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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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want to miss that and i'm not one of their clients. i can guarantee that for sure. so long. [cheers and applause] >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> we absolutely need to get those vaccines out as quickly as possible. >> as others have said, it's kind of a race between getting everyone vaccinated and the further emergence of more variance. >> another troubling very end of the coronavirus has been discovered here in the bay area. this time in emerging variant from india. thanks for joining us tonight at 5. i'm
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catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> and i'm ken wayne. there is one case so far thought to have occurred in santa clara county. the discovery was made by researchers at stanford health care. kron, four's. rob fladeboe brings us up to date on that discovery from stanford. rob. >> well, it's right. can't it's just too soon to know if this new india variant is any more transmissible than the earlier, a variance or resistant to antibodies are vaccines for that matter. i'm told more research is needed. but we know that there's one case so far and there may be others. here's more. >> by a technique called genomic sequencing. the stanford clinical virology lab has identified one case of the india variant it is thought to have occurred in the patients from santa clara county and the lab is now working to confirm another 7 suspected cases says lab director doctor benjamin pinsky. we know it's in our area and it's it's a little it's a relatively low
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prevalence at the moment. >> but it's something to watch out for in case it does increase in numbers. doctor pinsky says they have a lot to learn about this latest variant. >> which may be to blame for recent surge of cases in india. the variant is being called a double mutant because it is to mutations which could possibly make it that much more infectious. so this is a variant that has mutations similar to the california variant as well as south africa and. >> brazil variance. it looks like it may be more transmissible and potentially. able to be neutralized by and potentially. vaccines may be less effective at preventing infection with this particular area. >> in the parts of india where the double mutant variant is most prevalent new cases are up as much as 50%. other more infectious strains of the virus from brazil and south africa have also been found in
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the bay area and may be somewhat resistant to vaccines. but there is no need to panic. the india very it is one more reason to vaccinate as many people as possible as soon as possible, says doctor pinsky, we shouldn't panic color making incredible progress on vaccination. >> places like stanford are prepared to identify these emerging >> we identify them rapidly. this one was identified within one day of its reporting in india and we're reporting these variance then to the public health authorities so they can important decisions. >> the county health department says it is aware of this brand new discovery. but so far says it is not currently monitoring the india variant because so far it is not showing up on the cdc's list of concerns live in palo alto. rob fladeboe kron. 4 news. rob, thank you for that. lawmakers continue to urge people to get vaccinated against covid california
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senator alex one of the bay area's mass vaccination sites today. >> he was at the oakland coliseum. we just learned that the site will remain open kron four's. amanda hara joins us live with details on >> this vaccine clinic vaccinates about 5,000 people every single day to take a look behind me here. you can see just a fraction of those people being vaccinated right now. i've been here all day and there's been a steady stream of cars. this vaccination site was originally scheduled to close sunday. vice president kamala harris announced it will stay open, but there are still a lot of questions. >> think the field an operations like this that gives me hope. we've made tremendous progress more than 30% of californians have received their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >> senator alex says that's because of facilities like this one at the oakland
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coliseum. >> that we're going to continue to work together to extend the life of this facility. this facility is currently operated by fema. there only contracted through sunday. now senator pda along with state and local leaders are trying to figure out how to keep it going. >> let's get a lead operations number 2 was a vaccine is coming from. and you know, there's multiple source1 of supply at 3rd, going to pay for this. senator pds says they hope to have all those answers by sunday. >> on april 15th. all californians will be able to make an appointment for their first dose. alameda county supervisor wilma chang says that makes this site even more important. >> this site has been valuable, but we still don't have enough. there's still been a shortage. there's still been on people who have been searching and searching for appointments. so we're really when when we just do this astronomical opening on april 15th that without a site like this, we will not be able to meet people's expectations.
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>> county leaders say they're seeing less vaccine hesitancy and more people wanting to sign up for their docents. >> amanda, do they have any idea how long it will be before they no longer need it. >> county. they want to see about 70 to 80% of people acts unaided right now they're out about 20%. so they expect to need this site for several more months live in oakland. amanda hari kron 4 news amanda, thank you for that. this sunday we have an exclusive statewide town hall with senator alex padilla. >> we'll be discussing covid relief as well as immigration, gun control and more. you can submit your question on twitter using the hashtag inside ca politics town hall is this sunday at 6.30 in the morning right here on kron 4. vice president kamala harris spend her morning and the east bay. this was out for the first time since she. >> took office. she was talking about jobs,
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infrastructure, clean drinking water, kron four's, noelle bellow monitored her visit to live today on kron on and has the details. >> this facility. and this group have been doing work that really a model for the country high praise from vice president kamala harris monday as she toured the water treatment facility at the east bay. municipal utility district in her first visit back to the bay area since becoming vice president harris focused on jobs, infrastructure and clean drinking water. we must understand the equities and inequities of distribution and access to clean water, specially clean drinking water. >> and address it in a way that is about supporting what governments must do at a local and a state, not federal level. the visit comes just days after president joe biden presented his 2 trillion dollar american jobs plan. the american jobs plan. >> looks at it in terms of the infrastructure piece and particular, what we need to do to build back up and to build a new. >> what we can do to preserve.
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and to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water. harris also spoke about the need to create more union jobs. >> and later visited a listening session with state leaders. a small business owner and leaders of community development financial institutions. harris said the american rescue and american jobs plans are designed to lift up our economy and the drivers of our economy. i just works for small business so. the connections are clear and so success in terms of who is contributing. >> so the noelle bellow kron 4 news and we streamed vice president harris and sen perdue is bay area visits today on our kron on app.
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>> make sure you download it to get the latest breaking news and live events all day long. it is free in the app store. a big story today. a happy story, a fun story an exciting story. the national champion stanford women's basketball team. >> is back in the bay area this afternoon and is a fun story. kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney. she's live at stanford after a kate, when the team arrived on campus. >> hi can. hi, catherine. yeah. stanford arrived back on campus a little bit after noon today. and it's pretty amazing that they to pull off a full celebratory parade in less than 24 hours while there were covid restrictions, of course, in place. so the turnout was a little bit smaller than it would bein a typical year. nobody really seem to mind that there were masks and social distancing as much as possible in place and stanford fans turned out to cheer for a team that won its first national title since 1992 head coach tara vanderveer and her longtime assistant k pay when
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the first convertible leading the parade with the trophy in their laps and followed, of course, but a very talented group of players who got it out a thrilling win in yesterday's national championship game. it was really strange season that saw him spend 63 days on the roadway from home due to covid protocols and santa clara county. so everyone is really thrilled to be home, but especially because they've now got that trophy and tell this also makes it the 45th consecutive year that at least one stanford athletics program has won a national title. and just to give you a little bit about idea how impressive that streak is coming happen. the next closest school has only won 3 championships in a row. so 45 championships in a row for stanford this athletics program here is really just hut of this world. >> exciting times said sure, it's just amazing and you can't really given even an air high-five. can i just kind of look at each other and go, wow. that was awesome. right.
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>> i actually definitely saw a few air high-five. some attempted air hugs so people were in great spirits. nothing was getting them from the high of watching these women just perform so well. and you know, when when their ultimate goal. yeah, the whole bay area can be proud. all right. kate rooney live at stanford, thank you, kate. by the way, the warriors and chase center teaming up with clorox to try to keep fans safe. the partnership makes clorox. >> the official product used to disinfect disinfect the arena warriors say the deal will strengthen chase centers, clean initiative program which outlines so all cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout the arena. chase center has been closed to fans. of course, since the start of the pandemic more than a year ago. just last week, though california officials updated state guidelines to allow indoor live event starting on april 15th san francisco officials have not yet announced when they will allow fans back inside chase, but a lot of people looking forward to it. let's take a look live look outside see how things are shaping up on this monday
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afternoon and catherine is ot cloudy earlier. looks like it's clear now. yeah. actually looks pretty nice. and clear now, but also cooler and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us. >> i've been fine. i heard a little drizzle last night that i have been dreaming, though. you actually did gather some drizzle even throughout the day today. there's been drizzle along the coastline. so what a change in the weather pattern. we have those record highs last week. but those are long gone now, temperatures are really cool down around the bay area. >> and now, yeah, we're socked with low clouds and fog in many spots along the coastline. you're still seeing plenty of clouds there toward half moon bay bundle up. if you're headed out toward the beaches. the temperatures there in the 40's and 50's. if you can believe that in the san francisco, you can just make it out of the fog moving through. there you go. san francisco disappearing in the background of that fog continues to move on shore tonight. and more of that on the way. in fact, could be an interesting we kind of complex pattern here. we've got this area of low pressure that we were originally hoping was going to be closer to the coastline to bring us a chance of rain unfortunately, that's not going to be the case. it's going to sit here spinning off
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the coast and occasionally spinning a high clouds coming across our skies from time to time as it sits on the middle of the pacific in the meantime, we're going to see plenty of low clouds and fog rolling in along the coastline occasionally inside the bay. and that's where we sit tonight. you see the fog low clouds out there and certainly get grey along the coastline. breaking up inside the bay in some spots. but there are more to come overnight tonight that sea breeze is already kicking up on shore 60 miles an hour and san francisco 15 in oakland 15 miles per hour into fairfield. so little breezy in spots. temperatures. yeah. check out the coastlines half moon bay. you have the fog 50 degrees right now. very chilly along the coastline. 54 degrees in the san francisco can find some sunshine and some warmer weather inland. but still these temperatures fairly cool. 62 degrees in the napa valley 60 and 58 degrees in san jose for can take a look at the rescue forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. coming up, something you don't see every day just standing the sidewalk. >> a coyote in san francisco after the break. for i want to be on alert. and president
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biden's new infrastructure plan is facing some strong opposition from republican lawmakers. why they say they're not happy about. >> also why it might become easier for counties to move into the state's less
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>> state leaders say this week there could be even more changes coming to california blueprint for reopening. the update will allow counties to
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move to less restrictive tiers. a lot more easily. ashley zavala has the details. >> california leaders are set to likely announced this week. rule changes that will make it easier for counties to move into the state's less restrictive orange and yellow tears. the tears allow for the reopening of the majority of businesses and activities with expanded capacity as of monday, most of california remains in the red tier allowing for businesses to open with minimal capacity. the relaxation of rules will be triggered once 4 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine have been distributed to the least healthy zip codes across the state as of monday state data showed 3.9 6 million doses have been distributed. right now. the orange tier requires counties to have covid-19 case rates between one to 3.9 per 100,000 people and the yellow tier to have case rates less than one once the 4 million doses are distributed. the orange tier will require case rates between 2 to 5.9 per 100,000 people and the yellow tier to have case rates less than 2 pitchers will be a little of
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after announcing friday that large gatherings live performances conferences and receptions are allowed later this month. officials said the state is working on an even less restrictive green tier additional guidance is coming soon. >> and that was quite a lot more information about when we get past to keep it all together, getting have to it will still take more time and more vaccinations continuing to monitor. it's actually right in the trends, but he will provide that road map. >> state officials say that new road map could be out in the coming days reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news step outside again. see how things look from different point of view up at the very tippy top of mount temple fires looking across san francisco bay. yes, still a pretty view although a little that haze lawrence lawrence is yeah, a little haze out there. i just that. sure breeze a little more moisture. >> in the atmosphere. it's also feel like a summer day around the bay area today with some of the clouds around that drizzle out there, too. but yeah, we're going to notice some changes coming up in the
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next few days. and not major change. we're hoping to bring some rain in here right now. looks like just some of this. we'll see more of late spring, almost summertime pattern with plenty of low clouds and fog will be factoring in to your weather. temperatures outside. it is cool in some spots. how about that only 49 degrees with that fog in pacific. a little chilly along the coastline. 15 have moon bay 54 in san mateo, 58 in san jose. so these temperatures well, they're far cry from those record breaking temperatures. we had just this past week. so certainly coming back down around the bay area running a little bit below the average outside. if you're stepping out the door this evening keep that jacket with you, you're probably going to need a little cool little breezy as well. little mixture fog and sunshine as we head throughout the evening hours through 8 o'clock those clouds begin to gather up somewhat and we had to push inside the bay. so plan for that as well. computer models showing you some fog along the coastline and some of going to try and dissipate them restore that self overnight saying you see that patchy early on tomorrow morning. some of that fog gathering throughout the morning hours. then as we head
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throughout the day. we've got that system off the coastline. occasionally it's going to send some of the mid to high level clouds across the sky. so we're going to see that play for the better part of this week until that low really begins to move. outdoor continues to weaken. the meantime, though, the temperatures breaking down like this highs tomorrow. you're looking some 70's in the warmer spots. lot of 60's elsewhere around the bay area the next few days take you through the week. we'll keep you dry occasionally some of those clouds moving on through night morning. clouds warming up though, both saturday and sunday. looks like those temperatures moving back up into the 70's. guys, back to you. all right, lauren, thank you for that. the battle lines over president biden's american jobs plan been drawn. >> biden's infrastructure plan faces growing opposition from republican lawmakers on capitol hill who argue parts of the president's plan are not related to infrastructure at all. and the biden administration is signaling that it's open to moving the 2 trillion dollar package through congress. with a process known as budget reconciliation and washington correspondent jessi turnure joins us live with the latest.
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hi, just see. >> yeah. good evening, catherine in canada. white house is also selling this plan really as a blueprint for sweeping social and economic change. for the biden administration infrastructure is more than just improved roads. bridges and pipes. this is a public health issue during a tour of a water treatment plant in california. vice president kamala harris stressed. how the president's multi trillion dollar infrastructure package. what address racial equality to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water president biden's plan would also make large investments in job training and affordable housing along with improving pay and benefits for caregivers. corporations would foot the for rest of the world. but republicans argue a corporate tax increase would make the u.s. less competitive on the economy needs right now is a big whopping talk increase on all the productive sector and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and
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missouri senator roy blunt say only about 30% of the proposal fits their definition of infrastructure. i think. >> it's a mistake. and i also think it would be an easy victory if we go back and look at roads and bridges and ports and airports. white house press secretary jen psaki says the president understands how to negotiate with congress. he know some members think it's too some think it's too too frankly, there. >> then folks have come out on both sides. but president biden has made it clear he ultimately wants those pass before august recess. >> which means with or without republicans live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. jesse, thank you very much. coming up, the cdc director says young adults are causing the rise of recent covid cases. we'll tell you why. >> also, if you're planning on going on a cr
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>> the tsa says more than 6 million people were screened at airports across the country since thursday amid a spring break surge yesterday alone. the agency says it screened one 0.5 4 million travelers as just shy of a pandemic record that was set on good friday. this influx prompted the cancellation of about a 100 delta airlines flights yesterday because of staffing shortages. delta says it had to fill some of its middle seats on weekend flights to keep up with demand even though its limits on seating capacity was not set to end until may. 1st as more people
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look forward to traveling the cdc is out with some new guidance for cruise ships. the industry has been operating under a conditional sale order. the cdc says it's next. conditional sale order will allow cruise liners to conduct simulated voyages with volunteers and crew before sailing was real passengers again, also calls for an increase in covid testing and the need for a plan to vaccinate crew staff. the house health agency has still not given an actual date for cruises to fully resume operations from us ports. the cdc directors saying that young people are driving the latest uptick in covid cases. >> and this comes as the increasing rate of vaccination and older americans is really helping preventing the most serious cases among seniors. but the cdc says the increasing spread of covid cases could be caused by a rise in youth sports and extracurricular activities over recent weeks. >> according to cdc guidance, these activities should be
5:27 pm
limitedr but if they are not they're worth of clusters. can be can be prevented with cajuns testing strategies as are being called out in so many different places. and as more schools are reopening, it's even more important to make sure they do so safely with strict adherence to guidance and for all of us to roll up our sleeves for a vaccine as soon as we can. >> a positive development. the number of seniors dying from the virus it's reached the lowest level since early fall. >> coming up, arkansas's governor vetoed a bill this morning that people were saying was discriminatory against trans youth. what that means for the trans use community. plus, what should you do if you lose your vaccination card, we have that answer for you. that's a good question. and today on day 6 of the derek chauvin murder trial. we heard from the minneapolis police chief and what he had to say about the way george floyd was being detained.
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tonight at 5.30, the minneapolis police chief took the stand today in day 6 of former police officer derek chauvin's trial. >> surrounding the death of george floyd and the police chief was not the only person to testify. so did an emergency room doctor who tried to say floyd's life. >> kareen wynter has the latest developments. >> on the stand on the 6th day of show, the murder trial. the doctor who tried to save


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