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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 9, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> the bay area's local news stations. now with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us at 7 o'clock. i'm daria pulse and i'm james fletcher. the big breaking news this morning. internationally is the passing of prince philip, the husband of queen elizabeth, the second he was 99 years old. we know that he has spent a month in the hospital earlier this year he was released just last month. >> share cove and has a look back at his life and legacy. >> prince philip, the duke of edinburgh was queen elizabeth's husband prince william and harry's grandfather and officially the longest serving royal consort in british history while he is known as being queen. elizabeth faithful has been for over 70 years. prince
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philip was born to royals of denmark and greece after a split in the family. philip moved to the uk and became an officer in the british royal navy. he fought in world war 2 and attended the royal naval college. it was there that he met the then princess elizabeth for the first time he gave elizabeth the tour when the young royal was just 13 years old. the 2 exchange letters for years. and just before her 21st birthday, he proposed. they were married at westminster abbey in a ceremony that was broadcast by radio to the world. prince philip and queen elizabeth went on to have 4 children. charles and andrew and edward. not long after they were married king. george elizabeth father died and elizabeth ascended to the throne. she was coordinated in 1953 that the high and mighty a little
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on. is now at another of having become queen elizabeth, the second over the years, prince philip remain by queen elizabeth side. >> accompanying her in her official duties around the world. >> he also participated in many charitable functions, most of which related to the environment and youth in 2017, the prince retired from official duties at the age of 95 since then he has rarely been seen and has suffered from various health ailments. >> one of the last time the public saw him was in july of 2020 when he stepped out of windsor castle. >> to hear bugle players. he and the queen retreated to the castle due to the coronavirus the 2 reportedly ate dinner together. every night. >> and here's a live look at buckingham palace as more and more people hear about what happened. more and more people are going to the castle to pay
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their respects and we will let you know when buckingham palace announces any plans for the funeral. >> 7 '02 is the time right now. we want to start off a look at local weather and traffic and then get to our news headlines, which include a little surprise for san francisco's far as covid regulations first, though, the weather. john, good morning, guys. >> out there >> all right. we'll get that swapped out. i will do little tap dance over the live picture here are camera out at timber on looking out over the bake, see the golden gate bridge way off there in the distance with some pretty decent sky conditions. few clouds scattered out there and temperature wise. john, what's it looking like this morning. in the 60's, mostly a few 70's mixed in, though 40's and 50's for current numbers with alameda hayward and oakland each right at 50 degrees. >> concord dublin in the upper
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40's right now while napa santa rosa in petaluma. it's sitting in the upper 30's i'll give you the details on the rest of your forecast into the weekend. still to come. first, though, let's go over to with a look at traffic don, thank you for that is very busy this morning. multiple traffic collisions northbound to 38 at 80 in san leandro and the connector. >> southbound 80 with a rolling in city to southbound at mall parkway fremont that crash happened earlier. they still have been on the road. also right here. highway 24 walnut creek to 5.80. we see delays there because there's a crash right there. westbound at the called a cop tunnel. and again, looking at your commute into the city of seymour reports of another traffic collision right here by the tolls westbound. so we're probably going to see the time tick up just a bit. as you head into the city right now. at 11 minutes, the san mateo bridge looks great. no accidents to tell you about. a year. 13 minutes. chad across towards the peninsula. we'll leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute as you head richmond under 9 minutes. so have more on those
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accidents that we're following for now darya and james, back to you. >> it should say welcome home fans. yeah. the giants ballpark. because right the first time in a year. you can actually go inside and watch and hear the roar of the crowd which is something the players have been missing for quite while now. they'll be excited to have you back in the stands. but even if you have a ticket, you can't just walk covid folks. and there are new rules. kron four's will tran is live at oracle with the details. good morning. we'll looking more like a baseball player who's on that jersey yeah, yeah. back batting cleanup will.
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>> willie far as the san francisco giants. no, no. buster we'll be back. he took the last season. also, he will be back to the boys. are back in town and the fans are back in town, so to speak. they will be allowed inside the ballpark for the first time in about 18 months in about 4 and a half hours from now. here's what you need to know. you will be socially distance. you will be required to wear your mask. in fact, the giants they gave out a video just so you can see for yourself how it's done. this is april 6th in. took their employees through the ballpark just to show the fans. this is what you will be required to do mask up anybody older than 2 years old. keep your mask on unless you're eating or drinking and they are requiring you to make sure that you're fully vaccinated or test negative for covid-19 3 days before the game that you're going also make sure to get an app because with that app you can order your food. they will bring it to you or
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you go to certain locations within the ballpark to pick up your food. here's mario alley with the san francisco giants. it's not a home opener unless you show up. your thoughts on the fans coming back, sir. well, you know, you think about it the last time we had fans at the ballpark was september of 2019, which is poaches last game. >> and last year was fun with the cut outs, but having fans back and looking back on the oracle park is something we've been looking forward to a dissipating. and we're just excited that, well, we in in some respects we're getting back to normal. why so strict. i know vaccine supplies up and down. >> why are you being so strict compared to say the oakland a's. well, first of all, you know, when we're regulated by the county and the city and county of san francisco. they you know, they really set the guidelines, if you will. but one thing we realized is what we spoke to are season ticket holders during the offseason, the number one issue was fan safety. they want feel safe coming back to the ballpark. so we have a program called fans safe. and if you go to our dot com. you read all
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about because really does go through all the details of what it would just one hour protocols will be. so we're going make it a safe environment and again, this is only the first homestand with we're hoping things will loosen up as we get into the season. even ticket sales going so tickets for the month of april. only at this point. but look at its opening day. the sun is coming up. it's just it's just nice to be back. and in the new york teams are doing that. so san francisco giants and the new york teams are recording full vaccination. yeah. i think, you know, one thing i think about if you come into the game, as you mentioned earlier, the that we have, you proof of vaccination or be prepared to show it or a negative covid test. it's just come out early, be patient. i mean, we working this for quite a while. we've all been through so much. just last year you are pre-game ceremony starts at 1 o'clock in so much of it is about the just the word resilient and you'll see as we honor our health care workers and we never now to the first pitch is going to be. but this person definitely is a symbol of of being resilient. so i it's just going to be an emotional
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ceremony and and it's great to have everyone back live nominate you. he doesn't he look like a young doctor fauci. so. >> he could threw out the first pitch. i nominate you. he's a humble man. i can tell you not full capacity starting off this home opener will be around 9,000 fans. go giants. it is good to be back home back you. like a kid in a candy store this morning. we'll certainly excited. >> and you're eot even going to this is one of my happy places i tip my to do so for the first time when they're 6 months old apart. >> in the majors. i got my jersey. yeah. no midlife crisis is site and then scream your head off. my relay races is in full effect. but will i actually heard that the ticket 35% are pretty expensive. and you know, i know you love baseball, but i know you love favorite price. you're not. you're not. got. tran park is
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available lot cheaper. yes, right. >> his own in the living thank you very much. well, all right. another big story we're following this morning since we're about there at oracle park in san francisco. the city apparently not moving into the yellow tears. they were hoping they would be able to do next week. they would have been the first in the bay area to go into the yellow, which is the least restrictive tier there is. but now maybe next week health officials say because right now they're seeing the rates of hospitalization. >> and cases go a little bit up. >> we have been averaging between 3040 cases and that is that low stable number, especially compared to the 370. all right. so that we were having in january of this item or service. so we're glad that it's reduced by 90%. but we also know that we've seen it creeping up a little bit and more concerning earlier, hospitalizations have have come a little bit. >> yeah. when san francisco does eventually move into the
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yellow tier. outdoor gatherings will be able to expand to 200 people without a negative test or proof of vaccination indoor gatherings will also be increased to 200 people. however, in that case you do have to test. negative for the vaccine or church show proof of being vaccinated. so that will be the requirements once sanford just going to see a wheelchair. >> 7.11 and for your money this morning, it's going to cost you more to fill up yes, it will. as we know here in the bay area. we see some of the most expensive even in california, which the most expensive in the country right now in the bay area. it's always worse. kron four's, camila barco takes a look at how painful those prices are. good morning. meal. >> good morning, and i have some good news for you because we're talking about this earlier. you might be coming to one at walnut creek to get your gas out step out of the ways you can get a better look. but if you can see right now, regular prices start at $3 and 85 said that then goes
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up to $4.5 and then it goes up to $4 and $0.15 for premium gas. i don't know how you feeling about this, daria, but it sounds better than what you're talking about earlier. but i do want to warn people that this is not the same gas price across creek. some gas stations are averaging more than $4. a gallon according to aaa, the average gas price in california is $3 and $0.92. a bloomberg report says demand has been increasing with more californians driving prices at the pump in california or near their highest since the fall of 2019 the average high back then was $4. i spoke to one driver. jacob york who tells me that he likes to shop around when gas starts getting expensive. and here's what he had to say. >> will definitely what i see him go up. i tried to like, look around here. the cheapest gas prices are. but it's too far away. it's not really worth because your drive next to get anywhere using best anyways.
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>> now take a look at your screen. you can see that some and these are the latest average gas prices in the bay area. san francisco already surpassing the $4 mark at $4.4 santa rosa at $4.3 san jose at the threshold at $3.96 and oakland gas stations are averaging about $3 and $0.95. that's not my morning here at the chevron in walnut creek talking to. >> drivers about these gas prices, some of them are not happy. however, others say that this is just a regular thing that we've seen throughout the years. then one man says that this is just a part of life guard, james, that know how you're feeling about it, but well, driving now thinking about how much i'm driving. yeah. and one of the deal you're right. that gas station particular 3.85 turns out that is a deal. scary. thank you. camila. >> 7.13 the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news
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controversy in the wine country where mayor now is facing accusations of assault will tell you more about those accusations. also firefighters in san francisco, we're going to be housed actually out on the water. now we're going to take a look at very first of its kind fire station and also what's going to come of
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>> welcome back. 7.16 on this friday morning. feels good to say that. i think it's going to feel really good for a lot
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of fans to get back up in the stands today for the giants home opener. now we are going to be looking at a cool day ahead of us. so if you are heading out to the game. just don't forget the jackets. if you're heading out for really anything today. that's one thing that you want in your hand. we're going to have a pretty cool steady breeze. well, through the afternoon. that's going to keep temperatures closer to the coast in the 50's. well, 60's for most of the rest of the day. rest of the weekend after today's actually going to be increasingly warm as high pressure builds in. we'll help to replace %his onshore breeze that we're going to experience today. that's cooling us off so much, which is some drier and warmer air come the rest of the weekend. today. we will see mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. in fact, we're going to keep that around through the weekend, too. today's daytime highs. some of our coolest that will see with 50's 60's close to the coast concord. any a nap and santa rosa, few of are more mild spots in the low 70's temperatures tomorrow will be noticeably warmer with sunday being even warmer yet in fact, i can expect a couple of low
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80's inland for sunday. so we're talking another really toasty one for some of our inland valleys next week continues to remain clear dry and relatively warm as we work our way further into spring reyna. tom, thank you. we're getting busy out there on the roads. a hot spot right here along highway 24. >> and walnut creek right in the called the cove tunnel for 3 was closed for maybe 10 minutes or so. now they just open that back up. we also have some traffic collisions along to 38, 8.80, and silly and roll right of that connector. that's still causing some delay, an 80 southbound at auto mall parkway in fremont heading into the city right now we have traffic collision right here along the bay bridge right at the tolls. haven't seen any delays as a result of that. it's going take you about under 11 minutes to make it to the fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge no delays for you here. 14 minutes and checking out the richmond sandra fell commute under 9. we'll have more coming up. now daria, back to you. thanks a lot a 7.18 for your money this morning. diehard costco fans might notice a change. when you're shopping. jane king is live in new york with that
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story and more. >> what is a chain paid well, this is kind of my barometer for when we're through the pandemic is when it comes court opens and it is starting to pull, though. does appear to be kind of slow. but you know, to shut down all the food courts. >> during the pandemic. just take out dogs and delivery costs recently began adding back. i screen and smoothies to the menu. they're bringing back some outdoor seating as well. in some areas. well, south west is recalling back 2700 flight attendants from leave to support its summer schedule. so this a voluntary furlough program was introduced during the pandemic. now last week southwest said it would bring back more than 200 pilots that were part of the same program as well. and plans to hire 10,000 workers as demand picks up. i have a national recruiting day on may 19th. so there's full and part-time positions, they will be made available at all of their locations. you can just show up there at the restaurant and you may get hired on the spot.
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jeans are out and wide-leg denim is in vogue. that's according to levi ceo who made the announcement during the company's earnings report. he said the shift has been driven by younger consumers gen z, he says all about jeans and he says style is in fact all over teens favorite web sites like shine princess polly urban outfitters and recall live from new york. i'm jane king. back to you toria, but i'm the mom and now i got used to the skin ease and i'm sure i can't wear the big wide one so >> almost a 12 year-old daughter and i can vouch for this. they're all wearing the highway study will stop for the big and the big legs and got to have the right body for your whatever. drawstring james? i'm in those go to the elastic thanksgiving james. all right. 7.20 is the time san francisco getting a big boost to its firefighting efforts with this floating.
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>> fire station. we talked about earlier when it was slowly moved into position. will now it looks like it's going to start being occupied. it's built just behind the embarcadero station there appear 22 engine 35. >> it's building. well, that original buildings more than a century old firefighters are just outgrown it. so they're going to move to this brand new building. the station apparently can gt up and down with the tide. you can sustain any sort of shaking from from a modern architectural standpoint. it makes sense. >> we love to be trendsetters in san francisco. with proactive and positive items. this is definitely an example of proactive miss. it's a positive for not only our community but for the entire bay area and potentially the state of california. >> yeah. the old original isn't going anywhere. they're still going house. the fire truck there. but the boats and the personnel, though, all move over to this brand new floating station and they're hoping to relocate all that by the end of the summer. and
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here's some good news for drivers highway. one along big sur. it's expected to open by april 30th. that's about 2 months ahead of schedule. and you can see here why they had to shut it down to see high scenic highway basically disappeared back on january 28th after rain and debris trigger this a hillside to come crashing down into the ocean below caltrans construction crews have been making excellent progress faster than they initially thought they've already filled in that canyon with dirt and apparently they're going to be paving and striping the road later this month about that. >> it's 7.22. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news for the 4th time now a gray whale washes up on a local beach. what is going on and what's in common between these dead whales that were fine. another
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dead whale and the bail and that in another dead whale in the bay. >> that makes for this one was a gray whale found on near beach. and that's the 4th dead whale in one week. the first washed up the christie feel last wednesday. the second of the fitzgerald marine reserve in san mateo county on saturday. and the 3rd floating near the berkeley marina this week. so what is going on? the marine mammal center has an idea. they just finished the last neck cropsey and they found something in common.
7:26 am
>> that was really a red flag for us. we're doing everything we can to investigate the causes of these 4 are likely to see it either amount rishon state. and instead like the ship strike. or an entanglement. what is really remarkable to us is that this is. the 4th incident in just a little over a week put that in perspective 2019. we saw 13 animals and the entire year. and that was a large number to us. >> 13 in a year or 4 in one week. the marine mammal center is asking the public to play a role, too, with the conservation of gray whales and other whale species because what you can do is report sightings to the marine mammal center and the carcasses in this case been taken to angel island as they continue studying what's going on. >> time now 7.26. we'll be right back.
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explore floor and decor's newest area location. now open in pleasant hill! >> 7.29 and we're taking a look at the weather and what's going to be a pretty nice weekend. we are on this friday. let's say good morning to john. find out more about guys, something we're pretty used to at this point. today is a partly cloudy morning. some sunshine this afternoon and chilly conditions at least during your morning hours. so you'll just want to bundle up for as you're getting out there. this week has brought very consistent weather and today is certainly no different. you look outside right now shows a bit of that cloud cover overhead. but enough brightness making its way through to iran that actually makes are pretty nice view little bit of that cloud cover evident here on radar as well. but we're staying dry just as we have for 21 days consistently here in the bay. now 40's and 50's for most of our current temps cool enough for jacket for sure. and especially in the north bay. we're now petaluma and santa rosa are only in the 30's
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right now. we'll be breaking down our weekend warm-up that we're right on the cusp of still to come, john, thank you. get that hot spot along highway 24 now things are looking much better in a traffic collision right there in the caldicott tunnel for 3 was shut down for a little bit. >> but it's back. open conditions are returning to normal. there also checking on other traffic collisions. we have northbound to 38 that 88 that connector that crash is still there and it's causing some delays. the other crash southbound on omar parkway and freeman. however, not causing any delays. the bay bridge into the city, get another traffic collision right at the tolls but i've not seen traffic change as a result of that. 10 minutes to that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge. no traffic collisions. we've been at 13 minutes all throughout the morning. we're at 8 here along the richmond, sandra fell commute and checking on things along one oh, one south bay heading in the park at 29. we'll have more on that coming darya james, back to you. i ran a 7.31 a big story.
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president biden says it's time to take action to curb gun violence. yeah. we showed you live on our air yesterday as he announced a set of executive actions as well as legislative proposals. >> 2 in essence curb gun violence by in place putting in place with he would argue are sensible gun controls. there are only certain things that he can do without congress. so let's talk more about this with our political analyst michael yaki. good morning, michael. >> good morning, james. good morning to what do you think about lawmakers responses and what the president plans to do. >> well, gerri, if you we had a pandemic for 600,000 people have died and the federal government's response was basically take 2 aspirin and call us in the morning. that's essentially been the response of the federal government for the last 20 years. the gun violence in the united states. 600,000 people have died because of guns and. we have tried on a number of tough. the cajuns got nowhere. now the president, what president biden doing. has at least
7:33 am
early in his term trying to refocus the debate once again on the need for it. sensible gun control. so by going after these ghost guns. these. because even the civil bike hit by mail order of 8 federal law. by by putting in red flag laws that allow family members to to up notify the that law enforcement when they have a family member who may be. oswalt community harm to himself or others. by working on banning the use of those. is still making act like rifles. those are nice. those are nice. those are good steps. but it's really all about we focus and the attention of where the action needs to be. that is in congress for every bill that is gone after newtown after after our client has just gone to die in that needs to change because we hear this all the time, you know, in the wake of these mass shootings. >> you've got people pushing for regulation. you have others on the other side saying now is not the time. we
7:34 am
just heard earlier this week from senator lindsey graham saying that a ban on assault rifles is a nonstarter for him. >> but he would be willing to talk about maybe background checks. is there some room actually get legislation passed because as we know, executive orders could be overturned with the next president. >> exactly. and background checks by the way, have like in near 77 to 8.98%, approval rating. even a great majority among people who are at arraignment for us. and what we're talking about isn't is ensuring that unlicensed dealers can't make sales. they have to go through someone who's license, which means that they had a background check can be performed and would close that. what what's called the charleston loophole which allowed doing roof to get a gun even though he's never should have been you want because the background check to took too long. the law currently allows the dealer to simply say, well, if after 3 days i don't hear from the fbi. i can tell you the gun that would change that. the 20 days these are the things that need to happen. but lindsey graham's point.
7:35 am
actually more needs to be done in assault rifles need to be on the agenda. there is there is a big difference between being able to protect your family and your home. it in your home and then going out. they're going out. you know, with ar 15 and storming the capitol michigan. we there's a there's a difference there. and i think people understand that. >> you drove parallel in the beginning between the pandemic and gun violence and how what happens, how we react and what may be rights. we have to suspend or not. so i'm going to bring up the pandemic when the administration says they don't plan to go as far as having a covid vaccine passport nationwide statewide is a different you know, new york's actually got one that they're testing right now. right. and some people are going to say this opens the can of worms similar like this is my constitutional right. my protection might freedom's my privacy and when where do you see the the debate falling
7:36 am
along that. >> but the issue about vaccine as we're just really more short term because it's about how you can try and some people can get normality because they're fully vaccinated and jen can businesses, for example, or or or airlines. so what we want to get those people honor planes and make them feel safe. but the real issue recently they don't want to focus on the vaccine passwords. actually a good to one and that is they need to get everyone vaccinated. they need to get herd immunity in this country. they need to be able to develop the variance, get people used to going in for the booster shot to to deal with the south african variant of the brazilian by a variant. whatever is out there. so vaccine password is kind of a side to the possible of of of of a soft reopening reopening. but the real continued urgent message that they emphasizing, which is the right one is they've got to get people vaccinated. they need the by missed. ration has moved up the amount of doses that will be available for
7:37 am
everyone to april 19th just next week. people should be able to to. states need to build implement that rapidly in arms because it is very possible. i mean, like and given a new governor newsome said sitting june 15th for the reopening california. that's possible. that's doable but only if people focus, i'm getting the vaccine. i think the vaccine passport or something. they don't want it really spend a lot of brain power because it's all about getting shots in arms still. but i think there's also going to be that same kind of a fight. you see people who say, you know, it reeks of show us your papers. you know, i mean, it's got it. >> just i think the people who are against. the infringement of the right to own a gun are going to be against the infringement of the government telling in the half to get a vaccine or show proof of a vaccine. well, you know. >> but a lot of people remember this, but you know, i do. may be where we a couple
7:38 am
couple years old. it's a couple. but you used to be able to have to show your vaccine records. when you travel abroad, you had to be able to show you back work towards to get into certain schools and right and i don't see any reason why you can't show some kind of record or to get a guy like that. you be used to kill 5, 1015, 2030, people. at a by people who know no business having that kind of kind of what 3 weaponry at their disposal. >> a lot of interest in similarities with what's going on. thank you so much. and there's the you know, the lives yeah. michael, thank you again for a chat with you soon. thank you both. it's all right. we'll be right back.
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and we're back. some. 41 is the time in the north bay windsor police now are investigating assault allegations against the mayor of windsor. >> dominick for polling. now this comes after the san francisco chronicle published an article which claimed 4 separate accounts of alleged abuse. several sonoma county officials in response believe that he needs to step down from his position while this is being investigated. >> in that interim period between accusations and innocence or guilt. it's a major distraction for your city is in no position to serve as a leader of this community. >> at the end of the day, everyone has a right to a trial. you don't have a right to hold elected office.
7:42 am
>> earlier this week for polling was appointed to the board of directors of the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district. and we've heard the district supervisor lynda hopkins is taking steps now to rescind that appointment kron 4 has reached out to the mayor for some comment. but so far we have not heard back. >> for today. going to be another comfortably, cool. one across the bay area getting a little mix of sunshine and cloud cover. right above sfo right now. skies will clear out of the afternoon going to feel. all right. as long as you have the jacket with you. most of our highs in the 60's. your forecast is ahead. >> and we've got a busy morning thus far a hot spot along highway 24. that's clear. now, i'm also tracking a new accident in the city and your drive times across the bay area. we'll have more on that coming up after the break.
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mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after. he could keep doing his vegetable garden, and get really good, specialized care. and i could just be her daughter again.
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>> 7.45 checking out the weather and what looks to be a pretty nice weekend. yeah. it's all right. so far we've got john talking about temperatures going. what upright as we get towards sunday. yeah. saturday sunday getting warmer and that will get your spirits up for sure on this friday. that is a little bit cloudy right now. but you can see some sunshine breaking its way through there today is definitely not the warmest one of the weekend. if you're looking for some heat you do have something to look forward to come saturday and sunday today it definitely recommend the jacket as you're getting out there. we are going to see another day filled with the coastal breeze
7:46 am
that's going to scoot on inland from the ocean. bringing that cool ocean air our direction. it's actually been rather warm this week for the central valley in the interior of the state. those coastal winds have spared us some of those warmer temperatures that are inland. neighbors have been seeing so for the bay area today we got another day with a pretty steady coastal breeze. and that does mean that will be on the cooler side with 50's near the coastline 60's for most of our highs elsewhere. let's get a look at those numbers. so golden gate park sunset district. great places to go out and enjoy some sunshine with the jacket on, daly city all the way down through half moon bay. also in the 50's and a similar range of numbers from millbrae on up through brisbane, 60's. i mention for most of us today. redwood city saying carlos foster city each at 62 south bay temps in the upper 60's for areas like san jose and campbell at 67 east bay numbers, mostly 60's for you as well with concord being the exception right at 70 degrees. oakland and berkeley jacket where the at 63 degrees
7:47 am
each north day temps again, some of our warmest vacaville, a sign of that warmth that we're seeing in when you're at 74 for the high today. well, santa rosa at 71 so we're going to tap into those warmer conditions. this weekend, saturday and sunday, daytime highs push on upwards into the upper 70's by sunday. and i'm not just expecting some upper 70's by sunday. but for some of our inland valleys. i think we could hit some 80's monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we will be in the 70's solidly. so this is a full-fledged spring forecast ahead of us just with no chances of rain. reyna john, thank you. we've been pretty busy this morning that hot spot along highway 24 is now clear. >> in the called the cove tunnel an accident. 1. one vermont street in san francisco and a good alternate would be to 80 because we're not traffic delays here. also, they finally cleared the one in san leandro at the northbound to 38 southbound 8.80, conjunction there. however, you're still seeing residual delays because of that traffic collision looking at your commute into the city right now. i told you we had
7:48 am
an accident right here at the tolls but haven't seen any delays 11 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge under 14 as you head across towards the peninsula. richmond sandra fell bridge not tracking any accidents. just a lot of traffic. 11 minutes for you to make it out and checking on things along while one 31 minutes as you drive in the park will have more coming up. the daria back to you. thanks a lot of some 48 compelling testimony from a medical expert in the derek chauvin murder trial. >> the doctor on the stand testified that george floyd had no chance to breathe while he was on the ground and a warning. some of this is difficult to watch. chanel. forte has a look. >> the prosecution called 3 medical experts to the stand a concentrated effort to debunk the defense's claims that floyd died from drug use and other health issues and not the direct result of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin's actions where for the first pulmonologist
7:49 am
doctor martin tobin for more than 2 hours. the prosecution questioned the veteran lynn doctor, what happened in the case of mister floyd that relates to the shallow breathing that resulted in his low oxygen. >> so there are a number of forces forces. the doctor said had nothing to do with fentanyl. tobin said based on his analysis of floyd's breathing rate leading up to him losing consciousness. >> and ultimately dying fentanyl in his system was not having any effect on his breathing. do you have an opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty. >> as to whether a person who had none of those preexisting health conditions. a healthy person. the same circumstances as mister floyd. yes, a healthy person subjected to what mister floyd was subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subject to the tobin back in his point of calculations from what floyd's likely aaron take wasn't actually counting floyd's press in the scene videos even pointing out what he says. the exact moment floyd took his last press in
7:50 am
remains and the neck for another 3 minutes and 27 seconds after. >> he takes his last breath during cross examination. the defense poking holes where they could, but they're also looking at. now other. >> may contribute to the death of an individual right to me. they're basically center it's a yes, sir. no, sir. some object. >> the second witness doctor daniel, i since the frantic talks olliges reform. the talks all times during floyd's autopsy, he said the drugs in floyd's system were very low levels cross examination. the defense arguing his data was not sufficient enough to conclude that the amount of drugs floyd had in his system was insignificant the day ended with doctor bill smock an emergency physician with specialized training and forensic medicine testifying on drug tolerance. if a person is suffering from a fentanyl overdose. would you describe that person and has alert. >> no, sir, they are not going to be alert. they're going to be sleeping. would you
7:51 am
describe them as oriented. i know they're going to be. rain is going to be in sleep mode not really mud and was george floyd oriented. >> he was. >> that was janelle forte reporting for us. the 10th day of the trial is now underway. the prosecution is expected to call more medical experts, including the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on george floyd. >> for nearly 6 years. alex padilla has served california as secretary of state. now he's answering your questions as california's new senator in an exclusive town hall interview inside california politics host nicky lorenzo and frank buckley have a preview. >> or more than a year into the coronavirus pandemic and this weekend on inside california politics. senator alex padilla joins us for an exclusive statewide town hall. >> senator, discussed with us, key issues including covid-19, relief and the push to give
7:52 am
americans recurring direct payments. we have to make it clear as long the pandemic lasts. >> the federal government will be there to support american families and small businesses. >> another big national discussion right now vaccine passports. we asked senator pda. >> if he supports the idea that think we need again follow when it comes to public health guidance of the public health scientists and experts here. so they said that we need a mandate for a pet that the passport we also asked senator to make a promise to voters about at least one issue he will accomplish before running for office again in 2022. >> for our full town hall with senator alex padilla. make sure and watch inside california politics this weekend and every weekend broadcasting statewide. >> and you can watch the exclusive town hall with senator alex padilla at 06:30pm saturday or 06:30am sunday right here on kron. 4. we'll be right back.
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7:55 am
>> 55 is the time we're going to take a look at the fire season because the governor is he just announced the state is going to prove a new 536 million dollar plan to help respond to and recover from wildfires. the money will go to mitigate and also forest management projects as well as
7:56 am
hiring new cruise for cal fire. governor newsome says a wildfire prevention is an urgent issue because of the current weather we're having like in california to a tinderbox because we're so dry. >> and sense of urgency and recognition of the moment. we're in as weight said, the hots are getting hotter. the drives are getting drier. there's a new reality. you know, believe in climate change, you know, believe in science you believe your own eyes. >> governor newsome made the announcement visiting the shaver lake area in fresno county near where the creek fire burn last fall. this effort in addition to the 80 million dollars in emergency funds approved last month to go to the states. wildfire response. governor newsome says the legislature will vote on the plan as soon as monday. and he will sign it on tuesday. >> 7.56 the time. coming up in the next hour of the kron 00:00am morning news. it is
7:57 am
opening day for the giants and fans are going to be allowed back in oracle park for the home opener with some restrictions. so we'll walk you through those here in a minute. also, san francisco won't be moving to the yellow tier next week as it had hoped. we'll tell you what's behind that delay and then also be prepared to pay more at the pump. if you haven't noticed gas prices are going up. we'll
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> the bay area's local news station. now with breaking
8:00 am
news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. the breaking news this morning. prince philip, the husband of queen elizabeth, the second has died. he was 99 years old and it spent a month in the hospital. he was just released last month share calvin takes a look at his life and legacy. >> prince philip, the duke of edinburgh was queen elizabeth's husband prince william and harry's grandfather and officially the longest serving royal consort in british history while he is known as being queen. elizabeth faithful has been for over 70 years. prince philip was born to royals of denmark and greece after a split in the family. philip moved to the uk and became an officer in the british royal navy. he fought in world war 2 and attended the royal naval college. it was there that he met the then princess elizabeth for the first time


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