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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 5, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> now it's 6 state leaders say that more changes could be coming to california blueprint for reopening and we could see those changes as early as this week. thanks for joining us for kron news news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. this update. >> will allow counties to moved to less restrictive tiers out more easily. it all depends on the number of vulnerable people who get the vaccine we have a look at where things stand right now. only 3 counties remain in the states. most restrictive purple tier 36 are in red. 17 are in orange. 2 counties are in yellow kron four's. ashley zavala explains what's driving the decision and when the update is coming. >> california leaders are set to likely announced this week. rule changes that will make it easier for counties to move into the state's less restrictive orange and yellow tears. the tears allow for the reopening of the majority of businesses and activities with
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expanded capacity as of monday, most of california remains in the red tier allowing for businesses to open with minimal capacity. the relaxation of rules will be triggered once 4 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine have been distributed to the least healthy zip codes across the state as of monday state data showed 3.9 6 million doses have been distributed. right now. the orange tier requires counties to have covid-19 case rates between one to 3.9 per 100,000 people and the yellow tier to have case rates less than one once the 4 million doses are distributed. the orange tier will require case rates between 2 to 5.9 per 100,000 people and the yellow tier to have case rates less than 2 pitchers will be a little of after announcing friday that large gatherings live performances conferences and receptions are allowed later this month. officials said the state is working on an even less restrictive green tier that additional guidance is coming soon. >> and that was quite a lot more information about when we get past to keep it all
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together. getting have to it will still take more time and more vaccinations continuing to monitor it actually racing the trends, but he will provide that road map. >> state officials say that new road map could be out in the coming days reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> following tonight. another troubling variant of coronavirus has been discovered here in the bay area. there is one case so far it's odd to have occurred in santa clara county. the discovery was made by researchers at stanford health care, kron, four's. rob fladeboe brings us up to date on this discovery. >> by a technique called genomic sequencing. the stanford clinical virology lab has identified one case of the india variant it is thought to have occurred in the patients from santa clara county and the lab is now working to confirm another 7 suspected cases says lab director doctor benjamin pinsky. we know it's in our area and it's it's a prevalence at the moment. ow m-
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>> but it's something to watch out for in case it does increase in numbers. doctor pinsky says they have a lot to learn about this latest variant. >> which may be to blame for recent surge of cases in india. the variant is being called a double mutant because it is to mutations which could possibly make it that much more infectious. so this is a variant that has mutations similar to the california variant as well as south africa and. >> brazil variance. it looks like it may be more transmissible and potentially. able to be neutralized by and potentially. vaccines may be less effective at preventing infection with this particular area. >> in the parts of india where the double mutant variant is most prevalent new cases are up as much as 50%. other more infectious strains of the virus from brazil and south africa have also been found in the bay area and may be
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somewhat resistant to vaccines. but there is no need to panic. the india very it is one more reason to vaccinate as many people as possible as soon as possible, says doctor pinsky, we shouldn't panic color making incredible progress on vaccination. >> places like stanford are prepared to identify these emerging >> we identify them rapidly. this one was identified within one day of its reporting in india and we're reporting these variants then to the public health authorities so they can make. important decisions. >> the county health department says it is not currently monitoring the india variant because so far it is not showed up on the cdc's list of concerns in palo alto. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> in the east bay lawmakers are continuing to try and make a more covid-19 vaccines available today. california senator alex padilla. he visited one of the bay area's
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mass vaccination sites. he was at the oakland coliseum. we now know that that facility will be staying open. it was supposed to close on sunday. kron four's amanda hari is live there now with what leaders say. >> is why this is so important that it remains open. amanda. >> this vaccine clinic vaccinate about 5,000 people every day. take a look behind me. you can see the vaccine those people right now they're pulling up in their cars as we speak. those people in the best giving them their vaccines and assuring them in this vaccination site was originally scheduled to close sunday. vice president kamala harris announced it will stay open, but they're still a lot of questions. >> so the scale of this facility that's helped us make tremendous progress here in the bay area. and the last several weeks, more than 30% of californians have received their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >> senator pds says that's because of the silla t's like this one at the oakland coliseum that we're going to
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continue to work together to extend the life of this facility. we know the facility will stay open beyond its original closing date on sunday. that's when the contract with fema runs out. now. senator podia along with federal, state and local leaders are trying to figure out how it will happen going lead operations ever to defects is coming from. you know, there's multiple sources of supply at 3rd, i'm going to pay for this on april 15th all californians will be able to make an appointment for their first alameda county supervisor wilma chan says that makes this site even more important. this site has been valuable, but we still don't have enough. there's still been a shortage. there's still been on people who have been searching and searching for appointments. >> so we're really when when we just do this astronomical opening on april 15th that without a site like this, we will not be able to meet people's expectations. >> county leaders say they're seeing a lot less vaccine
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hesitancy and more people willing to get the vaccine. >> so it's clear they're going to need it for a while. do they have any idea how long. >> county leaders believe will likely need for several more months. they say they want to get to 70 or 80% of people vaccinated right now. the only at about 20% live in oakland amanda hari kron 4 news. >> thank you, amanda. this sunday we have an exclusive statewide town hall was senator alex padilla. he'll be talking about covid relief immigration gun control and more. you can submit questions on twitter using the hashtag inside ca politics. the town hall is sunday morning at 6.30, here on kron 4. >> a really big story in sports, especially here in the bay area. the stanford women's basketball team. they are now the national champions. that's a big deal. it's the first time in almost 30 years. it the team has won an nc double a basketball championship.
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>> and kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney was there as the university held a parade for the team and that must have been fun kate capes joining us live from palo alto. >> catherine. yeah, it was a lot of fun and pretty impressive that stanford managed to pull off a championship level championship parade in less than 24 hours. notice now because of covid-19 things are a little different that was a little smaller than it typically would have been in a championship-winning year, but still nobody seemed to mind. there are masks and social distancing as much as possible. and different and still really turned out to cheer for a team that has won its first national title since 1992 head coach tara vanderveer and her longtime assistant k pay lead the parade in the first convertible with the trophy in their laps and they were followed in a bunch of other convertibles by their group of talented players who really just gutted out a thrilling win in yesterday's national championship. it has been such a strange season for them.
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they've made spent 63 days on the road. en route to. this national championship because of covid protocols in santa clara county. so it's especially sweet to be home right now, especially with the trophy in tow. now, as you see behind me, there's congratulations national champion sign this i believe it or not, not new for this team. that's because stanford has a streak of 4 to 5 straight years of winning an athletic championship in at least one sport. just to give you an idea of how impressive that streak is. the next closest school has a streak of only 3 years. so 45 years, 3 years just goes to show you how great athletics really are at stanford university can happen. all right. we we love that. hey, just wanted to ask for the parade. did they get a significant crowded enough people know about it. >> they did a stanford sent out a roadmap ahead of time. so there are a bunch of different points. you could wait all over campus and at the point that i was that.
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>> which was called the oval for those of you who are familiar with stanford. there was a really great turn out to stand for president was there the dancing tree? some members of their cheer squad. so i think that it felt really fitting in welcoming for the players and the coaches who worked so hard. >> not a party without the just going to say can i love all right. time for look at the forecast. we're looking live outside little hazy. nice out keeping all just north karnal here to break it down for the week ahead. yeah, it looks like we're going to see almost a summer like pattern out there right now. we felt that today. the chill. >> cool marine air making its way off the ocean and the fog outside today. certainly making things feel cool. looks like that will be the case again for tonight and tomorrow from the see some of that make its way. well on shore. in fact, some low clouds out there already beginning to move inside the bay. it kind of broke up a little bit. we're going to see that really rolling back on shore throughout the night tonight. here's a look towards san francisco. he just see whole lot of gray up there right now
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is that fog is beginning to make its way in london. looks like filling into the bay maybe with some of the valleys overnight tonight. kind of a complex pattern here. we've got a one-week low just to our east. you can see making its way towards salt lake city that bigger area of low pressure that we're hoping was going to be a little bit closer. the coastline is pulled well off the coast. so unfortunately not going to be able to generate any rain for us right now. that will keep us dry. and in between we've got low clouds and fog kind locked in along the coastline right now. you see right here. so the gray out there ready to make its way back on shore. some of that spilling into the bay already. more to come. seabreeze has been blowing today a little bit stronger outside the 12 miles an hour in the pacifica right now. 16 and sfo 15 in oakland and 16 in the napa valley temperatures. it's been cool spots 53 degrees right now in cool that breeze and temperatures go. 54 in oakland. 57 degrees in san jose 56 in livermore, 61 conquered and 59 degrees in santa rosa 7 outside tonight grab a jacket. this is unlike last week where we're comfortable 70's even 80's at this time in the evening these
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temperatures going to be much more cooler. looks like numbers going to be cooling off into the 50's as we head in toward the 9 o'clock hour. lot more fog on the way to we'll have more on that forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. coming up, the white house is selling president biden's infrastructure plan is a. >> blueprint for sweeping social and economic change. details ahead in a live report. plus, vice president harris returns home for an infrastructure tour in oakland. >> but she had to say the local business and later, vaccination cards will probably become a big part of everyday life as we move out of this pandemic. experts are now warning of big trouble, though, if anybody tries to forge them.
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>> the battle lines over president biden's american jobs plan have been drawn. biden's infrastructure plan is facing growing opposition from republican lawmakers. they argue that parts of that plan are not even related to infrastructure. the biden administration, though, is signaling it's open to moving the 2 trillion dollar infrastructure package through congress with a process known as budget reconciliation kron 4 washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us now live from washington, dc with the latest. jesse. >> yeah. good evening. the white house has also been selling this really as a blueprint for sweeping changes for sweeping social changes,
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but also economic changes as well. >> for the biden administration infrastructure is more than just improved roads. bridges and pipes. president biden's plan would also make large investments in job training and affordable housing along with improving pay and benefits for caregivers. >> corporations would foot the for rest of the world. but republicans argue a corporate tax increase would make the u.s. less competitive the last time economy needs right now is a big whopping increase on all the productive sector and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and missouri senator roy blunt say only about 30% of the proposal fits their definition of infrastructure. i think. >> it's a mistake. and i also think it would be an easy victory if we go back and look at roads and bridges and ports and airports. white house press secretary jen psaki says the president understands how to negotiate with congress. he know some members think it's too some think it's too too frankly, there. >> then folks have come out on
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both sides. >> the president biden has made it clear he wants the bill ultimately passed by august recess, which means with or without republicans live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. jesse so reconciliation was used for the big covid just about a month or so ago. >> and now they're talking about doing it again in this infrastructure bill. do they have all the democrats on board with this. >> you're exactly right. some democrats have been pushing back some on the more progressive side and then others from the northeast part of the talking about specific tax deductions for state and local entities and so there's most democratic support. and so they should be able to kind of they should be able to unify around this when it's all said and done. but like you would mention to the white house already did use the budget reconciliation process to pass the president's covid relief plan. and today the senate parliamentarian in a
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procedural kind of decision here did say that they can essentially use that framework to go ahead and pass 2 more pieces of legislation this year. at first it was thought that it could only be one piece of legislation. so now really that kind of just makes the process a lot easier for the white house to make this happen. if they decide to go down that road. they can get it passed without any republican support. but they'll need every single democrat to vote for jessi tenure live washington. thank you, jesse. >> well, the federal government white house unaccompanied migrant children on the california army national guard base. the pentagon approved the. >> use of camp roberts to temporarily house children traveling alone. the campus right off one. oh, one, about 15 miles north of paso, robles and february border. authorities were dealing with more than 9,000 children along without parents. that's the highest single month since may of. 2019 when more than 11,000 unaccompanied minors came to
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the border and the troubles at the border are not helping president biden's approval rating on immigration anyway, a new poll by the associated press says 40% of americans disapprove of his handling of and the children at the border only 24% approve. 35% don't have an opinion. former president trump spent much of his presidency strengthening the border making it a lot more difficult for migrants to cross biden's team promised to handle the problem in a more humane and orderly way. but it has really struggled to cope with the huge numbers of people showing up. >> back here in the bay area. kamala harris spent her morning in the east bay for the first time since becoming vice president, she was talking about jobs, infrastructure and clean drinking water kron four's noelle bellow monitored her visit today on kron on and has the details. >> and this group have been
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doing work that really is a model for the country high praise from vice president kamala harris monday as she toured the water treatment facility at the east bay. municipal utility district in her first visit back to the bay area since becoming vice president harris focused on jobs, infrastructure and clean drinking water. >> we must understand the equities and inequities of distribution and access to clean water, specially clean drinking water and address it in a way that is about supporting what governments must do at a local and a state, not federal level. the visit comes just days after president joe biden presented his 2 trillion dollar american jobs plan. the american jobs plan. >> looks at it in terms of the infrastructure piece and particular, what we need to do to build back up and to build a new. >> what we can do to preserve. and to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water. harris also spoke about the need to create more union jobs. >> and later visited a listening session with state
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leaders. a small business owner and leaders of community development financial institutions. harris said the american rescue and american jobs plans are designed to lift up our economy and the drivers of our economy understanding works for small business so. the connections are clear and so success in terms of who is contributing. >> so the noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> by the way, we streamed vice president harris says, and senator padilla as bay area visits live today on our kron on app. you can download it to get the latest breaking news and live events all day long. it is free in your app store. >> all right. let's take a look at our forecast we're looking over the bay bridge toll plaza and looks pretty
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much saying see that marine layer is hanging over the east bay hills. but it's sunny on the other side. think summer. kind of what is looking like outside right now that summer fog, a pattern kind of said looks like it's going to stick with us on and off throughout the week as we'll see plenty of low clouds and some fog. so cooler than normal temperatures today. and i think that will be the case again as we get into tomorrow as we'll see plenty of fog rolling on shore. even some drizzle along the coastline. live look at half moon bay. you can see some folks out there by the kosi and they've got some thick sweaters or jackets on out there as those temperatures staying very cool right out of the water's edge. temperatures. yeah, they came down even further around the bay area today. if you can believe that a good of the 4 to 5 degrees cooler around much of the bay area to so numbers. yeah, a little bit cooler spots temperatures out yeah. it's going to stay cool along the coastline overnight tonight we'll see the fog rolled back in and maybe even a little of drizzle out toward the beaches high-pressure yet trying to hold on here. it's mainly to the south kind of
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complex better. we've got low pressure. the east. we've got that large swirl off the coastline and unfortunately kind of caught in between so we're not seeing the rain that we like to see. we are seeing more low clouds and fog higher moisture content. the air that keeps the fire danger down, of course. but certainly the fog and low kind of making their way back on shore right now in the sea breeze has continued outside more of that westerly component, win there in pacific at 11 miles an hour, 16, sfo $0.13. carlos right now at 15 miles per hour in oakland temperatures around the bay area. right now we're on the cool side right out toward the beaches. that's why people are bundling up there. 50 degrees in half moon bay, 52 degrees in san sunday's 61 in concord. only 56 pretty cool in a little more tonight. partly cloudy skies going to see some of the patch goes the drizzle tomorrow morning. start out with some of the fog around much of the bay area. the clearing by the afternoon and that looks like we'll be cooler through midweek before the temperatures start to warm back up so numbers going to stay down specially co side again for tomorrow plan and
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only a 50's. and some 60's there as you get inside the bay. a warm up a little bit. some 70's. well, inland and then we're going to start to watch those temperatures come take a tumble as we head through the middle of the week coming down just a little bit. but here's the good news. next weekend. we're up into the 70's in much of the bay area. all right, lawrence, thanks very much. coming up, what happens to our pets when we all return to our normal retained. some of them, you know, won't be happy. experts suggest how to prepare and train your dogs when you're heading back to work.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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>> well, you could call this cow commotion. this cow in georgia's somehow ended up on a freeway. this was saturday morning. you can see that officer sort of following trying to at least get it off the road. traffic was moving pretty slowly. so police think this pork how fell out of a livestock trailer. it was caught about an hour later with help from a bystander who had some rope. the cow was returned to the owner. we apparently it's ok, we hope so. this was all happening in dunwoody, not far from atlanta. and new at 6 covid-19 restrictions are beginning to ease around the world. a lot of dog owners are getting concerned about how their pets will cope when they go back to work, even the white house, as you know, has been reporting problems with dog behavior owners are now turning to experts to get some advice. >> separation. anxiety is a big one. dogs that owners are
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ironed even when the owners go to the next i'm doing a lot of work with my to condition, the dogs to be able to stay home online even during the lockdown so that they are ready for when. we go back to the office says and we go back to socializing. >> we're being interested how they do that. but anyway, experts say it's important to take time to help dogs get used to a new environment. some people something that will be obviously important as we're coming out of lockdown coming up next, we have the latest on the derek chauvin trial key witnesses continue take the stand in court. we're going hear from the doctor. >> he tried to save george floyd's life and we'll hear from the minneapolis police chief. plus who may be responsible for an uptick in covid cases across the u.s. we're going hear from the director of the cdc and everyone gets one when they get the covid vaccination. what health officials say you should do if your vaccine card is damaged or lost or possibly
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forged watching kron 4 news at 6.
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