006 the last 15 years i felt one way about my story that we're friends. there's drinking it was a mistake. he probably doesn't remember. >> to come to hear all these stories and a lot having to do women being drugged and just recognizing that if that had been the case that my story could have been very different. williams joined the rally with her family. i wanted to bring my kids because we talk a lot about consent and like that. they don't have to. getting and they don't want to. so i told them just briefly you know, somebody touched me and i said please stop and he didn't listen. so i ran away and.
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and, you know that it's not ok in light of the multiple accusations mayors of 8 sonoma county town signed a statement demanding for poli resign immediately. >> also at the rally, joe foppoli, the mayor's brother who agrees his brother should step down from office i believe that our elected officials should be held to a higher moral standard. >> for that reason. i believe that dominic should step down as mayor of windsor. >> his brother says the windsor mayor who also co owns the winery has been fired and is not allowed on the in the process of removing him as an owner and on all titles and everything else here as well and discuss it. this is my family business that i've worked so hard for over the years. it's completely unaware of what was. >> well, actually going on after i'm disgusted by its been married for 15 years ago, 2 teenage children. >> i want this to be a place where they can come with
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families, income. >> football. he released a statement saturday that reads in part, quote, i believe anyone who believes they have been victimized should have the opportunity to be heard. and i didn't want to cloud my accusers stories with an immediate response and therefore decided to give them time to be heard. but now is the appropriate time for me to address this matter. i am completely innocent of the conduct alleged and have not violated any of these women end quote. >> in the meantime, the sonoma county sheriff launched an investigation into the assault allegations against the mayor windsor. we're here in healdsburg gayle ong kron 4 news ok, so let's say the north bay were former sebastopol mayor robert jacob. he's in jail facing charges that he sexually abused the child. >> police arrested jacob, saturday morning. there is one alleged victim in the case so far. the assault happened over more than a year ago from december 2019 in till march of this ye r. so passable police say the investigation just
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starting and they are asking anyone with any information to come forward. >> we would ask anyone who has encountered any type of interaction. no matter who it's with they would always seek out the resources that the police department can provide. >> so that we can investigate these allegations in a timely manner and also make sure that we're keeping our community safe. >> robert jay cup is currently being held in the sonoma county jail without bail more bay area counties. well, they're expanding eligibility for coronavirus vaccines to younger people. we're talking san francisco alameda and contra costa counties. they all are expanding eligibility to anyone 16 years or older. however, it is important to know that starting on thursday. everybody who is 16 years or older will be eligible for the vaccine no
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matter where you live in california. there continue to be a big demand for vaccines around the bay. and we're just waiting for the 16 year olds to join the club at san francisco. general on saturday. you can see these people lining up for their shots. well, a few hours. >> after they started. they ran out and that forced them to turn away a lot of these people problems like this. a major concern. >> if they need to have better plan. and you know, they need to make sure that they're having vaccine to meet the need of are going advertising why things like that. they follow up with people who are turned away. >> the 2 destination sites are at the southeast health center on keith street and the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. they're open from 9 to 3 again, the warning as always as a vaccine supplies. allow. and in the meantime are wondering okay. got the covid shop. what about a booster? am i going to need that to keep the vaccine affected in the future. we asked doctor peter chin-hong with ucsf about his thoughts
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on boosters. >> so it nll depends on what gary and becomes dominant in the u.s. in the fall right now. the most common are really uk. it be 1, 1, 7, and in california it's a california grand. fortunately both of those are sort of like squashed by all 3 vaccines that we have currently but say brazilian or the south african variant on new variant. that hasn't been invented has yet to take some of the scene. we may need one the odds. a very, very low estimation. >> low ads now. but he says his prediction could change if a variant of the virus develops that the vaccines are not effective against. >> just in to the kron 4 news room san francisco's largest employers sales force announced this morning that it will allow its employees to return to the office next month. salesforce tower in san francisco will be the first u.s. office to reopen his pollo in irvine office is also
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reopening the tech company says the first employees. so we'll come back will be those who fully vaccinated sales force says it does expect to eventually reopen to its full capacity. this will start once their own data shows less than one percent positivity rates in offices with covid testing still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the defense in the derek chauvin trial present its case this week. we'll have a look ahead. >> and we are going to be seeing some cloudier skies at the coastline today. this is going to keep or coastal spots in the 50's. >> a bit cooler than we were this weekend. elsewhere in the bay area just as warm and eventually at least just a sunny with daytime highs for inland areas in the upper 70's to low 80's. >> and traffic is picking up along the richmond sandra fell bridge. we have a light commute into the city this morning for you. also tracking several accidents. one a long 24 oakland and another one in pleasant have more on that coming up next.
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one looking outside right now from timber on. we've got the gray overhead. >> visibility ishe most part just fine. but you can see how you are having some issues in spots. golden gate bridge is or foggiest bridge right now. there are fog patches eosewhere in the bay area to to know as you are making your way back into your routine to kick off your monday. high pressure it's in place. it's in the same routine as has been the past 24 days sending any storm tracks. well to our north and out of the region. so yet of the again, we have another set up for a dry week ahead of us. no chances of rainfall and pretty familiar conditions. otherwise, too. we're back to that cool ocean breeze, which is going to moderate temperatures for many areas. one of the reasons we are seeing such a foggy push this morning. future cast does show a return sunshine into the afternoon. little cloudier right along the coastline even into the afternoon. tomorrow will be much like today, but a bit cooler for inland areas as we continue to see the ocean cool. they're pushing a bit further in cooling us off compared to our in the neighbors areas like the
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central valley have been well into the 80's for a couple of weeks now. 50's 60's for your highs. and san francisco fuss. if it cut down to over each in the mid to upper 50's. well, most of our bayside city, some of our most comfortable in the 60's to 70's palo alto in redwood city each at 71 south bay temperatures san jose and campbell at 78 degrees for your highs. well, across the east bay pleasanton, livermore and dublin just shy of 80 conquered. you'll be getting their right to 80 degrees today. oakland berkeley richmond upper 60's. well, 70's 80's across the north bay from solano county out to sonoma county. pretty warm afternoon to be expected after a grain cool start. i mention that today was going to be our inland after today. we do see daytime highs falling into the mid 70's inland. and that's where we'll stay from tuesday through friday. bayside cities holding on to the 60's and 70's and we'll all be holding on to sunshiny afternoons and the dry weather that we've gotten to use to these past few months. reyna.
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>> don, thank you for that. we have a hot spot that have been tracking here in oakland eastbound 24 at 13 northbound. least one or 2 lanes are blocked there. good alternate to get around. that would be asked the avenue. we're also keeping a close eye on this accident in pleasant hill southbound 6, a treat boulevard that has been removed off of the road. however, you still see, we're going to see some residual delays on way back to highway 4. the richmond sandra fell commute has been busy not because of any accidents. just because more people are on the roads. 13 minutes as you head out a richmond checking on the bay bridge for you in a cell at 14 minutes to that fremont street exit leaving you with a look at the san mateo bridge as you cross towards the peninsula will have more on that coming up next before now, daria, back to you. >> in the buzz. the warriors face the nuggets tonight with 2 men down. don't worry. curry one of them. i just put it up there to say staffs going to have his work cut out for him while he's going for a scoring record because kelly o brey
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and james weisman are out and for weisman, it's probably the whole season. he went down hard saturday night landed wrong on his knee and tore his meniscus. what a blow for the rookie and for the team because weisman is a rising star. and kelly still can play. he fell his wrist friday night and it's still sore coach kerr says who bray is day to day and not today lou grey, not today. a breakthrough champion at the masters had deck. eat matsuyama is the first japanese born golfer to ever wear the green jacket probably slept and i want to actually he says he didn't sleep very well. the night before with the weight of a nation and his career on the line. >> 10 years ago a 19 year-old had ecu matsuyama right here at augusta national as an amateur 2 months prior his country suffered a devastating tsunami matsuyama was conflicted as to whether or
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not to even accept the invitation. he did and played well finishing tied for 27th and taking home a trophy as low amateur. providing a beacon of hope for his country. a decade later he returns home once again has a masters champion. >> you it will take office in japan and in a good way. not only know those who are are golfers already. but hopefully the youngsters who are playing golf or thinking about playing golf. i hope they see this victory. and and i think it's cool and try to follow in my footsteps up until now. we haven't had a major champion in japan may be a lot of golfers are younger golfers to thought, well, maybe that's possibility. but with with me doing it, hopefully that set an example for them that it is possible if they set their mind to it, they can do it to me. blue book e put us in a
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job didn't come up. others on the beach and up. >> when you add in the wind by 17 year-old sue boss to catch a tony in the augusta national women's amateur. >> mean sweep for japan here at augusta national. >> and tiger woods has 5 green jackets of the closet. he said this win is going to change the golf world tigers on tv just like you and me. but about 8,000 spectators got to see it in person may be cheering for your team really does make a difference. the giants have been winning since they let fans back into the ballpark. 9,000 fans saw san francisco sweep the colorado rockies giants starting pitcher struck out 8 because frank sinatra told him to do it his way. >> and i told bailey before winding up in the >> that we've got to make after sunday's. >> now at the ballpark and. >> and he's like, you want snacks in the bullpen i was like, i think there's speaker out there's like this. let's
8:21 am
put it on. so just warming up to it. france matchup. >> love. >> actually don't know what they played. maybe fly me to them. >> it wasn't a move. all the mets used in l a ball out the old elbow ball to beat the marlins bases loaded bottom of the 9th 2 strikes against him and the better of points. the 3rd with his elbow. >> look at the replay. everybody saw it was obvious. >> it was as obvious as the old dating game. >> are each. >> but you know what they say in baseball. you not cheating. you're not try and that got better watch, though. next time they play that's the marlins pitchers they're going to for good for real? start spreading the news. that's a bus. happening this week. the
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defense is expected to begin presenting its case in the derek chauvin murder trial. brian entin has more. >> i can counselor by may refer to my reporting doctor andrew baker, the hennepin county medical examiner who
8:25 am
performed the autopsy on george floyd took the stand friday afternoon. he's the medical examiner who ruled floyd's cause of death was homicide. so we see here on the manner of death. it indicates a homicide? >> tell us what does homicide mean to you as a medical exam. >> so is the medical examiner we apply the term homicide when the actions of other people were involved in an individual's death. it's one of 5 manners of death we can choose from the other 4 being accident suicide natural or undetermined on floyd's death certificate. doctor baker wrote the cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual restraint and neck compression. referring to chauvin's knee on floyd's neck. >> the death certificate also lists heart disease. fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use has other contributing conditions to the other significant conditions are things that played a role and death. >> but didn't directly caused
8:26 am
the death. so for example, you know, mister floyd use of fentanyl did not cause the subdual or neck restraint. his heart disease did not cause the subdual or the neck restraint. >> forensic pathologist. doctor lindsay thomas, an expert called by the prosecution review. doctor baker's autopsy report and told the jury it was one of the most thorough she's ever seen. the defense asked her how the drugs in floyd's system impacted his heart. so. >> methamphetamine and adrenaline caused the work to the heart to work harder. and increases hearts. oxygen means yes. >> but despite the hard issues and drugs doctor thomas agreed with the medical examiner that floyd's death was a result of low oxygen caused by law enforcement. the trial continues monday morning. i'm brian entin reporting. >> it's happening right now. mayor london breed here park elementary school as the youngest learners go back to
8:27 am
school for the first time and over a year on live coming up after the break.
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come experience floor and decor's grand opening in pleasant hill! comfortably shop our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. explore floor and decor's newest area location. now open in pleasant hill! >> 8.29. we're checking out the weather and the traffic here looks grey and quiet mother nature stubborn. she's not leaving us write this. i mean, the fog is hanging
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around hanging around. good lord. yeah. it's taking its time today, guys. i think some of us are on a monday morning. you just want to take a little bit slower as you're venturing outside visibility low in some spots as you venture out on the roadways, especially in those hillsides, we're actually driving up into the low cloud cover. that's sitting right in the bay, not so much of a berkeley, though. take a look at this one skies growing fear in clear moment by moment, right above you see berkeley there in the east bay. you can see the low cloud cover and fog that still sits out in the distance and it is having an impact on visibility for portions of the north bay peninsula coast as well as over on into the south bay too. now into the afternoon. skies are going to grow clear and all that means is more and more sunshine and another comfortable day ahead of us. more dry weather too. 40's and 50's for current temperatures with concord napa oakland and alameda each at 51 degrees right now. i've got more details on what to expect for the rest of the week in your forecast over to rain. we go with a look at traffic. she's
8:31 am
been keeping you updated on a few issues that i think still in the midst what we've got right now unfortunately, hot spot over here in oakland, 24 right before you get to 13. so at least 2 lanes are blocked here. eastbound 24 just before you reach 13, a good alternate the beagle around ashby avenue to try to get past that or just wait it out. >> we're also looking at residual delays along 6.80 and highway 4 because of an accident there that we had earlier. it will take you 18 minutes to get to that to 42 in concord head into the city, though conditions are great. we've been pretty much light all morning right under 13 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula under 14. so conditions are moving. it's been the richmond. sandra fell bridge essien the most lowdown. we're about 30 minutes 15 minutes ago now up to 12. no accidents. just more folks on the road this morning and checking on things along one oh one and to 30 minutes as you head in the parks will have won that dorian will send it over to you. >> thanks a lot of the wake-up
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calls are happening in san francisco. the kids are going back to the class for the first time in a year. only for crying out loud, right. but better sooner than later because they're back. and i'm sure mom get get get out of bed. get out of been hard for a lot of parents. let's go live to come for sarah stinson following this from bret harte elementary school. hi, sarah. >> i san francisco's youngest learners going back to the classroom in over you see mayor london breed say hi. she's here greeting the young kid those as they walk in preschoolers through. second graders. >> and she's been here this morning saying hi, everybody. a lot of people excited to finally go back. >> and look at this little young learner. what grade are you? >> i mean, if a day first grade mommy excited to have him go back. yes, i am yet. what has it been like. know what the been you know, little ones like this there ship to just a very short. so it's like
8:33 am
>> you know, it's like china. you need trying to work from me trying to be a teacher in all a parent and a doctor and they're like that. at the same time, it wasn't job. but it's been a great experience for me. i was actually able to spend a lot more time withrhim hands. because my job because of my but other than that, it's good lot of violent. a lot of no's and don't do that. you know, like i said, this think so. it's kind of tough but little ones. but for the auto. and i think that they were able to handle it really well. but these guys baby to be in a lot institutions with some with some with some learning that you know, what are you most excited for. >> and it him chair. others. and what about you can make some new friends yet. you have to wear that mask all day. is that going to get annoying or you think you got this. >> i love every. i love seeing
8:34 am
all the kids with their new backpacks and they just look so eager. >> you know how many kids you have just just him one of the and anything yeu're nervous about i think they have way handling it. well, i read, you than those letters and stuff think they got a pretty put plan in >> i just you know, we just everybody just got to be cautious bethel that fit i'm i'm i'm ready for it. i'm ready for the kids to get back in institutions. yeah. i think that, you know, saw i think the safety precautions are going to be taken seriously. so yeah. >> i'm already company first day gone and are you excited. all right. well, you get in there and we'll let you do so for now, take a look at your screen. there's a list of schools that are opening up today and there's a lot of them. so we put all that information on our website. kron 4 dot com it's all the
8:35 am
information you need. because today's preschool through second graders. the next week they got grades. 3rd through 5th and then after that it will be select schools that are middle and high schools, but they are starting to let some sports teams start today as well. so a lot going on in san francisco on this has been a long road ahead. we hope to talk with mayor london breed in just a little bit. and then we can talk to her about how long road it's been i know she's very glad the schools to reopen. she's been a proponent of them opening for months and now they finally are for now, send it back to you in the studio. all right. reat family. they're busy day. thanks a lot, sarah. >> time now is 8.35 developing this morning. a man was shot at the fruitvale bart station in oakland. the oakland police got the call that shots have been fired near the fruitvale bart station around 8.30, last night when they got there. a man in his 20's had been shot in the back. we don't know his condition at this hour. and we haven't heard of any arrests.
8:36 am
>> another bay area news. a terrifying moment for one el serino car dealership when an employee was nearly run over when he tried to stop a man from stealing a car. and this is surveillance footage. there he is in the red shirt there. he gets right in front of the car tries to stop it. the car doesn't stop actually this happened on friday afternoon kron four's amanda hari has the details. >> i'm told the victim. it's a little bit shaken up. at first he had a lot of adrenaline and didn't feel much pain in the days after developed more pain even having to go to the hospital. >> a qualifying right. and this is very disturbing. shocking footage of an ek te motorsports employee trying to stop a man from taking a white 20di s 5 coupe. you see the employee move in front of the car. that doesn't stop the suspect from trying to drive off the lot. the employee ends up on top of the car when the suspect accelerates he falls off his back and then is one
8:37 am
of these actually was the, you know that owner danny son says it happened at 02:30pm in the afternoon on friday. you can see this video from before the incident of an employee talking with the suspect. i might. >> for you to get comfortable. >> to get the keys out. then the suspect demanded to take the keys from the employee basically at the end >> you that he got a gun used in his pocket and. the minute the key and he you know, coach at sun says the employee that was hit by the car, then jumped in his own car to chase down the suspect. >> he did catch up with him a few blocks away. but the suspect hit the employee's car and then drove away the man was wearing a large winter coat. white t-shirt and dark pants to be put jail. son says he feled a report with the richmond police department. they told him a detective would be assigned on monday. >> i thought that he was just
8:38 am
all of that case, but he's not. it's on robert. and we didn't want to call and that assault with a deadly weapon. the owner tells me the audi has front and rear end damage from the incident. if you see it, you're asked to call richmond police amanda hari kron 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a local elk population is dwindling in the north bay and activists there worrying because the conditions could get even worse. and after the break, video showing a police officer pepper spraying a black national guardsman. what happened to that officer right there in the center your screen will tell you his very latest on his career and we come right back and things are trying to get brighter as it's still pretty cloudy out around san bruno mountain after a fog and low clouds of the morning. we do have ample sunshine later today. highs back into the 70's and even low 80's your forecast ahead.
8:39 am
>> and we have a lot of traffic along the richmond sandra fell bridge. i'm tracking a hot spot right now. one highway 24 we'll have won that you drive times into the city. coming up after the break.
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8:41 am
>> we have an update on a story that caught national attention over the weekend
8:42 am
virginia police officer has been fired after holding a black national guardsmen at gunpoint and then pepper sprayed him. park. >> this is our first look at the video of the incident. and this actually happened back in december. it happened in the town of windsor, virginia. lieutenant nazario is suing the officers for excessive force and racial profiling. the officers pepper sprayed him and then pushed him to the ground during a traffic stop for what the officers believed was a missing license plate on his new suv and is ariel who was in a military uniform repeatedly asked the officers why he was being pulled over instead of answering the officers. pepper sprayed him and then forced him to the ground in the end is urrea was never charged with a crime. officer. joe can terror is the one who is pointing the gun. he has been fired the other officer who responded to the
8:43 am
scene. he is still on the job and we'll be right back.
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8:45 am
>> 45 right now in the north bay animal rights activists say that the local elk population is dying because they don't have enough food
8:46 am
because of drug conditions. so they gathered at point reyes national seashore to bring attention to the problem and the solution in this case they say is removing this fence. they say were nick street. well, we're in extreme drought condition, they say. and if they remove the fence, then the animals can graze. >> a symbol of this area and an amazing conservation success. yet right behind this fence. 152 animals were allowed to die during drought. slight concern is that will? >> clearly this elk was looking to, you know, to go somewhere and certainly prevented from getting outside. >> the national park service and the state department of fish and wildlife also believe the elk population is declining because of the drought. checking speaking a drought is not going to get any better known least for like a week or more. casey that far. nothing in the
8:47 am
forecast, guys, we are not looking at really any chances of rainfall. >> breaking through this high-pressure ridge that has persisted to keep us dry for solid 24 days now across the bay area. we were already in the midst of a dry set up even before this dry streak that has taken us well into april and it's only going to continue as we make our way through this next week. now drought monitor showing deep in drought, not just for california but all across the southwest. that's a ridge of high pressure is keeping all of our neighbors. try and bay area. certainly not different. a red indicating extreme drought for sonoma and solano counties. we are looking at moderate drought right around point raise where the to preserve us now live camera network shows you that low cloud cover and fog. that is sitting right above timber on this morning. do watch for areas of low visibility as you're making your way back into the workweek this morning. areas out there where visibility could be problematic. so just slow down a bit as you do push into work. high pressure ridge. i mentioned that just a second ago. it's been sitting to our south for well over a week now
8:48 am
that's ending storm tracks well into the region into the pacific northwest. they'll eventually dip into the center of the country. after that that actually makes for quite the cool forecast for the central part of the u.s. bay area as well as the west coast. we're warm. we're dry. the only thing that sparing us in the day from the warmer temperatures, the central valley. is this persistent breeze that we also saw last week hoping to have a moderate effect on our temperatures. that's going to keep us in the 60's to 70's for most daytime highs today after cloud cover burn-off, you have a good dose of sunshine much like we did yesterday really pleasant weather if we're stuck in a pattern. at least it's been a really nice trend of weather lately 50's 60's for your highs closer to the coastline. it will be a cloudier in touch of a cooler day near the coast temperatures elsewhere like along the bay side. mostly 60's to 70's with san carlos at 74 mountain view at 72 temperatures just shy of 80 and campbell and san jose each at 78. well, 70's also in the
8:49 am
east bay pleasanton livermore on up through walnut creek in the upper 70's conquered. you're one of our spots right at 80 degrees. well, oakland upper 60's, north bay temps again, some of our warmer numbers vacaville 83. while santa rosa down through sandra fell right along one. oh, one in the mid to upper 70's today will be one of our warmest days for inland areas after this inland spots cool into the mid 70's from tuesday on through friday. bayside cities remain in the upper 60's to low 70's. all the way through this forecast. and we're going to remain sunny and dry all the way through this forecast, too. reyna. tom, thank you for that. so that hot spot that we had here in oakland. they just cleared those lanes. >> this was at eastbound 24 right before you hit 13 heading into the city. traffic has been nice and light this monday morning. just 12 minutes to make it to the fremont street exit. look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula under 13. no major delays. the richmond sandra fell bridge. we're up to about 30 minutes earlier, not because of any accidents because more people
8:50 am
are commuting and traveling out there, just 13 as you head into richmond. also heading down south to check on things along 1, one and 2, 80 clocking at about 31 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up. now area and will. back to you. thank you. rain 8.49 in congress gets back to work in washington and they have a lot to tackle. yes, where they have to tackle immigration. they have to tackle the budget. so many things gun control rate that's still on the table. >> our washington, dc correspondent anna wiernicki has more. good morning. when congress returns today, they have a busy agenda. >> democrats are hoping to push through a lengthy list of bills to the president's desk. but almost all of their priorities are set to meet republican opposition, not doing something is not an option. energy secretary jennifer granholm said on abc's this week that president biden would like to see his 2 trillion dollars infrastructure package through congress and to his desk by memorial day. the president is willing to negotiate what this looks like on monday, the president invited lawmakers,
8:51 am
including mississippi republican senator roger wicker to the white house to pitches proposal. we are willing to negotiate with him. >> all on an infrastructure package. weaker said on abc's this week that the president's bill is too big and too expensive. this is a massive social welfare. >> spending program combined with a massive. >> tax increase. house speaker nancy pelosi said on cbs face the nation that she's willing to negotiate with republicans but batted down the suggestion that the final measure be trimmed down. we have to maintain our roads, our bridges our mass transit infrastructure isn't the only divisive legislation on congress's agenda. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate will also vote on gun reform and south dakota. republican senator john thune says he's priority is addressing the situation at the u.s. mexico border. i think, you know, restore funding to build the wall. the senate is scheduled to convene today at 3. the house is scheduled to return tomorrow in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you.
8:52 am
>> airlines. they are preparing to bring back a lot of their workers because why customers coming back. southwest airlines is bringing back more than 2700 flight attendants and pilots who are fertile furloughed in order to keep up with the summer schedule. they want to bring them back because demand is up and that's expected to continue over the next several months. the workers have been on a voluntary furlough since last year because of the pandemic. they're expected back on the job on june first, a shawl. the outside shots like that. it looks like a movie in flying look, so exciting. they never say like at the airports lab in your bags. all the stuff that makes you >> looks great it, which has more to go. 52 right coming up on the ground for morning everything's going. why, by the way, you know, coming up for good news. tell you why lot of people are going to golden gate park and enjoy no cars there and they like to keep it that way. >> we'll have that story after the break.
8:53 am
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so things are a little different. maybe normal isn't normal. but at denny's, we're still here day and night creating new ways to safely bring you the food you love. because we love to feed people.
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and that will always be normal to us. ♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. >> a notorious sometimes good things happen to bad things because look at this. right. but because the pandemic shut down jfk drive at golden gate park. right. and that's because they wanted people to have a lot of access and look at that. all those people enjoying what would normally be cars driving through the like it so much
8:56 am
>> that they will like to keep this going after the pandemic. >> all right. because the status quo has high injury rates we've seen many tragedies from on this quarter. a space. >> oh, that was a rally over the week before it was sundays in the park member so they wouldn't let the cars to in sunday's underage now with the pandemic. it's every day. and i keep that in the city has not responded yet, but the people you can kind of use of things like that. you why wasn't always like this one. like outdoor dining, things like now we're inner cities are talking about keeping that gone. 8.56. and coming up in the next hour. let's keep going. we got kids going back to school. in san francisco will have a live report on that when we come back. >> also, california is going to be opening vaccines to the young ins 16 it over and it's happening this week. so if you're older, you have got a shot get while the getting is good cause by has been a problem. >> and with the variants
8:57 am
spreading around the bay. we're going to talk to an infectious disease expert about whether or not a booster shot might be necessary. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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>> and happy monday to you. i'm darya folsom. is there such a thing as a happy monday. yeah, i try to make every day happy in the beginning in the morning before anything can go wrong. so that way you're always on own days for can be hard to get out of bed, but a lot of kids are getting out of bed today because we're really almost like the whole bay area starting to do the hybrid learning thing, at least and it's anita, though. yes, these are the big hey, guys. yeah. that helps out a little bit. once you get that sunshine a year. >> so far this morning haven't seen a ton of it just yet, but we will get their mother nature is being a bit stubborn keeping that cloud cover around for just a bit longer for this monday. start. >> a view from mount tam. that's it hurt our this time around. look at towers got a little bit of the clear skies up above rest of us. we're kind of socked in down below visibility has improved a whole lot for many of our inland areas, especially where the sunshine is back out in full force now. still some spots of fog, especially near the bay and


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