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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 3, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading spend more time outdoors. and it's a lot is pretty low key with pretty much in the groove now. >> with how it's been for last year. >> now, a day celebrating safely vaccine rates are up. businesses are open. finally families can go visit with one another but coronavirus it's still out there. thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news eight's. i'm justine waldman of jonathan mccall just a year ago at the beginning of the pandemic. health officials were pleading with folks. >> not together at parks and other places over the holidays. but today
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restrictions definitely a lot more relaxed and folks seem to still take precautions. kron four's gayle ong live tonight in pleasanton with a look at how folks are getting ready to celebrate this easter weekend for another year in the age of covid gayle. >> jonathan and just seen a much different vibe than the last at easter and it's still going at this hour in downtown. and i spoke to families who are out and about today. >> some or partially vaccinated. but are still taking precautions and keeping their meetings outside. >> price. soccer's ice cream. people made sure to get out and enjoy this easter weekend to spend more time outdoors and it's a lot. it's pretty lucky. we're pretty much in the groove now with how it's been for last year's most time last year, public health officials put out strict guidelines as covid cases and deaths surge throughout the region. at one point, public parks were closed so people don't gather outside for potential super spreader events over the easter holiday
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restrictions are relaxing. health. experts are warning the virus is still here. daniel belch and his family are aware and have been meeting at lyons wayside park in downtown pleasanton during the pandemic we dealt with it the best we record in naturally like everybody else for a little while there. sun is coming now get outside. >> a lot of play time outside you know, we take a weekend according to federal data, at least 39 million people in california have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. hong shao is fully vaccinated, but she is not letting her guard down over the easter holiday. we spent a lot time outdoor. >> in the backyard going, you know, going out and enjoying the weather right now and enjoying her time with loved ones. we haven't have family time in a while. so this is great. and guy vaccine. it's one of 4 of its time for people who have not received the vaccine. and the cdc wants people to wear masks inside
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and outside at easter gatherings, avoid crowded and poorly ventilated indoor spaces. >> and the cdc says anyone who are fully vaccinated can safely gather with others who are also fully vaccinated. it is considered to be fully vaccinated after 2 key week after your last dose of the pfizer moderna to be kept at the johnson johnson which required >> live in pleasanton. gayle ong kron 4 news gill, thank you. the united states reaching a big milestone is part of its efforts to get more americans vaccinated. >> get this for the first time. more than 3 million folks are receiving the vaccine each and every day. this according to new information from the centers for disease control and prevention today. more than 4 million americans receiving vaccines. that is a new record. so far more than 160 million vaccines have been administered here in the united states. meanwhile, take a look at this here in california, the golden state has administered more than 19 million covid-19 vaccines.
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governor gavin newsome tweeting the news earlier this evening. and tonight the new york times is reporting that the biden administration has put johnson johnson in charge of a baltimore plant that ruined 15 million doses of its covid-19 vaccine. the administration also stop that same facility from making another vaccine. this one for astrazeneca that has not yet been approved. earlier this week kron 4 told you about the mix-up of ingredients at the emergent biosolutions plant in baltimore that led to those millions of doses being thrown out on this new move. the facility will only make the johnson and johnson single dose vaccine. tonight. there's new fallout from inside of the vallejo police department. 2 of the departments, long time officers have now been fired and this is coming less than a year after a delay hope police department. >> several members there made national news because an officer shot and killed 22 year-old sean monterrosa kron
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four's. amanda hari spoke to one of the officers attorneys about the firing and has information now on their appeals. >> this is absolutely an unjustified termination. attorneys confirmed police lieutenant herman robinson and michael nicolini were fired from the vallejo police department this week. i spoke to ut julia fox about why her client lieutenant robinson was fired state. take issue with him. have they shared information that 18 confidential with. >> a former employee, a former captain more specifically. i've police department that former employee is now a peace officer and another bay area agency. >> fox is represented the tenant robinson since the investigation began in the summer of 2020. he was on administrative leave when he was fired. but for several months after the investigation. he was still working. >> he was not on administrative leave. initially he was interviewed at the end of summer 2020. he
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remains in his full capacity as lieutenants and he was not placed on administrative leave until after the holidays. this is video of the tent robinson from a story we did with him in 2014 fox says he's been with the police department for more than 40 years. >> i asked how he reacted to the firing. >> incredibly painful and disheartening. and confusing. the vallejo police department has been in the spotlight recently after an officer shot and killed 22 year-old sean monterrosa back in june. >> this is body camera video from that shooting. the officers responding to a break-in at a walgreens. the time robinson did not respond to that incident. robinson is appealing the firing. he can choose a hearing before a civil service commission or arbitration amanda hari kron 4 news. >> now we go to the peninsula and a belmont police officer tried to pull someone over this morning for suspected drunk driving on highway 17 in los gatos area chp and santa
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clara county sheriff's deputies joined in on the chase. then after the pursuit they did manage to stop him safely on highway 17 near the lark avenue intersection. 32 year-old montero resident, jeffrey ups was then taken into custody. but while beaumont police was searching the suspect's car an unrelated car smashed into the back of the officer's squad car. both the officer and apps were taken to the hospital as a result. both though, have non life threatening injuries. investigators have not said yet what caused that crash tonight. an investigation. now under way to learn more about the death of a woman last seen in oakland back in january. >> earlier this week. a hiker found the body of 19 year-old tatyana duggar in siskiyou county. investigators were able to positively identify her on thursday. according to the sheriff's office there in siskiyou county. her body had been in an area just outside of weed. a town there quite
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some time. doctors family reported her missing from the oakland area back on january 9th her death still remains under investigation. the teaching staff at mills college in oakland. now speaking up about the college's decision to end academic programs in the coming years. in a letter sent to trustees the faculty at the college said that they are, quote, troubled by what the announcement did not say. now they're asking for better communication along with increased transparency. >> what we're really focused on right now in this letter and what this letter, which is attempts to achieve is. greater participation by the faculty and what's going on. so inclusion and transparency to the process there's enormous ambiguity that i think. riddles the campus right now and. and feels often moving target in terms of
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what's happening next. >> so murphy says that she does believe that a solution can be found. so far. the college's board of trustees have not yet responded to that letter. >> and the state teacher in jail after pleading guilty to assault we're now learning disturbing details from one of his victims. police say ray and was in his late 40's when began sending messages online to one of his biology students and in high school in danville that student who does not want to be identified was just 16 at the time. she says the ordeal made her uncomfortable and she ended the relationship when she began college. she reported to the teacher excuse me, she reported that teacher to police who immediately began an investigation which eventually now led to the former teachers guilty plea just this week and he was sentenced to 45 days in jail and is now a registered offender. his victim. explain to us here at kron 4. why she decided to come forward.
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>> i still don't know everything. he may or may but. that was generally my aim in doing this was just so that i wouldn't have to worry about it. i wouldn't have to worry that, you know, somebody would get hurt and i could have said something, but i didn't. >> officials from the school say that the suspect resigned several years ago after being confronted about sending messages to a different student. but even after that, he was able to continue working at several other bay area schools before his arrest last year. >> tonight, oakland fire investigators say that the ablaze that you see right there on your screen at a recycling plant last night started at a homeless camp along some railroad tracks. this is a look at what things look like after the fire was put out this morning. we're told it took 35 firefighters with the oakland fire department to get this all under control after it first broke out around 9 o'clock last night. no other buildings damaged, no other injuries reported. but tonight
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investigators still working to figure out exactly what sparked all of that fire. >> it is time now take a live look outside here along the golden gate bridge. as we wrap up this saturday and head into sunday. we want to know what the temperatures are going to do that a little bit cooler out there already tonight. right. let's see if the easter bunny will have to wear some layers first thing tomorrow kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight. look at what we can expect for yeah, definitely, jonathan. the easter bunny is going to be okay after the morning hours could see some drizzle though. so hopefully has a hoodie or something. but let's take a look at outside conditions for those of you at berkeley in the east bay. we are tracking a beautiful sunset out there this evening from most of the bay area. >> they say those high clouds overhead and temperatures on the cool side low to mid 50's. so tracking that cooler air mass already starting to set into place for your saturday night. low 50's for downtown san francisco in half moon bay
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mid 50's for those of you in san jose and oakland also at 54 degrees with petaluma in the low 50's. but just barely currently 50 degrees as you step outside right now. so we are tracking a stronger sea breeze that even extended into our inland valleys today bringing you double digit cooling with most of our inland valleys only warming up into the low to mid 60's dry air mass still in place out there. we will notice some clearing during the overnight hours and that's going to give us cooler temperatures tonight compared to last night and even some overnight drizzle. but then that fog bank and cloud deck going to increase once again for your easter sunday all have your full easter forecast heading your way and what you can expect for the upcoming workweek ahead. back to you. jonathan. just seen. thanks so much. coming up, here in a tax time is here. we have some really helpful tips to get you the most refund possible and how to handle. >> if you owe money to the irs.
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>> united airlines once again welcoming the folks some new employees. this time they're looking for 300 workers, let you know which positions now open. >> also after the break, the mental state of the man accused of killing a capitol police officers being looked at tonight and also how that officer is being remembered as security at the capitol is now under question.
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>> for the second time in as
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many months america mourning the loss of yet another us capitol police officer. this time it is william evans after he was killed. >> in another attack at the capitol. this is the second us capitol police officer to be killed in the line of duty this year. washington correspondent rashad hudson has the latest. >> capitol police say that this underscores that the capitol building and the officers charged with protecting remained potential threats for acts of violence. >> we're deeply saddened by this reaction from lawmakers is pouring in following friday's attack that killed us capitol police officer william billy evans and left another officer injured. someone who you showed up to work today to protect the capital. to protect the people working at the capitol. ohio congressman tim ryan chairs, the house subcommittee which oversees capitol police and building security. one perimeter fence was recently removed ryan says a full investigation is needed before more changes are made.
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just think we've got to be very careful as we move forward. that. >> you know, we can't get too far ahead of ourselves without knowing that we have the ability. to protect the capital to harden capital. >> police have identified 25 year-old noah green as the suspect in friday's deadly attack at the capitol. >> the suspect did start lunging toward us capitol police officers at which time a u.s. capitol police officers fired upon the suspect. >> law enforcement doesn't know the motive at this time does not appear to be related of. we do not have the suspect on file with the u.s. capitol there's no indication at this time if there's any nexus to any member of congress to honor fallen officer evans. president biden has ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff. lawmakers have been away for 2 weeks for break. and when they return next week, we can expect a lot
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of discussion on securing the capitol in washington, rashad hudson. >> back to you. >> and new information is being released about the mental state of the man who rammed his car into the barricade at the u.s. capitol. 25 year-old noah green was shot and killed by police after the attack on the 2 police officers. one officer later died from his injuries and now according to reports, greene had been suffering from delusions paranoia and suicidal thoughts in online posts cream describing under government thought control and said that he was being watched. >> an emotional first week of testimony in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin on friday. a senior officer of the minneapolis police department taking the stand saying that chauvin's knee on the neck of george floyd was unnecessary earlier today, kron four's noelle bellow talk with criminal defense attorney paula canny about that testimony. >> how damaging is that to the defense to have someone in that senior position of power.
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testify that it was completely unnecessary. >> well, i think it's hugely damaging to the but i mean, the most damaging thing to do. that to the defense is the fact of the defendant did. it so it's just people pointing out, you know what he did terms of, you know, in terms of being a defense attorney. you know, they're going to try to do whatever they can do to you know, make somehow make that officer's conduct to be okay because again, he's not charged with first degree murder. he's charged with second-degree or 3rd degree murder or manslaughter. i expect that the defense will call. >> some witnesses. on use of force to say that what transpired there under these particular circumstances. it was appropriate to the they
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also call a medical expert to try and say that you know, george floyd dire as a result somebody out there. we you know me on their neck for 9 minutes. >> you can watch that entire conversation on our streaming service kronon. well found dead at francisco's crissy field on wednesday morning. team of scientists from the marine mammal center say they are on able to identify the cause of death. the great well, a 41 foot adult female during a necropsy. the experts know is that the well was not traveling north with a calf from the season. but she was in good body condition we're actually showing you some video from another story that we're following tonight and that is rapper dmx. who is reportedly in critical condition from an incident. from an overdose rapper dmx is reported in the hospital after having a heart attack. his longtime lawyer.
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>> said that he could not confirm reports the dmx overdosed on drugs and was not sure what caused that heart attack. the lawyer said dmx whose real name is all simmons is currently surrounded by family. and in his in what he is describing as grave condition. so a lot of information coming in. a lot of folks paying attention to that. i know we are. >> as well as big music fans as all right. let's switch things up. let's talk weather the saturday. yes, let's go straight to our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez for a look at the forecast for sunday. yeah. the cooling trend still under way. and we're going to see little change for your easter sunday. today, though, we're about 5 degrees below average, widespread low to mid 60's. but downtown san francisco, even cooler than that. >> only warming up to 50 degrees. here's a live look outside downtown san francisco's city hall lit up out in the distance and temperatures as you head out the door for your saturday night widespread low to mid 50's and we're tracking 40's for your overnight. low. so
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slightly cooler air, mass and even santa rosa cooling down to 38 degrees and easter sunday. we're going to track a warm-up for inland valleys. we were in the low to mid 60's today. but by tomorrow we're going to warm up into the upper 60's for most of the inland valleys and along the coast still going to hold steady in the upper 50's still below average temperatures. there but seasonal averages for our bayside cities as we notice temperatures there warming up into the mid 60's for oakland and hayward san jose 67 degrees as napa. >> and half moon bay a little bit cooler at 55 degrees and taking a look ahead at our next 7 day outlook, little change on monday. breezier winds around 30 miles per hour. less to just keep that in mind giving way to a warming trend starting tuesday lasting through thursday. but the one thing that certainly is concerning just seen in jonathan the lack of rain for the next 7 days should be seeing april showers this time
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of year. >> i am really concerned for this upcoming fire season. if this pattern continues through the end of april i i'm with you on that one. already started. >> turning off the water the water fire danger year starting to see some small grass fires pop up in some areas over the last few days as well. let's hope we get something in may know i'm the only one screaming for people to turn off the water in their house use that yeah. out of the shower is inappropriate. thanks still ahead. >> we'll show you how an 82 year-old man took down an attacker.
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>> major american airlines forced to hold hiring during the pandemic last year. but things definitely about to change united airlines says it's looking forward to resuming its hiring process as more and more folks get vaccinated and there is a higher demand for travel. united says it will start by hiring hundreds of pilots who had conditional job offers or had training scheduled before the pandemic. >> we will take a look at this caught on camera. an 82 year-old man takes down an attempted car thief look at this. don't mess with him. this all happened in atlanta. surveillance video shows them and simply pumping gas when that teenage suspect. walks up with him with a gun demands his keys. but instead of
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giving up the keys. the man grabs the teen and the 2 started fighting on the ground. the team finally get to hold the keys. but ends up running away after he is unable to get the car to start respect your elders, young folks. >> and here's what's coming up next here on kron, 4 news at 8, a woman fired her gun several times into a fast food restaurant. but we'll find out what triggered this violence and a group of people celebrated their eastern, a very special way. we'll show you how this easter egg hunt happened under water. plus you feel a little bit confused with all the new rules about filing your taxes. we're going to speak live with an irs spokesperson to get some ideas of what we can do to get a little bigger of a tax break. that's next.
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>> well, this tax season can make. a lot of us feel a little bit overwhelming because a lot of changes and covid brought a lot of disruptions into our lives. so, you know, just doing taxes. so fun. so started perfect this interviews. are you paying paying close attention to this. the good news, though, if you're like myself, the irs has extended the deadline for filing taxes for 2020. >> you know, have until may 17th joining us tonight is rough field to leno with the irs to talk a little bit about what you need to do, what we can expect as we follow our taxes in this age of covid and things that we need to know
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before we submit everything. rafeal. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 8 thanks. >> try to just highlight to be here thanks for joining what's the one big thing we all need to know as we are filing our taxes this year. oh, boy, we have a lot of one big things. the first one, probably the most important was the deadline was moved to may 17 from april 15th. so the. >> extra 32 days normally be may 15th. but the saturday this year some moves to pay 17. so you have an extra month to file a return. there are things to keep in mind are all the economic impact payments that been sent out been 3 of those in the 3rd one is just about done. we the irs and treasury are sending out another batch this week social security recipients and those on veterans affairs working with those agencies and getting that information. so those are being dispersed very soon as well. so we're continuing to administer a tax filing season getting refunds out as quickly as we can. but considering the covid environment. he cannot payments which are not taxable
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generally speaking, by the way, you know, there are things going on in terms some of the nuance changes that legislation the deadline moving a lot of moving parts this year. no question about it. >> so one of the changes that happened this year was that the child tax was 6 extended some more this year. you get more money back. was that for last year's tax season or is that for this year's tax season. >> you know, it's going this going this year and basically what happened there we're not quite been administered that just yet because that legislation was only an act of about 2, 3, weeks ago now. so it extends the benefits in terms of the amount of money. so it goes from 2000 to $3,000. remember right. it also increases the age from under 17 under age 18. i believe that the child under 6 because the $3600 and then periodic payments throughout the whole year, which i believe will start in july, but it kind of depends on. we administer that prove the law
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and the resources we have so definitely a little bit more of expansion year. the child tax credit for the american rescue plan. after short, which is bringing us the 3rd round of as well. so lots going on there with the kind reading and providing guidance is what i'm trying to say for that legislation. so if you already filed your taxes beforehand and now these new rules are coming out and there's. >> more money that you can be getting was far as even the child tax credit or. getting write offs for masks and ppe and sanitizer. it's already done your taxes isn't too late. sounders their way to catch up. >> no, you can always file an amended return. but let's go to the ppe. if you want to deduct the medical or dental expense on your tax return. you have to be itemizing going to schedule a and prove the law change of 2017 most don't itemize anymore. it's about to returns of 10 that itemize on
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the schedule a and then from there all your medical and dental expenses of which ppe or part of must exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. so it's a pretty small number who actually benefit from that it's still there for people to take advantage of if they if they have had those expenses. your thing to make note of in terms the laws and the legislation is if you're talking about 2000, 21 going forward. we won't file that return until next year. some 2020 is what we're calling for now. so for example, the unemployment benefits that was part of this new law. those or something that you pay taxes on. we have a retroactive piece, a law that says you don't have to pay tax on the first 10,200 per person on your return. providing hearing comes a $150,000 or less so in that case the irs work behind the scenes for those who've already file that return for this year. 2000, 20 the previous year, i should say. and then we'll work those payments out. back to you. those taxes, you pay. welcome back to you. at some point beginning in may. so you can
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see there's a lot going on. retroactive pieces. a la right. the middle of tax administration or tax filing season. so lots of moving move around, if you will. no question about that. we talked a little bit about the child credible also for folks there. so many americans who are without jobs. >> over the last year. what do you say to them. because they're going to have to file some of that. they're going to have to file those benefits as part of their taxes as well. what do they need to know before they file their taxes or what if they've already filed. are they entitled to for what they've already paid. >> right. it depends on the situation your taxes of mentioning unemployment. but i just mentioned those benefits. we have a lot say was retroactive. it now makes those exempt from tax the first 10,200. so we're going to work on the scenes to help those folks. but if you haven't filed yet, you have until may 17th a lot of folks have been so economic impact payments, for example, were based on 19 or 20 in this new if you haven't father 20
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return, we were using 2019 tax year information because we have that 20 return yet. but what people need to know. well, as a lot of stuff that's a little bit different. 2020 was anything but normal. so i would say this virus to covers all information. of course, free electronic filing all that kind of think that your software is going to be up today. but that information and certainly your tax professional if you're going to a tax professional or a tax prepare based on your situation. what you tell them about your situation with your family. they can help you understand and know what you're eligible for eligible for excuse me. that's change. and then you can benefit from. so certainly there is a lot but thank goodness for software and people who know tax returns help you make sure you file a lot accurate but first, lots of good information on make sure to put you on speed dial as i get closer to may 17 you know, with the i r s s a. >> does. don't be surprised if you get a call. so be prepared any day, any time. thanks for a great day, everybody. all
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right. still to come tonight, many couple still trying to get married today. we'll let you know. the reason why. >> plus, someone fired her gun several times at a fast-food restaurant. what led up to the heated situ
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>> a fast food phiri police in memphis, tennessee are looking for this woman right here after they say that she tried to shoot 7 burger king workers. scary right there.
8:40 pm
reporter andrew ellison has the latest from memphis. >> this fox meadows burger king, a whopper of a tale. police say this woman tried to shoot several workers because her fast food order wasn't coming out fast enough it's great. it happened tuesday in the drive-thru of this location at winchester in mendon home. investigators say the woman got out of the passenger seat of dam, then walked up to the window and started arguing with the workers to missouri a and real angry because police say things got so heated. she pulled a handgun out of her car and fired shots at the employees. the system, paul layers used to work in a fast food restaurant and food road got close there. but not that serious. there. thankfully. those employees escaped through a back door without being hit the wild allegations leading some to wonder if this woman was already upset when she entered the drive-thru. it will be some is deep order to take you to love. you know,
8:41 pm
police don't know if this woman had a permit for her weapon. a small detail in the case. but something investigators they try to find out if they can find her. they hope these pictures posted on social media will help us read you have because you're going from war. >> what will happen to somebody cut off in traffic. not because you know. >> all right. coming up, the pandemic has caused a hunger crisis in california. we'll tell you which age group has been hit the hardest. >> the american job market adding nearly nearly a million jobs in the month of march. president biden showing us how he plans to spend taxpayers he plans to spend taxpayers money in the future. it's back, guys! check it out! what up, people? jack! what are you doing in my car? oh, just sharing my triple bonus jack combo... triple meat and cheese, secret sauce... go ahead, tell them how much it is... it's just $5.99! only at jack in the box. sorry, what were you going to say?
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good news friends, my triple bonus jack combo is back.
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the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. >> the u.s. department of labor just released its march jobs report which shows 916,000 jobs were added last month the nation's unemployment rate falling now to 6%. that's the lowest unemployment level since the pandemic for shutdowns more than a year ago. the upbeat report comes as president biden makes a push for his multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan. >> one of those other our administration is a commitment buy american. the plan. we're pretty forward to make sure that when the government spending taxpayers money. that they're spending on american made goods american
8:45 pm
corporations, an american employees. >> the president says it's important for americans to get more help and is calling on cabinet secretary is to help sell this plan. president biden's 2.5 trillion dollar infrastructure plan could lead to big changes for amtrak. the carrier says it is planning to add 30 new roots extend up to 20 existing ones and also added daily trips and 15 more states by 2035. if given the green light about 80 billion dollars from the president's plan will go to amtrak's backlog of repairs and upgrades along the northeast corridor line which runs between washington, dc and new york city. amtrak says it can also add 20 million more riders if that plan does indeed pass developing tonight, florida congressman matt gates says he has no plans of stepping down. this as allegations continue to mount against him gates right now is under a doj investigation over trafficking accusations. he reportedly
8:46 pm
showed off pictures of end videos of naked women to other lawmakers on the house floor. the probe is looking into whether or not he and an associate paid women. they had with after meeting online authorities now looking into a possible relationship with a then 17 year-old girl and if he violated trafficking and prostitution laws. gates has denied the accusations and claims that he's being extorted. >> some americans are still hesitant to take the coronavirus vaccine. according to a recent poll by the associated press. 25% of respondents will not take any vaccine for covid-19. this is largely due to fears of having side effects after taking the shot. however, the vast majority of americans are willing to get vaccinated nearly 75% plan to take the vaccine when eligible or. have already received their first dose. food banks across the u.s. say they're overwhelmed with billions of more requests from americans that say they don't have enough to eat
8:47 pm
according to new data from feeding america during the last few months of 2020 food banks gave out 42% more food than they did during the same time in 2019 hunger is especially common for children with many students missing out on their schools, meal plans with learning from home officials predict food banks will give out at least 6 billion meals this year alone. that's roughly 2 billion. more. then before the pandemic. the roller coasters at magic mountain back on track this weekend. the park has reopened to the public. >> there are a nice covid safety measures that begin right at the front door. officials say that masks are required. folks have to remain 6 feet apart and since separated from strangers on all rides. the ride's also disinfected every few minutes as well. all right. let's talk weather if you are headed out to magic mountain or even discovery kingdom up in vallejo. it's been a picture perfect weekend, jess. it's been nice spin. very nice little. too. nice.
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>> would like to see some rain. but, you know, i'll take 70 and sunny, i was not too terrible. didn't complain at all at all. >> just are you guys here tonight with a look at whether or not it will continue for eastern tomorrow. >> i loved how and it was warm and sunny jonathan came up to my desk on his day off and showed me his shorts. >> and you look so great well, it's been a while. it's you probably saw me in shorts and sandals. i mean, we talk about it all and you always look great and jason, also he was heading out to the oakland a's home opener. and he also wore short. so you looking good here. the kron 4 news team. and let's take a look outside half moon bay. we're tracking cool air mass out there this evening and temperatures for your easter sunday going to be slightly below average along the san francisco peninsula coastline thanks to that cool sea breeze winds out of the west at 20 miles per hour. less downtown san francisco 59 degrees marina district in the low 60's with widespread low
8:49 pm
to mid 50's from daly city to half moon bay mont era and elder not up. 51 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs a little bit cooler there. but low 60's from san bruno all the way into burlingame and we're going to be in the mid 60's for those of you in mateo and san carlos, a little bit of a warm-up as you start to make your way inland away from the coastline. mountain view 65 degrees with the widespread low 60's. for those of you in the south bay san jose 67 degrees santa clear. also in the mid 60's with upper 60's for livermore going to see warmer temperatures of pretty seasonable averages for the 2nd half of your weekend for our inland valleys in hayward, 64 degrees with berkeley in the mid 60's as is oakland and as we head into the north bay napa 67 degrees. the trying to flirt with 70's. but 68 degrees for your afternoon highs as is santa rosa. and we do have some pretty high pollen counts heading our way into the bay area are top 3
8:50 pm
pollen allergens, elder ash and juniper. they're going to peak on wednesday. and i know the winds certainly not going to help out on monday going to see gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour less. but then a nice midweek warm-up even lasting through thursday. but no rain in sight. so very little change in the weather pattern heading your way into the bay area forecast. so i'm a little off on wednesday. i'm blaming the pollen count. it's going to be the highest on wednesday little bit more. >> that's the what are you allergic to which kind. i don't know, just tackle dustin paul and obviously one of the top 3 allergens. those always get me so fact a little bit more unusual than normal. >> i'm blaming the pollen count. going to blame work. you're allergic to work. i mean, who just get is that was in your monday. >> is a wednesday. your monday. it that trying to keep its our monday monday, just
8:51 pm
teens smart friday. so ok, there you go. you'll be quizzed on that later. >> and as recent saying spring is in full swing and the same rings true for allergy season is right. according to the cdc 25 million americans have seasonal pollen allergies and. >> climate change is only making it worse. meteorologist stacy-ann gooden explains the areas most at risk and what you can do to keep your allergies at bay. >> spring is in the air again and so is the dreaded allergy season and with warmer temperatures arriving earlier in the year and fall like temperatures staying later, that means a longer growing season we're seeing. >> you know, within global warming and a warmer earth isn't spring is, you know, has been 2 degrees warmer and the same thing with fall. and this year is no different. doctor neeta ogden is an allergist with the asthma and allergy foundation of america. >> plants like that warmth. they also taking the ceo to this is creating an
8:52 pm
environment that's causing soaring pollen counts. juniper maple grass and ragweed are all major contributors according to scientists. you can expect a the pollen season to last 20 days longer with 21% more pollen produced this year. plants soil scientist doctor jennifer albertine put this theory to the test. she used timothy grass to see how to an ozone effect pollen. the results are astonishing. ozone did not have a significant effect so it can reduce the amount of pollen significantly but sue to increase the part of the elevated carbon dioxide will increase the pollen production per flower by 50% town rapid. do you think this will continue to increase over the course of the 1020, 30 plus years so that the elevated levels we look at look at were a 100 parts per million word which are expected to be here. well, before 2100. this can lead to major health issues for allergy suffers. the most affected. i think that the bronx and areas like that in that the boroughs of new
8:53 pm
really deserve an extra when's put on them in terms of that. >> allergy asthma control as we go into this, you know, spring season one that's increasingly worse and an allergy flareup could also make people more susceptible to viral infections. you're already inflamed because of your outage or their immunity is reduce it makes you more vulnerable to things like the coronavirus. and that's really something to keep in mind. in the meantime, stay ahead of pesky allergies by watching the weather forecast maple and juniper showing you its high because also doctor ogden says the cornerstone of reducing allergies is a good diet and exercise wear a mask and limit outdoor activities. >> here's what's coming up next here on kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight. why is this easter bunny under the sea. what's the best i
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>> did you know the rabbits could so well under water and not a clue. this guy went on an underwater easter egg hunt off the coast of the florida keys. it was part of a fundraiser to help children in need real eggs and nontoxic colorings were used to avoid any negative environmental
8:57 pm
impacts the florida keys contain the only coral reefs in the continental united states. so what costume? well, today is a very popular day to get married. that's because today has a very unique date for 3 2, one. the clark county in about a marriage bureau reports nearly 700 couples obtained marriage licenses today. that's more than double the typical number for licenses and any other day specialty dates like today are always pretty popular. the most popular unique day for a wedding was july. 7th 2007 which was 7, 7, 7, so i lived in vegas when it was 9, 9, 9, >> marriage job but not good no, know you did you get 9, 9, 9 a dime if you get married, it's going 7, 7, night about about 4, 3, 2, but i did get married in vegas. but you see there's no ring on this finger at him all right. that does it
8:58 pm
for us here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i crashed a wedding and 7 to june. they invited you have your eye on her face was like a half. she may be thought you were the groom's acts. all right. we're going to be back for kro
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