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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 6, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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6. and are your pulse. and i'm james fletcher. it is to your tuesday all right. we have another county. we've got another couple moved to a better to just like 2 more that we're hoping last week would move in. so we'll talk more about that coming up. and also tracking the weather, too, with john eventful. i didn't have fog and any issues like the man. you felt the need to wear something a little warmer. i did, yes. and maybe i messed up on the day. what's the coldest day this week. the coldest day this week is it was yesterday yesterday, but also tuesday or wednesday, thursday, friday okc i held obviously every day this week is going to feel but yes, today we will see a few more 70's out there really all in all this week. an eventful is a good way to describe it. we're going to be sticking around in some really seasonable temperatures conditions out there are going to remain dry a little foggy at times but not a huge issue so far this morning. so yeah, an eventful is a pretty good way to actually describe
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seasonable looking out there this morning. there's your low cloud cover sitting over berkeley. there's nothing blocking out. this view just yet. fog is going to settle into the bay at points this morning, though. so i would keep an eye out for some lower visibility in a few spots especially further inland in pockets for the north bay dry out there right now. we are seeing an abundance of low clouds. so pretty gray start to the morning. you may see some coastal drizzle right along the coastline. 40's and 50's for current temps with alameda hayward and fremont right at 50 degrees berkeley nevado unconquered among our spots in the 40's talking more in your forecast. still to come, of course. but first let's go over to rain at. it's still early. so i'm not anticipating any problems on the roads. but you proven before rain over. i know earlier we've had. >> hot spots on days like this. but today we're looking great. high wind advisory. the only one i have is along the altamonte past. so you want to take your time as you're driving that way. but as you head into the city right now. no major accidents or hot spots under 8 minutes for your
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drive time. so traffic is certainly moving at the limit, looking at the san mateo bridge here heading cross towards the peninsula under 13 for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell commute. also a nice one for you under 8 minutes. still pretty quiet here this morning, checking on things in the south for you. start off your commute. one. oh, one heading in the park. just 27 minutes. we'll have more coming up next. the darya and james, back to you. thanks reyna breaking news this morning. president biden moving up the deadline for states to make all eligible. >> adults be able to get their covid appointments 16 and over. yeah. originally the deadline was may first. but today the president is expected to announce that that deadline will now move up to april 19th. >> here in california. anybody over the age of 16 is eligible for vaccine shots starting on april 15th. so the dates are getting in line with that and most state sitting. there was like 5 that did not have this sped up guidelines. so the president's amount, those go a long way for anybody. >> who wasn't able to get a shot. prior just last week the president said by april 19th
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all adults would have vaccination within 5 miles of their home. some place that they could go to make it easier and this is all happening as the u.s. set a record for single-day vaccinations over the weekend. 4 million people were vaccinated and a 24 hour period. we're typically keeping up with about 3 million a day. and you so that's the latest on the national front. then as we mentioned at the top of the hour. today's course to your tuesday here. >> in california. so for the bay area. does that mean we'll have another county move into the orange tier. that's the big question at county could be the latest to ease restrictions. let's go live to petaluma with kron 4 sarah stinson on more there. hi, sarah. >> yet here tuesday. and we're seeing in another county doing well. we love the positive news, especially on this tear tuesday numbers are trending downwards for sonoma county and that means they very well could move into the orange tier today. so we have to wait for officials and see what they decide on the state
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level. but the latest information on the sonoma county website shows that the case rate at last check was 3.6 new cases per day per 100,000 people and that was at last check. so i believe that number could be even better. now the state says the county must have a case. we have 6 or less per 100,000 people from to move from the red to the orange tier. you have to be in the red with declining numbers for at least 2 weeks for the snow for sonoma county. to move into the different here. so 2 weeks you have to be really good. okay. and then you can move into the new chair. sonoma county has been in the red tier since march 14th. so looking good yet again now here are some of the changes that come with the orange tier, including indoor dining spending it to 50% capacity and retail stores and shopping malls operating at full capacity. >> and then we have churches movie theaters all expanding to 50% capacity while indoor gyms, wineries and breweries open at 25%. bars can also
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open outdoors know if this happens. sonoma county would be joining san francisco marin san mateo alameda in santa clara counties in the orange tier or just missing napa county. as you know, last week we thought they were going to move into the orange tier. but numbers were not looking good. so they got left behind today. will we be waiting to hear about sonoma and the wind here about napa too, where they at. are they going to be able to join sonoma possibly moving to the orange we'll have to see for now reporting live in petaluma. sara stinson. >> back to you. i hope so. life in the orange is much better make you sarah. we'll check in with you later. >> 5. '05, is the time and state leaders say that more changes could be coming to california as a blueprint for reopening. and this could help counties move to less restrictive tiers. a little more easily. as of today. most of the state remains in the red tier allowing for businesses to open with just minimal capacity. the relaxation of rules, though, will begin wants 4 million
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doses of the covid-19 vaccine have been distributed to at least or to the least healthy zip codes across the state after announcing that large gatherings and live performances and conferences. receptions will all be a lot later this month. officials say they're working right now on even less restrictive green tier requirements. >> additional guidance is coming soon. and that was quite a lot more information about when we get past to keep it all together. getting have to it will still take more time and more vaccinations continuing to monitor it actually racing the trends, but he will provide that road map. >> state officials say that the new road map could also be out in the coming days. we'll let you know when they release that. >> local health experts are now investigating 7 more coronavirus cases linked to the variant from india. the first case thought to have occurred patients from santa clara county. and that was believed to be the first of its kind in the country. a stanford lab is now working to
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confirm those other possible cases as well. doctors say they still have a lot to learn about this new variant from india. and there's a big surge going on in that country. the is being called double mutant because it has to mutations that could possibly make it much more infectious. >> so this is a variant that has mutations similar to the california variant as well as south africa and brazil variance. it looks like it may be more transmissible and potentially. able to be neutralized by and potentially. vaccines may be less effective at preventing infection with this particular area. >> in parts of india where the double mutant variant is the most prevalent. new cases are up as much as 50%. but doctor pinsky also says there is no need to panic. the new variant is another reason to get vaccinated. they're thinking
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that the covid shots that we're getting are effective just like they found their effective against the uk variant known now as cases continue to rise and more of these variants emerge. there's a. >> growing concern that this trend may be hitting the bay area, particularly hard kron 4 s taylor spoke with an infectious disease expert about the alarming infection rate trends. >> with covid-19 cases rising in some bay area counties ucsf infectious disease expert doctor george rutherford says overall the bay area seeing a slight trend of infection rates. alameda for instance, in the last week has gone up by more than 500 cases. >> moran has gone down by 46, you know, so it's kind of a wash. so i think we need to pay attention to this. it's not we're not out of the woods yet. and there's ongoing transmission. we'll have to see easter celebrations might have brought. we broke down case rates and percentage changes in each bay area county over the last 7 days
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recorded by the cdc according to their data to notice cases are up in alameda, contra costa solano san mateo and napa counties. >> but down in san francisco, santa clara sonoma and marin counties. meanwhile, this is the 4th week of rising cases nationwide on monday, cdc director doctor rochelle walensky said many of the outbreaks are in young people related to youth sports and extracurricular activities. we know that these increases are due in part to more highly transmissible variance, which we are very closely monitoring. >> and as more schools are reopening it's even more important to make sure they do so safely with strict adherence to guidance and for all of us to roll up our sleeves for a vaccine as soon as we can doctor rather 4 degrees. people will be an important month to watch what happens as more bay area schools reopen and youth sports ramp back up. >> however, when it comes to new variants. he says californians shouldn't be as
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worried at least for now, ours is mutating. the strains will jostle each other for for dominance. >> see who's the most fit. and i think we're we're lucky that the west coast variant seem to be winning out right now while they're more transmissible there. >> not as transmissible as the uk variant. while we are seeing a surge in cases in other parts of the country, especially in states like michigan. >> experts say the immunity in each state will determine how different parts of the country can withstand these increasing cases. >> it's unclear which way california will go at this point. but experts believe that we're in pretty good standing as it is right now in san francisco, taylor kron 4 news. >> a big win for bay area vaccine distribution the oakland coliseum, the big mass vaccination site is going to stay open. vice president kamala harris and made sure of that. she made the announcement yesterday was supposed to close this sunday. it's been getting about 5,000 shots per day there and the extension comes just in time as california will soon become
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eligible to give those covid shots to everybody. aged 16 and over starting on april. 15th senator alex badia paid a visit to the coliseum yesterday and he was with state and local leaders saying they're still working out the logistics, but it will happen. >> who's going to lead operations number 2 was the vaccines coming from there's multiple sources of supply at 3rd how pay for this. this site has been valuable, but we still don't have enough. >> there's still been a shortage. there's still been on people who have been searching and searching for appointments. so we're really when when we just do this astronomical opening on april 15th that without a site like this, we will not be able to meet people's expectations. >> county leaders say in recent weeks they have seen. less for people getting shots more people wanting to sign up to get their covid shot. this sunday. we have an exclusive statewide town hall actually with senator alex, the ds. you can hear more from him
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discussing covid relief, immigration gun control and much more and he'll answer your questions, submit them on twitter using the hashtag inside ca politics. that town hall starts at 06:30am in the morning right here on kron 4. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the minneapolis police chief calls george floyd's death a murder. this as testimony in the derek chauvin trial. enters day 7. we'll bring you up to speed. plus, a bay area business owner receives a racist letter. of course, the asian community will have that story just ahead. i'm erin. -and i'm margo. we've always done things our own way. charted our own paths. i wasn't going to just back down from moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. psoriatic arthritis wasn't going to change who i am. when i learned that my joint pain
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>> five-fifty right now. and we're checking out the weather looks like the tone is set for the week. cool looks like. but warm-up for the weekend to let's find out from john. good morning. yeah, we're going to be keeping this around it's just going to be nice and steady all week long. nothing like last week or we had some warm days, especially in the little bit of cool downs as well. >> this week we're staying seasonable little bit cloudy during the morning hours, especially and then some sunshine during your afternoons. you look outside right now shows you those partly cloudy skies that we have over had. actually a pretty gray start to the morning across the bay area
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now skies today will eventually clear out some but do expect some fog and cloud cover well, throughout the morning commute and it will impact your visibility in a few spots high pressure is in place to our south and it's going to have just enough of an influence to keep us dry for the remainder of the week. not necessarily the best of news because we certainly do need to be tapping into rain and mountain snow as we near the end of april, especially that's when really going to start to enter the drier time of year. winds from coast pushing on inland across the bay area this morning. this is going to be seen something that's going to be bringing in some cloud cover as well as that cool feel to the air that we saw yesterday and will continue to see throughout the forecast ahead of us. cloud cover seen here on futurecast partly cloudy skies ahead this afternoon tomorrow will also bring a partly cloudy start couple of spots of coastal drizzle but certainly no rain in this forecast. daytime highs today will be in the 50's 60's for the peninsula and coastal areas been tara and egypt 57 degrees 66 in
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burlingame further south on the peninsula. daytime highs inching close to 70 degrees in mountain view and then for the south bay, you'll actually beginning to 70 in santa clara cupertino in saratoga. well, right above that in areas like san jose east bay, daytime highs. also range of 60's to just a few low 70's with oakland at 63 degrees berkeley richmond in san leandro. also in the mid to low 60's today. benicia and sonoma right at 70 degrees each while santa rosa at 68. you look ahead at next 7 days. well, tomorrow thursday and friday to get a little bit cooler than today. daytime highs back into the 60's on average. but we do see a warm up into the weekend. that will take us back into the 70's by saturday, sunday and monday and skies remain clear and dry all the way through. reyna. john, thank you for that. so we don't have any high wind advisories along the bay bridge. >> however, we have one along the altamonte pass for you today as you're heading into the city, not tracking any major accidents under 9
5:18 am
minutes for your drive time to the fremont street exit also get a look at the san mateo bridge. look at that as you're heading across towards the peninsula there under 13 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell comey also nice. and at the limit, 6 minutes for your drive as you head to richmond and checking on little one for you again. 27 minutes to menlo park will have more on that coming up. but for now, james, back to you. all right, reena, thank you very much. 5.17 the time. >> it was murder. that's what the minneapolis police chief said about george floyd's death on the stand. the chief testified that officer derek chauvin. >> had clearly violated department policy when he pin floyd's neck beneath his knee for more than 9 minutes. shaun lewis has the story. >> first on the stand, the e r doctor who worked to save george floyd's life for 30 minutes but failed on their arrival. the individual. >> did not have a polls and cpr was started. did you ever observe any point in that his heart was beating on its own. >> to the degree sufficient to
5:19 am
sustain life. >> former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin sat in silence as his defense attorney questioned the doctor who said that the fentanyl found in george floyd's system during an autopsy could have suppressed the respiratory system. but in his professional opinion was not the reason for his death. >> where's your leading theory of and for the cause of mister floyd's cardiac arrest. oxygen, oxygen. >> speaks tia commonly understood. >> most of the day was spent questioning minneapolis police chief who said that he was notified within 30 minutes. what happened on may 25th 2020. he watched the bystander video late that night online. i viewed that video. >> in its entirety that. action. is not the escalation. and. when we talk the framework of our. >> sanctity of life. and we talk about the principles and
5:20 am
values that we have that that goes contrary. to what we're taught. >> the chief testifying against his former officer saying that the use of force used against george floyd win against department policy in place since 2016 once mister floyd had stopped resisting. and certainly once he in distress and trying to verbalize that. that that should have stopped. >> in fact, violated departmental policy. i absolutely agree that. >> violates our policy showbiz defense hinting at times that the officer reverted to old use of force training when dealing with floyd sometimes what you have when an officer has to do is come and the press, right. they have to take control of the situation. and sometimes that's not particularly attractive is. >> now. sean lewis reporting
5:21 am
breece hall who was in the vehicle with george floyd before his struggle with police will be in court today. >> time now is 5.20 and national news. republicans have made it clear they do not like president biden's 2 trillion dollars infrastructure plan. no matter, though democrats may need no support from the republicans to get this through. washington, dc correspondent anna wiernicki is live in washington to explain what's going on that hi, anna. hi, good morning. that's right. republicans have vowed. >> to fight this package every step of the way. but like you said, that may not even matter because now democrats only need to convince members of their own party in order to pass it. >> the senate parliamentarian said monday democrats can use budgetary rules to pass president biden's 2 trillion dollars, infrastructure package without the need for republican support. the rule known as reconciliation means democrats only need a simple majority to pass the bill in the senate and bypass the need for 10 republican votes to break a filibuster, which
5:22 am
means. >> then it will just be a democrat. only bill and that's unfortunate still republicans pledge to put up a fight. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the president's initial proposal won't get any republican support. >> because it's too big and not focus on immediate infrastructure needs white house press secretary jen psaki says the president would like the bill to be bipartisan. he know some members think it's too some think it's too too small. a frankly, there. >> been folks have come out on both sides of which we fully expected open to hearing ideas and proposals from members and we encourage them to put them forward. democrats now need to focus on rallying their own members, including west virginia senator joe manchin. >> who said monday that he and a few other senate democrats oppose the bills, corporate tax hike. the white house initially proposed roising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% to pay for the bills. 2 million or 2 trillion dollar price tag over the next 15
5:23 am
years. >> senator manchin says that's way too much. he'd like to see it at 25% live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki areas. back to you. all right. thanks a lot, anna. >> we'll take a break or 5.22 coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news while the a's continue to struggle. the giants are trying to even up their season in san diego will have highlights from both games just ahead.
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>> 25 and let's talk baseball because we have to in san diego taking on the padres in the first of a three-game series in the 4th inning. evan longoria breaks. a tie. and that's his 3rd home run of the season and then in the 7th. and with the game tied again, mike, its stripes key hits one deep to center and the giants had the lead, san francisco. hold on to the win. 3 to 2 was close game. 2 of the series is tonight. good thing they want first pitch 7.10. the good thing that yeah. again because days, at least we had one bay area team winning as a rough start for the a's. they continue that struggle taking on the dodgers. this one. >> actually wasn't even close. the dodgers had a seven-run lead after the 3rd inning. they went on to win by a final of 10 to 3. so still haven't won one yet this season. what's hope? maybe they can do
5:27 am
it today. the teams will face off again. first pitch 6.40, at the coliseum will. >> later this morning. a prominent bay area civil rights attorney will file a federal lawsuit against and bill claiming what one of their officers did was, in his their officers did was, in his words, co their officers did was, in his words, co i have the power to lower my a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it. once-weekly trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. most people taking it reached an a1c under 7%. trulicity may also help you lose up to 10 pounds and lower your risk of cardiovascular events, whether you know you're at risk or not. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy.
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>> 5.29 right now and we're looking at the weather. i have been enjoying life in puffy
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coat in the not the big boys. no, not the big like haven't needed him. haven't put him to bed check pack that baby might as well put it in storage in the doghouse already. i'd say you're committed whether because of the look at the big boy, which is looks like a sleeping bag. i could roll it up with the state look like a sleeping bag and rush. i wish is it is a pad for the just can't wear it again this year. but yes, it is definitely going to be a mild week ahead of us not as warm as last week was. but that's probably a good thing that was too warm for this time of year. we've settle back down to some seasonable weather daytime highs in the upper 60's to low 70's. >> little bit of cloud cover. a little bit of sunshine. pretty typical bay area stuff for this time of year getting your look outside right now. skies are clear enough that have been bay at least there's no poor visibility conditions. you are seeing cloud cover above the bay and in some spots, there is some fog to know visibility is falling
5:31 am
below a mile in patches in areas like livermore, napa, nevado in santa rosa. so watch your travels into work this morning. there will be some spots out there that provide some foggy areas with lower visibility. as for temperatures. pretty much the same as where we were yesterday. 40's and 50's oakland alameda hayward and fremont each right at 50 degrees. upper to mid 40's in the north bay as well as on the peninsula. reyna john, thank you for that. not tracking any major accidents this morning. >> we have high wind advisories yesterday. we don't have them for the bridge today along the altamonte past though there is a high wind advisory there heading into the city under 10 minutes. metering lights are still off of things are starting to get busy. but you're still making good time. also, the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes for your drive time. no major delays across that bridge as well. the richmond sandra fell coming out of richmond. you can do that in under 8 minutes and checking on things along one o one heading in the park at 27. we'll have more on that coming up. the darya and james, back to you. thanks a
5:32 am
lot, so developing news this morning we have a lawsuit that's been filed against the city of danville following that fatal police shooting last month. this morning we have a look at new video that leads up to the moment of the shooting. kron four's will tran live in danville with a look. i will. >> darya james. i'm in front of the danville police department where at noon today prominent civil rights attorney john burris. he will file a federal lawsuit against the city of danville claiming what one of their officers did was, in his words, cold murder. let me show you a picture of the man who danville police shot and he actually works with the contra costa county sheriff's department. but he works with danville through them. so they contract with each other. so it's danville's responsibility. this is the man who was shot on march 11th. his name is tyrel wilson. 32 years old. he was described as a homeless man who on that particular day was accused of throwing rocks off
5:33 am
an overpass on 6 ad. let's get right to the cell phone video that we got our hands on. this was shot by a bystander sitting in a car. you can see officer andrew hall approaching terrell wilson. they were very close. then all of a sudden one shot was fired by hall. wilson drops to the ground hall goes around looks at the scene and then a few minutes later, wilson was rushed to the hospital where he died 6 days later from that one single shot. here's why it all started in the first place. according to the denver police department, wilson was carrying a gun that according to hall wilson did not drop the gun up on command and that's when he had to, according to the danville police department that he had to fire that fatal shot according to he's me at night that he was holding a knife at the time that he did not drop the knife and then that's when hall fired that fatal shot, according to a prominent civil
5:34 am
rights attorney bursts. that hall did not de escalate the situation that he did not have to fired that shot. and he was not the only one who thinks that way because here's video of a protest that took place late last month in march when a lot of protesters, they turned out to the scene where the shot was fired. they protested what happened. they claim like john burris that will since civil rights were violated and i'm sure they will be out at a news conference today because birds will have a news conference at this particular site before he files that lawsuit just to give you perspective. andrew hall 3 years ago. also fired a fatal shot at another man now net particular case. that man died that man is also represented by john burris as far as andrew hall, he has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation so a very explosive situation. we, of course, will be here the talk to john burris before the files that federal lawsuit.
5:35 am
back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll check in with you later. will at 5.30 for the north bay. we healdsburg business owners saying that she's worried about the safety of her workers and customers. >> after receiving a racist hateful letter. that letter was sent to vicki may so long. all polish nails and spa back in march. and we've learned that this racist letter was also sent to other nail salons across the state among the hateful stereotypes that's within it that asian americans are told to leave the country may is of vietnamese descent and opened this business for years ago. she says she's never felt unwelcome than healdsburg until now. >> it just really heartbreaking. just yeah. it's really disturbing >> the return address on the letter is fake healdsburg police are investigating that letter but not as a hate crime just yet. >> now to a tragedy in the north bay and suv went through
5:36 am
a parking lot no brakes plunged off a cliff of the degas. killing a mother and daughter. both worked in bay area schools. elizabeth korea worked as a first grade teacher at an elementary school in pleasanton her friends and co-workers. remember her as an incredible and teacher. >> she's she's touched the lives of thousands students and families and. it's definitely heartbreaking that we've lost such an incredible person and. educator and just someone that its dedicated their lives to. making a difference for students. >> she died in the vehicle along with her mother who worked as a custodian at montevideo elementary in san ramon and in a statement to kron 4. the school's principal said in part misses maria was, quote, a fixture in our community should be found on campus every day doing whatever needed to be done to serve the community wherever
5:37 am
there was someone who needed help mrs. maria was there. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> outrage in the east bay now has 2 more horses have died at golden gate fields in this brings the total number of deaths in the last year to 37 horses at that particular race track the california horse racing board says one of the horses died on april first, the other on the 3rd. the cause hasn't been released yet. but we know that this brings the total to 9 deaths this year alone concerned community members are calling for the racetrack to be shut down for good. they say they would like to see the waterfront sites or other needs like housing. we've reached out to representatives at golden gate fields. but so far haven't heard back. >> today the san francisco school board votes whether to stop their plan to rename 44 schools. the decision to rename the schools was criticized by parents who thought the board should be focusing right now on getting
5:38 am
students teachers back in the class. the school board could revisit nhe issue later this year. we'll take a break at 5.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news vaccination cards will likely become a big part. >> of everyday life. but the fbi is warning of big trouble. if anybody tries to forge them. we'll explain. and after the break, a shortage of officers at the capitol. a police union will tell you why they're warning of a mass exodus from their ranks. >> and we are looking at conditions today that will eventually clear out after a pretty gray start to this morning. daytime highs. a little warmer than yesterday. some 60's and 70's your forecast ahead. as you head out this tuesday morning. we're keeping a close eye on your boat always and bridges. we'll have more on your commute into the city. >> and other bridges across the bay area. that's coming up the bay area. that's coming up after the break. i was injured in a car crash. the bay area. that's coming up after the break. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son,
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put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. now you can make any morning of the week feel like the weekend. with jimmy dean simple scrambles. made fresh with two real eggs, sausage 'n cheese. and ready in seconds. why don't you put a sunday morning shine on tomorrow morning's breakfast. >> 5.41 and happening now, the federal government is considering house unaccompanied migrant children. they're considering housing them on an army national guard base in central california. the pentagon approved the use of camp roberts to temporarily house children traveling alone in february. border. authorit es were dealing with more than 9,000 kids who didn't have their parents with them. it's the single highest month since may of 2019 when more than
5:42 am
11,000 on occupied miners came to the border. >> police union officials are warning now a mass exodus from the ranks after the recent attack that we saw at the u.s. capitol complex the chairman of the capitol police union says the department is now 233 officers below it's authorized level of 2000. he says many young officers have told him that they are actively looking to leave and move to other agencies last friday a capitol officer was killed when a man drove his car into a security barricade. a second officer was injured and has since been released from the hospital. we'll take a break at 5.42. >> back with more news in just a minute.
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>> 5.45 right now in before you head out the door. let's check the weather. indeed. we've got john with a look at that on this early tuesday morning is sort of a fashion yes, i mean, because you tell us jacket, no jacket sweater dot. i'm wearing a long sleeve. it might not look good, but it will that you like or my daria looks i going to be looking at conditions today that you might want to keep the long sleeve on the sweater dress was a good decision. and as you're getting outside, keep that
5:46 am
light jacket on hand. even into the afternoon. kind of like you did yesterday looking outside this morning. we are looking at conditions that are pretty great to get this one started. no rainfall in this forecast ahead of a son or is about rain jackets or umbrellas. just something to keep you warm as we work our way back into some more seasonable weather from the warm conditions that we had to finish last week. radar shows you those dry skies really quiet out there. high pressure that situated to our south is just enough of an influence to keep any sort of rainfall pushed out of the region. well, to the north. that was one of the reasons that we actually didn't really tap into a lot of rainfall yesterday just didn't have the steam to reach the bay area really fizzling out with the exception of a couple light sprinkles yesterday morning in the north bay today it's dry all across the bay with winds from the coast pushing inland. this is going to keep temperatures cool not just today but the next few days we're certainly not looking at any hot offshore breezes that would bring the hot, dry weather like we had last week completely different set up. that is bringing a much more ocean cooled kind of climate
5:47 am
back to the bay area. that's why we are back to some pretty typical stuff for the bay skies today will be mostly sunny at times this afternoon, but do watch out for a good share of cloud cover and then tomorrow on into thursday and friday temperatures back down into the 60's, actually a little cooler than this afternoon will be. see. definitely just want to keep those jackets with you, 50's 60's for your highs. in san francisco and elsewhere on the peninsula. well, a few 70's can be expected further inland across the bay. a few more 70's. and we saw yesterday to. so today is a subtly warmer one than your monday was. san jose. campbell in the each at 71 wall fremont hayward in union city in the mid to upper 60's today. oakland at 63 conquered 71 degrees, north bay temps mostly in the upper 60's to low 70's vacaville yet again for the second day in the row being the warm spot in the day today. you'll be at 75 tomorrow's temperatures a little cooler than 2 days. and actually going to remain fairly cool into thursday and friday. good news for the
5:48 am
weekend. we warm back up and skies will be crystal clear on saturday and sunday. really great weather for your second weekend of april after a seasonable and cool next few days. reyna tom, thank you. you're off to a great start this tuesday morning as you're heading. >> into the city under 10 minutes for your drive time. now, remember, we have high wind advisories across the bay bridge. we do not have that today. the altamonte there is an advisory in place so drive slow also as you are heading across towards the peninsula. also at the limit for you here under 13 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell commute. that's nice as well. starting to pick up but still at the limit. just 7 minutes for you to head to richmond checking on things down here in the south bay along one. oh, one looks great. also 02:00am not tracking anything also, an 82 lot more that coming up next. for now. daryn, back to you. >> thanks a lot of 5.48 the nation's top infectious disease expert has a warning doctor fauci says that we should not expect warmer temperatures to keep covid
5:49 am
from spreading. >> i remember a year ago for all of you a little bit more than a year ago when we were looking for the summit to rescue us from surges. it was in fact the opposite. we saw some substantial surges in i don't think we should even think about relying on the weather to bail us out of anything we're in right now. yeah, remember last summer we're learning as we go and we have learned that the heat won't wipe out covid fauci also says the federal government has no plans. >> to make vaccine passports mandate for tory for travelers. it was something that i just found out now. they you my daughter's flying internationally and it doesn't matter if she's been vaccinate or not to is not a place to check cards. there are no cards like a passport right now. they just start operating with covid tests. same old prove that you're negative 72 hours before your flight 5.49. is the time right now. other news that we're following. james. yeah, we've got more people getting the covid vaccine more venues and events opening back up. >> officials, though, say some people may forge their proof
5:50 am
of vaccination. so we could see counterfeit cards out there. the fbi issued a new warning about these fake vaccine cards being sold online. doug johnson reports. >> as all californians become eligible for the covid-19 vaccination on april 15th indoor events will start to require proof of vaccination or a negative test with the rush to get the vaccine and appointments becoming more and more difficult to get some could want the benefits of having the vaccine without actually getting ready big tax evasion cards have popped up for sale online. there's some people that just don't want to get vaccinated, but they still want to go to the baseball game. they still want to travel internationally. >> and so this might appeal to them. that's why the fbi is issuing a warning that it is even legal. the seller by fraudulent coronavirus vaccination cards. the fbi trying to preempt a problem if they can danville for is the president of digital evidence ventures and a former fbi agent himself. he says getting a fake vaccination card can
5:51 am
land you in serious legal trouble. it's a federal crime here in the u.s. that's also fraud and you could be charged a bad idea to give the information that needs to go on that card to someone who is clearly breaking the law doesn't very good sense to me. to provide personal information may be your date of birth, your name address for the card. >> along with your credit card information to somebody, you know, to be a scammer already who's preparing a forged document for you. and lastly, bill for says by the time a vaccination card needs to be checked for travelers events. >> that process will already likely have gone digital regulatory agencies, government agencies, tsa, for example, have access to that database and can verify your information preflight. doug johnson, fox 40 news. >> 5.51. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, the worriers are back in action at the chase center. we'll take a look at ahead at tonight
5:52 am
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♪ nothing is everything. ♪ skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ now is the time to ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. stamford national champs greeted with. >> an impromptu parade on the campus yesterday head coach tara vanderveer and the lady cardinal, we're greeted by dozens of fans as they rolled through campus in convertibles, waving the women's basketball program won their 3rd national championship over the weekend taken down arizona santa cruz de of a lee jones named the final four's. most outstanding player. and now to the man
5:55 am
baylor ruin gonzaga's perfect season. they won the men's national basketball championship for colleges game ended with baylor beating the zags final score 86 to 70. it wasn't even close. the whole game long. it's baylor's first national title and zags first loss of the season. 5.55 is the time right now. james. yeah, let's talk about the golden state trying to snap a three-game losing streak tonight they'll be taken on the milwaukee bucks. >> sunday. as you know, the warriors loss to the atlanta hawks. even with steph curry back in the lineup. rookie center. james wiseman has been struggling in recent games. he says he's working hard to get better and understanding the warriors style of play. >> i'm so competitive for like our warm better marked so for us in moscow for a high standard. we're going to back games really like maybe stronger because it. remy realize that you're going to have and downs. but to stop to stay like middle ground. you have to stay in the middle. so
5:56 am
really just trying to flow in just just not be our >> already saw at tonight's game against the bucks is at home at the chase center in san francisco. tipoff is at 7 o'clock. and speaking of the chase center. the warriors are teaming up with clorox to keep their home arena clean and safe for fans. the warriors say the deal clorox will strengthen the chase center is clean initiative program which outlines all cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout the arena. the chase center has been closed to fans since the start of the pandemic last year, just last week california leaders updated the state's guidelines to allow indoor live event starting on april 15th the chase center. the warriors very excited about that. san francisco officials haven't announced yet when they will allow fans back inside. we're obviously watching that very carefully. we'll let you know when we find out. >> 5.56 right now. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news to your tuesday and you know what that means. there could be more bay area counties. they get to move into the less restrictive orange tier. we'll have a live report from sonoma county. could they be next?
5:57 am
and federal, state. local leaders are working together to keep the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site open. hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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come experience floor and decor's grand opening in pleasant hill! comfortably shop our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. explore floor and decor's newest area location. now open in pleasant hill! >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6.
6:00 am
>> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on. >> the prompter is jay wednesday gosh, i was going right to tuesday as she i yourself know i was going to is going to wedge issues. i needed to say tueeday. april whatever 6. there you go. thank you, james. look at the forecast good morning i'd be terrible at dressed for the weather i you? tuesday is a tough one to remember. sometimes we're all still catching up. >> looking out there this morning. we are looking at a foggy start to the morning. so venturing outside to maybe some conditions that you want to give yourself some extra time to get to work in fog isn't super widespread, but there are pockets, especially inland in the north bay that could cause you some problems. looking outside at half moon bay this morning. no fog. just cloud cover sitting up above most of our visibility issues have been in the north bay, as i mentioned, and the


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