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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 7, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when prime time from the bay area's local news stations. you're watching kron 4 news at noon on shot killed. >> and then let a dog maul an arm and the family deserves justice and they deserve and now at 9 the family of a man shot and killed by san jose police. they have filed a lawsuit against the city. 27 year-old. david tovar. it was wanted in connection with the murder and other violent crimes when he was killed by
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officers in january. >> good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis i'm jonathan mccall in tonight for graham lotus. the lawsuit filed today claims that the deadly shooting was unjustified because tovar was unarmed kron four's. dan thorn live tonight for us in san jose. breaking down the details of what is inside of that lawsuit. death. >> well, jonathan and vicki, the lawsuit also says that police did not try to de escalate the situation with tovar instead of trying to arrest him. they intended to kill him and an attorney that's representing. the family says bar was denied his day in court and the officers that are responsible for shooting him deserve to pay. >> in graphic. bodycam video shared by san jose police last month. officers are seen opening fire on a wanted murder not fired shots fire such suspect on the second floor. david tovar was running
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along the second story balcony of the villa fairlane apartment complex on january 21st when he was killed. this was not a mission to bring somebody to court of justice. >> this was a mission to execute someone and that's what you saw dante pointer is a civil rights attorney representing tow bars family in a lawsuit against the city of san jose. >> the suit claims the officers while using military-style assault rifles shot tovar while he was presenting no threat to anyone. >> a san jose police spokesperson says tow bar was actually reaching for his waistband when officers shot him. but tovar was found to be unarmed following the shooting. this isn't a situation where police are dealing with someone who's who's taken hostage years or has pointed the weapon animal has even fired a weapon. now. >> this is this is the type of police. situation that should result in everyone getting a chance to have their day in court the responding officers were said to have been on high alert when pursuing toll far
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because of his violent criminal history. >> the 27 year-old was being investigated by police in gilroy morgan hill san jose and the chp. >> after he was linked to a number of robberies and 2 shootings, including a murder. the lawsuit demands the officers involved in the fatal shooting be arrested and prosecuted the community and the state has demanded. >> officers not use deadly force unless it is necessary. it was clearly not necessary when you have an unarmed man running away from officers who was shot in the back. >> pointer says that those police officers also put people living in that apartment complex at risk by recklessly shooting at tovar. the san jose police department is not commenting on this lawsuit reporting live in san jose. dan thorn. >> kron 4 news. all right. and the fremont police department releasing the identities of the officer and suspect involved in the fatal police shooting last month there on
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march 24th officer brian burch was involved in the shooting that happened in the area of highway 84 and ardenwood boulevard. burch has been with the fremont police department for 6 years. the suspect who was killed has been identified as 34 year-old joshua james gloria from oakland authorities say the shooting happened following a pursuit that ended near newark boulevard. police reported that the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle and associated with an armed robbery now to an update to a story that we first brought you only on kron 4 news last night. we first showed you how thieves targeted the plaza jewelers last month and then again yesterday morning. you can see from the video from yourselves. >> those crooks holding the workers at gunpoint as they go through smashing those glass cases taking off with thousands of dollars in jewelry tonight. we're learning that the store is among several businesses in that area to become victims of crooks kron four's. rob fladeboe learned that help may be on the way.
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>> disturbing video of a brazen smash-and-grabprobbery of san jose's plaza. jewelers has got attention of san jose city hall says owner cesar pass. call who says he spent 15 minutes on the phone last night with mayor sam liccardo. >> i send them a text spent in our situation. i send in the video from the news that you guys show last night and he responded very positively. wants to help us going to >> i mean, with the city council and they want to help our businesses more surveillance video surfaced. wednesday of a break in at a salon just a few doors down from the jewelry store. >> the video shows a man smashed the front window and then ransacked the store stealing only hair product. and so long tools. at first. >> only to return later making off with the cash register. the pandemic has made it hard for merchants here to stay afloat as it is.
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>> without being robs is alum rock business association. president connie alvarez. a lot of our members haven't been able to open their doors. >> and then we have to deal with having a situation like this. where were robbed at gunpoint. we're our properties are getting damaged. alvarez says western wheel and tire heard. you're a western wear. >> and joy rio del sol have all been burglarized recently. the owner of joy area. del sol showed the video of a man on the bicycle who smashed a window and then rode off with $5,000 worth of suspect in the police to soon. >> the community police lady. you can. but if asked this question westlake good for me to know that they can all move in. >> roosevelt park neighborhood provided this video to kron 4 news which shows the getaway car used in the plaza. jewelers hold up. the 2 men suspected in that robbery remain at large robbed twice in 2 weeks. she surpassed coal
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is hopeful that his efforts to publicize the crimes. we'll make a difference before somebody gets hurt. >> this. people there have no fear of danger and they can you know, there's some things, you know, really bad and get someone hurt. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news now to santa cruz where police there are investigating a jewelry store robbery. this happened yesterday morning at the super silver jewelry store on pacific avenue. the suspect was gone by the time cops got to the scene. but as you can see, they do have a picture of someone breaking inside of that store. police say the front door of the store had been smashed along with several items of jewelry stolen anyone with information about the case now being asked to call the santa cruz police department. a former professional boxer arrested after a fight outside a bar in san francisco's north beach is out of custody tonight. officers arrested 57 year-old patrick lawler outside of geno and carlos bar near green street and columbus avenue. last friday after they say he
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hit another man. lawler was known in his fighting career as the pride of the sunset because the neighborhood he grew up in the sunset neighborhood. he retired as a heavyweight boxer lawler, though, now charged with assault and battery. >> new at 9 vaccination cards will likely become a part of regular life, especially when it comes to admissions to indoor events like shows concerts or sports games. with these requirements. fake vaccine cause. they've already appeared for sale online on platforms like e-bay and twitter. well, now the fbi is cracking down saying that it will prosecute the distribution of forgeries as a federal crime. but they're not the only one stepping in to limit forgeries or conference. taylor she joins us now live with more taylor. >> well, in addition to the fbi cracking down on these fake vaccine cards 45 attorney generals from across the country, including ours here in california recently sent a letter to the ceo's of twitter, e-bay and shopify
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asking that these companies, monitor and stop the sale of these fake vaccine carts on their platforms. as california continues to reopen many indoor events will require proof of vaccination or negative test. >> putting more pressure on those. not vaccinated to get the shot, but whether they can get an appointment or they're hesitant to get the vaccine altogether. we're likely to see people use fake vaccination cards, ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says those attempting to use fake vaccine cards are ultimately only hurting themselves really, really worried not just because of liability from a financial or prosecution perspective. >> all i in in other ways but really as a personal risk for getting covid at a time when covid is much more serious than one year ago with the new variants of foot. >> already fake vaccine cards have popped up on some online platforms for sale and federal and state authorities are now
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preparing to crack down on forged carts. 45 attorney generals across the country including california is that general recently sent a letter to the ceo's of twitter, e-bay and shopify asking the companies to help with the crackdown. in a statement to kron 4 news on wednesday. the department of justice spokesperson said, quote, false and deceptive marketing in sales of these fake covid vaccine cards on popular web sites like e-bay, twitter and shopify only slow the progress of protecting californians and all americans from the virus. we urge these companies to take immediate action to prevent their platforms from being used to commit these deceptive acts. fbi also issued a warning that it is illegal to sell or buy fraudulent coronavirus vaccination cards. it will prosecute the distribution of forgeries as a federal crime moving forward for venues. this will become similar to another form of identification that they have to verify. but general manager of dna lounge in san francisco devin dossett says that might be difficult to do since the paper cards
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can easily be manipulated if that's what we have to do. we'll do i. >> i think it's not going to i don't think it's going to work out the way that they hope it does. however, does it believes a lack of vaccinations won't be of eoncern for the city bulk of san francisco and bay area residents are getting vaccinated. we are way ahead of the curve. >> others also been talks about verifying vaccination records digitally. but some are concerned that this may become a equity issue. vicki. jonathan, so taylor. we understand the different states may use different methods to verify those vaccination cards. >> as the cop california department of health given any indication of how they plan to do that. >> jonathan, a lot of plans still in the works right here. i did speak with them today and they say that they are assessing how our country and others abroad are doing this right now, though, of course, you can use that verification through the papers. cdc cards
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through health care provider paperwork and also through paper test. but they say moving forward. they are looking at an equitable and ethical way to do this. digitally. that's the latest here in san francisco at taylor's second reporting. >> i get another challenge. thank you, taylor despite more and more people getting vaccinated and plans to fully reopen the state by mid-june infectious disease experts. they're still stressing caution u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says that he is greatly concerned about those unvaccinated, especially at a time when more transmission bull transmissible rather variance are spreading. >> you go out, you got that means store. not getting together settings. >> making sure that when you are and your people, you maintain social distance. >> medical experts say that those who are vaccinated have a little more leeway but should remain cautious, at least over the course of this month. air travel picking back up over at san francisco
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international airport. get this in the month of march. air travel jumping 30% february. the airport also seeing a record number of passengers during the pandemic. just last friday alone. more than 26,000 folks passing through the checkpoints. and as more folks return to the friendly skies. one airline united is unveiling a new tool to make it easier for you to check in and board a flight fresno avello. she has details now on a new facial biometrics prepandemic the focus was mainly on. >> using biometrics for efficiency purposes. now it's about the touch free experience. >> this is the health and safety part of yeah, exactly. it's a new way to get where you want to go. partnership between united airlines and and information technologies company is using facial biometrics to board flights. you just come out to the camera in the past. the technology is only supported passport, but now because it
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we're moving toward more standardized format for us. driver's license were able to bring that same capability to self service in the airport for domestic by the 60 day pilot program at san francisco international airport is the only one in the country testing the system for domestic travel. it's available on roughly 8 flights a day, hoping that really will be we're averaging about 10 people per flight that are actually using it. so it's off to a good start. we know that it's not for everybody. the new system aims to reduce how many things you have to touch during your time at the airport. >> at the checkin kiosks, a camera matches the image of your face with your driver's license. that same image is used for bag drop off and boarding. >> you have to go through the search security checkpoint using the normal process. but then that image essentially becomes a boarding pass. it's completely optional to use and see this as your image and information is only stored for the duration of your trip on the data is only collected and
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used for this purpose and then it's deleted. so there's no, you know, marketing or that happens after that it's it's you strictly for the purposes of helping to facilitate the travel process. >> the pilot program will only last about 60 days after that sfo and united will decide whether or not to go forward with the process at sfo, noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> now to the latest on the effort to recall governor gavin newsome within the next few weeks. the secretary of state is expected to announce whether the supporters of the recall gather enough valid signatures today. both sides of the issue. they gather to discuss it. newsom's chief strategist a smith. he participated in today's inside the recall event. it was hosted by the sacramento. plus a press club. and he says that the recall is a republican attempt to gain power in california be a national debate. >> about which is the direction call-up and you should go. is it a direction where we or actually. caring
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about our people. think think in taking care of them. richard direction where we go towards the division in the hate that we saw in the trump here. >> meanwhile, and dunne's more representing the other side. she helps raise money for the recall effort with the organization called rescue california and she says the governor's pandemic related policies pushed millions to this point. >> gavin newsom has to answer to the people of california. good luck. if you want to keep going on and on about that because you're talking to a universe of people that are not all trumpers. they're not all on. >> although the final petition signature count has yet to be released. a campaign to remove signatures from the recall petition is underway. state law provides a month for opponents to do either today would say how effective that campaign will be. tonight. the oakley union elementary school district has an entirely new
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board, including a new board president. the move comes after everyone on the previous sports stepped down back in february, you may remember they were caught on on a live stream during a meeting that they didn't realize was live criticizing a number of the parents kron four's. michelle kingston brings us the latest. >> this is been a remarkable civic display. the now former interim board president of the oakley union elementary school district says being a part of the board over the past few months has been a great experience and productive for the community. mike maxwell was brought on after the entire former board resigned back in february just hours after comments they made about parents in their district were caught on camera during a meeting they thought was no longer being recorded. >> if you're going to call me on that. >> i want to take on they want their babysitter fact. the video has more than 700,000 views on youtube in at left parents shocked upset with
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many questions about how and when their students would get back into the classroom with nobody on the board to vote on decisions that was morning. unfortunately true colors were revealed. the maxwell says he and the rest of the interim board were able to work on and complete a plan for students to head back to school, which is now happening next week were originally charged with just seating a new board and during the time that we did that we we decided it was important to get involved. >> to not make this one step at a time. but to make this. these are 2 projects that we felt were both important and could be done at the same time as of wednesday night. these are the new oakley union elementary school board members. their teachers, parents retirees. i know fuller is the new board president in oakley, michelle kingston kron 4 news talk about the weather right 4 zone forecast takes us to this live shot of the golden gate bridge tonight. hopefully won't be
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blown away from the winds that we saw earlier today. hopefully that won't be around tomorrow. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at what we can expect for thursday. the a little warm-up expected for tomorrow. today. of course we watch those temperatures backing off a bit with the stronger gusty winds. >> developing out there and still a little breezy in watching out for that too. and some fog trying to form out there, although not as thick as it was last night at this time. and i think all signs pointing sunnier day fly tomorrow afternoon. you see some of that patchy fog moving to san francisco as the city begins disappear behind the clouds. temperatures today. going take a hit out there as we saw that stronger on shore breeze boyd dropped a good 9 to 10 degrees from 24 hours ago in some of the interior valleys. so numbers. not bad but below the average. it was cool in the san francisco only 55 degrees with the wind feeling a whole lot cooler than that 59 in oakland. 62 in san jose 66 little more 70's still warm in concord and 66 degrees in santa rosa. but the winds, yeah, they were kind of
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the story this afternoon. they continue tonight. not as strong as it has been still 22 mile an hour winds coming right through that san bruno gap at sfo 21 in fairfield 14 into san francisco in 14 also in oakland. now the ocean's waters right along the coastline staying very cold for this time of year. we're looking at upper 40's and low 50's. so look at the numbers you can see result of those cold waters. these temperatures chilly out near the coast. 48 in half moon bay. 49 in san francisco. 48 degrees in the bottle. high pressure looks like it is going to try to build in as that ridge builds in ever so slightly tomorrow. i think we warm up a little bit. so we went down a few degrees today. i think we go back up a few degrees of that back and low 70's and some of the warmer spots for tomorrow still cool out along the coastline for csu will see a bit of a breeze by tomorrow afternoon. but probably not as strong as today. you know, there's clear right. very fresh every night. the nice fresh ocean area walk out to you, which up in okay. thanks, laura. >> still to come here next on kron. 4 news at 9 hate from a
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hacker. the easter message delivered unexpectedly. >> at one bay area church plus closer in the classroom. the bay area school district now letting students it will close or while they're learning. plus future hooper's getting back inside of the jim thanks to the golden state warriors. we'll take you to the warriors basketball camp in who can take advantage of the sessions for free.
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>> some good news for bay area. athletes. the warriors basketball academy is holding in person programs and camps again after a long pause during the pandemic. of course, there are a lot of safety protocols in place these days, including a mask be worn at all times. right now. the warriors are calling on girls to get involved through. there shoot a 3.60 bay area girls challenge ladies in action today honing their skills at the academies oakland facility and wnba and cal basketball star even stopped by to give him some tips. she says it's great to see the warriors academy in action. >> i think it's really important to break for the young girl. been involved i play. i place of some of girls like first time a trainer folks like this. so. >> where's basketball academy is also moving forward with
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plans for their very popular summer camps. there will be some changes this year to make sure everybody stay safe for more in case you're interested. i have a link on our website. kron 4 dot com. so much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9, including the city of los angeles. >> closing the chapter on 3 lawsuits involving police let you know just how much money the city will have to shell out day 8 of the derek chauvin murder trial will let you know what happened when an lapd use of force expert took the stand to describe the treatment of george floyd. plus racist hate filled messages sent to one bay area church on the holiest of days, how it happened what the congregation now saying about it.
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let's bring. on. spring. use your phone to grow a garden. and rent tools from the world's biggest toolbox. this is doing like never before. this is today's home depot. how doers get more done.
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tonight. the community is rallying behind a south bay church after a virtual service was interrupted by a racist and vulgar rant on easter sunday. our kron four's gayle ong reports now from san jose. >> heartbroken that >> bomb that zoom bomb filled with anti semitic, homophobic and racist insults at grace baptist church in san jose in this virtual meeting wednesday, bay area. faith leaders speaking out terrible beyond words. >> and so i want to say that colin machin, the jewish community stands with the we still great empathy for what happened to you in. and it's true that the heat seems to be skewed in all directions. the
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language to boulder to share 2 boys and a young child could be heard. spewing hate. you can hear yourselves >> the was replete references to what you can as well. and so we felt like he wanted to be in solid. aside from easter. they hate speech happened on the last day of passover. >> and on the anniversary of doctor martin luther king junior's assassination or african-american women in crowd. there were. >> there were with the survivors of of of of domestic violence and others. this is not what you do this. it was about 4 and georgia oliver's first easter service at the church. >> the goal to have a safe environment for all investigating the hack. reverend oliver says the culprits user name has been identified. the church's healing from fatal stabbing that killed 2 of its members in november last year. >> in the wake of the violence and hate the church is raising money for security. we will not be deterred by by stabbing. we will not be deterred by white supremacism foot bombing or zoom worship
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will be here. really didn't hear 400, 7 years. we plan to be here. at least 300 or 400 more. >> the church has reported the zoom incident. a local, state and federal law enforcement calling for the investigation as a hate crime in san jose. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> the city of martinez is now one step closer to forming an end to racism and anti-discrimination task force tonight. city leaders appointed city council members leora dilanian mark cross to help direct the process. the idea started last july after several incidents happened in martinez after the protest after the death of george floyd activists painted a black lives matter street mural in downtown martinez, which was then painted over by counter protestors. officials say the goal of the task force would be to review city policies, programs and procedures for bias while making city committees and commissions more inclusive. >> schools in san mateo county are now allowed to space out. students desks by 3 feet instead of 6, the county's office of education released updated guidance for schools
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today. the new guidelines align with those of the state's health department and the cdc. but the county is requiring schools to keep a minimum of 6 feet between teachers desks and students desks, students and staff must be a minimum 6 feet apart. if on masks, for example, when eating or drinking you find the full guidelines on our website. kron 4 dot com. and in san francisco, the marine mammal center is investigating after 3 whales were found dead this week. officials say the first well was found washed up on crissy field that happened wednesday, march 31st. the second. well, it was found at fitzgerald marine reserve on sunday. april 3rd. and then the 3rd one was found in the san francisco bay some time this week. a use of force expert from lapd among 5 folks who took the stand in day 8 of the derek chauvin murder trial. the death of george floyd craig treadway has a look at what happened inside of the courtroom today.
9:32 pm
creates los angeles police department use of force expert sergeant jody steiger. >> testified didn't want to. george floyd was in handcuffs on his stomach. officers should have stopped using force because of the time of their strength period. >> mister floyd was not resisting. he was in in the prone position him. he was handcuffed. he was not attempting evade. he was not attempting to resist and the pressure that he was that was being caused by the body weight. to cause this 60 a which could cause death. >> but steiger who reviewed video of the arrest says officers continue to use deadly force on mister floyd, but almost 9 and a half minutes and failed to meet the so-called objective reasonableness standard. police must legally follow when interacting with suspects. his testimony today followed his testimony on tuesday calling the force used
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excessive and noting that in most low level forgery cases force isn't used at all. steiger also pushing back against defense assertions that instead of paying attention to floyd officers were concerned by the threat of onlookers calling them names onlookers upset that floyd was clearly in distress and at the end unconscious, an officer reasonable officer. >> could perceive the words that people are saying and talk that it is being 7 and as a threat or a risk to the officer's safety. a risk possibly, typically a trend that when it comes verbal threat in themselves that you can't just you that only justified force. prosecutors on redirect using staggers testimony took paint derek chauvin's use of force on george floyd. >> has not objectively reasonable clearly in the video you could see that his health was deteriorating. his breath was getting lower. his
9:34 pm
tone of voice is getting more. his movements were. we're starting to seize. >> so at that point. as officer on scene. you have a responsibility to realize that ok, something is not right. something's changed drastically from what was occurring earlier. so therefore you have responsibility take some type of action. >> craig treadway reporting for us tonight. this will pay nearly 1.6 million dollars to settle. 3 lawsuits involving alleged wrongdoing by the city's police department. the city council voted 12 to one today to approve those payouts to the lawsuit stemmed from fatal shootings by police l a times analysis of city records found that over the past 5 and a half years. la has paid out more than 245 million dollars to resolve legal claims involving the police department. >> ahead tonight at 9 new details in the tiger woods crash just how fast the golf legend was traveling at the time and why he likely won't
9:35 pm
be ticketed. >> a little cool around parts of the bay area say we're going to be warming up one about the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up next. >> and in sports, the a's looking for their first win of the season. sports director jason dumas school have the highlights from coliseum. plus, reaction from the new san jose state basketball coach.
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> the a's are still searching for that elusive win number one win of the season and they haven't come close to getting it. they've been outscored 41 to 14 this season coming in today. but you know, the phrase, today's a new just head out to the town got a fan. a dodgers fan split household. how that works. and a play like a team that didn't want to win that ended a winless newcomer elvis andrus with the sac fly in the bottom of the 9th to tie this game up. so we're going to extras bottom of the 10th. mitch moreland, another one of those new guys players right into the gap. sends mark hdnna in from 3rd. that's a walk-off single is finally get their first win after dropping their first 6 games. they win. 43. in 10 and the giants hoping to take the series against the padres top of the second no score one on for darin ruf.
9:39 pm
he's going to get a hold of this bad boy and the center field padres center fielder makes a nice play on it. but. got to be hired and that it goes off his glove. that counts for a 2 run shot giants strike first day lead 2 to nothing. a solo shot by wil myers in the 8th. what i tend to get into extras and then the 10 runners on the corners donovan solano. that's going to be deep enough to get the giants, the when the throw they go on to win this game 3 to 2 who came in. they take 2 of 3 from san diego. they'll come home for their opener against the rockies on friday. we will be there live in directing. all today, san jose state officially introduced their new men's hoops coach tim miles touchdown in the bay area around noon and went straight to work miles has a reputation for turning programs around. he did so at colorado state and nebraska after a long tournament drought for both programs
9:40 pm
after parting ways with the cornhuskers in 2019. he spent a couple years as a tv analyst, he was doing what we do up here. but he spoke to kate rooney today, one on one exclusively and he told her that he missed having a team of his own. what are people going to able to see when they see a 10 miles coach san jose state team on the floor. yeah. will be a feisty been child. i'm irish catholic with the big but the >> you'll see it later. but, you know, i want team that that is going to go out work really hard. execute your stuff always give themselves a chance. we're going eliminate losing first, then we can win. so we'll be hard working. we'll be plays hard and fast. and i think people really enjoy it. but if you're not san jose state wants to win and he can bring some of those winds. it will be good to see how it all. how it all. >> unfolds for this year... let's bring. on. spring.
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>> tonight, the los angeles sheriff's department says that golf legend tiger woods was driving nearly double the speed limit when he when he hit a sharp curve and crashed 6 weeks ago. they say the woods suv was driving up to 87 miles an hour inside of a 45 mile per hour zone that is fast and that wreck in february cent woods to the hospital with multiple broken bones in his leg. he has since undergone a number of surgeries and he's still recovering porter. a shahbazi has the story.
9:44 pm
>> the primary cause a factor for this traffic collision was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway estimated speed that the first area of impact were 84 to 87 miles per hour. >> in the final estimated speed when the vehicle struck the tree was 75 miles per hour. >> los angeles county sheriff alex, the in the way updating the public on the now closed investigation into the february crash that left tiger woods with significant injuries, though he said woods was traveling nearly twice the speed limit when the vehicle struck a median and then went airborne crashing into a tree woods was not cited part of it was because of >> the circumstances that he he injured throughout the collision and the fact that in order to issue a citation. it usually you have to have something to indicate an independent witness or an observation by peace officer. >> investigators believe woods may have accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake based on their examination of the vehicles.
9:45 pm
black box. this is the 3rd time woods has been involved in a vehicle investigation. the most notorious example when he ran his suv over a fire hydrant and hit a tree in 2000, 9 in 20 17. police in florida found him asleep behind the wheel of a car and he was arrested on a dui charge. but this time he was not given a sobriety or blood test due to his injuries and the nature of his injuries. it would not be appropriate to do any type of field sobriety test documents show that woods told deputies he didn't know how the crash occurred. and did not remember driving at the time of the wreck was was recovering from a 5th back surgery. i know there's a lot of experts or who claimed or a drug recognition. people said, oh. >> they should have done drawn done this or done that and without the signs of impairment. we don't get to the point where we can actually offer a search warrant. and that is not preferential treatment. what's tweeted his gratitude to the good samaritans. firefighters, paramedics and deputies who came to the scene and said,
9:46 pm
quote, i will continue to focus on my recovery and family. and thank everyone for the overwhelming support and encouragement i've received throughout this very difficult time. 20 years here for a check out our 4 zone forecast give you a live look right now over the bay bridge toll plaza crawford chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at what's to come for thursday and. >> a warm-up is on the way. yes, for the weekend. we're looking good, too. as see those temperatures really heating up around the bay area. going to be a very nice weekend ahead of us to have some work to do out there tonight. we've got some patchy fog out there around the bay area. of course he felt the cool down. >> around the bay area's well, today is that stronger seabreeze kind of kicked in we'll watch those try to warm up a bit again as high pressure going to just strengthen a little bit and that should be enough to compress that marine layer a little bit and keep those least calm down a little bit as we head toward the afternoon. but here we sit right now. we do have storm system making its way in the pacific northwest. so that area of low pressure off the
9:47 pm
coastline kind of spin around out there, but not bring us any rain. unfortunately temperatures getting cool out there tonight. 49 in fremont. 47 in 7 to 47 also in timber on 49 and lael 51 in fairfield at 52 insanely in a 45 in petaluma. so yeah, get chilly out there in d. but tomorrow we're going to see a mixture of some sunshine and some patchy fog. a nice day in san francisco will be a little bit breezy, especially in the afternoon. but 60's there mid 60's. very comfortable in oakland about 68 degrees. mostly sunny in san jose. all right. long range forecast. we've got this area of low pressure that's been spinning out here. just kind of meandering in between pressure systems out here in the middle of the pacific looks like it's not going make any major headway until early this next week. and finally it's going to get kicked to the east. but cold front coming our way. you can see begin to drag some that moisture pushing it through california. some of that could move to the bay area as we head in towards monday, tuesday, wednesday. we got to watch that closely. but right now we're keeping it dry through that period. then maybe a chance of some rain. the following saturday and sunday. but you can see that
9:48 pm
doesn't look that promising. so we'll keep our fingers crossed on that one too. so temperatures for tomorrow plan to being cool by the coastline about 54 in the sun sets 62 degrees downtown as you head to daly city, 55 degrees about that of ana and 54 in the montero over the hill. you find a little more sunshine little breezy right through the several get there. otherwise the temperatures in the 50's and the 60's about 62 degrees in redwood city, south bay should be very nice. tomorrow afternoon 60's that emission low 70's. so really a nice day there. and that's a pretty mild warm temperatures around tay area too. so as you head further inland, those temperatures going to pop a little bit 70's in the pleasant in a dublin 71 degrees in walnut creek 71 for friends in discovery bay and about 66 degrees in oakland. pretty good breeze through the delta get tomorrow. not as strong as today, but it will be little bit blustery time. still a lot of 60's and 70's be had out there along the coastline. it will stay cool out their plan on some patchy fog. little sunshine toward the afternoon. next. couple days. tomorrow. we warm up. we cool back now with the winds kicking up on friday on saturday and sunday. that's
9:49 pm
the sweet spot just happened to be the weekend. looks like it's going to be much nash with warm thanks for arranging do appreciate is you've got clients barnes. thanks. take a look at this. a massive apartment fire in new york city. >> 400 firefighters called to battle this inferno. 16 firefighters were hurt under the folks there in the big apple now looking for a place to stay. he told the fire started on the top floor of a 6 story building the fire department says that an open door help to spread the fire. the cause so under investigation tonight. and now to washington, dc where 2 teenage girls are held in jail tonight. they are charged in the death. >> of an uber eats driver. sad part about the story. most of the situation caught on camera and we do want to warn you that the video you're about to see could be disturbing to some folks. felicia bolton brings us the latest details on this case. >> that
9:50 pm
>> this cell phone video widely shared on social media shows 2 teens trying to still mohamed and honda accord. a march 24th and dc according to dc police, the suspects use a taser and the crime. within seconds, they crashed the car. we blurred graphic images and the faces of the suspects because they are >> to service members can be seen helping the teens out of the vehicle. the body of the car owner remains on the sidewalk. police say he died a short time later. the family has set up a go fund me raising more than 1 million dollars on the post. they say mohammad anwar was a hardworking pakistani immigrant who came to the united states to create a better life for him and his family. and he was working on an uber eats delivery when the 2 assailants attempted to carjack him and navy yard. brian higgins is a professor at john jay college of criminal justice and a former
9:51 pm
police chief of the bergen county police department in most states in the united there has to be. >> a reason for the child to be tried as an adult just because the court systems are completely different. he says juvenile court will take into account a child's mental state, their maturity level. and if they have previously committed a crime. >> but overall juvenile courts really are focused on rehabilitation. >> the ability to not throw away a child's life just because of one of them. but that consideration in should take an account. the past history of a pattern being sent and put in place if there is a plea deal reached in this case, he can says the teens could still face jail time. the reason anyone would expedite a plea deal at this point. >> appears to be just to get this case finished.
9:52 pm
>> tragedy all the way around that felicia bolton reporting for us tonight from right. the son of disgraced cyclist lance armstrong now facing charges of sexually assaulting a teen austin. police say that luke armstrong assaulted a 16 year-old girl at a party after a party in 2018 when he was 18. armstrong's attorneys will now denying those allegations saying that the 2 were and a consensual relationship that lasted months. a new report from the new york times shows that embattled florida congressman matt gaetz asked the white house for a presidential pardon during the final weeks of the trump administration. the request dismissed inside of the white house. the justice department is looking into whether or not gaetz had a relationship with a 17 year-old girl and paid for her to travel with him, which would violate trafficking laws. gates has denied any wrongdoing. a spokesperson for the florida congressman says that his pardon request was not related
9:53 pm
to the ongoing justice department investigation. still to come on kark 4 news at 9 history in louis. the new feat accomplished by the mayor.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> the next mayor louis, missouri is going make history. voters went to the polls yesterday. an elected city treasurer to shar jones. >> she will become the first black woman to lead louis
9:56 pm
during her acceptance speech. the mayor elect touched on addressing needs in the underserved parts of that city. >> single mom us out there who are struggling to make ends meet. city lgbtq plus youth who are wondering at city hall has you in those of you feel is government has forgotten us let you behind. i will get up every day and work for you. >> new mayor to sir jones will be sworn in later this month. all right. meanwhile, things getting ugly at the missus. sri lanka world 2021 beauty pageant. listen to this. the reigning miss is world literally. literally strips. the new winner of her crown just seconds after it was placed on her head. she then put the crown on the runner-up instead. she claimed the woman was disqualified because she's divorced. that winner into up in the hospital with head injuries. but get this, it
9:57 pm
turned out that the woman who actually won and was crowned. >> isn't divorce, but she is separated. organizers say they are disturbed by the actions of the past winner and say that the rightful winner will indeed represent sri lanka at this year's. this is world wow. some drama there. >> a lot. that wraps night. >> put a bow on that. put a crown on don't go anywhere, though, i was back at the top of the hour for kron 4 news at 10 o'clock, including fake covid-19 vaccination cards showing up on sites like ebay, twitter and shopify. the steps now being taken to crack down on their selfless frustrated parents in san francisco looking for answers on reopening schools. they listened in on a town hall tonight aimed at clear up questions on why it's taking so long. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news more coming up on kron 4 news at 10. walter, did you know geico
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>> when prime time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news some careful with the ball for the people have the big idea of vaccination park. >> but i'm also fearful for them in terms of being prosecuted is a federal crime. >> now attend vaccination cards will likely become a part of everyday life, especially when it comes to admissions to, you know, indoor events like shows. >> concerts or sporting games. but with


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