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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 4, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> the stanford cardinal women's basketball team or nc double a champions. it was a nail-biter till the very end. but they managed to hang on and beat the arizona wildcats by a single shot despite being consistent powerhouse in women's basketball. this is the team's first nc double a championship since 1992 that
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some 29 years. we're literally hanging on the edge of our seats as all this was playing out. >> the game wrapping up just moments ago. the celebrations now underway right now. sports director jason dumas putting together the highlight you see the team there, but their victory pose in center court there in san antonio. we'll have the highlights for you coming up in just a few moments. >> this will be the first service will say this would be the first service will say get out of the lobby as fast as you can. this is the first service, but we don't allow any socialization to happen inside the building. we encourage everyone to take everything outside in the stands 6 feet apart. so this is the first service will coming together but was still a part. >> but meanwhile, there was a different kind of celebration taking place across the bay area. this easter sunday for the first time in more than a year. some churches allowing their congregations back inside to worship. that is where we start this easter sunday here on kron. 4 news at 6, thanks much for spending time with us. >> i'm jonathan mccall and i'm
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justine waldman. kron four's. twila barco gives us a look at easter ceremonies in the second year of covid. she reports now from fairfield. >> the doors have officially open here at bay north church of christ worshippers are gathering for the first in person easter service in 2 years. but like everything else, it's not the same because of the pandemic church members have set up hand sanitizing stations, temperature checks and signs asking people to wear face masks. signs are also located on seats to allow social distancing between parties. the church is only allowing 75 jackson explained why it's so
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important for folks to get vaccinated. >> it went fantastic. noel, thank you very we had a really great collaboration with bb memorial cathedral and the
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reverend doctor haim's as well as some of the state with the governor's and we also work closely with the health care services agency here in alameda county. and so with all of these groups coming together. we were able to deliver actually over 1000. 150 doses on friday and saturday. >> jackson also explained why the governor's office targeted 5 black and latin next churches across california to help them vaccinate 5,000 people in a week's time. jackson says they plan to hold more pop up vaccine sites in the future. >> and despite the americans are still hesitant to take the coronavirus vaccine. according to a recent poll by the associated press. 25% of americans will not take any vaccine for covid-19. this is largely due to the fear of side effects after taking the shot. however, the vast majority of americans say they are willing to get vaccinated. nearly 75% plan to take the vaccine when they're eligible or have already received their
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first dose. california senator alex padilla will visit the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site tomorrow, but he is expected to talk about the state's effort to get more people vaccinated and his visit is coming as the golden state begins to expand vaccine eligibility to more californians. the visit is also coming as fema is preparing to shut down that vaccine site at the coliseum a week from today. next sunday, the dia and senator dianne feinstein have called on fema to keep the location open. another big story we're keeping on top of today is the new india covid-19 variants that has now been found here in the bay area. doctors over at stanford university say they first made that discovery last week. >> they say what makes this variant a more dangerous and even harder to stop is that it's actually 2 separate mutations with which makes it easier to spread person to person. doctors now doubling down on their warnings for folks to remain vigilant and
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cautious, especially if you have not received your vaccine jet. >> i think until we get at least 75 or 80% or more of u.s. population vaccinated against covid-19. we're going to continue to even small outbreaks of cases. so that's why i think for the foreseeable future, it's still so important that we continue these physical mitigating measures like avoiding crowded indoor events unless everyone is vaccinated. >> it's not known if the variant is more infectious or resistant to vaccines antibodies. kron four's, gayle ong working on the story tonight show have a live report in prime time with new details that she's learning. for your money the sunday night, the better business bureau now warning of a new survey scam with the coronavirus twist. according to the bbb scammers are now posing as workers from the pharmaceutical company pfizer victims receive e-mails or text messages asking them to complete a survey about their pfizer coronavirus vaccine
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experience. the scammers then lord the victims with the promise of a prize or even cash. but it's all really diss designed to trick them into giving out their personal information along with credit card numbers. >> they're trying to go ahead and get as much information from me as possible. but they especially want created into your credit card information and supposedly people are thinking that they're paying for shipping fee and tim's are finding out that their billy much more than just a shipping fee and they're not sending a >> the bbb also warning folks to watch out for some red flags like typos, poor grammar or if the senator pressures you to act immediately. the bbb. the bbb says that if you do get an email or a text message. make sure you take a screenshot of the reported. then delete the message and make sure that you block the center. >> much more ahead here on kron. 4 news at 6 a san francisco martial arts school is doing its part in the fight
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against asian violence here in the bay area, how it's using self-defense to stop asian 8. >> once again, the stanford women's basketball team now nc double a champions as they take on the arizona wildcats in san antonio, texas for the big game. i look at the highlights coming up. >> but first, golden gate park is turning 151 years old. how you could still get in on the
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>> golden gate park celebrating its 100 51st birthday today. the park boasts more than 1000 acres of land which has something a little bit for everyone. when we are in a pandemic, it sees about 24 million folks coming to check it out every year from the de young fine art museum to the japanese tea garden in the recently installed. ferris wheel. it's hard to get bored at golden gate park during the pandemic. the park was able to complete a number of renovations, including the stand-in street edge project. the park also welcomed 5 new female bison to the land. the park tweeted today that this past year. the park and braced san franciscans offering a place of refuge amidst a global pandemic. >> and tracking temperatures at or slightly below normal for your easter sunday bay bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo
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>> today large crowds taking over san francisco city hall where community members organized the rally speak out against the recent surge in violence against asian americans stover sackey at that rally today and she's joining us now live with details on how. >> it all what. good evening, taylor. >> hey there, guys. we've seen a lot of people come together and unite over the last few weeks at these rallies. and while they do that here, this one took a slightly different approach. we actually saw a lot of martial arts, gyms and groups from across the city
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come here together to teach self-defense lessons in also give live demonstrations. >> and that's the message of sunday's rally at san francisco city hall 14 unity members gathered to stand up against the violent attacks on asian americans. san francisco native hudson lau organize. the event can sit back and wait for politics and policies those in need for long-term. >> systemic changes right now. families are getting beaten to death in the who do you argue with that his own moral compass for that kind of conversation. i mean, start talking to someone that things i see even okay. so right now important thing is talking to our community because we're there's a lot of fear and i don't want my people to live if you're a on to be a friend now is also representative of el nino and and wooden man moy thai in the city. he brought other martial arts gyms in groups here on sunday to do live demonstrations and teach
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self-defense lessons. i think very for our community to support this and to come back to speak up. >> and i think what's really that this rally is so special is it's about self defense and they're showing that we are 13 year-old activists in fashion designer ashley and so was one of several community members to speak at the rally. in addition to julie retired san francisco superior court years that i've been in this country longer than you would many of you. >> the sense of danger that i feel now the danger from my own personal safety. the danger just ad. if you donations organizers say their goal is to help fight that fear to empower their community through strength in self-defense education. what we really want people to start to feel confident. if that session ever comes out. >> you know, constantly what you can do a little bit better. and phil come a safer out there a little bit.
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>> a lot of people got involved with those combat drills today. i actually learned a thing or 2 so it was really good to see some of the stuff in action. but organizers say it's really important to continue this education for their to better protect yourself for now live in san francisco to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. thank you so much. taylor. >> now, santa rosa. police are looking for answers into a deadly shooting. that likely happened at a party just before 5 o'clock this morning. police were called to an apartment on lenzini avenue. and when officers got there, they found a man dead with at least one gunshot. police are now urging any witnesses to come forward with information a $2500 reward is being offered for any info that leads to an arrest. >> san francisco police responding to reports of a side show last night around 20th and fulsome early this morning around 1 o'clock. this is video from the citizen app when police got to that scene the city found a 19 year-old had been shot. but
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investigators say they're still not clear if the shooting was directly related to the shot sideshow. so far no update has been given on the victim's condition. police so far have not released any information about a suspect or motive. no arrest also have not yet been made. >> now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here across san francisco on this sunday. that's a camera on top of mount tam showing us the city. hope everyone had a nice weekend. yeah. >> the easter bunny definitely was pretty pleased with the weather today and he was happen hopping all over the place. a lot of kids were as well. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what we can expect as we move further into the new workweek. yeah. easter bunny was happy and check out this sun dog captured by our very own justine waltman. >> gold star for you. justine jonathan. no offense. they have to step it up a little bit because you have some competition here that what he's got take these pictures every week you do with her at
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least different. the modeling pictures. i feel like i do a good job with that. we'll check out just scenes job today. i mean, she was out celebrating easter captured this halo around the sun. a lot of you in the bay area may have also seen it as well. it is called a sun dog and let's take a live look in the east bay over berkeley. beautiful day out there in the bay area either seasonal or slightly below normal still got that cool sea breeze influence along the coast, keeping temperatures a little bit below average. but as you major way inland, nice warming. but the one thing we're going to notice morning drizzle to start out your monday commute. and that's really the only form of rain we're going to see in the bay area. unfortunately tracking a very dry outlook. temperatures 50's and low 60's as you make your way inland for antioch and conquered everyone else in the 50's with overnight lows tonight in the 40's. but santa rosa cooling down to 38 degrees and widespread low to mid 60's for most of the bay area slightly warmer
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temperatures. so these seasonable temperatures going to continue with 60's and 70's as you make your way inland little change day to day and he to be the bearer of bad news, but no rain in sight for at least the next 7 days. but hopefully that changes later this month. >> still looks good. could use some rain, though strip. thanks. but i do like my so great that at all. share tonight as well. thank thanks for person. all right. next in sports. >> once again, the stanford cardinal women. now the nc double a basketball champions. sports director jason dumas says the
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> it is championship sunday and some hardware is coming back to the bay area after 29 years stanford is back on top of the women's basketball world. it was a great one. let's head down to san antonio and see how it all unfolded. it wasn't always pretty. it was a defensive battle on both sides. tara looking for ring number 3 1st quarter. here's the hometown kid and recently named an all american that's kianna williams showing out in front of her family and friends down in san antonio. like i said, this game was a back alley brawl. she and up ellington give arizona a one point lead right there back and forth. we go. lexi hall
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for 3. plus the fouth, the cardinal had 59 3 pointers during the nc double a tournament which is a record stanford up for. here's another one of those trades. this time of anna wilson stanford led by 7 at the half big bro russell wilson loves it. 3rd quarter hailey jones running the floor and he gets rewarded. the santa cruz native and archbishop mitty grads have been so good. all tournament long. alright 4th quarter. larry mcdonald. she comes alive. she is the star for arizona. so one point game 3 and a half minutes left. she finished with 22 points. but a minute later. let's get this little moved by jones weight room. she is too big. jones was named the most outstanding player of the final 4, one point game 12 seconds left. but a costly turnover for stanford. so it all comes down to one possession for championship. arie gets up a
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look. she can't and guess what, stanford goes on to win this game 54 to 53. >> here is the most outstanding player of the final 4 haley >> i don't think it's still on scene. hit been standing up with nothing of any is just i'm still waiting for to really kick in. the i mean, so many great players who passed his program and all come the same reason that we have to be coached by the to develop not only as a player but just as a person, as a young woman. and so i think this is just it's just an honor to do this for her and with her. >> congrats to them already, sean, than i did not have a good season debut for the a's today. he got roughed up for 5 runs in only 4 and two-thirds innings, including 2 home runs in this home right here. by jason castro's 3 to one astro's 6 ending now just rose up 62 and we're seeing here
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that's chad mccormick. that ain't coming back that was the final score 92 after that 3 run homerun so bad start to the season for the a's guys. but let's talk about stanford. it's so hard we had with them before the season started. and they were all in on winning a national championship. so it's great to see there. >> dreams come true. yeah. it's been a tough season for them on the road for much of santa clara county stuff. >> so thanks for joining us. you. like avenue here in like having all of you here as well. we'll see you tonight prime time starting today.
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