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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 5, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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feel a lot like it did yesterday. your easter sunday just cool enough to keep the jacket on hand, even into the afternoon. as for skies right now, your view from tower. little on the greek side, not our sunniest perspective out there from c church tower looking down at financial district. couple of sprinkles across the north bay earlier on this morning, we are seeing marine county drying back out now. but a little bit further to the east. you can see there are still a few showers sitting around eastern solano county out of the delta near rio vista and actually looking at a spot of light sprinkles about to be working its way eastward towards bay point. so just a couple of spots to watch out for nothing as far as rain goes south of the golden gate and we're going to remain dry the rest of the day for these areas. current temperatures in the 40's and 50's. so get the jacket on this morning. we have enough of a breeze to make make for a brisk feel that breeze is going to stay with us. even into some sunshine this afternoon. reyna john, thank you. unfortunately, we're doing so well. we have a hot
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spot. >> here at the bay bridge stalled vehicle near that fremont street exit. and on top of that, a high wind advisory in place for this bridge as well as the venetian any a bridge. so again, they turn those metering lights back on. it's going to take about 31 minutes to make it to the fremont street exit this morning. but the san mateo bridge. there have been no problems along this bridge all morning long. accidents. no high wind advisories in place just a solid commute at 13 minutes for you. there. the richmond sandra fell bridge has been slower. but now i'm seeing some improvement. 10 minutes for your drive time and checking up things along one. oh, one when 30 minutes heading towards menlo park. we'll have more on that coming up. the darya and james, back to you. >> thanks a lot of won and the big story is happening today. vice president kamala harris is visiting us. she their first trip back to oakland since being sworn in as the vice president. so we have kron 4. sarah stinson standing by live out at oakland airport, previewing her visit. good morning, sarah. >> yeah, that's right. about 40 minutes. vice president kamala harris will be taking
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off in la heading right here to where i am at the oakland airport and it's a big day as you said, her first time being back home as the vice president. i can't imagine returning to your the vice president of america. so i'm sure she's feeling just super install jake and grateful to be back and she has a busy day ahead of her and it all begins when she lands here. so we're here to kind see where she's going in and tell you what, she's got planned so far. we know got a tour of the facility while she's here. that highlights the benefits of the american jobs plan to invest 111 billion dollars in our country's infrastructure, ensuring access to clean drinking water on that tour will be governor gavin newsome as well. so i'm sure he can shed some light as to where we're at with all of that. >> and after that, the vice president will hold a listening session with more california leaders and then she'll talk to small business owner in oakland to received financial and technical
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assistance as we know he or she born in oakland raising berkeley. so she, i'm sure is very excited to be back and she eventually this afternoon will head back to los angeles and then head to chicago tomorrow for an event for the vaccine equity. so she's got a packed schedule nonstop. she was just in l a for the easter holiday. so again, she'll be flying out of there in about 40 minutes and then she'll be here in oakland and she will be off to go see. >> all of the things and learn more the infrastructure of our water and more. so. keep you updated. all have an update for you in about 30 minutes. as well. for now. we'll send it back to you as well. >> very good. thank you, sarah. >> time now is 8. '03, and a new variant of coronavirus is in the bay area believed to be the first of its kind in the whole country. stanford. doctors say the strain originated in india, which is currently seeing a big spike in covid convoys. gayle ong has more. >> researchers at stanford have been searching for
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covid-19 variant since january of this year. the latest variant found in india is the first confirmed case in their lab. a sign held up for it. say the virus is not slowing down. >> the new variant dubbed double mutant was found in stanford's clinical viral. the g lab last week. scientists in the bay area are trying to figure out how more infectious mutation is. the mutations are in the specific. >> spike >> receptor sites. so it affects the ability of the virus to buy into that place. and it's trying to get to ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says to avoid transmission. >> the public needs to continue to follow health guidelines wear masks, social distance and the weed to break the chain of transmission is either being completely see all the time. >> and getting the vaccine so that, you know, the virus is trying to find another nose out, in fact. but if that
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person is protected, it can really go for that. beyond that. that's why doctor dean winslow infectious disease specialist at stanford says it is important to get the covid vaccine. i think until we get at least 75 or 80% or more of u.s. population vaccinated against covid-19. we're going to continue to even small outbreaks of cases covid cases in india have been plummeting since september last year. but cases and deaths began spiking last month. >> and there is no data on vaccine efficacy against the new variant. but doctor chin-hong is cautiously optimistic given the fact pfizer vaccine is not to be effective against the south african variant. >> from the most recent data. >> i feel. >> optimistic that our current vaccines would also cover. >> this particular variant again, we will wait for more data but that is my gut sense at this moment. in the meantime, scientists stressed a need for more labs like this one. >> to find and stop these
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variants. this is going to be sort of early that that we really need to have typically if we want to the vaccines later in the year next year to do even better cover some of describe variance. >> meantime, researchers here at stanford are screening for 7 more presumed cases of the new variant found in india. the lob screen hundreds of viral samples from people across the bay area in palo alto. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> california has set a date now for went concerts and live sporting events even wedding receptions can resume. and it's april 15th indoor ev-nts. that's when they'll be allowed in the red orange and yellow tears capacity will be different depending on that here. for instance, 10% is what the capacity will be in the red tier and then it will expand its counties move through the various status is some venues like oracle park will require something extra. they'll want proof of a negative covid test or full vaccination of proof to get
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inside masks, social distancing. they will all still be required. >> as we reopen things. you know, i think you need do your own risk assessment. self risk assessment. and if you're 85 years old and have, you know, numerous underlying risk factors. if you're pregnant woman. i think he'd be go slow on the on these things and be careful and not put yourself at risk. >> doctors say that you should be aware of your own risk factors and underlying conditions because those can change over time. >> the return of concerts is a big step to normalcy even as restrictions have been eased for certain businesses. the live music industry has been forced to stay silent that is changing, though. indoor concert venues like bottom of the hill in san francisco are going to be allowed to start reopening on april 15th and the co owner of that venue says shelis excited. >> i would hate to say anything but that i'm grateful
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for this guidance and and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel we're not there yet. there's still like long lines to get an appointment for a vaccine and you still have to be over. 50 is so i my personal feeling is why not wait until we've reached this herd immunity before we start putting people inside. >> music venues are hoping that government assistance programs will help them reopen quicker. >> johnson and johnson is expanding its clinical trial of its vaccine to include miners now. 1617 year olds will be the first to get tested and then they'll eventually expand that to children. maybe even as young as 12. the study is testing the safety of both its one dose and it's 2 dose versions of the vaccine. we know that pfizer and moderna have already conducted tests on minors with pfizer releasing data showing that it shot is safe for children between 1215. they're waiting approval now from the fda happening
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today. senator alex padilla will be visiting oakland to see vaccines being handed out and put into the arms of californians. the deal will be visiting the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site this afternoon and his visit comes as the state is expanding vaccine eligibility to more and more people. and it also comes as we're less than a week now from expected shutdown of that vaccination site there at the coliseum. they were planning on shutting it down sunday, the d and senator dianne hour working to try and convince fema to keep that location open. >> it's 8 '09. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news president biden sweeping 2 trillion dollars infrastructure plan is backlash. we'll tell you what's going to happen in washington, dc a live report and the san francisco martial arts school is fighting back with self-defense to stop attacks here in the bay area. and a partly cloudy start to what will eventually be a
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clear afternoon just around the corner as opposed enter some clouds with 40's and 50's for your current temperatures. >> but for to highs in the 60's. your forecast ahead. >> and a stalled vehicle, high wind advisory is making things pretty slow as you head into the city right now. we're up to about 35 minutes to the fremont street exit will have more on that and some alternate routes around that coming up after the break.
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right now and. >> and check it out. a coyote spotting. yeah. so this was in the town of the city put out a tweet saying this animal spotted in sterling park this morning. so they say be on the lookout for, you know, obviously this and we'll keep an eye on your pets. don't let them out at night as we're starting to see more and more wild animals like this roaming the streets of. >> is actually kind of a key the problems there scraggly. he's fuzzy she was nice weather out there. yes, the weekend and actually didn't mind the this yeah. the chill below in. and you know, we already had a warm several days. exactly. couldn't get to spoil that the 80's will still have plenty those us.
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>> today. going to have a definitely a cooler feel to it. guys kind of like we did yesterday for easter. you want to keep the jackets in the long sleeves on today. even into the afternoon as skies clear out a little bit. your view outside right now from your temper on cam. this golden gate bridge. no fog. just a lot of cloud cover sitting up above the bay area. and although most of the bay is dry. we have seen some light and brief sprinkles work their way across marine sonoma and napa counties. earlier and now still hanging out right around solano county, especially out into the delta. so some slick spots on roadways for areas like 80 most of those areas further west of since dried out after this brief light sprinkles earlier on mild conditions otherwise across the bay area are best chance of any sort of rainfall really fizzled. and that's what we're in the midst of right now is just those light sprinkles that are barely even coming down for some of our northern neighbors up north of the golden gate. now, as far as winds go yesterday, you notice that breeze from the ocean. it's still definitely present this morning continues to push in on into the afternoon to just
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enough to keep conditions. nice and ocean cooled. well, through the day. so we do get a return of sunshine this afternoon which will very be very welcome. but with temperatures only in the 60's and that breeze staying with us. even with the sun. i'd go ahead and bring the jacket with you even into the afternoon. tomorrow is actually going to be a lot like today. few clouds to start the morning. no sprinkles, though, maybe some coastal spots of drizzle as we will see some fog and pockets right along the coastline with increased sunshine into your tuesday afternoon. rest of the forecast is bringing pretty similar conditions with highs hovering right around 70 degrees and skies remaining dry temperatures today in the 50's near the coast. well, 60's for the rest of the bay livermore at 64 oakland and hayward each at 62 while nevado and san jose mid to upper 60's for you tomorrow. a few 70's on the map just a touch warmer than today and will remain right around the 70 degree mark through wednesday, thursday, friday into next weekend. you know, there are no chances of rainfall. this forecast mother nature just not wanting to
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give us the rainfall that we sell need. but at least it is a comfortable and sunny forecast ahead. reyna john, thank you. still have a hot spot of the bay bridge that stalled vehicle near the fremont street exit. >> it's causing major delays about 30 minutes to that fremont street exit there's also a high wind advisory in place along the bay bridge, the benicia bridge and the antioch bridge. also the san mateo bridge. no major delays here. 13 minutes for your drive time. we're at the limit here. the richmond, sandra fell commute that's getting much better down to about 8 minutes now for you driving there and still checking on 1, 1, call accidents along there heading in the park at 29. we'll have more coming up. the dari and james, back to you. >> and the buzz, the stanford women are over the all right. well, maybe not that high, but they are flying back to the bay area right now with a trophy under their belt buckle up. what a wild ride and even the wilder finish. >> it was to the national title. let's go live to will tran. >> for the play by play on
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campus and it was a tough fight made tougher by the refs. well. >> yes, the reston help things out. i mean, we didn't score for the last 2 minutes and 51 seconds. but we won. right. and we can say we because i feel a part of you know, stanford in the bay area. another title for all of us and dari, icu, bicyclists and joggers their chests around a little bit more this morning because this is the first championship in 29 years. let's get right to the highlights. this is from san antonio came right down to the last second shot by the arizona wildcats. it claims. >> off the back of the rim. and with the cardinal are winners. they took off very fast 16 to 8 in the 1st quarter held on for the last 3 quarters because the wildcats outscored them all 3 final quarters. but thanks to haley jones. she was most outstanding player of the tournament. 17 points. she
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scored the final 3 points for the cardinal bringing home the championship for her family or friends. and according to her more importantly for her coach. >> i don't think it's still on us even hit been standing up with nothing of any is just i'm still waiting for to really kick in. the i mean, so many great players to pass this program and they all come the same reason that we have to be coached by the greatest. to develop not only as a player but just as a person, as a young woman. and so i think this is just it's just an honoree of the do this for her. and with her. >> coach tara vanderveer throughout the tournament with her winds. now she's the 3rd winngeinst coach in basketball history. college basketball history. this is her first title in 29 years. she won in 1992 and last night and in true style because she is all class she thought he she talked about her former players who knocks on the door but did not win for the last
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29 years and she thanked them for their participation as well. >> haley jones right here in the bay area she could win anywhere any college as she was the top rate high school player in the country. she chose to go here and we're better for it. >> yeah. it's cool that she's out of santa cruz because you feel like, you know somebody for out here actually won. and i know they'll go to school year like tiger, for example, who is a champion from stanford and he was one of the first to say congrats to the women. he tweeted that he won here in 94 and we might have heard of anyone on to himself and he's recovering right. yeah. and he tweeted out because he's still proud of stanford. president joe biden. he tweeted out as well. yeah, a lot of people walking around with stanford gear. i'm sure that will be something that they'll be doing for the next several days and speaking of gear during yes, yes. women had to wear their gear for quite some time. i was thinking about that their gear
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is packed and not carry on right now. they're flying and they must have lots of bags because they were they were in hotels for how long. >> 90 day road trip. so if they weren't on a basketball court would be at high school or college that was shut down or they even practice at the golden state warriors facility because of covid-19 they would not allow sports in this county. so they practice of places with wooden back board story a 90 day road trip. so if they were practicing, i'm sure there at the laundry mat. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> that's a lot of dirty socks as though they're on their way back u c l m from ucl a they flew back yesterday. they had a wild trip to, although it didn't. and the same. 3 point buzzer beater that gave gonzaga to win in overtime.
8:21 am
>> 93 to 90 and this as put everybody else away by double digits but not the bruins day refuse to die. 19 lead changes in this game and what it was the greatest final 4 game in forever, which means like the 80's depending on how old you are. >> and love him or hate him that him and his mustache got zagat takes on baylor tonight for the men's title. do the packers want to stay married to aaron rodgers and when will the football star get married to hollywood star shailene woodley rogers himself will have all the answers tonight, not and not to those questions but everything on jeopardy. >> aaron was south pole, correct. aaron was alexander. the great correct. aaron was not everest right, aaron, again, who is custer. george armstrong custer. you got him. >> rogers nailing it on celebrity jeopardy is back to a 50. how many people teams can say they're smarter than an astronaut. that's mark kelly. one of his opponents. they're up pretty impressive,
8:22 am
>> like everybody else. i play along at home. yeah, i get one here and there. >> these yes, some smarts like what about the playbook? i just don't imagine quarterbacks knowing all of that stuff. good for him. yeah. so fitting that he's going to be celebrity hosting right. end death starts tonight. yeah. so if you want to watch and check it out. that's the bus.
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as we continue to return to classrooms... parents like me want to make sure we're doing it safely. especially in the underserved communities hardest hit by covid. trust me, no one wants to get back to classroom learning more than teachers like me. using common sense safety measures like masks, physical distancing, and proper ventilation. safety is why we're prioritizing vaccinations for educators.
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because together, we all have a responsibility to do our part. and together, we will get through this, safely. >> and we're back in a 24 new this morning. the federal government will not make vaccine passports mandatory for travelers. that's according to doctor anthony fauci axios is the agency that reported it this morning saying that he made the statement on a podcast this morning. now, according to axios fauci also noted the schools or other businesses may require vaccine passports to enter their buildings. they are private entities and can set their own rules. the u.s. by the way, hit a record number of vaccinations over the weekend with more than 4 million doses administered on saturday alone and as people do start returning to normal life. doctor fauci reminding us not to let our guard down. people say, well, you just want to confine us forever. no, this is not going to last forever because every
8:26 am
day. >> that you get 4 million, 3 million people vaccinated. you get close in close up to control just hang in there a bit longer and the vaccinations of people in this country. well, override the surge of the virus. >> doctor fauci went on to say that we still don't have enough immunity at to control this virus on a national scale. despite a record pace of vaccinations and with some areas experiencing a spike in cases as we've seen here in recent days. doctor fauci says again, we have to keep our guard up, keep those masks on. keep socially distancing as we're trying to get towards that community immunity level of at least 80% of americans vaccinated a 26 in a developing story this morning a 64 year-old asian woman was stabbed to death. >> while walking her dogs in southern california. >> her name. he she was found bleeding on the street. she'd been stabbed many times. riverside police arrested a homeless woman shortly after
8:27 am
the attack. police say it appears it was a random attack. but amid the rise in on asian descent. people of asian to spend all over the country last year. they're still looking into the possibility that was a hate crime. >> in just a few minutes, vice president kamala harris will take off in los angeles and head right here to her hometown of oakland. we'll tell you what her jam-packed schedule looks like coming up in a live report.
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>> 29 and kabul is almost here. that's right. mrs. vice president hugo madam, vice president arriving in the bay area little bit later on this morning. her first trip back to oakland since being sworn in to feel like i yeah. i know she's fancy that sarah stinson standing by out there at oakland airport morning. sarah. >> yeah, that's right. let's get straight to the video. a live look right now. a vice president, kamala harris getting out of the motorcade, getting out of the car heading into her plane. the planes in sitting there for a while. waiting and she is set to take off from there at around 8.40 so 10 minutes out and then she'll be flying from l a x here to where i am at the oakland airport. so she's coming home for the first time in since she's been named vice president. can you imagine
8:31 am
coming back to your hometown as the vice president of america and she's probably feeling the soldier can grateful to to be back she's got a packed schedule as well. we just found out that governor gavin newsome actually going to be joining her on a tour of the facility where they're going to talk about american jobs plan. the plan to invest 111 billion dollars in our country's infrastructure, ensuring access to clean drinking water. so i'm sure governor newsome will shed light on what she can do to help. after that, the vice president will hold a listening session with other california leaders and then chill made with a small business owner in oakland who received financial and technical assistance heres, as we know, born in oakland reason berkeley. so she's probably excited to be back, especially with this new title. now she spent the weekend in the holidays to holiday weekend in los angeles and she's coming from there to oakland. and after that, she'll be heading to chicago where she's going to be
8:32 am
attending an event about vaccine equity. so she's got a busy couple of days. you never really gets a but it looks like she's going to be heading here in within the hour. as i said, taking off from la x around 8.40. so all be here. we'll show you the very latest as it happens. for now, i'll send it back to you in the studio k, we'll check back with you soon. thanks, sarah. >> and the vice president will be heading to the bay area on the day where it's a little bit cloudy start. yeah. kind of typical typical bay area stuff. she's pretty used to it growing up in oakland across the bay. we are looking at conditions this morning. pretty much your standard bay area morning a little bit on the cloudy side and temperatures cool enough to keep those layers on hand as we make our way even into what will be a sunnier afternoon. >> happen bay this morning. a little bit of brightness making its way through that cloudy blanket that's sitting over head. definitely not a foggy morning, though. haven't seen fog across the day. we have seen a few sprinkles for the north bay, though warren county and sonoma counties. you dr ve back out after some light showers. a couple of
8:33 am
hours ago. same is the case for napa and solano counties. if i move the camera little bit further to the east. you see where your showers headed out towards rio vista and walnut grove out into the delta temperatures right now in the 40's and 50's. so get the jackets on. we've got a cool sea breeze. in addition to those 40's. so definitely has a brisk feel to it as you venture outside this monday reyna john, thank you. so we have a hot spot here at the bay bridge. still, we had. >> a traffic hazard knew that fremont street also see new reports there's a traffic accident on the westbound side near the tolls there and the delay. you can see we're up to about 18 minutes. we're lt 30 earlier. so it seems like there may be some improvement. but with that accident there may be an even longer delay in a few minutes looking at the san mateo bridge have been no issues here throughout the morning. 30 minutes for your drive time as you head across towards the peninsula. there. the richmond sandra fell bridge that's under 8 minutes as you're driving another thing to know we have 3 high wind advisories along the bay bridge benicia bridge and any out bridge and checking on
8:34 am
things along one o one heading in the part. 29 minutes. so it's been pretty great down there in the south. a lot more coming up next. the darya and james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain to a 33 is the time in over the weekend. community members held a rally outside of san francisco city hall. >> to speak out against the recent surge in violence against asian americans. proffers taylor. the second was there. >> and that's the message of sunday's rally at san francisco city hall 14 unity members gathered to stand up against the violent attacks on asian americans. san francisco native hudson lau organize. the event can sit back and wait for politics and policies those in need for long-term. >> systemic changes right now. families are getting beaten to death in the street who do you argue with that his own moral compass for that kind of conversation. i mean, start talking to someone that things i see even okay. so right now important thing is talking to our community because we're there's a lot of fear and i don't want my people to live
8:35 am
if you're a on to be a friend now is also representative of el nino and and wooden man. we tie in the city. he brought other martial arts gyms in groups here on sunday to do live demonstrations and teach self-defense lessons. i think very for our community to support this and to come back to speak up. >> and i think what's that this rally is so special is it's about self defense and they're showing that we are 13 year-old activists in fashion designer ashley and so was one of several community members to speak at the rally. in addition to julie retired san francisco superior court years that i've been in this country longer than you would many of you. >> this as a danger that i feel now the danger from my own personal safety. the danger just ad. if you donation organizers say their goal is to help fight that fear to empower their community through strength in
8:36 am
self-defense education. what we really want people to start to feel confident. if that session ever comes out, you know, constantly what you can do a little bit better. >> and phil come a safer out there a little bit. a lot of people got involved with those combat drills on sunday. but organizers say it's really important to take this education further to better prepare yourself. >> and san francisco taylor the psac ii kron 4 news. it's 36 in a dangerous side over the weekend in san francisco. look at these cars doing donuts saturday night at 20th and folsom. >> somebody sent us this with the citizen app. a 19 year-old was shot during this shot sideshow. we don't know the condition or the victim's name and police haven't said if they made any arrests yet. it's a 36. and still ahead, friends and family are remembering the victims of a mass shooting in southern california. we're going to take you to the vigil and after the break, the new police chief in oakland and community leaders are stepping up. >> to fight the growing rate of crime.
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>> and we're back in a 39 to the east bay. the city of oakland is on track now to record the deadliest year so far in decades since the
8:40 am
beginning of the year. there have been 34 homicides. that's a 230% increase compared to last year. the oakland police department is trying to figure out a new approach to stop this rise in violence. they recently started a new unit called violent crime operations center. it's aimed at creating faster response times to gun related crimes. >> this level of violence is unacceptable. my condolences to the families, the victims in the city of oakland. i understand the trauma. happening in our community. and i hear the voices of the families and friends and the concerns of our community as they experience constant gunfire across our city. >> police chief says the department will continue to partner with community groups to build a long-term solution to address violent crimes in oakland. >> coastal areas today starting off with some cloud cover but do expect some sunshine later on high temperatures in the 50's of the coast. so definitely
8:41 am
jacket were the even into the afternoon as for inland areas and also bring the jacket with the death of a little bit warmer well into the 60's. a lot like easter sunday yesterday to the rest of your forecast ahead. >> and we still have a hot spot here along the bay bridge are recovering from that accident. a hazard they're also high wind advisory with more on that ways around it and some other accidents to tell you about. coming up after the break. mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated.
8:42 am
home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after. he could keep doing his vegetable garden, and get really good, specialized care. and i could just be her daughter again.
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8:44 am
>> in national news this morning, republicans have launched an all out assault on president biden's 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan that would fix roads i was a lot of other projects. they think it's too expensive and they're going to be against it at every turn. washington, dc correspondent anna wiernicki has the details. the white house says that president biden plans to move forward with his massive 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure package. >> with or without the support of republicans in congress. energy secretary jennifer granholm said on cnn's state of the union that president biden plans to push his 2 trillion dollars, infrastructure package through congress with or without republicans on board. the president is can certainly reaching out to republicans to say come to the table. if you don't like a component of it.
8:45 am
>> tell us how you would do it. what do you want to see in this bill green home says the president would like the bill to be bipartisan. but there's no time to waste its and the biggest investment in america since fdr since burned the new deal. the 2 trillion dollar plan. aims to rebuild the nation's aging infrastructure support electric vehicles and clean energy and boost access to caregivers and their pay. president biden says congress should take it up immediately in action is not an option. i think it's a big mistake for the administration. they know. i think it's a mistake missouri republican senator roy blunt said on fox news sunday that the bill is too big and wants the president to scale back. if we go back and look at roads and bridges and ports and airports. >> and maybe even underground water systems and broadband. you'd still be talking about less than 30% of this entire package. >> the bill still has a long way to go. but president biden
8:46 am
says that this is a top priority and he's calling on congress to get to work and passed the bill by august recess in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. thanks, anna. all right. so it's 8.45, let's talk about our own local forecast here on this monday morning. yes. if that winds going to keep up. it got really windy and chilly last night. yeah. enough of it. any ways to keep the jacket on hand for sure. i wouldn't say it's or windiest of days. but when you're talking temperatures in the 60's like we will be. >> at a little bit of cloud cover like we do have this morning. it's one of those bay area days. we just want to make sure you've got the extra layer to with you, tipper on right now. definitely not the brightest of starts to your mornings. you are seeing some low cloud cover sitting up above traded and all that sunshine and those 80's that we had last week for something that seems a little bit more like the bay usually sees for this time of year. now we have been dry for most of the bay area this morning. a few showers have been seen earlier this morning in marine and sonoma counties and just work their way over the last hour through napa and solano
8:47 am
counties. light rainfall pushes out to the central valley in the delta now and for the rest of the day. the bay area's only going to grow increasingly clear this morning's light sprinkles is about the best chance of rainfall. we've gotten this forecast as we are looking at a drier trend of weather ahead of us for the week ahead. now winds, as we've been talking about our present enough to keep the jacket on hand. a nice brisk wind from the ocean moving inland today. we'll be pretty noticeable, especially along the coast were daytime. highs will only be in the 50's. futurecast shows those clouds this morning. couple of spots of sprinkles that have already really work their way across the region by 01:02pm, skies are already nice and sunny, we're going to start tomorrow. much like today with partly cloudy conditions to start and mostly sunny conditions by the afternoon 50's 60's for your highs. in san francisco and elsewhere right along the coastline today. even along the bayshore millbrae san bruno up to brisbane each in the mid to upper 50's 60's from san mateo through mountain view and a little warmer for the south bay where areas like san jose
8:48 am
and campbell will rise to 67 low 60's for fremont union city and hayward stretching through oakland berkeley and richmond right above 60 degrees for most of those spots and only one 70 on the map today. vacaville you take that spot as our warmest area in the bay right at 70 degrees. santa rosa at 66 for your high. well, 50's from mill valley up to point rays tomorrow's temperatures. a few more 70's likely to be in your 4 zone forecast and wednesday not much different. we'll actually see quite a lot of sunshine this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon and sunshine from start to finish from wednesday all the way into the weekend. notice mother nature's not bringing us any chance of rain in this forecast. staying dry all the way through your second weekend of april rain tom, thank you, sir. hot spot here at the bay bridge starting to improve just a little bit. 19 minutes. we had a stalled vehicle on that fema street exit. we have a high wind advisory in place. >> we had a quick brief accident that they were able to clear up on the westbound side here near the tolls and now we also are looking at
8:49 am
some delays there. so about 90 minutes of the fremont street exit with a new traffic collision. westbound in oakland not seen many delays from that. we're going to close eye on that one. the san mateo bridge no delays, no major accidents as you're heading across towards the peninsula under 40 minutes for your drive time. they're a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge heading out of richmond under 8 minutes. in addition to the bay bridge at a high wind advisory also have the venetian and the any out bridge that are still pretty gusty and looking at one. oh, one in the park. 28 minutes. so we're tracking that will have more up next. for now. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. >> rain. and we have 8.49 now happening today. the man accused of killing 4 people in southern california is going to be rain from his hospital bed last night. family and friends gathered where the shooting happened to remember the victims we have john familiar with the story. >> this is the waiting time. you know, the waiting time for areas and his family feels like an eternity is not easy
8:50 am
it's just not easy. i don't know. they're waiting for answers waiting for peace waiting for closure. and sometimes is we feel. >> i could it didn't happen. and then it did. and then we have those moments said, you know, we can control ourselves. >> and so they gather pray and weep for their loved ones waiting for time to heal their broken hearts. >> and now it's just the memories is all we have right now. >> he's referring to his 9 year-old nephew. matthew farias, one of 4 people shot and killed last wednesday at united homes, a real estate firm in the city of orange. the other victims include company owner louis tovar. his daughter genevieve raygoza and letizia solis guzman. little matthew's mother blanca to was critically wounded while trying to shield her child from the gunfire. the boy died in his mother's arms. >> police responded to reports of shots fired at the business located on the 200 block of lincoln avenue just after 5.30 wednesday evening arriving
8:51 am
officers were unable to immediately enter the complex because the gates the courtyard had been locked. police allege the suspect 44 year-old amina dob gonzales chain the gates closed with a bicycle cable lock and fired on officers as they tried to gain entry. police returned fire and wounded the suspect. investigators say he was armed with a semiautomatic handgun extra ammunition, pepper spray and handcuffs. >> police say he knew some of his victims but have not said why he wanted to kill them for meat every for all i know that he wasn't married to an ex-employee here. this separated 2 years ago. so i don't know why he would. a family that had nothing to do with that is just was just 8. >> and that was john finally reporting the shooter amman. i dob gonzales is facing 4 counts of murder among other charges will keep following that case for you. we'll take a break. in 51. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
here's to those who impact the game... ♪ ...without even playing. ♪ ritz a taste of welcome. ♪ after giants are back in action. this time in san diego. they're going to be trying to bounce back after losing 2 out of 3 to the seattle mariners over weekend. >> first pitch is tonight at 7.10, their first home games later this week. >> and meanwhile, feel today's
8:55 am
are back in action at home, taking on the la dodgers. the a's are still without a win this year. they've lost 4 in a row to the asters over the weekend. first pitch tonight is set at 6.40. again. that will be at the coliseum. all eyes will be on both teams. we'll see what happens. >> time now is a 54. and coming up in the next hour on the kron 4 morning news, a new variant of coronavirus has been found right here in the bay area. first of its kind in the nation and the state has a date now on live music can begin again. we'll tell you when you go and vice president kamala harris back in the bay area today. we're covering her homecoming. walter, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? so what are you waiting for? world's strongest man martins licis to help you break down boxes? arrrggh! what am i gonna do to you box?
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> morning and thanks for tuning in. on a monday. i'm darya and i'm james and though it be monday. it is the finest yes, it is 09:00am just as good as it there's got to be out from here to this is for 09:00am was with the i think 05:00pm might be the finest hour for a lot for of it is
8:59 am
going to be a nice day out there today. hopefully get a chance to enjoy it. whether it is the morning or the afternoon. we're looking at clear enough conditions come the afternoon to enjoy a bit of sunshine. but with the jacket in hand this time around, much like yesterday. we're feeling a little bit cooler than what we've got. you see last week looking outside right now. some gray hanging out over the east bay. this is your view from berkeley. >> and obviously there's some cloud cover stretching all the way out to the coastline, haven't seen any visibility issues. so we're fine as far as that goes couple of early morning sprinkles out marin and sonoma counties that have since cleared out solano county. you had been holding on to some light shower activity that has now pushed further to the east out towards i 5 in the eventually out into the sierra nevada. we're actually some light snowfall has occurred over the past 24 hours. nice to see a little bit of rain and snow. but it wasn't enough to make much of a dent as far as where we need to get to temperatures right now. 40's and 50's with oakland alameda and hayward
9:00 am
each up 53 degrees. well, napa and nevado each at 52 degrees right now talking more about the rest of this monday. forecast. still to come. first, though, got to get that check of traffic with is standing by right now. one of the roads like, you know, we had a major problem on the bay bridge. we had a hot spot earlier. so now we're starting to recover just a bit. we had a hazard near that fremont street exit also small traffic collision. right here by the tolls that was cleared up pretty quickly and they're still i would advise re in place. so will take about 16 minutes to get that free mushy action. >> there's also a high wind advisory along the benicia and annie on bridge. so you want to drive slow along those bridges as well heading across towards the peninsula. the san mateo bridge that no major delays here all morning long, 13 minutes for your drive time. 7 minutes. the richmond, sandra fell bridge as you're heading out to richmond. that was much lower in the earlier hours down here along 1 one heading towards menlo park get a solid 28 minutes. we'll have more on your commute and drive times before. now darya and james, back to you. thanks reyna bay area making a first when it comes


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