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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  April 6, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on. >> the prompter is jay wednesday gosh, i was going right to tuesday as she i yourself know i was going to is going to wedge issues. i needed to say tueeday. april whatever 6. there you go. thank you, james. look at the forecast good morning i'd be terrible at dressed for the weather i you? tuesday is a tough one to remember. sometimes we're all still catching up. >> looking out there this morning. we are looking at a foggy start to the morning. so venturing outside to maybe some conditions that you want to give yourself some extra time to get to work in fog isn't super widespread, but there are pockets, especially inland in the north bay that could cause you some problems. looking outside at half moon bay this morning. no fog. just cloud cover sitting up above most of our visibility issues have been in the north bay, as i mentioned, and then out
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towards livermore in concord. some pockets lower visibility as well. skies are dry this morning. couple spots of coastal drizzle, but aside from that, nothing like the north bay sprinkles. we had yesterday 40's and 50's for a current temps with oakland and alameda at 50 degrees. napa valley hoedown through dublin and livermore all at 48 reyna. john, thank you so much. of a really starting to pick up here at the bay bridge. >> not a result of any accidents that i'm seen. they just turn the meteor lights on. so you're seeing more traffic, 20 minutes to that fremont street exit at 06:00am so i can only expect this to get longer. no high wind advisories along the bridge today. we do have one on the altamont pass. so drive slow. there. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. no accidents, no delays, just 12 minutes for your commute as you're heading across the richmond. sandra fell bridge under 8 minutes. as you head to richmond and checking on things in the south lawn. 1, one to 80 looks good when a one 85 all great there. we'll have more coming up next. but for now, daryn. james, back to you. thank you.
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and we have breaking news. president biden adjusting the schedule for making the covid vaccine available to. >> all adults 16 or over who walk it. yes earlier than originally planned. at first it was may first was his target date. now the president is a pick that. >> 2 weeks to now april 19th in california. we're already say that anybody 16 or older can get the vaccine starting on april. 15th. >> but this does affect many states, the president's announcement goes a long way to helping the entire country, try to get back to normal and get their shots in as soon as they can get in for that covid shot. just last week the president said by april 19th, everybody would have a vaccination place to go vaccinations. that within 5 miles of the hosting this. it's been really difficult. and we're just finding it will be easier in oakland because they decided not to close down that mass vaccinations. and they're also making good strides in the number of vaccines are getting out as we know recently or this past
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weekend. in fact, on saturday they were able to get 4 million people vaccinated in a single 24 hour period. >> so the number of vaccines going into arms seems to be climbing higher and higher, which is great news, especially when it comes to trying to get things real and there's more good news on this tour tuesday. we're going to see who in the bay area gets to move to the less respect of war is chair. >> so didn't get to alameda santa clearest images they didn't get to do last week. maybe today's the day for sarah stinson live for us at petaluma where everybody's got their fingers crossed. sarah, good morning. >> that's right. things are looking good here in sonoma county. so i'm sure people are just waiting for the good news and i can tell you, i mean, the numbers are trending downward and they have been for the last 2 weeks here in sonoma county so we could see them very well move into the orange tier today. we'll have to wait and see what the state officials do decide. but we know the latest information on the sonoma county website says that there's about 3.6 new
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cases per day per 100,000 people. and right now the orange tier choirs county to have a covid kate covid-19 case rates between one in 3.9 cases per 100,000 people. so we're just right under and honestly, the 3.6 number should be updated to little bit of an old number. so hopefully they update that today. and we really an update for you. plus, you have to be in that ear for with declining county has been in the red tier since march 14th. some of the changes that come with the orange tier. take a look at your screen just to remind you and if you live in sonoma county, this is where you need to perk years up. we've got 50% capacity it at indoor dining. so that's more people eating indoors. and then you have retail stores and shopping malls operating at full capacity and churches. movie theaters. those can expand at 50% capacity while indoor gyms, wineries and breweries open at 25% capacity bars can also open out doors.
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sonoma county would be joining san francisco san mateo alameda and santa clara counties in the orange tier. if they do, in fact, get lead in its just a matter of the state thinking, ok, are there numbers can to continue to go down or are they projecting a port a little bit so stay tuned. we're going to keep an eye on this for now we're going to be here in petaluma, checking in with people to see how they feel on the brink of opening up a little bit further for now live in petaluma. sara stinson back to you, ok. we'll check in with you later. thanks a lot, carol. >> well, that's not all. state leaders say more changes could be coming to california's blueprint for reopening. so the entire thing could be adjusted a bit to help counties moved to less restrictive tiers. a little more easily. as of today. most of the state remains in the red tier which allows businesses to open with just minimal capacity. but those rules could be relaxed once 4 million doses of the vaccine are distributed to it. the least healthy zip codes across the state. once that's done, then things could be changed
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after announcing that large gatherings and my performances and conferences could be allowed later this month. officials say they're working right now on even less restrictive green tear that eventually could get to. >> additional guidance is coming soon and that was quite a lot more information about when we get past to keep it all together. getting have to it will still take more time and more vaccinations continuing to monitor it actually right in the trends, but he will provide that road map. >> state officials say the new road map is expected to be released potentially by the end of the week. and we'll let you know when they do. >> bay area, doctors are now investigating 7 more coronavirus cases that might be linked to that variant from india. and it's believed that the first case of the variant was discovered in santa clara county kron four's. rob fladeboe has more. >> by a technique called genomic sequencing. the stanford clinical virology lab has identified one case of the india variant it is thought to
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have occurred in the patients from santa clara county and the lab is now working to confirm another 7 suspected cases says lab director doctor benjamin pinsky. we know it's in our area and it's a little it's a relatively low prevalence at the moment. >> but it's something to watch out for in case it does increase in numbers. doctor pinsky says they have a lot to learn about this latest variant. >> which may be to blame for recent surge of cases in india. the variant is being called a double mutant because it is to mutations which could possibly make it that much more infectious. so this is a variant that has mutations similar to the california variant as well as south africa and. >> brazil variance. it looks like it may be more transmissible and potentially. able to be neutralized by and
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potentially. vaccines may be less effective at preventing infection with this particular area. >> in the parts of india where the double mutant variant is most prevalent new cases are up as much as 50%. other more infectious strain of the virus from brazil and south africa have also been found in the bay area and may be somewhat resistant to vaccines. but there is no need to panic. the india very it is one more reason to vaccinate as many people as possible as soon as possible, says doctor pinsky, we shouldn't panic color making incredible progress on vaccination. >> places like stanford are prepared to identify these emerging >> we identify them rapidly. this one was identified within one day of its reporting in india and we're reporting these variants then to the public health authoritie so they can make. important decisions. >> the county health department says it is not currently monitoring the india variant because so far it is
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not showed up on the cdc's list of concerns in palo alto. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> 6. '08, right now. and a big win for bay area vaccine distribution. if you want to get shot at the oakland coliseum. you are going to be able to vice president, kamala harris made the big announcement yesterday that they're going to work out how to keep the site open was supposed to close this sunday and they've been given about 5,000 shots a day at the coliseum. so now is not the time to a close this up. that's what kamala harris says. and all of the doctors and everybody else you will be able to get a shot there on april 15th. everybody over 16 in california is going to be able to get a shot. they didn't want to. close the pipeline and the availability of appointments just at that time. this sunday we have an exclusive statewide town hall meeting with senator alex padilla. and he's going to talk about covid shots. immigration gun control, a number of issues you want to tune in for that. you can and you can actually ask the
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question and maybe you'll see it on the program just use the twitter. hashtag inside politics and ask your question that town hall starts at 06:30am on april 11th. >> the vice president, kamala harris returned to the bay area to promote president biden's 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. he joined governor gavin newsome at a water treatment facility in oakland yesterday and our cameras were there tracking them as they walked through. this was her first time back to the bay area course since taking office. they were highlighting the president's proposed 11 or a 111 billion dollars for new clean water initiatives. that's part of this infrastructure package. >> but the american jobs plan looks at it in terms of the infrastructure piece and particular, what we need to do to build back up and to build a new. >> what we can do to preserve. and to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water. >> republicans are vowing though, to block the bill.
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democrats, however, may not need their support to get it passed. we'll have a live report on that coming up in just a few minutes live from washington. >> 6.10 and also still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the minneapolis police chief calls george floyd's death a murder. testimony continues entering day 7 now in the children trial and the bay area business owner got a racist letter. >> aimed at the asian community will tell you what it said as we continue. plus and golden gate fields are under fire again because 2 more forces have died. what is going on there. and unlike last week where we are looking at very warm temperatures. everything about this week seems pretty typical for this time of year. >> daytime highs rise into the 60's and 70's this afternoon after a cool and at times foggy morning, i'll be telling you about what else to expect today in your forecast.
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>> 6.14 before you head out the door. i would recommend something light like a swat. don't let this get your i'm wearing a sweater. always fuzzy things are all over around everywhere. so if you're pushing this way, know they're going to get our eyes. you about so yes, you want something that doesn't daria sweaters literally giving though. or try to something today that will at least keep
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you cozy as you're venturing out there, temperatures are a bit cooler than we got used to them last week for sure. >> looking outside right now. we do have conditions in our live camera network here in berkeley that are looking a little cloudy, but certainly not foggy bait by any means, at least over berkeley do watch out for some spots of fog is further inland across the inland east bay. then across the north bay, too. as far as conditions go on radar right now. it is nice and dry out there. a couple spots of coastal drizzle may be seen, but all in all, this is a dry forecast ahead of us enough influence from high pressure to our south to be continuing to push any chae ncof rainfall out of the region. well, to our north light onshore breeze this morning. just enough for that ocean cool there push down into the bay area. and that's really the way the rest of the force cast is going to be looking really not a lot of changes ahead of us for the remainder of this week. partly cloudy skies this morning, partly cloudy this afternoon. but a few more opportunities to step outside and enjoy some sunshine between the clouds towards mid afternoon. later
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today. tomorrow is actually going to be a touch of a cooler one. we'll start the day with some more cloud cover and even those skies will clear into the afternoon. temperatures will only rise into the 60's for most of our highs come wednesday as for today's daytime highs, 50's and 60's near the coastline. but we actually do have a good share of 70's elsewhere in the bay burlingame at 66 foster city and carlos also right at 66 south bay temps sharing a range of upper 60's to low 70's for your highs. san jose at 71 same number for livermore actually hayward oakland berkeley and richmond low to mid 60's for you conquered at 71 vacaville year. the warm spot again today at 75. well, santa rosa nevado in sandra fell close to the 70's both in the upper 60's today tomorrow's temperatures. i mentioned a little bit cooler falling into the mid 60'-. we remain in the 60's through thursday and friday before daytime highs really warm up into the weekend. nothing like we were late last week but highs back into the upper 70's by next
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sunday. reyna john, thank you. so we do have a hot spot here on the bay bridge. >> i just spoke to see gp and they tell me that there was actually a pedestrian on the ridge near the westbound side just east of the toll plaza. so again, the meter lights went on, they were able to get that pedestrian in an ambulance actually no reported that person was hit or that person was just walking on the bridge. but now we're seeing major delays as a result of that incident about 29 minutes or so to that fremont street exit, that person is no longer on the bridge. so maybe this will improve or we might see conditions on the rich. stay that way for the rest of the morning. let's look at the other bridges, though the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula under 40 minutes for your drive time there. a look at the richmond sandra fell commute out of richmond under 8 minutes and things of great here in the south bay along one. oh, one and 2, 80 just at 27 minutes. so we'll have more on that coming up next. but for now, james, back to you. all right, randi, thank it's 6.17. >> it was murder. that is what the minneapolis police chief
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said about george floyd's death. it was on the stand that the chief testified that officer derek chauvin had clearly violated department policy when he pin floyd's neck beneath his need for more than 9 minutes. karen winter has the latest. >> on the stand on the 6th day of show, the murder trial. the doctor who tried to save george floyd's light last be our physician. doctor bradford lack and failed testified that floyd was in cardiac arrest and attributed the cause to oxygen deprivation mister floyd had been arrested for. >> by this time. 60 minutes. i determined that the likelihood of any meaningful outcome was far below one percent. and that we would not be able to resuscitate mister floyd, felt set up on the patients arrival. there were no reports cpr had been performed at the scene which he believes could have increased floyd's chance of survival was your leading theory for the cause of mister floyd's cardiac arrest. >> oxygen, oxygen. that was. >> one of the more likely
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possibilities. i thought that at the time based on the information i had. it was. more likely than the other possibilities. prosecutors are trying to establish a causal factor that chauvin's knee to floyd's neck triggered his cardiac arrest which ultimately resulted in his death. >> during cross examination. defense attorney eric nelson argued that certain drugs like methamphetamine and fentanyl both found in floyd's system could also cause asphyxia when someone ingests froot and all. >> you can cause them to feel very sleepy because of an increased carbon dioxide. and that's one of the reasons ultimately that from north so dangerous because it suppresses the respiratory system agreed. >> the primary reason it is so dangerous. also testified minneapolis police chief medaria arradondo who previously called floyd's death, quote, murder. he fired chauvin and 3 other officers involved in the incident the day after floyd's death. he's appears to be wearing a navy
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blue suit. >> with the light blue tie and white shirt. the chief identified chauvin in court and is expected to testify that chauvin used excessive and unreasonable force in detaining floyd that day. that was in line with the department's policy on the use of force consistent with their training. this body of knowledge that they've been taught. >> should at least be kind of forefront in terms of the different tools that they'll be uses using possibly. >> to help the escalate that situation. >> well, that was kareen wynter reporting for us marines hall who was in the vehicle with george before he died is going to be in court today testified. >> it's 6, 20. and in national news, republicans have made it clear that they don't like the president's 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. but no matter the democrats don't need their support and they might get it passed anyway. washington, dc correspondent anna wiernicki is live in washington to tell us how that would work. i am.
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>> hi, good morning. that's right. republicans have already vowed to fight this package every step of the way. but like you said, they met mining, not even matter because democrats now only need to get members of their own party on board in order to pass it. >> the senate parliamentarian said monday democrats can use budgetary rules to pass president biden's 2 trillion dollars, infrastructure package without the need for republican support. the rule known as reconciliation means democrats only need a simple majority to pass the bill in the senate and bypass the need for 10 republican votes to break a filibuster, which means. >> then it will just be a democrat. only bill and that's unfortunate still republicans pledge to put up a fight. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the president's initial proposal won't get any republican support. >> because it's too big and not focus on immediate infrastructure needs white house press secretary jen psaki says the president would like the bill to be bipartisan. he know some
6:22 am
members think it's too some think it's too too frankly, there. >> been folks have come out on both sides of which we fully expected open to hearing ideas and proposals from members and we encourage them to put them forward. democrats now need to focus on rallying their own members, including west virginia senator joe manchin who said monday that he and a few other senate democrats oppose the bills. corporate tax hike. >> the white house initially proposed raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% to pay for the bills. 2 trillion dollar price tag over the next 15 years. senator manchin says that's way too high. he would like to see it at 25% rate live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> thanks a lot and we'll check in with you later. >> 6.22. is the time. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news in babel, florida congressman matt gates says he will not resign from congress amid allegations he slept with a minor will have the very latest on the story coming up.
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>> to national news now embattled florida republican congressman matt gates says he will not resign from congress. he made the statement overnight after it was reported last week that he was under investigation for possible crimes, including having with a 17 year-old gates is denied the allegations saying that he's being targeted by his
6:26 am
political opponents. he has been one of former president donald trump's most loyal defenders. but so far gates has received almost no public support from other congressional republicans and not even from former president trump. >> it's 6.25 and a minor league baseball team in california is being sued. and choke to death eating a taco. there was a taco one of those contests of the games. a taco eating contest. and this was at that fresno grizzlies game back in 2019. the lawsuit claims the man was not made aware of the risks involved in that eating competition. his family says organizers of the event should have taken steps to protect the participants. the grizzlies have no comment. >> later this morning. a federal lawsuit will be filed against the danville police department by a prominent civil rights attorney claiming what their officer did was,
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quote, cold murder. we'll show you the fatal video coming up in a live report. as we continue to return to classrooms... parents like me want to make sure we're doing it safely. especially in the underserved communities hardest hit by covid. trust me, no one wants to get back to classroom learning more than teachers like me. using common sense safety measures like masks, physical distancing, and proper ventilation. safety is why we're prioritizing vaccinations for educators.
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plus, its delicious beef flavor is #1 with dogs. ask your vet about nexgard. >> welcome back. it's 6.29 right now there's a little bit of a chill in the air and no traffic here to speak of their own bridge maybe just a light jacket will be all you'll need. we've got john, though, with the official word on that are. >> fashion expert extraordinary when it comes to
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the i can tell you whether way to the jacket or not but not what i would say where the jacket today. we are going to be looking at one of those days that is seasonably cool across the bay area and the fact that we have some great across the bay to start the morning just means that you want to bundle up a little bit more. not going to be seeing much sunshine for your morning hours, at least one of those views. that's especially gray this tipper, i actually you can see that we do have some low cloud cover in just enough of it to be blocking out the view of the golden gate bridge in the distance. one of our cloud your views in a few days out there, right along the coastline. visibility is being affected right now by this low cloud cover in napa, nevado santa rosa as well as conquered in livermore, although not widespread of fog do watch out for patches of it. that will result in some lower visibility spots. cloud cover across the bay this morning before partly cloudy skies later on today and temperatures currently in the 40's and 50's. so whether it's a sweater or light jacket. just make sure you're prepared as you get outside the door on the school tuesday. reyna tom,
6:31 am
thank you. so the bay bridge still very much a hot spot. but recovering. >> we had a pedestrian on the bridge earlier this morning. and again, chp and fire were able to get that person off a bridge is on the westbound side right near the toll. so they had the metering lights on. now they've to could get that person off the bridge still about 18 minutes were up to about 30. so that tells me things are getting better as you head into the city to the fremont street exit. look at the san mateo bridge 13 minutes. we've got no issues or delays seen reports of an hazard on the westbound side. but i'm not seeing the time go up as a result of that. looking at the richmond, sandra fell bridge 7 minutes as you head out of richmond and still checking on things down south here along one oh, one looks 80's. well, 29 minutes as you head towards menlo parks will have more on that coming up. the darya and james, back to you. thanks a lot. right now. >> so to our developing story this morning. a lawsuit is being filed now against the city of danville following a fatal police shooting last month.
6:32 am
>> and this morning we're getting a look at new video that leads up to the moments before that shooting kron four's will tran is live in danville with the details. good morning. well. >> good morning, james and area. yes, the federal lawsuit will be filed against the danville police department in just a few hours from now from prominent civil rights attorney john burris who called what the police officer did cold murder. let me show you the clay that he represents 32 years old. here's a picture of him tyrel wilson. he's described as a homeless man in the area on march 11th when calls came into the danville police department. accusing him of throwing rocks off an overpass. that's when officers arrived to the scene specifically officer andrew hall. let me show you the video of the fatal shooting. this was captured by a bystander in the car. you can see hall and wilson very close to each other and then all of a sudden one shot was fired by hall. wilson drops to the ground. he was taken to the
6:33 am
hospital a few minutes after the shooting, he would ultimately die about 6 days later, why. according to the danville police department hall felt compelled to shoot was because of this. they claim that wilson refused to drop his his knife when he was holding it in his hand. that whole asked him to drop it. he refused. and that's when they claim that hall felt threatened for his life and that's when he opened fire. according to burris, that violated his civil rights also that hall he claims did not de escalate the situation. and i already told you that he already believes that was cold murder. he isn't the only one here is video of a protest vigil that took place late last month when a lot of people showed up to the scene where wilson was fatally shot whitehall. they're protesting with burris and i'm sure they will be out at the news conference. because verse will hold a news conference before filing filing that federal
6:34 am
lawsuit. this is not the first time hall has been under fire, so to speak, from john burris. here's video back in 2018. he also fired a fatal shot 3 years ago. and this is video from a dashcam with a police officer in pursuit of another man at that particular time hall was in front of the car and he fired 9 times into the car claiming that had he not fire a shot at the driver that that driver would a random and probably would have killed them that particular driver died as well. he is also being represented by john burris and even though that lawsuit was filed 2 years ago in 2019. that is still ongoing. sobers and danville. police. they obviously have a relationship with dates to officers. i can tell you that he will be here. he will have a news conference and we will cover that for you as well. so this is a very explosive situation as far as andrew hall. he has been placed on paid administrative
6:35 am
leave pending this investigation back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. we'll check in with you throughout the morning. well, 6.34 the time to the north bay now where healdsburg business owner says she's worried about not only her safety but of her workers and customers as well after she received a racist. >> hate filled letter proffers dan thorn has the story. >> what we've learned this racist letter was sent to other asian owned nail salons across the state among the hateful stereotypes and epithets within it. asian. americans are told to leave the country. and in response city leaders say there's no room for racism in healdsburg. >> a disturbing and racist letter directed at asian americans is sent to a healdsburg business. the hateful words calling them ugly smelly and disgusting have left. vicki my in disbelief it just really heartbreaking. >> it. just yeah. >> it's really disturbing the letter was sent to my salon
6:36 am
all polished nails and spa on march 22nd postmarked from san bernardino. it came just days after a gunman killed 8 people at spas and massage parlors in atlanta. 6 of those victims were asian women. i can't believe this. >> actually happened. and somehow. things getting better by is of vietnamese descent and open this business up 4 years ago. >> she says she's never felt unwelcome in healdsburg of the other offensive things written in the letter by the unknown off there. it says you don't belong here and no one wants you here go back to your country, do it. this is my pension vice see jimenez in a post on facebook said there's no room for the airport and hateful language. our a p i community received healdsburg stands on its values of being a welcoming community to all the return address is fake saying only that it's from the department of health and human services. my and her staff
6:37 am
have since received several other letters and notes showing their support for the business. some not even from the area the same power. they send the e-mail, you know, just want to let you know that. >> we'll welcome here and it makes the ice from his re good. >> healdsburg police are investigating this letter but not as a hate crime under california law. this letter is viewed as a hate incident. but my hopes that no other hateful letters are sent to her or other businesses reporting in healdsburg dan thorn kron 4 news. >> 6.37 and we have new details about the suv that went through a parking lot with out breaking and plunged off a cliff of the degas bay killing a mother and daughter. both of them or to bay area schools. elizabeth creo worked as a first grade teacher at an elementary school in pleasant 10 and her friends and co-workers. remember her as an incredible instructor.
6:38 am
>> she's she's touched the lives of thousands students and families and. it's definitely heartbreaking that we've lost such an incredible person and. educator and just someone that its dedicated their lives to. making a difference for students. >> and korea's mother who died worked as a custodian that montevideo elementary in san ramon. the school told kron 4, the principal said that in part misses maria was a fixture in the community should be found on every campus and doing every day. the work that needed to be done. >> and wherever there was someone who needed help mrs. maria was there. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. there's outrage in the east bay because 2 more were says have died at golden gate fields and that brings the total number of deaths since last year to 37 at that one race track the california horse racing board says one of the horses died. april, 1st
6:39 am
and another on the 3rd. they have not released a cause of death, but that brings a 9 deaths of the total this year and the community is concerned calling for the track to be shut down for good. they say they'd like to see the waterfront site serve other needs like housing. we reached out to golden gate fields have not heard back yet from them. >> new this morning. san jose officials have released their agreement plan for google's downtown west project and we have some new renderings we can share with you from google on what this project could potentially look like the biggest take away is that it includes 200 million dollars to help jump-start the local economy. if approved the development project promises to bring 4,000 new homes. 15 acres of open space and more small business and restaurants as well. google plans to use and develop about 50 acres west of highway 87 in san jose. and so in re. turn for that, they're going to help develop this community
6:40 am
project. they hope to make it a reality. the lot of hurdles to get through, though. several city boards have to still sign off on the agreement before the city of san jose's council can consider it at its may 25th meeteng. happening today, the san francisco school board will be voting on whether to reverse a decision to rename 44 schools that are named currently after controversial figures. the original decision to rename the schools was criticized by some who thought the board should instead be focusing its entire attention on reopening schools today. the board will vote on a resolution that says it will revisit the renaming issue after all, students have returned to in person learning. >> time. now 6.40, and a big announcement in sports. major league baseball is moving the all-star game to denver and our sister station in denver confirms this the event is going to be held at coors field home for the rockies last week. the league announced it was going to move out of atlanta because of georgia's new elections law.
6:41 am
denver last hosted the all-star game in 1998. in bay area. baseball. the giants are in san diego. they were taken on the padres in the first of a three-game series. let's take a look 4th inning. evan longoria breaks a tie with his 3rd home run of the season. and then in the 7th game is tied. micah scraps key hits one deep to center and that gives the giants leave san francisco holds on in the final is 3 to 2 game. 2 in that series is tonight with the first pitch at least they won. >> the a's still for the entire season so far their struggles continue. they were taking on the dodgers wasn't really a close when the dodgers in fact racked up a seven-run lead after 3 innings. they went on to win by final of 10 to 3 again is still hoping to win one this season. the teams will play again today. so maybe will happen today. first pitch is set for 6.40 out at the
6:42 am
coliseum 6.41 the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news more and more people are getting vaccinated gas but will jobs require you. >> to get vaccinated esting question. we're going hear from a labor law attorney about the concerns us around that.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
shutting one rise one that's maybe more fully with that wind. it will just blow over. we are going to be looking at. yes, a very good day to bring the sweater with you. bring a light jacket with you. anything to stay warm as you're venturing outside, it's kind of adjustment from where we were last week all admit it. i felt a little bit cool yesterday. i think we got spoiled with our wednesday, thursday and friday conditions we had seen this is the cloudy blanket that's hanging out right across the bay area as viewed from the top of mount am right here. so we are looking at cloud cover having pushed right on down into the bay and it is resulting in some lower visibility at times. so watch, especially for that across the north bay as well as the inland east bay some areas where you are seeing some lower visibility due to these low clouds and all that fog high pressure is built up to our south and having just enough of an influence on the bay itself, that it's going to help to keep any chances of rainfall out of the picture for us. so this is a dry forecast ahead
6:46 am
of us for the first week of april. we're going to continue to remain cool with the notion cool breeze pushing in from the coastline. one of the reasons we're so foggy this morning and that ocean breeze does not let up today. so it's going to keep us on the cooler side. that's why we're talking sweaters and jackets today. it's just going to come in handy even as we do see some sunshine this afternoon and daytime highs in many cases rising into the low 70's still going to be cool enough to at least keep the jacket on hand. today's highs at the coast. only in the 50's sunset district golden gate park upper 50's for you. daly city down to half moon bay much the same. and even some 50's holding on in san bruno in brisbane, further south of the peninsula and we do see daytime highs closer to 70 mountain view at 69 palo alto at 68 south bay temperatures actually in the low 70's for many spots. well, across the east bay upper 60's to low 70's will be see mostly berkeley and oakland some of your cooler spots in the east bay at 6263 today mid 70's in
6:47 am
antioch in vacaville are 2 warmest of spots today. well, nevado in sandra fell at 69 degrees each tomorrow's temperatures, a little cooler skies will be mostly sunny in the afternoon for wednesday after another cloudy start tomorrow and we remain in the 60's through thursday and friday. good news for the weekend as we will see highs rising right back into the 70's. setting us up for some more great weather to enjoy this weekend. overall the not so good news about this forecast as we do remain dry and as we work our way through april. we see lessen chances of any sort of helpful rainfall. and as we approach the dry season. we all know what that means. not the best of set up for those summer months. reyna tom, thank you. so the bay bridge is recovering from an early morning hot spot. we had a pedestrian that was on the bridge earlier, the westbound side there. >> near the tolls for up to about 30 minutes. for a wait time. now we're down to 14 chp. they've been able get that person off of the bridge there. you're still seeing some residual delays from that. looking at the san mateo
6:48 am
bridge. we've got no accidents, no traffic collisions, no high wind advisories here. 14 minutes for your drive time as yet across towards the peninsula. the richmond sandra fell bridge. certainly starting to slow down just a bit. 11 minutes for drivers there. we have a high wind advisory along the ultimate past. see want to drive slow in that area heading towards menlo park along one o one still at about 29 minutes for you here. also not tracking any accidents along to 80. we'll have more coming up next. the daria, back to you. thank you. ray. 6.48 the nation's top infectious dock is warning everybody doctor fauci says that. >> we should not expect covid to die with the hot temperatures this summer. >> you might remember a year ago for all of you a little bit more than a year ago when we were looking for the summit to rescue us from surges. it was in fact the opposite. we saw some substantial surges in
6:49 am
out using them for schools or other businesses to let you know and show the business that you're safe covid safe and you can >> and as more people are getting covid vaccines. many are also asking if it's legal for companies to require that their employees get vaccinated before they return to the workplace. chat. it's reached out to a labor law attorney to get some answers be asked to the question is yes, the current state of the law says you can. is it possible that a court or somebody says no. that's overreach. it's a violation of people's privacy rights. its central. yes, that's definitely possibilities. there's nothing under the law says you can't help but marquez spring a partner with the legal firm. cdf labor law llp says with the current state of the law. there's nothing prohibiting employers of any size from enacting policies or
6:50 am
practices. >> mandating that workers get vaccinated in order to return to work. businesses do have an obligation to create a safe workplace. >> in terms of their employees to insure their employees. stay safe and they also want to create a safe environment for their customers as well. in order to make that happen. and some businesses may consider whether they want to mandate vaccination this spring says that both the equal employment opportunity commission and the department of fair employment and housing. >> have similar guidelines giving a nod to employers to mandate the vaccine to return to work as long they do they allow for accommodation for any bona fide religious beliefs to prohibit somebody from getting the vaccine or any disability or medical condition that my qualifiers a disability to accommodate condition that would prohibit a person from getting the vaccine and they don't retaliate against anybody who
6:51 am
does so spring says there's a morale issue in which he advises his clients. how many i'm going to lose especially long-term veteran quality contributing employees because they have beliefs that maybe you're not. based on religion or based on disability that they are willing to get the. the vaccine rowena shaddox fox 40 news. it's 6.51 and still coming up with a couple morning news, the worriers are back in action at the chase center. we'll have highlights.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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so i'm bringing everyone within 12 degrees of me. bam, 12 months of $5 wireless. visible. wireless that gets better with friends. >> the bay area. got to greet the stamford champions in person yesterday. they headed home after a long road trip and successful head coach tara vanderveer and the lady cardinal dozens of fans say thank you and congrats for winning the program's 3rd national championship. they took down arizona over the weekend and santa cruz native haley jones was key named the final four's. most outstanding player. congratulations to the stanford women. and for the men's basketball. congratulations to baylor. they ruin gonzaga's perfect season to win the nc double a national championship for the men. baylor has was ahead from start to finish, 86 to 70 is
6:55 am
the first national title. 4 baylor and the first loss of the season for gun jack up 6.54 james yeah. and the warriors also hoping to snap a three-game losing streak tonight. >> they'll be taking on the milwaukee bucks their mose recent game they lost the atlanta hawks. even with steph curry back in the lineup. they couldn't get out a win on the board with the center, james wiseman has been struggling recently. he says he's working hard trying to get better and better at understanding to the warrior style of play. >> council competitor like our warm better marked. so for us in moscow for a high standard but going to back games really like maybe stronger because it. remy realize that you're going to have and downs. but to stop to stay like middle ground. you have to stay in the middle. so really just trying to flow in just just not be our >> tonight's game against the bucks is at home will be the chase center outside tipoff times with 7 p at those screens. speaking of the chase center. the warriors are teaming up with clorox to keep
6:56 am
the center in the fans safe and clean. the warriors say the deal with clorox well, it's really going to strengthen the chase center is clean initiative program. that's the program that outlines all of the cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout the arena. the chase center has been closed. as you know, tough. and since the start of the pandemic last year. but just last week, california updated the state guidelines to allow indoor live event starting on april 15th now san francisco officials haven't announced yet when they'll allow fans back inside. but the warriors want to make sure the chase centers sparkling when they do. >> 6.56 and coming up in the next hour is to your tuesday and you know what that means. we'll find out today which counties get to move into the less restrictive orange tier. >> we're live in sonoma county which hopes to be next. and more changes could be coming to the states blueprint for reopenings and that could help counties move into different tiers more easily. plus federal, state. local leaders
6:57 am
are working with the logistics to keep the oakland coliseum's mass vaccination site open. so you'll be able to go there when you're eligible for a shock.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> the bay area's local news
7:00 am
station. now with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm sorry, wholesome and i'm james fletcher in the breaking news we're following this morning comes out of oakland where we're following major police activity right now out at oakland airport. all we know is that terminal one. >> is currently close. nobody is allowed in or out. yeah, we have a map. we can bring it back up again showing the airport property now oakland airport confirms this started about 40 an hour and 15 minutes ago. 5.45 this morning. kron four's will tran is on the way. crawford evans is also headed there as well. so soon as we find more information about what's happening out their terminal one. we will let you know. yes, i'm here. he's got a flight. if you live or near their work near their view aware of that. we've gathered a team coverage coming up. okay, let's turn our attention to the weather real quick here before we get back to the headlines. we've got john trouble in the weather center starting it off. good morning, john. good morning, cloudy morning and a foggy morning for some of us too. >> you look outside


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