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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 6, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when prime time from the bay area's local news stations. you're watching kron 4 news at noon on both sides will remain operational. >> both the oakland rather alameda site and the l a site. >> now at 9 confirmation from governor newsome that you'll be able to get vaccinated at the oakland coliseum be on sunday night. and tonight we are learning who's going to supply the doses there. thanks for joining us. i'm vicki liviakis jonathan mccall grant enjoying the night off today
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we learned that alameda and contra costa counties will be in charge of the side with fema playing a lesser role. >> kron four's taylor the second live tonight with how this arrangement will work in just how much longer that site will remain open. i know that's a big question. a lot of folks have been asking to you. >> yeah, we'll be there for another month and the only notable change to the public here is that the oakland coliseum will no longer receive direct vaccine allocation from the federal government. now the state we'll match both of those counties alameda and contra costa county. there vaccine supply to that site and fema, as you mentioned, will play a smaller role to assist. >> the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site is here to stay, at least for another month on tuesday. governor gavin newsome reassure that the state together with alameda and contra. costa counties will take over management of this site. >> cal. oh, yes. with those 2 counties and will be matching
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the allocations coming from those 2 counties with the state allocation. vaccines. we were not successful and extending beyond the commitment that the federal government made all the federal government will no longer provide the covid-19 vaccine supply at this site. fema will stay there to help out. the site is expected to do. 6,000 vaccinations per day state will be the majority of the vaccine. >> and we'll be taking a small portion of vaccine. >> from are a lot. in contra. costa will be doing the same. alameda county supervisor wilma chan says. >> this agreement came with good timing as the state's expected to expand vaccine eligibility to everyone. 16 and older next week it's really they administered in the well, 7 weeks they had administered over 300,000 doses. so without that, you know, 3,300 1000 doses left
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for alameda county out of all the doses that we've given to people who live here. they did 15%. so that's that's a significant amount on monday. senator alex badia visited the site while vice president kamala harris spoke out about the important contributions of this vaccine location. >> both emphasizing the need for this site to stay for continued vaccination efforts. >> county leaders say they're seeing less vaccine hesitancy and more people wanting to sign up. so this site will definitely be crucial as we see the vaccine eligibility pick up and that starts on april 15th when we have expanded eligibility the key. >> one question for you that the sign-up process is, is that changing as well. >> novick. it's going to stay the exact same. you can do that over on the state's website on my turn. back to you. i know ok.
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>> thank you. taylor second reporting live for us that from san francisco. >> the other story that we're following for you tonight. is the state's new reopening plan. and as you can see from this map contra, costa napa and sonoma counties are now in the less restrictive orange tier. joining every other bay area county except salon up and that means that businesses in those counties can reopen further indoor dining goes up to 50% capacity. retail shops can operate at full capacity indoor gyms can operate at 25% capacity and bars. in those counties can now open out doors. this is of course, welcome news for people in wine country as the move enables wineries and distilleries to host customers indoors without having to serve meals. >> that's the big one here for businesses in napa. in addition, it means that restaurants that have been able to serve indoors can now
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increase even more from 25% capacity up to 50% capacity. now. so that's another big one is, you know. tourism restaurants, the wine industry here. our big here in our county. >> an ap officials say that the county benefited from the state having distributed 4 million vaccines to hardest hit communities. allowing them to relax requirements needed to advance into the less restrictive tier. meanwhile, those tear changes may not mean a whole lot in just a few weeks. that's because today governor newsome said. >> the state is on track to ditch the tier system on june 15th and fully reopen the state. the announcement is news that restaurant owners have been waiting. some 19 months since the beginning of the pandemic to finally here, laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association says while the news is a great next step. she's waiting to see what, if any restrictions, state and local health officials will try to implement. >> complete a 100% capacity or are we going to see things like i might expect like proof
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of vaccination might have to do with moving to a 100% capacity. so i think it's super exciting news, but as usual, the devil is, you know, in the detail. >> still have some 10 weeks to go until that june 15th deadline and a lot can happen. but thomas says that business owners are optimistic. >> although we are trending towards fully reopening the state mask requirements will remain in place for the foreseeable future. but kron four's michelle kingston spoke to one bay area doctor who thinks we might be able to do away with those in june as well. >> i think between natural immunity this past out. they're doing the projections and we're going to we're going to continue to cases and hospitalizations. more than 20 million covid-19 vaccine doses administered throughout the state of california and hospitalizations are declining. all good optimistic statistics coming from the governor on tuesday with the announcement of a full reopened economy coming on june 15th ucsf doctor monica
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gandhi says she thinks it's possible that californians may also be able to ditch their masks by that as well. if the numbers are amazing, if cases are extremely and i think it will be. >> and also if everyone who's had an opportunity because of supply does get their shots. >> that may change the mask mandate be lifted at that time to doctor gandhi. also believes we could be safely hugging each other and shaking hands by this summer and eating inside restaurants. as long as we're vaccinated. >> and that keep it seeing surges. and then we close down of the surge is it will close out. >> we're creating a community in the population. if the virus can infect to you when you have great immunity from these vaccines. he's a very, very effective vaccine on tuesday. the governor says californians can begin planning their lives post-pandemic as long as we remain vigilant in the meantime, we have another 2 months to get through. we got get our fellow californians vaccinated. we have to keep on form asks you to keep distancing the stores. we have
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another 2 months to go. the 2 months is not long given. what was >> michelle kingston kron 4 news. some college students can return to their campuses if they're not fully vaccinated. >> we've learned at least 5 schools including rutgers and cornell universities in the northeast now say that vaccines will be a requirement for students this coming fall. some of the students will help or in some of the school say they will actually help students get vaccines if the students cannot get them before arriving on campus. the news comes as new data shows that college students may be significant spread. ers of the virus. >> time now for our 4 zone forecast kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at what we can expect that we're tracking a bit of warm-up later on in the week. later on the week. we're going take a little dip, though. tomorrow as we watch these temperatures coming down with low clouds and fog racing back on shore. almost like a summer pattern. now kind of setting itself up. the only difference that water is extremely coal right off of
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the coastline. we're seeing those temperatures there in the water in the 40's. so can the temperatures even cooler near the coastline, the normal. but that fog. yeah, that is moving on shore into the bay right now spreading in little be there tomorrow morning. when you wake up over sfo, you've got plenty of clouds out there tonight, too. so looks like you need to bundle up a little bit of approach. the coastline today, though, we actually have a nice day, but we saw those temperatures warm up as much as 11 to 12 degrees. it's some of the interior valleys back. we were back in the 70's in some spots inland today. places like livermore in concord, cool in the san francisco, though, a 56 degrees. so a little bit below the average 61 in oakland and san jose. a very pleasant 67 degrees and 65 just slightly below the average in santa rosa. all right. we've low pressure center that continues to spin off the coastline and you see some of these high clouds better start to move overhead. now we'll see more of that as we head throughout the day tomorrow and really as this low since off the coastline. we're just going to see these high clouds come from time to time. it may make for some really nice sunrises and so be prepared for that.
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hey, we've got those winds, though, that have kicked up along the coastline at 12 miles an hour right now on shore pacific, an 18 in fairfield at 13 and sfo. so certainly that westerly wind kicking up. i think more so as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. little breezy now. but i think those winds really ramp up lot of part of the day tomorrow as it looks like we're going to see a strong breeze that west that on shore when you can see some of those winds in the san francisco gusting to 31 miles per hour and that is going to usher in that cool marine air around the bay area tonight, partly cloudy skies. we will see some of the patchy low clouds and fog. we're seeing some of that already tomorrow. we'll see mister some sunshine and some clouds mid to high level clouds in the interior valleys come patches of fog along the coastline. and then this week cooler midweek and then we're going to warm up as we head toward the weekend think those temperatures moving well into the 70's. but those temperatures cooler spots is 48 degrees right now in half moon bay 46 in the vital 48 degrees in santa rosa 51 in hayward. we are going to see
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high pressure kind of weaken a little bit tomorrow. and that's why temperatures likely to cool off at the same time, some low clouds and come streaming from the system making the way back into the bay area. so looks like a decent day, but it will be a little bit cooler want light jacket with head outside specially anywhere near the coast line temperatures out toward the beaches going to be the 50's and the 60's. i think the warmest numbers inland tomorrow generally into the 60's. maybe some mid 60's in a place like livermore and cocker that over the next few days we're going to watch as temperatures warm back up again. i think this next weekend we're back into the 70's on saturday and sunday. time that rather i yeah, it's going to be good weekend. by the way, the color that ties the very complimentary. thank you very the case. that after the show you could have had sunny on samba. >> sports new tonight at 9 o'clock videos of and unrest in the east bay now stirring up controversy tonight. >> folks in hayward say the police officers were using excessive force before handcuffing a man sunday night
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hayward police have confirmed the kron 4 news. the officers actions are under review. >> but first, dan thorn live for us in hayward tonight. he joins us now with more on what happened. dan. >> we'll jonathan a spokesperson for the hayward police department says they arrested this man because he had a gun and unconfirmed reports from witnesses say that he was apparently waving his gun around at passing cars. those same witnesses say they did not see him with a weapon at the time of his arrest and they don't understand why hayward police officers responded in such a violent way. and easter sunday arrest caught on video and shared on social media is rubbing people the wrong way in hayward. >> in the videos. the man identified as 35 year-old keith swain is seen being kicked by an officer and then punched several times by another
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>> all of this while swain was being pulled to the ground and eventually handcuffed. i hadn't recorded this. >> it wouldn't even be a thing of just be another witness christopher phillips shot this video in front of the mountain mike's pizza along west harder road. he says swain appear to be complying with the officer's commands. >> and he doesn't understand why they responded the way that they did. it definitely shaped him. >> i wanted to get out of the car and say something. but i with all the crazy stuff that's been going on lately. you just never only are we just never know anymore. >> a witness who shared this second video but did not want to be named said swain was accused of waving a gun at passing cars in front of the pizza shop swain apparently threw the gun in a garbage can before police arrived. she too was uncomfortable with the way police handled this in response to the videos being shared online hayward police captain brian matthews confirmed to kron 4 news that the arrest is under review by the department's internal
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affairs unit. he added, quote, we recognize the community interests us with the legal authority to carry out our duties and we do not take that responsibility lightly. we remain committed to transparency when warranted after the investigative process officers are held accountable within the boundaries of the law phillips says an investigation needs to happen. >> i hope that whoever is investigating the situation does does the right thing and really hold these officers accountable because that's what should happen. >> well, police tell us they did recover a firearm at the time of the arrests is right now in santa rita jail facing a series of charges, including being a felon with a firearm and also resisting arrest from a peace officer. we will of course keep you up to date as this investigation continues. reporting live in hayward. dan thorn kron 4 news. let's hope they can get some answers soon. dan, thank you for volunteers are walking around san francisco's chinatown to protect the community from
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violent attacks. >> the group called united peace collaborative has been patrolling the streets of chinatown for the past year. but more volunteers have joined in on those patrols in the past month. volunteers are trained by professional security guards to de-escalate potentially violent situations. watch for suspicious activity and quickly contact authorities when needed. >> i mean, i've had some mexican friends location and some of them have been picked on. so i feel good. you know, i teach filipino martial arts. i figured, hey, if i'm going to learn something, i don't i got to use it for something good. think it's important to to support other human >> to to show that there's some humanity for those people who are really stressed right now they are agents are stressed out. they're just there and despair. they you know, this is their day wondering why the country that they love doesn't love them back. >> according to a report from stop a p i more than 3800 anti-asian incidents were reported to the organization
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between march of 2020 in february of this year. >> to dorm. another new york city apartment, building caught on video watching an asian woman being fila and lee attacked last month have both been fired video from the lobby shows once the suspect stopped attacking the 65 year-old woman, the dorm and flagged down police owners of the building say that the dorm and failed to follow emergency and safety protocols. the woman suffered a fractured pelvis and spent several days in the hospital after the attack. the suspect seen in the video has been erected. arrested and new tonight at 9 atlanta's mayor will sign an executive order aimed at counteracting georgia's new voting law. mayor keisha lance bottoms is directing for chief equity officer to train staff on voter registration and voting her order will also create a voter awareness campaign include qr codes for more information about registration and absentee options. the mayor says the
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executive order will do what those in the majority of the state legislature did not, which is expand access to voting rights kron 4 monitoring a developing story tonight from maryland were military investigators. >> now looking for answers into a shooting that ended with one navy sailor dead in 2 others injured. it happened at a business park outside of washington, dc this morning. investigators say a navy medic shot 2 other sailors. the medic then went to a nearby army base where he was shot and killed. >> it's terrible. it's unfortunate. it's very it's happening too frequently. every time we turn on the tv or saying something like this happen and now it's happening in our backyard. so no one wants to see this type of thing. >> the most important thing that we want to reassure the community right now. and that there is no further threat to the frederick city in frederick county, residents. >> so far the pentagon has not released the name of the sailor who was killed. the 2 other sailors who were shot are expected to survive today. day 7 of the murder trial of
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derek chauvin jurors today hearing from police officials about use of force along with medical training. both sides also want to question the one man sitting inside of the passenger seat of george floyd's suv the day that he was killed, but that man refused to take the stand. kareen wynter brings us the very latest from the courtroom. >> the prosecution and the derek chauvin murder trial has already called about 2 dozen witnesses whose testimony is a varied and strength. but on the 7th day of the trial. attorneys pushing for the conviction of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin work to continue bolstering their case. officer nicole mackenzie, a medical response coordinator with the minneapolis police department outlined the requirements for officers that include cpr on individuals in cardiac arrest because he said officers are required to administer medical aid to anyone in distress or critical state until paramedics arrived. george floyd repeatedly begged for his life that day saying he couldn't breathe. there is possible you know, there's a possibility that somebody could be in respiratory distress and still being able to verbalize it.
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>> just because there are speaking doesn't mean they're breathing adequately. also testifying today use of force instructor with the minneapolis police department who told the court that part of an officers training involves exposure to various use of force defensive techniques that can be used in combat situations with the suspect. lieutenant johnny marshall confirmed children received this training and in a blow to the defense said a neck restraint on a handcuffed and controlled person isn't considered acceptable use of force. but during cross examination the defense deflated those statements by pointing to the department's policy that also states that officers can use their body weight to place their knee across the back of a person shoulder to the base of their neck to control an individual. officer can continue to hold a person in a neck restraint. >> after rendering someone unconscious. hold somebody. yes. and for a period of time, correct. yes, you can have you heard around the neck for your time. yes, the defense also showed this evidence in court still photos from police body cam videos that appeared to
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show chauvin's knee closer to floyd's back and shoulder blades instead of his neck. one witness who both the prosecution and defense are eager to question, didn't take the stand today. the man captured on police body cam footage in the passenger seat of floyd's suv during his arrest. >> maurice hall who last month filed a motion indicating his refusal to answer questions under oath if forced to take the stand. mister hall would be invoking his 5th amendment privilege against self-incrimination. maurice hall who last month filed a motion indicating his refusal to answer questions under oath if forced to take the stand last week puts kaufman testified that hall was floyd's drug dealer. kareen wynter ktla 5 news. police are looking for 2 armed and dangerous robbers who managed to pull off a daring smash-and-grab at a south bay jewelry store. >> after dealing with robberies vandalism and more. the owner of that san jose store is sharing his story only with kron four's rob fladeboe. >> it was something straight out of the movie say police who are now hunting for the 2 armed extremely dangerous
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suspects who pulled off a daring smash-and-grab robbery at the san jose jewelry store at 24th and east clara on a recent sunday >> kron news has obtained this dramatic surveillance video. it you seen as long intruder holds a clerk at gunpoint. >> and then uses the gun. he smashed display cases to get after jewelry and gold >> and they have a point in comes at our employees time to get down to the floor. >> they were going kill out of a movie when they come in and the way they write their full case of the way the point that once the people. >> that type of a the though it's just out of the movies. >> a second clerk hours on the floor as the other robber threatens her and then empties the cash registers. neither
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clerk was injured, but one has since resigned while the other was severely traumatized by the ordeal. >> you could see your life lesson in the second one when you have someone pointing the gun at you. it's was there 35 for chance to nice change in a very violent individuals. we saw their actions inside of the jewelry store. we're hoping somebody recognizes them and gets in touch with our detectives. we'd like to get these individuals off of you know, our city streets or or whatever city they reside in. obviously some dangerous folks insult to injury plaza. jewelers was hit again early this morning. >> and once again surveillance video shows 3 suspects on bikes smashing the window and once inside helping themselves to jewelry their getaway to is on video on the on the fear of a. >> of not didn't happen in the police come in order. they just break the windows incoming like there's not been a starter ransacked and the stories the shop was also vandalized in last year's racial justice protests.
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>> the owner and his alum rock neighbors, some of whom have also been robbed are suffering amid the pandemic. he says it's clear the march 21st bandits mask and without details suspect description thus far. >> remain at large. cesar paskel says his thought about closing his doors after 45 years in business here this last. >> 3 there have been terrible would break incident. the people come in with guns says it's very difficult to the business in sentence anymore. very difficult. >> police say they've hit a little on the investigation. up to this point they're hoping to release that surveillance video to the general public. my generate a few new leads in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock after the break. a lawsuit being filed against the city of danville after a fatal police shooting last month. a family of terrell wilson and his attorneys are now calling his death. mark
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and a new lawsuit has been filed against pg and e this time by the county of sonoma. the serious allegations being brought against the energy giant. >> president biden's 2 trillion dollars infrastructure plan will be a top priority when congress reconvenes next week. >> why he may not need any republican support to get a deal done.
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>> some big news for the south bay where tech giant google is investing 200 million dollars to build more housing and recreational space tonight san jose city leaders taking the wraps off of this plan showing us what it's all about. kron four's. ella sogomonian live tonight in the studio with a look at what's on the way. lot of folks excited. yeah, it's a major milestone for the downtown west development project. >> mayor sam liccardo believes that this partnership will not only develop affordable housing but bring more jobs. he expects around 5,000 more housing units of which 25% or so would help families who are low to moderate income as well as those who are unsheltered and he looks forward to thousands of new jobs and 15 acres of open space for parks as well as 7 million square feet of space to welcome small businesses. >> that's a significant investment to ensure and we're able to keep our community here. clearly beach towel with
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the city into the community and said what exactly do you want community overwhelmingly responded. that what we want in our downtown is not a corporate campus. it's going to simply displace people want something that integrates not community helps us know our community. >> the community fund will also provide grants to help preserve existing affordable housing. so that people are displaced of a struggle to stay in the city. it will also increase services and shelter for the homeless with education and job training programs. the panel of locals and experts will be brought on to work on that. there will be a community meeting about this on april 17th. and if all goes according to their plan, construction could start next year. marilyn carter admits that some people may be skeptical but says he's confident they will get on board when they learn more. and speaking of learning more, you can head over to kron 4 dot com for those details. back to you. >> thank live. coming up on kron, 4 news at 9. the president continues to push his new infrastructure plans.
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what it will mean for american workers and the american didn't panic at the oakland international airport this morning. we'll let you know how a man with a knife. >> triggered emergency evacuations. plus changes are coming to the golden gate bridge as crews try to finish the anti suicide next. as we continue to return to classrooms... parents like me want to make sure we're doing it safely. especially in the underserved communities hardest hit by covid. trust me, no one wants to get back to classroom learning
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more than teachers like me. using common sense safety measures like masks, physical distancing, and proper ventilation. safety is why we're prioritizing vaccinations for educators. because working with our local communities... we will all get through this together, safely.
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>> congress will return next week the president's
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infrastructure plan is top priority for both the democrats and republicans kron four's, washington correspondent basil john has details on lawmakers expectations. >> i don't see anything in this bill that's going to get it across the finish line. new york republican congresswoman claudia tenney says president biden's 2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill will struggle to gain gop votes right now. this is very partisan and the american people should be very aware of it. 10. he says republican support conventional infrastructure improvements like roads, bridges and airports but can not get behind other parts of the plan, what it looks like to me you know, a liberal progressive wish enacting the green new deal. the bill would also increase corporate taxes. the change republicans say will hurt the country's economy. we're going to reach a fiscal cliff at some point when all this spending is done and where we're going to before we're we're it's we're going to be in a disastrous position. but democrats say republicans need to move towards the future. what a
9:33 pm
backward looking way to think about our country. connecticut democratic congressman jim himes says republicans objections to the cost or hypocritical. they sure don't mind spending a ton of money on tax cuts for very wealthy people now all of a sudden they're saying, oh, gosh, we just can't do that. pine says not investing in the right infrastructure could lead to the u.s. falling behind other countries while we chat. we're number one. we're number one when it comes to 21st century infrastructure. we are absolutely not number one and we should both tenney and hines city are still focused. >> i'm making this bill a bipartisan effort reporting in washington. i'm basil john. some scary moments at the oakland international airport today. police say that a man with a knife threatened. >> harm himself inside terminal one. the standoff lasted for several hours. the man was taken out of the airport about 9.20 this morning. this video shows him sitting up on a stretcher. alameda county sheriff's deputies say that after several hours of negotiations deputies deployed a taser. >> we started to change the climb inside the terminal.
9:34 pm
one, i would turn off the air. and he was coming in there. so he is able to start removing some clothes and started adjusting his clothing what a one point. the deputy saw their opportunity to make a clean taser shot and they took that shot and tased him and he went to the ground and then he and sergeant from the sheriff's office struggle for that knife. and during that struggle there of very minor cut that inflicted the person that had a knife. >> the incident shut down terminal one for several hours this morning. deputies say that airport liaisons were able to filter customers through to terminal 2 to get to their scheduled flight. >> the family of a mentally ill homeless man shot to death last month by a danville officer has now filed a federal lawsuit demanding that the officer be removed from the force kron four's phillipe djegal has more on what the family of terrell wilson and
9:35 pm
the families that now calling his shooting murder. >> yeah. always be with us. i just don't want another parent or parents to go through this game. diana wilson does not intend to ever watch cell phone video for 32 year-old son tyrell wilson's last moments in recent days, a witness shared video of the deadly shooting with the family's attorneys on march 11th danville police officer andrew hall. >> fired. one deadly shot to wilson's head while responding to reports of a man throwing rocks into traffic near sycamore valley road and camino remote. i don't know how this is going to stop. >> but something needs to be done. so we know we keep killing black and brown men. and last night civil rights attorney john burris filed a federal lawsuit on the wilson family's behalf. >> the town of danville police chief alan shields and officer whole are listed as defendants. >> the lawsuit alleges wilson
9:36 pm
who was homeless at the time and suffering from mental illness was not a threat to the officer and did not warrant deadly force danville police contend wilson had a knife. but john burris says the newly acquired video shows wilson was not aggressive. off. it should be criminally prosecuted. >> i love the state laws of the federal law and we are going to make that request. this man is a menace. and has been a people whose tao the contra costa county district attorney's office confirms whole was also involved. >> with the deadly shooting of another man and then build back in 2018, the contra costa county office of the sheriff is leading the investigation into wilson's case and declined to comment on the lawsuit or new video shared by his attorneys. >> in danville leave to go run for news. gna being taken to court for the october 2019 kincade fire. the sonoma
9:37 pm
county district attorney filing 33 counts against the company for the fire that burned more than 120 square miles injured, 6 firefighters and destroyed more than 300 buildings. the charges include reckless recklessly causing a fire that led to great bodily injury to 6 firefighters. so far pg and has yet to comment on the charges. >> all right. let's go to a live look right now at the golden gate bridge. and that's where there's ongoing construction around the east side walk. you don't see it there. but as part of the work to build a new suicide barrier under the road deck. crews will use the sidewalk is a staging area for materials and equipment. so that walkway will get even more narrow workers will help people get around the obstacles. it's not clear yet how long the occasional a walkway blockages will last a construction on a net prevent suicides began back in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2023. all
9:38 pm
right. coming up next in sports, steph curry and the warriors trying to get back on track. against the bucks. their winning ways. >> the game is tight. jason dumas says here with the highlights coming up next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the dubs came into
9:41 pm
tonight's game with milwaukee really it's a game they really needed to win not just from a standings point of view. but also just to boost the morale of the locker room. it's been a tough few weeks. so let's head to chase center. we had a great one. stephan company said it's all about pride at this point in the season they definitely show that pride tonight. 1st quarter steph gets in the lane scores over brook lopez warriors jump out to an 18 5 lead. let's go to the 2nd quarter. james weidman had a very nice 1st half 11 points, 10 rebounds included that right there from jordan. paul warriors were up 3 at the half. the bucs they took control in the 3rd, you know, they'd have a run. khris middleton gives them the lead right here. they led by as much as 13 points. let's go to the 4th. this is where it got crazy. steph curry. he's going to pull up. here we go. pulls up from a couple feet out behind the three-point line that cuts it to a two-point
9:42 pm
lead with a couple minutes left later on dubs of one. there you go. it's staff again give them a three-point lead staff at 41 points and the bucks lose this game. the warriors going to win this game. they came back from a 10 point deficit with under 4 minutes to go. what a win and we are joined live out at the chase center from our sports reporter. kate rooney. now. kate, this game ended just moments ago. i think it had to be the best win of the season. what did it look like from your vantage point. it was definitely one of them. what a really crazy finish. jason, that's still got that kind of like edge of my seat feeling going on out here because you really weren't sure what was going to happen in those final minutes. there were a couple bad possessions there by both teams. but. >> it was those clutch free throws by kelly junior at the end and then some good defense on that final possession for the bucks. there really was able to hammer this one home for the warriors. they really get it out. >> nice. and what was it like.
9:43 pm
they're in the chase center. obviously there's no fans. but when the warriors are down by 10 with about 4 minutes left. did you just have that feeling. here we go again. the losing continues in a game where they really had for. but they just didn't seem to be able to pull it out. at first. >> yeah. it definitely was that feeling of oh, boy. here we go. another loss in a game that could have been won by the warriors. but then he saw the dub of starting to go a little bit crazy, right. you started to see some of that energy come back when with steph curry making some of those clutch threes, those 41 points from him. and that's with a bruised tailbone jason. i mean, he was sitting on the sidelines on a foam donut whenever he playing. so the fact that he was able to drop that many keep his team in the game like that in that condition is really impressive and. when you when you play khris middleton and drew holiday. we're playing tonight where's defense was inconsistent, but it was enough to get it done at the end of the day. so just another really impressive win. >> it's great. we will let you go and hop on that post game presser so we can here with
9:44 pm
steve kerr says will kill from you again at the 10 o'clock hour. kate, thanks so much. all righty to the college level. she is fresh off of a national championship being named an all american. now she's taking her talents to the wnba stanford guard kiana williams declared for the wnba draft today. she finished her karnal career with a 128 street. she starts and the program's all-time 3 point leader with 311. all righty. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after a we'll be right back after a quic let's bring. on. spring. use your phone to grow a garden. and rent tools from the world's biggest toolbox. this is doing like never before. this is today's home depot. how doers get more done.
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>> all right. it's weather time and things outside get a little gray in spots are going to see more of that overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. in fact, tomorrow looks like it's going to be a cooler day. check out the chance for some rain in the bay area here in just a moment. right now, a lot of clouds moving into our skies filling inside the bay right now looking very much almost like a summer pattern setting up. it's a very cool right out the water's edge so that fog setting in right now. you've got low pressure spinning off the coastline, senate a few clouds in our direction. watch what happens here long-range models. you see that system off the coast right here. continue to spin out there through thursday, occasionally thrown a few high clouds our way, but we stay dry. and then finally it looks like as we get in this next week. things begin to shift gears. it will be a nice weekend around the bay area's here skies clearing out probably an offshore wind as we get the weekend and then next week that whole low kicks eastward behind that. we've
9:48 pm
got a substantial cold front and some of the models kind of starting point to at least a chance of some rain right around the 17th 18th of april. of course, that is still a long ways to go temperatures around the bay area 50's and 60's in a san francisco cool 50's along the coastline with low clouds and the fog a little more sunshine. some mid to high level clouds as you head inside the bay about 64 redwood city, 60 degrees in san mateo. 64 in cupertino 66 in santa clara east bay that were done with the 70's for now, you'll see 60's there. so pleasant in the afternoon. but fairly mild 66 in walnut creek 63 degrees in hercules and 65 in orinda pretty breezy right to the delta tomorrow. those winds going how a little bit, i think by tomorrow afternoon, maybe some gusts of 2030 plus miles an hour, especially near the coastline right into the delta in those areas. so cooling down for tomorrow with a few more clouds i think more sunshine on the way, though, as we get to saturday and sunday. this next weekend looks week. those temperatures surging up in the 70's, getting near 80 degrees on sunday and monday. you did give us some hope about rain on the 17th right around
9:49 pm
there. we'll see what happens is a long ways out. thanks. all right. has been a democrats in congress push for the passage of the sweeping voting rights package. >> republicans now working to try and stop it. our washington correspondent kellie meyer reports on the growing debate over voting rights on capitol hill. >> the contents of this bill should scare everybody south carolina republican senator lindsey graham is trying to stop a voting rights bill from advancing through congress. i see a political effort. to institutionalize voting at the federal level on terms most. at age is. to most radical people in the country. democrats on capitol hill believe the bill is needed to expand voting access. but graham in south carolina, governor henry mcmaster argue the legislation is really a power grab by democrats to control states elections. hard to believe. >> that this bill is actually
9:50 pm
>> the house of representatives, the pushback from republicans comes as the backlash builds against georgia's new law tightening voting rules major league baseball moved its 2021 all-star game out of atlanta this week shifting the game to colorado to major league baseball. you don't know what you're talking about. president biden says it is encouraging to see businesses speaking up about what he calls new jim crow laws but says the decision is up to the individual corporation or group. the best way to do this. >> as for georgia and other states to smarten up. >> the president says passing the voting rights legislation in the senate could counter republicans restrictions reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> coming up, a beloved east bay theme park is reopening tomorrow. what you need to do to make sure you can get in.
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
>> warning to tell you about tonight. before you head off to bed nearly 200,000 bottles of extra strength acetaminophen sold under multiple brand names are being recalled tonight. the nationwide recall does because of the mislabeling issue. the fda says that as medication solutions voluntarily recalled bottles of its extra strain acetaminophen tablets because they have a quote, incomplete
9:54 pm
prescription drug label rather than the required over the counter drug label. the agency says this lack of proper labeling can lead to the drug becoming harmful. the proper label is supposed to include warnings about liver damage. if consumers exceed the recommended dose or combine it with excessive amounts of alcohol or if consumers are allergic to the active ingredient. >> the infamous house in massachusetts where lizzie borden was accused of killing her parents is now up for sale case. you're interested. it's a creepy place. not that you would want to buy it. many believe the house is actually haunted borden father and stepmother were found dead inside the house in 1890 to vicki. you're saying folks actually coming there and we do in the bed. i that i was there for the travel channel in people actually take want that room so they can of it. you didn't take it eye. i had it was board and those that are found not guilty but still remains the only suspect in the chilling cold case. the
9:55 pm
house has been a top new england tourist attraction operating as a bed and breakfast. you can all be yours for a cool 2 million bucks. no fixed. disney's set to loosen the restrictions on its mask policy starting thursday guests will be able to remove their face coverings to take outdoor photos at its florida parks guest have to remain in one place while taking pictures, of course, socially distance previously. guess we're only allowed to remove their masks if they were actively eating drinking or swimming. disneyland here in california set to reopen on april 30th. the company's ceo says that he expects the mask policies to be in place at all. parts. throughout the year. meanwhile, all the rides, a children's fairyland in oakland will reopen tomorrow for the first time in here. >> the amusement park has been closed for several months because of covid restrictions in reopened. first to visitors last month after alameda county moved into the read
9:56 pm
reopening tier all guests have to reserve their tickets online and wear mask inside of the parking lot of folks. happy to see fairyland back open a sign that things really are starting to slowly turn back special place. a lot of kind of grew up there. you know, you took your son. i took my son when he was 2 years old. we couldn't get him the walk out the door. that's a sign to stay there all special. >> so that wraps up properties that night. >> don't go anywhere, though. we will be back to ken. i will be back at the top the hour for kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. the hayward police department facing criticism tonight. >> over this video of an arrest over the weekend. still to come, the person who filmed it explains why he believes the officers used excessive force. >> plus you'll be able to get vaccinated at the oakland coliseum site beyond this sunday. and tonight we know where the extra doses will be coming from. >> also has a more headed your way in just a few moments when we see you for the top of the hour for kron 4 news at 10.
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
>> when time from the bay
10:00 pm
area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news bonds backed it started throwing punches at a luncheon on its back. so we're just really rough rough an excessive with them. >> now at 10 shocking video of an arrest by hayward police leaving the community on edge. the accusations of excessive force by officers as they took a man into custody. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm vicki liviakis summed up the mcallen tonight for graham lotus in that video. you can see those officers punching. >> kicking the suspect. hayward police have confirmed the kron 4 news that the officers actions now under review tonight kron four's dan thorn live for us in hayward tonight. he joins us with more on what happened and. >> began jonathan, a spokesperson for the hayward police department says they arrested this man because he had a gun and unconfirmed reports from witnesses say he may have been waving that weapon at cars that were passing by this pizza shop. that's behind


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