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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  April 8, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. it is thursday. april 8th. raid on harvey. let's start this morning with a check of weather with john shrable. john yesterday was a really beautiful day outside. i'm hoping we can still get that same kind of action today on this thursday. definitely nice went out there yesterday we saw a nice comfortably cool day in depending on where you're at in the bay was actually fairly calm. but some of us were also a bit on the breezy side. and we're switching that up today a little bit. >> taking away some of those coastal winds and daytime
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highs are actually going to be a little bit warmer in some spots than they were yesterday. and that's going to make for a pretty pleasant afternoon ahead of us. if you liked yesterday, you're really going to like today because it's just a step better as far as enjoying a little bit of time outside you look outside right now from our berkeley cam shows the low cloud cover that we do have sitting right above us. we have been starting offer mornings with low cloud cover. pretty consistently lately this morning seeing a little bit less of it. so we're already starting off clear than we were yesterday. temperatures are just as cool with 40's for inland areas like conquer dublin and livermore 50's right along the bay from oakland down to hayward and some 30's cooler 30's and yesterday up in the north bay with napa down to 39 degrees. petaluma and nevado at 36 degrees right now. later on today will trade in our cooler. start for a warmer finish to the day a mild in nice thursday afternoon with high temperatures climbing into the 70's for a whole lot of the bay area. it's going make for a good one to get outside and enjoy a little bit. tell you more about what
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to expect there. still to come back to you. john, thank you for that. right. if you're hitting the roads this morning. >> let's get a look at your commute. if you're heading from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit under 11 minutes for your drive time. they're not tracking any major hot spots are any major delays for that matter. so you're going to start off with a great commute this morning. also let's head over get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. i'm not also tracking any major delays. so conditions a great drive times under 10 minutes this morning. and let's also leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge. if you're heading into the city, you can see overnight construction has already been moved off of the not seen any fog advisories on your commute is going to take you about 20 minutes for you to get into the city. we'll have more on your drive times coming up throughout the show but for now, back to the news. the cdc says the uk's super covid variant is now the
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dominant form of the coronavirus right here in the united states. the variants spread slower than expected due to vaccinations, picking up. it's believed to be up to 70% more infectious at about 64%. deadlier than previous trance. meanwhile, data from john hopkins university. she was just 5 states account for nearly half of all infections. so that's new york, michigan, florida, pennsylvania and new jersey collectively reported more than 197,000 recent cases in a seven-day period. that's 44% of the nation's new infections in the past few days. california reported 2200 new cases. and the east bay people ages 16 and above in certain zip codes and alameda county are now eligible for covid-19 vaccinations. it's all a part of the plan to prioritize communities that have been the hardest hit by the coronavirus. we've posted all those zip codes on our website at kron 4 dot com. if you want to check whether you're included in that
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governor newsom has previously announced that starting next thursday on april 15th all california and 16 and older will be eligible for the vaccine regardless of your zip code. although vaccine eligibility is expanding the number of doses california is expected to receive in the coming weeks is declining. according to state health officials. we received about 2.4 million doses this week. that number is expected to drop to 2 million next week and under 2 million the following week. the drop is being attributed to fewer doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine. despite more people getting vaccinated. it plans to fully reopen the state by mid-june infectious disease experts are stressing caution u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says he is greatly concerned about those unvaccinated, especially at a time when more transmissible variance are spreading.
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>> you go out, you got that means not getting together in congregate settings. >> making sure that when you are near people, you maintain social distance. >> medical experts say those who are vaccinated have a little more leeway. but should remain cautious, at least over the course of this month. vaccination cards will likely become a part of everyday life, especially when it comes to admissions to indoor events or sports games. fakes vaccine cards of already started to appear and be sold online. now the fbi is cracking down on fake vaccination cards and crawford's taylor zach. he has that story. >> as california continues to reopen many indoor events will require proof of vaccination or negative test, putting more pressure on those. not vaccinated to get the shot, but whether they can get an appointment or they're hesitant to get the vaccine altogether. we're likely to see people use fake
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vaccination cards, ucsf, infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says those attempting to use fake vaccine cards are ultimately only hurting themselves really, really worried not just because of liability from a financial a prosecution perspective. >> all i in in other ways. but really as a personal risk for getting covid at a time when covid is much more serious than one year ago with the new variants of puts. >> already fake vaccine cards have popped up on some online platforms for sale and federal and state authorities are now preparing to crack down on forged carts. 45 attorney generals across the country including california is that general recently sent a letter to the ceos of twitter, e-bay and shopify asking the companies to help with the crackdown. in a statement to kron 4 news on wednesday. the department of justice spokesperson said, quote, false and deceptive marketing in sales of these fake covid vaccine cards on popular web sites like e-bay, twitter and shopify only slow the progress
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of protecting californians in all americans from the virus. we urge these companies to take immediate action to prevent their platforms from being used to commit these deceptive acts. fbi also issued a warning that it is illegal to sell or buy fraudulent coronavirus vaccination cards. it will prosecute the distribution of forgeries as a federal crime moving forward for venues. this will become similar to another form of identification that they have to verify but general manager of dna lounge in san francisco. devin dossett says that might be difficult to do since the paper cards can easily be manipulated if that's what we have to do. we'll do i. >> i think it's not going to i don't think it's going to work out the way that they hope it is, however, does believes a lack of vaccinations won't be of concern for the city will come. san francisco and bay area residents are getting vaccinated. we are way ahead of the curve. there are talks right now on how to verify vaccination record to digitally. but many worry that
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this will become an equity issue. >> california department of public health says they are assessing how our country and others abroad are doing this. >> to arrive at an equitable and ethical solution to verify records. digitally in san francisco phillips aqi kron 4 news. >> in the south bay businesses are on edge after a string of robberies and burglaries at a store in san jose to take a look at your screen. an armed robbery happened last month at the plaza jewelry store in the alum rock neighborhood. the robbers held the workers at gunpoint to steal jewelry. that same store was burglarized again earlier this week. now other nearby businesses say they've been victimized as well. this is new video of a break in at a salon just a few doors down from the jewelry store. the burglaries are packing on more stress for businesses and business owners during the pandemic. >> a lot of our members haven't been able to open their doors. and then we have to deal with having a situation like this. where were robbed at gunpoint. we're
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our properties are getting damaged. this. people there have no fear of danger and they can you know, there's some things, you know, really bad and get someone hurt. >> we're going to show you this. here's a look at the getaway car used in an armed robbery at the plaza jewelry store. no arrests have been made in that case. but the owner of the store hopes that the release video we'll help make a break in the case. now to the latest on the effort to recall governor gavin newsome within the next few weeks. the secretary of state is expected to announce whether the supporters of the recall gathered enough ballot signatures. both sides of the issues gathered to discuss the issut yesterday, newsome chief smith says the recall is a republican attempt to gain power right here in california be a national debate. >> about which he is the direction. california should go. is it a direction where we or actually. caring about our people. think think in taking care of them. richard
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direction where we go towards the division and the hate that we saw in the trump here. >> and dozens more is representing the other side. she helped raise money for the recall effort with her organization rescued california. she says the governor's pandemic-related policies pushed millions to this point. >> gavin newsom has to answer to the people of california. good luck. if you want to keep going on and on about that because you're talking to a universe of people that are not all trumpers. they're not all on. >> although the final petition signature count is yet to be released. a campaign to road signatures from the recall petition is underway. state law provides a month for opponents to do so. neither side wednesday would say how effective that campaign will be. coming up on tre kron 4 morning news, a south bay family has filed a lawsuit against san jose police after a man was shot and killed. want to claim the shooting was unjustified.
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>> plus one of the mos powerful moments for the defense so far and the derek chauvin murder trial statements by a police expert that some say has shifted the momentum in these proceedings. and happening today, president biden will be unveiling a series of executive actions on gun control to combat the rise in shootings and violence. a live report from washington is up next. after the break.
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>> welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news. i'm reyna harvey. let's start this morning with another check of weather with john his john. all this week on your graphics. all assault was sunshine after sunshine at the sunshine. no rain clouds in the forecast right no rain. rain that we are looking at a dry forecast ahead of us into the weekend into next week. to we could use the rain talk about a lot. but i know that the sunshine is pretty enjoyable to so. >> as we get the sunshine and more and more of it today than we even saw yesterday. hopefully a chance for you to step outside and enjoy it a bit. you can see our mount tam cam view. right now skies are overall pretty clear. we are going to be looking at a clear start to the morning this morning than we did yesterday. calmer winds overall and
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temperatures just a little bit warmer come the afternoon. all that does add up to a really pleasant feel as you venture outside this thursday. high pressure still enough of an impact on the bay area on the region in general to be keeping us so persistently dry today, winds will be a little bit calmer than what we saw yesterday and especially as compared to tomorrow tomorrow for friday, we're going to see wind speeds really picking up across the day making free breezy and cooler one for your friday. so a brisk feel the start the weekend today. a little bit warmer, though, and you can see a good amount of sunshine that we can expect. well into the afternoon ahead of us. those dry skies certainly do continue not just today rest of the weekend well into the weekend. high temperatures today in the 50's 60's for san francisco daly city, you'll be at 60 degrees will happen bay at 58 temperatures on the peninsula range from the upper 50's in brisbane in san bruno to low 60's in areas like south san francisco, millbrae and burlingame foster city. you'll be at 64 mount view, 67
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degrees while across the south bay today, a range of upper 60's to campbell even returning to the low 70's fremont union city and hayward in the mid 60's livermore at 69 while oakland at 66 70's return for danville walnut creek concord and much of the north bay, including sonoma and napa pittsburgh antioch in benicia vacaville. again, our warm spot today, 4th day in a row, it's looks like it's going to be that way all week long at 74 degrees for your high tomorrow's temperatures. take just a little bit of a dip will still be comfortable, but a brisk feel for your friday saturday and sunday temperatures begin to climb once again and by sunday we're actually back into the mid to upper 70's. we'll stay into monday and tuesday. all this and are persistently dry conditions. john, thank you. so we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge as you're driving this morning, just want to be safe and also won. >> for the altamonte pass under 9 minutes, though, free to make it to the fremont street exit. so conditions look great. also head over
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look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula there under 10 minutes for your drive time. no high wind advisories are major delays. we'll have more on your commutt and drive times coming up. but for now, back to the news. and a developing story in use of force expert says derek chauvin use deadly force on george floyd. he was one of 5 people who testified yesterday. craig treadway has a look what happened in the courtroom. >> creates los angeles police department use of force expert sergeant jody stiger testified didn't want to. george floyd was in handcuffs on his stomach. officers should have stopped using force because of the time of their strength period. >> mister floyd was not resisting. he was in in the prone position him. he was handcuffed. he was not attempting evade. he was not attempting to resist and the pressure that he was that was being caused by the body
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weight. to cause positional asphyxia, which could cause death. >> but steiger who reviewed video of the arrest says officers continue to use deadly force on mister floyd, but almost 9 and a half minutes and failed to meet the so-called objective reasonableness standard. police must legally follow when interacting with suspects. his testimony today followed his testimony on tuesday calling the force used excessive and noting that in most low level forgery cases force isn't used at all. stiger also pushing back against defense assertions that instead of paying attention to floyd officers were concerned by the threat of onlookers calling them names onlookers upset that floyd was clearly in distress and at the end unconscious, ane officer reasonable officer. >> could perceive the words that people are saying and talk that it is being 7 and as a threat or a risk to the
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officer's safety. a risk possibly, typically trend that when it comes verbal threats in themselves that you can't just you that only justified force. prosecutors on redirect using stiger's testimony took paint derek chauvin's use of force on george floyd. >> has not objectively reasonable clearly in the video you could see that his health was deteriorating. his breath was getting lower. his tone of voice is getting more. his movementb were. we're starting to seize. >> so at that point. as officer on scene. you have a responsibility to realize that ok, something is not right. something's changed drastically from what was occurring earlier. so therefore you have responsibility take some type of action. >> happening today after a wave of mass shootings in recent weeks. president joe biden will unveil a series of executive actions. this morning to combat american gun
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violence. washington, dc correspondent anna wiernicki is live in washington with more. good morning, anna. >> good morning. that's right. in just a few hours, president biden will lay out 6 initial steps that he says will curb gun violence. now it's important to know that these are not executive but senior administration officials say they hope that this lays the groundwork for future action moving forward. >> after the 2 mass shootings in atlanta and colorado. president joe biden says it's time to take action. i don't need to wait another minute. >> let alone an hour. >> to take common sense steps on thursday, the president is expected to detail a total of 6 new actions that aim to increase federal community violence intervention and federal gun loopholes including stopping the spread and manufacture of ghost guns. a rule to ban handguns that are modified with arm or shoulder straps expanding red flag laws and investing in
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community-based intervention programs. this is not should not be a partisan issue. senior administration officials say thursday's announcement is just the initial steps that would be followed by additional actions later on, including applying pressure on lawmakers to act but passing any gun reform in an evenly split. senate will be difficult south carolina republican senator lindsey graham says he opposes democrats push to ban assault weapons. i'm willing to have a conversation. >> with my democratic colleagues about how we make sure that people who are a danger to themselves or others. i'm willing to expand background checks and a common sense way. >> and president biden will be joined by attorney general merrick garland to make this announcement at around 11:45am eastern time from the white house rose garden live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. thank you for that report. anna. >> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, a new system at sfo aimed and making the boarding process more
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seamless and safe. we're going to show you when we get back.
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welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. here's a live look outside. >> at the san francisco international airport as more people begin traveling as a full has a new tool to make it
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easier to check in and board your flight. the new system being tested by united airlines kron four's noelle bellow explains how it all works. >> prepandemic the focus was mainly on using biometrics for efficiency purposes. now it's about the touch free experience. >> this is the health and safety part of yeah, exactly. it's a new way to get where you want to go. partnership between united airlines and and information technologies company is using facial biometrics to board flights. you just come up to the camera in the past. the technology is only supported passport. but now because it we're moving toward more standardized format for us. driver's license were able to bring that same capability to self service in the airport for domestic by the 60 day pilot program at san francisco international airport is the only one in the country testing the system for domestic travel. it's available on roughly 8 flights
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a day, hoping that really will be we're averaging about 10 people per flight that are actually using it. so it's off to a good start. we know that it's not for everybody. the new system aims to reduce how many things you have to touch during your time at the airport. >> at the checkin kiosks, a camera matches the image of your face with your driver's license. that same image is used for bag drop off and boarding. >> you have to go through the search security checkpoint using the normal process. but then that image essentially becomes a boarding pass. it's completely optional to use and see this as your image and information is only stored for the duration of your trip on the data is only collected and used for this purpose and then it's deleted. so there's no, you know, marketing or that happens after that it's it's you strictly for the purposes of helping to facilitate the travel process. >> the pilot program will only last about 60 days after that
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sfo and united will decide whether or not to go forward with the process at sfo, noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and east bay school board under fire after being caught mocking parents. it's all new members fresh start for parents and students. welcome
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back to the kron 4 morning news, harvey. let's start this morning with another check of weather with john shrable who
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was nothing but good news to tell us about the sunshine this week. however, john, you mentioned we do need rain. that is something we need in it, though. that's a plus and a -7 train at the weather is enjoyable, but the rainfall is something we do need to see. we're not going to be tapping into that this time around. so still a very comfortable finish the week ahead of us. >> in fact, today. going to be a little nicer than yesterday was even temperatures a bit warmer conditions out there. a little clear earlier on and winds even a little bit calmer saw that adds up to a pretty pleasant thursday afternoon looking outside right now. skies are clear enough looking outside from berkeley. cloud cover sitting right above the east bay. and as i mentioned, there's less of that than what we saw yesterday. now current temperatures are a bit chillier than we saw yesterday. san jose are at 44 hayward alameda in oakland as well as pittsburgh or 4 spots at 50 degrees. the north bay notably down falling into the 30's for morning temperatures. so just to bundle up


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