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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  April 6, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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around the corner as of right now, though, it's definitely great. little bit misty for some of our coastal spots to so just watch out for those lower areas of his ability. and you'll be fine as you make your way into work speed to give yourself a little bit extra time as we often talk about on these mornings where fog is a potential 40's and 50's for current temps with fremont hayward and alameda right at 50 degrees oakland 51 well, upper 40's in areas like dublin, berkeley, san francisco in petaluma each at 48 or 49 degrees. little bit cooler than at the same time yesterday notably up in nevado and napa and towards the afternoon despite the fact that we're starting up so great. we will at times of mostly sunny skies between partly cloudy conditions. highs generally into the upper 60's to even low 70's. so a little bit more mild than yesterday was. i'll be talking the rest of the forecast, which as we've already concluded is looking pretty dry. still to come, tom, thank you for that. as you leave your house this morning in the
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roads. we're tracking your commute. so i'm not seeing any major hot spots out there on the highways this morning. >> about 10 or so minutes to make it to that fremont street exit as you're heading from the east bay into the city. let's head over. look at the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. there. also no major accidents or delays about 9 minutes for you to make it across towards the peninsula and a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge heading now to richmond pretty quiet commute. so far under 8 minutes, we'll have more coming up next. but for now, back to the news. vice president kamala harris returned to the bay area to promote president biden's 2 trillion dollars infrastructure plan. she joined governor gavin newsome at a water treatment facility in oakland yesterday was are first time back in the bay area since taking office. they were highlighting the president's proposed 111 billion dollars for new clean water initiatives as part of that package. >> but the american jobs plan
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looks at it in terms of the infrastructure piece and in particular, what we need to do to build back up and to build a new. >> what we can do to preserve. and to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water. >> the tour comes as republicans are vowing to block the bill. the main sticking point for the gop is that president biden plans to pay for the stimulus with a corporate tax hike. democrats believe they can sell this plan to the american public with the focus on community investment and job growth. some of the progressive wing of the party are pushing for a bill even larger in 2 trillion dollars. a big win for bay area vaccine distribution. vice president kamala harris announced the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site will stay open. but as kron in our ear explains on how to keep it open. they're still working that out. >> this site vaccinates about 5,000 people every day right behind me here. you can see those people being vaccinated right now. it's been a steady
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stream of people. the vaccination site was originally scheduled to close sunday. vice president kamala harris announced it will stay open. but there's still a lot of questions. so the scale of this facility that's helped us make tremendous progress here in the bay area. >> and the last several weeks, more than 30% of californians have received their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >> senator pds says that's because of the silla t's like this one at the oakland coliseum. we're going to continue to work together to extend the life of this facility. we know the facility will stay open beyond its original closing date on sunday. that's when the contract with fema runs out. now. senator podia along with federal, state and local leaders are trying to figure out how it will happen. who's going lead operations number 2, fact is coming from there's multiple sources of supply at 3rd, going to pay for this on april 15th all californians will be able to make an
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appointment for their first alameda county supervisor wilma chan says that makes this site even more important. the site has been valuable, but we still don't have enough. there's still been a shortage. there's still been on people who have been searching and searching for appointments. so we're really when when we just do this astronomical opening on april 15th. >> that without a site like this, we will not be able to meet people's expectations in alameda county. the goal is to vaccinate about 70 to 80% of people. >> right now. they're at about 20%. so leaders believe this site behind me will need to be open for several more months in oakland amanda hari kron 4 news. >> this sunday. we have an exclusive statewide town hall with senator alex. the d a he's going to be discussing covid relief immigration gun control and more submit your questions on twitter using the hashtag inside politics. the town hall starts at 06:30am in the morning right here on kron 4. and the north bay hills
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bird business owner says she's worried about the safety of our workers and customers after receiving a racist hateful letter. kron four's. dan thorn has more. >> what we've learned this racist letter was sent to other asian owned nail salons across the state among the hateful stereotypes and epithets within it. asian. americans are told to leave the country. and in response city leaders say there's no room for racism in healdsburg. >> a disturbing and racist letter directed at asian americans is sent to a healdsburg business. the hateful words calling them ugly smelly and disgusting have left. vicki my in disbelief it just really heartbreaking. >> it. just yeah. >> it's really the letter was sent to my salon all polished nails and spa on march 22nd postmarked from san bernardino. it came just days after a gunman killed 8 people
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at spas and massage parlors in atlanta. 6 of those victims were asian women. i can't believe this. >> actually happened somehow. things getting better by is of vietnamese descent and open this business up 4 years ago. >> she says she's never felt unwelcome in healdsburg of the other offensive things written in the letter by the unknown off there. it says you don't belong here and no one wants you. here go. back to your country. do it. this is my vice see jimenez in a post on facebook said there's no room for the airport and hateful language. our a p i community received healdsburg stands on its values of being a welcoming community to all the return address is fake sayine only that it's from the department of health and human services. my and her staff have since received several other letters and notes showing their support for the business. some not even from the area the same power. they
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send the e-mail, you know, just want let you know that. >> we'll welcome here and it makes from his re good. >> healdsburg police are investigating this letter but not as a hate crime under california law. this letter is viewed as a hate incident. but my hopes that no other hateful letters are sent to her or other businesses reporting in healdsburg dan thorn kron 4 news. >> as more people get the covid vaccine and more venues and events open back up. officials say some people may ford's proof of vaccination. the fbi issued a new warning about fake vaccination cards being sold online. doug johnson has that story. >> as all californians become eligible for the covid-19 vaccination on april 15th indoor events will start to require proof of vaccination or a negative test with the rush to get the vaccine and appointments becoming more and more difficult to get some could want the benefits of having the vaccine without
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actually getting ready think that's an issue cards popped up for sale online. there's some people that just don't want to get vaccinated, but they still want to go to the baseball game. they still want to travel internationally. >> and so this might appeal to them. that's why the fbi is issuing a warning that it is even legal the seller by fraudulent coronavirus vaccination cards. the fbi trying to preempt a problem if they can danville for is the president of digital evidence ventures and a former fbi agent himself. he says getting a fake vaccination card can land you in serious legal trouble. it's a federal crime here in the u.s. it's also fraud and you could be charged under forgery. plus, it's just a bad idea to give the information that needs to go on that card to someone who is clearly breaking the law doesn't very good sense to me. to provide personal information may be your date of birth, your name address for the card. >> along with your credit card information to somebody, you know, to be a scammer already. who's preparing a forged document for you. and lastly,
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bill for says by the time a vaccination card needs to be checked for travelers events. >> that process will already likely have gone digital regulatory agencies, government agencies, tsa, for example, have access to that database and can verify your information preflight. doug johnson, fox 40 news. >> some people are also wondering what should you do if you lose your vaccine card, the cdc recommends you contact your vaccination provider. directly to access your vaccine record. if that doesn't work, you can contact the state health departments, immunization information system. and if you made every effort to receive another car and still need a second shot. try talking to a vaccination provider, of course, to put all of this. the cdc says you should take a picture of both sides of your vaccination card as a backup. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news golden gate fields under fire once again after 2 more horses die and growing calls to shut the race track down for good.
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>> welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news i'm right on harvey lets get another check of weather this morning with john shrable who has been tracking the weather diligently this morning. and you've got some good news to share right. >> yeah. i mean, it depends on
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what perspective. but we all enjoy the sunshine. so that is definitely a bit of good news for sure. we're looking out their conditions this morning that are a little on the cool side in a little on the fog east side. we are going to be seeing conditions like over in the east bay on the foggy side for sure. so as you are making your way into work this morning. do know. we see the return of some lower visibility in a few spots just give yourselves an extra few minutes as you are venturing out there. it's not just our coastal areas that are prone to some of that lower visibility, but also some of our further inland spots too. now overall conditions do remain mild, which is a bit of good news for sure. it's nice to have the mild weather looking out there at radar. you can see that we have partly cloudy conditions overhead and that's the way we're going to stay today. here's the not so good news. high pressure is in place now. so it's going to continue to keep us dry setting as well. far back as far as where we should be with the rainfall for this time of year. and as we move our way further into april that potential of any sort of helpful rainfall that
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could actually make a bit of a dent in the deficit that we've accumulated looks less and less likely. so it looks like we're setting ourselves up for really dry start to our summer months that includes snowpack as well as water levels across the state as far as winds go. we are seeing an onshore breeze. that's carrying this ocean cool there on into the bay. also providing for an abundance of the low cloud cover that we are seeing in starting off this morning with cloud cover remains pretty much through the day. we will see partly cloudy conditions well into the afternoon ahead of us. you can see that showing a pretty well here in futurecast, partly cloudy day ahead of us. some spots of coastal drizzle. all in all, some spots of brightness. no peeking back through those clouds into the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures going to be down a little bit. it will be a cool one. partly cloudy as well for your wednesday just around the corner as for temperatures daytime highs today in the 50's and 60's near the coastline on to reach at 57 degrees while burlingame at 66 south san francisco at 61
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temperatures further south of the peninsula still in the 60's foster city. san carlos in redwood city each at 66 today. santa clara cupertino in saratoga right at 70 degrees. san jose at 71 fremont hayward union city in the mid to upper 60's. well, pleasanton livermore walnut creek and conquer just to name a few. spots rising into the low 70's. you'll find a few more 70's up in the north bay as well, making for a touch of the warmer afternoon than what we had yesterday. tomorrow, thursday and friday a little on the cooler side. daytime highs back down into the 60's. and as i noted, we will have times the cloud cover interspersed by sunshine in these days. no chances of rainfall in this forecast as we make our way through your first week of april into your second week of the month. so that is the downside to this forecast. that is otherwise bringing comfortable weather reyna. john, thank you for that. so yesterday we had a few high wind advisories today. >> them only seen one for the
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altamont pass. so you want to drive safely. the abbott was starting with the bay bridge heading into the city right now, not tracking any major hot spots or accident. for that matter on the roadways right now under 10 minutes to make it to that fema chief exit for you. there. it's also head over and look at the golden gate bridge. no fog advisories. visibility looks good. about 20 minutes for you to make it into the city on your drive across the golden gate bridge. the richmond sandra fell commute. look at this under 9 minutes. still pretty quiet the year really picked up quite get and a look at the san mateo bridge it across towards the peninsula under 10 minutes. we'll have more on your commute and drive times throughout the entire morning show. so stay with us. but for now, back to the news. our eyes yet again in the east bay after 2 more horses died this week at golden gate fields that brings the total number of deaths in the last year to 37 at that race track alone. kron four's ella sogomonian has the latest. >> activists called the race
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track is staying on the east bay claiming that we are coasting on the coattails of the 60's when the area was known for activism and are now instead seemingly complacent in the face of alleged ongoing animal cruelty. >> the california horse racing board reports 2 more horses have died this week. golden gate fields citing an accident on april 1st in the case of a horse named georgia and no specific cause of death on april 3rd of a horse named alyssa menting, whose breakdown was broadcast live during a stream of the race which we want to show you here. that brings the total to 9 deaths this year. and 37 since 2020 concerned community members are once again calling for the racetrack to shut down for good. samantha faye with direct action everywhere. grew up around horses and has trained some that in her words were rescued from racing. and when i found out that over half of the horses that are bred in the united states are shipped just water over the borders. >> i knew immediately that i could no longer support the sport. then i started to learn
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more about what the horses lives are like when they're on the track. and i started to understand why horses would come to me and they would be headshot the entire industry itself has scrapped and there's no way for it to be humane. she along with several dozen activists urge albany city council members in a meeting monday night. >> to use whatever power they have to put an end to what they say is an outdated cruel sport that leads to abuse of the horses and feeds into gambling addictions in their town council members were also asked by callers, including one of the 4 activists who recently protested in the middle of the field to publicly speak out against the racetrack and a lawsuit launched against them. other callers said they'd like to see the waterfront site serve other needs like housing. well, some council members expressed compassion and scrutiny over the deaths. they seem we feel their hands at the local level are tied albany city council member rochelle nice and tells kron 4 like many in our community. i view horse racing in its current form is excessively dangerous to the horses
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involved. she went on to say, however, i believe the california law places the responsibility for regulating this activity on the state rather than the local government and council member aaron tiedemann said i'm very saddened to hear that there have been more horse deaths at the track. i'm hopeful that we will see action from the state on golden gate fields soon. as i think our community is ready to see our shoreline used for something more constructive than horse racing representatives of golden gate fields did not get back to us. >> meantime, activists point to dog racing as being outlawed across the country and they are waiting to see the same happen now with course racing. they're telling council members of al bunny. they can lead the rest of the way for the state and the nation. back to you. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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>> the giants in san diego taking on the padres in the first of a three-game series. let's get to the highlights in the 4th inning. evan longoria breaks a tie with his 3rd home run of the season. then in the 7th with the game tied making mike ustream ski hits one deep to center that gives the giants to lead san francisco holds on to win last final 3 to game. 2 of the series is tonight. the first pitch set for 7.10. and the rest are for
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the a's continues. they were taking on the dodgers. and this wasn't even close the dodgers at a seven-run lead after 3 innings. they went on to win by a final of 10 to 3 still have not won a game this season. the 2 teams play again tonight. the first pitch is set for 4, 6, 40 at the coliseum. now to the warriors basketball glum state is trying to snap a three-game losing streak. tonight we're going to be taking on the milwaukee bucks on sunday, the warriors lost atlanta hawks even with steph curry back in the lineup with the center. james wiseman has been struggling in recent games. >> wiseman says he's working hard to get a better understanding of the warriors style of play. they can put it on the deck. >> i'm so competitive for like our warm better marked so for us in moscow for a high standard. we're going to back games really like maybe stronger because it. remy realize that you're going to have and downs. but to stop to stay like middle ground. you have to stay in the middle. so really just trying to flow in just just not be our
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>> already saw tonight's game against the bucks. his home at the chase center in san francisco. tipoff is going to be at 7 o'clock. the point. the warriors are teaming up with clorox to keep the chase center clean and fans safe. when you say the deal with clorox will strengthen chase centers. clean initiative program which outlines all cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout the arena. the chase center has been close to the fan since the start of the pandemic last year. just last week california leaders updated the state guidelines to allow indoor live event starting on april 15. mark your calendars. san francisco. officials have not announced when they will allow fans back inside. and the national champs were greeted by a parade at stanford university head coach tara vanderveer and the lady cardinals were greeted by dozens of fans. the women's basketball program won its 3rd national championship over the weekend when they took down arizona santa cruz native haley jones was named the final 4 most outstanding player. now to the men's
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basketball baylor ruin gonzaga's perfect season to win the nc double a national championship. the game ended with baylor beat gonzaga with a final score of 8670 is the first national title for baylor this is also gonzaga's first loss of the season that leaves indiana's wanted 1975 6 to 17 as the last to go undefeated. coming up in the next hour of the cross on morning news. it's to your tuesday. and you know what that means. for bexar counties are kind of move into the orange tier. we're going to have a live report from sonoma ahead. >> plus, more changes could be coming to the states print for reopening today could help counties moved to less restrictive tiers. easily. >> and federal, state and local leaders are working out logistics to keep the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site open. we'll have all those stories and more. up next.
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6. and are your pulse. and i'm james fletcher. it is to your tuesday all right. we have another county. we've got another couple moved to a better to just like 2 more that we're hoping last week would move in. so we'll talk more about that coming up. and also tracking the weather, too, with john eventful. i didn't have fog and any issues like the man. you felt the need to wear something a little warmer. i did, yes. and maybe i messed up on the day. what's the coldest day this week. the coldest day this week is it was yesterday yesterday, but also tuesday or wednesday, thursday, friday okc i held obviously every day this week is going to feel but yes, today we will see a few more 70's out there really all in all this week. an eventful is a good way to describe it. we're going to be sticking around in some really seasonable temperatures conditions out there are going to remain dry a little foggy at times but not a huge issue so far this morning. so yeah, an eventful is a pretty good wa


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