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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 8, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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news. >> good morning. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. the breaking news this morning overnight, a former 40 niner and rader is accused of a deadly mass shooting in south carolina killed a whole family and then police say killed himself 5. >> people in this family. a doctor, his wife and their 2 grandkids. were in town dead in the house and then there was another person, a groundskeeper found dead outside of the house. now according to the associated press, the shooter has been identified as phillip adams. we know he played with both the niners and the raiders in the early 2010's apparently killing himself as well. this morning, his body, according to police found in house nearby in this mass shooting. >> that house presumably belonging to his parents because we know his parents lived near the doctor and the doctor turns out if you look back had treated him. yeah. so it appears there was that connection. >> police believe that he was
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the shooter of the doctor, the wife, the grandchildren, the kids were 9, 5, years old. a 5th victim is dari. mention was found outside of the home and a 6th person was also found with gunshot wounds. that person is hospitalized right now with serious injuries again. adams played with the niners. first he was drafted by them back in 2000, 10 and then he played with the oakland raiders in 2012 2013, we are expecting to hear more in a press conference, which is scheduled. at some point this morning. we'll bring that to you live. if it happens during our broadcast this morning. otherwise we'll bring it to you live on kron on which is 24 7 new streaming service throughout the day. other news that's breaking this morning. there's a heavy police presence in san francisco. there's a man barricaded in a building in. >> they're talking to him trying to resolve this. for more on the story. let's go out live to kron four's camila barco. >> at the scene right now. camila. >> yeah. james darya, there's still plenty of law
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enforcement here on the scene. san francisco police officers are continuing to work to get that barricaded suspect outside the building. and this is all happening on the 400 block of a street officers. initially responded around 01:00am after receiving a report of a possible domestic incident. the suspect is a 32 year-old man who has locked himself inside a building, a hostage crisis negotiation team is on scene contacting the barricaded suspect portions of bay street france. francis francisco taylor and mason happen tate and blocked off. if you are going, if you are heading this area drivers will be forced to turn around. it is not known whether or not there are other people walked inside the building with that suspect. now, officials have told us that residents in the area are asked to shelter in place, but they do say that there is no known threat to the public at this time. they asked people who are coming to the area to just avoid it as they try to resolve this
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issue. dr james back to you. thanks a lot, camila. we'll check back with you later. >> okay. 7 '02. let's also get you updated on weather traffic because you have to head out the door right now to look too bad outside clear is in the last couple days. john, yet. a little clear that our monday, tuesday or wednesday, we're and we're actually going to be a little warmer this afternoon. so all in all, your thursday does look to be a step up weather wise as far as comfort levels goes anyways. you look outside right now shows a bit of cloud cover, but also some brightness making its way through half moon bay is one of those spots where definitely can make out some clouds. but they're not causing us any issues. we are a little colder this morning than we were yesterday before that afternoon warm up right now. most of us are in the 40's and 50's while the north bay actually looking at temperatures as cool as the 30's with petaluma and saint helene at 36 degrees right now santa rosa at a cool 33 talking all about our warm-up today and even warmer weather come the weekend. still to come, arena. tom, thank you
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for that. we have that early morning hot spot in san rafale. that's clear. >> now we have an accident here in the city have been tracking northbound to 80 that southbound one. oh, one, we have some delays as saw along to 80. there were no delays along one. oh, one looks like conditions are starting to get better there heading into the city. we have a high wind advisory along the bay bridge for you to about 10 minutes. conditions are starting to look much better up to about 15 earlier. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula under 14 for your drive time. we also have that accident very close, right. like i told you around sandra phil area. there are no delays because of that accident on the richmond, sandra fell bridge 11 minutes. we'll take you to that. also checking a one on one hand in the park. good, solid 29 minutes also looks great as well. we'll have more coming up next. the darya and james, back to you. thanks reyna. >> so another big story that we're following today. involves the east bay alameda county specifically in the fact that portions of that county are now expanding eligibility for the covid-19
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vaccine to anyone 16 or older ahead of schedule. this is for certain zip codes. kron four's will tran live in alameda county. it's kind of good there, too many zip codes free to rattle off. that's a good thing. that means a lot of people are eligible. >> that's a great sign to quote mister rogers, james and darya. it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, especially for about 10 zip codes and that's a good sign. that means that the county, the state, they're getting their hands on more vaccines. they're ahead of schedule. remember, the state was talking about april 15 for 16 years and older. well, in alameda county, they're starting off a little but a week in advance. so they want to give specific neighborhoods a head start because these are neighborhoods that are disenfranchised that are harder hit with covid-19 then say some of the other neighborhoods out there. but don't worry, it will open up in about a week or so for everybody, 16 years and older. take a look at your screen. i want to show you too many zip codes and that is a good
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thing. so i want to just knock off maybe 3 of 4 zip codes and don't worry about we'll post it on kron 4 dot com. so you can see the entire list. but let's go through several of them. there's 9, 4, 6. oh, one, 9, 4, 6. '06, the bottom and left side of your screen. 9, 4, 6, to one. there's 9, 4, 5, 4, 4, there's 9, 4, 5, 7, 7, and i do know that specifically to be sand. the andrew that keep in mind, it is very pinpoint. >> meeting. if you drive to several blocks away from your neighborhood. all of a sudden a zip code changes. so you have to prove provide proof. you live in certain zip codes. you have to make appointment before you come they're always make an appointment and then get your shot. and just like in contra, costa county. you can do it 16 years and older. if you have underlying conditions already. so don't worry about that. that's not even pertaining to zip codes. if you have underlying problems do that. if you
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don't. well, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood for about 10 to 12 zip codes. and again, everybody in about a week or so. 16 years and older will be able to get vaccinated provided. remember james and mary, we've been all over this story provided they have the supply back to you. that's always the stick. the sticking point. thanks a lot. well, check in with later. >> yeah. and that's the worry is supply. could actually be going down here in the near future. the number of doses of california is expected to receive in the coming weeks is apparently trending downward. here's an example. so we have state health officials giving us these numbers they've received so far, 2.4 million doses. that's this week. but that number is expected to drop to just 2 million next week and then dropped to under 2 million in the week after that. that's not the trend we want to see. but we're told that the fewer doses our result of johnson and johnson's vaccine dwindling in supply. we'll see if they can't ramp up production and will turn this around. all right.
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>> the cdc says that right now in the u.s. it's the uk variant that is the prevalent varian. and as you know, that's a super spreader, although they think that the vaccinations picking up is going to help. it's 70% more infectious and they say 64% more deadly than the previous strains of coronavirus. if you take a look at the latest numbers. >> 5 states account for nearly half of all of our new infections nationwide. they are new york, florida, pennsylvania, new jersey and michigan. they together report almost 200,000 cases in the seven-day period, which is 44% of all the new cases in our country and the big california the past few days we've had just had 2000, 200 new cases here. >> well, infectious disease experts are stressing caution in the weeks ahead, especially for those that are unvaccinated and that comes as the state is planning to fully reopen by mid-june. kron four's dan kerman explains. well, half of san franciscans over age 16 have been vaccinated for covid-19.
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>> that's not the case everywhere in the bay area and certainly not the state or the nation. that's why infectious disease experts want those planning to return to so-called normal to take baby steps. i would not. >> push the right just for another be cautious. see how we're going. >> u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says is more transmissible, variance gain steam. the race is really on to protect those who remain unvaccinated. the only way we can really win this race. and that is really good. >> control. this pandemic is to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible. every person is not vaccinated is a potential virus nafta swartzberg says the key question is are enough. people immune from the virus to vaccination. >> or natural instruction to stop a 4th search. he says we don't know yet, but a 4th search is going to happen. it will be this month if this time in early may.
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>> and we're talking at that point and we haven't seen a surge. i think the answer is that we're probably not going to see one. >> swartzberg says until that time everyone should take precautions, especially those who have not gotten the vaccine. when you go out, you got that store. >> not getting together settings. >> making sure that when you are near people, you maintain social distance. swartzberg says those who have been vaccinated have a little bit more leeway. but should remain cautious over the next month. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> on the peninsula. daly city police are investigating what led to one of their officers shooting and killing a man. it happened yesterday afternoon on ny antic avenue near uniper, acera boulevard and west lake avenue. we're told the officer approached people in a car when shots were fired. one man was shot and killed. the officer was also hurt but is expected to be
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okay. it's unclear exactly what led up to the shooting will keep you updated as this investigation develops is 7.10. and still ahead president biden's going ville series of executive actions on gun control today on this day when we're talking about. >> a former 40 niner former raider who is accused of a mass shooting that killed a family in south carolina. we're gonna have all the details on these stories coming up. >> also, an east bay school district is all new. now. all of the board and the board president after the previous regime resigned because they made fun of parents will tell you about the fresh start there, john and skies a little clear today. temperatures just a little bit warmer. we'll see some 70's on the map with upper 60's and san jose. mid 60's for your highs in oakland. i've got your forecast ahead. and this thursday morning we're off to a busy start on the roadways after a hot spot in sandra fell another accident have been tracking it. san francisco. now look at your commute. >> and to the city will have
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more on that coming up after the break.
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that's the hefty ultra strong bag hefty! hefty! hefty! (whispers) gimme. (confused) give me the bag? get hefty ultra strong at a low price oh! don't burn down the duplex. terminix. >> 7.14 right now. and we're checking out the weather on thursday morning. it's going to be a little nicer. i think. i think so. very a mild. i think for the week ahead, right job. yeah. pretty mild finish the weekend. the weekend is looking especially nice skies temperatures will be rising back into the mid to upper 70's, not quite as warm
7:15 am
as we were last week. but i think it's going to the same feel remind a lot of us of what it felt like back then looking out there at the golden gate bridge from timber on skies are pretty bright. honestly, you are seeing a little bit of cloud cover evidence in many of our views across the bay this morning. but overall it clear start from where we were yesterday. skies will remain dry for yet another day. and that's really the unfortunate downside of this forecast. it's been really comfortable lately. we're going to continue to stay that way. but this high pressure ridge is blocking any chance of rainfall to be scooting on our direction. and as it builds back in this weekend. it's going to continue to keep things dry for us. futurecast wind gust shows a wind from the coast have been saying this every day. but that's been the moderating factor of this forecast keeping temperatures very mild in the 60's and 70's throughout the course of this week. that's where we're going to continue to hang out over the next couple of days as we continue to see this ocean breeze pushing right into the bay. so today a little bit little bit warmer. now tomorrow temperatures will
7:16 am
drop a few degrees again as we see a bit of cloud cover and winds picking up a bit more. that increased wind is going to keep temperatures tomorrow down in the 60's and keep things a bit brisk for your friday saturday and sunday is when the warm-up really kicks into gear as for today's daytime highs. a little warmer for san francisco highs in the 60's for areas like mission in financial districts as well as for daly city. well, 60's 50's from brisbane down through burlingame elsewhere in the bay at 60's to even 70's for your highs a bit warmer than yesterday. and that means a few more 70's on the map. campbell right at 70 degrees. san jose at 69 while union city right at 64 oakland in. i 66 danville walnut creek, concord and much of the north bay working our way back up into this low 70's today vacaville for the 4th day in a row being our warm spot that 74 tomorrow's temperatures just a touch cooler. again, it comes with a brisk feel friday does well saturday and sunday temperatures on the rise. in fact, sunday will be a great day for maybe getting out there to the beach with highs
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in the mid to upper 70's to close out the weekend reyna tom, thank you. getting a look at your commute across the bay area heading into the city. conditions are great right now. 11 minutes. >> to the fremont street exit. now, remember, there is still high wind advisory in place for the bay bridge along the altamont pass. you want to take your time there. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula under 15 minutes have been no major delays for us there. the richmond sandra fell bridge not impacted by the early morning hot spot that we had and sandra fell with a solid 12 minutes and you do see some delays there. also looking at things down south lawn. 1, one eading in the park. 29 minutes. we'll have more coming up next. the daria. back to you. thanks a lot for your money this morning. income taxes have got a lot of attention lately, but property tax increases just hit a four-year high. >> and american teenagers love. >> ap poll. >> amazon, an instagram. i have mom and apple pie. jane king is live in new york with those stories and more.
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>> although every in the survey by my kids last night. they're like actually number one of the survey comes from piper sandler analysts brokerage firm couple times a year. they found about 9 in 10 us teens own an iphone gen z still interested in snapchat followed closely by tiktok instagram comes in 3rd with 24% of you said survey shows that american teens love to shop on amazon nike is your favorite fashion. brand and chick-fil-a. their favorite restaurant. us property taxes increased at the fastest pace for in 4 years. last year, some of the steepest increases came in. the traditionally low cost sunbelt states. data solutions on the average tax on a single family home climbed 4.4% last year that is not double the rate increase in 2000, 19 now the traditionally high tech states in the northeast still where you pay the most in property taxes with new jersey being number one. well, best buy is
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piloting an annual membership program in select cities where they expand this nationwide. this is meant to with amazon prime walmart. plus and the others is called best buy beta. it cost $200 a year. you get free shipping unlimited tech support from the geek squad and exclusive membership price and up is the latest product to see supply issues price of 4 ketchup. packets have got a 13% in the past 15 months or so that's going to play huge the restaurant industry platform and the wall street journal says this is really because of all the takeout delivery, you know, you've got a handful of kent ketchup packets put in the bag. in fact, a lot of 50 ketchup packets sold for $10 on e-bay recently didn't see that one coming. live from new york. i'm jane king. back to you. toria 9 takes rachna instead. thank you, jane. >> 7.20, is the time happening today after a wave of mass shootings in recent weeks where president joe biden now unveiling a series of executive actions this morning to try and combat this gun violence that we're seeing
7:20 am
here in america. our dc correspondent anna wiernicki reports. >> good morning. in just a few hours, president biden will lay out 6 initial steps to curb gun violence these are not executive orders but senior administration officials say they hope that this lays the groundwork for future action moving forward. >> after the 2 mass shootings in atlanta and colorado. president joe biden says it's time to take action. i don't need to wait another minute. >> let alone an hour. >> to take common sense steps on thursday, the president is expected to detail a total of 6 new actions that aim to increase federal community violence intervention and federal gun loopholes including stopping the spread and manufacture of ghost guns. a rule to ban handguns that are modified with arm or shoulder straps expanding red flag laws and investing in community-based intervention programs. this is not should not be a partisan issue.
7:21 am
senior administration officials say thursday's announcement is just the initial steps that would be followed by additional actions later on, including applying pressure on lawmakers to act but passing any gun reform in an evenly split. senate will be difficult south carolina republican senator lindsey graham says he opposes democrats push to ban assault weapons. i'm going to have a conversation. >> with my democratic colleagues about how we make sure that people who are a danger to themselves or others. i'm willing to expand background checks and a common sense way. >> president biden will be joined by attorney general merrick garland to make this announcement at 1145 this morning from the white house rose garden in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> thanks, anna. 7.21 still ahead, why are dead whales turning up around the bay. we're going to have a live report just ahead.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. >> 7.24 right now. the big story is a big mystery wire dead whales turning up around the it's a bit odd crawford's yulia 7 is with us crissy field in san francisco where one of the whales washed ashore yoli people eyebrows go up when we have this money will re in a week out. >> it's trite. quite unusual that 3. and within a week. i mean, pretty common. and our
7:25 am
is not unusual. that will see along the shoreline. but 3 in a week is quite unusual. and at least 2 of those whales have been taken to angel island. the first whale washed up here on a crest in. christi feels last wednesday. now we have pictures and video that the of that whale that was set that was sent from us from the marine mammal center in sausalito. not that first whale that washed up. we do have a little bit of details about that well, that was a female female wale gray whale and she was about 41 feet long, but they're still not sure what caused her sudden death. now the second mile was found in the fritz jail marine reserve in san mateo county on saturday. and then the 3rd whale was discovered earlier this week just floating in the san francisco bay. now all 3 whales were gray whales and the cause of death of the first to wales has not yet been determined. the net cops. he is being performed on that 3rd. well today so they can
7:26 am
figure out how it died and and and the y is really important because. this way we know if it was because of like being hit by a ship that maybe sometimes you can reroute the ships on how they're going in. they've got to figure out maybe why were they in this particular area. was it because a food source, you know, all these things that can also affect our environment as well as why it's so important that they find out what cause. their death. but at this moment at this time. right now. we still don't know that's still being investigated, but i will try to get in touch with. the sus sausalito, a marine mammal center and see if they have any new information for us. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll check in with you later. yulee. >> time now 7.26 still ahead, the fbi warning about fake vaccination cards details on the efforts to try and make sure they don't circulate online. we'll be right back.
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7:30 am
definitely the morning to be out. there a little bit on the chilly side. but with are clear skies and our overall calmer conditions. >> it just looks a lot nicer embarcadero behind me looks beautiful. that's the same view that you're getting from mount am this morning. skies are a little bit clear conditions overall just a bit. brighter looking right now at radar skies are dry all across the region and as far as temperatures go, i mentioned we're a little bit cooler. that's kind of the downside to this morning. but as long as you keep moving on your job. you enjoy it. 40's and 50's. for most of our current temperatures, petaluma and santa rosa little closer to freezing. so definitely bundle up for the north bay talking. a really nice afternoon in this forecast. still to come, john, thank you. traffic certainly picking up. we have a traffic hazard, 2 38 southbound at 8.18 sailing and rowing again. >> that's causing quite a little slow down and delays there heading into the city via bay bridge. there's a high wind advisory in place. traffic is picking up. we were down to about 10 minutes now looks like we're back up to 13. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula
7:31 am
under 15 minutes for your drive time here. the richmond sandra fell bridge has been busy all morning long. see traffic certainly start to bill 13 minutes for your drive time looking at things along 1, 1, as well. as to a t 29 minutes for you. we'll have more coming up next. but for now, dorian james, back to you. thanks a lot of 7 30 and in the east bay, the oakley union elementary school district has a whole new board thought was private. but wasn't that was back in february. >> so kron four's michelle kingston has more now on this new board. >> this is been a remarkable civic display. the now former interim board president of the oakley union elementary school district says being a part of the board over the past few months has been a great experience and productive for the community. mike maxwell was brought on after the entire former board resigned back in february just hours
7:32 am
after comments they made about parents in their district were caught on camera during a meeting they thought was no longer being recorded. the video has more than 700,000 views on youtube in at left parents shocked upset with. >> many questions about how and when their students would get back into the classroom with nobody on the board to vote on decisions that was morning and fortunately true colors where revealed the maxwell says he and the rest of the interim board were able to work on and complete a plan for students to head back to school, which is now happening next week were originally charged with just seating a new board and during the time that we did that we we decided it was important to get involved. >> to not make this one step at a time. but to make this. these are 2 projects that we felt were both important and could be done at the same time as of wednesday night. these are the new oakley union elementary school board members. their teachers, parents retirees. i know fuller is a new board
7:33 am
president in oakley, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> all of san francisco's public school students will be back inside classrooms 5 days a week by the fall. in the meantime, the school district will continue a phase reopening process this month during a town hall last night. the health director said that parents are pushing the course for their kids to go back to school soon as possible. that health director says that reopening ultimately comes down to following cdc guidelines and the latest numbers when it comes to covid case rates. >> the criteria for reopening is really linked to having low levels of community transmission. as we said tied in part to our states tiered system in the blueprint for a safer economy and at the orange level schools t k through 12 grade are able to open. we know that we can do this safely and we have a lot of experience right here in san francisco that says that it can be done.
7:34 am
>> yeah. statistics show that a 105 schools opened last fall, 19,000 students and staff have been back a 108 at some point did catch covid-19, though the school district confirms that less than 5 of those cases were actually spread within a school. schools in county, meanwhile, are now allowed to space out student desks by 3 feet instead of 6 feet. the county's office of education released some updated guidance. now for the schools which now more aligns with the state health department guidelines and the cdc's most recent recommendations. but the county is requiring schools to keep at least a minimum of 6 feet between teachers desks and the students deaths and also students and staff still have to maintain 6 feet apart if they're on masks like when they're eating or drinking. you can find the full guidelines on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> time is 7.34 and vaccination cards are going to become in our everyday part of our lives, especially when it comes to trying to get into a big event like a sporting but.
7:35 am
already fake vaccine cars out there for sale online. because, you know when you can make a buck and chief the system. that's what somebody is going to do with the fbi is cracking down on it. of the ucsf us infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says that those who are attempting to do this or alternately just hurting themselves. >> i really, really worried not just because of liability from a financial or prosecution perspective. >> all i have in in other ways but really as a personal risk for getting covid at a time when covid is much more serious than one year ago. >> with the new variants of foot. >> 45 attorneys general across the country, including in california are also stepping in. they sent the letter to the ceo's of twitter and e-bay asking them to prevent the sales of these fake vaccination cards.
7:36 am
>> well, happening today we've got santa clara county hosting a covid vaccine clinic for special olympics athletes and their families. >> and we've got a live shot about that more about how they're all coming together. you can see the live shot here of levi's. go ahead. and we'll talk about the mass vaccination site that they the setup their will, according to the research individuals with intellectual disabilities are more than twice as likely to contract covid and 6 times as likely to die of so the vaccination site at levi's has been. so, you know, doing these doses since february and now they've got this clinic starting around 8 o'clock this morning. specially for special all right. >> 7.36 on the clock. we'll take a quick break. lots more still to talk about when we come back. one of the most powerful moments of the defense so far in the derek chauvin murder trial will have the latest from police expert and what statements on the stand. >> people turning their heads.
7:37 am
plus friends and family are remembering a young girl who died in her home will have more on the charges for parents are facing and a heated debate over the effort to recall governor newsom why the supporters say newsom's policies have pushed millions of people to this point. and we are looking at conditions this morning. pretty favorable actually for stepping outside for a bit long as you're bundled up because it is cold out there skies are clear over all and winds a little bit calmer by the afternoon day time highs will rise into the 70's for much of the bay. >> talking more about that comfortable weekend on tap. still to come. >> and we had a very busy thursday morning with multiple hot spots. we still have those high wind advisories in place. now we're looking at our drive times to and from the city will have more coming up after the break.
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7:41 am
facing torture charges after their 11 year-old daughter was found dead inside their home in rodeo, a memorial for that girl is growing outside of the home on railroad avenue. she died 2 weeks ago. how she died is still being investigated. but we know that 30 year-old renee diaz and his 28 year-old wife crystal are both now charged with 4 counts of child abuse. in addition to those torture charges, the contra costa county deputy district attorney says the girl was abused over a span of 5 months. >> physical injuries that i saw involved fix dense of massive bruising and numerous areas. other injuries were described to me similar to that. >> the couple is due in court next week. 3 other children ranging in ages from 3 to 9 years old were also living inside of that home. they have since been removed and are now safe. we'll take a break at 7.41. we'll be right back.
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>> some 44 right now is shaping up to be a nice day. it sure is, john in the weather center with an eye on our thursday forecast thursday right. yeah. time. it's that nice realization when you're wednesday anymore like it is actually going to be a really nice thursday to sunshine is already back out. many of our web cams that will get your spirits up this thursday morning. >> golden gate bridge there in
7:45 am
the distance. we also do see a little bit of cloud cover hanging out there right behind the golden gate bridge. so we're not crystal clear this morning. in a lot of us are sitting under some clouds. but overall it is clear. then yesterday was we're about to be a little bit warmer come this afternoon. then yesterday was so the plus sides of this forecast are the comfortable conditions that we have ahead of us. there's one glaring negative, though. that high pressure ridge is responsible for it. keeping us dry not just for the bay area but all across the southwestern us this trend of dry weather has carried on now officially for 20 days. with no rainfall for the bay. and as we make our way into a pro. we need to start seeing it. we don't have it anywhere in sight. so we do have comfortable weather ahead of us. but that's the obvious downside future cast of wind gust shows a nice on shore breeze continuing today. this is the reason that we've seen temperatures. so moderated all week long. seeing temperatures in the 60's and low 70's. that's where we're going to stay today and tomorrow. tomorrow winds will pick up and that's going to add to a
7:46 am
brisk feel for your friday before we see our weekend warmth. futurecast shows dry skies today. ample sunshine this afternoon. few clouds tomorrow morning. increased wind tomorrow in a slight decrease in temperatures along with that increased sea breeze, then temperatures just skyrocket into the weekend. and although not as warm as late last week was we will be looking at pretty warm conditions come the weekend 60's and 70's for today's highs with concord napa santa rosa, all in the low 70's. well, oakland hayward fremont san jose and san francisco hanging out in the 60's for another day tomorrow. winds from the coastal pick up temperatures will. that's have impact being a little bit cooler saturday and sunday temperatures on the rise, especially on sunday, the warmest the nicest of the weekend monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures level back out in the upper 60's to low 70's and all of it from start to finish remains dry reyna. john, thank you for that. we're looking at the bay bridge right now. we still have a high wind advisory in place. >> and conditions are starting to pick up just a bit. 13
7:47 am
minutes to the fremont street exit not tracking any major delays are hot spots at this hour, the san mateo bridge also another commute. this also a little sluggish 40 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. richmond sandra fell bridge has been slow for the past 30 minutes or so. 40 minutes at a richmond when normally at 9 around there and also get a look at highway for when you're heading towards conquered. there's a little slow down the up to 30 minutes for you. there. we'll have more on that coming up. but for now, james, back to you. >> very good. thank you. 7.47 is the time now to one of our developing stories. and that's the derek chauvin trial. a use of force expert testified that chauvin used deadly force on george floyd. he was one of 5 people who testified yesterday. we've got, you know, 40 now with the latest. >> the defense tackling a piece of its central argument that george floyd was under the influence of drugs that day last may. and that's ultimately what led to his death, not the actions of former officer derek chauvin.
7:48 am
their focus on what george floyd said in a key piece of body camera things. i >> hear what he and i can make it out. >> the question first came up during the defense's cross examination of los angeles pd sergeant jody stiger then brought up again when minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension agent james reyerson took the stand ask you, sir, to listen to mister floyd's. did you hear that? yes, the few that mr floyd said i too, many drugs the prosecution redirecting her hand. and listen to that piece of audio and trying figure what you're saying. >> and i know. >> so that was an exercise mister nelson asked for the first time sitting there. yes, the prosecution then played a longer clip of the video having heard in context. >> i want to tell. what mister
7:49 am
for the same. yes, i believe mister for saying i do drugs. little different than what you are asked about. we saw. >> that was, you know, forte reporting hearing the often emotional testimony can be a little difficult and so we've posted some links that might be helpful to you on our website. some resources that you can avail yourself to the kron 4 dot com. >> some 49 is a time in the next few weeks of secretary of state is expected to announce to the recall against a governor newsome of the has enough signatures and it will go to a vote. both sides have been talking about what they think is going on here now, capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala takes a closer look at that. >> he didn't governor newsom's recall qualify for the ballot later this year. expect more of this over the next several months. i feel like i'm debating donald trump interrupted. i feel like i'm
7:50 am
debating bernie sanders. so you don't agreement sums chinf strategist a smith participated in wednesday's inside the recall event hosted by the sacramento press club he says the recall is a republican attempt to gain power in california will be a national debate. >> about which he is the direction. california should go. is it a direction where we or actually. caring about our people. think think in taking care of them. richard direction where we go towards the division and the hate that we saw in the trump here and dozens more representing the other side as she helps raise money for the recall effort with her organization rescued california. >> and says the governor's pandemic related policies pushed millions to this point. gavin newsom has to answer to the people of california. good luck. if you want to keep going on and on about that because you're talking to a universe of people. >> that are not all trumpers. they're not all you want on does more work on the 2003 recall against governor gray davis, which some like into a circus inviting celebrities
7:51 am
like eventual governor arnold schwarzenegger to jump in the race. smith was asked if there are any celebrities are other potential candidates that might worry team newsome. not really. all because bp. >> the recall period. >> as news is administration plans for a full reopening for the state june 15th both sides were asked how the campaign might be affected of coronavirus restrictions have to be imposed between now and the likely election. he's not afraid of anything. >> he will do it right. this isn't just about covid. it's going to be about more rolling blackouts. it's going to be mismanaging the power grid. it's going to be wild fires. it's going to be joblessness homelessness and all the things that started this in the first place. >> even though the signature count has yet to be finalized. there's already a campaign underway to try to remove signatures from the recall petition. opponents will have about a month to do that. neither side could say in this discussion how effective that will be reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. and that's not the only political recall that we're keeping track of. we're also getting new information in the effort to recall san francisco district attorney.
7:52 am
>> chase of a dean. now, according to the latest filings from the political action committee. that's trying to keep him in office. they outraised the groups that are trying to get him out of office by about $20,000. the recall campaign is based on the notion teens efforts to stop mass incarceration with things like ending cash, bail systems or the 3 strikes rule make san francisco more dangerous. however, his supporters point to data that shows crime in the city has been falling in recent years, including a 2020 one would be in first came into office. we'll take a break at 7.52 coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:00am morning news future hooper's are getting back in the gym thanks to the warriors we're going to take you to the warriors basketball academy. >> which is back in action. finally, we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> the warriors basketball academy is back in action getting girls involve youth inperson camps are coming to the facility in oakland. they're going to a summer program to you can have a free training session with the shoot 3.60, technology and how should prove you're shooting passing and dribbling and wnba star and callow malaysia clarendon stop by to give the girl some tips. >> access to levels for, you
7:56 am
know, that he only 25 years in terms of professional sports leagues itself. i think it's really important to break for the young girl. been involved. >> the basketball academy is moving forward with planning the summer camps right now. meantime, the worriers are off today. they're going to be hosting the washington wizards tomorrow night. >> we'll take a break. it's 7.56 coming up in the next hour. if you're over the age of 16 and you live in certain zip codes in alameda county. well, you can now get a covid-19 vaccine will take a closer look. plus a standoff in san francisco is over. we'll have a live report on how this situation came to an end. and breaking news we're following. a former member of the san francisco forty-niners and the oakland raiders is now suspected of shooting and killing 5 people in south carolina will have the breaking details coming up at the top of the hour. from the
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
bay area's local news station. now with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. the breaking news this morning. shocking news of former 40 niner and rader is accused of a deadly mass shooting in south carolina. police say he killed a whole family before
8:00 am
killing himself. >> apparently it was a doctor of his. this is a picture of phillip adams. he's the former player righty played for the niners and the raiders in the past. and this at some point was his doctor who died. so was his doctor. the doctor's wife and the couple's 2 grandchildren were killed there just 5, 9, years old. this was in the city of rock hill. that's just south of charlotte. we know that. >> adams parents also lived nearby. we're presuming at this point that that is where police found his body. they indicated earlier this morning that they found the shooter in a nearby home and that he apparently turned the gun on himself. there was a 5th victim that was found outside the home. apparently a man who was working on the home. >> who was shot and killed outside and then a 6th person also is hospitalized right now with some serious gunshot wounds. now, as for adams, we know he played for the niners back in 2010. in fact, that was the team that drafted him out of college. the oakland


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