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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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[applause] ♪ ♪ >> announcer: if you'd like to be part of our virtual audience and you have a computer with a camel, logged on to and click "be part of the audience." >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> it is a story you'll see only here on kron. 4 terrifying armed robbery inside a jewelry store in san jose. and tonight, more businesses in that area are speaking out. they say that they have also been victims of recent robberies. thanks for joining us tonight at 5. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne, the store owner spoke exclusively to kron 4 saying is now considering shutting down his shop. want to play this video for you again. you can see a
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man walked into the store, pointing a gun at employees. he then starts mashing the jewelry cases and stealing merchandise and there is a second. robert, the 2 clerks were not injured during the robbery, but one has since quit their job. police say they have not made any arrests. that disturbing video has touched a nerve and has prompted other victims to come forward in that same san jose neighborhood. business owners say they're being victimized even as they struggle to get back on their feet amid the pandemic. kron four's. rob fladeboe has the latest now live from san jose. rob. >> right, ken and kathryn after digging a little deeper we find out that that jewelry store indeed is not the only business in this neighborhood to be victimized. but the good news is there may be some help on the way. let's take a look. >> disturbing video of a brazen smash-and-grab robbery of san jose's plaza. jewelers has got attention of san jose city hall says owner cesar
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press call who says he spent 15 minutes on the phone last night with mayor sam liccardo. >> i send them a text in our situation. i send in the video from the news that you guys show last night and he responded very positively. wants to help us going to >> i mean, with the city council and they want to help our businesses more surveillance video surfaced. wednesday of a break in at a salon just a few doors down from the jewelry store. >> the video shows a man smashed the front window and then ransacked the store stealing only hair product. and so long tools. at first. >> only to return later making off with the cash register. the pandemic has made it hard for merchants here to stay afloat as it is. >> without being robs alum rock business association. president connie alvarez. a lot of our members haven't been able to open their doors. >> and then we have to deal with having a situation like this. where were robbed at
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gunpoint. we're our properties are getting damaged. alvarez says western wheel and tire heard. you're a western wear. >> and joy rio del sol have all been burglarized recently. the owner of joy area. del sol showed the video of a man on the bicycle who smashed a window and then rode off with $5,000 worth of suspect in the police to soon. >> the community police lady can. but if asked this question westlake good for me to know that they can all move in. >> roosevelt park neighborhood provided this video to kron 4 news which shows the getaway car used in the plaza. jewelers hold up. the 2 men suspected in that robbery remain at large robbed twice in 2 weeks. she surpassed coal is hopeful that his efforts to publicize the crimes. we'll make a difference before somebody gets hurt. >> this. people there have no fear of danger and they can you know, there's some things,
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you know, really bad and get someone hurt. >> mister broke up. mister best call tells me rather what he would really like to see or police in the neighborhood. not clear if that's going to happen. but the mayor's office says there are a lot of moving parts here. but this meeting is going to happen and they will keep us posted live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. all right, rob, thank you for that. torture and aggravated mayhem. those are the charges. >> an east bay couple is now facing after their 11 year-old daughter was found dead inside their home in rodale. >> investigators say the extent of that abuse lasted at least 5 months. >> kron four's phillipe chagall has the story. >> neighbor. alan jones says he did not know the family next door very well because they did not socialize much with others outside their home in rodeo isolation that he says was exacerbated by the pandemic, the contra costa county district attorney's office says 4 kids lived here.
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but jones says the kids were mostly kept newsome had been funny going on over because they don't want nobody for friends. didn't have company come over. they're just by themselves over there. and if you look out there. it is just that's not how normal people live. the da's office says early morning on tuesday march 23rd 30 year-old renee diaz and his 28 year-old wife crystal dialed 911, reporting that run a's biological, 11 year-old daughter who is crystal step daughter was experiencing a medical emergency deputy district attorney derek but says she was found dead in the master bedroom. the cause of death has not been determined. normally children don't just die. from a medical condition. it's on scene. >> we have no information that she had an outstanding or underlying medical condition. the young girl is listed as jane doe in the charging document. >> but she is identified as an eye at the memorial set up
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outside her home but says massive bruises were found all over the girl's body, adding that the extent of the abuse dates back to at least october continuing through as recently as last he says the girl was intentionally burn. the diaz's have been charged with one felony count of torture. one felony count of aggravated mayhem and 4 counts of child abuse and just there to protect children. rather than to hurt them torture and. >> related like she was. it's not right. and for being right next door to my house. that makes it even terrible. the other 3 children in the home have been taken away. they are safe. the diaz's are being held on one 0.4 million dollars bail each here. martinez detention facility. they are both due in court next week felipe to goal kron 4 >> all right. other news now to our coverage of the coronavirus in the rush to get vaccines into people's arms.
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here's a look at the counties that have administered the most vaccine so far more than a million vaccines have been given in both santa clara and alameda counties. 743,000 in contra, costa county, where eligibility is open to everyone 16 years old and older and 613,000 vaccines have been given in san francisco in total more than 4.7 million vaccines have been administered here in the bay area. that's a good sign that supply has been increasing despite an increased number of vaccinations and plans to fully reopen the state by mid-june infectious disease experts still are signaling caution and that caution is being combined with a word of warning for the unvaccinated kron four's. dan kerman joins us live in san francisco with more. dan. >> well, that's right. and caution leads to precaution. that's what they want people to do is take precautions, baby steps. at first they say that's because so many variants are out there and
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that word of warning, as you mentioned, especially for those who have yet to be vaccinated. >> well, 50% of san franciscans have been vaccinated for covid-19. that's not the case everywhere in the bay area and certainly not the state or the nation. that's why infectious disease experts want those planning to return to so-called normal hit the brakes. >> my advice for everybody is for the month of april. let's take really small steps. so we can take some really big steps this summer. >> u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says especially at a time when more transmissible variance are gaining steam. he is greatly concerned about those who remain unvaccinated. >> every person is not vaccinated is a potential virus in every factories. it is 80 variance. >> swartzberg says the key question is are enough. people immune from the virus due to
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vaccination or natural infection to stop a 4th search. he says the answer is unknown now, but we should know by the first of may. >> we're going to be rolling out more and more vaccine through april. and by the we get we're going want more people vaccinated here in california and the national war. and so is the virus isn't able to compete the app during the month of april. i don't think it's going to have a chance in the month of june. we're going to have even more people that's needed. >> swartzberg says until that time everyone should take precautions especially those who are unvaccinated for the unvaccinated. it means. >> the city was use of your masks. just when you go out, you got that store. not getting together in congregate settings. >> making sure that when you are and your people, you maintain social distance. i think those are really critical things.
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>> medical experts say while those who have been vaccinated have a little bit more. we will leave way. they should remain cautious as well, at least over the next month. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news, thank you, dan. >> well in san francisco. all public school students will be back in classrooms by fall. the city school board voted on that plan. late last night ahead of a phased reopening that will begin later this month. students will be back in the classroom 5 days a week. until then elementary schools are set to begin a phased reopening next week certain middle and high school students are scheduled for in person learning later this month and remote learning that will remain an option. one parent says that she is not worried about her child going back to campus as long as case numbers are not high. >> if numbers remain low. and people are getting vaccinated. i see no reason why we can't follow dph and cdc guidelines for the fall. she says she
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realizes things won't immediately be back to normal but says her family is really looking forward to the future. >> the san francisco school board has officially now reversed that decision to rename 44 schools. the board voted last night in a zoom call to reverse the january decision. critics have blasted the board for that decision saying it was an expensive time wasting concept that help. nobody saying the focus should be on getting children safely back into classrooms. but the board did indicate it might revisit that topic later. >> speaker of the house nancy pelosi was in san francisco today promoting the benefits of the recently passed american rescue plan kron four's charles clifford has the story. >> well, earlier this week, vice president kamala harris was in oakland talking about the recently passed american recovery plan and the proposed american jobs plan. and now nancy pelosi is here in san francisco. promoting those things as well. after touring a health clinic in san
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francisco's chinatown neighborhood on wednesday, house speaker nancy pelosi touted the benefits of the recently passed american recovery plan. >> that one 0.9 trillion dollar plan includes billions in direct relief payments. billions for rent or and homeowner assistance. billions for families and health care and provides money that is being used to make sure all eligible americans can receive a coronavirus vaccine. and within 2 weeks, nearly all adults will be eligible for the vaccine within 5 miles of their homes here in california. about 20 million people have received at least one dose of a vaccine. >> speaker pelosi did acknowledge that vaccinations have lagged in some areas, including in communities that have been hard hit by the pandemic. she hopes the recovery plan will alleviate those problems. >> there had been disparities and we do not want them solidified as we go forward with this. in fact, we want them to be eliminated and that using this has that opportunity and the substantial funds that go with it and we're trying to get as
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many as much vaccine out as possible. >> that was charles clifford reporting. speaker pelosi also talked about the 2 trillion dollar american jobs plan proposed by president biden. she says so far there is not a lot of gop support for that plan. but she hopes that as they continue to negotiate that some will come on board. all right. let's go outside now. take a look at the embarcadero in the breezy and blustery. but it looks nice out there, catherine. yeah, it looks beautiful on a little cooler. i think but chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here a little cooler today, lawrence. yes, certainly was a temperatures coming down around the bay. area's high pressure kind of weaken just a little bit. that allowed for that stronger sea breeze. >> to kick in and the fog along the coast line clear inside the bay in the valleys now, but certainly enough of the cloud cover out there to keep us down with that cool wind blowing as well. still looks like we're going to or that fog move in overnight tonight. you can see kind of mixed pattern off the coastline. you still have that area of low pressure off the
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coast. then you see that another little swirl of energy making its way. all the gulf of alaska that's going to be another frontal system that drops toward the bay area now up to knock down the temperatures. again, i think as we get into friday, but in the meantime, the winds have been picking up up outside some of those winds blowing over 20 miles an hour sfo 23 miles an hour right now. the west. >> in fairfield also in the napa valley so breezy winds out there right now. i think that will continue as we head in toward tomorrow, temperatures staying cool 52 degrees. right now. the coast in half moon bay. 53 in san francisco. still some 60's in the valleys. they will see a couple 70's tomorrow. we'll let you know about that. and of course your weekend coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. coming up, the la county sheriff's department finally releasing more details on the tiger woods set crash recently. >> we'll tell you what we know about the cause of the most powerful moments so far for the defense in the derek chauvin murder trial statements by a police expert. >> that some say may have shifted the momentum in these proceedings. and easter
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service in the south bay disrupted by hate speech will have that story after the break.
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>> over the weekend. 2 men crashed an easter morning worship service spewing racist homophobic and anti semitic slur. senior pastor of grace. baptist church in san jose says he believes the 5 minute tirade was directly aimed at him. reverend george oliver is openly and an african-american pastor. he says that now is
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the time to rise up against hate and support those being targeted by racist and homophobic we will not be deterred by by stabbing. we will not be deterred by. >> white supremacism foot bombing or zoom worship will be here really didn't hear 400, 7 years. we plan to be here. at least 300 or 400 more. >> reverend oliver says grace baptist church members are still healing from a stabbing attack that happened back in november. the left 2 people dead, but they say they'll continue to hold true to their values and provide services. the church has reported the incident to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies asking them to investigate this as a hate crime. the primary causal factor for this traffic collision was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate. >> the curve of the roadway. >> the los angeles county sheriff's office finally releasing more details on the february crash that left tiger woods badly injured, which apparently was driving about
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40 miles an hour over the speed limit that morning. he first hit a curb by as much as 87 miles. an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone. that's the first red dot on the left side of the screen there. woods then hit a tree at 75 miles an hour reportedly he had been running late to get to the golf course. >> in national news expert witnesses are weighing in on the moments leading up to george floyd's in custody. death. the lead investigator handling the george floyd investigation raised questions as to whether or not it was drugs in floyd's system that killed him and that that has been the defense argument. kareen wynter brings us the latest on the case and a warning as always, some of the video could be hard to watch. >> i ask you, sir, to listen to mister floyd's worse. >> it. >> did you hear that? yes, it the fear that mr floyd said i
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too many drugs morning a major blow to the prosecution. the primary case agent who handled the george floyd investigation telling jurors while detained by minneapolis police last may and resisting arrest that floyd appeared to say in this brief body cam recording. i ate too many drugs. the defensive on cross examination tried to get another police expert in the use of force to testify that those were floyd statements in the video, but he admitted the sound was 2 months old. sergeant jody steiger was conducted thousands of use of force reviews and his expansive career said while show that initially used appropriate force and george floyd was resisting arrest as officers tried to get him into a patrol car that once he was placed on the ground in handcuffs. he no longer posed a threat and that officers should have adjusted their defensive techniques. when does the re screen period. yeah. >> what is the duration that of that time period. the restraint period. >> 9 minutes and 29 seconds. prosecutors continued building their case at chauvin's restraint was so excessive that caused floyd's death staggers other key points on the stand included statements
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at the body weight of several officers positioned on floyd while he was on the ground increase the likelihood of death. he also refuted arguments by the defense that chauvin was too distracted by the angry crowd of bystanders to notice floyd's distressed state saying various video recordings captured show been responding to floyd as he begged for his life saying he couldn't breathe on cross examination. the defense attorney shaped his questions around the threat that day not just from floyd but from bystanders saying a handcuffed person can still pose a danger when being detained and that officers had to use their judgment in a critical situation that was escalating to regain control of the scene. so far jurors have heard from nearly 30 witnesses called by the prosecution over the last week and a half, much of the evidence has included graphic video of floyd's final moments alive praying for justice give this family points. family has been front and center for the proceedings which they say has taken an emotional toll on the entire family civil rights activist reverend al sharpton led a prayer vigil with points.
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loved ones outside the courthouse hoping for a positive outcome in this trial. >> now as kareen wynter reporting for us. this trial is expected to last at least 2 more weeks. the defense will call its own witnesses. derek chauvin is not expected to take the stand. you can find the latest on the trial on our website, kron 4 dot com still ahead, why some lawmakers are saying the governor newsom's latest announcement to reopen california's economy is a political stunt. >> also, the fallout continues after major league baseball announced it is moving the all-star game out of georgia republican lawmakers are reacting.
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>> fallout continues surrounding georgia's new voting law on the major corporations taking the stand both for and against that legislation. republican leaders have called for boycotts against a number of companies such as delta coca-cola and major league baseball, which have condemned or pull businesses out of georgia and other states passed new voting restrictions and now some members of congress are looking into other actions. they'd like to take against those brands. joe khaleel reports from washington. the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell making a veiled threat to corporations to bend to democratic demands. a new voting laws saying the ones that do will face consequences adding quote. >> my advice to the corporate ceo's of america is to stay out of politics. don't pick sides in these big fights
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leader mcconnell statement comes after major league baseball announced it would move its all-star game out of atlanta. in response to georgia's new sweeping election law that democrats and voting rights advocates say makes it harder for some to vote. but senator mcconnell says corporations are, quote, behaving like awoke parallel governments and becoming like a vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country. mcconnell was the majority leader of the u.s. because he did the bidding of some of the largest. >> most transactional corporations in america. democrats like sherrod brown say they are taking senator mcconnell's threats against private industry. seriously. i support those corporations. i support their right to speak out corporations. take action. they're doing every time cost benefit analysis meredith mcgeehee runs a nonprofit seeking to end political gridlock. she says republicans like senator mcconnell historically benefit. more from corporations, then union friendly democrats. and she says today's political climate
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has prompted corporate leaders to wade deeper into politics more directly. what you see, the kind of thing the corporation to do could the community has become much more politicized. as our politics have become much more poll polarized. the ceo's of georgia-based coca-cola and delta airlines have both condemned the law after initially putting out statements that stopped short of criticizing it for not standing here in calling for companies to that's not what our focus is on from the white house. white house press secretary jen psaki said the president supports company's rights to boycott, georgia. but she says the administration's bigger concern or similar bills being drafted in states all around the country. i think it's important to remember the context the georgia legislation. >> it's built on a lie. and that was joe khalil reporting. coming up, good news for wine lovers. tasting rooms in wine country are now allowed to reopen. we're going hear from the people at a winery who are thrilled to welcome back.
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customers. >> also the latest on the debate over vaccine passports. we'll tell you what the white house is saying about it and a heated debate over the effort to recall governor newsome those against the recall say it's a republican attempt to gain power in california and those 4, it's a our top story t
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