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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 5, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at. i think we need to pay attention to this. it's not we're not out of the woods yet. and there's ongoing transmission. >> now at 9 as covid-19 cases are going up across the country. there is concern that the trend may hit the bay area, especially hard as we see new more transmissible variance arrive here. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis. jonathan mccall in tonight for granted in today.
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kron 4 s taylor bisacky talked with an infectious disease expert. >> about the infection rate trends across the bay area. she's live tonight with more on what she learned. taylor. >> what we are seeing. an upward trend in some bay area counties. but it's really important here to look at this data county by county and again, many of those infectious disease. experts say that this state, it just reinforces the fact that we're not quite out of the clear just yet. >> with covid-19 cases rising in some bay area counties ucsf infectious disease expert doctor george rutherford says overall the bay area seeing a slight trend of infection rates alameda for instance, in the last week has gone up by more than 500 cases. >> moran has gone down by 46, you know, so it's kind of a wash. so i think we need to pay attention to this. it's not we're not out of the woods yet. and there's ongoing transmission. we'll have to see easter celebrations might
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have brought. we broke down case rates and percentage changes in each bay area county over the last 7 days. >> recorded by the cdc. according to their data to notice cases are up in alameda, contra costa solano san mateo and napa counties. >> but down in san francisco, santa clara sonoma and marin counties. meanwhile, this is the 4th week of rising cases nationwide on monday, cdc director doctor rochelle walensky said many of the outbreaks are im young people related to youth sports and extracurricular activities we know that these increases are due in part to more highly transmissible variance, which we are very closely monitoring. >> and as more schools are reopening it's even more important to make sure they do so safely with strict adherence to guidance and for all of us to roll up our sleeves for a vaccine as soon as we doctor rather 4 degrees. people will be an important month to watch what happens as more bay area schools reopen
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and youth sports ramp back up. >> however, when it comes to new variants. he says californians shouldn't be as worried at least for now, mutate in the strains will jostle each other for her dominance. >> see who's the most fit. and i think we're we're lucky that the west coast variant seem to be winning out right now while they're more transmissible there. >> not as transmissible as the uk variant. >> well, we are in fact seeing surges in other parts of the country, especially in states like michigan. experts say the immunity in each of the states, though, neighboring those areas will determine health different parts of the country really withstand these increasing cases. it's unclear exactly which way california will go. but experts believe that we're in pretty good shape as it is right now for now live in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. >> another one of those variance mentioned by doctor rutherford has now popped up in santa clara county. we know
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of at least one case with origins from india and a stanford lab is now working to confirm another 7 suspected cases. doctors say they have a lot to learn about this latest variant which made it be to blame for a recent surge of cases in india. this variant is being called a double duty because it has 2 mutations which could possibly make it that much more infectious. >> so this is a variant that has mutations similar to the california variant as well as south africa and brazil variance. it looks like it may be more transmissible and potentially. able to be neutralized by and potentially. vaccines may be less effective at preventing infection with this particular area. >> in parts of india where the double mutant variant is most prevalent. new cases are up as much as 50%. doctor anthony fauci says that the federal government will not make vaccine passports mandatory
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for folks to fly. >> according to the news outlet, axes, fauci also said that schools or other businesses may have a different point of view and he says that they actually may require those vaccine passports in order to enter through their doors. johnson and johnson says it's expanding its clinical trial of its vaccine to include minors 1617 year olds will be tested. first before expanding to kids as young as 12 studying is testing the safety of both one dose in 2 doses of the vaccine. pfizer and moderna have already started trials on minors. pfizer says it shot is safe for kids from 12 to 15. they're currently waiting on and far waiting on approval from the fda. >> president kamala harris in california. senator alex padilla were in oakland today. harris was at the water treatment facility. the east bay municipal utility district where she was given a tour alongside governor newsome. but visited one of the bay
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area's mass vaccination sites at the oakland coliseum. that facility will now be staying open after it was supposed to close down on sunday and that deal to keep the coliseum vaccination site open is a big win for lawmakers. but as kron four's amanda hari explains details on how to keep it open. those are still in the works. >> this site vaccinates about 5,000 people every day right behind me here. you can see those people being vaccinated right now. it's been a steady stream of people. the vaccination site was originally scheduled to close sunday. vice president kamala harris announced it will stay open. but there's still a lot of questions. so the scale of this facility. >> that's helped us make tremendous progress here in the bay area. >> and the last several weeks, more than 30% of californians have received their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >> senator pds says that's because of the silla t's like this one at the oakland coliseum. we're going to continue to work together to extend the life of this
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facility. we know the facility will stay open beyond its original closing date on sunday. that's when the contract with fema runs out. now. senator podia along with federal, state and local leaders are trying to figure out how it will happen. who's going lead operations ever to defects is coming from. you know, there's multiple sources of supply at 3rd, going to pay for this on april 15th all californians will be able to make an appointment for their first alameda county supervisor wilma chan says that makes this site even more important. the site has been valuable, but we still don't have enough. there's still been a shortage. there's still been on people who have been searching and searching for appointments. so we're really when when we just do this astronomical opening on april 15th. >> that without a site like this, we will not be able to meet people's expectations in alameda county. the goal is to vaccinate about 70 to 80% of people.
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>> right now. they're at about 20%. so leaders believe this site behind me will need to be open for several more months in oakland amanda hari kron 4 news. >> vice president kamala harris returning back home to the bay area today to sell president biden's 2 trillion dollars infrastructure plan. it was her first time back in the bay area since taking office in january. as we mentioned during her stop this morning. she toured a water treatment plant discuss clean drinking water along with jobs. >> we must understand the equities and inequities of distribution and access to clean water, specially clean drinking water and address it in a way that is about supporting what governments must do at a local and a state, not federal level. >> harris also discussed the need to create even more union jobs. she also hosted a listening session with state leaders. a small business owner and leaders of community banks. we streamed vice president harris's and senator patty is bay area visits live today on our kron on app. now is the perfect time for you to
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download it so you can get the latest breaking news and live events all day long. the kron on app is available in the google play and apple storms. >> battle lines over president biden's infrastructure package. boy, they've been drawn. republicans argue that biden's american jobs plan hardly addresses. the country's needs. but the white house says it is all part of the build back better promise kron 4 washington correspondent jessi tenure brings us the latest. >> good evening. the biden administration is also selling the plan is a blueprint for sweeping social and economic change for the biden administration infrastructure is more than just improved roads. bridges and pipes. this is a public health issue during a tour of a water treatment plant in california. vice president kamala harris stressed. how the president's multi trillion dollar infrastructure package. what address racial equality to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water president biden's plan would also make large investments in job
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training and affordable housing along with improving pay and benefits for caregivers. corporations would foot the for rest of the world. but republicans argue a corporate tax increase would make the u.s. less competitive glass on the ecrnomy needs right now is a big whopping talk increase on all the productive sector and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and missouri senator roy blunt say only about 30% of the proposal fits their definition of infrastructure. i think. >> it's a mistake. and i also think it would be an easy victory if we go back and look at roads and bridges and ports and airports. white house press secretary jen psaki says the president understands how to negotiate with congress. he know some members think it's to some think it's too too frankly, there. >> been folks have come out on both sides. >> but president biden has made it clear he ultimately wants the plan passed by the august recess with or without republicans in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> this week. california
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leaders are set to announce rule changes that will make it easier for counties to move into less restrictive orange and yellow tears. as of today. most of the is in the red tier allowing for businesses to open with minimal capacity. the relaxation of rules will begin once 4 million doses of covid-19 vaccine have been distributed to the least healthy zip codes across the state after announcing that large gatherings live performances conferences and receptions will be allowed little later this month. officials say they are working on an even less restrictive green tier. >> additional guidance is coming soon. and that was quite a lot more information about when we get past to keep it all together. getting have to it will still take more time and more vaccinations continuing to monitor the infection rates in the trends, but he will provide that road map. >> state officials say that a new road map could also be coming out in the coming days. here's another sign that things are slowly otarting to get back to normal. that
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haddish grill california's oldest restaurant once again serving up customers starting earlier today. the restaurant has been closed since last july and owners fear that they would actually have to close down for good. the 172 year-old young restaurant opened all the way back in 1849. >> the warriors in the chase center teaming up with clorox to keep the fans safe. the partnership makes clorox the official product used to disinfect this arena. the warriors say that the deal we'll strengthen the chase center is clean initiative program which outlines a all cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout the arena. the announcement comes on the same day that the cdc revised its a disinfecting guidelines, though the agency says regular cleaning of surfaces with soap and water detour that the possible and germs that are there and is only recommended for indoor settings where there has been a suspected her confirmed case of covid-19 within the last 24
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hours tonight and asian owned business in the north bay becomes the target of a racist hate filled letter. >> the anonymous message was said recently to the folks at the all polish nail polish and say all polished nails and spa in healdsburg the owner told our dan for that. she's now worried about the safety of her workers and customers. >> we've learned this racist letter was sent to other asian owned nail salons across the state among the hateful stereotypes and epithets within it. asian. americans are told to leave the country. and in response city leaders say there's no room for racism in healdsburg. >> a disturbing and racist letter directed at asian americans is sent to a healdsburg business. the hateful words calling them ugly smelly and disgusting have left. vicki my in disbelief it just really heartbreaking. >> it. just yeah. >> it's really the letter was sent to my salon. all polished
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nails and spa on march 22nd postmarked from san bernardino. it came just days after a gunman killed 8 people at spas and massage parlors in atlanta. 6 of those victims were asian women. i can't believe this. >> actually happened somehow. things getting better by is of vietnamese descent and open this business up 4 years ago. >> she says she's never felt unwelcome in healdsburg of the other offensive things written in the letter by the unknown off there. it says you don't belong here and no one wants you. here go. back to your country. do it. this is my vice see jimenez in a post on facebook said there's no room for the airport and hateful language. our a p i community received healdsburg stands on its values of being a welcoming community to all the return address is fake saying only that it's from the department of health and human services. my and her staff have since received several
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other letters and notes showing their support for the business. some not even from the area the same power. they send the e-mail, you know, just want let you know that. >> we'll welcome here and it makes from his re good. >> healdsburg police are investigating this letter but not as a hate crime under california law. this letter is viewed as a hate incident. but my hopes that no other hateful letters are sent to her or other businesses reporting in healdsburg dan thorn kron 4 news. >> take a look at this. a possible coyote or fox sighting in san francisco this morning. a viewer who shot this video says that he's not sure which animal it actually is. but he saw the animal about 8.30, this morning in the corner of columbus and chestnut the animal came down from the hill, from chestnut, positive it to the live turned right on columbus than about 30 minutes later, it ran back up the hill again. just alert to be careful if you're headed out the door on your walk. all
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right. let's talk weather this monday night. a live look from. >> at san francisco, courtesy of the mount tam camera. some clouds rolling back in. you may need a sweater first thing in the morning and not packed mind the last few days. yeah. those clouds have been threatening, but they haven't produced chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. here to talk about that rain. he's been. >> on us. looks like we're going to get that rain vick unfortunately, looks like that is going to stay off the coastline. for the most part. we will see a little drizzle there. we saw some of that today. and while tomorrow will likely see that again into the early morning hours at least, but certainly a cool day around a good part of the bay area, especially along the coastline and all around. we watch those temperatures come down out there tonight. guess what, that fog is already moving over san francisco stretching into the bay as we speak in more to fill the valleys overnight tonight overlooking sfo right now the clouds are moving overhead to kind of quiet at the airport. but the breeze is all on shore and that onshore wind helped
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or drop the temperatures again today over the past 24 hours. a good 4 to 5 degrees again for most of the bay area. so temperatures really coming down well below the average member last week. we're talking about a record highs. well, now we're below average temperatures 54 degrees in san francisco 56 for a high in oakland. 63 in san jose 62 degrees kind of cool day for this time of year in little more 64 degrees in concord and 63 degrees in santa rosa. so looks like we sit here now with the kind of complex pattern we've got low pressure that is making its way in the salt lake city outside the middle of pacific. we've got this area of low pressure. what's called a cutoff low. just kind of spinning around kind of meandering and it's going to be there for some time. and in between. we've got the bay area. we've got the low clouds and the fog and there's where we sit right now. low clouds moving in filling in along the coastal areas making their way inside the bay. the sea breeze continues tonight and we'll continue really on and off for the next 5 to 7 days. going to see more of those winds outside 40 miles an hour in s
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f o it's called now in san francisco and you're 23. so pretty good breeze into fairfield temperatures. pretty cool. 48 degrees along the coastline in pacifica 50 degrees in half. moon bay. 49 in berkeley. 48 degrees in tehran. 49 in santa someone 48 degrees in the bottle in petaluma. so overnight tonight partly cloudy skies. you can see low clouds and fog kind of fill in and small morning and then as we head throughout the afternoon. we'll start to break up. you'll see some sunshine and some high clouds up above some of been level clouds coming from that system off the coastline but no rain and then going kind of bottom out the middle of the week. but we'll warm up. i think very nicely as we head in toward the weekend that low pressure center sitting off the coastline where it will just stay out there. high pressure. weekly build in for tomorrow. that's going to be just enough to warm the temperatures up that at least in spots in the interior valleys numbers going to be moving up into the 70's inland. we're going to see a lot of 60's around the bay along the coastline is going to feel cooler generally those temperatures going to be in the 50's and the 60's. so
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pretty cool weather around the bay area. that's late forecast. guys, back to you. lawrence. thanks. the stanford women's basketball team now. >> national champions. >> yes, they and that's a big deal. it is the first time and almost 30 years that the team has won an n c a a basketball championship. the team was welcomed campus parade there. it looked a little different because, you know, the pandemic, of course there are masks and social distancing hall of fame coach. tara vanderveer lead. the parade was followed by her group of talented players. stanford beat arizona yesterday 5453 the big story that we're following for you tonight. according to sources, coors field in denver is expected to host this year's all-star game. the mlb opted to move the game out of atlanta due to voting laws passed in georgia last month. >> meanwhile, major league sweet the major league baseball season is in full swing right now in teams are
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taking different approaches when it comes to covid protocols. this is side by side video of what it looked like today in oakland and in texas, thousands of folks packing inside of the stadium there in dallas says it is 100% capacity filled there as the rangers have their home opener paid attendance of 38,238 a sellout. it's also the largest crowd to see an event in north america in more than a year. while the a's well, they are operating at 26% capacity or about 12,000 people. >> coming up a busy weekend for police all across the bay area side shows a real problem. details on the problem. details on the arrests that were made. after my car accident, problem. details on the arrests that were made. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made.
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more people get the covid vaccine and more venues and events open back up. officials say some people may forged proof a vaccination. the fbi issuing a new warning about fake coronavirus vaccination cards being sold online reporter doug johnson explains. >> as all californians become eligible for the covid-19 vaccination on april 15th indoor events will start to require proof of vaccination or a negative test with the rush to get the vaccine and appointments becoming more and more difficult to get some could want the benefits of having the vaccine without actually getting it already fake vaccination cards have popped up for sale online. there's some people that just
9:24 pm
don't want to get vaccinated, but they still want to go to the baseball game. they still want to travel internationally. >> and so this might appeal to them. that's why the fbi is issuing a warning that it is illegal to sell or buy fraudulent coronavirus vaccination cards. the fbi trying to preempt a problem if they can danville for is the president of digital evidence ventures and a former fbi agent himself. he says getting a fake vaccination card can land you in serious legal trouble. it's a federal crime here in the u.s. it's also fraud and you could be charged under forgery. plus, it's just a bad idea to give the information that needs to go on that card to someone who is clearly breaking the law doesn't very good sense to me. to provide personal information may be your date of birth, your name address for the card. >> along with your credit card information to somebody, you know, to be a scammer already. who's preparing a forged document for you. and lastly, bill for says by the time a vaccination card needs to be checked for travelers events. >> that process will already
9:25 pm
likely have gone digital regulatory agencies, government agencies, tsa, for example, have access to that database and can verify your information preflight. that was doug johnson reporting for us tonight. we're told that the world health organization is already working with an app called comment. >> that allows international passengers approved their vaccination to foreign governments but not all countries have agreed to it. >> still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9, including week. 2 of the dirt the murder trial now underway. we'll break down what happened in court and when the city's top cop along with the new our doctor testified today. plus a man arrested at disney springs resort in florida after refusing to follow covid guidelines. the confrontation caught on camera. you have to set the video next. plus a troubling trend among kids and their families impacted by covid-19. those s
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tonight. an absolutely heartbreaking story, an east bay mom and her daughter being remembered tonight after we can tragedy. >> officials say the 2 were inside of an suv that went off of a cliff in the dig a bay on saturday tonight we're learning that both women popular workers at schools in the east bay area teixeira. she was a custodian at mount of the elementary school in san ramon her daughter elizabeth korea was a first grade teacher at light axson elementary in pleasanton. michelle kingston has more now on this tragic story.
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>> when when you're an elementary school student your teachers, your world. a devastating tragedy in the north bay when an suv drove through a parking lot without breaking in plunged off a cliff in bodega bay inside that vehicle. a mother and a daughter who both worked in bay area schools. elizabeth korea worked as a first grade teacher at light axson elementary in pleasanton, a lover of reading music movies and disney her friends and co-workers. remember her as an incredible teacher. >> she choose touched the lives of thousands students and families and. it's definitely heartbreaking that we've lost such an incredible person and. educator and just someone that its dedicated their lives to. making a difference. for students. elizabeth also worked at a school. she was a custodian here at montevideo elementary in san ramon where she was known. >> as missus maria. in a
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principal. katie witt said 4 maria teixeira had worked at montevideo elementary as a custodian for 20 years and the kids loved her smile and reassuring presence. she said in part for years, mrs maria was a fixture in our community. she could be found on our campus every day, doing whatever needed to be done to serve the community wherever there are people were ever there was an activity were ever. there was someone who needed help. >> mrs. maria was there and willing to help investigators say dozens of people watched as the toyota rav 4 drove off the cliff at the west ahead parking lot on saturday. teixeira was driving her daughter was in the passenger seat. rescuers say the vehicle landed on box 100 feet below the cliff. the cause of the crash is still being investigated. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> a busy weekend for law enforcement across the bay area break. jump in number of side shows over the easter holiday weekend. oakland police releasing these pictures of 7 cars being towed. police also say they arrested one person and took
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one gun into custody in san francisco. police say that a 19 year-old was shot at this sideshow. this happened saturday night at 20th and fulsome video courtesy of the citizen app. so far no update has been given on the shooting victims condition. so far no arrests have been made. a man was arrested at disney springs resort in florida after refusing to have his temperature checked. >> you refuse to hands off me. nearly 40,000 children here in america under the age of 18 have lost a parent to covid-19. the results also found that black children have been the hardest impacted with
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the loss while black children only make up 14% of all kids here in the united states. they account for 20% of those who have lost a parent to covid-19. the troubles at the border, not helping president joe biden's approval rating on immigration. new poll released by the associated press say 40% of americans disapprove of his handling of unaccompanied children at the mexico border only 24% approve and 35% don't have an opinion. former president trump spent much of his presidency, strengthening the border and making it more difficult for migrants to cross biden's team promised to handle the problem in a more humane and orderly way. but it has struggled to cope with the huge numbers of people showing up. meanwhile, the federal government might house unaccompanied migrant children on a california army national guard base. on friday. the pentagon approved the use of camp roberts to temporarily house children who have arrived here at the country alone. the camp is located
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along the salinas river in central california back in february border. authorities say they dealt with more than 9,000 children who arrived at the southern border without a parent. that's the highest single month total since may of 2000, 19 when more than 11,000 unaccompanied minors came to the united states. derek chauvin chauvin trial has entered its second week of witness testimony. today. the emergency room doctor who pronounced george floyd dead after trying to resuscitate him testified in court today along with the highest ranking official in the minneapolis police department. the theme of today was police training in the use of force and the defense tried to poke some holes in the prosecution's argument. you know, 40 brings us the latest from minneapolis. >> it's a rare move for a case like this one. top brass testifying against a former officer. you have an opinion as to whether. >> the defendant violated mpd departmental policy 7 dash. my
9:34 pm
feeling to render aid to mister floyd point. agree the defendant violated. >> our policy in terms of rendering aid on day 6 of testimony. the derek chauvin trial. >> we're seeing a stark contrast from their emotional testimonies. we heard last week the prosecution now shifting gears to proving what happened between former officer travon and george floyd should be considered manslaughter and murder. the original reason for the call was a response. >> counterfeit. situation at the store at the intersection of 38th and chicago. we would certainly respond to it, but it would not rise to the level in terms of severity of the crime here, the chief's testimony focusing on the department's policy and training on use of force and de-escalation once there was no longer any resistance. clearly when mister floyd was no longer responsive even motionless. continue to apply.
9:35 pm
level. force. proand out. handcuffed behind their back. that that is in no way, shape or form is anything >> his by policy. it's not part of her training and it is certainly not part of ethics or abounds. the prosecution began the day with doctor bradford llegan field on the stand. >> he's the e r doctor who tried to resuscitate floyd. he was in cardiac arrest. his testimony addressing a large part of the trial and a key component to other children will be convicted. what killed floyd the prosecution argues he died as a direct result of taba kneeling on his neck. well, the defense says it was drugs and other health issues. was your leading theory for the cause of mister floyd's cardiac arrest. >> that was. >> one of the more likely
9:36 pm
possibilities. i felt it at the time based on the information i had. it was. more likely than the other possibilities. >> and doctors there. another name for. death by oxygen deficiency. >> and the stakes here. >> jonelle forte reporting for us tonight. hearing the often emotional testimony in the trial can be difficult. we've posted links to helpful resources to get you through it on our website. that's kron 4 dot com. >> coming up. we've got a lot of clouds that are rolling on shore right now. what will that mean for your day tomorrow. and the weekend. we'll talk about it coming up next. >> plus, you saw the stanford women celebrating their nc double a title tonight. it was the men's turn sports director jason dumas has highlights on whether or not could remain defeated as they search for their first a national championship title.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the national champs were back in town today and they were greeted by a parade. tara vanderveer and company landed trophy in hand to dozens of stanford supporters. the program won its 3rd national championship yesterday first since 1992 when he took down arizona santa cruz native
9:40 pm
haley jones was named the final 4 most outstanding player to the men inside men's national championship game in indy baylor the matchup people were expecting all season long. 1st half. it was all baylor teague. give me all 3 of them. bad boys. he had 14 points by the break. the bears led by as many as 19 but went into halftime only up 10 2nd half baylor pulls away again area flager another 3 from the wing. that was the temp 3 of the game for the bear. they pushed the lead to 16. and here's my favorite guy in the country debut on mitchell pretty hesitation. left-handed finish. up by 19 and that's all they would need a beacon who came into the match up 30 they take it 86 to 70 to win the national championship. indiana is still the last undefeated team to win the tournament. that was back in 1976. all right. we've talked
9:41 pm
about it at nauseum, but it still holds true. the warriors have an identity problem. it's an organization that still has championship pedigree but doesn't have championship talent on the roster at the moment. i'm sure steve kerr feels the when now pressure from the fan base, but he also faces the reality of developing young players like this guy right there. james wiseman is the most talented of those young guys and the most important state had an interesting season to say the least. let's hear from him today. >> i'm so competitive or like or want better myself or not so much so for our standard, we're going to back games really like made me stronger because it. remy realize that you're going to have ups and downs. but to stop to stay like middle ground. you have to stay in the middle. so really just trying to flow in just just not be part of myself. >> i love that kids added to it happened on the court. he's definitely a good guy off of
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>> rapper dmx remains on life support tonight in a new york hospital. the 50 year-old was taken there on friday after a heart attack supporters chanting his name offering up prayers outside of his new york hospital. jennifer bisram
9:44 pm
brings us the very latest. >> year-old dmx is holding on to a hospital bed in white plains, new york rapper songwriter and actor was hospitalized after a heart attack in his white plans home friday. it's still unclear if a drug overdose was the cause. i do know it was a heart attack. i say with any degree of assurance. >> but the causation. what is a great warm personality. jovial. she's. if you're in the great human being. he has his dark side, a dark side. he says that started when dmx was in an orphanage when he was just 7 years old and that'll and he was comment. it's. he felt the band. the pain was put into his lyrics since the 90's. >> and could be seen through his longtime battle with substance abuse and run-ins with the outside the hospital monday evening motorcycle
9:45 pm
burnouts and over a 100 family, friends and a rough riders praying and chanting dmx, including longtime friend richard morales who simmons before he was dmx was always a poet. you know, know him. >> he was always it's the music. this said that no form. but trading come >> we needed. >> and outside of the hospital here in white plains. we continue to see lots of people here plane tmx us doing motorcycle burnouts and just praying that he pulls through the family released a statement saying they, too, are praying and asking for your prayers and support during this difficult jennifer bisram white plains, new york news nation. >> nfl superstar in chico native. aaron rodgers is going from jeopardy celebrity champion to a guest hosts. he did that today the green bay packers quarterback filling in for the next couple of weeks. actually, rogers says that he
9:46 pm
has been studying really hard because he thinks the best way to honor alex trebek's legacy is to really understand the game from the inside out. his time on the show a benefit small businesses. the money earned by other contestants are going to be matched and then donated to the northern california nonprofit north valley community foundation. >> and his appearance there definitely got a lot of attention. one of contestants had a really great answer asking him what happened yet who kicked the who's decision was to kick the field you know what he's doing really is a lot of folks impressive given him his props. all right. let's talk weather monday night. a live look at the golden gate bridge. things looking pretty nice out there tonight. not as foggy as it can be. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about the chill in the air. yeah. that cloud deck a little bit high upright. sometimes you see it compressed right on the golden gate bridge. that could be pretty gray out there. but because it's higher, it's going to stretch further on shore. so.
9:47 pm
>> more clouds for everybody tomorrow morning. so if you missed it this morning will don't worry. we've got more coming for you tomorrow. so clouds on the way. maybe some drizzle out there along the coastline overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning. here's a look at your long range forecast. we've been tracking this area of low pressure. this cut off low ridge in the models. have that system right near the coastline as of today. obviously that didn't happen. we will talk about some raindrops, unfortunately wants to stay off the coast. only occasionally sharing some of these mid to high level clouds will come our direction on and off throughout the week. but right now it looks like things are staying dry for the foreseeable future. maybe as we headed toward late next week right around the 17th or 18th of april. we start talking about rain in the bay area. so for now, yeah, we're left low clouds and fog. a little drizzle coast side of that fog 50's and 60's in the san francisco 54 civic about 60 in half moon bay, 60 degrees. number a little more sunshine and some passing clouds or tomorrow 63 degrees in palo alto. you're looking to 60's and some low 70's in the south bay east bay. temperatures still come from maybe a little warmer than today. but still below
9:48 pm
the average in most spots 69 in walnut creek. 71 in concord. you find about 63 degrees in fairfield, about 74 degrees in pittsburgh. as you approach the coastline. those temperatures going to cool generally in the 50's. so looking out over the next few days. we are probably watch as temperatures warmer slightly tomorrow inland that cooling down on wednesday and thursday staying down on friday. but this next weekend looks like it will warm up a little bit. but unfortunately really doesn't look like much rain in the forecast maybe late the following next week. we start talking about some raindrops that that is so far out there so much can change. what is that saying? april showers bring may flowers. so flowers oh, man say that that sounds so bad that he will look for, of i work on that. thanks to point where we can find all right. thanks, lawrence. there tpis outrage tonight in the eas bay after yet again 2 more horses died this week at golden gate fields. >> that brings the total number of deaths in the last year to 37 at that race track
9:49 pm
alone. kron four's ella sogomonian live tonight in the with the latest >> johnson activists called the racetrack a stain on the east bay claiming that we are coasting on the coattails of the 60's when the area was known for activism and are now instead, seemingly complacent in the face of alleged ongoing animal cruelty. >> the california horse racing board reports 2 more horses have died this week at golden gate fields citing an accident on april 1st in the case of a horse named georgia and no specific cause of death on april 3rd of a horse named below cementing whose breakdown was broadcast live during a stream of the race which we want to show you here. that brings the total to 9 deaths this year. and 37 since 2020 concerneb community members are once again calling for the racetrack to shut down for good. samantha faye with direct action everywhere. grew up around horses and has trained some that in her words were rescued from racing. and when i found out that over half of the horses that are bred in the united states are
9:50 pm
shipped just water over the borders. >> i knew immediately that i could no longer support the sport. then i started to learn more about what the horses lives are like when they're on the track. and i started to understand why horses would come to me and they would be headshot the entire industry itself has scrapped and there's no way for it to be humane. she along with several dozen activists urge albany city council members in a meeting monday night. >> to use whatever power they have to put an end to what they say is an outdated cruel sport that leads to abuse of the horses and feeds into gambling addictions in their town council members were also asked by callers,lincluding one of the 4 activists who recently protested in the middle of the field to publicly speak out against the racetrack and a lawsuit launched against them. other callers said they'd like to see the waterfront site serve other needs like housing. well, some council members expressed compassion and scrutiny over the deaths. they seemingly feel their hands at the local level are tied albany city council member richelle nice and tells kron 4
9:51 pm
like many in our community. i view horse racing in its current form is excessively dangerous to the horses involved. she went on to say, however, i believe the california law places the responsibility for regulating this activity on the state rather than the local government and council member aaron tiedemann said i'm very saddened to hear that there have been more horse deaths at the track. i'm hopeful that we will see action from the state on golden gate fields soon as i think our community is ready to see our shshoreline used for something more constructive than horse racing. representatives of golden gate fields did not get back to us. >> meantime, activists point to dog racing as being outlawed across the country and they are waiting to see the same happen now wiwiwi course racing. they're telling council members of al bunny that they can lead the rest of the way for the state and the nation. back to you. >> thank u up next, the pickup and how this players making his rounds despite the news being shut down.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> a louisiana jazz piano player had his performance is put on hold because of the pandemic. but now taking his act on the road. the wood shows us how a truck bed has now become a stage. >> i went a piano player traveled to new orleans from new to play in the place where
9:55 pm
jazz was he never knew his stage would be on 1948 baby grand on wheels. >> yeah. >> now tearing drinks not included in the back 97 ford pickup truck. >> little bumpy, but it's the best age around town these days. go chris took our ski moved here mainly to get a master's degree in music. is jazzy journey started back when chris was since then, he's hit the road and the keyboard concert halls clubs restaurants and because the pandemic pretty much shut down most places and parking like the one that's now a dance floor and >> any place. there's a parking space or close and i'll take that because
9:56 pm
sometimes a piano performance peaks driving through a bill would wgno news. >> i feel like he would be the perfect place in new orleans. they have those jazz yeah, that run through the roving piano bar. yeah, just join in with one of some like that. am clearly for the walkman now believes the piano mobile piano man. yeah. well, that was bill would purporting, by the way. that wraps up kron 4 news at night. but jonathan and i will be back at the top of the hour. we'll go anywhere. that's right. although more folks are getting vaccinated. covid cases are starting to spike here in the bay area. what doctors say they're now blaming for this trend and why they say it's not time to worry. >> just yet. plus an asian on business in the north bay receiving a racist and hate-filled letter will let you know what was in the letter that has the business owner now fearing for their workers as well as for their
9:57 pm
customers. those stories and much more coming up on kron 4 news at 10. as we continue to return to classrooms... parents like me want to make sure we're doing it safely. especially in the underserved communities hardest hit by covid. trust me, no one wants to get back to classroom learning more than teachers like me. using common sense safety measures like masks, physical distancing, and proper ventilation. safety is why we're prioritizing vaccinations for educators. because working with our local communities... we will all get through this together, safely.
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let's bring. on. spring. use your phone to grow a garden. and rent tools from the world's biggest toolbox. this is doing like never before. this is today's home depot. how doers get more done. >> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news.
10:00 pm
>> the war against covid-19. is far from over far from won the were staying we could do right now. would be to mistake. progress for victory. >> now at 10 o'clock is a 4th wave of covid-19 on the way. the warning from experts on the concerning rise in cases both across america and right here at home. that is where we start this monday night here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock, thanks so much for spending time with us. i'm jonathan mccall. grant to join the night off and on vicki liviakis as more people get vaccinated and travel continues to set pandemic records. authorities are warning us not to let our guard down. not yet. anyway. >> as cases are rising in some parts of the u.s. and that's tied to a spike in the uk variant also known as the b 1, 1, 7, v 7 variant now showing up in several states including michigan, florida and massachusetts. this uk variant is believed to be more contagious and commonly affects people between the ages of


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