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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 7, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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our top story tonight at 5.30, within the next few
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weeks. as secretary of state is expected to announce whether or not there are enough signatures to begin the effort to. >> recall governor newsome both sides in the ongoing effort gathered today for a discussion on the issue. ashley zavala has that story. >> any there. governor newsom's recall qualify for the ballot later this year. expect more of this over the next several months. i feel like i'm debating donald trump interrupted. i feel like i'm debating bernie sanders. so you don't agreement sums chief strategist a smith participated in wednesday's inside the recall event hosted by the sacramento press club he says the recall is a republican attempt to gain power in california will be a national debate. >> about which he is the direction. california should go. is it a direction where we or actually. caring about our people. think think in taking care of them. richard direction where we go towards the division in the hate that we saw in the trump years and dozens more representing the other side as she helps raise
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money for the recall effort with her organization rescued california. >> and says the governor's pandemic related policies pushed millions to this point. gavin newsom has to answer to e% the people of california. good luck. if you want to keep going on and on about that because you're talking to a universe of people. >> that are not all trumpers. they're not all you want to does more work on the 2003 recall against governor gray davis, which some like into a circus inviting celebrities like eventual governor arnold schwarzenegger to jump in the race smith was asked if there are any celebrities are other potential candidates that might worry team newsome. not really. all because we beat the. >> the recall period. >> as news is administration plans for a full reopening for the state june 15th both sides were asked how the campaign might be affected of coronavirus restrictions have to be imposed between now and the likely election. he's not afraid of anything. >> he will do it right. this isn't just about covid. it's going to be about more rolling blackouts. it's going to be mismanaging the power grid. it's going to be wild fires.
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it's going to be joblessness homelessness and all the things that started this in the first place. >> even though the signature count has yet to be finalized. there's already a campaign underway to try to remove signatures from the recall petition. opponents will have about a month to do that. neither side could say in this discussion how effective that will be reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> this weekend. we have an exclusive statewide town hall with california senator alex padilla. we'll be talking about covid relief immigration, gun control and more. you can submit questions on twitter using the hashtag inside ca politics and you can watch the town hall right here on kron 4 saturday night at 6.30, or sunday morning at 6.30. well, it is the first day in a new tier for 3 bay area counties contra costa napa sonoma counties. >> they did officially enter the orange tier today. and you're looking at a map that shows the current status for bay area counties. 8 of the 9 now in the orange reopening tier solano is the only one
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that's still in rant. good news for the wine country. wineries in napa county can now open their indoor tasting rooms. the change comes after the county into the orange. >> reopening tier this morning. today on kron on. we caught up with the spire collection is state in calistoga for what the new tier means for business there. >> one thing i can recommend anybody watching, run out. make sure you get appointments everything is by appointment. now, whether it's here at the spire collection, whether it's a restaurant, you name it, getting, you know, plan well ahead. that is the number one thing that i can tell you do that. think those appointments down. and it just helps everybody in the industry. make sure you have a fun and safe saw. >> this interview first ran on our streaming news app kron on the app is free to download and you can stay connected all day with the latest information on reopenings across the bay area. >> san francisco has launched another vaccination site to this one in the excelsior district part of the city's
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effort to reach hard-hit neighborhoods. the site is walking distance from the bell ballpark. bart station. it will operate wednesday through saturday on norton street from 09:30am in the morning until 03:30pm with reduced hours on friday and we have details on kron. 4 dot com. the european union's drug regulator says that it has found a possible link between the astrazeneca vaccine and a rare blood clotting disorder. dozens of people worldwide have been reporting getting blood clots after getting that vaccine. still the eu is arguing benefits outweigh the risks and they are not planning any changes. the astrazeneca vaccine is not currently being used in the u.s.. the treasury department says another batch of stimulus payments have been sent to americans as part of president biden's nearly 2 trillion dollar covid relief plan. >> since march 27th roughly 372 billion dollars in direct payments have been sent. so
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far. 156 million people have gotten the payment. white house officials had previously estimated just over a 158 million households would receive the stimulus money. taking a live look outside at downtown san francisco and looks. catherine can be deceiving. it looks like it's warm out there. yeah, it's really not warm is a chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, a little a little cooler. yeah. a little cooler sea breeze picked up what 60 the ocean temperatures are really keep things cool. >> they're hovering in the upper 40's low 50's right now. so you get that wind blowing off the ocean. we get the idea of things are going to cool her and certainly we are seeing that outside right now as that ocean breeze really. >> kind of kicking up some of those with long higher than 20 miles an hour. nice. look, though, as we look for mount tam kim kind of shake a little bit in some of that wind outside high trying to build back in. we have these weak system that continue to roll over the top of that ridge. and so from time to time we'll see those winds generally. i think tomorrow we'll watch the temperatures kind of go up again and then back off again on friday, patchy fog along
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the coastline right now. you can see more of that. again overnight tonight temperature only 53 degrees in san francisco. 57 in oakland 59 in san jose. you've got some 60's in the cockpit and also into san rosen live more as well. if you're stepping outside grab a jacket, you're probably going to need it. that wind blowing a little bit stronger this evening. those temperatures staying fairly cool got a big warm-up on the rise. in fact, this weekend is looking very nice. we'll have more on that forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. 2 people have been arrested in connection to an armed robbery at a 7.11 in san mateo. it happened just after midnight yesterday at the store on. >> lori meadows drive. police say a masked gunman walked into the store and stole $1200 in cash in more than $800 worth cigarettes. the suspect got away or got into a getaway car. and later fled when officers started following the vehicle. police say they pulled over the car and arrested the woman who was driving the man was arrested at his mother's home in hayward. several hours later where police say they found the stolen cash along with a red mask and pistol that were
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used in the robbery. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 5 florida congressman matt gaetz said being investigated for trafficking. what we're learning about a request for a pardon from then president trump. we'll have details and kim and kanye a are in the middle of a divorce. but they both have reason to celebrate. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> also, the nba has announced a new partnership. they say will help get fans back into arenas. safer. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm,
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>> the nba announced a new partnership make covid health screening technology available to all 30 teams in their arenas. it's part of the effort to welcome back. more fans to nba venues across the u.s.. the partnership with biometrics screening company already in several airports and stadiums nationwide. well, allow nba teams to use its health pass mobile program. it offers a combination of covid health-related information such as test results and an individual's vaccination record to help reduce public health risk in large arenas. a new study says that health workers tend not to take a woman's pain. >> as seriously as a man's even when they have identical injuries. florida, researchers say both men and women were guilty of this gender bias during health work. the concern women and pain will not get the proper treatment.
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they say the virus is due to an age old stereotype that man or stoic, then women so their pain is likely to be more serious coming up. nice weather, scott. more people traveling. but will a vaccine pa
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come experience the grand opening of floor and decor's newest location in pleasant hill! our expansive store is fully equipped with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. or easily order online, and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. floor and decor, now open in pleasant hill for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. >> some countries around the world are beginning to implement vaccine passports both for their own citizens. >> and for tourists from other countries and hope set it will
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help their economies recover more quickly. but in the u.s. the federal government and states and private industry. there are all at odds over this washington correspondent alexandra limon reports. >> as americans dream about summer travel concerts and sporting events. some wonder if those things will require proof of vaccination. the government is not now, nor will we be supporting system that requires americans to carry a credential. white house press secretary jen psaki says the federal government will not track or require things like that seen passports. but the white house acknowledges the private sector is moving in that direction. some governors are banding state or taxpayer funded agencies from implementing vaccine passports. but florida governor ron desantis says he won't allow them in the private sector either. it's completely unacceptable. >> for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you. the requirement that you show proof of vaccine.
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>> but it's unclear how florida's ban would work because flights and cruises, for example, may be headed from that state to other countries that do require tourists be vaccinated. >> the travel industry in particular is showing support for vaccine passports to most people want to travel and they don't care if they have to show one more id. the white house says it will help provide guidance that provides important answers to questions that americans have in particular and concerns about privacy security or discrimination in washington, alexandra le mon. a new report says that florida congressman matt gaetz asked the white house for preemptive presidential pardon. this was during the. >> final weeks of the trump administration. the new york times reports that the request was quickly dismissed the justice department is investigating whether gates had a relationship with a 17 year-old girl and paid her to travel with him violating trafficking laws. the congressman has denied any wrongdoing. a spokesperson for
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gates says the pardon request was not related to the current investigation. chinese officials are condemning a potential us boycott of the 2022 winter olympic games in beijing. >> the chinese foreign ministry spokesman warned of a, quote, robust chinese response, unquote. should the u.s. proceed with the boycott activists are protesting the beijing games over china's accused human rights abuses against ethnic minorities. a state department official net price appeared to indicate that the u.s. was talking with allies about some kind of joint boycott, the department of as part of our thinking on the beijing olympics is with with allies. >> courtney courtney closely on decisions approaches. >> another senior us official later said a boycott had not been discussed. china says he pick should not be politicized.
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>> the u.s. economy is on track to grow at its fastest pace in more than 30 years. the international monetary fund says it is expected to grow by more than 6% this year and that hasn't happened since 1984 at this rate. the economy would actually be doing better than before the pandemic. president biden stimulus package, getting some of the credit here last month, the u.s. saw its biggest jobs since august. all right. let's go outside and get another weather check this time. taking a look at the golden gate bridge and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow and big ask you lawrence's. that fog is that he's right now. he's out toward the golden gate. we're going to see that fog. >> don't worry, get play that again tonight surging back on shore. so, yeah, kind of want to give you a long-range look at the weather pattern now is the fog continues to develop along the coastline. kind of giving you an idea of what we can expect, especially get the weekend and beyond. you see some of that patchy fog behind me over san bruno mountain
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more that come overnight tonight. today. temperatures. yeah. they kind of backed off a bit in spots down a good 9 to 10 degrees in the valleys. cooler elsewhere around the bay area. so come back down a bit. we'll see this can often on this week temperature only 55 degrees in san francisco. 59 in oakland. those numbers well below the average. we did have one 70 that was in concord today. but otherwise these temperatures staying down. now we've had these weak systems kind of rolled over the top of the ridge. and here comes another one that will be dropping in as we get friday, that is going knock down the temperatures again. so we're going to see some of those breezes on and the next few days and probably the before things begin to settle down just a bit. 70 mile an hour wind right now in stinson beach to 23 in the napa valley. also 23 into fairfield. so pretty good on shore push right now. the temperatures are cool. right up the coast to get to some very chilly waters so nice marine air coming off the waters. keep those temperatures down the 50's and pacific in half moon bay 53 in san francisco right now on i 60 degrees a little breezy in the napa valley right. lori forecast to see this model off the coastline, spinning around
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out here. this low continues. but finally looks like it is going to give way as we head into next week. that is going to start to roll toward the coastline. you have to watch it very closely right now looks like it's just going to spin up a couple of clouds behind that. we've got a more substantial system. this one could actually be a rainmaker that is still a long ways away. we'll have to see how that works out. so tomorrow we're going to watch these temperatures come back just a little bit plan on some 70's in the valleys. you'll see a lot of 60's inside the bay and cooler 50's, right. allowing water's edge. but other than that looking good. i think friday we'll see those temperatures back off again with some more wind as we get into saturday and sunday. here we go. we've got some nice temperatures coming your way back in the 70's. it will cool off just slightly. i think as we head toward the middle of next week. thank you, lawrence. coming up, we have a true rags to riches story. the new addition to forbes new list of billionaires.
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life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. >> forwards just released its annual billionaires list and saying billion with a b. >> entertainment. tonight's lauren zuma is here to break it down. >> i catherine hi, ken. if we're talking billionaires. you expect people like jeff sunday, elon musk and they are numbers one and 2 on the list. but this year a few new celebrities are keeping up with the 3 comma club. my smartest business decision has been going for it. according
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to forbes kim kardashian is a brand new billionaire. she boosted her net worth by selling 20% of her beauty line for 200 million dollars you go to time you joined on the list. max, as west is worth 1.8 billion dollars. the bloomberg reports it's 6.6 billion mostly from his yeezy line before their ongoing divorce. konya gifted cam 1 million dollars and co ownership of the brand for mother's day back in 2018 you currently working on little backlash. it's not like that was handed to her. as for kim's youngest says kiley who feuded with forbes over her billionaire status she's now missing from their list the 23 year-old is now estimated to be worth 700 million dollars. you know, my credit score was. >> to i couldn't get along and i couldn't get a mortgage. a true rags to riches story. tyler perry is also a billionaire first time or a portion of his wealth coming from his atlanta
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>> it's so good. other stars on the list. oprah at 2.7 billion michael jordan at 1.6 and jay z. at one 0.4. and tune in to e t tonight for our sneak peek at dolly parton's new netflix special with garth brooks miley cyrus and pink. don't miss it for entertainment tonight. i'm lauren gma. >> and you can watch entertainment tonight right here on kron 4 at 7.30. take a look at this. in a tribute to the late basketball star kobe bryant was officially unveiled today and south pasadena in la county. it was painted by the legendary l a based artist. jonas never and hall of fame photographer andrew bernstein. bernstein says the picture used for the mural is special to him. the mural is painted from my last photo that i took of kobe as he walked off the court for the final time. >> on april 1320, 16 coming up to the 5 year anniversary of that. so it's it's very poignant. >> it's the first time this image of kobe walking off the
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court has been used in a public mural. bernstein says he commissioned it because he noticed a lack of kobe murals in his area and certainly beyond l a kobe bryant was well respected and admired. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight at 6, a heartbreaking story out of the east bay, the couple charged with torturing their 11 year-old daughter to death the details include the fact police say the girl had been abused for months. race is on to get more people vaccinated from covid. and while supply seems to be increasing. there's still a warning about people who are. >> unvaccinated. but i talked to the bay area doctor about why they should proceed with caution. the news at 6 coming up next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at and tech field run. >> torture and related why she was it's not right. and for being right next door to my house. that makes it even terrible. >> now it's 6 torture and aggravated mayhem. those are
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among the charges and east bay couple is facing and the death of their own daughter. good evening, everyone. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne, a very difficult story to talk about the torture child abuse and aggravated mayhem charges against that couple. >> were filed back on march 25th after their 11 year-old daughter was found dead inside their home in rodeo, kron 4 sleep. you call reports. investigators say the extent of the abuse lasted at least 5 months. this should never happen for an 11 year-old girl. described as jane doe in court documents that identified as an eye at a memorial displayed honoring her outside her house in rodeo. >> this home on railroad avenue was a house of horrors. we knew that there was something weird like. >> for one. if you know it's a kid out. the house. some is definitely wrong alan jones lives next door. a 30 year old renee diaz and his 28 year-old wife crystal. >> the contra costa county district to


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