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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 6, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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americans should be able to for the vaccine to the to milit the middle of this montc. and i think that it's very possible that if. trends continue, if people get vaccinated and if people continue the practice so if you're just seeing him asking until we really get the all-clear from the cdc that, yes, we could be in a position to reopen by june. but there are a lot of ifs involved. and i think that the problem with any announcement is that people don't look at the apps. there's there's been so much. the wear and tear on all of us in california for the past over the past year that i worry that people are going to start celebrating a little bit too early. >> yeah. that is a big concern because of about 18% of californians have been vaccinated so that least, you know, 82% who have not been vaccinated and that is obviously an issue. so there's some criticism as you might expect from republican challengers. jon says going to run against newsom in the recall quote, newsom is making
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a political football out of reopening, california. don't be surprised when he moves the goal post talking about what you just responded to. it also, kevin faulconer, the former san diego mayor if he truly wanted to help families across the state. he would reopen all public schools for in person learning now is that a valid criticism. >> i think there's certainly a lot of pressure on the public schools. and again, i think i said before this broadcast with both of you that if the schools aren't open in september. that's going to be a real problem. for for the go there because the recall walker probably sometime between august and october and everyone is going to be looking to see whether or not normality is that i mean, that's going to be the key. what's going to be the what are we going to be experiencing the day that we have to start filling out our ballots. and that's what this is all going to be all about. it's a high-risk maneuver. but it can. it can create big rewards for governor newsome. but again, he's got to make sure that the message is not
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that we could be open late june 15th. that's that. these are the steps we need to take in order to open. by june 15th and that is going to be. critical and important to realizing that goal because we're all going to do our part to make sure this happens. it doesn't happen in a vacuum. the governor can't wave a magic wand. none of us can. but if we we can't get vaccinated, we can make sure friends and family get vaccinated and until that we continue to to wear masks and practice social distancing in a responsible manner that the cdc it prescribes to get to that stage. michael, we know there will be strong republican challengers and we're talking some of them. >> what about strong democrats? is that a possible scenario? >> well, i think that i think there is a tom stier was out in the field with a poll. while denying that he would promise about their course. that's exactly what he did before. he jumped into the presidential race last year.
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so we i think it'll be foolish to think that no democrat is thinking seriously about this. but it's it's there's a again, a risk reward. if you i think the democratic party as a whole. probably be foolish not to have someone on the ballot because you because when you qualify for the ballot and when the election is are 2 different moments in time and again the pandemic is going to control that election and you don't know how it's going to be behaving. august or october. so. there's going to be some debate, but no doubt that could be some democrat who's going to step up, put the name forward as a safety catch some heat, but they're the only one there. they could be the lucky winners of the lottery later in the fall. >> michael, we're almost out of time. real quick. last obviously a lot of people struggle during the pandemic. they were helped by ppe funds, that kind of thing. and some of these businesses will make it through this. you know, maybe beat up in black and blue little bit. but a lot of them did not make it through this and won't recover. can
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the governor. is there anything the state could do to make it better for those failed businesses who only fail because of the pandemic restrictions. >> i think that that's going to be $64,0%0 question. people all the restaurants in the bay area. they don't exist anymore. the small retail shops. they don't exist anymore. they're empty store fronts. what's going to take their place. we're going to need something like that big stimulus that big infrastructure package that's going to be putting people back to work. but also creating incentives for new businesses and new jobs. that's but is that going to happen by september. i find it hard to believe, but as long as there's hope as long as the pandemic under control. governor will be in the driver's seat come come recall time. and michael on squeezing in one more question. the producer will come. but the vice president kamala harris made an appearance with the news. some yesterday underlining again, white house support. >> but do voters care about that. does that resonate with them. >> because the voters are going to care if. say, for
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example, we are truly open in june or july. then you actually have time in august and september to think about other things and those are the things or the other parts of the economy. what else is going on in your life. those things and they're a president biden and vice president harris will matter because remember, 2 million people signed the petition. 18 million people voted in the presidential election in the same manner. they're going to be voting. the recall. so. the odds are very heavy and governments in favor if he continues doing the right thing and the support of president biden and vice president harris will be. a very big boost come election time. >> we are out of time. so i can ask my caitlyn jenner question left to hold that for next time. think you for your time. we appreciate it. heard talk to you later. michael, this weekend we have an exclusive statewide town hall with california senator alex padilla. he's going to be talking about covid relief immigration, gun control and other things.
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>> you can submit questions on twitter using the hashtag inside ca politics and you can watch the town hall here on kron 4. that will be a saturday night at 6.30 or sunday morning at 06:30am. >> this year's major league baseball all-star game will now be played in colorado. major league baseball, officially announced coors field in denver as its new venue for the midsummer classic. they now set today. the league pulled the event from atlanta over objections to georgia's new voting laws said many say are too restrictive today the white house address the change saying the georgia law is built on a lie and it's up to major league baseball to determine where they're going to hold their all-star game. arkansas just became the first state in the country to ban gender conforming treatments and surgery for transgender use. the republican controlled house and senate voted today to override governor asa hutchinson's veto of that measure. the legislation prohibits doctors from providing gender conforming
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hormone treatment puberty blockers or surgery to anyone under 18 years old or from referring them to other providers for the treatment. opponents of the measure of out to sue to block the ban before it takes effect this summer. >> all right. the children's fairyland in oakland will be reopening tomorrow. first time in a year, the amusement park, of course, has been closed because of the pandemic. parts of the park did reopen last month after alameda county moved into the orange reopening tear now all the rides will be open. guests will also have reserve tickets online. and of course everybody still has to wear a mask inside the park. >> disneyland shared more details today on how to get tickets and reservations. for now. only california residents will be able to visit have to be in groups of no more than 3 households. the theme park reservation system will open april 12th parades nighttime spectaculars. those are in fact, quite just be back
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later. anybody over the age of 2 has to wear a mask. >> coming up in north bay county is suing pg me over the 2019 can k fire. what they're asking for in reparations. the olympic torch is on its way to japan ahead of the summer games and today a robot carried it for part of its journey. going explain what back some license.
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>> this was day 13 of the tokyo olympics torch relay in japan, helping to carry the torch and the toyota city. a robot and engineer with car manufacturer. toyota had been working on helping people who have trouble getting around and he created this little robot to the engineer carried the torch alongside his invention. the summer olympics set to begin friday, july 23rd. north korea is not going to participate in the tokyo olympics. officials there on a web site anyway saying this decision was made because of the public health crisis caused by the pandemic. north korea did send 22 athletes. remember to the 2018 winter games in south korea. some in south korea are saying that they regret the fact it's not going to happen. the some are calling it an opportunity to improve relations. japan's olympic committee, though, says north korea has not yet officially sent notification of that decision.
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>> jetblue is making its flights overseas a bit fancier the economy boutique flights take off from london this summer. jetblue says coach seats will offer a lot of leg room free wi-fi and live tv. the meals are expected to be pretty good 2 airlines are hoping about bounce back, of course, is more economies reopen and people begin to start traveling again. coming up, construction on a lifesaving installment is underway at the golden gate bridge we're
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>> more changes are coming to the golden gate bridge that are designed to save lives. starting today there will be construction activity on the eastern side, walk of the bridge and that is where people can walk over the bridge. obviously kron four's charles clifford has details. >> now as part of the ongoing work to build a new suicide net barrier underneath the crews will need to start using the eastern side walk as a staging area for materials and equipment. that means they already narrow walkway will occasionally be even tighter. the bridge says they will have crews out there working as black men to help people navigate around these obstacles. they also say there are no plans to completely close the east walkway, which is good news for visitors and also all those folks who commute on bikes across the bridge. it's unknown. how long these occasional blockages. well, last now work on the suicide the turned net began in 2018. it's expected to be completed in 2000, 23, that is a few years behind the original schedule when it's
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done. the barrier will set 20 feet below the roadway and extend 20 feet out from the bridge in san francisco. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> in other news, the sonoma county district attorney has charged pg and e in the october 2019 can cade fire the county filed 33 criminal counts including recklessly, causing a fire with great bodily injury to 6 firefighters. more than 120 square miles burned 374 buildings were destroyed. a pg and e did not immediately comment. >> for your money. the crypto currency market is topping 2 billion dollars for the first time ever crypto market capitalization has doubled in recent months bitcoin accounts for more than half of the entire crypto-currency market. but the latest games are mostly driven by. help me with the this one. katherine theory, a another type of digital currency. we hope >> a bay area based linked in is giving its employees time to recharge the giving everybody a week off with pay.
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we like this idea. the company says people need time to unplug. the move is happening after several employees surveys said over and over again that people have been just burned out by the pandemic. linkedin has 16,000 workers worldwide. it's headquarters are in sunnyvale. the company is also going to do burn out. training for managers know meeting days and we like that, too. and offering mental health resources. all right. let's take a live look of the bay area from our mount tam camera. >> taking a look down at the bay and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing here no burn out tuesday. no burn out tuesday. beautiful weather like this kind of nice to get out there and enjoy that fresh marine air. that little of fog out there along the coastline. but still some nice weather out there toward the golden gate bridge. good after skies after some fog and low clouds early on this morning and here we sit looks like it is going to be a little bit cooler for tomorrow. a few more clouds on the way overnight tonight that patchy fog gather along the coastline. i think we'll see a
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few more mid to high level clouds off in that area of low pressure that's spinning around the middle of sitting on the debt will start to roll in or skies on and off throughout the day. so we'll see some of that for tomorrow. temperatures probably going to come down just a little bit over the next couple of days. so, yeah, we're looking about 54 in the sunset 59 downtown san francisco 56 in daly city along the coastline. new kind of socked in with the fog. i think we'll see some breaks into the afternoon with some 50's. maybe some low 60's in half moon bay 59 in millbrae about 59 degrees in burlingame and then working away down the peninsula. those temperatures running up a size. mid 60's in the mountain. you 64 redwood city about 60 in foster city. the south bay enjoying some mid to high level clouds and temperatures in the 60's, maybe low 70's in the morgan hill. the east looking at 60's there. so bring those numbers down a little bit from what we had today. and that's going be the case around the bay area going to drop these temperatures. a few degrees by tomorrow afternoon compared to today. otherwise not bad. the next few days. we're going to see those temperatures come
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down just a tad for tomorrow warming back up slightly on thursday again. drop a little bit, maybe a little more wind into friday as we get into saturday and sunday. there's the good news looks like these in turn out to be really nice. high pressure will start to take over. those winds will start to calm down there. see temperatures pop up in the 70's, maybe even upper 70's on sunday and monday wouldn't be surprised to see a few 80's return sunday into monday as well. so certainly a nice forecast ahead of fortunately. it all looks dry for now. guys, back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, a spring break rescue mission. one teenager's quick response saved the life of a
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>> a young teen on vacation found herself having to perform a rescue mission to save a 3 year-old girl. that's what happened to the new mexico teenager named cadence hensley cadences 13 and she was on a spring break trip to disney world in orlando. >> and enjoying time at the pool when she saw toddler floating face down in the deep end. courtney allen has the story. >> a spring break trip to disney world turned into a life saving mission for 13 year-old kaden tensely a hill. i was scared and that my kicked cadence was at her hotel's pool when she saw someone unconscious in the deep end. i kind of like floating. she wasn't technically on the bottom. when i when i was when jumped
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i saw her and when i pulled out her look purple. it was 3 year old haven williams from missouri havens mother ashley williams says she stepped away from the pool for just a couple minutes. i just remember another woman. >> of yellen says the area and saying call 911, they just ran out. and. think i was like, oh, my think it was my baby when it finally clicked i just pushed through the crowd. i felt that of losing my child. a bystander perform cpr and haven was rushed to the hospital that saturday afternoon. not fully recovering until 5 the next morning. >> this photo is from when she woke up. >> i want to say hi, the doctors with and that all
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lever the water. perfect timing. if she would have been under the water a little longer would have been different outcome. >> cadences dad matt hensley says the family swapped information so they could stay in touch sharing photos with each other on easter and kate inset haven a friendship necklace ahead of cave. ins 4th birthday fact that they can still celebrate a birthday this week. >> so great eastern only other holidays see them grow up and maybe even have plus long from new mexico to they're staying havens. mom says her daughter would not be here if it wasn't for cadence and, you know, was thing to help someone out. >> well, strong lesson there about keep your 9 kids ketchup packets are the latest product experience shortages due the coronavirus pandemic. hein says it plans to open new manufacturing lines to help meet the demand. there was increased demand for the small ketchup packets after the cdc discourage the use of shared bottles at restaurants. i and
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says it plans to ramp up production by 25%. that means it would manufacture 12 billion ketchup packets a year toilet paper ketchup packets. wraps up kron 4 news at 5 tonight at 6, getting back to business as usual. governor newsome announcing today when the state will get rid of the tier system and fully reopen the economy. >> and as trend down in the bay area and more people are getting vaccinated for a more counties. i'm moving to less restrictive tiers. the news at 6. coming up next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> and now it's 6 a california comeback as the state is setting the date aimed at ditching the tier system and a
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full reopening by june 15th this is california reports that it has administered more than 20 million vaccine doses. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne. state leaders announced today california's prepared for a complete reopening june. 15th. >> that's when california officials plan to get rid of that color-coded tier system for reopening our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what it means moving forward. >> this all depends on california's ability to maintain these ultra-low covid-19 hospitalization and transmission rates. governor newsom's administration is confident with the expected vaccine supply and distribution reopening is soon to be a reality. >> we'll be getting rid of the colored tiers. we'll moving past the dimmer switch. we'll be getting rid of the blueprint as you for new leaders announced tuesday, they will toss the state's reopening rule book and allow all counties to resume all
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activities without state mandated restrictions, june 15th california has been using its blueprint for reopening for 31 weeks and will use it for another 8 and a half state health officials say they chose june 15th expecting hospitalization and transmission rates to remain low. >> in vaccination rates to rise. the date falls. 2 months after the state makes everyone 16 and up eligible for the vaccine. so we're going to keep a close eye not just on that hospitalization rate. and number. >> but actually understanding who's in the hospital and whether those who are vaccinated by the ones who are hospitalized. the state's mask mandate will still be in place with no plans to get rid of that anytime soon. we are committed. to. >> extinguishing this disease and we don't have any short term. goals as it relates to lifting the mask mandate. the governor made tuesday's announcement from a vaccination site in the bay area. the reopening decision comes after california crosses the 20 million doses distributed mark with 4 million go


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